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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6397

Chapter 6397 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396000

Nosei, C.; Avila, J. L., 1985: Serine hydroxymethyltransferase ec activity in trypanosoma cruzi trypanosoma rangeli and american leishmania spp

Bossa F., 1986: Serine hydroxymethyltransferase effect of proteases on the activity and structure of the cytosolic enzyme

Angelaccio S., 1985: Serine hydroxymethyltransferase from escherichia coli purification and properties

Blevins D.G., 1986: Serine hydroxymethyltransferase from soybean glycine max cultivar williams root nodules purification and kinetic properties

Mahlberg P.G., 1986: Serine in sterol synthesis in euphorbia lathyris seedlings

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396006

Sherman F., 1981: Serine inserting uaa suppression mediated by yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae serine transfer rna

Sherman F., 1981: Serine insertion caused by the ribosomal suppressor sup 46 in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Arlinghaus R.B., 1985: Serine kinase activity associated with moloney murine sarcoma virus 124 encoded p 37 mos

Mott J., 1984: Serine metabolism and psychosis

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396011

Ogura M., 1980: Serine metabolism of serine in growing rats with various dietary fat to carbohydrate ratios

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396013

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396014

Bose H.R.Jr, 1988: Serine phosphorylation of the v rel oncogene product pp40 complex

Dutler H., 1982: Serine protease assisted synthesis of peptide substrates for alpha chymotrypsin

Sanada, Y.; Yasogawa, N.; Katunuma, N., 1978: Serine protease in mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy

Sakamoto S., 1980: Serine protease inhibitors inhibit super oxide production by human basophils stimulated by anti immuno globulin e

Weinbaum G., 1986: Serine protease inhibitors of north american leeches

Agard D.A., 1987: Serine protease mechanism structure of an inhibitory complex of alpha lytic protease and a tightly bound peptide boronic acid

Pastrana L., 1984: Serine proteases and thiol proteinases activities during induction of experimental mammary carcinoma in the rat

Palubinskas, V. I.; Vesa, V. S.; Glemzha, A. A.; Belyauskaite, I. P., 1976: Serine proteases from bacillus subtilis

Kladnitskaya G.V., 1988: Serine proteases from the pyloric ceca of pacific salmons

Vinson G.P., 1983: Serine proteases selectively control the output of 18 hydroxy cortico sterone and aldo sterone in stimulated zona glomerulosa tissue of the rat adrenal

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396025

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396026

Nagai Y., 1983: Serine proteinase and serin proteinase inhibitors of normal and degenerate knee joint menisci

Kulaev I.S., 1988: Serine proteinase from bacillus brevis lytic action on intact yeast cells

Bartoshevich Yu E., 1986: Serine proteinase ii from acremonium chrysogenum

Kawiak J., 1988: Serine proteinase inhibitor from lymphocytic leukemia cells properties and copurification with dna

Gubensek F., 1983: Serine proteinase inhibitors from vipera ammodytes venom isolation and kinetic studies

Thomson K.S., 1979: Serine proteinases and their inhibitors in phycomyces blakesleeanus

Bartoshevitch Y.E., 1986: Serine proteinases from acremonium chrysogenum

Lazarus G.S., 1986: Serine proteinases in human cutaneous mastocytosis

Regan J.D., 1979: Serine requirement of bone marrow cells of experimental animals

Marcus R., 1981: Serine residue deletion at position 2 within the di sulfide ring salmon calcitonin a biologically potent synthetic analog

Dondon L., 1980: Serine sensitivity of escherichia coli k 12 partial characterization of a serine resistant mutant that is extremely sensitive to 2 keto butyrate

Sprinzl M., 1985: Serine specific transfer rna species in escherichia coli relative abundance and sequence

Davis E.J., 1985: Serine synthesis by an isolated perfused rat kidney preparation

Brosnan J.T., 1986: Serine synthesis in rat kidney studies with perfused kidney and cortical tubules

Chen, M. S.; Schirch, L., 1973: Serine trans hydroxy methylase a kinetic study of the synthesis of serine in the absence of tetra hydro folate

Jaffe, J. J.; Chrin, L. R., 1978: Serine trans hydroxy methylase ec activity in normal and brugia pahangi infected aedes aegypti

Dasgupta, P.; Narayanaswami, A., 1982: Serine trans hydroxy methylase ec activity in vertebrate retina

Schirch, L. V.; Diller, A., 1971: Serine trans hydroxy methylase ec affinity of the active site for substrates substrate analogues and anions

Jones, C. W-Iii ; Hynes, J. B.; Priest, D. G., 1978: Serine trans hydroxy methylase ec equilibrium binding of folate analogs as active site probes

Schirch, L. V.; Tatum, C. M-Jr ; Benkovic, S. J., 1977: Serine trans hydroxy methylase ec evidence for a sequential random mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396047

Jones, C. W-Iii ; Priest, D. G., 1976: Serine trans hydroxy methylase ec mechanism of aldolase activation by folate

Schirch, L., 1975: Serine trans hydroxy methylase ec relaxation and transient kinetic study of the formation and inter conversion of the enzyme glycine complexes

Chen, M. S.; Schirch, L. V., 1973: Serine trans hydroxy methylase ec studies on the role of tetra hydro folate

O'connor, M. L.; Hanson, R. S., 1975: Serine trans hydroxy methylase iso enzymes from a facultative methylotroph

Schirch, L.; Edmiston, M.; Chen, M. S.; Barra, D.; Bossa, F.; Hinds, L.; Fasella, P., 1973: Serine trans hydroxy methylase subunit structure and the involvement of sulfhydryl groups in the activity of the enzyme

Braman, J. C.; Black, M. J.; Mangum, J. H., 1981: Serine trans hydroxymethylase ec a simplified radioactive assay purification and stabilization of enzyme activity employing affi gel blue

Bentrup F W., 1979: Serine transport and membrane de polarization in the liverwort riccia fluitans

Sheikh M.I., 1984: Serine uptake by luminal and basolateral membrane vesicles from rabbit kidney

Magasanik B., 1981: Serine utilization by klebsiella aerogenes

Watanabe H., 1986: Serinol 2 amino 1 3 propanediol and 3 amino 1 2 propanediol in soybean glycine max cultivar enrei nodules

Pinkerton, F.; Strobel, G., 1976: Serinol as an activator of toxin production in attenuated cultures of helminthosporium sacchari

Mcdowall R.M., 1980: Seriolella caerulea in new zealand waters stromateoidei centrolophidae

Jorg M.E., 1984: Serious accidents due to stings by hymenoptera

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396062

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396063

Chang J.H.T., 1982: Serious air rifle injuries in children

Reid, W. H.; Kang, J. S., 1986: Serious assaults by outpatients or former patients

Poeschmann P.H., 1988: Serious bacterial cellulitis of the periorbital area in two patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396067

Okada, K.; Taki, K.; Chiba, K.; Mizuno, K.; Sasaki, S.; Wakusawa, R., 1985: Serious cases for anesthesia part 1. chronic destructive lung disease

Taki, K.; Okada, K.; Wakusawa, R., 1986: Serious cases for anesthesia part 2. idiopathic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with attack of bronchial asthma

Okada, K.; Taki, K.; Kawamura, T.; Sasaki, S.; Wakusawa, R., 1986: Serious cases for anesthesia part 3. anesthesia of extra cardiac operation for patients with cardiac disease

Ishikawa, K.; Konno, M.; Takahashi, N.; Miura, M.; Kawamura, T., 1987: Serious cases for anesthesia part 6. anesthetic management for a case of complete left bundle branch block

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396072

Okada, K.; Sasaki, S.; Wakusawa, R., 1987: Serious cases for anesthesia part 8. a poly anesthetic case of airway difficulty

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396074

Rolffs, J.; Schmelzle, R., 1977: Serious cerebral complications following unilateral ligation of the internal jugular vein review of the literature and a case report

Koyanagi H., 1982: Serious complications after open heart surgery

Papanicolaou N., 1984: Serious complications following transgression of the pleural space in drainage procedures

Vatanavicharn S., 1988: Serious complications following treatment of chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Eastman S.J., 1988: Serious complications in the liquid scintillation counting analysis of mercury 203

Rogers P.A.M., 1981: Serious complications of acupuncture or acupuncture abuses?

Zhang Z., 1984: Serious complications of fulminant viral hepatitis with hepatic failure

Kondo A., 1988: Serious complications of microvascular decompression operations for trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm

Steel, J. M.; Duncan, L. J. P., 1978: Serious complications of oral contraception in insulin dependent diabetics

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396084

Mroczek E., 1981: Serious complications of traumatic liver injuries in children

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396086

Colacino R., 1985: Serious cryptococcus neoformans sepsis

Van Os B.L.J., 1986: Serious decline in the whinchat saxicola rubetra as a breeding bird in the province of drenthe the netherlands

Cho, S., 1975: Serious diseases of new borns

Long J., 1984: Serious drinking white mans drinking and teetotaling drinking levels and styles in an urban american indian population

Hartwick R.F., 1980: Serious envenomation by the northern australian box jellyfish chironex fleckeri

Alsonso J.L., 1987: Serious envenomation by the portuguese man of war physalia physalis a case description

Kelly S.P., 1987: Serious eye injury in badminton players

Burech, D. L.; Koranyi, K. I.; Haynes, R. E., 1976: Serious group a streptococcal diseases in children

Nicklas, J. M., 1978: Serious group b beta hemolytic streptococcal infections in adults report of 2 cases and review of the literature

Garland J.S., 1987: Serious head injuries from lawn darts

Myers P.A., 1985: Serious head injury in infants accident or abuse

Weinkove C., 1988: Serious hypernatremia in a hospital population

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396099

Leibrich J., 1985: Serious illness in 204 new zealand families during a 16 year period

Hidaka, T.; Ya-Klai, V.; Chantaraprapha, N.; Chantarasa-Art, S., 1978: Serious incidence of the rice gall midge in the central plain of thailand

Cooke R.W.I., 1985: Serious infection in a neonatal intensive care unit a two year survey

Steinbrecher U.P., 1981: Serious infection in an adult due to penicillin tolerant group b streptococcus

Bradley R.D., 1986: Serious infection in the intensive therapy unit a 15 year study of bacteremia

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396105

Henry, W. M.; Gross, K. C.; Masur, H.; Roberts, R. B., 1978: Serious infections caused by streptococcus milleri

Bayer A.S., 1983: Serious infections due to group g streptococci 15 cases with in vitro in vivo correlations

Quinn, J. P.; Divincenzo, C. A.; Lucks, D. A.; Luskin, R. L.; Shatzer, K. L.; Lerner, S. A., 1988: Serious infections due to penicillin resistant strains of viridans streptococci with altered penicillin binding proteins

Chessells J.M., 1981: Serious infections during continuing treatment of acute lympho blastic leukemia

Sheagren J.N., 1979: Serious infections from bacillus sp

Bayer, A. S.; Chow, A. W.; Anthony, B. F.; Guze, L. B., 1976: Serious infections in adults due to group b streptococci clinical and serotypic characterization

Rosner F., 1984: Serious infections in adults following splenectomy for trauma

Wester K., 1984: Serious injuries caused by ski jumping in norway 1977 1981

Skei, J. M., 1978: Serious mercury contamination of sediments in a norwegian semi enclosed bay

Svebak S., 1985: Serious mindedness and the effect of self induced respiratory changes upon parietal electroencephalogram

Grigor W.G., 1985: Serious neurological complications of measles a continuing preventable problem

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396117

Grondstrom, R.; Jarl, T.; Thorson, J., 1980: Serious occupational accidents an investigation of causes

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396119

Wasielewski P., 1987: Serious or fatal driver injury rate versus car mass in head on crashes between cars of similar mass

Babut J.M., 1981: Serious pelvic trauma in children

Dandalides, P. C.; Rutala, W. A.; Thomann, C. A.; Sarubbi, F. A., 1986: Serious postoperative infections caused by coagulase negative staphylococci an epidemiological and clinical study

Evans R.S., 1988: Serious pseudomonas infections associated with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Cuvelier, A.; Fievez, M., 1977: Serious pulmonary metastatic calcifications in a patient with renal insufficiency on treatment with chronic hemo dialysis

Barale F., 1983: Serious respiratory complications in self poisoning 15 of 824 cases

Foulds W.S., 1981: Serious retinopathy in a diabetic clinic prevalence and therapeutic implications

Natkunam R., 1988: Serious sequelae of delayed diagnosis of endobronchial tuberculosis

Storset O., 1983: Serious side effects of high intake of calcium carbonate for dyspepsia

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396129

Hall W.H., 1979: Serious staphylococcal infections with strains tolerant to bactericidal antibiotics

Mcconachy D.L., 1984: Serious ventricular arrhythmias in a cardiac rehabilitation program

Evans J., 1985: Serious violence during sleep walking

Carlson G.A., 1987: Seriously depressed preschoolers

Henckel-Christoph, C., 1977: Sero anthropologic study of the hospital population of concepcion chile

Jaswal I.J.S., 1979: Sero anthropology of kinner kanets of kalpa valley himachal pradesh india

Aikawa, T.; Sairenji, H.; Furuta, S.; Kiyosawa, K.; Shikata, T.; Imai, M.; Miyakawa, Y.; Yanase, Y.; Mayumi, M., 1978: Sero conversion from hepatitis b e antigen to anti hepatitis b e antigen in acute hepatitis b virus infection

Bales Z.B., 1981: Sero conversion from hepatitis b e antigen to antibody in chronic type b hepatitis

Ruol A., 1980: Sero conversion from hepatitis be antigen to anti hepatitis be in chronic hepatitis b virus infection

Agarwal K.N., 1985: Sero conversion response to mevilin l measles vaccine at age 6 15 months

Nakao T., 1980: Sero conversion to virus specific pre early nuclear antigens in infants with primary cytomegalovirus infection

Fujiwara K., 1981: Sero diagnosis for feline infectious peritonitis by immuno fluorescence using infected suckling mouse brain sections

Palm G., 1983: Sero diagnosis of acute brucella melitensis infections in a previously brucellosis free region

Sommer C.V., 1980: Sero diagnosis of aspergillus fumigatus antibody in migratory ducks

Majiyagbe K.A., 1982: Sero diagnosis of dermatophilus congolensis infection by counter immuno electrophoresis

Santiago De Weil N., 1981: Sero diagnosis of experimental fascioliasis by immuno precipitation tests

Baqui A., 1983: Sero diagnosis of experimental setaria cervi infection in rabbits by the ouchterlony gel diffusion test

Wassall D.A., 1988: Sero diagnosis of fasciola hepatica infections in cattle

Begue, P.; Desnottes, J. F.; Quiniou-Mandar, F.; Menoret, P.; Befekadu, E., 1977: Sero diagnosis of gram negative urinary infections

Irwin, G. R.; Allen, R. G.; Segal, H. G.; Allen, A. M.; Putnak, J. R.; Cannon, H. G.; Top, F. H-Jr, 1977: Sero diagnosis of hepatitis b virus infection by antibody to core antigen

Ambroise Thomas P., 1982: Sero diagnosis of human fascioliasis by micro enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay of homologous somatic antigens or excreted secreted antigens comparison with direct immuno fluorescence

Schoone G.J., 1980: Sero diagnosis of human leptospirosis by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Caldwell K.E., 1983: Sero diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis with a bovine erythrocyte glyco protein

Shvartsman-Ya, S.; Korneeva, E. P.; Taros, L. Yu ; Naykhin, A. N. , 1977: Sero diagnosis of influenza by indirect hem agglutination test

Katagiri T., 1981: Sero diagnosis of influenza infection by the passive latex agglutination test and an epidemic study of influenza b

Bailey R.E., 1981: Sero diagnosis of la crosse virus infections in humans

Suzhou-Med-Coll-Dep-Epidemiol, 1978: Sero diagnosis of leptospirosis by use of indirect immuno fluorescence antibody techniques

Palmer, D. F.; Kaufman, L.; Kaplan, W.; Cavallaro, J. J., 1977: Sero diagnosis of mycotic diseases

Varela Diaz V.M., 1979: Sero diagnosis of ram epididymitis by counter immuno electrophoresis using brucella ovis surface r antigen

Overby L.R., 1983: Sero diagnosis of recent hepatitis b infection by immuno globulin m class anti hepatitis b core antigen antibody

Achilli G., 1980: Sero diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infections in infants and young children by the immuno peroxidase technique

Levine M.M., 1983: Sero diagnosis of rocky mountain spotted fever comparison of immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g enzyme linked immuno sorbent assays elisa and indirect fluorescent antibody test

Traub W.H., 1981: Sero diagnosis of serratia marcescens infections examination of sera from noninfected patients and from experimentally infected rabbits for anti h and anti o antibodies cross reaction of serratia marcescens o antigen with other enterobacteriaceae

Petrovic M., 1979: Sero diagnosis of some helminth infections

Axelsen N.H., 1982: Sero diagnosis of syphilis by an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for immuno globulin g antibodies against the reiter treponeme flagellum

Kim S.N., 1981: Sero diagnosis of syphilis comparison of venereal disease research laboratory test with fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test

Mortelmans J., 1981: Sero diagnosis of taenia saginata cysticercosis in experimentally and naturally infected cattle by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Mason P.R., 1979: Sero diagnosis of trichomonas vaginalis infection by the indirect fluorescent antibody test

Minamishima Y., 1982: Sero diagnosis of tsutsugamushi fever scrub typhus by the indirect immuno peroxidase technique

Cox R.A., 1981: Sero diagnosis of tuberculosis by radio immunoassay

Daniel T.M., 1982: Sero diagnosis of tuberculosis using the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay of antibody to mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen 5

Nagashima H., 1981: Sero diagnosis of type a hepatitis by detection of immuno globulin m type antibody to hepatitis a virus

Overby L.R., 1979: Sero diagnosis of viral hepatitis a by a modified competitive binding radio immunoassay for immuno globulin m anti hepatitis a virus

Iwarson S., 1981: Sero diagnosis of viral hepatitis a by a solid phase radio immunoassay specific for immuno globulin m antibodies

Bradley, D. W.; Maynard, J. E.; Hindman, S. H.; Hornbeck, C. L.; Fields, H. A.; Mccaustland, K. A.; Cook, E. H-Jr, 1977: Sero diagnosis of viral hepatitis a detection of acute phase immuno globulin m anti hepatitis a virus by radio immunoassay

Abdalla R.E., 1980: Sero diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in an endemic area of the sudan

Jung M., 1980: Sero diagnosis of yersinia infections in man

Hinaidy B., 1980: Sero diagnostic methods for bovine parvoviruses

Varma, T. K.; Kulshrestha, S. B.; Rao, B. V., 1975: Sero diagnostic studies on larval and strobilar phase of taenia hydatigena with in vitro precipitation test

Folkens U., 1982: Sero diagnostic value of culture filtrate antigens from aspergilli with septate phialides

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396188

Benedix A., 1982: Sero diagnostics of rods of clostridium butyricum cnrz 528 studied by passive hem agglutination

Robbins D.A., 1981: Sero epidemiologic aspects of cytomegalovirus infection in a general hospital pediatric population a pilot study

Leventon-Kriss, S.; Yoffe, R.; Rannon, L.; Modan, M., 1978: Sero epidemiologic aspects of varicella zoster virus infections in an israeli jewish population

Joo S., 1980: Sero epidemiologic investigations of hepatitis in the tropics a study on volunteers of the german volunteer service

Dube D.C., 1979: Sero epidemiologic investigations on brucellosis in the states of uttar pradesh and delhi india

Goldsmith, R. S.; Zarate, M. L.; Cedeno-Ferreira, J.; Paz, E. A., 1979: Sero epidemiologic studies in oaxaca mexico 2. survey for arbovirus antibody

Minami, K.; Otatsume, S.; Mingle, J. A. A.; Afoakwa, S. N.; Quarcoopome, C. O.; Konno, K.; Uchida, Y.; Kurahashi, H.; Kono, R., 1981: Sero epidemiologic studies of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus enterovirus type 70 in west africa 1. studies with human sera from ghana collected 8 years after the 1st outbreak

Kono, R.; Miyamura, K.; Yamazaki, S.; Sasagawa, A.; Kurahashi, H.; Tajiri, E.; Takeda, N.; Robin, Y.; Renaudet, J.; Et-Al, 1981: Sero epidemiologic studies of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus enterovirus type 70 in west africa 2. studies with human sera collected in west african countries other than ghana

Kono, R.; Sasagawa, A.; Yamazaki, S.; Nakazono, N.; Minami, K.; Otatsume, S.; Robin, Y.; Cornet, M.; Renaudet, J.; Et-Al, 1981: Sero epidemiologic studies of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus enterovirus type 70 in west africa 3. studies with animal sera from ghana and senegal

Zur Hausen H., 1979: Sero epidemiologic studies of bovine papillomavirus infections

Alfaro G., 1979: Sero epidemiologic studies of herpes simplex type 2 virus in adult costa rican women

Ackermann E., 1979: Sero epidemiologic studies on reovirus infections of man domestic and wild animals in tanzania

Sato T., 1983: Sero epidemiologic studies on rubella in fukuoka in southern japan during 1965 1981 rubella epidemic pattern endemicity and immunity gap

Donham, K. J.; Vandermaaten, M. J.; Miller, J. M.; Kruse, B. C.; Rubino, M. J., 1977: Sero epidemiologic studies on the possible relationships of human and bovine leukemia brief communication

Najera R., 1980: Sero epidemiologic study in humans and swine of a new strain of swine influenza

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396204

Ruiz R., 1979: Sero epidemiologic study of epstein barr virus infectivity in a healthy cuban population

Prakash S.S., 1981: Sero epidemiologic study of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 in delhi india

Barbi M., 1980: Sero epidemiologic survey on the diffusion of rotavirus infection among milanese italy population

Umarova, A. A.; Desyatskova, R. G.; Andzhaparidze, O. G.; Sattarova, M. Kh ; Akhmedova, M. D., 1978: Sero epidemiological analysis of immunity to rubella in the population of the tadzhik ssr

Neppert, J., 1978: Sero epidemiological aspects of onchocerciasis in liberia west africa

Serie C., 1979: Sero epidemiological characteristics of healthy meningococcal carriers in greece

Vacri A., 1979: Sero epidemiological considerations on the influenza a virus in umbria italy 1978

Van-Peenen, P. F. D.; Gundelfinger, B. F.; Koesharjono, C.; See, R., 1978: Sero epidemiological evidence for occupational exposure to q fever in indonesia

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Weber, A.; Krauss, H.; Schmatz, H. D., 1977: Sero epidemiological investigations for chlamydial antibodies in experimental dogs

Schmatz, H. D.; Krauss, H.; Viertel, P.; Ismail, A. S.; Hussein, A. A., 1978: Sero epidemiological investigations in domestic ruminants from egypt somalia and jordan for the demonstration of complement fixing antibodies against rickettsia and chlamydia

Stoevesand, P.; Behrens, F.; Majer, M.; Maass, G., 1977: Sero epidemiological investigations on the epidemiology of human rotavirus infections

Weber, A.; Brunner, H. H., 1977: Sero epidemiological investigations on the incidence of brucella canis antibodies in man

Christoph H., 1981: Sero epidemiological investigations on the incidence of leptospirosis in cloven hoofed game in west germany

Couch R.B., 1983: Sero epidemiological report on influenza infections in the state of nuevo leon mexico

Annino I., 1980: Sero epidemiological rubella surveillance a study of a 3 year period

Pfister, H.; Zur-Hausen, H., 1978: Sero epidemiological studies of human papilloma virus infections

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396223

Al Mahdawi S.K., 1985: Sero epidemiological studies of leishmaniasis in central iraq

Collins W.E., 1980: Sero epidemiological studies of malaria in pregnant women and new borns from coastal el salvador

Sethi M.S., 1979: Sero epidemiological studies on coxiellosis coxiella burnettii in animals and man in the state of uttar pradesh and delhi india

Frezet D., 1981: Sero epidemiological studies on diffusion of viral hepatitis a and b in turin italy

Raghavan R., 1987: Sero epidemiological studies on eds 76 in poultry and ducks

Yuzawa T., 1982: Sero epidemiological studies on epidemics of a swine type influenza with special reference to rise and fall of hem agglutination inhibiting antibody in human and porcine sera

Et Al, 1986: Sero epidemiological studies on mycoplasma pneumoniae infections in pneumonia of children

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396231

Kooda K., 1983: Sero epidemiological studies on the outbreaks of a swine type influenza with special reference to the porcine and human infection

Ullmann U., 1981: Sero epidemiological studies with campylobacter fetus

Franchi L., 1981: Sero epidemiological study following rubella epidemic

Pal S.R., 1979: Sero epidemiological study of echo 6 virus infection in and around chandigarh india

Ohwada N., 1981: Sero epidemiological study of herpesvirus type 2 and carcinoma of the cervix

Osoba, A. O., 1977: Sero epidemiological study of lympho granuloma venereum in western nigeria

Galtier J., 1986: Sero epidemiological study of malaria in mayotte island indian ocean from 1984 to 1986

Broor, S.; Pal, S. R.; Banerjee, A. K.; Chitkara, N. L.; Choudhury, S., 1976: Sero epidemiological study of measles virus infection in and around chandigarh india

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396240

Chakravarty, M. S.; Gupta, B.; Das, B. C.; Mukherjee, M. K.; Mitra, A. C.; Sarkar, J. K., 1976: Sero epidemiological study of rubella in calcutta india

Chiron J.P., 1985: Sero epidemiological study of viral hepatitis b in burundi

Galli M.G., 1982: Sero epidemiological study on meningococcal meningitis in lombardy italy

Ricciardi, I. D.; Sabroza, P. C.; Sandoval, E. D.; Mayrink, W., 1978: Sero epidemiological study on the prevalence of human toxoplasmosis in brazil

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Van-Peenen, P. F. D.; See, R.; Soysa, P. E.; Irving, G. S., 1976: Sero epidemiological survey of hospital associated populations in colombo sri lanka

Samagh B.S., 1983: Sero epidemiological survey of maedi visna virus infection in sheep and goat flocks in quebec canada

Behl J.P., 1986: Sero epidemiological survey of measles in alwar rajasthan india

Martin Bokuyer G., 1983: Sero epidemiological survey of toxoplasmosis in la guadeloupe french west indies

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Sornmani S., 1982: Sero epidemiology of amoebiasis in the villagers in phichit province and urban slum dwellers in bangkok thailand

Rubin S.J., 1980: Sero epidemiology of clinical isolates of klebsiella in connecticut usa

Boue A., 1979: Sero epidemiology of cytomegalovirus infections during the 1st years of life in urban communities

Bolognese R., 1982: Sero epidemiology of epstein barr virus in pregnant women

Visakorpi R., 1979: Sero epidemiology of h 1n 1 influenza striking differences in the attack rate among young people

Aho K., 1981: Sero epidemiology of h 1n 1 influenza the infection and re infection rate in winter 1978 1979

Aho K., 1982: Sero epidemiology of h 1n 1 influenza the range of the affected population is widening

Kapikian A.Z., 1982: Sero epidemiology of heat labile entero toxigenic escherichia coli and norwalk virus infections in panamanians canal zone residents apache indians and usa peace corps volunteers

Sandler, S. G.; Nath, N.; Biger, Y., 1977: Sero epidemiology of hepatitis b virus in israel results of a pilot study in jerusalem

Boue A., 1980: Sero epidemiology of herpesvirus hominis and cytomegalovirus infections in the first 4 years of life

Adelusi, B.; Osunkoya, B. O.; Fabiyi, A., 1977: Sero epidemiology of herpesvirus type 2 and carcinoma of the cervix in ibadan

Sher R., 1985: Sero epidemiology of htlv iii human t cell leukemia virus type iii antibody in southern africa

Nabli, B., 1977: Sero epidemiology of human and animal toxoplasmosis in tunisia

Madhavan, H. N.; Agarwal, S. C., 1976: Sero epidemiology of human and canine influenza in pondicherry south india during 1971 1974

Mizumoto C., 1980: Sero epidemiology of human syncytial virus antibody prevalence in the pacific

Zimmet P., 1979: Sero epidemiology of infection with hepatitis a virus and hepatitis b virus in an isolated pacific population

De Bac C., 1982: Sero epidemiology of infection with hepatitis a virus and hepatitis b virus in the seychelles

Gust I.D., 1982: Sero epidemiology of infection with hepatitis b virus in fiji

Ourth D.D., 1981: Sero epidemiology of legionella pneumophila a study of adults from memphis tennessee usa

Khamboonruang C., 1983: Sero epidemiology of malaria in northern thailand

Kwan C., 1984: Sero epidemiology of q fever in nova scotia and prince edward island canada

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396308

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396376

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396416

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396440

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396474

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396832

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396834

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396835

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396836

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Grzelak Puczynska I., 1981: Serological activity of bacteroides fragilis endo toxins strains isolated in poland

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Winkle, I., 1976: Serological analysis of 2 complex salmonella respectively arizona o groups salmonella o 48 and o 64 arizona o 5 and o 29 with the object of combining them into 1 salmonella o group 48 within the kauffmann white scheme

Keren D.F., 1984: Serological analysis of 5 serotypes of pasteurella multocida of rabbit origin by use of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa with lipo poly saccharide as antigen

Tischer A., 1982: Serological analysis of a measles outbreak in vaccinated children in a sanatorium

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Takahashi T., 1983: Serological analysis of cell surface antigens of hl 60 cells before and after treatment with a phorbol ester tumor promoter

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Pillet, J.; Orta, B., 1977 : Serological analysis of coagulase negative staphylococci study of characteristic agglutinogens in type strains of the 9 species individualized by schleifer and kloos

Przondo Hessek A., 1981: Serological analysis of core oligo saccharides of shigella flexneri serotype 6 and its r mutant lipo poly saccharides

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396877

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Solotorovsky M., 1981: Serological and biological activities of anti haemophilus influenzae ribosomal serum

Eweida M., 1986: Serological and biological characterization of isolates of barley yellow dwarf virus in sweden in 1983

Yano A., 1984: Serological and biological cross reactivity of class ii antigens between mice and humans in antigen specific t cell proliferative responses

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396921

Harrison P.M., 1980: Serological and chemical interrelationship of antigens from leptospira interrogans canicola

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Vure E., 1981: Serological and clinical response to pneumococcal vaccine

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Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396930

Cleyet Marel J.C., 1986: Serological and ecological studies of rhizobium spp cicer arietinum by immunofluorescence and elisa technique competitive ability for nodule formation between rhizobium strains

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Baer, A.; Oroz, M.; Blanc, B., 1978: Serological and fluorescence studies of the heat stability of bovine lactoferrin

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Zapart, W.; Przyjalkowski, Z., 1976: Serological and hematological investigations in the course of experimental toxocara canis infections in laboratory mice

Guardia J., 1986: Serological and hepatic correlation of the hepatitis b and d virus markers

Meyers T.R., 1983: Serological and histo pathological responses of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to experimental infection with the 13p 2 reovirus

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Gilliam J.N., 1982: Serological and hla associations in subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus a clinical subset of lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396954

Mach B., 1985: Serological and immunochemical analysis of the products of a single hla dr alpha and hla dr beta chain expressed in a mouse cell line after dna mediated cotransformation reveals that the beta chain carries a known supertypic specificity

Ferrone S., 1981: Serological and immunochemical analysis of the specificity of xeno anti serum 8986 elicited with hybrids between human melanoma cells and murine fibroblasts

Remington J.S., 1980: Serological and immunochemical characterization of mono clonal antibodies to toxoplasma gondii

Strober, S.; Appella, E.; Law, L. W., 1970: Serological and immunogenic activity of soluble mouse transplantation antigens controlled by the h 2 locus

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396959

Section 7, Chapter 6397, Accession 006396960

Schaeffner H., 1981: Serological and immunological investigations of any taxonomic problems in the genus lacerta sauria lacertidae

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Brown F., 1980: Serological and immunological relationships between the 146s and 12s particles of foot and mouth disease virus

Baudin P., 1986: Serological and lysotypical variability of xanthomonas albilineans causal agent of sugarcane leaf scald disease

Campos H., 1987: Serological and other biological differences among diadromous and lacustrine galaxias maculatus like forms from chile pisces galaxiidae

Solov'ev M.M., 1980: Serological and parasitological methods detecting imported amoebiasis

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Morris, R. J.; Williams, A. F., 1977: Serological and preliminary biochemical characteristics of a thymus derived lymphocyte differentiation antigen detected by rabbit anti serum to rat thymocyte membranes

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Nicosia R., 1986: Serological and pyocin typing and antibiotic sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains

Pesti L., 1982: Serological and some pathological characteristics of escherichia coli strains isolated from rabbits

Et Al, 1987: Serological and structural analysis of hla class i molecules beta 2 microglobulin interacts with the two external domains of the hla class i heavy chain

Schneider J., 1988: Serological and structural comparison of immunodeficiency viruses from man african green monkey rhesus monkey and sooty mangabey

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Ihle, J. N.; Joseph, D. R., 1978: Serological and virological analysis of nih nih x akr mice evidence for 3 akr murine leukemia virus loci

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Kronvall G., 1985: Serological assays against staphylococcus aureus peptidoglycan crude staphylococcal antigen and staphylolysin in the diagnosis of serious staphylococcus aureus infections

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Woods, G. T.; Watrach, A. M.; Feorino, P.; Zinzilieta, M., 1970: Serological biochemical and structural properties of 3 bovine picornaviruses

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