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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6399

Chapter 6399 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Foreyt W.J., 1985: Seroprevalence of respiratory syncytial virus in free ranging bighorn sheep ovis canadensis

Domanski L.M., 1985: Seroprevalence of zoonotic toxocariasis in the usa 1971 1973

Jones F., 1988: Seroprevalence survey for anaplasma card test reactors in louisiana usa cattle

Gonzalez A., 1987: Seroreactivity against the mycobacterium leprae phenolic glycolipid i in mycobacteria infected or stimulated groups of individuals

De Martini J., 1987: Seroreactivity of peruvian sheep and goats to small ruminant lentivirus ovine progressive pneumonia virus

Moren T., 1987: Seroresponse igg after vaccination and natural infection of cattle with babesia divergens

Davis J.P., 1988: Seroresponse to hepatitis b vaccine in patients and staff of renal dialysis centers wisconsin usa

Gallucci E., 1983: Serosal and mucosal facilitated transport of urea in urinary bladder of bufo bufo evidence for an alleged water uptake

Westenfelder C., 1982: Serosal sodium calcium exchange and hydrogen ion and sodium ion transport by the turtle and toad bladders

Montgomery R., 1986: Serospecific antigens of legionella pneumophila

Erlich H.A., 1986: Serospecificity of a cloned protease resistant treponema pallidum specific antigen expressed in escherichia coli

Nason G., 1986: Serosurvey for selected pathogens in hunter killed pronghorns antilocapra americana in western nebraska usa

Gonzales J.P., 1987: Serosurvey of aids in central african republic

Lang G.H., 1988: Serosurvey of coxiella burnetii infection in dairy goat herds in ontario canada a comparison of two methods of elisa

Sijin O., 1987: Serosurvey of human immunodeficiency virus infection in parturients implications for human immunodeficiency virus testing programs of pregnant women

Lang G.H., 1988: Serosurvey on the occurrence of coxiella burnetii in ontario cattle

Cinco M., 1986: Serosurvey on the presence of leptospiral agglutinins in humans in northern italy

Ridell M., 1984: Serotaxonomical analyses of strains referred to nocardia amarae and rhodococcus equi

Nowak R., 1985: Serotaxonomical investigation of the european pine species

Feoli Chiapella L., 1984: Serotaxonomy and systematic relationships of the genus adenocarpus genisteae fabaceae

Roberts P.A., 1986: Serotaxonomy of solanum capsicum dunalia and other selected solanaceae

Borsos T., 1988: Serotherapy of cancer cellular changes in primary rat mammary carcinomas after infusion of syngeneic sera absorbed with protein a sepharose

Glenn G., 1986: Serotherapy of primary rat mammary carcinoma inhibition of edta but not by ethylenebisoxyethylenenitrilotetraacetic acid

Lotan J.E., 1985: Serotiny and life history of pinus contorta var latifolia

Barden L.S., 1979: Serotiny and seed viability of pinus pungens in the southern appalachians

Givnish T.J., 1981: Serotiny geography and fire in the pine barrens of new jersey usa

Matsumoto T., 1985: Serotobenine a novel phenolic amide from safflower seeds carthamus tinctorius

Mayer C.J., 1979: Serotonergic activation of tonic type enteric neurons in guinea pig small bowel

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398028

Maclaren J.A., 1979: Serotonergic activity of a novel tetra hydro beta carboline

Chuang D M., 1987: Serotonergic adrenergic and histaminergic receptors coupled to phospholipase c in cultured cerebellar granule cells of rats

Mosko, S. S.; Haubrich, D.; Jacobs, B. L., 1977: Serotonergic afferents to the dorsal raphe nucleus evidence from horseradish peroxidase and synaptosomal uptake studies

Mclean, J. H.; Shipley, M. T., 1987: Serotonergic afferents to the rat olfactory bulb i. origins and laminar specificity of serotonergic inputs in the adult rat

Mclean, J. H.; Shipley, M. T., 1987: Serotonergic afferents to the rat olfactory bulb ii. changes in fiber distribution during development

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398034

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398035

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398036

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398037

Hershman J.M., 1980: Serotonergic and catecholaminergic influence on thyroid function in the vervet monkey cercopithecus aethiops sabeus

Turner B.B., 1985: Serotonergic and cholinergic interaction in the regulation of pituitary adrenal function in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398040

Marini J.L., 1981: Serotonergic and dopaminergic effects on yawning in the cat

Rusterholz, D. B.; Spratt, J. L.; Long, J. P.; Kelly, T. F., 1978: Serotonergic and dopaminergic involvement in the mechanism of action of r levo 2 5 di methoxy 4 bromo amphetamine in cats

Wallnau, L. B.; Gallup, G. G-Jr, 1978: Serotonergic and electric shock effects on tonic immobility evidence for independent systems

Barnes C.D., 1987: Serotonergic and non serotonergic raphe neurons projecting to the feline lumbar and cervical spinal cord a quantitative horseradish peroxidase immunocytochemical study

Steinbusch H.W.M., 1984: Serotonergic and nonserotonergic projections from the interpeduncular nucleus to the ventral hippocampus in the rat

Hamill G.S., 1988: Serotonergic and nonserotonergic projections from the rat interpeduncular nucleus to the septum hippocampal formation and raphe a combined immunocytochemical and fluorescent retrograde labelling study of neurons in the apical subnucleus

Nahmod V.E., 1981: Serotonergic and noradrenergic mechanisms involved in the cardio vascular effects of angiotensin ii injected into the anterior hypothalamic preoptic region of rats

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398048

Spear L.P., 1988: Serotonergic and opiate interactions in the modulation of drug induced and environmental induced analgesia in the neonatal rat pup

Bowker R.M., 1986: Serotonergic and peptidergic inputs to the primate ventral spinal cord as visualized with multiple chromogens on the same tissue section

Coulter J.D., 1981: Serotonergic and peptidergic projections to the spinal cord demonstrated by a combined retrograde horseradish peroxidase histochemical and immuno cytochemical staining method

Muller J.F., 1988: Serotonergic and serotonin accumulating neurons in the goldfish retina

Tork I., 1987: Serotonergic axons form basket like terminals in cerebral cortex

Miliaressis, E., 1977: Serotonergic basis of reward in median raphe of the rat

Meyers K.M., 1980: Serotonergic catecholaminergic antagonism and loco motor control

Nagasaki N., 1983: Serotonergic catecholaminergic interactions and foot shock induced jumping behavior in rats

Aprison M.H., 1983: Serotonergic changes in specific areas of rat brain associated with activity stress gastric lesions

Aoyagi K., 1988: Serotonergic control of feeding behavior via the lateral hypothalamic area analysis using in vivo voltammetry

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398059

Mietes J., 1979: Serotonergic control of prolactin release in male rats

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398061

Rebec G.V., 1987: Serotonergic dorsal raphe neurons subsensitivity to amphetamine with long term treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398063

Tsubokawa T., 1985: Serotonergic effect on cerebrospinal fluid production

Yui R., 1987: Serotonergic efferent nerve fibers in the retinal plexiform layer of the abalone

Nunez E.A., 1985: Serotonergic elements of the mammalian pituitary

Kitai S.T., 1982: Serotonergic excitation from dorsal raphe stimulation recorded intra cellularly from rat caudate putamen

Mccall R.B., 1983: Serotonergic excitation of sympathetic preganglionic neurons a micro iontophoretic study

Aghajanian G.K., 1979: Serotonergic facilitation of facial moto neuron excitation

Jacoby J.H., 1988: Serotonergic function in diabetic rats psychotherapeutic implications

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398071

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398072

Komiskey, H. L.; Rudy, T. A., 1977: Serotonergic influences on brain stem thermo regulatory mechanisms in the cat

Beyer C., 1983: Serotonergic influences on electro encephalographic synchronization induced by milk drinking in the cat

Latham C.J., 1979: Serotonergic influences on food intake effect of 5 hydroxy tryptophan on parameters of feeding behavior in deprived and free feeding rats

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398076

Geller E., 1980: Serotonergic influences on the social behavior of vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus

Strumwasser F., 1981: Serotonergic inhibition of afterdischarge in peptidergic bag cells

Roffwarg H.P., 1987: Serotonergic inhibition of the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus

Valzelli L., 1982: Serotonergic inhibitory control of experimental aggression

Hooper S.L., 1984: Serotonergic innervation and modulation of the stomatogastric ganglion of 3 decapod crustaceans panulirus interruptus homarus americanus and cancer irroratus

Palkovits, M.; Saavedra, J. M.; Jacobowitz, D. M.; Kizer, J. S.; Zaborszky, L.; Brownstein, M. J., 1977: Serotonergic innervation of the fore brain effect of lesions on serotonin and tryptophan hydroxylase levels

Waltzer R., 1985: Serotonergic innervation of the forebrain in the north american opossum

Gladfelter W.E., 1982: Serotonergic innervation of the lateral hypothalamus evidence from synaptosomal uptake studies

Segal M., 1979: Serotonergic innervation of the locus coeruleus from the dorsal raphe and its action on responses to noxious stimuli

Palkovits M., 1983: Serotonergic innervation of the rat pituitary intermediate lobe decrease after stalk section

Sano Y., 1983: Serotonergic innervation on the moto neurons in the mammalian brain stem light microscopic and electron microscopic immuno histochemistry

De Weerd H., 1980: Serotonergic intra ventricular axons in the habenular region phagocytosis after induced degeneration

Curzon G., 1979: Serotonergic involvement in behavioral responses to amphetamine at high dosage

Ashkenazi R., 1985: Serotonergic involvement in pharmacological action of the anxiolytic sedatives thalidomide and supidimide

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398091

Demyer W., 1987: Serotonergic involvement in the backward tumbling response of the parlor tumbler pigeon

Kacz D., 1981: Serotonergic mechanism in seizures kindled from the rabbit amygdala

Yen S.S.C., 1982: Serotonergic mechanism in the control of beta endorphin and acth release in male rats

Schwark W.S., 1982: Serotonergic mechanisms in amygdaloid kindled seizures in the rat

Poulter M., 1986: Serotonergic mechanisms in brains of suicide victims

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398097

Wu J.J., 1983: Serotonergic mechanisms in the hypothalamus mediate thermo regulatory responses in rats

Mark A.L., 1988: Serotonergic mechanisms mediate renal sympathoinhibition during severe hemorrhage in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398100

Zimmermann M., 1981: Serotonergic mediation of descending inhibition from mid brain peri aqueductal gray but not reticular formation of spinal nociceptive transmission in the cat

Nakajima S., 1984: Serotonergic mediation of habenular self stimulation in the rat

Schechter M.D., 1986: Serotonergic mediation of tetrahydro beta carboline

Rowland, D.; Steele, M.; Moltz, H., 1978: Serotonergic mediation of the suckling induced release of prolactin in the lactating rat

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398105

Mccrohan C.R., 1988: Serotonergic modulation of patterned motor output in lymnaea stagnalis

Gonzalez R.M., 1979: Serotonergic modulation of yawning

Serrano A., 1987: Serotonergic neuron stimulation modulates thalamocortical glucose use in the conscious rat

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398109

Bartfai T., 1985: Serotonergic potentiation of muscarinic agonist evoked tremor and salivation in rat and mouse

Cohen R.A., 1985: Serotonergic prejunctional inhibition of canine coronary adrenergic nerves

Mckellar S., 1981: Serotonergic projections from the ventral medulla to the intermediolateral cell column in the rat

Willis W.D., 1982: Serotonergic projections to the caudal brian stem a double label study using horseradish peroxidase and serotonin immuno cytochemistry

Coulter J.D., 1981: Serotonergic projections to the spinal cord from the mid brain in the rat an immuno cytochemical and retrograde transport study

Ajika, K.; Ochi, J., 1978: Serotonergic projections to the suprachiasmatic nucleus and the median eminence of the rat identification by fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy

Drust E.G., 1980: Serotonergic properties of beta phenethylamine in rats

Nelson D., 1988: Serotonergic properties of spiroxatrine enantiomers

Kiser, R. S.; German, D. C.; Lebovitz, R. M., 1978: Serotonergic reduction of dorsal central gray area stimulation produced aversion

Norbiato G., 1984: Serotonergic regulation of cortisol secretion in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398120

Richardson Morton K.D., 1986: Serotonergic regulation of the release of renin is not mediated by the autonomic nervous system but involves beta adrenoceptors

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398122

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398123

Gelpi E., 1988: Serotonergic status in human blood

Sherman B.M., 1984: Serotonergic stimulation of acth secretion in man

Miller J., 1984: Serotonergic stimulation of pituitary adreno cortical activity in rats evidence for multiple sites of action

Ganong W.F., 1985: Serotonergic stimulation of prolactin and corticosterone secretion is mediated by different pathways from the mediobasal hypothalamus

El Halawani M.E., 1983: Serotonergic stimulation of prolactin release in the young turkey meleagris gallopavo

Mccall R.B., 1980: Serotonergic synaptic input to facial moto neurons localization by electron microscopic auto radiography

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398130

Cohen R.A., 1988: Serotonergic vasoconstriction in human fingers during reflex sympathetic response to cooling

Carlen P.L., 1988: Serotonin 1a receptor activation in hippocampal ca1 neurons by 8 hydroxy 2 di n propylaminotetralin 5 methoxytryptamine and 5 hydroxytryptamine

Pazos A., 1986: Serotonin 1c sites in the choroid plexus are not linked in a stimulatory or inhibitory way to adenylate cyclase

Freedman D.X., 1988: Serotonin 2 agonist administration down regulates rat brain serotonin 2 receptors

Finch C.E., 1984: Serotonin 2 binding sites in human frontal cortex and hippocampus selective loss of serotonin 2 a sites with age

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398136

Tyano S., 1987: Serotonin 5 ht uptake by blood platelets in anorexia nervosa

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398138

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398140

Hartig P.R., 1986: Serotonin 5 hydroxytryptamine 1c receptors are expressed at high density on choroid plexus tumors from transgenic mice

Hertting G., 1986: Serotonin 5 hydroxytryptamine enhances hippocampal noradrenaline release evidence for facilitatory 5 hydroxytryptamine receptors within the central nervous system

Engbaek F., 1985: Serotonin 5 hydroxytryptamine in medullary thyroid carcinoma with or without pheochromocytoma

Bockaert J., 1986: Serotonin 5 hydroxytryptamine receptors mediate inhibition of cyclic amp production in neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398145

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398146

Tobin A.B., 1987: Serotonin accumulating cells in the iris ciliary body and cornea of various species

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398148

Holmsen H., 1983: Serotonin accumulation in granules of storage pool deficient platelets of chediak higashi cattle

Gershon, M. D.; Robinson, R. G.; Ross, L. L., 1976: Serotonin accumulation in the guinea pig myenteric plexus ion dependence structure activity relationship and the effect of drugs

Levitan I.B., 1988: Serotonin acting via cyclic amp enhances both the hyperpolarizing and depolarizing phases of bursting pacemaker activity in the aplysia neuron r15

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398152

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398153

Foglia M., 1980: Serotonin action on rat plasma level of total lipids tri glycerides and nonesterified fatty acids

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398155

Sheerin H.E., 1979: Serotonin action on short circuit current and ion transport across isolated rabbit ileal mucosa

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398157

Mansour T.E., 1979: Serotonin activated adenylate cyclase from fasciola hepatica properties of the solubilized enzyme with appendix

Sloviter, R. S.; Drust, E. G.; Connor, J. D., 1978: Serotonin agonist actions of p chlorophenyl alanine

Samanin R., 1985: Serotonin agonists reduce dopamine synthesis in the striatum only when the impulse flow of nigro striatal neurons is intact

Schwartz J.H., 1983: Serotonin alters the sub cellular distribution of a calcium calmodulin binding protein in neurons of aplysia californica

Garcia M., 1979: Serotonin an amine of mixed action in the isolated auricle of hamster

Kramer A.P., 1982: Serotonin analog selectively ablates identified neurons in the leech haementeria ghilianii embryo

Voitenko, N. N.; Trut, L. N.; Popova, N. K., 1978: Serotonin and 5 hydroxy iaa content in the brain of domesticated silver foxes in the estrous cycle

Ksiazek, A., 1977: Serotonin and 5 hydroxy iaa in rats with experimental uremia

Lobacheva I.I., 1979: Serotonin and 5 hydroxy iaa levels in the brain of balb c lac mice in early ontogenesis

Wyatt R.J., 1986: Serotonin and 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid in brains of suicide victims comparison in chronic schizophrenic patients with suicide as cause of death

Bird E.D., 1985: Serotonin and 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid in cerebrospinal fluid difference in parkinsons disease and dementia of the alzheimers type

Leibowitz S.F., 1987: Serotonin and 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid levels in discrete hypothalamic areas of the rat brain relation to circulating corticosterone

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398170

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398171

Lobacheva I.I., 1982: Serotonin and adreno cortical response to cold exposure during early post natal ontogeny of rats

Van Ree J.M., 1985: Serotonin and antidepressant drugs antagonize melatonin induced behavioral changes after injection into the nucleus accumbens of rats

Imanishi Y., 1988: Serotonin and beta thromboglobulin release reaction from platelet as triggered by interaction with polypeptide derivatives

Bakunts G.G., 1981: Serotonin and catecholamine content and mono amine oxidase activity in different sections of the central nervous system in experimental hypo parathyroidism

Makarov, A. Yu ; Ushakova, I. N.; Loboda, E. B., 1975: Serotonin and catecholamine metabolism in normal people and in narcolepsy

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398177

Gerschenfeld H.M., 1986: Serotonin and cyclic gmp both induce an increase of the calcium current in the same identified molluscan helix aspera neurons

Podesta R.B., 1985: Serotonin and distribution of radiocarbon from uniformly carbon 14 labeled d glucose in schistosoma mansoni

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398180

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398181

Battelle B A., 1987: Serotonin and dopamine in the retina of a lizard

Mueller G.P., 1986: Serotonin and dopamine independently regulate pituitary beta endorphin release in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398184

De Souza E.B., 1986: Serotonin and dopamine receptors in the rat pituitary gland autoradiographic identification characterization and localization

Fink H., 1988: Serotonin and dopamine release from synaptosomes of the nucleus accumbens after systemic or intra raphe administration of lsd to rats

Bockaert J., 1986: Serotonin and dopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase in molluscan nervous system biochemical and electrophysiological analysis of the pharmacological properties and gtp dependence

Piechota T., 1987: Serotonin and feeding responses of rats to amino acid imbalance initial phase

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398189

Meek J.L., 1982: Serotonin and gamma amino butyric acid turnover after injection into the median raphe of substance p and d alanine methionine enkephalin amide

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398191

Legen'kov V.I., 1982: Serotonin and histamine metabolism in astronauts

Peries J., 1982: Serotonin and histamine production by human carcinoid cells in culture

Adolph, A. R.; Tuan, F. J., 1972: Serotonin and inhibition in limulus lateral eye

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398195

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398196

Bliznakov E.G., 1980: Serotonin and its precursors as modulators of the immunological responsiveness in mice

Bennett, J. P-Jr ; Snyder, S. H., 1976: Serotonin and lsd binding in rat brain membranes relationship to postsynaptic serotonin receptors

Essman, W. B., 1977: Serotonin and mono amine oxidase in mouse skin effects of cigarette smoke exposure

Lauder, J. M.; Tamir, H.; Sadler, T. W., 1988: Serotonin and morphogenesis i. sites of serotonin uptake and serotonin binding protein immunoreactivity in the midgestation mouse embryo

Cottrell G.A., 1983: Serotonin and mouse spinal neurons in cell culture

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398202

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398203

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398204

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398205

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398207

Gebhart G.F., 1988: Serotonin and or an excitatory amino acid in the medial medulla mediates stimulation produced antinociception from the lateral hypothalamus in the rat

Sonetti D., 1984: Serotonin and retzius cell depress the hyper polarization following impulses of leech hirudo medicinalis touch cell

Berger P.A., 1985: Serotonin and schizophrenia correlations between serotonergic activity and schizophrenic motor behavior

Gershon M.D., 1980: Serotonin and seasonal variation in the pancreatic structure of bats possible presence of serotonergic axons in the gland

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398212

Chan-Palay, V.; Jonsson, G.; Palay, S. L., 1978: Serotonin and substance p coexist in neurons of the rats central nervous system

Helke C.J., 1987: Serotonin and substance p containing projections to the nucleus tractus solitarii of the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398215

Mccrimmon D.R., 1979: Serotonin and the control of ventilation in awake rats

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398217

Hollenberg N.K., 1986: Serotonin and the renal blood supply role of prostaglandins and the 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398219

Hatton, D. C.; Tankle, R.; Lanthorn, T.; Meyer, M. E., 1978: Serotonin and tonic immobility in the rabbit

Buznikov G.A., 1983: Serotonin and tryptamine binding by early embryos of the sea urchins

Toda, N.; Hayashi, S.; Fu, W. L. H.; Nagasaka, Y., 1976: Serotonin antagonism in isolated canine cerebral arteries

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398223

Jacob J.J., 1979: Serotonin antagonists and central hyper thermia produced by biogenic amines in conscious rabbits

Bertolini, S.; Elicio, N.; Costa, S.; Reggiani, E.; Balestreri, R., 1975: Serotonin antagonists and the function of the hypothalamo pituitary adreno cortical axis

Lauder, J. M.; Krebs, H., 1978: Serotonin as a differentiation signal in early neurogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398227

Ahmad, G.; Zamenhof, S., 1978: Serotonin as a growth factor for chick embryo brain

Willerson J.T., 1986: Serotonin as a mediator of cyclic flow variations in stenosed canine coronary arteries

Burnstock G., 1982: Serotonin as a neuro transmitter in cerebral arteries

Lee T.J F., 1987: Serotonin as an alternative transmitter in sympathetic nerves of large cerebral arteries of the rabbit

Saik R.P., 1981: Serotonin as an inhibitor of gastrin

Raiteri M., 1986: Serotonin autoreceptor in rat hippocampus pharmacological characterization as a subtype of the 5 ht 1 receptor

Beaudet A., 1987: Serotonin axon terminals in the ventral tegmental area of the rat fine structure and synaptic input to dopaminergic neurons

Chan-Palay, V., 1976: Serotonin axons in the supraependymal and subependymal plexuses in the lepto meninges their roles in local alterations of cerebro spinal fluid and vaso motor activity

Popova V.S., 1984: Serotonin binding by separate populations of peritoneal cells and blood leukocytes of intact and thymectomized mice

Gershon M.D., 1983: Serotonin binding glyco protein of rat platelets

Winblad B., 1983: Serotonin binding in mouse brains some methodological aspects

Tamir, H.; Klein, A.; Rapport, M. M., 1976: Serotonin binding protein enhancement of binding by ferrous ion and inhibition of binding by drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398240

Baldini M.G., 1980: Serotonin binding sites of human blood platelets

Wurtman R.J., 1984: Serotonin binds specifically and saturably to an actin like protein isolated from rat brain synaptosomes

Schroeder P., 1983: Serotonin biosynthesis and its regulation in seeds of juglans regia

Kezdi P., 1979: Serotonin blockade during experimental coronary thrombosis

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398245

Brownfield M.S., 1985: Serotonin coexists with epinephrine in rat adrenal medullary cells

Doraczynski H., 1980: Serotonin concentration and mono amine oxidase activity in placenta samples collected from women with gestation course complicated by edema proteinuria hypertension gestosis

Murgas K., 1980: Serotonin concentration in individual hypothalamic nuclei of rats exposed to acute immobilization stress

Agarwal, G. D.; Dharker, S. R.; Chatterji, A. K.; Chaurasia, B. D.; Dharker, R. S., 1978: Serotonin concentration of the cerebro spinal fluid in central nervous system tumors

Wyatt R.J., 1981: Serotonin concentrations in brain and blood of scrapie infected and normal hamsters and mice

Winblad B., 1984: Serotonin concentrations in normal aging human brains relation to serotonin receptors

Kazakov V.K., 1984: Serotonin containing and neurotensin containing cells in the digestive tract tunica mucosa

Flanagan T., 1986: Serotonin containing catecholamine containing and dopamine sequestering neurons in the ventral nerve cord of the hemipteran rhodnius prolixus

Salimova N., 1982: Serotonin containing cells in the ascidian endostyle

Brownstein M.J., 1986: Serotonin containing elements of the rat pituitary intermediate lobe

Tahara E., 1986: Serotonin containing enterochromaffin cells in normal human gastric mucosa and in gastritis immunohistochemical electron microscopic and autoradiographic studies

Hattori T., 1986: Serotonin containing nerve fibers in the rat spinal cord electron microscopic immunohistochemistry

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398258

White K., 1988: Serotonin containing neurons in drosophila melanogaster development and distribution

Miloshevich I., 1987: Serotonin containing neurons in the ganglia of the active and hibernating snails helix lucorum

Sano Y., 1984: Serotonin containing neurons in the rat and cat brain especially in the hypothalamus following monoamine oxidase inhibitor pretreatment an immunohistochemical study using anti serotonin antiserum

Chemello M.E., 1987: Serotonin containing neurons in the retina of the teleost eugerres plumieri

Cuello A.C., 1982: Serotonin containing neurons in vertebrate retinas

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398264

Cuello A.C., 1984: Serotonin containing projections to the thalamus in the rat revealed by a horseradish peroxidase and peroxidase antiperoxidase double staining technique

Ralston H.J.IIi, 1987: Serotonin containing structures in the nucleus raphe dorsalis of the cat an ultrastructural analysis of dendrites presynaptic dendrites and axon terminals

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398267

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398268

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398269

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398270

Novikov S.N., 1987: Serotonin content in the olfactory bulbs as a function of the mechanisms of pheromone mediated regulation of aggressive behavior in male house mice

Deicher H., 1983: Serotonin content of platelets in inflammatory rheumatic diseases correlation with clinical activity

Solomon S., 1986: Serotonin content of rabbit lung and small intestine during perinatal development

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Sherwin, R. P.; Shih, J. C.; Lee, J. D.; Ransom, R., 1986: Serotonin content of the lungs brains and blood of mice exposed to 0.45 ppm nitrogen dioxide

Acosta Urquidi J., 1985: Serotonin decreases a background current and increases calcium and calcium activated current in pedal neurons of hermissenda

Goldfarb J., 1987: Serotonin decreases population spike amplitude in hippocampal cells through a pertussis toxin substrate

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398279

Dewan V.M., 1985: Serotonin depleting midbrain lesions fail to mitigate hyperphagia and obesity in the zucker fatty rat

Fischer J.E., 1983: Serotonin depletion by 5 7 di hydroxy tryptamine or p chloro amphetamine does not affect cancer anorexia

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398282

Bickford R.G., 1983: Serotonin depletion prevents electro cortical synchronization following acute mid brain deactivation

Anderson E.G., 1985: Serotonin depolarizes type a and c primary afferents an intracellular study in bullfrog dorsal root ganglion

Corsini F., 1981: Serotonin distribution between plasma and platelets in clinically healthy children

Reader T.A., 1980: Serotonin distribution in rat cerebral cortex radio enzymatic assays with thin layer chromatography

Hohenleitner, F. J.; Linguiti, C. M., 1977: Serotonin distribution in the canine gastric mucosa acute response to feeding and pouch preparation

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398288

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398290

Delini Stula A.A., 1979: Serotonin dopamine interactions in the nigro striatal system

Kulinskii, V. I.; Nefedova, V. V., 1976: Serotonin dynamics in tissues in acute hypoxia the phenomenon and its possible significance

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398293

Popova, N. K.; Kudryavtseva, N. N., 1975: Serotonin effect on re warming during arousal from hibernation

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398295

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398296

Costa E., 1983: Serotonin elicited amplification of adenylate cyclase activity in hippocampal membranes from adult rat

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398298

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398299

Itskovitz H.D., 1984: Serotonin formation in non blood perfused rat kidneys

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398301

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398302

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398303

Raiteri M., 1988: Serotonin glutamate interaction in rat cerebellum involvement of 5 ht 1 and 5 ht 2 receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398305

Section 7, Chapter 6399, Accession 006398306

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