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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6401

Chapter 6401 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Sitton N.G.; Dixon J.S.; Bird H.A.; Wright V., 1987: Serum biochemistry in rheumatoid arthritis seronegative arthropathies osteoarthritis sle and normal subjects

Parsons A.H.; Wells R.E., 1986: Serum biochemistry of healthy yucatan miniature pigs

Gupta S.C.; Singh P.A.; Mehrotra R., 1984: Serum blocking factors in carcinoma

Goodnight, J. E.; Coleman, D. A.; Steinmuller, D., 1976: Serum blocking factors vs specific cellular tolerance in long term survival of rat heart allo grafts

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Vicentini L.M.; Villereal M.L., 1984: Serum bradykinin and vasopressin stimulate release of inositol phosphates from human fibroblasts

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Schauder P.; Schroeder K.; Langenbeck U., 1984: Serum branched chain amino acid and keto acid response to a protein rich meal in man

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Meldgaard O.T.; Cold G.E., 1979: Serum bromide after general anesthesia with halothane

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Denson D.D.; Knapp R.M.; Turner P.; Thompson G.A., 1984: Serum bupivacaine concentrations in term parturients following continuous epidural analgesia for labor and delivery

Ai Abdullah I.H.; Greally J., 1980: Serum c 1 esterase inhibitor immunochemical and functional measurements

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Bayston R., 1979: Serum c reactive protein test in diagnosis of septic complications of cerebro spinal fluid shunts for hydrocephalus

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Pittaway D.E.; Fayez J.A., 1987: Serum ca 125 antigen levels increase during menses

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