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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6404

Chapter 6404 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Bain J.; Langevin R.; D'costa M.; Sanders R.M.; Hucker S., 1988: Serum pituitary and steroid hormone levels in the adult male one value is as good as the mean of three

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Suzuki Y., 1985: Serum plasmalogens and their compositions of fatty acids in ischemic heart disease

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Burns C.P.; Rozengurt E., 1983: Serum platelet derived growth factor vasopressin and phorbol esters increase intra cellular ph in swiss 3t3 cells

Isomura S.; Biritwum R.B.; Ofosu Amaah S., 1987: Serum polio antibodies in unimmunized preschool children in a rural village in ghana before active immunization program

Nishioka, K.; Romsdahl, M. M.; Mcmurtrey, M. J., 1977: Serum poly amine alterations in surgical patients with colo rectal carcinoma

Illei G.; Morgan D.M.L., 1982: Serum poly amine oxidase activity in spontaneous abortion

Pribyl, T., 1978: Serum poly phenol oxidase ec activity ceruloplasmin in conventional laboratory animals and man

Ljungqvist L.; Hyldgaard Jensen J., 1983: Serum postalbumin 2 and prealbumin polymorphism in danish pig breeds and the association between postalbumin 2 and the linkage group phi ha l h

Tang F.; Wong P.Y.D., 1984: Serum potassium and aldo esterone levels in gossypol treated rats

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Than G.N.; Tatra G.; Arnold L.; Szabo D.G.; Csaba I.F.; Bohn H., 1988: Serum pp12 pp14 sp1 and hcg values in the 28 days after the lh surge in patients who do and do not conceive after artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization

Shoji S.; Nakagawa S., 1988: Serum prealbumin and retinol binding protein concentrations in japanese type familial amyloid polyneuropathy

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Sakuragi N., 1982: Serum pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein and human chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit levels in chorio carcinoma invasive mole and hydatidiform mole clinical significance of the pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein to human chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit ratio

Pakarinen A.; Hammond G.L.; Vihko R., 1979: Serum pregnenolone progesterone 17 alpha hydroxy progesterone androstenedione testosterone 5 alpha di hydro testosterone and androsterone during puberty in boys

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Karibe C.; Tamai H.; Kiyohara K.; Fukata S.; Fujii S.; Fukino O.; Nakagawa T., 1986: Serum prl responses to trh in patients with anorexia nervosa

Kuhl, C., 1976: Serum pro insulin in normal and gestational diabetic pregnancy

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