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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6405

Chapter 6405 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ivanova E.; Zlatarev O., 1984:
Serum triacylglycerol groups according to non saturation age referential values

Ivanova E.; Zlatarev O., 1984:
Serum triacylglycerol radicals grouped according to their degree of unsaturation in aging in health and pathology

Aberg H.; Lithell H.; Selinus I.; Hedstrand H., 1985:
Serum triglycerides are a risk factor for myocardial infarction but not for angina pectoris results from a 10 year follow up of uppsala sweden primary preventive study

Takamatsu, J.; Kuma, K.; Mozai, T., 1986:
Serum triiodothyronine to thyroxine ratio: a newly recognized predictor of the outcome of hyperthyroidism due to Graves' disease

Artigas, J.M.; Garcia, M.E.; Faure, M.R.; Gimeno, A.M., 1981:
Serum trypsin levels in acute pancreatic and non-pancreatic abdominal conditions

Anti M.; D.V.tis I.; Fedeli G.; Rapaccini G.L.; Caturelli E.; Brighi S.; D.S.mone F.; Molica C., 1982:
Serum trypsin like immuno reactivity in pancreatic diseases

Beeken, W.L., 1976:
Serum tryptophan in Crohn's disease

Bernasconi S.; Vanelli M.; Nori G.; Siracusano M.F.; Marcellini C.; Butturini A.; F., 1984:
Serum tsh thyroxine triiodothyronine free thyroxine reverse triiodothyronine and thyroxine binding globulin in youngsters with non ketotic insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Tong Z H.; G.W.Z.; Zhai L Z.; Zhong G S.; Xie H B.; Hong R G., 1985:
Serum tsh total thyroxine total triiodothyronine triiodothyronine uptake ratio free thyroxine index free triiodothyronine index and thyroxine to triiodothyronine ratio in the elderly

Horwich A.; Peckham M.J., 1984:
Serum tumor marker regression rate following chemotherapy for malignant teratoma

Sawabu N.; Wakabayashi T.; Ozaki K.; Toya D.; Yoneshima M.; Kidani H.; Hattori N.; Ishii M., 1985:
Serum tumor markers in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis of alpha fetoprotein low or 2 fetoprotein negative patients

Trivedi P.; Cheeseman P.; Portmann B.; Mowat A.P., 1986:
Serum type iii procollagen peptide as a non invasive marker of liver damage during infancy and childhood in extrahepatic biliary atresia idiopathic hepatitis of infancy and alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency

Kirk, J.M.; Bateman, E.D.; Haslam, P.L.; Laurent, G.J.; Turner-Warwick, M., 1984:
Serum type III procollagen peptide concentration in cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis and its clinical relevance

Okuno, F.; Maruyama, K.; Okazaki, I.; Arai, M.; Suzuki, H., 1985:
Serum type III procollagen peptide in diagnosis of lung fibrosis due to silicosis and bleomycin toxicity

Okazaki, I.; Miura, K.; Kobayashi, Y.; Maruyama, K.; Yoshimatsu, H.; Tanaka, T., 1986:
Serum type III procollagen peptide: indicator for pulmonary fibrosis. I. A tool for early detection of pulmonary fibrosis as a complication in cancer therapy

Verde, G.G.; Santi, I.; Chiodini, P.; Cozzi, R.; Dallabonzana, D.; Oppizzi, G.; Liuzzi, A., 1986:
Serum type III procollagen propeptide levels in acromegalic patients

Raju, U.; Ganguly, M.; Weiss, G.; Zarkin, A.; Levitz, M., 1975:
Serum unconjugated estriol in the menstrual cycle and early pregnancy

Kono, H.; Furuhashi, N.; Fukaya, T.; Shinkawa, O.; Takahashi, T.; Tsujiei, M.; Yajima, A., 1987:
Serum unconjugated estriol levels during spontaneous labor

Buster, J.E.; Sakakini, J.J. ; Killam, A.P.; Scragg, W.H., 1976:
Serum unconjugated estriol levels in the 3rd trimester and their relationship to gestational age

Sakakini, J.J. ; Buster, J.E.; Killam, A.P., 1977:
Serum unconjugated estriol levels in the 3rd trimester and their relationship to gestational age part 2

Marica, D.; Vasiu, C.; Vasiu, A.; Marica, C., 1975:
Serum unmasking or increased hemolysis in the presence of specific antibodies

Parry, T.E., 1978:
Serum uracil levels in acute childhood leukemia

Parry, T.E.; Blackmore, J.A., 1976:
Serum uracil plus uridine levels before and after vitamin b 12 therapy in pernicious anemia

Parry, T.E.; Blackmore, J.A., 1976:
Serum uracil plus uridine levels in pernicious anemia

Zalokar, J.; Lellouch, J.; Claude, J.R., 1981:
Serum urate and gout in 4663 young male workers

Briggs, O.M.; Harley, E.H., 1985:
Serum urate concentrations in the Dalmatian Coach Hound

Christensson, T., 1977 :
Serum urate in subjects with hyper calcemic hyper parathyroidism

Munan, L.; Kelly, A.; Petitclerc, C., 1977:
Serum urate levels between ages 10 and 14: changes in sex trends

Ramadan P.; Tadic M., 1985:
Serum urea creatinine relation during kidney disease in dogs

Geisinger, K.R.; Batsakis, J.G.; Bauer, R.C., 1979:
Serum uric acid

Takagi, M., 1982:
Serum uric acid as a risk factor for stroke in a fishing village of rural southern Japan

Rahe, R.H.; Ryman, D.H.; Biersner, R.J., 1976:
Serum uric acid, cholesterol, and psychological moods throughout stressful naval training

Mohan V.; Snehalatha C.; Jayashree R.; Ramachandran A.; Viswanathan M.; Kameswaran L.; Rocic B.; Breyer D.; Skrabalo Z., 1984:
Serum uric acid concentrations in offspring of conjugal diabetic patients

Goldbourt, U.; Medalie, J.H.; Herman, J.B.; Neufeld, H.N., 1980:
Serum uric acid: correlation with biochemical, anthropometric, clinical and behavioral parameters in 10,000 Israeli men

Kiser, E.J.; Johnson, G.F.; Witte, D.L., 1978:
Serum uric acid determined by reversed phase liquid chromatography with spectrophotometric detection

Sturge, R.A.; Scott, J.T.; Kennedy, A.C.; Hart, D.P.; Buchanan, W.W., 1977:
Serum uric acid in England and Scotland

Messerli, F.H.; Frohlich, E.D.; Dreslinski, G.R.; Suarez, D.H.; Aristimuno, G.G., 1980:
Serum uric acid in essential hypertension: an indicator of renal vascular involvement

Chung, I.H.; Park, B.M.; Ko, B.Y., 1975:
Serum uric acid in joint disease

Bungum, L.; Oian, P.; Sundsfjord, J.; Straume, B., 1987:
Serum uric acid in pregnancy

Israel K.D.; Michaelis O.E.Iv; Reiser S.; Keeney M., 1983:
Serum uric acid inorganic phosphorus and glutamic oxal acetic trans aminase and blood pressure in carbohydrate sensitive adults consuming 3 different levels of sucrose

Coron-Drug-Proj-Res-Group-Usa, 1976:
Serum uric acid: its association with other risk factors and with mortality in coronary heart disease

Pongpaew, P.; Saovakontha, S.; Schelp, F.P., 1977:
Serum uric acid level of Thai individuals in comparison with the nutritional status and some other physical and biochemical parameters

Akizuki S., 1982:
Serum uric acid levels among 34000 people in japan

Singhvi D.R.; Noori L.; R.J.; Sharma P.K., 1983:
Serum uric acid levels at different stages of pregnancy

Lambert, J.R.; Wright, V., 1977:
Serum uric acid levels in psoriatic arthritis

Brenner, W.; Gschnait, F., 1978:
Serum uric acid levels in untreated and oral photo chemo therapy treated patients with psoriasis

Yoshida H.; Kaiya H.; Kondo T.; Sanpei F.; Takeda N.; Takeuchi K., 1982:
Serum uric acid levels of in patients of a mental hospital and effects of zotepine

Reuter W.; Ries W.; Sauer I., 1980:
Serum uric acid longitudinal behavior and age study

Hiatt, R.A.; Fireman, B.H., 1988:
Serum uric acid unrelated to cancer incidence in humans

Prabhant, C.; Tantrarongroj, S.; Manochiopinij, S.; Sirisali, K., 1985:
Serum uric acid, urea nitrogen and creatinine levels in acute myocardial infarction

Sekine O.; Usuda Y.; Shimizu T.; Aoki N.; Hirasawa Y.; Aoki T., 1981:
Serum urine and bile levels and clinical evaluation of cefoperazone t 1551

Liu, G.; Zheng, C., 1988:
Serum urine beta 2 microglobulin change and dynamic observation in children's glomerular diseases

Ishikawa T.; Ogino C.; Furuyama M.; Kanayama M.; Awaya A.; Yamaguchi A., 1987:
Serum valproate concentrations in epileptic children with favorable responses

Stefan H.; Burr W.; Froescher W., 1986:
Serum valproic acid concentrations in monotherapy with once twice and multiple daily dosage

Mia, A.S.; Koger, H.D.; Tierney, M.M., 1978:
Serum values of amylase and pancreatic lipase in healthy mature dogs and dogs with experimental pancreatitis

Paykoc Z.; Sumer N., 1980:
Serum values of complement c 4 and complement c 3 in familial mediterranean fever

Stefanovic V.; Kostic S.; Dordevic V.; Grubor Lajsic G.; Mitic Klatkovic M., 1988:
Serum values of the active metabolites of vitamin d in uremic patients on maintenance hemodialysis

Ambanelli, U.; Maini, M.; Ferraccioli, F.; Serventi, G., 1975:
Serum variations in alpha 1 t glyco protein during rheumatoid inflammation

Skulchan V.; Siddhikol C.; Ruangsomboon O.; Tepmongkol P., 1986:
Serum vitamin a and beta carotene levels in thai cancer patients progress report

Hussein, L.; el-Shawarby, O.; Elnaggar, B.; Abdelmegid, A., 1988:
Serum vitamin A and carotene concentrations among Egyptian fullterm neonates in relation to maternal status

Varas A.S.; Mateo D.A.osta Pons Domenech G.; Amaro M.R.; Fernandez Y.D.; Del Carmen Toymil Gonzalez M.; Gonzalez Y.P., 1981:
Serum vitamin a and carotene levels in a group of pregnant women during the 3 trimesters

Wien, E.M.; Ojo, O.A., 1982:
Serum vitamin A, carotene and cholesterol levels in Nigerian women using various types of contraceptives

Werb, R.; Clark, W.F.; Lindsay, R.M.; Jones, E.O.; Linton, A.L., 1979:
Serum vitamin A levels and associated abnormalities in patients on regular dialysis treatment

Gupta, A.K.; Saxena, S.P.; Singh, Y.D.; Kushwaha, K.P.; Mathur, G.P., 1987:
Serum vitamin a levels in normal and xerophthalmic children a hospital based study

Alade, S.L.; Brown, R.E.; Bowman, W.P., 1988:
Serum vitamin A status in acute lymphocytic leukemia of childhood

Areekul S.; Vatanavicharn S.; Hathirat P.; Panatampon P., 1980:
Serum vitamin b 12 and vitamin b 12 binding proteins in thalassemia

Rosenthal, H.L.; Wilbois, R.P., 1975:
Serum vitamin b 12 content and unsaturated vitamin b 12 binding capacity in gravid and fetal rabbits

Saha, N.; Tan, P.Y., 1983:
Serum vitamin C and total cholesterol levels in healthy adults

Heese H.D.V., 1988:
Serum vitamin c vitamin a and carotene values in infants in south west africa namibia

Bouillon, R.; Auwerx, J.; Dekeyser, L.; Fevery, J.; Lissens, W.; D.M.or, P., 1984:
Serum vitamin D metabolites and their binding protein in patients with liver cirrhosis

Wald, N.J.; Thompson, S.G.; Densem, J.W.; Boreham, J.; Bailey, A., 1987:
Serum vitamin E and subsequent risk of cancer

Muller, D.P.; Matthews, S.; Harding, A.E., 1987:
Serum vitamin E concentrations are normal in Friedreich's ataxia

Skulchan, V.; Ong-Ajyooth, S., 1987:
Serum vitamin E in Thai cancer patients

Knekt, P., 1988:
Serum vitamin E level and risk of female cancers

Nomura A.M.Y.; Stemmermann G.N.; Heilbrun L.K.; Salkeld R.M.; Vuilleumier J.P., 1985:
Serum vitamin levels and the risk of cancer of specific sites in men of japanese ancestry in hawaii usa

Riazi A.; Fremont L., 1988:
Serum vitellogenin and yolk proteolipid complex composition in relation to ovarian growth in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri rich

Hafkenscheid, J.C.M.; Hectors, M.P.C., 1977:
Serum vs heparinized plasma for alanine amino transferase ec and aspartate amino transferase ec of normal individuals

van Kreel, B.K.; Wulkan, R.W.; Leijnse, B.L., 1988:
Serum water determination by means of microwave evaporation

Dougherty, T.M.; Zikakis, J.P.; Rzucidlo, S.J., 1977:
Serum xanthine oxidase ec studies on miniature pigs

Alsabti, E., 1979:
Serum xanthine oxidase in bladder carcinoma

Alsabti, E., 1980:
Serum xanthine oxidase in breast carcinoma

Higashi A.; Matsuda I.; Masumoto T.; Saikusa H.; Yabuso M.; Oka Y., 1985:
Serum zinc and copper concentrations in low birth weight infants during first 3 months of life correlation to birth weight and different feedings

Thuillier-Juteau, Y.; Jaudon, M.C.; Clavel, J.P.; Delattre, J.; Galli, A., 1987:
Serum zinc and copper in hypercholesterolemia

Petresu Z.; Dobescu A.; Cotrau M.; Butnaru E.; Costinescu M.; Almasanu I.; Martinescu E.; Mandreci I.; Branisteanu L.; Duda R., 1985:
Serum zinc and copper in lichen planus pelada and collagen diseases

Uza, G.; Kovacs, A.; Pitea, P.; Vedean, A., 1986:
Serum zinc and copper in patients with thromboangiitis obliterans of the lower limbs

Ohtake, M.; Tamura, T., 1976:
Serum zinc and copper levels in healthy Japanese children

Ohtake, M., 1977:
Serum zinc and copper levels in healthy Japanese infants

Kirsten G.F.; Heese H.D.V.; Dempster W.S.; Pocock F.; Watermeyer S.; Varkevisser H., 1986:
Serum zinc and copper levels in healthy middle and higher socio economic class infants in cape town south africa a longitudinal study during the 1st year of life

Kirsten, G.F.; Heese, H.D.; Dempster, W.S.; Pocock, F.; Watermeyer, S.; Varkevisser, H., 1986:
Serum zinc and copper levels in healthy South African women at term and during the first year after childbirth

Biasiolo M.; Bonvicini P.; Cardin D.S.efani E.; Corradin O., 1986:
Serum zinc and copper levels in patients affected by various dermatoses

Tiomny E.; Horwitz C.; Graff E.; Rozen P.; Gilat T., 1982:
Serum zinc and taste acuity in tel aviv israel patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Dastych M.; Blazikova I., 1985:
Serum zinc concentration in patients after acute viral hepatitis with persisting signs of liver damage

Björkstén, F.; Aromaa, A.; Knekt, P.; Malinen, L., 1978:
Serum zinc concentrations in Finns

Wu, C.T.; Lee, J.N.; Shen, W.W.; Lee, S.L., 1984:
Serum zinc, copper, and ceruloplasmin levels in male alcoholics

Mateo, M.C.; Bustamante, J.B.; Cantalapiedra, M.A., 1978:
Serum, zinc, copper and insulin in diabetes mellitus

Garofalo J.A.; Ashikari H.; Lesser M.L.; Menendez Botet C.; Cunningham Rundles S.; Schwartz M.K.; Good R.A., 1980:
Serum zinc copper and the copper zinc ratio in patients with benign and malignant breast lesions

Marzan A.M.; Regacho J.B.; Villanueva L.E.; Esnaola L.I.; Lansangan L.M.; Roxas B.V., 1980:
Serum zinc in mal nutrition and anemia in filipino children

Busher G.L.; Lockwood T.J.; Cochrane H.R.; Delves H.T.; Hall M.R.P., 1982:
Serum zinc in old age

O'Connor, D.T.; Strause, L.; Saltman, P.; Parmer, R.J.; Cervenka, J., 1987:
Serum zinc is unaffected by effective captopril treatment of hypertension

Henker J.; Gabsch H C., 1985:
Serum zinc level in children with celiac disease

Makhlouf L.M.; Deghaidy F.S.; Makhlady F.A., 1988:
Serum zinc levels in aborted cases with toxoplasmosis and some other diseases

Donangelo C.M.; Azevedo C.E., 1984:
Serum zinc levels in brazilian children of low socioeconomic status

Labuschagne, G.P.; Odendaal, H.J.; Esterhuysen, A.J., 1982:
Serum zinc levels in pelvic inflammatory disease

Mathur, N.K.; Sharma, M.; Mangal, H.N.; Rai, S.M., 1984:
Serum zinc levels in subtypes of leprosy

Navarro, F.; Mellado, J.M.; Perez-Cano, R.; Cruz-Fernandez, J.M.; Garrido, M., 1980:
Serum zinc levels in the acute myo cardial infarction 1. diagnostic and prognostic value

Navarro, F.; Mellado, J.M.; Perez-Cano, R.; Cruz-Fernandez, J.M.; Garrido, M., 1980:
Serum zinc levels in the acute myo cardial infarction 2. effect of different risk factors of ischemic cardiopathy

Gultekin A., 1986:
Serum zinc levels of 6 to 17 year old school children

Boosalis, M.G.; Solem, L.D.; McCall, J.T.; Ahrenholz, D.H.; McClain, C.J., 1988:
Serum zinc response in thermal injury

Garofalo J.A.; Erlandson E.; Strong E.W.; Lesser M.; Gerold F.; Spiro R.; Schwartz M.; Good R.A., 1980:
Serum zinc serum copper and the copper zinc ratio in patients with epidermoid cancers of the head and neck

Goodship, J.; Malcolm, S.; Robertson, M.E.; Pembrey, M.E., 1988:
Service experience using DNA analysis for genetic prediction in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Schneider M.F.; German D.; Johnson B., 1986:
Service overlap for the reading disabled student a survey of learning disability and remedial reading professionals

Nagy Z.; Barany I., 1980:
Service period and nursing capability of natural mated hereford cows of seasonal calving

McDermott, H.J.; Vos, G.A., 1979:
Service station attendants' exposure to benzene and gasoline vapors

Costello, E.J.; Burns, B.J.; Costello, A.J.; Edelbrock, C.; Dulcan, M.; Brent, D., 1988:
Service utilization and psychiatric diagnosis in pediatric primary care: the role of the gatekeeper

Robertson, R.L.; Davis, J.H.; Jobe, K., 1984:
Service volume and other factors affecting the costs of immunizations in the Gambia

Middleman, R.R., 1972:
Services for males in a family planning program

Wallace H.M.; Weeks J.; Medina A., 1982:
Services for pregnant teenagers in the large cities of the usa 1970 1980

Legh-Smith, J.; Wade, D.T.; Langton-Hewer, R., 1986:
Services for stroke patients one year after stroke

Jaffe E.D., 1982:
Services to prevent institution placement

Einstein, S., 1981:
Servicing the drug user and the drug user treatment support system

Sasada H.; Masaki J.; Wada R.; Ohta M.; Nihei A., 1979:
Serving activity of a beef bull to a group of 15 heifers treated with prostaglandin f 2 alpha analog

Ohta M.; Masaki J.; Sasada H.; Wada R.; Nihei A., 1979:
Serving activity of a beef bull to heifers in which estrus was synchronized

Blockey, M.A.D., 1976:
Serving capacity a measure of the serving efficiency of bulls during pasture mating

Marsden, C.D.; Merton, P.A.; Morton, H.B., 1976 :
Servo action in the human thumb

Axen, K.; Haas, F.; Lupo, F.J.; Bergofsky, E.H., 1977:
Servo control of atrial and or arterial blood pressures in experimental animals

Smith, D.M.; Mercer, R.R.; Eldridge, F.L., 1978:
Servo control of end tidal carbon di oxide in paralyzed animals

Ross J.A.S.; Wloch R.T.; White D.C.; Hawes D.W., 1983:
Servo controlled closed circuit anesthesia a method for the automatic control of anesthesia produced by a volatile agent in oxygen

Enfield, C.G., 1977:
Servo controlled optimization of nitrification denitrification of waste water in soil

Golub' A.S., 1980:
Servo system for hydraulic pressure measurement in micro vessels based on a compensating recorder

Link J.; Voll K., 1981:
Servo ventilator 900 b with modified registration site for measuring the ventilation pressure a possibility for reducing the inspiratory resistance during synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation

Hatfield, D.; Portugal, F.H., 1970:
Seryl transfer rna in mammalian tissues chromatographic differences in brain and liver and a specific response to the codon uracil guanine adenine uga

Viswanathan S.; Dignam J.D., 1988:
Seryl transfer rna synthetase from bombyx mori purification and properties

Waterson, R.M.; Clarke, S.J.; Kalousek, F.; Konigsberg, W.H., 1973:
Seryl transfer rna synthetase from escherichia coli substrate binding and chemical modification of cysteinyl residues

Von-Der-Haar, F.; Cramer, F., 1978:
Seryl transfer rna synthetase threonyl transfer rna synthetase valyl transfer rna synthetase and iso leucyl transfer rna synthetase from bakers yeast role of the 3 prime terminal adenosine in the dynamic recognition of transfer rna

Schwartz D.; Geller D.M.; Manning P.T.; Siegel N.R.; Fok K.F.; Smith C.E.; Needleman P., 1985:
Seryleucylarginylarginyl atriopeptin iii the major circulating form of atrial peptide

Brigham R.D.; Young J.K., 1987:
Sesame performance test lubbock texas usa 1986

Mcbee, G.G.; Smith, O.E.; Bolton, C.E., 1988:
Sesame performance trials college station texas usa 1984 1986

Klein, M., 1977:
Sesame phyllody in israel

Taylor, B.R.; Chambi, J.Y., 1986:
Sesame sesamum indicum agronomy in southeast tanzania i. plant population and sowing method

Taylor, B.R., 1986:
Sesame sesamum indicum agronomy in southeast tanzania ii. intercropping with sorghum sorghum bicolor

Taylor, B.R.; Lamboll, D.; Kafiriti, E., 1986:
Sesame sesamum indicum agronomy in southeast tanzania iii. the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on seed yield and oil content

Wankhede, D.B.; Tharanathan, R.N., 1976:
Sesame (Sesamum indicum) carbohydrates

Brigham R.D.; Young J.K., 1981:
Sesame sesamum indicum performance test lubbock texas usa 1980

Mulkey J.R.Jr; Dainello F.J., 1981:
Sesame sesamum indicum performance test ulvalde texas usa 1980

Bedigian D.; Seigler D.S.; Harlan J.R., 1985:
Sesamin sesamolin and the origin of sesame

Greger H., 1981:
Sesamin type lignans as chemical markers within artemisia spp

Modrakowski A.; Siembieda J., 1986:
Sesamoid bones fractures in horses

Abele, L.G.; Means, D.B., 1977:
Sesarma jarvisi and sesarma cookei montane terrestrial grapsid crabs in jamaica decapoda

Panizzi A.R., 1985:
Sesbania aculeata new host plant record for piezodorus guildinii in parana brazil

Buch T.G.; Shvydkaya V.D., 1979:
Sesbania new record fabaceae in the flora of the ussr

Powell R.G.; Smith C.R.Jr; Weisleder D., 1984:
Sesbanimide a and related tumor inhibitors from sesbania drummondii structure and chemistry

Banerjee S.K.; Mukhopadhyay S.; Gupta B.D.; Singh K.; Raj S., 1987:
Sesebrinic acid a cinnamic acid derivative from seseli sibiricum

Raabe, U., 1987:
Seseli annuum l. in westphalia west germany

Ekman S., 1986:
Seseli montanum ssp montanum new record for the nordic countries

Novosel'tseva N.P.; Krivut B.A.; Rabinovich A.M., 1981:
Seseli mucronatum biological features and pterixin content in this plant when cultivated in moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

Ansari, M.Y.; Hemadri, K., 1971:
Seshagiria asclepiadaceae from maharashtra state india additional data

Strgar, V., 1976:
Sesleria autumnalis new record in macedonia

Strgar V., 1985:
Sesleria in the region of the postojna l 33 77 map in southern slovenia yugoslavia

Strgar V., 1982:
Sesleria ujhelyii new species

Bernatova D.; Kliment J., 1982:
Seslerio variae caricetum approximatae a new plant community in the central ranges of the west carpathians

Moore, T.R., 1976:
Sesqui oxide cemented soil horizons in northern quebec their distribution properties and genesis

Perkins H.F.; Lawrence B., 1982:
Sesqui oxide segregation in plinthic and nonplinthic counterpart soils

Ershov-Yu, I.; Ignat'eva, K.T., 1976:
Sesqui oxides and silica in forest soils with a bleached horizon in the lower amur region ussr

Huang, P.M.; Wang, M.K.; Wu, M.H.; Liu, C.L.; Wang, T.S.C., 1977:
Sesqui oxidic components of selected taiwan soils

Bohlmann F.; Wallmeyer M., 1982:
Sesqui sabinene derivatives from haplocarpha spp

Herz W.; Watanabe K., 1983:
Sesqui terpene alcohols and tri terpenoids from liatris microcephala

Quijano L.; Fischer N.H., 1984:
Sesqui terpene and di terpene lactones from melampodium longipilum

Gleizes M.; Marpeau A.; Pauly G.; Bernard Dagan C., 1984:
Sesqui terpene biosynthesis in maritime pine pinus pinaster needles

Ohta, Y.; Andersen, N.H.; Liu, C.B., 1977:
Sesqui terpene constituents of 2 liverworts of genus diplophyllum novel eudesmanolides and cyto toxicity studies for enantiomeric methylene lactones

Langenheim J.H.; Hall G.D., 1983:
Sesqui terpene deterrence of a leaf tying lepidopteran stenoma ferrocanella on hymenaea stigonocarpa in central brazil

Roemer A.; Thomas H.; Kreuels B.; Budzikiewicz H., 1981:
Sesqui terpene esters of type b from euonymus europaeus 1

Sal'kova, E.G.; Morozova, N.P.; Uturashvili, E.A.; Metlitskii, L.V., 1975:
Sesqui terpene hydro carbon farnesene and its relation to the apple surface browning scald

Hanssen H P., 1982:
Sesqui terpene hydro carbons from lentinus lepideus

Berger R.G.; Drawert F.; Nitz S., 1983:
Sesqui terpene hydro carbons in pineapple ananas comosus fruit

Matsuo, A.; Uto, S.; Nakayama, M.; Hayashi, S., 1976:
Sesqui terpene hydro carbons of the liverwort dumortiera hirsuta

W.C.L.; Wey F F.; Hsu S J., 1982:
Sesqui terpene hydro carbons of the liverwort scapania ornithopodioides

Hansel R.; Kartarahardja M.; Huang J T.; Bohlmann F., 1980:
Sesqui terpene lactone beta d gluco pyranoside a new eudesmanolide of taraxacum officinale

Serkerov S.V., 1982:
Sesqui terpene lactone content in ferula oopoda underground organs as dependent on plant developmental phases

Seaman F.C.; Mabry T.J., 1979:
Sesqui terpene lactone patterns in di ploid and poly ploid ambrosia dumosa

Geppert, B.; Drozdz, B.; Kielczewski, M.; Holub, M., 1983:
Sesqui terpene lactones 23. isolation of sesqui terpene lactones from centaurea spp

Hladon, B.; Twardowski, T., 1979:
Sesqui terpene lactones 25. mode of action cellular and molecular basis of cytostatic action

Ohno N.; Mabry T.J., 1980:
Sesqui terpene lactones and di terpene carboxylic acids in helianthus niveus ssp canescens

Watanabe K.; Ohno N.; Yoshioka H.; Gershenzon J.; Mabry T.J., 1982:
Sesqui terpene lactones and di terpenoids from helianthus argophyllus

Ognyanov I.; Todorova M., 1983:
Sesqui terpene lactones and flavonoids in flowers of tanacetum vulgare

Bohlmann F.; Jakupovic J.; Ahmed M.; Schuster A., 1983:
Sesqui terpene lactones and other constituents from schistostephium sp

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Sesqui terpene lactones and other constituents from tanacetum parthenium

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Seston dynamics in two texas usa prairie streams

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Seston ecology of the surface waters of hudson bay canada

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Seston interferences to adenylic nucleotides atp adp amp measurements in sea water particulate matter 1. adaptation of filtration volume to sestonic value

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Seston microbial activity in a river reservoir system

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Seston of the warsaw reach of the vistula river poland in 1982 and 1983 i. chlorophyll and environmental conditions

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Seston of the warsaw reach of the vistula river poland in 1982 and 1983 ii. dry weight and organic carbon

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Seston of the warsaw reach of the vistula river poland in 1982 and 1983 iii. phytoplankton and zooplankton

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Seston retention by whatman gf c glass fiber filters

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Seston total plankton biomass distribution in the peruvian coastal waters

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Seston transport and deposition in pelorus sound south island new zealand

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Set and growth of annona cherimola fruit obtained by hand pollination and chemical treatments

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Set back model of division synchronization optimal spacing of thermal shocks that accelerate cell cycling

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Set back tongue flap for reconstruction of the base of the tongue

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Set point is it a distinct structural entity in biological control?

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Set points, settling points, and the control of body weight

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Set size effects in primary memory an age related capacity limitation

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Set size effects in self disclosure

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Set stocking rotational grazing and forward rotational grazing by sheep on western oregon usa hill pastures

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Seta ultrastructure in pogonatum aloides

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Setae of the 1st antennae of the copepod cyclops scutifer their structure and importance

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Setae system of decapod crustacea existence of structures of leaflets in plumose setae

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Setal counts and measurements of the apple blossom midge contarinia mali diptera cecidomyiidae

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Setal development and molt prediction in the larvae and adults of the crayfish astacus leptodactylus

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Setal development molt staging and ecdysis in the banana prawn penaeus merguiensis

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Setal morphology of the oligochaetes tubifex tubifex and ilyodrilus frantzi ilyodrilus capillatus as revealed by scanning electron microscopy

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Setal patterns of the wings of aphelinus mesidia and mesidiopsis hymenoptera aphelinidae their value as taxonomic characters

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Setal sac organization in arenicola marina

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Setal system of maxillipeds of squilla mantis crustacea stomatopoda functional morphology

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Setal ultrastructure of pristina macrochaeta stephenson 1931 oligochaeta naididae

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Setal variation in clonal lineages of the strawberry aphids chaetosiphon fragaefolii and chaetosiphon thomasi homoptera aphididae

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Setaleyrodes thretaonai new species homoptera aleyrodidae from india

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Setamycin, a new antibiotic

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Setaria adhaerens new record and setaria faberi new record to sweden

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Setaria barretoi new species gramineae

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Setaria cervi enzymes of glycolysis and phosphoenol pyruvate succinate pathway

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Setaria cervi lipid biosynthesis from carbon 14 labeled acetate and glucose in two sexes and microfilariae

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Setaria cervi metabolism iv. ribonucleotide biosynthesis from carbon 14 labelled glucose in microfilariae

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Setaria cervi purification and properties of phospho glucose isomerase

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Setaria faberi in poland

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Setaria glauca seed productivity

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Setaria spp from bubalus bubalis of southeast asia and from syncerus caffer of central east africa

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Setation patterns on mysis relicta

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Setcol a technologically simple and reliable method for measuring phyto plankton sinking rates

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Sethoxydim uptake by leaf slices of sethoxydim resistant and sensitive grasses

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Setoerysiphe new genus erysiphaceae on rodgersia podophylla

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Setosphaeria monoceras new species ascigerous state of exserohilum monoceras

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Sets of immuno globulin v kappa genes homologous to 10 cloned v kappa sequences implications for the number of germline v kappa genes

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Sett production and germ plasm maintenance through vine cuttings in yams

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Sett weight effects on time of tuber formation and on tuber yield characteristics in water yam dioscorea alata

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Setting and counselor type as related to program retention

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Setting and motivation in brief psychotherapy

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Setting and resetting of level of postural muscle tone in de cerebrate cat by stimulation of brain stem

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Setting and sort of ion

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Setting effluent ammonia limits to meet in stream toxicity criteria

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Setting generality and stimulus control in autistic children

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Setting generality: some specific and general effects of child behavior therapy

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Setting norms for the feeding of carp in nursery ponds

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Setting of estuarine invertebrates in delaware bay new jersey usa related to inter tidal subtidal gradients

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Setting of flesh sol induced by ethyl sulfonylation

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Setting of jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus achenes depending on the order of branches

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Setting priorities for cancer control programs

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Setting priorities for occupational cancer research and control: synthesis of the results of occupational disease surveillance studies

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Setting reaction of composite resins 2. heat of polymerization investigated by isothermal differential scanning calorimetry measurement

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Setting standards for chronic oil discharges in the north sea

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Setting standards of male fertility 1. semen analyses in 1500 patients a report

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Setting temperatures of synthetic casts

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Setting the seed blower and preparing calibration samples for the purity analysis of gramineae species

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Setting up a breast milk bank some socio psychological and organizational considerations

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Setting up a clinical audit of pediatric morbidity in hong kong some early experiences

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Setting up and managing an experimental farm for crop studies the 1st 20 years experience at brooms barn experimental station england uk

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Setting up crop rotation on hydromorphic soils in a moist climate

Richter, W.; Roth, D., 1976:
Setting up effective irrigation in crop rotations

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Setting up of an asymmetry index number in the germ cell distribution between the genital ridges in the hubbard chick embryo/

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Settleability studies on activated sludge from petrochemical effluent treatment plants

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Settlement and behavior in relation to flow and surface in larval barnacles balanus amphitrite

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Settlement and boring activity of xylophaga dorsalis mollusca xylophagainae in different species of timber exposed in trondheimsfjorden western norway

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Settlement and early post settlement survival in the recruitment of mulinia lateralis bivalvia

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Settlement and environment in northeast thailand

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Settlement and habitat selection in the larvae of echinoecus pentagonus a brachyuran crab symbiotic with sea urchins

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Settlement and metamorphosis of a temperate soft coral larva alcyonium siderium induction by crustose algae

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Settlement and recruitment of a soft coral why is xenia macrospiculata a successful colonizer

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Settlement and regulation of infrapopulation density of leucochloridium paradoxum carus 1835 digenea leucochloridiidae in experimental chicks

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Settlement and subsistence in the willamette valley oregon usa some additional considerations

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Settlement and succession on rocky shores at auckland north island new zealand

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Settlement characteristics of crassostrea madrasensis in the cochin backwaters india

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Settlement cues and determination of the vertical limit of an intertidal barnacle

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Settlement formation in north central massachusetts usa 1700 1850

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Settlement growth and competition in sub littoral populations of barnacles balanus balanoides balanus crenatus eliminius modestus inst tufnol pannels

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Settlement growth and production of the mussel mytilus edulis in morecambe bay england

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Settlement growth and production of the mussel mytilus galloprovincialis

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Settlement in the novomlynska reservoir czechoslovakia by mosquitoes in the 1st year after filling

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Settlement of a ruderal ecosystem by cicadas homoptera auchenorrhyncha

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Settlement of balanus amphitrite and balanus eburneus crustacea cirripedia

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Settlement of balanus balanoides the effect of cyprid antennular secretion

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Settlement of barnacle larvae surface structure of the antennular attachment disc by inst scanning electron microscopy balanus balanoides

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Settlement of diptera larvae in organic matter carex brizoides l. betula verrucosa ehrh. experimentally introduced into the soil

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Settlement of elminius modestus cyprids in contact with adult barnacles in the field

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Settlement of epi fauna of spirographis spallanzani sycon ciliatum and ciona intestinalis in the harbor of lezardrieux cotes du nord

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Settlement of larvae of bivalve mollusks and starfish on collectors in posyeta bay sea of japan

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Settlement of marine mussel mytilus edulis galloprovincialis larvae on rope collector

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Settlement of mussels mytilus galloprovincialis on rope collectors in the estuary of the river krka yugoslavia

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Settlement of odonata at waters in the recultivated area of the former open cast mine schlabendorf nord district cottbus east germany

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Settlement of sargassum muticum propagules in stationary and flowing water

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Settlement of the red rock lobster jasus edwardsii near gisborne new zealand

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Settlement patterns of janua brasiliensis polychaeta serpulidae

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Settlement patterns of semibalanus balanoides in the isle of man uk 1977 1981

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Settlement subsistence variability in the glenwood locality southwestern iowa usa

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Settling behavior of activated sludge from an effluent treatment plant of a petrochemical industry involvement of biofactor in sludge bulking

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Settling mechanism of larvae of bastard halibut paralichthys olivaceus in the nursery ground estimated from the size distribution

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Settling of fixed erythrocyte suspension droplets

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Settling of oil particles adsorbed on suspended matter

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Settling of oysters crassostrea gigas and barnacles balanus amphitrite albicostatus in shun sun taiwan

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Settling of suspended solids in river water and the formation of river mud in the city of osaka japan

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Settling of zeuzera pyrina in the transvolga region ussr

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Settling properties of extended aeration sludges

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Settling sheltering behavior of mahseer

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Settling studies on pulp and paper mill waste waters

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Settling survivorship and spatial aggregation in planulae and juveniles of the coral porites porites

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Settling velocities of planktonic foraminifera density variations and shape effects

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Setulipes new genus of marasmioid fungi tricholomatales

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Sevac allergens preparations for specific and useful immunotherapy

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Sevan trout salmo ischchan divergence in light of karyological and morphological data

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Seven cases of carcinoma of the external auditory canal

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Seven cases of cephalic herpes zoster with involvement of the lower cranial nerves

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Seven cases of herpetic geographic ulceration of conjunctiva

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Seven cases of human fascioliasis in and around okayama prefecture japan

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Seven cases of liver resection combined with colonic or rectal resection for synchronous liver metastasis from colo rectal carcinoma

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Seven cases of lung cancer arising from emphysematous bulla

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Seven cases of porphyria cutanea tarda

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Seven cases of thymic cysts

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Seven disputed paternity cases tested by hla system

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Seven factor response surface optimization of a double stage lye sodium hydroxide peeling process for pimiento peppers

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Seven higher plant species from the samara river bend new for the flora of the kuibyshev oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Seven hundred fifty six cases of sexually transmittable diseases observed in brazzaville and pointe noire congo biological epidemiological and clinical aspects

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Seven insecticides against spodoptera eridania larvae

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Seven mallomonas spp investigated in the transmission electron microscope

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Seven new aporphine benzylisoquinoline alkaloids from thalictrum cultratum

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Seven new labdane diterpenes from juniperus pseudosabina hook

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Seven new marine species of phallodrilus oligochaeta tubificidae from various parts of europe and a re examination of the type species phallodrilus parthenopaeus new record pierantoni

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Seven new metopiine ichneumonids of japan with notes on three known species hymenoptera

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Seven new records of fishes from taiwan

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Seven new rhyacophila spp from vietnam trichoptera rhyacophilidae

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Seven new species and one new genus of psyllids from fujian china homoptera psyllidae

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Seven new species from north america in the caddisfly genus neophylax trichoptera limnephilidae

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Seven new species of chigger mites belonging to the genera of leptotrombidium and ascoschoengastia from yunnan province china acarina trombiculidae

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Seven new species of dicrepidinae belonging to the genus propsephus hyslop coleoptera elateridae

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Seven new species of helicia proteaceae from papua new guinea

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Seven recessive lethal mutations induced by x irradiation or chemical mutagen triethylenemelamine in the chromosomal inversion in 1 1rk mice

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Seven ring annulation a linch pin approach to a tetracyclic precursor of the lathrane diterpenes

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Seven species of ustilaginales new for hungary

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Seven year experience with polytetrafluoroethylene as above knee femoropopliteal bypass graft is it worthwhile to preserve the autologous saphenous vein?

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Seven year follow up of employee fitness program

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Seven year long experience in using mexitil

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Seven year old child 49 xyyyy

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Seven year survival of patients with normal or near normal coronary arteriograms a coronary artery surgery study registry study

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Seven years of field trials of the bacterization of cereals with azospirillum spp

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Seventeen cases of giant intracranial aneurysms long surgical treatment outcome and hemodynamic effects of vascular occlusions

Ujj Meszaros K., 1986:
Seventeen years of experimental irrigation with nitrogen containing sewage

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Seventh contribution to the systematic evaluation of the noctuidae of turkey description of new taxa and noteworthy finds from recent collections lepidoptera

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Seventh grade cigarette alcohol and marihuana use distribution in a north central usa metropolitan population

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Seventy four pregnancies despite iud

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Sever combined immunodeficiency disease 1. patients with severe combined immunodeficiency disease clinical features and immunological findings

Kasai T.; Nishitoba T.; Shiroshita Y.; Sakamura S., 1984:
Several 4 substituted glutamic acid derivatives and small peptides in some liliaceae plants

Tsaneva, P., 1975:
Several acarinina foraminifera of the paleogene in northern bulgaria

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Several applications of the sclera for graftings and implants

Chaix J.C., 1979:
Several aspects of biology ecology and behavior of the spider crab acanthonyx lunulatus

Lotzova E., 1980:
Several aspects of natural killer cell mediated cyto toxicity in normal individuals and cancer patients

Franz A.; Mebs T.; Seibt E., 1984:
Several aspects of population biology in the tengmalms owl aegolius funereus in southern westphalia west germany and adjacent areas on the base of ringing results

Gorelov, N.S., 1978:
Several aspects of the wolff parkinson white syndrome

Esilevskaya, M.A., 1978:
Several behavioral features of the red backed shrike lanius collurio aves laniidae during its nesting

Zhang J M., 1982:
Several better media for culturing mesophyll protoplasts of petunia hybrida

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Several breedings and the present day situation of the breeding of varanus storri sauria varanidae

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Several cases of accidental hyper parasitism in cestodes

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Several chitin derivatives as supports for enzyme immobilization

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Several classes of binding sites for metals and nucleotides on yeast mitochondrial oligomycin sensitive ATPase

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Several classes of retroviruses are produced by an AKR mouse T lymphoma cell line

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Several clinical characteristics of waldenstroms macro globulinemia

Isaakyan, A.I.; Khokhlov-Yu, K., 1977:
Several clinical features of chronic post infectious colitis

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Several copies of the same insertion sequence are present in alpha hemolytic plasmids belonging to 4 different incompatibility groups

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Several dehydrogenases and kinases compete for endocytosis from plasma by rat tissues

Vedel F.; Chetrit P.; Mathieu C.; Pelletier G.; Primard C., 1986:
Several different mitochondrial dna regions are involved in intergenomic recombination in brassica napus cybrid plants

Varoutas, P.; Nardizzi, L.; Stokely, E., 1976:
Several digital realizations of 2 dimensional e spatial nonlinear filters applied to image processing

O'connell, J.M., 1988:
Several effects of behavioral cost on pigeons' reactivity to food and to pavlovian signals for food

Imai, C.; Maeda, O., 1976:
Several factors affecting hatching of aedes albopictus eggs

Kunoh H.; Matsuzaki M.; Yamaoka N.; Ishizaki H., 1986:
Several factors affecting regeneration and reversion of protoplasts of colletotrichum lagenarium

Ferreiros C.M.; Criado M.T., 1983:
Several factors affecting the agglutinating activity of k 99 positive escherichia coli strains

Takahashi T., 1983:
Several features of minute micro nuclei in pseudourostyla levis ciliophora

Kosaka T., 1982:
Several features of sexual reproduction of new stocks related closely to syngen 2 in euplotes woodruffi ciliophora with reference to their distribution

Badillet, G.; Sornay, J., 1980:
Several forms of the inoceramus labiatus group described by o. seitz impossibility of using this group for a stratigraphic zoning of the lower turonian of saumurois france

Ohkubo, H., 1988:
Several functional and fluorescein fundus angiographic findings in Fabry's disease

Cruz M.V.M.; Vitug L.; Feldman A., 1981:
Several heat sensitive properties of the murine leukemia virus induced yac lymphoma

Torelli, D.; Galeone, D.; Lamontanara, G., 1982:
Several hematic parameters in children treated with sodium valproate

Clavilier, L.; Pere, G.; Slonimski, P.P., 1969:
Several independent gene loci involved in the synthesis of iso 2 cytochrome c in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Paulian, R., 1975:
Several indo australian acanthoceridae coleoptera

Holtta E.; Korpela H.; Hovi T., 1981:
Several inhibitors of ornithine decarboxylase and adenosyl methionine decarboxylase may also have anti proliferative effects unrelated to poly amine depletion

Starzec A.; Counis R.; Jutisz M., 1988:
Several intermediate forms in the processing of rat lutropin subunits as shown by sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Gouy J.L.; Labroue L., 1984:
Several iron bacteria isolated in the southwest of france ecology and role in the environment

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Several manifestations of mastoid tuberculosis

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Several marsupial anterior pituitary hormones

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Several means of hygienic evaluation of the effectiveness of ozone treatment of chemically contaminated sewage

Mathis, D.J.; Benoist, C.; Williams, V.E.; Kanter, M.; McDevitt, H.O., 1983:
Several mechanisms can account for defective E alpha gene expression in different mouse haplotypes

Ten, K.M.; Krysanova, V.P., 1978:
Several methods of soil microorganism quantitative determination

Clay, D., 1976:
Several models for water air temperature relationships of some african lakes

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