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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6405

Chapter 6405 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mitsuma, T.; Nihei, N.; Gershengorn, M. C.; Hollander, C. S., 1971: Serum tri iodo thyronine measurements in human serum by radio immunoassay with corroboration by gas liquid chromatography

Zlatarev O., 1984: Serum triacylglycerol groups according to non saturation age referential values

Zlatarev O., 1984: Serum triacylglycerol radicals grouped according to their degree of unsaturation in aging in health and pathology

Hedstrand H., 1985: Serum triglycerides are a risk factor for myocardial infarction but not for angina pectoris results from a 10 year follow up of uppsala sweden primary preventive study

Takamatsu, J.; Kuma, K.; Mozai, T., 1986: Serum triiodothyronine to thyroxine ratio a newly recognized predictor of the outcome of hyperthyroidism due to graves' disease

Lamers C.B.H.W., 1984: Serum trypsin alpha amylase and lipase during bombesin stimulation in normal subjects and patients with pancreatic insufficiency

Bloom S.R., 1980: Serum trypsin concentration and pancreatic trypsin secretion in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Angelopoulos B., 1979: Serum trypsin inhibitory capacity and alpha 1 anti trypsin levels in liver cirrhosis and hepatoma

Gimeno A.M.B., 1981: Serum trypsin levels in acute pancreatic and nonpancreatic abdominal conditions

Verme G., 1983: Serum trypsin like immuno reactivity in cystic fibrosis an aid in assessing progressive involvement of the pancreas

Molica C., 1982: Serum trypsin like immuno reactivity in pancreatic diseases

Anderson K.K., 1984: Serum trypsinogen in diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis

Merkrebs J., 1987: Serum tryptophan and cataract

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404015

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404016

Pinchera A., 1987: Serum tsh measurements by a sensitive enzyme immunoassay discriminate euthyroid from hyperthyroid subjects and avoid the need for trh test during suppressive therapy with l thyroxine

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404018

De Luca F., 1984: Serum tsh thyroxine triiodothyronine free thyroxine reverse triiodothyronine and thyroxine binding globulin in youngsters with non ketotic insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Hong R G., 1985: Serum tsh total thyroxine total triiodothyronine triiodothyronine uptake ratio free thyroxine index free triiodothyronine index and thyroxine to triiodothyronine ratio in the elderly

Peckham M.J., 1984: Serum tumor marker regression rate following chemotherapy for malignant teratoma

Ishii M., 1985: Serum tumor markers in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis of alpha fetoprotein low or 2 fetoprotein negative patients

Golbey R.B., 1983: Serum tumor markers in patients with metastatic germ cell tumors of the testis a 10 year experience

Mowat A.P., 1987: Serum type iii procollagen and basement membrane proteins as noninvasive markers of hepatic pathology in indian childhood cirrhosis

Mowat A.P., 1986: Serum type iii procollagen peptide as a non invasive marker of liver damage during infancy and childhood in extrahepatic biliary atresia idiopathic hepatitis of infancy and alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency

Turner Warwick M., 1984: Serum type iii procollagen peptide concentration in cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis and its clinical relevance

Czaja A.J., 1987: Serum type iii procollagen peptide concentrations in severe chronic active hepatitis relationship to cirrhosis and disease activity

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404028

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404029

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404030

Okazaki, I.; Miura, K.; Kobayashi, Y.; Maruyama, K.; Yoshimatsu, H.; Tanaka, T., 1986: Serum type iii procollagen peptide indicator for pulmonary fibrosis i. a tool for early detection of pulmonary fibrosis as a complication in cancer therapy

Okazaki, I.; Maruyama, K.; Kobayashi, Y.; Lilis, R.; Suzuki, Y., 1987: Serum type iii procollagen peptide indicator for pulmonary fibrosis ii. application in 80 asbestos insulation workers

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404033

Liuzzi A., 1986: Serum type iii procollagen propeptide levels in acromegalic patients

Tsuji T., 1988: Serum type iv collagen degrading enzyme in hepatocellular carcinoma with metastasis

Chavin W., 1979: Serum tyrosinase in malignant disease its activity and the electrophoretic patterns of the enzyme as carried by immuno globulins

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404038

Shaper J.H., 1980: Serum udp galactosyl transferase as a potential bio marker for breast carcinoma

Mupthy G.M., 1985: Serum unconjugated bile acids qualitative and quantitative profiles in ileal resection and bacterial overgrowth

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404041

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404042

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404043

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404044

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404045

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404046

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404047

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404048

Marica, D.; Vasiu, C.; Vasiu, A.; Marica, C., 1975: Serum unmasking or increased hemolysis in the presence of specific antibodies

Parry, T. E., 1978: Serum uracil levels in acute childhood leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404051

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404052

Claude J.R., 1981: Serum urate and gout in 4663 young male workers

Nilsen S.T., 1984: Serum urate as a predictor of fetal outcome in severe pre eclampsia

Leung B.F.H., 1988: Serum urate complement 3 and pre eclampsia in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Serjeant G.R., 1981: Serum urate concentrations in homo zygous sickle cell disease

Harley E.H., 1985: Serum urate concentrations in the dalmatian coach hound

Christensson, T., 1977: Serum urate in subjects with hyper calcemic hyper parathyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404059

Pasanen M., 1987: Serum urea creatinine ratio as a prognostic index in hemodialysis patients

Tadic M., 1985: Serum urea creatinine relation during kidney disease in dogs

Bauer R.C., 1979: Serum uric acid

Takagi M., 1982: Serum uric acid as a risk factor for stroke in a fishing village of rural southern japan

Rahe, R. H.; Ryman, D. H.; Biersner, R. J., 1976: Serum uric acid cholesterol and psychological moods throughout stressful naval training

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404066

Skrabalo Z., 1984: Serum uric acid concentrations in offspring of conjugal diabetic patients

Maltau J.M., 1986: Serum uric acid correlates with beta 2 microglobulin in preeclampsia

Cutler R.G., 1984: Serum uric acid correlation with behavioral metabolic age and lifespan parameters among inbred mice

Neufeld H.N., 1980: Serum uric acid correlation with biochemical anthropometric clinical and behavioral parameters in 10000 israeli men

Kiser, E. J.; Johnson, G. F.; Witte, D. L., 1978: Serum uric acid determined by reversed phase liquid chromatography with spectrophotometric detection

Sturge, R. A.; Scott, J. T.; Kennedy, A. C.; Hart, D. P.; Buchanan, W. W., 1977: Serum uric acid in england and scotland

Aristimuno G.G., 1980: Serum uric acid in essential hypertension an indicator of renal vascular involvement

Chung, I. H.; Park, B. M.; Ko, B. Y., 1975: Serum uric acid in joint disease

Straume B., 1987: Serum uric acid in pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404076

Coron-Drug-Proj-Res-Group-Usa, 1976: Serum uric acid its association with other risk factors and with mortality in coronary heart disease

Pongpaew, P.; Saovakontha, S.; Schelp, F. P., 1977: Serum uric acid level of thai individuals in comparison with the nutritional status and some other physical and biochemical parameters

Akizuki S., 1982: Serum uric acid levels among 34000 people in japan

Varma T.R., 1982: Serum uric acid levels as an index of fetal prognosis in pregnancies complicated by pre existing hypertension and pre eclampsia of pregnancy

Sharma P.K., 1983: Serum uric acid levels at different stages of pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404082

Trnavsky K., 1984: Serum uric acid levels in some rheumatic diseases

Brenner, W.; Gschnait, F., 1978: Serum uric acid levels in untreated and oral photo chemo therapy treated patients with psoriasis

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404085

Sauer I., 1980: Serum uric acid longitudinal behavior and age study

Vats A., 1982: Serum uric acid serum cholesterol and personality

Cook, D. G.; Shaper, A. G.; Thelle, D. S.; Whitehead, T. P., 1986: Serum uric acid serum glucose and diabetes relationships in a population study

Fireman B.H., 1988: Serum uric acid unrelated to cancer incidence in humans

Sirisali K., 1985: Serum uric acid urea nitrogen and creatinine levels in acute myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404091

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404092

Et Al, 1987: Serum urine and peritoneal fluid levels of 5 fu following intraperitoneal administration

Liu, G.; Zheng, C., 1988: Serum urine beta 2 microglobulin change and dynamic observation in children's glomerular diseases

Yamaguchi A., 1987: Serum valproate concentrations in epileptic children with favorable responses

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404096

Mia, A. S.; Koger, H. D.; Tierney, M. M., 1978: Serum values of amylase and pancreatic lipase in healthy mature dogs and dogs with experimental pancreatitis

Sumer N., 1980: Serum values of complement c 4 and complement c 3 in familial mediterranean fever

Mitic Klatkovic M., 1988: Serum values of the active metabolites of vitamin d in uremic patients on maintenance hemodialysis

Ambanelli, U.; Maini, M.; Ferraccioli, F.; Serventi, G., 1975: Serum variations in alpha 1 t glyco protein during rheumatoid inflammation

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404101

Joannis T.E., 1984: Serum virus simultaneous method of immunization against peste des petits ruminants

Tepmongkol P., 1986: Serum vitamin a and beta carotene levels in thai cancer patients progress report

Abdelmegid A., 1988: Serum vitamin a and carotene concentrations among egyptian fullterm neonates in relation to maternal status

Gonzalez Y.P., 1981: Serum vitamin a and carotene levels in a group of pregnant women during the 3 trimesters

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404106

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404107

Bamji M.S., 1979: Serum vitamin a and retinol binding protein in mal nourished women treated with oral contraceptives effects of estrogen dose and duration of treatment

Ojo O.A., 1982: Serum vitamin a carotene and cholesterol levels in nigerian women using various types of contraceptives

Brandt, R. B.; Mueller, D. G.; Schroeder, J. R.; Guyer, K. E.; Kirkpatrick, B. V.; Hutcher, N. E.; Ehrlich, F. E., 1978: Serum vitamin a in premature and term neo nates

Linton A.L., 1979: Serum vitamin a levels and associated abnormalities in patients on regular dialysis treatment

Smeenk G., 1983: Serum vitamin a levels and pruritus in patients on hemo dialysis

Rinkari S., 1988: Serum vitamin a levels in mothers and their breast fed term infants with or without supplemental vitamin a

Gupta, A. K.; Saxena, S. P.; Singh, Y. D.; Kushwaha, K. P.; Mathur, G. P., 1987: Serum vitamin a levels in normal and xerophthalmic children a hospital based study

Coe A., 1986: Serum vitamin a levels in patients with untreated t 1 or t 2 squamous carcinoma of the larynx a pilot study

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404116

Bowman W.P., 1988: Serum vitamin a status in acute lymphocytic leukemia of childhood

Costanzi, J. J.; Young, B. K.; Carmel, R., 1978: Serum vitamin b 12 and b 12 binding protein levels associated with oral contraceptives

Milman N., 1980: Serum vitamin b 12 and erythrocyte folate in chronic uremia and after renal transplantation

Areekul, S.; Hitanant, S.; Panatampon, P.; Chantachum, Y., 1977: Serum vitamin b 12 and folate levels vitamin b 12 and folic acid binding proteins in patients with primary carcinoma of the liver

Cheeramakara C., 1979: Serum vitamin b 12 and folic acid levels in patients with fasciolopsiasis fasciolopsis buski

Carmel, R.; Eisenberg, L., 1977: Serum vitamin b 12 and trans cobalamin abnormalities in patients with cancer

Panatampon P., 1980: Serum vitamin b 12 and vitamin b 12 binding proteins in thalassemia

Fernandes Costa F., 1985: Serum vitamin b 12 binders in south african blacks with hepatocellular carcinoma

Scheinin T.M., 1984: Serum vitamin b 12 concentration after proximal gastric vagotomy

Rosenthal, H. L.; Wilbois, R. P., 1975: Serum vitamin b 12 content and unsaturated vitamin b 12 binding capacity in gravid and fetal rabbits

Xu W W., 1985: Serum vitamin b 12 levels and dual isotope test for vitamin b 12 malabsorption in atrophic gastritis

Fleming, A. F.; Ogunfunmilade, Y. A.; Carmel, R., 1978: Serum vitamin b 12 levels and vitamin b 12 binding proteins of serum and saliva of health nigerians and europeans

Mykkanen H.M., 1983: Serum vitamin b 12 levels in clinically normal and ketotic dairy cows

Korpela H., 1981: Serum vitamin b 12 levels in dairy cows before and after parturition

Harris A.L., 1987: Serum vitamin b 12 levels in patients with primary hepatocellular carcinoma during treatment with cb3717

Osifo, B. O. A.; Adadevoh, B. K., 1976: Serum vitamin b 12 levels in protein mal nourished children

Elsborg, L.; Lund, V.; Bastrup-Madsen, P., 1976: Serum vitamin b 12 levels in the aged

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404135

Areekul, S.; Panatampon, P.; Doungbarn, J.; Yamarat, P.; Vongyuthithum, M., 1977: Serum vitamin b 12 serum and red cell folates vitamin b 12 and folic acid binding proteins in women taking oral contraceptives

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404137

Tan P.Y., 1983: Serum vitamin c and total cholesterol levels in healthy adults

Heese H.D.V., 1988: Serum vitamin c vitamin a and carotene values in infants in south west africa namibia

Lindsay R., 1986: Serum vitamin d 2 and vitamin d 3 metabolite concentrations and absorption of vitamin d 2 in elderly subjects

David E.V., 1985: Serum vitamin d binding protein is a third member of the albumin and alpha fetoprotein gene family

De Moor P., 1984: Serum vitamin d metabolites and their binding protein in patients with liver cirrhosis

Hummer L., 1986: Serum vitamin d metabolites are not related to growth rate bone mineral content or serum alkaline phosphatase in male puberty

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404144

Christiansen C., 1982: Serum vitamin d metabolites in epileptic patients treated with 2 different anti convulsants preliminary report

Rossing N., 1984: Serum vitamin d metabolites in normal subjects after photo therapy

Rodbro P., 1984: Serum vitamin d metabolites in younger and elderly post menopausal women

Teppo L., 1988: Serum vitamin e and risk of cancer among finnish men during a 10 year follow up

Bailey A., 1987: Serum vitamin e and subsequent risk of cancer

Matsuda I., 1980: Serum vitamin e concentration in patients with severe multiple handicaps treated with anti convulsants

Muller, D. P. R.; Matthews, S.; Harding, A. E., 1987: Serum vitamin e concentrations are normal in friedreich's ataxia

Ong Ajyooth S., 1987: Serum vitamin e in thai cancer patients

Knekt P., 1988: Serum vitamin e level and risk of female cancers

Ibayashi H., 1981: Serum vitamin e lipid per oxide and glutathione peroxidase in patients with chronic pancreatitis

Kedra Luboinska M., 1979: Serum vitamin e tocopherol as an indicator of risk and course of myo cardial infarction development in man

Coeur P., 1985: Serum vitamin k 1 concentration and vitamin k dependent clotting factor activity in maternal and fetal cord blood

Vuilleumier J.P., 1985: Serum vitamin levels and the risk of cancer of specific sites in men of japanese ancestry in hawaii usa

Punnonen R., 1987: Serum vitamins a and e and carotene in patients with gynecologic cancer

Fremont L., 1988: Serum vitellogenin and yolk proteolipid complex composition in relation to ovarian growth in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri rich

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404160

Varon S., 1983: Serum vulnerability and time dependent stabilization of neuritis induced by nerve growth factor in pc 12 pheo chromo cytoma cells

Leijnse B.L., 1988: Serum water determination by means of microwave evaporation

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404163

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404164

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404165

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404166

Koga S., 1988: Serum zinc and copper changes after gastrectomy in aged patients with gastric cancer

Oka Y., 1985: Serum zinc and copper concentrations in low birth weight infants during first 3 months of life correlation to birth weight and different feedings

Galli A., 1987: Serum zinc and copper in hypercholesterolemia

Duda R., 1985: Serum zinc and copper in lichen planus pelada and collagen diseases

Vedean A., 1986: Serum zinc and copper in patients with thromboangiitis obliterans of the lower limbs

Power M., 1985: Serum zinc and copper levels in children with meningococcal disease

Ohtake, M.; Tamura, T., 1976: Serum zinc and copper levels in healthy japanese children

Ohtake, M., 1977: Serum zinc and copper levels in healthy japanese infants

Varkevisser H., 1986: Serum zinc and copper levels in healthy middle and higher socio economic class infants in cape town south africa a longitudinal study during the 1st year of life

Varkevisser H., 1986: Serum zinc and copper levels in healthy south african women at term and during the first year after childbirth

Corradin O., 1986: Serum zinc and copper levels in patients affected by various dermatoses

Michaelsson, G.; Vahlquist, A.; Juhlin, L., 1977: Serum zinc and retinol binding protein in acne

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404181

Gilat T., 1982: Serum zinc and taste acuity in tel aviv israel patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Christensen, E.; Milman, N., 1976: Serum zinc and urinary zinc excretion after renal allo transplantation

Matsuda I., 1982: Serum zinc and vitamin e concentrations in handicapped children treated with anti convulsants

Rescazzi R., 1984: Serum zinc concentration in exclusively breast fed infants and in infants fed an adapted formula

Blazikova I., 1985: Serum zinc concentration in patients after acute viral hepatitis with persisting signs of liver damage

Bjorksten, F.; Aromaa, A.; Knekt, P.; Malinen, L., 1978: Serum zinc concentrations in finns

Sugiyama Z., 1979: Serum zinc content in tumor bearing rats treated with anti cancer drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404189

Mateo, M. C. M.; Bustamante, J. B.; Gonzalez-Cantalapiedra, M. A., 1978: Serum zinc copper and insulin in diabetes mellitus

Good R.A., 1980: Serum zinc copper and the copper zinc ratio in patients with benign and malignant breast lesions

Omran A.A., 1988: Serum zinc copper magnesium and iron in cases of ancylostoma anemia in egypt

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404194

Roxas B.V., 1980: Serum zinc in mal nutrition and anemia in filipino children

Hall M.R.P., 1982: Serum zinc in old age

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404197

Gabsch H C., 1985: Serum zinc level in children with celiac disease

Ellis, L., 1978: Serum zinc levels and urinary zinc excretion in patients with renal transplants

Makhlady F.A., 1988: Serum zinc levels in aborted cases with toxoplasmosis and some other diseases

Azevedo C.E., 1984: Serum zinc levels in brazilian children of low socioeconomic status

Olholm Larsen P., 1979: Serum zinc levels in hetero zygous carriers of the gene for acro dermatitis enteropathica identification of a carrier state is not possible

Bodey G.P., 1981: Serum zinc levels in lung cancer patients

Esterhuysen A.J., 1982: Serum zinc levels in pelvic inflammatory disease

Hahn H.J., 1984: Serum zinc levels in retinitis pigmentosa

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404206

Navarro, F.; Mellado, J. M.; Perez-Cano, R.; Cruz-Fernandez, J. M.; Garrido, M., 1980: Serum zinc levels in the acute myo cardial infarction 1. diagnostic and prognostic value

Navarro, F.; Mellado, J. M.; Perez-Cano, R.; Cruz-Fernandez, J. M.; Garrido, M., 1980: Serum zinc levels in the acute myo cardial infarction 2. effect of different risk factors of ischemic cardiopathy

Gultekin A., 1986: Serum zinc levels of 6 to 17 year old school children

Mcclain C.J., 1988: Serum zinc response in thermal injury

Good R.A., 1980: Serum zinc serum copper and the copper zinc ratio in patients with epidermoid cancers of the head and neck

Pembrey M.E., 1988: Service experience using dna analysis for genetic prediction in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Johnson B., 1986: Service overlap for the reading disabled student a survey of learning disability and remedial reading professionals

Barany I., 1980: Service period and nursing capability of natural mated hereford cows of seasonal calving

Gaskin M., 1985: Service providers understanding of the concept of normalization

Vos G.A., 1979: Service station attendants exposure to benzene and gasoline vapors

Brent D., 1988: Service utilization and psychiatric diagnosis in pediatric primary care the role of the gatekeeper

Jobe K., 1984: Service volume and other factors affecting the costs of immunizations in the gambia

Middleman, R. R., 1972: Services for males in a family planning program

Medina A., 1982: Services for pregnant teenagers in the large cities of the usa 1970 1980

Langton Hewer R., 1986: Services for stroke patients one year after stroke

Sheps S.B., 1987: Services to preschool aged children a survey of canadian health departments

Jaffe E.D., 1982: Services to prevent institution placement

Einstein S., 1981: Servicing the drug user and the drug user treatment support system

Nihei A., 1979: Serving activity of a beef bull to a group of 15 heifers treated with prostaglandin f 2 alpha analog

Nihei A., 1979: Serving activity of a beef bull to heifers in which estrus was synchronized

Blockey, M. A. D., 1976: Serving capacity a measure of the serving efficiency of bulls during pasture mating

Marsden, C. D.; Merton, P. A.; Morton, H. B., 1976: Servo action in the human thumb

Axen, K.; Haas, F.; Lupo, F. J.; Bergofsky, E. H., 1977: Servo control of atrial and or arterial blood pressures in experimental animals

Smith, D. M.; Mercer, R. R.; Eldridge, F. L., 1978: Servo control of end tidal carbon di oxide in paralyzed animals

Hawes D.W., 1983: Servo controlled closed circuit anesthesia a method for the automatic control of anesthesia produced by a volatile agent in oxygen

Clark W.K., 1980: Servo controlled lumbar infusions in children a quantitative approach to the problem of arrested hydrocephalus

Enfield, C. G., 1977: Servo controlled optimization of nitrification denitrification of waste water in soil

Remmers, J. E.; Gautier, H., 1976: Servo respirator constructed from a positive pressure ventilator

Golub' A.S., 1980: Servo system for hydraulic pressure measurement in micro vessels based on a compensating recorder

Voll K., 1981: Servo ventilator 900 b with modified registration site for measuring the ventilation pressure a possibility for reducing the inspiratory resistance during synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation

Kuyk W., 1986: Servocontrol of the heart rate in homeothermic animals on recognizing butterfly catastrophy models in biology

Hatfield, D.; Portugal, F. H., 1970: Seryl transfer rna in mammalian tissues chromatographic differences in brain and liver and a specific response to the codon uracil guanine adenine uga

Dignam J.D., 1988: Seryl transfer rna synthetase from bombyx mori purification and properties

Waterson, R. M.; Clarke, S. J.; Kalousek, F.; Konigsberg, W. H., 1973: Seryl transfer rna synthetase from escherichia coli substrate binding and chemical modification of cysteinyl residues

Von-Der-Haar, F.; Cramer, F., 1978: Seryl transfer rna synthetase threonyl transfer rna synthetase valyl transfer rna synthetase and iso leucyl transfer rna synthetase from bakers yeast role of the 3 prime terminal adenosine in the dynamic recognition of transfer rna

Needleman P., 1985: Seryleucylarginylarginyl atriopeptin iii the major circulating form of atrial peptide

Young J.K., 1987: Sesame performance test lubbock texas usa 1986

Mcbee, G. G.; Smith, O. E.; Bolton, C. E., 1988: Sesame performance trials college station texas usa 1984 1986

Klein, M., 1977: Sesame phyllody in israel

Taylor, B. R.; Chambi, J. Y., 1986: Sesame sesamum indicum agronomy in southeast tanzania i. plant population and sowing method

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404248

Taylor, B. R.; Lamboll, D.; Kafiriti, E., 1986: Sesame sesamum indicum agronomy in southeast tanzania iii. the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on seed yield and oil content

Wankhede, D. B.; Tharanathan, R. N., 1976: Sesame sesamum indicum carbohydrates

Young J.K., 1981: Sesame sesamum indicum performance test lubbock texas usa 1980

Dainello F.J., 1981: Sesame sesamum indicum performance test ulvalde texas usa 1980

Harlan J.R., 1985: Sesamin sesamolin and the origin of sesame

Greger H., 1981: Sesamin type lignans as chemical markers within artemisia spp

Siembieda J., 1986: Sesamoid bones fractures in horses

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404257

Salma, 1985: Sesamum indicum and papaver somniferum oils

Abele L.G., 1981: Sesarma gorei new species from peru with a key to the eastern pacific species of sesarma crustacea decapoda grapsidae

Abele, L. G.; Means, D. B., 1977: Sesarma jarvisi and sesarma cookei montane terrestrial grapsid crabs in jamaica decapoda

Panizzi A.R., 1985: Sesbania aculeata new host plant record for piezodorus guildinii in parana brazil

Shvydkaya V.D., 1979: Sesbania new record fabaceae in the flora of the ussr

Appleby C.A., 1987: Sesbania rostrata root and stem nodule leghemoglobins purification and relationships among the seven major components

Weisleder D., 1984: Sesbanimide a and related tumor inhibitors from sesbania drummondii structure and chemistry

Raj S., 1987: Sesebrinic acid a cinnamic acid derivative from seseli sibiricum

Raabe, U., 1987: Seseli annuum l. in westphalia west germany

Ekman S., 1986: Seseli montanum ssp montanum new record for the nordic countries

Rabinovich A.M., 1981: Seseli mucronatum biological features and pterixin content in this plant when cultivated in moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404271

Strgar, V., 1976: Sesleria autumnalis new record in macedonia

Strgar V., 1985: Sesleria in the region of the postojna l 33 77 map in southern slovenia yugoslavia

Strgar V., 1982: Sesleria ujhelyii new species

Kliment J., 1982: Seslerio variae caricetum approximatae a new plant community in the central ranges of the west carpathians

Moore, T. R., 1976: Sesqui oxide cemented soil horizons in northern quebec their distribution properties and genesis

Lawrence B., 1982: Sesqui oxide segregation in plinthic and nonplinthic counterpart soils

Ershov-Yu, I.; Ignat'eva, K. T., 1976: Sesqui oxides and silica in forest soils with a bleached horizon in the lower amur region ussr

Huang, P. M.; Wang, M. K.; Wu, M. H.; Liu, C. L.; Wang, T. S. C., 1977: Sesqui oxidic components of selected taiwan soils

Wallmeyer M., 1982: Sesqui sabinene derivatives from haplocarpha spp

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404281

Fischer N.H., 1984: Sesqui terpene and di terpene lactones from melampodium longipilum

Lee, K. H.; Hall, I. H.; Mar, E. C.; Starnes, C. O.; Elgebaly, S. A.; Waddell, T. G.; Hadgraft, R. I.; Ruffner, C. G.; Weidner, I., 1977: Sesqui terpene anti tumor agents inhibitors of cellular metabolism

Bernard Dagan C., 1984: Sesqui terpene biosynthesis in maritime pine pinus pinaster needles

Ohta, Y.; Andersen, N. H.; Liu, C. B., 1977: Sesqui terpene constituents of 2 liverworts of genus diplophyllum novel eudesmanolides and cyto toxicity studies for enantiomeric methylene lactones

Hall G.D., 1983: Sesqui terpene deterrence of a leaf tying lepidopteran stenoma ferrocanella on hymenaea stigonocarpa in central brazil

Budzikiewicz H., 1981: Sesqui terpene esters of type b from euonymus europaeus 1

Sal'kova, E. G.; Morozova, N. P.; Uturashvili, E. A.; Metlitskii, L. V., 1975: Sesqui terpene hydro carbon farnesene and its relation to the apple surface browning scald

Hanssen H P., 1982: Sesqui terpene hydro carbons from lentinus lepideus

Tillequin, F.; Leconte, C.; Paris, M., 1976: Sesqui terpene hydro carbons from nigella damascena seeds

Nitz S., 1983: Sesqui terpene hydro carbons in pineapple ananas comosus fruit

Matsuo, A.; Uto, S.; Nakayama, M.; Hayashi, S., 1976: Sesqui terpene hydro carbons of the liverwort dumortiera hirsuta

Hsu S J., 1982: Sesqui terpene hydro carbons of the liverwort scapania ornithopodioides

Bohlmann F., 1980: Sesqui terpene lactone beta d gluco pyranoside a new eudesmanolide of taraxacum officinale

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404295

Rodriguez E., 1980: Sesqui terpene lactone dermatitis cross sensitivity in costus sensitized patients

Atal C.K., 1982: Sesqui terpene lactone from salmalia malabarica

Mabry T.J., 1979: Sesqui terpene lactone patterns in di ploid and poly ploid ambrosia dumosa

Geppert, B.; Drozdz, B.; Kielczewski, M.; Holub, M., 1983: Sesqui terpene lactones 23. isolation of sesqui terpene lactones from centaurea spp

Hladon, B.; Twardowski, T., 1979: Sesqui terpene lactones 25. mode of action cellular and molecular basis of cytostatic action

Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404301

Mabry T.J., 1982: Sesqui terpene lactones and di terpenoids from helianthus argophyllus

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Section 7, Chapter 6405, Accession 006404998

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