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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6406

Chapter 6406 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Bolz K D.; Bolle R.; Due J.; Osterud B., 1986: Severe contrast medium reaction after iohexol omnipaque with in vivo proven monocyte stimulation

Kamiya, C.; Hayano, S., 1975: Severe corneal lesions caused by membranous conjunctivitis epidemic kerato conjunctivitis

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Iwanczak F.; Hein K.; Kochanska E.; Szmida A., 1987: Severe course of staphylococcal septicemia combined with hematogenous osteomyelitis in children

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Wisser F., 1981: Severe damage of middle and inner ear caused by a knitting needle

Bega, R. V.; Smith, R. S-Jr ; Martinez, A. P.; Davis, C. J., 1978: Severe damage to pinus radiata and pinus pinaster by diplodia pinea and lophodermium spp in molokai and lanai in hawaii usa

Coltoiu A.; Bucur G.; Forsea D.; Diaconu J.; Trifu P.; Patrascu I.; Hontaru M.; Vitelaru T., 1987: Severe decaderm cutaneomucous necrosis

Reichholf, J., 1987: Severe decrease of winter numbers of the rook corvus frugilegus and the jackdaw corvus monedula in the lower bavarian inn river valley west germany

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Ruco L.P.; Procopio A.; Maccallini V.; Calogero A.; Uccini S.; Annino L.; Mandelli F.; Baroni C.D., 1983: Severe deficiency of natural killer activity in the peripheral blood of patients with hairy cell leukemia

Klingberg, M.; Klingberg, H.; Klingberg, F., 1986: Severe deficits of adaptive behavior after lesions of rat's nucleus reticularis pontis oralis

Mann, W. F. Jr, 1976: Severe defoliation of seymeria cassioides scrophulariaceae by the buckeye butterfly nymphalidae

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Schoenberg B.S.; Anderson D.W.; Haerer A.F., 1985: Severe dementia prevalence and clinical features in a biracial usa population

Dube K.C.; Kumar A.; Dube S., 1982: Severe depression in different cultures

Webb O.L.; Laskarzewski P.M.; Glueck C.J., 1984: Severe depression of high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in weight lifters and body builders by self administered exogenous testosterone and anabolic androgenic steroids

Ovuga E., 1985: Severe depression treatment experience using maprotiline ludiomil in combination with clomipramine anafranil

Mcallister T.W.; Price T.R.P., 1982: Severe depressive pseudodementia with and without dementia

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Wright J.L.; Churg A., 1985: Severe diffuse small airways abnormalities in long term chrysotile asbestos miners

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Chagas C.M.; Kitajima E.W.; Lin M.T.; Gama M.I.C.S.; Yamashiro T., 1981: Severe disease in golden passion fruit passiflora edulis f flavicarpa in the state of bahia brazil caused by an isolate of the passion fruit woodiness virus

Marks R.; Finlay A.Y.; Holt P.J.A., 1981: Severe disorders of keratinization effects of treatment with tigason etretinate

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Halal, F.; Brochu, P.; Delage, G.; Lamarre, A.; Rivard, G., 1977: Severe disseminated lung disease and bronchi ectasis probably due to mycoplasma pneumoniae

Eslinger P.J.; Damasio A.R., 1985: Severe disturbance of higher cognition after bilateral frontal lobe ablation patient evr

Ben Chetrit E.; Eliakim M., 1984: Severe diuretic induced hyponatremia and hypokalemia in the elderly

Ashouri O.S., 1986: Severe diuretic induced hyponatremia in the elderly a series of eight patients

Issaragraisil S.; Youngchaiyud U., 1981: Severe drug eruptions

Mariani P.; Gourmelen M.; Carnot J.F.; Saignes F.; Cayroche P., 1980: Severe dwarfism with high plasma human growth hormone levels and no somatomedin activity larons syndrome

Ropper A.H., 1987: Severe dysarthria with right hemisphere stroke

Bistritzer T.; Tamir A.; Oland J.; Varsano D.; Manor A.; Gall R.; Aladjem M., 1985: Severe dyspnea and dysphagia resulting from an aberrant cervical thymus

Finger S.; Almli C.R.; Green L.; Wolf C.; Morgane P.J., 1986: Severe early malnutrition and differential reinforcement of low rates performance in the rat

Goodlin, R. C.; Cotton, D. B.; Haesslein, H. C., 1978: Severe edema proteinuria hypertension gestosis

Skeeles J.K.; Beasley J.N.; Blore P.; Klopp S., 1981: Severe egg production drops in turkey breeders in south central missouri usa

Nyholm, N. E. I.; Myhrberg, H. E., 1977: Severe egg shell defects and impaired reproductive capacity in small passerines in swedish lapland

Bienfang D.C.; Zakov Z.N.; Albert D.M., 1980: Severe electrical burn of the eye

Houston, B. D.; Turner, T., 1978: Severe electrolyte abnormalities in a pregnant patient with a jejuno ileal bypass

Hess, B.; Keusch, G.; Neftel, K.; Margelist, F.; Bansky, G., 1986: Severe electrolyte disturbances in therapy for cardiac failure with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor enalapril

Gieron M.A.; Barak L.S.; Estrada J., 1988: Severe encephalopathy associated with ifosfamide administration in two children with metastatic tumors

Foulot H.; Madelenat P.; Dubuisson J.B.; Chevallier B.; Migni R.T., 1988: Severe endometriosis an analysis of 139 case histories

Kido K.; Yamada N.; Hayashi S., 1981: Severe energy restriction in treatment of toxemia of pregnancy

Albiero A.; Battisti E.; Colamaria V.; Bocchin E.; Taioli O.; Brunelli I.; Spaletta M., 1986: Severe eph gestosis perinatal outcome and neurological follow up

Gelbert F.; Reizine D.; Stecken J.; Ruffenacht D.; Laffont J.; Merland J.J., 1986: Severe epistaxis by rupture of the internal carotid artery into the sphenoidal sinus endovascular treatment

Asakuma S.; Nagai T.; Itoh H., 1982: Severe epistaxis controlled by arterial ligation

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Tagami, H.; Sagawa, K.; Imamura, S.; Uchiyama, T.; Takatsuki, K., 1978: Severe erosive stomatitis and giant lymph node hyperplasia of retroperitoneum castlemans tumor

Beck M.H.; Portnoy B., 1979: Severe erythema multiforme complicated by fatal gastro intestinal involvement following co trimoxazole therapy

Dawson S.L.; Mueller P.R.; Ferrucci J.T.Jr; Richter J.M.; Schapiro R.H.; Butch R.J.; Simeone J.F., 1984: Severe esophageal strictures indications for balloon catheter dilatation

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Rambourg Schepens M.O.; Buffet M.; Bertault R.; Jaussaud M.; Journe B.; Fay R.; Lamiable D., 1988: Severe ethylene glycol butyl ether poisoning kinetics and metabolic pattern

Harrison P.V.; Stones R.N., 1988: Severe exacerbation of psoriasis due to terfenadine

Maxant P.; Meley M.; Mougenot A.; Rahme J., 1985: Severe facial lesions for using a chainsaw

Lusher, J. M.; Mcmillan, C. W.; Natl-Heart-Lung-Blood-Inst-Hemophilia-Study-Group, 1978: Severe factor viii and factor ix deficiency in females

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Fenton A.C.; Wailoo M.P.; Tanner M.S., 1988: Severe failure to thrive and diarrhea caused by laxative abuse

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Wildsmith, J. A. W.; Masson, A. H. B., 1978: Severe fat embolism a review of 24 cases

Goheen S.C.; Larkin E.C.; Rao G.A., 1983: Severe fatty liver in rats fed a fat free ethanol diet and its prevention by small amounts of dietary arachidonate

Pond W.G.; Mersmann H.J.; Yen J T., 1985: Severe feed restriction of pregnant swine and rats effects on postweaning growth and body composition of progeny

Dobell, A. R. C.; Reddy, P. P.; Kavey, R. E.; Pencharz, P. B., 1976: Severe feeding difficulty in infants with increased pulmonary blood flow

Rottenberg M.F.; Delisa J.A., 1981: Severe femoral neuropathy with hanging leg syndrome

Sherer D.M.; Menashe M.; Sadovsky E., 1988: Severe fetal bradycardia caused by external vibratory acoustic stimulation

Putz B.; Rehder H.; Grosspietzsch R., 1980: Severe fetal manifestation of hemi facial microsomia

Kremer J.M.; Rynes R.I.; Bartholomew L.E., 1987: Severe flare of rheumatoid arthritis after discontinuation of long term methotrexate therapy double blind study

Poon M C.; Moore M.R.; Castleberry R.P.; Lurie A.; Huang S.T.; Lehmeyer J., 1982: Severe fletcher factor plasma pre kallikrein deficiency with partial deficiency of hageman factor factor xii a case with observation on in vivo and in vitro leukocyte chemo taxis

Pyrig L.A.; Melman N.Y.; Anishchenko V.M., 1980: Severe forms of glomerulo nephritis subacute malignant and rapidly progressive

Christensen S.; Ottosen P.D.; Olsen S., 1982: Severe functional and structural changes caused by lithium in the developing rat kidney

Pincus T.; Callahan L.F.; Sale W.G.; Brooks A.L.; Payne L.E.; Vaughn W.K., 1984: Severe functional declines work disability and increased mortality in 75 rheumatoid arthritis patients studied over 9 years

Spirito P.; Maron B.J.; Bonow R.O.; Epstein S.E., 1986: Severe functional limitation in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and only mild localized left ventricular hypertrophy

Crunkilton R.L.; Czarnezki J.M.; Trial L., 1980: Severe gas bubble disease in a warm water fishery in the midwestern usa

Von Knorring J.; Hockerstedt K.; Holmstrom T.; Salaspuro M.; Scheinin T.M., 1981: Severe gastro intestinal bleeding due to carcinoid tumor of the ileum

Bergman, G. E.; Philippidis, P.; Naiman, J. L., 1976: Severe gastro intestinal hemorrhage and anemia after therapeutic doses of aspirin in normal children

Shike M.; Gillin J.S.; Kemeny N.; Daly J.M.; Kurtz R.C., 1986: Severe gastroduodenal ulcerations complicating hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy for metastatic colon cancer

Mcloughlin L.C.; Nord K.S.; Joshi V.V.; Oleske J.M.; Connor E.M., 1987: Severe gastrointestinal involvement in children with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Baker H., 1982: Severe generalized epidermolysis bullosa simplex importance of immuno fluorescence studies in early diagnosis

Frischer, H.; Ahmad, T., 1977: Severe generalized glutathione reductase deficiency after anti tumor chemo therapy with 1 3 bis chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea

Chang Y C.; Yip P K.; Chiu Y N.; Lin H N., 1988: Severe generalized polyneuropathy in lithium intoxication

Bernard O.; Hadchouel M.; Scotto J.; Odievre M.; Alagille D., 1981: Severe giant cell hepatitis with auto immune hemolytic anemia in early childhood

Rostock M.H.; Fry H.R.; Turner J.E., 1986: Severe gingival overgrowth associated with cyclosporine therapy

Bertani T.; Remuzzi G.; Poggi A.; Delaini F.; Sacchi G.; Morassi L.; Verroust P.; Mecca G.; Donati M.B., 1983: Severe glomerular epithelial cell damage does not prevent passive heyman nephritis in rats

Mazzucco G.; Fornari G.; Monga G., 1983: Severe glomerular mesangiolysis in a patient with rectal adeno carcinoma treated with cyto toxic drugs

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Frampton G.; Winer J.B.; Cameron J.S.; Hughes R.A.C., 1988: Severe guillain barre syndrome an association with iga anti cardiolipin antibody in a series of 92 patients

Marshall, A. J.; Rogerson, F. E., 1975: Severe guillain barre syndrome following urethritis with cardio vascular and ophthalmic involvement

Swoboda H.; Welleschik B., 1988: Severe haemorrhage 2 months after tonsillectomy

Jennett, B.; Teasdale, G.; Galbraith, S.; Pickard, J.; Grant, H.; Braakman, R.; Avezaat, C.; Maas, A.; Minderhoud, J.; Et-Al, 1977: Severe head injuries in 3 countries

Wester K.; Aas Aune G.; Syvertsen A.H., 1987: Severe head injuries in a vestfold norway county hospital 1982 85

Sipkins J.; Kjellstrand C.M., 1981: Severe head trauma and acute renal failure

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Lisk D.R., 1987: Severe headaches in the african report of 250 cases from sierra leone west africa

Egge K.; Djupesland G.; Modalsli B.; Degre M., 1981: Severe hearing loss and retinopathy in children possible association with rubella virus infection

Romanelli R.; Ciampelli L.; Mungai V., 1981: Severe heart disease induced by radiation and chemo therapy for hodgkins disease

Winkelmann M.; Stangel W.; Schedel I.; Grabensee B., 1986: Severe hemolysis caused by antibodies against the mushroom paxillus involutus and its therapy by plasma exchange

Woodruff, R. K.; Mcpherson, A. J., 1976: Severe hemolytic anemia complicating infectious mononucleosis

Lowe, R. F.; Musengezi, A. T.; Moores, P., 1978: Severe hemolytic disease of the new born associated with anti js b

Rearden A.; Frandson S.; Carry J.B., 1987: Severe hemolytic disease of the newborn due to anti vw and detection of glycophorin a antigens on the miltenberger i sialoglycoprotein by western blotting

Davidson D.; Egbert M.; Myall R., 1984: Severe hemorrhage from an arteriovenous malformation of the mandible report of a case

Madsen, P.; Olsen, C. E., 1977: Severe hemorrhage from the nonpregnant uterus as a result of cicatricial necrosis after cervical cesarean section

Nouel, O.; Tubiana, J. M.; Balafrej, M.; Godeau, P.; Cerf, M., 1978: Severe hemorrhage requiring surgical hemostasis complicating a jejunal biopsy with a suction capsule

Kordich L.; Feldman L.; Porterie P.; Lago O., 1985: Severe hemorrhagic tendency in heterozygous alpha 2 antiplasmin deficiency

Terrettaz J.; Assimacopoulos Jeannet F.; Jeanrenaud B., 1986: Severe hepatic and peripheral insulin resistance as evidenced by euglycemic clamps in genetically obese fa fa rats

Nouel O.; Bernuau J.; Lebrec D.; Laraki R.; Rueff B.; Benhamou J P., 1979: Severe hepatic failure and portal hypertension due to metastatic carcinoma of the liver

Bell H.; Schjonsby H.; Raknerud H., 1987: Severe hepatic injury following therapeutic doses of paracetamol

Bell H.; Schjonsby H.; Raknerud N., 1987: Severe hepatic injury in six patients following paracetamol overdosage with suicidal intent

Green, D. M.; Finklestein, J. Z.; Norkool, P.; D'angio, G. J., 1988: Severe hepatic toxicity after treatment with single dose dactinomycin and vincristine a report of the national wilms' tumor study

Tkach J.R.; Rinaldi M.G., 1982: Severe hepatitis associated with ketoconazole therapy for chronic muco cutaneous candidiasis

Nagasaka H.; Matsumoto N.; Matsuura M.; Takahashi S.; Arima T.; Matsumoto I.; Hori T.; Shiramatsu T., 1987: Severe hepatitis following halothane anesthesia in a child

Hawkins P.R.; Runnegar M.T.C.; Jackson A.R.B.; Falconer I.R., 1985: Severe hepatotoxicity caused by the tropical cyanobacterium blue green alga cylindrospermopsis raciborskii isolated from a domestic water supply reservoir

Weiden, P. L.; Storb, R.; Graham, T. C.; Schroeder, M. L., 1976: Severe hereditary hemolytic anemia in dogs treated by marrow transplantation

Kestelyn P.; Stevens A.M.; Bakkers E.; Rouvroy D.; Van De Perre P., 1987: Severe herpes zoster ophthalmicus in young african adults a marker for htlv iii seropositivity

Claoue, C. M. P.; Menage, M. J.; Easty, D. L., 1988: Severe herpetic keratitis i. prevalence of visual impairment in a clinic population

Sills R.H.; Marlar R.A.; Montgomery R.R.; Deshpande G.N.; Humbert J.R., 1984: Severe homozygous protein c deficiency

Ralls P.W.; Esensten M.L.; Boger D.; Halls J.M., 1980: Severe hydro nephrosis and severe renal cystic disease ultrasonic differentiation

Moussavian S.N.; Dincsoy H.P.; Goodman S.; Helm R.A.; Bozian R.C., 1982: Severe hyper bilirubinemia and coma in chronic congestive heart failure

Magnet J.L.; Malka G.; Strauss J.; Knopf J.F., 1980: Severe hyper calcemia from bone metastasis following transformation of a mixed parotid tumor

Fuller, T. J.; Garg, L. C.; Harty, R. F.; Cerda, J. J.; O'leary, J. P., 1978: Severe hyper chloremic acidosis complicating jejuno ileal bypass

Waldhaeusl W.; Kleinberger G.; Korn A.; Dudczak R.; Bratusch Marrain P.; Nowotny P., 1979: Severe hyper glycemia effects of re hydration on endocrine derangements and blood glucose concentration

Aukrust L.; Almeland T.L.; Refsum D.; Aas K., 1980: Severe hyper sensitivity or intolerance reactions to measles vaccine in 6 children clinical and immunological studies

Stalenhoef A.F.H.; Demacker P.N.M.; Lutterman J.A.; Van 't Laar A., 1981: Severe hyper tri glyceridemia associated with altered apo lipo protein c and e composition of the tri glyceride rich lipo proteins

Smith S.R., 1981: Severe hyper tri glyceridemia responding to insulin and nicotinic acid therapy

Chait A.; Brunzell J.D., 1983: Severe hyper tri glyceridemia role of familial and acquired disorders

Feinstein E.I.; Quion Verde H.; Kaptein E.M.; Massry S.G., 1984: Severe hyper uricemia in patients with volume depletion

Webb, J., 1978: Severe hypercapnia associated with a nonrespiratory alkalosis

Knight G.; Jennings A.M.; Boulton A.J.M.; Tomlinson S.; Ward J.D., 1985: Severe hyperkalemia and ketoacidosis during routine treatment with an insulin pump

Schernthaner G.; Prager R.; Punzengruber C.; Luger A., 1985: Severe hyperprolactinemia is associated with decreased insulin binding in vitro and insulin resistance in vivo

Lee K.Y.; Beilin L.J.; Vandongen R., 1979: Severe hypertension after ingestion of an appetite suppressant phenyl propanolamine with indomethacin

Jones R.M.; Hill A.B., 1981: Severe hypertension associated with pancuronium in a patient with a pheo chromo cytoma

Sanjad S.A.; Mansour F.M.; Hernandez R.H.; Hill L.L., 1982: Severe hypertension hyper kalemia and renal tubular acidosis responding to dietary sodium restriction

Kedar A.; Glassman M.; Voorhess M.L.; Fisher J.; Allen J.; Jenis E.; Freeman A.I., 1981: Severe hypertension in a child with ganglio neuro blastoma

Decsi T.; Soltesz G.; Harangi F.; Nemes J.; Szabo M.; Pinter A., 1986: Severe hypertension in a ten year old boy secondary to an aldosterone producing tumor identified by adrenal sonography

Campieri C.; Stefoni S.; Martinelli S.; Feliciangeli G.; Bonomini V., 1979: Severe hypertension in chronic renal failure treated with minoxidil

Clarke D.; Wilkinson R.; Johnston I.D.A.; Hacking P.M.; Haggith J.W., 1979: Severe hypertension in primary aldo steronism and good response to surgery

Mougeot, G.; Peugnet, J. P.; Godin, M.; Fillastre, J. P., 1977: Severe hypertension use of diazoxide and sodium nitroprusside

Mcnair A.; Krogsgaard A.R.; Hilden T.; Nielsen P.E., 1986: Severe hypertension with cerebral symptoms treated with furosemide fractionated diazoxide or dihydralazine danish multicenter study

Schoenfeld A.; Friedman S.; Stein L.B.; Hirsch M.; Ovadia J., 1987: Severe hypertensive reaction after naloxone injection during labor

Heidbreder E.; Hueller U.; Schaefer B.; Heidland A., 1987: Severe hypertensive retinopathy increased incidence in renoparenchymal hypertension

Frappat P.; Pincemaille O.; Plantaz D., 1987: Severe hyperthermia syndrome in infants

Ober K.P.; Hennessy J.F.; Hellman R.M., 1981: Severe hypo calcemia associated with chronic glutethimide addiction a case

Uusitupa M.; Aro A.; Pietikainen M., 1980: Severe hypo glycemia caused by physical strain and pindolol therapy a case

Miller J.D.B.; Broom J.; Smith G., 1982: Severe hypo glycemia due to combined use of parenteral nutrition and renal dialysis

Lawson D.H.; Henry D.A.; Lowe J.M.; Gray J.M.B.; Morgan H.G., 1979: Severe hypo kalemia in hospitalized patients

Wiegand C.F.; Davin T.D.; Raij L.; Kjellstrand C.M., 1981: Severe hypo kalemia induced by hemo dialysis

Thomas, T. H.; Morgan, D. B.; Swaminathan, R.; Ball, S. G.; Lee, M. R., 1978: Severe hypo natremia a study of 17 patients

Robles Valdes C.; Mayans J.A.R.; Lomeli J.I.A., 1979: Severe hypo natremia in congenital hypo thyroidism

Larsson L.; Rebel K.; Sorbo B., 1983: Severe hypo phosphatemia a hospital survey

Ruiz Marcos A.; Sanchez Toscano F.; Del Rey F.E.; De Escobar G.M., 1979: Severe hypo thyroidism and the maturation of the rat cerebral cortex

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