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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6407

Chapter 6407 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ganslosser U.; Wilheim P., 1986:
Sex dependent and age dependant differences in frequencies of social interactions between captive red kangaroos macropus rufus

Saxena S.P.; Upreti R.K.; Agarwal J.L.; Sanwal G.G., 1987:
Sex dependent and gestation induced changes in the activities of mice liver unspecific phosphatases and fructose bisphosphatases

Burkinshaw, L., 1978:
Sex dependent calibration factor of a whole body radiation counter

Hahn, Z.; Lenard, L., 1977:
Sex dependent consequences of bilateral pallidal lesion after post puberal castration in rats

Hardeland, R., 1969:
Sex dependent differences in diurnal rhythms of insects

Theron C.N.; Neethling A.C.; Taljaard J.J.F., 1981:
Sex dependent differences in pheno barbitone induced estradiol 2 hydroxylase activity in rat liver

Meaney M.J.; Dodge A.M.; Beatty W.W., 1981:
Sex dependent effects of amygdaloid lesions on the social play of pre pubertal rats

D.A.ila A.; Martinez J.L.Jr, 1985:
Sex dependent effects of neonatally administered morphiceptin and d alanine d leucine enkephalin on maze learning in rats

Halle-Pannenko, O.; Mary, J.Y.; Motta, R., 1986:
Sex dependent effects of non h 2 loci on lethal graft vs. host reaction induced across an h 2 barrier

Harada N.; Negishi M., 1985:
Sex dependent expression of mouse testosterone 16 alpha hydroxylase cytochrome p 45016 alpha complementary dna cloning and pretranslational regulation

Weitbrecht M.; Hegemann M.; Pfab R.; Wieser T., 1987:
Sex dependent factors in recurrent idiopathic calcium urolithiasis

Fuller G.B.; Faiman C.; Winter J.S.D.; Reyes F.I.; Hobson W.C., 1982:
Sex dependent gonadotropin concentrations in infant chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys

Melkonyan M.M.; Melik Agaeva E.A.; Mkhitaryan V.G., 1986:
Sex dependent lipid peroxidation intensity and enzyme activity under stress conditions

Bond J.A.; Medinsky M.A.; Dent J.G.; Rickert D.E., 1981:
Sex dependent metabolism and biliary excretion of carbon 14 labeled di nitro toluene in isolated perfused rat livers

Shani J.; Livshitz T.; Wenzel M., 1985:
Sex dependent organ distribution of radiopharmaceuticals effect of hormones on localization of ruthenium 103 acetylruthenocene

Badalik L.; Martis R.; Melega J.; Kandracova Z., 1982:
Sex dependent sensitivity to tuberculin in adult patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Chandra, H.S., 1985:
Sex determination: a hypothesis based on noncoding DNA

Sánchez, L.; Nöthiger, R., 1983 :
Sex determination and dosage compensation in Drosophila melanogaster: production of male clones in XX females

Jaccarini V.; Agius L.; Schembri P.J.; Rizzo M., 1983:
Sex determination and larval sexual interaction in bonellia viridis echiura bonelliidae

Cornelissen A.W.C.A.; Overdulve J.P., 1985:
Sex determination and sex differentiation in coccidia gametogony and oocyst production after monoclonal infection of cats with free living and intermediate host stages of toxoplasma gondii

Berger L.; Uzzell T.; Hotz H., 1988:
Sex determination and sex ratios in western palearctic water frogs xx and xy female hybrids in the pannonian basin yugoslavia hungary

Raju P.B.; Singh S.; Padmanabhan R., 1981:
Sex determination and the sacrum

Yuancai L., 1986:
Sex determination by discriminating function analysis of cranium of han people in hunan province china

Poetsch Schneider L.; Endris R.; Schmidt H., 1985:
Sex determination by stepwise discriminating analysis of the mandible

Nagamori, H.; Takeda, K., 1981:
Sex determination from plucked human hairs without epithelial root sheath 3. fluorescent feulgen reaction using acriflavine

De-Camargo, C.A., 1979:
Sex determination in bees 11. production of di ploid males and sex determination in melipona quadrifasciata

Da-Cruz-Landim, C.; Dos-Santos, S.M.F.; Hoflin, M.C.A., 1980:
Sex determination in bees 15. identification of queens of melipona quadrifasciata anthidioides apidae with the worker phenotype by a study of the tergal glands

Campos, L.A.D.O.; Drummond, M.S.; Lacerda, L.D.M., 1983:
Sex determination in bees 18. the role of juvenile hormones i ii and iii in caste differentiation in scaptotrigona xanthotricha hymenoptera apidae

Campos, L.A.O.; Kerr, W.E.; Da-Silva, D.L.N., 1979:
Sex determination in bees 8. relative action of genes xa and xb on sex determination in melipona

Garofalo, C.A.; Kerr, W.E., 1975:
Sex determination in bees part 1 balance between femaleness and maleness genes in bombus atratus hymenoptera apidae

Chaud-Netto, J., 1975:
Sex determination in bees part 2 additivity of maleness genes in apis mellifera

Kerr, W.E., 1974:
Sex determination in bees part 3 caste determination and genetic control in melipona

Kerr, W.E.; Akahira, Y.; Camargo, C.A., 1975:
Sex determination in bees part 4 genetic control of juvenile hormone production in melipona quadrifasciata apidae

Campos, L.A.D.O., 1978:
Sex determination in bees part 6 effect of a juvenile hormone analog in males and females of melipona quadrifasciata apidae

Kerr, W.E., 1987:
Sex determination in bees xvi. additional information on the xo xa and xb alleles

Kerr, W.E., 1987:
Sex determination in bees xvii. systems of caste determination in the apinae meliponinae and bombinae and their phylogenetical implications

Bonetti, A.M.; Kerr, W.E., 1985 :
Sex determination in bees xx. study of gene action in melipona marginata and melipona compressipes based on morphometric analysis

Kerr, W.E., 1987:
Sex determination in bees xxi. number of xo heteroalleles in a natural population of melipona compressipes fasciculata apidae

Bonetti, A.M.; Kerr, W.E., 1987:
Sex determination in bees xxiii. brood of a laying queen treated with juvenile hormone iii

Kerr, W.E.; Monteiro, S.G.; Kerr, H.A.S., 1988:
Sex determination in bees xxv. adaptive value of the xo 1 gene in its origin

Gottschall A., 1985:
Sex determination in birds using karyotype analysis

Nowak R.; Fink T., 1986:
Sex determination in cadaver material by specific nucleotides of the y chromosome after dna cleavage

Van Deusen, E.B., 1977:
Sex determination in germ line chimeras of Drosophila melanogaster

Mugniery D.; Fayet G., 1981:
Sex determination in globodera pallida

Mugniery D.; Fayet G., 1984:
Sex determination in globodera rostochiensis and influence of inoculum level on penetration development and sex of this nematode

Aubert J F., 1982:
Sex determination in ichneumonid flies pimplinae

Dolgov L.V., 1984:
Sex determination in juveniles of pacific oyster crassostrea gigas from pioneer and population consisting of different ages

Holliday, N.J., 1977:
Sex determination in living adult ground beetles coleoptera carabidae

Mugniery D., 1985:
Sex determination in nematodes particularly in phytoparasitic species

Schwarzkopf L.; Brooks R.J., 1985:
Sex determination in northern painted turtles chrysemys picta effect of incubation at constant and fluctuating temperatures

Miller M.R.; Triplehorn C.A., 1979:
Sex determination in pupae of the mimosa webworm homadaula anisocentra lepidoptera glyphipterygidae

Honegger, R.E., 1978:
Sex determination in reptiles

Hammerman, I.S.; Avtalion, R.R., 1979:
Sex determination in sarotherodon tilapia 2. the sex ratio as a tool for the determination of genotype a model of autosomal and gonosomal influence

Svane I., 1986:
Sex determination in scalpellum scalpellum cirripedia thoracica lepadomorpha a hermaphroditic goose barnacle with dwarf males

Berman, S.D.; Feldman, M.; Galun, E., 1977:
Sex determination in tetra ploid cucumbers the expression of genes controlling flower bi sexuality and flowering pattern in cucumis sativus

Haley, L.E., 1977:
Sex determination in the american oyster

Stein, F.J., 1978 :
Sex determination in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)

Wiberg U.H., 1983:
Sex determination in the european eel anguilla anguilla a hypothesis based on cyto genetic results correlated with the findings of skewed sex ratios in eel culture ponds

Hodgkin J., 1986:
Sex determination in the nematode caenorhabditis elegans analysis of tra 3 suppressors and characterization of fem genes

Schorzman, L.L., 1977:
Sex determination in utero

Jindal, K.K.; Singh, R.N., 1976:
Sex determination in vegetative seedlings of carica papaya by phenolic tests

Kano S.; Hayashi Y.; Nishida A.; Endo T., 1988:
Sex determination of bloodstains by radioimmunoassay of sex hormones with mini column chromatography

Wahl J., 1981:
Sex determination of cremated and uncremated human bone remains differentiated at the pars petrosa ossis temporalis

Abe H.; Takahashi Y.; Kanagawa H., 1985:
Sex determination of ddy mouse morulae by anti male spleen cell serum

Brennan L.A.; Buchanan J.B.; Schick C.T.; Herman S.G.; Johnson T.M., 1984:
Sex determination of dunlins calidris alpina alpina in winter plumage

Ogaard L., 1984:
Sex determination of lepidopterous pupae/

Petho A.; Pinter Z., 1986:
Sex determination of mammals prior to birth by using new biotechnical methods

Dittrick J.; Suchey J.M., 1986:
Sex determination of prehistoric central california usa skeletal remains using discriminant analysis of the femur and humerus

Scharf C.S., 1986:
Sex determination of the black billed magpie pica pica S.H.C.; Van Aarde R.J.; Steyn A.G.W., 1980:
Sex determination of the feral house cat felis catus using multi variate statistical analyses

Funayama, M.; Aoki, Y.; Kudo, T.; Sagisaka, K., 1986:
Sex determination of the human skull based upon line drawing from roentgen cephalograms

Vosselman, L., 1979:
Sex determination of the onion fly hylemya antiqua 2. sex ratio distortion by unstable somatic behavior of chromosome y 2 and inheritance of a nonfunctional y 2y m

Vosselman, L., 1978:
Sex determination of the onion fly hylemya antiqua part 1 sex chromosome polymorphism gynandromorphism and x polysomy

Craig J.L.; Mcardle B.H.; Wettin P.D., 1980:
Sex determination of the pukeko or purple swamp hen porphyrio porphyrio melanotus

Gunther, G., 1967:
Sex determination of young deer

Leguebe A.; Albert A., 1981:
Sex determination on skulls by logistic discriminant analysis

Gaston J.Q.; Llewellyn G.C., 1980:
Sex determined differential mortality of milkweed bugs oncopeltus fasciatus hemiptera heteroptera to afla toxins

Ohta, S., 1986:
Sex determining mechanism in buergeria buergeri i. heterozygosity of chromosome pair no. 7 in the female

Bull J.J.; Vogt R.C.; Mccoy C.J., 1982:
Sex determining temperatures in turtles a geographic comparison

Fujii, T.; Morita, K., 1980:
Sex difference in adaptation of serum calcium level to the gradual deprivation of parathyroid hormone and to the following thyroidectomy

Studer R.K.; Borle A.B., 1983:
Sex difference in cellular calcium metabolism of rat hepatocytes and in alpha adrenergic activation of glycogen phosphorylase

Palan P.R.; Duttagupta C.; Romney S.L., 1980:
Sex difference in cellular retinol binding and retinoic acid binding proteins in human colon adeno carcinomas

Chowdhury, M.; Steinberger, E., 1976:
Sex difference in de novo synthesis of follicle stimulating hormone in developing rats

Vulimiri, L.; Linder, M.C.; Munro, H.N., 1977:
Sex difference in distribution and iron responsiveness of the 2 ferritins of rat cardiac and skeletal muscle

Pereira M.A.; Herren S.L.; Britt A.L.; Khoury M.M.M., 1982:
Sex difference in enhancement of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase positive foci by hexa chloro benzene and lindane in rat liver

Kashimata, M.; Hiramatsu, M.; Minami, N., 1988:
Sex difference in epidermal growth factor receptor levels in rat liver plasma membrane

Smals A.E.M.; Pieters G.F.F.M.; Smals A.G.H.; Benraad T.J.; Van Laarhoven J.; Kloppenborg P.W.C., 1986:
Sex difference in human growth hormone response to intravenous human pancreatic growth hormone releasing hormone administration in young adults

Feingold, K.R.; Wiley, M.H.; Searle, G.L.; Machida, B.K.; Siperstein, M.D., 1980:
Sex difference in human mevalonate metabolism

Tojo H., 1982:
Sex difference in iron deficiency anemia experimentally induced in rats

Hosoi, K.; Kobayashi, S.; Ueha, T., 1978:
Sex difference in l glutamine d fructose 6 phosphate amino transferase ec activity of mouse submandibular gland

Ueno, I.; Horiuchi, T.; Ueno, Y.; Sato, N.; Enomoto, M., 1978:
Sex difference in liver luteoskyrin content in relation to its hepato toxic action in mice

Tang L.K.; Tang F.Y., 1979:
Sex difference in luteinizing hormone response to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and di butyryl cyclic amp and effect of 17 beta estradiol

Tang, L.K.L., 1978:
Sex difference in luteinizing hormone response to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and di butyryl cyclic amp and effect of testosterone

Cureton K.; Bishop P.; Hutchinson P.; Newland H.; Vickery S.; Zwiren L., 1986:
Sex difference in maximal oxygen uptake effect of equating hemoglobin concentration

Lowe, P.C.; Garwood, V.A., 1976:
Sex difference in mortality rates of white leghorn rhode island red reciprocal crosses

Seller, M.J.; Perkins-Cole, K.J., 1987:
Sex difference in mouse embryonic development at neurulation

Sato M.; Takasaki Y., 1979:
Sex difference in oxygen intake and heart rate during 10 basic postures under different air temperature conditions

Sasaki, F.; Iwama, Y., 1988:
Sex difference in prolactin and growth hormone cells in mouse adenohypophysis: stereological, morphometric, and immunohistochemical studies by light and electron microscopy

Peng, T.C.; Garner, S.C., 1980:
Sex difference in serum calcitonin level in rats as related to feeding, fasting, and age

Jayaswal, S.K.; Paraveenlal, K.; Khandelwal, S.K.; Mohan, D., 1987:
Sex difference in the age at symptom onset in schizophrenia

Kyakumoto, S.; Kurokawa, R.; Ohara-Nemoto, Y.; Ota, M., 1986:
Sex difference in the cytosolic and nuclear distribution of androgen receptor in mouse submandibular gland

Huang, V.A., 1987:
Sex difference in the development of the concept of event sequences in pre school children

Yee W.W.; Kawashima S., 1987:
Sex difference in the early histopathological changes of the kidney in wistar tw rats

Morikawa M.; Kojima T.; Inoue M.; Tsuboi M., 1986:
Sex difference in the effect of aspirin on intracellular calcium mobilization and thromboxane a 2 production in rat platelets

Kimura F.; Sakanishi S.; Kawakami M., 1980:
Sex difference in the effects of electrochemical stimulative lesions of the limbic preoptic area on the onset of puberty in the rat

Stern, M.P.; Rosenthal, M.; Haffner, S.M.; Hazuda, H.P.; Franco, L.J., 1984:
Sex difference in the effects of sociocultural status on diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors in Mexican Americans. The San Antonio Heart Study

Furuhashi, N.; Fang, V.S., 1979:
Sex difference in the induction of lactogenic receptors in rat livers

Strain G.W.; Zumoff B.; Kream J.; Strain J.J.; Levin J.; Fukushima D., 1982:
Sex difference in the influence of obesity on the 24 hour mean plasma concentration of cortisol

Zumoff B.; Strain G.W.; Levin J.; Fukushima D.K., 1981:
Sex difference in the influence of obesity on the retention of a tracer of tritium labeled estradiol

Morikawa, M.; Kojima, T.; Inoue, M.; Tsuboi, M., 1984:
Sex difference in the inhibitory effect of aspirin on prostacyclin production of rat aortae

Sutou S., 1986:
Sex difference in the micronucleus test. The Collaborative Study Group for the Micronucleus Test

Takemori, N.; Ito, T., 1979:
Sex difference in the mouse milk spots, with special reference to its development and formation

Bellavia, S.L.; Sanz, E.G.; Vermouth, N.T.; Rins, M.L.; Aoki, A., 1981:
Sex difference in the rate of post natal development of amylase ec activity in the rat parotid gland

M.T.; Chen Z.; Min Y., 1982:
Sex difference in time course of the change of total protein content in mouse submandibular gland after sympathectomy

Matsumoto, A.; Arai, Y., 1983:
Sex difference in volume of the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus in the rat

Kobayashi Y.; Kawashima S., 1982:
Sex difference in water metabolism during aging and life span in rats of the wistar tw strain

Imamura, Y.; Kojima, Y.; Otagiri, M., 1987:
Sex difference of acetohexamide reduction in rat liver

Lee, C.Y.; Zhang, J.H.; Wong, E.; Chow, S.N.; Sun, P.; Yang, Y.Z.; Leung, W.Y., 1987:
Sex difference of antifertility effect by passively immunized monoclonal sperm antibodies

Miyamoto U., 1981:
Sex difference of the concentrations of gonadotropins its subunits and sex steroids in cord veins

Hoshi A.; Kita N.; Arao T.; Aoki K.; Goto Y.; Matsuda K.; Tsutsumi T., 1986:
Sex difference on blood hormones and substrates response to exercise

Kortum K.; Nolte H.; Kenkmann H.J., 1982:
Sex difference related complication rates after spinal anesthesia

Brenner O.C.; Tomkiewicz J., 1982:
Sex differences among business graduated on fear of success and fear of appearing incompetent as measured by objective instruments

Sasaki F., 1988:
Sex differences and changes in the three dimensional structure of growth hormone cells during the estrous cycle in adult mouse adenohypophysis

Alexander J., 1988:
Sex differences and cross immunity in dba 2 mice infected with leishmania mexicana and leishmania major

Aggarwal, D.C.; Sapru, R.P., 1977:
Sex differences and effect of respiration on the systolic time intervals in normal subjects

de Bonis, M.; Freixa i Baqué, E., 1983:
Sex differences and eye movements

Valdeyron G.; Lloyd D.G., 1979:
Sex differences and flowering phenology in the common fig ficus carica

Plomin R.; Foch T.T., 1981:
Sex differences and individual differences

Chansky N.M.; Czernik J.; Duffy J.; Finnell L., 1980:
Sex differences and initial reading performance

Webb, L.J.; Snodgrass, D.; Thagard, J., 1978:
Sex differences and life event experiences

Lewko J.H.; Ewing M.E., 1980:
Sex differences and parental influence in sport involvement of children

Otto, M.W.; Dougher, M.J., 1985:
Sex differences and personality factors in responsivity to pain

Wirtz P.; Kaiser P., 1988:
Sex differences and seasonal variation in habitat choice in a high density population of waterbuck kobus ellipsiprymnus bovidae

Fedigan L.M.; Baxter M.J., 1984:
Sex differences and social organization in free ranging spider monkeys ateles geoffroyi

Petrakis E., 1985:
Sex differences and specificity of anticipation of coincidence

Poling, T.H., 1978:
Sex differences dominance and physical attractiveness in the use of nonverbal emblems

Fischer, R.B.; Smith, S.L.; White, P.J.; Meunier, G.F., 1986:
Sex differences during initial social contact in the degu (Octodon degus )

Thomas, M.L.; Forte, L.R., 1981:
Sex differences during the development of vitamin D deficiency in the rat: serum parathyroid hormone, calcitonin, calcium, and phosphorus

Overstreet, D.H.; Russell, R.W.; Helps, S.C.; Runge, P.; Prescott, A.M., 1979:
Sex differences following pharmacological manipulation of the cholinergic system by DFP and pilocarpine

Miaskiewicz, S.L.; Shively, C.A.; Vesell, E.S., 1982:
Sex differences in absorption kinetics of sodium salicylate

Runyon, N.W.; Wagner, E.E.; Dambrot, F.H., 1985:
Sex differences in acting out chronic undifferentiated schizophrenics

Hser, Y.I.; Anglin, M.D.; McGlothlin, W., 1987:
Sex differences in addict careers. 1. Initiation of use

Anglin, M.D.; Hser, Y.I.; McGlothlin, W.H., 1987:
Sex differences in addict careers. 2. Becoming addicted

Hser, Y.I.; Anglin, M.D.; Booth, M.W., 1987:
Sex differences in addict careers. 3. Addiction

Anglin, M.D.; Hser, Y.I.; Booth, M.W., 1987:
Sex differences in addict careers. 4. Treatment

Sadowski, C.J.; Woodward, H.R.; Davis, S.F.; Elsbury, D.L., 1983:
Sex differences in adjustment correlates of locus of control dimensions

Wechsler, H.; McFadden, M., 1976:
Sex differences in adolescent alcohol and drug use. A disappearing phenomenon

Visser D., 1987:
Sex differences in adolescent mathematics behavior

Almqvist, F., 1986:
Sex differences in adolescent psychopathology

Malendowicz, L.K.; Mlynarczyk, W., 1982:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function 10. lipid and cortico sterone in the rat adrenal as affected by gonadectomy and testosterone or estradiol replacement

Malendowicz, L.K.; Jachimowicz, B., 1982:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function 11. auto radiographic studies on cell proliferation and turnover in the adrenal cortex of the male and female rat and its dependence on testosterone and estradiol

Nikicicz, H.; Kasprzak, A.; Malendowicz, L.K., 1984:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function 13. stereologic studies on adrenal cortex of maturing male and female hamsters

Malendowicz, L.K., 1980:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function 6. long term effect of gonadectomy and testosterone or estradiol replacement on rat adrenal cortex

Malendowicz, L.K.; Nikicicz, H.; Kasprzak, A., 1982 :
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function 8. karyometric and stereologic studies on adrenals of intact adult male and female hamsters

Malendowicz, L.K.; Kasprzak, A.; Nikicicz, H., 1982:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function 9. stereologic studies on the effects of gonadectomy and testosterone or estradiol replacement on adrenal cortex of adult male and female hamsters

Malendowicz, L.K., 1974:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function part 1 the effects of post pubertal gonadectomy and gonadal hormone replacement on nuclear volume of adreno cortical cells in the rat

Malendowicz, L.K., 1974:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function part 2 the effects of post pubertal gonadectomy and gonadal hormone replacement on the rat adrenal cortex evaluated by stereology at the light microscope level

Malendowicz, L.K., 1976:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function part 3 the effect of post pubertal gonadectomy and gonadal hormone replacement on adrenal cholesterol side chain cleavage activity and on steroids biosynthesis by rat adrenal homogenates

Malendowicz, L.K.; Fichna, P., 1978:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function part 4 effects of post pubertal gonadectomy and sex hormones on adrenal steroid 5 alpha reductase activity in the rat

Malendowicz L.K., 1979:
Sex differences in adreno cortical structure and function part 5 the effects of post pubertal gonadectomy and gonadal hormone replacement on nuclear cytoplasmic ratio morphology and histochemistry of rat adrenal cortex

Malendowicz, L.K.; Nussdorfer, G.G., 1984:
Sex differences in adrenocortical structure and function 15. cellular composition and quantitative ultrastructural study of adrenal cortex of adult male and female hamster

Malendowicz, L.K., 1984:
Sex differences in adrenocortical structure and function 16. stereological and karyometric studies on the cortex of the suprarenal gland of intact adult male and female mongolian gerbils meriones unguiculatus

Malendowicz, L.K.; Torgowski, J.; Woznicki, G., 1985:
Sex differences in adrenocortical structure and function 18. quantitative histologic and cytologic studies on adrenal glands on phasianus colchicus

Kasprzak, A.; Malendowicz, L.K., 1985:
Sex differences in adrenocortical structure and function. XIX. Differences in the compensatory hypertrophy of the adrenal cortex of the male and female hamster after unilateral adrenalectomy

Duda, T.; Waliszewska, A.; Trzeciak, W.H.; Malendowicz, L.K., 1985:
Sex differences in adrenocortical structure and function. XX. The effects of gonadectomy and testosterone or estradiol replacement on cholesterol content and distribution in the gland

Kasprzak, A.; Leśniewska, B.; Malendowicz, L.K., 1986:
Sex differences in adrenocortical structure and function. XXI. The effects of gonadectomy and testosterone or estradiol replacement on mitotic activity of the rat adrenal cortex

Bradbard M.R., 1985:
Sex differences in adult gifts and childrens toy requests at christmas

Orsini, A.; Grossi, D.; Matarese, V.; Alfieri, P.; Raiano, S.; Chiacchio, L., 1982:
Sex differences in adults' spatial and verbal serial learning tasks

Rosen A.C.; Brigham S.L., 1984:
Sex differences in affective response on the bene anthony test

Lewine R.R.J.; Strauss J.S.; Gift T.E., 1981:
Sex differences in age at 1st hospital admission for schizophrenia fact or artifact?

Velican D.; Velican C., 1980 :
Sex differences in age related and athero sclerosis related changes of human coronary arteries

Tomita, T.; Yonekura, I.; Umegaki, K.; Okada, T.; Hayashi, E., 1982:
Sex differences in aortic cholesterol esterase ec activity in rats changes of the activity following castration and gonadal hormone treatment

Mathison D.L.; Tucker R.K., 1982:
Sex differences in assertive behavior a research extension

Crassini B.; Law H.G.; Wilson E., 1979:
Sex differences in assertive behavior?

Kovaleva N.V.; Palkina T.B., 1980:
Sex differences in association pattern of certain acrocentric chromosomes in human lymphocyte short term cultures

Leder G.C., 1984:
Sex differences in attributions of success and failure

Nielsen, H.C.; Torday, J.S., 1985:
Sex differences in avian embryo pulmonary surfactant production: evidence for sex chromosome involvement

Kunitomo, F.; Kimura, H.; Tatsumi, K.; Kuriyama, T.; Watanabe, S.; Honda, Y., 1988:
Sex differences in awake ventilatory drive and abnormal breathing during sleep in eucapnic obesity

Lundberg U., 1983:
Sex differences in behavior pattern and catecholamine and cortisol excretion in 3 6 year old day care children

Khirabadi B.S.; Gersten D.M.; Park C.M.; Ramey E.R.; Ramwell P.W.; Ledley R.S., 1982:
Sex differences in blood protein patterns 2 dimensional electrophoretic analysis of the acidic proteins of rat plasma

Abe, K.; Kanno, T.; Kitao, K.; Schneider, G.B., 1984:
Sex differences in bone resorption: a scanning electron microscopic study of mouse parietal bones

Harrison, W.K.; Smith, J.E., 1980:
Sex differences in cardiac function of a group of young adults

Sebert, P.; Sanchez, J.; Monod, H., 1982:
Sex differences in cardiac responses to successive apnea periods

Johansson, S.; Bergstrand, R.; Schlossman, D.; Selin, K.; Vedin, A.; Wilhelmsson, C., 1984:
Sex differences in cardioangiographic findings after myocardial infarction

Cohen, H.; Levy, J.J., 1986:
Sex differences in categorization of tactile stimuli

Kimura, D., 1983:
Sex differences in cerebral organization for speech and praxic functions

Iuliano, G.; Diasco, F.; D.D.menico, G.; Dello Ioio, G., 1988:
Sex differences in cerebrovascular disease and its association with carotid obstruction. Retrospective evaluation of 1003 patients by Doppler examination

Cano M.I.; Jones G.H.; Santos J.L., 1987:
Sex differences in chiasma frequency and distribution in natural populations of eyprepocnemis plorans containing b chromosomes

Celermajer, D.S.; Thorner, P.S.; Baumal, R.; Arbus, G.S., 1984:
Sex differences in childhood lupus nephritis

Eme R.F., 1979:
Sex differences in childhood psycho pathology a review

Shigetomi C.C.; Hartmann D.P.; Gelfand D.M., 1981:
Sex differences in childrens altruistic behavior and reputations for helpfulness

Douglas J.D.; Rice K.M., 1979:
Sex differences in childrens anxiety and defensiveness measures

Brodzinsky, D.M.; Messer, S.B.; Tew, J.D., 1979:
Sex differences in children's expression and control of fantasy and overt aggression

Gold D.; Crombie G.; Brender W.; Mate P., 1984:
Sex differences in childrens performance in problem solving situations involving an adult model

Connor, J.M.; Serbin, L.A.; Schackman, M., 1977:
Sex differences in childrens response to training on a visual spatial test

Luine, V.N.; McEwen, B.S., 1983:
Sex differences in cholinergic enzymes of diagonal band nuclei in the rat preoptic area

Albers H.E.; Moline M.L.; Moore Ede M.C., 1984:
Sex differences in circadian control of luteinizing hormone secretion

Majeres, R.L., 1977:
Sex differences in clerical speed perceptual speed vs comparison and decision speed

Sundet, K., 1986:
Sex differences in cognitive impairment following unilateral brain damage

Low, D.W.; Rebert, C.S., 1978:
Sex differences in cognitive motor overload in reaction time tasks

Caplan, B., 1984:
Sex differences in cognitive strategic preference among medical students

Swaringen, S.; Layman, S.; Wilson, A., 1978:
Sex differences in color naming

Roberge, J.J.; Mason, E.J., 1978:
Sex differences in conditional reasoning

Ahlgren, A.J.hnson, D., 1979:
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Sex differences in nonverbal communication advantage lost or supremacy regained?

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Sex differences in predictability of self disclosure for instrumental and terminal values

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Sex differences in prediction of academic performance by the graduate record examination

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Sex differences in privacy preferences

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Sex differences in quality of white tailed deer diets

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Sex differences in research on locus of control

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Sex differences in response to absurd aggressive pro feminist sexual sexist and racial jokes

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Sex differences in response to taste and post ingestive consequences of sugar solutions

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Sex differences in retention of verbal and spatial characteristics of stimuli a cross cultural replication

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Sex differences in self concepts of adolescents

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Sex differences in self perceptions among a sample of college students

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Sex differences in semantic clustering in free recall of words and pictures

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Sex differences in short term memory processing

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Sex differences in size of the blood meal in the bed bug cimex hemipterus hemiptera heteroptera cimicidae

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Sex differences in somatic and functional characteristics of preschool children

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Sex differences in spatial ability an evolutionary hypothesis and test

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Sex differences in styles of occupational identity formation in late adolescence

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Sex differences in susceptibility of iq to environmental influence

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Sex differences in taste aversion learning: an analysis of the minimal effective dose

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Sex differences in the 24 hour mean plasma concentrations of dehydro iso androsterone and dehydro iso androsterone sulfate and the dehydro iso androsterone dehydro iso androsterone sulfate ratio in normal adults

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Sex differences in the acid base balance of adult and immature fowl

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Sex differences in the action of acyl hydrazines on the temperature and pain threshold in the pharmaco kinetics and tissue distribution

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Sex differences in the adaptive value of androgyny

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Sex differences in the anticipation of a real life stressor

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Sex differences in the association of cerebral hemispheric specialization of spatial function with conservation task performance

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Sex differences in the behavior of preschool children with novel and familiar toys

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Sex differences in the blood glucose fall induced by short fasts

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Sex differences in the cellular defense system against free radicals from oxygen or drug metabolites in rat

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Sex differences in the changes in sympathetic nerve activity when arterial pressure is raised by infusion of angiotensin and noradrenaline

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Sex differences in the congruency of perceived intelligence

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Sex differences in the control of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and 6 phosphogluconate dehydrogenase interaction of estrogen testosterone and insulin in the regulation of enzyme levels in vivo and in cultured hepatocytes

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Sex differences in the correlations among field dependence spatial ability sex role orientation and performance on piagets water level task

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Sex differences in the cyclic amp and growth hormone response to growth hormone releasing factor in vitro

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Sex differences in the distribution of adipose tissue in the djungarian hamster phodopus sungorus

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Sex differences in the distribution of cytoplasmic estrogen receptors in rat brain and pituitary effects of gonadectomy and neo natal androgen treatment

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Sex differences in the effect of academic achievement on self esteem a hong kong case

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Sex differences in the effect of aspirin on rat platelet aggregation and arachidonic acid metabolism

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Sex differences in the effect of intermittent compared with continuous light on growth rate, testes and body weight of broilers reared under commercial conditions

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Sex differences in the effect of uric acid on the survival of analbuminemic rats exposed to cold: effects of gonadal hormones and uric acid

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Sex differences in the effects of delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol and cannabidiol on pento barbital induced sleeping time and hepatic microsomal drug metabolizing enzyme systems in mice

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Sex differences in the effects of high fat feeding on behavior and carcass composition

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Sex differences in the effects of unilateral brain damage on intelligence

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Sex differences in the emotional behavior of laboratory mice

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Sex differences in the energy allocation strategies of house mice mus domesticus

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Sex differences in the expression of moral judgment

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Sex differences in the formation of germinal centers in the rat thymus

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Sex differences in the glutathione peroxidase ec activity of various tissues of the rat

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Sex differences in the hepatic in vitro metabolism of 4 androstene 3 17 dione in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Sex differences in the heritability of economic traits in south african merino sheep

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Sex differences in the human group mean somato sensory evoked potential

Ikuta T.; Furuta N., 1981:
Sex differences in the human group mean somato sensory evoked potentials

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Sex differences in the impact of work on physical and psychological health

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Sex differences in the induction of physical dependence on pentobarbital in the rat

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Sex differences in the interaction of adults and preschool children

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Sex differences in the lh responses to chicken lhrh i and lhrh ii in the domestic fowl

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Sex differences in the mental health effects of spouse support and equity

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Sex differences in the nocturnal activity of wood mice apodemus sylvaticus after a change of environment

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Sex differences in the ontogeny of sleep apnea during the 1st year of life

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Sex differences in the ontogeny of social behavior in pikas ochotona princeps possible relationships to dispersal and territoriality

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Sex differences in the oxygen affinity of hemo globin

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Sex differences in the perception of assertiveness among female managers

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Sex differences in the perception of romantic love mate attraction

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Sex differences in the perception of touching

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Sex differences in the performance of trotters

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Sex differences in the physical development of children skeletal and dental maturity as indicators of sex specific growth processes

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Sex differences in the play behavior of pre pubescent rats

Biben M., 1982:
Sex differences in the play of young ferrets

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Sex differences in the production of methemoglobinemia by 4 aminopropiophenone

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Sex differences in the psychological correlates of cardio vascular diagnosis and coronary angiographic findings

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Sex differences in the reaction of the thyroid gland and its sensitivity to thyrotropic hormone after the administration of estradiol testosterone and progesterone

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Sex differences in the relations among handedness sighting dominance and eye acuity

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Sex differences in the relationship between machiavellianism and self disclosure

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Sex differences in the relationship between work and health: the Minnesota Heart Survey

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Sex differences in the reporting of symptoms of depression in the general population

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Sex differences in the response of rats to drugs affecting gamma aminobutyric acid ergic transmission

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Sex differences in the school related achievement of disadvantaged preschool children

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Sex differences in the seasonal distribution of suicides

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Sex differences in the serum lipo protein relations of normal persons and multiple sclerosis patients

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Sex differences in the shape of the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the preoptic area and suprachiasmatic nucleus of the rat 3 dimensional computer reconstructions and morphometrics

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Sex differences in the socialization of affectionate expression

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Sex differences in the sterol and nonsterol metabolism of mevalonate

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Sex differences in the structure of the Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale

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Sex differences in the tendency for brown headed cowbirds and red winged blackbirds to reenter a decoy trap

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Sex differences in the uptake and retention of imipramine and demethyl imipramine in the rat lung

Bell, R.; Havlicek, P.L.; Roncek, D.W., 1984:
Sex differences in the use of alcohol and tranquilizers: testing a role convergence hypothesis

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Sex differences in the visual habituation of 4 6 and 8 month old infants

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Sex differences in the waveform of the pulse type electric fish pollimyrus isidori mormyridae

Nass G.G., 1981:
Sex differences in tooth wear of macaca fuscata the arashiyama a troop in texas usa

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Sex differences in transthoracic impedance: evaluation of effects on calculated stroke volume index

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Sex differences in tree species in dry steppes

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Sex differences in tritiated estradiol binding in brain and pituitary after acute dopaminergic treatment in vivo studies in the rat

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Sex differences in tritiated nitrendipine binding and effects of sex steroid hormones in rat cardiac and cerebral membranes

Ikemoto, S.; Minaguchi, K.; Suzuki, K., 1977:
Sex differences in urine sex differences in urine and urine stains of pregnant women

Christopher, S.B.; Gelini, H.R., 1977:
Sex differences in use of a species typical facial gesture by pig tailed monkeys macaca nemestrina

Zemp E., 1984:
Sex differences in use of ambulatory care

Melson, G.F., 1977:
Sex differences in use of indoor space by preschool children

Joesting, J., 1978:
Sex differences in views of womens roles at a southern county july 4 celebration

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Sex differences in visual encoding skills reading symbols

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Sex differences in wechsler adult intelligence scale item performance

Saunders D.R., 1981:
Sex differences in wechsler subtest profiles as seen through the personality assessment system

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Sex differences in winter habitat of american kestrels falco sparverius in georgia usa

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Sex differences in young childrens responses to an infant an observation within a day care setting

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Sex differences job satisfaction job design and interpersonal values attitudes of clinical pathology laboratory workers

Mckelvie S.J., 1987:
Sex differences lateral reversal and pose as factors in recognition memory of photographs of faces

Muraca M.; D.G.oote J.; Fevery J., 1983:
Sex differences of hepatic conjugation of bilirubin determine its maximal biliary excretion in nonanesthetized male and female rats

Bobek S.; Niezgoda J.; Pierzchala K., 1982:
Sex differences of japanese quails coturnix coturnix japonica in response to acute cold exposure changes in thyroid activity and blood glucose level

Ruvinskii, A.O.; Tsellarius, S.F.; Tsellarius-Yu, G., 1978:
Sex differences of somatic cell interphase nuclei of daphnia pulex

Kimura, K., 1982 :
Sex differences of the hip bone among several populations

Froehlich H.; Kugler P.; Schiebler T.H., 1984:
Sex differences of the protein pattern in the urine of castrated rats

Geiringer, E.R.; Hyde, J.S., 1976:
Sex differences on piagets water level task spatial ability incognito

Stringer, P.; Crown, S.; Lucas, C.J.; Supramaniam, S., 1978:
Sex differences, personality and study difficulty in university students

Farley, F.H.; Mealiea, W.L.; Sewell, T.E., 1981:
Sex differences, response sets and response biases in fear assessment

Khatena, J.; Bellarosa, A., 1978:
Sex differences, sense modality, and production of original verbal images

Kiesewetter F.; Kugler P., 1985:
Sex different lysosomal degradation of exogenous cytochrome c in the renal proximal tubule of the rat

Devlin B.; Stephenson A.G., 1985:
Sex differential floral longevity nectar secretion and pollinator foraging in a protandrous species

Haagenrud H.; Lordahl L., 1979:
Sex differential in populations of norwegian moose alces alces alces

Morgantini L.E.; Hudson R.J., 1981:
Sex differential in use of the physical environment by bighorn sheep ovis canadensis

Park K.A.; Clifford W.B., 1987:
Sex differentials in cardiovascular mortality spatial variations in the usa

Choe, M.K., 1987:
Sex differentials in infant and child mortality in Korea

Verbrugge, L.M., 1976:
Sex differentials in morbidity and mortality in the usa

Langford, C.M., 1984:
Sex differentials in mortality in Sri Lanka: changes since the 1920s

Anderson B.A.; Silver B.D., 1986:
Sex differentials in mortality in the ussr regional differences in length of working life in comparative perspective

Lamartiniere C.A.; Nicholas J.M.; Hermann J.; Whithworth N.S., 1986:
Sex differentiated enzyme levels and estrogen uptake in adult rats treated neonatally with tamoxifen or ci 628

Serbin L.A.; Connor J.M.; Citron C.C., 1981:
Sex differentiated free play behavior effects of teacher modeling location and gender

Pieau, C., 1974:
Sex differentiation according to the temperature in embryos of emys orbicularis chelonia effect of sex hormones

Fukayama S.; Takahashi H., 1982:
Sex differentiation and development of the gonad in the japanese river lamprey lampetra japonica

Fukayama S.; Takahashi H., 1983:
Sex differentiation and development of the gonad in the sand lamprey lampetra reissneri

Takahashi Y.; Furuki J.; Yoshikawa Y.; Yamada S.; Araki T., 1987:
Sex differentiation criteria for trichinella spiralis muscle larvae in tissue sections

Yoshikawa, H.; Oguri, M., 1978:
Sex differentiation in a cichlid tilapia zillii

Almeida, M.G.D., 1985:
Sex differentiation in bees xxii. generalized mahalanobis distances between males and females of the stingless bee melipona scutellaris

Suzuki, H.; Hiura, I., 1984:
Sex differentiation in begonia semperflorens 1. inflorescence and comparative anatomy of male and female flower

Sivaradjam S.; Bierne J., 1981:
Sex differentiation in bilaterally allophenic animals produced by cloning of 2 bipartite male female chimeras of lineus sanguineus

Corley, R.H.V., 1976:
Sex differentiation in oil palm effects of growth regulators

Griffond, B., 1978:
Sex differentiation in the gonad of the prosobranch mollusk viviparus viviparus

Kramer C.R.; Kallman K.D., 1985:
Sex differentiation of somatic tissue in the unsexualized gonad primordia of the embryos of 3 species of poeciliid fish

Zucker I.; Fitzgerald K.M.; Morin L.P., 1980:
Sex differentiation of the circadian system in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus

Gerald W.L.; Chao J.; Chao L., 1986:
Sex dimorphism and hormonal regulation of rat tissue kallikrein messenger rna

Berglund A., 1981:
Sex dimorphism and skewed sex ratios in the prawn species palaemon adspersus and palaemon squilla

Staddon B.W.; Gough A.J.E.; Olagbemiro T.O.; Games D.E., 1985:
Sex dimorphism for ester production in the metathoracic scent gland of the lygaeid bug spilostethus rivularis heteroptera

Malendowicz, L.K.; Bednarek, J., 1986:
Sex dimorphism in the thyroid gland. IV. Cytologic aspects of sex dimorphism in the rat thyroid gland

Malendowicz, L.K., 1977:
Sex dimorphism in the thyroid gland part 1 morphometric studies on the thyroid gland of intact adult male and female rats

Malendowicz, L.K.; Parchimowicz, L.; Ruchalski, M.; Suda, P.; Walczak, M., 1977:
Sex dimorphism in the thyroid gland part 2 morphometric studies on the effects of post pubertal gonadectomy and gonadal hormone replacement on the rat thyroid gland

Zieger, G.; Breuner, H.; Kubatsch, B., 1980:
Sex dimorphism of adrenal cortex of the Syrian golden hamster following gonadectomy

Lang H.H.; Markl H., 1981:
Sex discrimination in the backswimmer notonecta glauca upon contact with conspecifics heteroptera notonectidae

Hodgson S.; Pryor B., 1984:
Sex discrimination in the courtroom attorneys gender and credibility

Ward, J.S., 1978:
Sex discrimination is essential in industry

Zuno J.C.; Coronel R.E., 1979:
Sex distribution in pili canarium ovatum morphology and biology of flowers from hermaphrodite trees

Marchal J L., 1987:
Sex distribution in sawfly communities hymenoptera symphyta of hesbaye belgium

Bernstein, M.E., 1981:
Sex distribution in sibships according to occupation of parents

Ogino, N., 1980:
Sex distribution of patients affected by retinal detachment. Its relation to refraction and age

Bruera E.; Maurino J.; Scrigna J.; Vazquez A.; Aparicio N.; Levalle O., 1987:
Sex dysfunction in males and adrenergic beta blockers clinical and hormonal findings

Wielandt H.; Jeune B.; Wermuth L., 1988:
Sex education among teenage girls seeking abortion

Ashton, J.R., 1980:
Sex education and contraceptive practice among abortion patients

Eisenberg, M.G.; Rustad, L.C., 1976:
Sex education counseling program on a spinal cord injury service

Eriksen B.O.; Laudal M.; Nore A.K.; Sondena M.S., 1988:
Sex education for teenagers is it effective

Benson, M.D.; Perlman, C.; Sciarra, J.J., 1986:
Sex education in the inner city. Learning and retention

Freire Maia D.V.; Freire Maia A., 1981:
Sex effect on the familial aggregation of endemic goiter

Jones R.B.; Faure J M., 1981:
Sex effects on open field behavior in the domestic chick as a function of age

Pauls D.L., 1979:
Sex effects on the risk of mental retardation

Thor, D.H.; Flannelly, K.J., 1978:
Sex eliciting behavior of the female rat discrimination of receptivity by anosmic and intact males

Takahashi H.; Suge H., 1982:
Sex expression and ethylene production in cucumber plants as affected by 1 amino cyclo propane 1 carboxylic acid

Khan M.A.A.; Rahman M.A.; Nasiruddin M.; Tarreq M., 1982:
Sex expression and yield responses to gibberellic acid and tri iodo benzoic acid application in 4 varieties of watermelon citrullus vulgaris

Takahashi H.; Suge H.; Saito T., 1980:
Sex expression as affected by n 6 benzylamino purine in staminate inflorescence of luffa cylindrica

Mcarthur E.D.; Freeman D.C., 1982:
Sex expression in atriplex canescens genetics and environment

Srinivasan, J.C.; Kaufman, P.B., 1978:
Sex expression in equisetum scirpoides in vitro

Ogure M.; Harashima N.; Naganuma K.; Matsushima M., 1981:
Sex expression of ethrel treated and nontreated shoots of a tree in mulberry morus alba

Saito T.; Takahashi H., 1987:
Sex expression of flowers of the proximal nodes on the lateral shoots in cucumber plants influence of apical dominance

Scott, J.W.; Baker, L.R., 1976:
Sex expression of single and 3 way cross cucumber hybrids with androecious pollinators

Suranyi, D., 1977:
Sex expression of the plum variety besztercei szilva by fruit regulating chemicals

Condon M.A.; Gilbert L.E., 1988:
Sex expression on gurania and psiguria cucurbitaceae neotropical vines that change sex

Singh, I.D.; Sirohi, S.C., 1977:
Sex expression studies in papaya carica papaya

Whissell, R.; Whissell, C.M., 1979:
Sex, eye color, and ratings of pleasantness for auditory stimuli

Kartamyshev V.G., 1980:
Sex genetics of castor oil plants

Fadeeva T.A., 1980:
Sex gland condition and size age composition of male stellate sturgeons acipenser stellatus from the caspian sea ussr during the marine period of their life

Moiseeva E.B., 1984:
Sex gland development during the indifferent period after hatching and sex differentiation in the goby neogobius melanostomus gobiidae

Zakharova, N.I., 1983:
Sex gland development of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri in post radiation period 1. irradiation of larvae 24 days after hatching

Kislyakova, N.D.; Luntovskaya, V.A.; Polyanichko, M.F.; Volovel'skii, I.Z., 1978:
Sex hormone balance in patients with prostate cancer

Ratajczak T.; Twaddle E.; Hahnel R., 1980:
Sex hormone binding globulin and estrogen receptor in endometrial and cervical cancer

Murayama, Y.; Utsunomiya, J.; Takahashi, I.; Kitamura, M.; Tominaga, T., 1979:
Sex hormone binding globulin as a reliable indicator of hormone dependence in human breast cancer

Bartsch, W.; Horst, H.J.; Becker, H.; Nehse, G., 1977:
Sex hormone binding globulin binding capacity testosterone 5 alpha di hydro testosterone estradiol and prolactin in plasma of patients with prostatic carcinoma under various types of hormonal treatment

E.M.khzangy M.N.; Wynn V.; Lawrence D.M., 1979:
Sex hormone binding globulin capacity as an index of estrogenicity or androgenicity in women on oral contraceptive steroids

Bowles, S.M.; Mills, R.J., 1981:
Sex hormone binding globulin: effect of synthetic steroids on the assay and effect of oral contraceptives

Belgorosky, A.; Scorticati, C.; Rivarola, M.A., 1983:
Sex hormone binding globulin in arterial, and in peripheral, hepatic, renal and spermatic venous blood of children and adults

Sulkes A.; Fuks Z.; Gordon A.; Gross J., 1984:
Sex hormone binding globulin in breast cancer a correlation with obesity but not estrogen receptor status

Hertz J.B.; Johnsen S.G., 1983:
Sex hormone binding globulin in serum in threatened abortion

Giwa Osagie O.F.; Levell M., 1982:
Sex hormone binding globulin levels in hirsute patients the effect of combined oral contraceptives

Belgorosky, A.; Rivarola, M.A., 1985:
Sex hormone binding globulin response to testosterone. An androgen sensitivity test

Victor, A.; Weiner, E.; Johansson, E.D.B., 1976:
Sex hormone binding globulin the carrier protein for dextro norgestrel

Vermeulen, A.; Verdonck, L., 1978:
Sex hormone concentrations in post menopausal women relation to obesity fat mass age and years post menopause

Yudaev N.A.; Asribekova M.K.; Karpova S.K.; Kaganovich B.E., 1979:
Sex hormone control of progesterone and estradiol receptor content in human endometrium cytosol in normal and pathological pregnancy

Goetz, F.; Doerner, G., 1976:
Sex hormone dependent brain maturation and sexual behavior in rats

Pankov, A.K.; Smiller, R.R.; Orlovskaya, L.A.; Tyutyunova, A.M., 1978:
Sex hormone excretion in patients with gastric cancer

Holmgren, B.; Urbá-Holmgren, R.; Aguiar, M.; Rodriguez, R., 1980:
Sex hormone influences on yawning behavior

Paino G.; Crasto A., 1983:
Sex hormone levels in the buffalo epididymis bubalus buffelus

Kaneyuki T.; Kohsaka M.; Shohmori T., 1979:
Sex hormone metabolism in the brain influence of central acting drugs on 5 alpha reduction in rat diencephalon

Hamilton W.; Khattab M.M., 1986:
Sex hormone priming prior to the combined hypoglycemia test

Kuratsu, J.; Matsukado, Y., 1982:
Sex hormone receptor in meningioma

Matsuoka, H.; Sugimachi, K.; Ueo, H.; Kuwano, H.; Nakano, S.; Nakayama, M., 1987:
Sex hormone response of a newly established squamous cell line derived from clinical esophageal carcinoma

Pavlovic Kentera V.; Cirich O.; Susic S., 1979:
Sex hormone status and erythropoietin production in rats

Cutolo, M.; Balleari, E.; Giusti, M.; Monachesi, M.; Accardo, S., 1986:
Sex hormone status in women suffering from rheumatoid arthritis

Semple, P.D.; Beastall, G.H.; Brown, T.M.; Stirling, K.W.; Mills, R.J.; Watson, W.S., 1984:
Sex hormone suppression and sexual impotence in hypoxic pulmonary fibrosis

Christiansen, K.; Knussmann, R., 1987:
Sex hormones and cognitive functioning in men

Meyer-Bahlburg, H.F.L., 1977:
Sex hormones and male homo sexuality in comparative perspective

Bai, L.S.; Kurup, P.A., 1976:
Sex hormones and metabolism of glycosamino glycans part 1 effect of orchiectomy and administration of testosterone in rabbits

Feigen, G.A.; Fraser, R.C.; Peterson, N.S.; Dandliker, W.B., 1978:
Sex hormones and the immune response part 1 host factors in the production of penicillin specific antibodies in the female guinea pig

Feigen, G.A.; Fraser, R.C.; Peterson, N.S., 1978:
Sex hormones and the immune response part 2 perturbation of antibody production by estradiol 17 beta

Bleiberg, I.; Perah, G., 1975:
Sex hormones and the regulation of erythroid spleen colonies development of fetal liver origin

Kuznetsova I.M., 1983:
Sex hormones and their receptors in experimental carcinogenesis of larynx

Steiner, R.A.; Schiller, H.S.; Illner, P.; Blandau, R.; Gale, C.C., 1977:
Sex hormones correlated with sex skin swelling and rectal temperature during the menstrual cycle of the pigtail macaque (Macaca nemestrina)

Välimäki, M.; Pelkonen, R.; Salaspuro, M.; Härkönen, M.; Hirvonen, E.; Ylikahri, R., 1984:
Sex hormones in amenorrheic women with alcoholic liver disease

Van-Kammen, E.; Thijssen, J.H.H.; Schwarz, F., 1978:
Sex hormones in male patients with chronic renal failure part 1 the production of testosterone and of androstenedione

Mackworth-Young, C.G.; Parke, A.L.; Morley, K.D.; Fotherby, K.; Hughes, G.R., 1983:
Sex hormones in male patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a comparison with other disease groups

Pasquali, R.; Antenucci, D.; Melchionda, N.; Fabbri, R.; Venturoli, S.; Patrono, D.; Capelli, M., 1987:
Sex hormones in obese premenopausal women and their relationships to body fat mass and distribution, B cell function and diet composition

Lichtenstein, M.J.; Yarnell, J.W.; Elwood, P.C.; Beswick, A.D.; Sweetnam, P.M.; Marks, V.; Teale, D.; Riad-Fahmy, D., 1987:
Sex hormones, insulin, lipids, and prevalent ischemic heart disease

Phillips, G.B., 1978:
Sex hormones risk factors and cardio vascular disease

Takeda K.; Hiraiwa K., 1985:
Sex identification from brain fragments

Kobayashi, R.; Nakauchi, H.; Nakahori, Y.; Nakagome, Y.; Matsuzawa, S., 1988:
Sex identification in fresh blood and dried bloodstains by a nonisotopic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) analyzing technique

Wiig O.; Lie R.W., 1980:
Sex identification in the mink mustela vison by metrical measurements of the skull

Takeda K.; Mizusawa I.; Hiraiwa K.; Hata S.; Yoshimatsu N., 1986:
Sex identification of a newborn with congenital adrenocortical hyperplasia

Brunt J.W.; Conley M.R.; Cunningham G.L., 1988:
Sex in ephedra trifurca ephedraceae with relation to chihuahuan desert new mexico usa habitats

Murty C.V.R.; Sarkar F.H.; Mancini M.A.; Roy A.K., 1987:
Sex independent synthesis of alpha 2u globulin and its messenger rna in the rat preputial gland biochemical and immunocytochemical analyses

Giannini M.S.H., 1986:
Sex induced response in the pathogenesis of cutaneous leishmaniasis in mice

Sapin, M.R.; Nikityuk, B.A., 1977:
Sex influence on body dimensions in children and indices of biological age from studies of twins of different sex

Margotta V.; Gibertini G.; Rissone E.; Gomes S., 1981:
Sex influence on histo compatibility phenomena in homo plastic skin grafts in adult newts triturus cristatus carnifex

Perez Puentes F., 1987 :
Sex influence on the value of borderline load for a continuous work

Bellastella A.; R.; Frederico P.; Mango A.; Cafaro M.R.; D'alessandro B., 1980:
Sex influence upon circannual variations of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone levels in pre pubertal children

Bellastella A.; Federico P.; Fratellanza A.; Mango A.; Santomassimo A.M.; Officioso A.; D'alessandro B., 1980:
Sex influence upon the circannual variations of the growth hormone response to insulin test in pre pubertal boys with short stature

Henry E.W.; Demorrow J.M., 1985:
Sex influenced ethyl z p chlorophenoxyisobutyrate induction of peroxisomes in rat liver and kidney tissues

Lichtenstein J.R.; Sundaram M.; Burdge R., 1980:
Sex influenced expression of madelungs deformity in a family with dys chondr osteosis

Howell C.D., 1987:
Sex influenced protibial spines and synonymy in dasytidae coleoptera study number three

Benson B.L., 1982:
Sex influences on foliar trait morphology in asparagus asparagus officinalis

Kay P.H.; Dawkins R.L.; Christiansen F.T., 1985:
Sex influences transmission of the supratype associated with the complement c 2 deficiency allele a possible mechanism for the maintenance of heterozygosity and disease susceptibility

Mekako, H.U.; Nakasone, H.Y., 1977:
Sex inheritance in some carica spp

Coet L.J.; Mcdermott P.J., 1979:
Sex instructional set and group make up organismic and situational factors influencing risk taking

Lodi E., 1980:
Sex inversion in domesticated strains of the swordtail xiphophorus helleri pisces osteichthyes

Brusle, S., 1987:
Sex inversion of the hermaphroditic protogynous teleost coris julis l. labridae

Van Der Have T.M.; Boomsma J.J.; Menken S.B.J., 1988:
Sex investment ratios and relatedness in the monogynous ant lasius niger l

Craig R., 1980:
Sex investment ratios in social hymenoptera

Coleman A.W., 1982:
Sex is dangerous in a world of potential symbionts or the basis of selection for uni parental inheritance

Fernando, J.; Arena, P.; Smith, D.W., 1978:
Sex liability to single structural defects

Lefranc G.; Lefranc M P.; Seger J.; Salier J P.; Chakhachiro L.; Loiselet J., 1981:
Sex limited ahapto globinemia

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