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Sex pheromone titers in females of heliothis virescens from three geographical locations lepidoptera noctuidae

Ramaswamy, S.B.; Roush, R.T.

Entomologia Generalis 12(1): 019-023


ISSN/ISBN: 0171-8177
Accession: 006407245

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Gas chromatographic analyses of the female sex pheromone glands of Heliothis virescens (Fabricius 1777) from 3 locations (Mississippi [USA], Virgin Islands, California [USA]) indicate that they all contain, at a minimum, the 4 components determined here to be important in the sex pheromone blend: (Z)-11-hexadecenal, (Z)-9-tetradecenal, hexadecanal and (Z)-11-hexadecen-1-01. There are no statistically significant strain differences with regard to these components. .female.female. from California do not contain any (Z)-7- or (Z)-9-hexadecenal (lower limit of detection ca 0.1 ng/.female.), found in the other strains. In laboratory tests, moths from the 3 regions mate successfully when paired in reciprocal crosses.

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