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Sex pheromone traps for monitoring the plum moth laspeyresia funebrana lepidoptera tortricidae in poland in 1977 1984

Koslinska, M.; Tworkowska, U.; Predki, S.; Piotrowski, S.; Karczewski, J.; Wojtas, B.; Sokolowski, R.; Wlodyka, S.; Golik, E.

Fruit Science Reports 13(2): 71-92


Accession: 006407250

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The paper reports results of trapping the plum moth males in different geographical regions of Poland using traps baited synthetic pheremone lures produced by different manufacturers. The results were compared to those obtained with a method which consists of observations on embryonic development and calculating the sum of effective temperatures. The main aim of the research was to investigate the timing and dynamics of flight of the plum moth. However other problems are also discussed including comparative efficacy of the lures produced by various manufacturers, efficacy of pheromones stores for one or two years, selectivity of the traps and the relationship between the number of males trapped and level of fruit injury at the harvest. It was concluded that pheromone traps might be successfully used for monitoring the flight of the plum moth and for timing chemical treatments for its control but the traps are not suitable for forecasting fruit injury or for measuring of economical threshold of infestation.

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