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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6409

Chapter 6409 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Macdougall J.C.; Morin S., 1979:
Sexual attitudes and self reported behavior of congenitally disabled adults

Bone, L.W.; Shorey, H.H.; Gaston, L.K., 1977:
Sexual attraction and pheromonal dosage response of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis

Ducruet, J., 1976:
Sexual attraction and recognition among crustacea bibliographic survey

Nakasono, K., 1977:
Sexual attraction of rotylenchulus reniformis females and some differences in the attractiveness between amphimictic and parthenogenetic populations nematoda nacobbidae

Neves D.P.; Paulini E., 1981:
Sexual attraction through pheromones in panstrongylus megistus and triatoma infestans hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae

Ghizdavu I.; Hodosan F.P.; Oprean I.; Gocan A.; Ciupe H.; Matic S., 1985:
Sexual attractive substances for 5 noctuidae species determined by trapping

Drewett R.F.; Spiteri N.J., 1979:
Sexual attractiveness of male rats olfactory and behavioral components

Beach, F.A., 1976:
Sexual attractivity, proceptivity, and receptivity in female mammals

Blum M.; Kitai E., 1988:
Sexual behavior a stress factor affecting ovulation and cycle length

De-Backer, E.; Lauwerijns, A.; Willem, C., 1977:
Sexual behavior after prostatectomy

Germa Lluch J.R.; Arcusa Lanza M.A., 1984:
Sexual behavior after the diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the testis

Taina E.; Erkkola R.; Kilkku P.; Liukko P.; Gronroos M., 1987:
Sexual behavior and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in teenagers

Anderson P.; Mccance C., 1984:
Sexual behavior and contraceptive practice at oxford university and aberdeen university uk

Anderson, P.; Mcpherson, K.; Beeching, N.; Weinberg, J.; Vessey, M., 1978:
Sexual behavior and contraceptive practice of undergraduates at oxford university

Ford K.; Zelnik M.; Kantner J.F., 1981:
Sexual behavior and contraceptive use among socio economic groups of young women in the usa

Chemineau, P., 1986:
Sexual behavior and gonadal activity during the year in the tropical creole meat goat i. female estrous behavior and ovarian activity

Chemineau, P., 1986:
Sexual behavior and gonadal activity during the year in the tropical creole meat goat ii. male mating behavior testis diameter ejaculate characteristics and fertility

Clarke, I.J.; Scaramuzzi, R.J., 1978:
Sexual behavior and luteinizing hormone secretion in spayed androgenized ewes after a single injection of testosterone or estradiol 17 beta

Stern B.R.; Smith D.G., 1984:
Sexual behavior and paternity in 3 captive groups of rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Hart B.L., 1979:
Sexual behavior and penile reflexes of neo natally castrated male rats treated in infancy with estrogen and di hydro testosterone

Snir R.; Dunkelblum E.; Gothilf S.; Harpaz I., 1986:
Sexual behavior and pheromone titer in the tomato looper plusia chalcites lepidoptera noctuidae

Gorman, M.L., 1977:
Sexual behavior and plasma androgen concentrations in the male eider duck (Somateria mollissima)

Price E.O., 1980:
Sexual behavior and reproductive competition in male wild and domestic norway rats rattus norvegicus

Edey, T.N.; Kilgour, R.; Bremner, K., 1978:
Sexual behavior and reproductive performance of ewe lambs at and after puberty

Perkins, R.P., 1979:
Sexual behavior and response in relation to complications of pregnancy

Winfield C.G.; Hemsworth P.H.; Galloway D.B.; Makin A.W., 1981:
Sexual behavior and semen characteristics of boars effects of high temperature

Phoenix C.H.; Chambers K.C., 1984:
Sexual behavior and serum hormone levels in aging rhesus macaca mulatta males effects of environmental change

Tizol G.; Faure R.; Fernandez O.; Perez P.; Castillo L., 1988:
Sexual behavior and serum testosterone levels in relation to seminal quality of holstein bulls

Willcox R.R., 1981:
Sexual behavior and sexually transmitted disease patterns in male homo sexuals

Pessione, F.; Dolivo, M.; Casin, I.; Morel, P.; Perol, Y.; Laporte, A.; Ducot, B.; Spira, A., 1988:
Sexual behavior and smoking: risk factor for urethritis in men

Dunbar, R.I.M., 1978:
Sexual behavior and social relationships among gelada baboons

Cutler, W.B.; Garcia, C.R.; Huggins, G.R.; Preti, G., 1986:
Sexual behavior and steroid levels among gynecologically mature premenopausal women

Selander R.B., 1982:
Sexual behavior bionomics and 1st instar larvae of the epicauta lauta and epicauta diversicornis groups coleoptera meloidae

Swieczkowski, J.B.; Walker, C.E., 1978:
Sexual behavior correlates of female orgasm and marital happiness

Michael, R.P.; Zumpe, D.; Bonsall, R.W., 1984:
Sexual behavior correlates with the diurnal plasma testosterone range in intact male rhesus monkeys

Mcdonnell S., 1987:
Sexual behavior disturbances in stallions and ways of treating them

Nieuwenhuijsen K.; D.N.ef K.J.; Slob A.K., 1986:
Sexual behavior during ovarian cycles pregnancy and lactation in group living stumptail macaques macaca arctoides

Steege J.F.; Jelovsek F.R., 1982:
Sexual behavior during pregnancy

Koyama Y.; Satou M.; Ueda K., 1985:
Sexual behavior elicited by electrical stimulation of the telencephalic and preoptic areas in the goldfish carassius auratus

Turner, J.R.G., 1976:
Sexual behavior female swift moth is not the aggressive partner

Cutler W.B.; Garcia C.R.; Krieger A.M., 1979:
Sexual behavior frequency and menstrual cycle length in mature pre menopausal women

Tokuda, K.; Simons, R.C.; Jensen, G.D., 1969:
Sexual behavior in a captive group of pigtailed monkeys macaca nemestrina

Fenwick P.B.C.; Toone B.K.; Wheeler M.J.; Nanjee M.N.; Grant R.; Brown D., 1985:
Sexual behavior in a center for epilepsy

Coffin, R., 1978:
Sexual behavior in a group of captive young gorillas

Colomer F.D.; Colomer Revuelta C.; Mestre Porta S.; Puchades Ribas F., 1986:
Sexual behavior in adolescents pilot study of 179 subjects

Dessi'fulgheri F.; Ciampi G.M.; Canonaco M.; Lupo C.; Dalhof L.G.; Larsson K., 1983:
Sexual behavior in castrated male rats and gonadal steroid circulating levels

Agmo, A.; Sodersten, P., 1975:
Sexual behavior in castrated rabbits treated with testosterone estradiol di hydro testosterone or estradiol in combination with di hydro testosterone

Tsubota T.; Kanagawa H., 1986:
Sexual behavior in hokkaido brown bears ursus arctos yesoensis in a small group under captive conditions

Barrows, E.M., 1976:
Sexual behavior in hyposoter fugitivus hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Phoenix C.H.; Alexander N.J., 1979:
Sexual behavior in long term vasectomized male rhesus monkeys

Larsson, K.; Fuxe, K.; Everitt, B.J.; Holmgren, M.; Sodersten, P., 1978:
Sexual behavior in male rats after intra cerebral injection of 5 7 di hydroxy tryptamine

Bussaratid S.; N.R.nong S.; Boonyaprakob V.; Sitasuwan C., 1981:
Sexual behavior in married thai females

Chambers K.C.; Phoenix C.H., 1982:
Sexual behavior in old male rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta influence of familiarity and age of female partners

Jimenez Rodriguez M.P.; Rosas Martin F., 1987:
Sexual behavior in patients with chronic pelvic pain iii

Pepe F.; Penella M.; Pepe P.; Panella P.; Amaru A.; Cantarella M.; Russo G.; Privitera C.D., 1988:
Sexual behavior in relation to age a study of 205 puerperal women

Chambers K.C.; Phoenix C.H., 1983:
Sexual behavior in response to testosterone in old long term castrated rhesus macaca mulatta males

Pinto, J.D., 1977:
Sexual behavior in the blister beetle genus cysteodemus coleoptera meloidae

Simon, D.; Barth, R.H., 1977:
Sexual behavior in the cockroach genera periplaneta and blatta part 1 descriptive aspects

Simon, D.; Barth, R.H., 1977:
Sexual behavior in the cockroach genera periplaneta and blatta part 2 sex pheromones and behavioral responses

Simon, D.; Barth, R.H., 1977:
Sexual behavior in the cockroach genera periplaneta and blatta part 3 aggression and sexual behavior

Simon, D.; Barth, R.H., 1977:
Sexual behavior in the cockroach genera periplaneta and blatta part 4 interspecific interactions

Buschinger A.; Alloway T.M., 1979:
Sexual behavior in the slave making ant harpagoxenus canadensis and sexual pheromone experiments with harpagoxenus canadensis harpagoxenus americanus and harpagoxenus sublaevis hymenoptera formicidae

Caryl, P.G., 1976:
Sexual behavior in the zebra finch taeniopygia guttata response to familiar and novel partners

Cole C.J.; Townsend C.R., 1983:
Sexual behavior in uni sexual lizards

Evans B.A.; Bond R.A.; Macrae K.D., 1988:
Sexual behavior in women attending a genitourinary medicine clinic

Ciccarese S.; Massari S.; Guanti G., 1982:
Sexual behavior is independent of h y antigen constitution

Pinto, J.D.; Mayor, A.J., 1978:
Sexual behavior of 3 species of lytta coleoptera meloidae

Portilla Fabregat N.; Otazo Sanchez A.; Barro Gonzalez P., 1984:
Sexual behavior of allatectomized males of the moths spodoptera frugiperda and empyreuma pugione

Phoenix C.H.; Chambers K.C.; Jensen J.N.; Baughman W., 1984:
Sexual behavior of an androgenized female rhesus macaque macaca mulatta with a surgically constructed vagina

Signoret, J.P., 1976:
Sexual behavior of domestic ungulates

Zagatti P., 1981:
Sexual behavior of eldana saccharina with respect to 2 pheromones emitted by the male

Cowan D.P., 1986:
Sexual behavior of eumenid wasps hymenoptera eumenidae

Ushakov I.B.; Rogacheva I.V.; Stroganova E.A., 1986:
Sexual behavior of male rats after gamma irradiation some radiobiological features

Poggioli R.; Vergoni A.V.; Santi R.; Carani C.; Baraghini G.F.; Zini D.; Marrama P.; Bertolini A., 1984:
Sexual behavior of male rats influence of short term and long term adrenalectomy

Booth, J.E., 1977:
Sexual behavior of male rats injected with the anti estrogen mer 25 during infancy

Mumford L.; Kumar R., 1979:
Sexual behavior of morphine dependent and abstinent male rats

Lanigan, P.J.; Barrows, E.M., 1977:
Sexual behavior of murgantia histrionica hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae

Broce A.B., 1980:
Sexual behavior of screwworm flies cochliomyia hominivorax stimulated by swormlure 2

Thibout E., 1982:
Sexual behavior of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata and its possible control by the juvenile hormone and the corpora allata

Madlafousek, J.; Hlinak, Z., 1977:
Sexual behavior of the female laboratory rat inventory patterning and measurement

Trupin G.L.; Fadem B.H., 1982:
Sexual behavior of the gray short tailed opossum monodelphis domestica

Pecio, A.; Rafinski, J., 1985:
Sexual behavior of the montandon's newt triturus montandoni caudata salamandridae

Florez-Lozano, J.A.; Menendez-Patterson, A.; Marin, B., 1978:
Sexual behavior of the pancreatectomized 95 percent male hamster mesocricetus auratus

Alzate H., 1984:
Sexual behavior of unmarried colombian university students a 5 year follow up

Prasada, R.; Singh, S.P., 1975:
Sexual behavior of uromyces fabae

Syrjanen K.; Vayrynen M.; Castren O.; Yliskoski M.; Mantyjarvi R.; Pyrhonen S.; Saarikoski S., 1984:
Sexual behavior of women with human papillomavirus lesions of the uterine cervix

Bielert C., 1985:
Sexual behavior patterns of male chacma baboons papio ursinus under laboratory conditions with opportunity for repeated ejaculation

Newcomb M.D., 1984:
Sexual behavior responsiveness and attitudes among women a test of 2 theories

Zucker R.A.; Battistich V.A.; Langer G.B., 1981:
Sexual behavior sex role adaptation and drinking in young women

Pojtner M., 1987:
Sexual behaviour of ai bulls in relationship to semen quality

Grunwald C.; Karschon R., 1984:
Sexual breeding system and morphological variation in some stands of fraxinus syriaca

Hölldobler, B.; Haskins, C.P., 1977:
Sexual calling behavior in primitive ants

Birkhead T.R.; Lee K.E.; Young P., 1988:
Sexual cannibalism in the praying mantis hierodula membranacea

Kawanabe Y.; Yoshida K.; Yanagishima N., 1979:
Sexual cell agglutination in relation to the formation of zygotes in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bughio, A.R.; Qureshi, Z.A.; Akbar, S.S., 1976:
Sexual characteristics in pupal and adult stages of chilo partellus

Schuchmann, K.L., 1977:
Sexual characteristics life space and breeding biological observations of coeligena coeligena ferruginea aves trochilidae

Fujii K.; Hirose K.; Hara A.; Maruyama T., 1987:
Sexual characteristics of hybrid sturgeon between female huso huso and male acipenser ruthenus so called bester

Smith D.G., 1979:
Sexual characteristics of margaritifera margaritifera populations in central new england usa

White, R., 1977:
Sexual characters of species of diabrotica chrysomelidae coleoptera

Johnson B.F.; Walker T.; Miyata M.; Miyata H.; Calleja G.B., 1987:
Sexual co flocculation and asexual self flocculation of heterothallic fission yeast cells schizosaccharomyces pombe

Schueler F.W., 1982:
Sexual color differences in canadian western toads bufo boreas

Jacob, J.S.; Altenbach, J.S., 1977:
Sexual color dimorphism in crotalus lepidus klauberi reptilia serpentes viperidae

Stein, J.R.; Mccauley, M.J., 1976:
Sexual compatibility in gonium pectorale volvocales chlorophyceae from soil of a single pond

Mendes Costa M.C.; Heidrich Sobrinho E.; Guerreiro R.T., 1987:
Sexual compatibility in trichometasphaeria turcica lutt

Petrie G.A.; Lewis P.A., 1985:
Sexual compatibility of isolates of the rapeseed blackleg fungus leptosphaeria maculans from canada australia and england uk

Borgia G., 1980:
Sexual competition in scatophaga stercoraria size related and density related changes in male ability to capture females

Ahmed, M.Y.Y.; Younes, M.W.F.; Al-Arab, K.T., 1977:
Sexual competition of gamma sterilized male of callosobruchus maculatus coleoptera bruchidae

Ahmed, M.Y.Y.; Brower, J.H.; Tilton, E.W., 1976:
Sexual competitiveness of adult indian meal moths irradiated as mature pupae

Chand A.T.; Sehgal S.S., 1979:
Sexual competitiveness of gamma irradiated adult rice moth corcyra cephalonica

Rossler Y., 1980:
Sexual competitiveness of males of the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae carrying a y chromosome translocation

Cirino, E.; Pepe, G.; Pepe, F.; Panella, M.; Rizza, G.; Calì, V., 1987:
Sexual complications after abdominoperineal resection

Flynn, J.C.; Price, C.T., 1984:
Sexual complications of anterior fusion of the lumbar spine

Tyufekchiev A., 1982:
Sexual composition and breakdown by age of chamois in the pirin mountain range of southwestern bulgaria

Sivinski J., 1984:
Sexual conflict and choice in a phoretic fly borborillus frigipennis sphaeroceridae

Rasulov M.M., 1983:
Sexual conflict situation in rats as a model of emotional stress

Kardashev, G.; Kolarova, D.; Sharankov, E.; Bacvarova, E., 1976:
Sexual conflicts in students characteristics and consequences

Revazov V.S.; Tsoi O.G., 1980:
Sexual constitutional and age related features of the anatomy of the human gastric region lymph nodes

Ingram, D.L.; White, S.T.; Durfee, M.F.; Pearson, A.W., 1982:
Sexual contact in children with gonorrhea

Brown, L.S.; Primm, B.J., 1988:
Sexual contacts of intravenous drug abusers: implications for the next spread of the AIDS epidemic

Telichevsky D.Folguera S., 1981:
Sexual cycle and ripening mechanism in the ovary of leporinus obtusidens

Aguer D., 1981:
Sexual cycle control by progestogens in cattle

Shipilov V.S.; Tymtyshev V.A., 1985:
Sexual cycle in replacement altai mountain goats

Shevyakova I.N., 1986:
Sexual cycle in replacement heifers in the winter period and the time of their insemination

Shipilov V.S.; Golubina L.T., 1984:
Sexual cycle in romanovska breed ewe lambs

Bons J.; Girons H.S., 1982:
Sexual cycle of male reptiles in morocco and its connection with geographical distribution and climate

Vinuesa J.H.; Tortorelli M.D.C., 1980:
Sexual cycle of the cholga aulacomya ater in deseado harbor argentina

Rao R.J.; Shaad F.U., 1985:
Sexual cycle of the male freshwater turtle trionyx gangeticus

Stupfel, M.; Mongongu, S.; Elabed, A.; Masse, H.; Duriez, M., 1977:
Sexual cycle period and mice susceptibility to an acute experimental hypoxia

Frith, H.J.; Mckean, J.L.; Braithwaite, L.W., 1976:
Sexual cycles and food of the doves streptopelia chinensis and streptopelia senegalensis in australia

Frith, H.J.; Carpenter, S.M.; Braithwaite, L.W., 1976:
Sexual cycles of pigeons in arid and semi arid australia

Clergue-Gazeau, M., 1982:
Sexual cycles of pyrenean urodelans of aquatic tendency role of temperature 1. the males euproctus asper triturus helveticus

Hayashi S.; Hisada T.; Ooya E.; Miyabao S., 1981:
Sexual cyclicity and diurnal cortico sterone secretion in rats given hypothalamic transection at 2 days of age

Phoenix C.H.; Chambers K.C., 1984:
Sexual deprivation and its influence on testosterone levels and sexual behavior of old and middle aged rhesus macaca mulatta males

Pongthai, S.; Sugeethorn, S.; Chaturachinda, K.; Supattrapan, N.; Singhaniyom, S., 1988:
Sexual desire, coital frequency and orgasm during pregnancy: comparing between primigravida and multigravida

Dornbusch S.M.; Carlsmith J.M.; Gross R.T.; Martin J.A.; Jennings D.; Rosenberg A.; Duke P., 1981:
Sexual development age and dating a comparison of biological and social influences upon 1 set of behaviors

Wong, T.T.Y.; Nakahara, L.M., 1978:
Sexual development and mating response of laboratory reared and native mediterranean fruit flies

Calleja, G.B.; Johnson, B.F.; Walker, T., 1982:
Sexual development in a homothallic fission yeast: synthesis of readiness proteins resolved by gel electrophoresis

Chiang Y L., 1980:
Sexual development in ceratopteris pteridoides

Smith A.J.; Mondain Monval M.; Berg K.A.; Gordeladze J.O.; Clausen O.P.F.; Simon P.; Scholler R., 1987:
Sexual development in the immature male blue fox alopex lagopus investigated by testicular histology dna flow cytometry and measurement of plasma fsh lh testosterone and soluble testicular manganese dependent adenylate cyclase activity

Kovach, P.; Grokh-Yu ; Petrilyak, T.; Prokopchak, E., 1977:
Sexual development of boys in field and in mountain regions

Michaux, C.; Hanset, R., 1981:
Sexual development of double muscled and conventional bulls 1. testicular growth

Rubin G.; Paolillo D.J.Jr, 1983:
Sexual development of onoclea sensibilis on agar and soil media without the addition of antheridiogen

Godinho, H.P.; Cardoso, F.M.; Nogueira, J.C., 1979:
Sexual development of yorkshire boars 1. growth of the male genital organs from birth to 15 months of age

Godinho, H.P.; Cardoso, F.M., 1979:
Sexual development of yorkshire boars 2. onset and evolution of spermatogenesis

Nogueira, J.C.; Godinho, H.P.; Coser, A.M.L., 1979:
Sexual development of yorkshire boars 3. morphological histochemical and biochemical aspects of vesicular glands from birth to 15 months of age

Nogueira, J.C.; Godinho, H.P., 1986:
Sexual development of yorkshire boars iv. histological and histochemical aspects of bulbourethral glands and body of the prostate from birth to 15 months of age

Batista, V.D.S., 1987:
Sexual development of zapteryx brevirostris muller and henle 1841 from rio de janeiro's coast brazil

Jean-Faucher, C.; Berger, M.; De-Turckheim, M.; Veyssiere, G.; Jean, C., 1976:
Sexual development plasma and testicular testosterone levels in adult male mice treated neo natally with estradiol testosterone or cyproterone acetate

Isaev, D.D., 1987:
Sexual deviations and perversions in male adolescents with schizophrenia psychopathies or oligophrenia

Vasylenko I.D., 1979:
Sexual deviations from the norm in some hybrid combinations of salix

Robinson, M.D., 1978:
Sexual di chromatism in the namaqua chameleon chamaeleo namaquensis

Plummer M.V.; Farrar D.B., 1981:
Sexual dietary differences in a population of trionyx muticus

Yamane, S., 1977:
Sexual difference in histology of the ultimobranchial gland of mature japanese eels anguilla japonica

Kashimata, M.; Hiramatsu, M.; Kumegawa, M.; Minami, N.; Minami, N., 1985:
Sexual difference in kininase activity in the mouse submandibular gland

Matsumura, H.; Daikoku, S., 1977:
Sexual difference in luteinizing hormone cells of the neo natal rats as revealed by immuno cytochemistry

Doi K.; Kuroshima A., 1982:
Sexual difference in thermo regulatory ability of rats exposed to cold and heat

Yamane S., 1981:
Sexual difference in ultrastructure of the ultimobranchial gland of mature eels anguilla japonica

Gwynne D.T., 1981:
Sexual difference theory mormon crickets anabrus simplex show role reversal in mate choice

Pennypacker K.R.; Fine M.L.; Mills R.R., 1985:
Sexual differences and steroid induced changes in metabolic activity in toadfish opsanus tau sonic muscle

Cousin R.P.; Fenart R.; Salmon J.P., 1981:
Sexual differences concerning positions of human teeth study in sagittal projection

Mills R.C.; Benningfield R.F., 1979:
Sexual differences in aromatase activity of rat liver microsomes

Mashiko K., 1987:
Sexual differences in body size and growth of a freshwater prawn macrobrachium nipponense in captivity

Michener G.R., 1984:
Sexual differences in body weight patterns of richardsons ground squirrels spermophilus richardsonii during the breeding season

Pollack G.S., 1982:
Sexual differences in cricket teleogryllus oceanicus calling song recognition

Demirjian, A.; Levesque, G.Y., 1980:
Sexual differences in dental development and prediction of emergence

Waddill, V.H., 1978:
Sexual differences in foraging on corn of adult labidura riparia dermaptera labiduridae

Lin, Y.N.; Radin, N.S., 1973:
Sexual differences in galactose metabolism: galactosyl ceramide galactosidase and other galactosidases in mouse kidney

Blantz, R.C.; Peterson, O.W.; Blantz, E.R.; Wilson, C.B., 1988:
Sexual differences in glomerular ultrafiltration: effect of androgen administration in ovariectomized rats

Zhulidov A.V.; Emets V.M., 1981:
Sexual differences in heavy metal accumulation in aquatic beetles

Parkes, J.P.; Brockie, R.E., 1977:
Sexual differences in hibernation of hedgehogs in new zealand/

Oshimura, M.; Sandberg, A.A., 1978:
Sexual differences in meiotic disjunction of murine translocation 1 13 70h translocation hetero zygotes

Burger J., 1981:
Sexual differences in parental activities of breeding black skimmers

Nagy, I.; Anda, E.; Szecsi-Felfoldi, M.; Baranyai, P.; Kurcz, M., 1976:
Sexual differences in pituitary pyruvic acid content as well as of lactic acid pyruvic acid quotient

Gunnet J.W.; Freeman M.E., 1982:
Sexual differences in regulation of prolactin secretion by 2 hypothalamic areas

Brunton D.H., 1988:
Sexual differences in reproductive effort time activity budgets of monogamous killdeer charadrius vociferus

Hara, A., 1978 :
Sexual differences in serum proteins of chum salmon and the purification of female specific serum protein

Rintamaki H.; Karplund L.; Linden H.; Hissa R., 1984:
Sexual differences in temperature regulation and energetics in the capercaillie tetrao urogallus

Butler R.G.; Janes Butler S., 1983:
Sexual differences in the behavior of adult great black backed gulls larus marinus during the pre hatch and post hatch periods

Bell H.L., 1986:
Sexual differences in the behavior of wintering golden whistlers pachycephala pectoralis at wollomombi new south wales australia

Uda K., 1987:
Sexual differences in the distribution of substance p immunoreactive fibers in the rat lumbar cord during postnatal development

Moguilevsky J.A.; Faigon M.R.; Rubio M.C.; Scacchi P.; Szwarcfarb B., 1985:
Sexual differences in the effect of serotonin on luteinizing hormone secretion in rats

Bell H.L., 1982:
Sexual differences in the foraging behavior of the frill necked flycatcher arses telescopthalmus in new guinea

Scheibe J.S., 1984:
Sexual differences in the home ranges of peromyscus truei and dipodomys panamintinus rodentia

H.S.M.; Wangh L.J.; Callard I.P., 1985:
Sexual differences in the in vitro induction of vitellogenesis in the turtle chrysemys picta role of the pituitary and growth hormone

Kotaeva D.V.; Chkhubianishvili E.I., 1980:
Sexual differences in the seasonal dynamics of nucleic acid content in the leaves of evergreen plants

Demarest K.T.; Moore K.E., 1981:
Sexual differences in the sensitivity of tuberoinfundibular dopamine neurons to the actions of prolactin

Pivnick K.A.; Mcneil J.N., 1986:
Sexual differences in the thermoregulation of thymelicus lineola adults lepidoptera hesperiidae

Semenchenko, V.M., 1977:
Sexual differences of ecological physiological indices in the vole microtus socialis

Burlakov A.B.; Zolotnitskii A.P.; Moiseeva E.B., 1979:
Sexual differences of gonadotropins from the black sea plaice scophthalmus maeoticus

Kasuga S., 1980:
Sexual differences of medaka oryzias latipes in the acute toxicity test of cadmium

Bacou F.; Jallageas M.; Nougues J.; Vigneron P., 1979:
Sexual differences of plasma thyroxine level during the development of embryo and young chick

Imataka, H.; Suzuki, K.; Inano, H.; Kohmoto, K.; Tamaoki, B., 1988:
Sexual differences of steroidogenic enzymes in embryonic gonads of the chicken (Gallus domesticus)

Steiner, R.A.; Clifton, D.K.; Spies, H.G.; Resko, J.A., 1976:
Sexual differentiation and feedback control of luteinizing hormone secretion in the rhesus monkey

Fukui, S., 1977:
Sexual differentiation and sex hormone of rhodosporidium toruloides

Rimblot F.; Fretey J.; Mrosovsky N.; Lescure J.; Pieau C., 1985:
Sexual differentiation as a function of the incubation temperature of eggs in the sea turtle dermochelys coriacea

Heyters C., 1986:
Sexual differentiation by morphological measurements of children from 5 to 9 years old and for adolescents from 12 to 17 year old

Zonneveld, B.J.M., 1975:
Sexual differentiation in aspergillus nidulans the requirement for manganese and its effect on 1 3 glucan synthesis and degradation

Friedlander, M.; Atsmon, D.; Galun, E., 1977:
Sexual differentiation in cucumber abscisic acid and gibberellic acid contents of various sex genotypes

Friedlander, M.; Atsmon, D.; Galun, E., 1977:
Sexual differentiation in cucumber the effects of abscisic acid and other growth regulators on various sex genotypes

Louis J.P., 1983:
Sexual differentiation in mercurialis annua evidence for a control system of nucleo cytoplasmic relationships by the study of tyrosyl rna from developmental mutants of male sterility

Noda, K., 1982:
Sexual differentiation in pelmatohydra robusta 1. response to a temperature change is dependent on the duration of an asexual period after hatching

Adkins Regan E.; Pickett P.; Koutnik D., 1982:
Sexual differentiation in quail coturnix coturnix japonica conversion of androgen to estrogen mediates testosterone induced de masculinization of copulation but not other male characteristics

Osanai K.; Hirai S.; Odashima M.; Kyozuka K I., 1980:
Sexual differentiation in the juveniles of the scallop patinopecten yessoensis

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Sexual differentiation of social play in rat pups is mediated by the neonatal androgen-receptor system

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Sexual differentiation of the brain effects on mating behavior and tritium labeled estradiol binding by hypothalamic chromatin in rats

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Sexual differentiation of the external genital organs of the macaca fascicularis fetus

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Sexual dimorphism and age differences in morphological and biochemical characteristics of some gastropoda

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Sexual dimorphism and between year variation in flowering fruit set and pollinator behavior in a boreal willow

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Sexual dimorphism and divergence in winter foraging behavior of the three toed woodpeckers picoides tridactylus

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Sexual dimorphism and energy expenditure for reproduction in female fisher martes pennanti

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Sexual dimorphism and fecundity of nototheniops tchizh from the indian ocean sector of antarctic as a function of species differences in the genus nototheniops

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Sexual dimorphism and food ration of the ermine in an agrosystem of quebec canada

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Sexual dimorphism and geographic distribution of sternechus subsignatus boheman 1836 coleoptera curculionidae in brazil

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Sexual dimorphism and geographic variation in the bronze darter percina palmaris pisces percidae

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Sexual dimorphism and geographical variation in the body size of the yellow weasel mustela sibirica

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Sexual dimorphism and handedness in dermatoglyphics in a south indian population

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Sexual dimorphism and intraspecific aggression and their relationship to sex ratios in caprella gorgonia crustacea amphipoda caprellidae

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Sexual dimorphism and lack of seasonal changes in vocal control regions of the white crowned sparrow zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli brain

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Sexual dimorphism and maturity characteristics of 3 species of desmognathus amphibia urodela plethodontidae

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Sexual dimorphism and morphological advancement in cladocera crustacea

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Sexual dimorphism and morphometric variation in the texas usa kangaroo rat dipodomys elator merriam 1894

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Sexual dimorphism and morphometric variations in the ermine mustela erminea cicognanii

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Sexual dimorphism and phenomena of histo incompatibility in skin homo grafts in triturus cristatus carnifex

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Sexual dimorphism and phylogenetic relationships of wild sheep

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Sexual dimorphism and population estimates of the two amazonian tortoises geochelone carbonaria and geochelone denticulata in northwestern brazil

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Sexual dimorphism and sex limited polymorphism in the copepod paroithona pacifica cyclopoida oithonidae from the red sea

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Sexual dimorphism and size age variability of morphological characters in the minnow phoxinus phoxinus from water bodies of the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Sexual dimorphism and size age variability of taxonomic characters in the walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma from the southwestern coast of kamchatka peninsula russian sfsr ussr

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Sexual dimorphism and social organization in the cercopithecines of the african forest

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Sexual dimorphism and status of mustela nivalis in central europe mammalia mustelidae

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Sexual dimorphism and subspecies of crested lark galerida cristata in the southern turkmen ssr ussr

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Sexual dimorphism and temporal variation in the north island new zealand moa species euryapteryx curtus owen and pachyornis mappini archey

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Sexual dimorphism and testosterone effects on liver epidermal growth factor receptors in mice

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Sexual dimorphism and the annual flowering pattern in jacaratia dolichaula caricaceae in a costa rican rain forest

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Sexual dimorphism characterizes steroid hormone modulation of rat aortic steroid hormone receptors

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Sexual dimorphism drag constraints and male performance in gammarus duebeni amphipoda

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Sexual dimorphism for size in 7 19th century northwest coast populations

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Sexual dimorphism in 2 savannah sparrow populations

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Sexual dimorphism in 5 species of the family lacertidae reptilia

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Sexual dimorphism in a new symphylan from the ivory coast hanseniella ivorensis new species

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Sexual dimorphism in a river sculpin cottus hangiongensis

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Sexual dimorphism in a temperate dioecious tree ilex montana aquifoliaceae

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Sexual dimorphism in a triggerfish balistapus undulatus

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Sexual dimorphism in adrenergic regulation of hepatic glycogenolysis

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Sexual dimorphism in an australian galaxiid pisces galaxiidae

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Sexual dimorphism in aquila nipalensis and aquila heliaca

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Sexual dimorphism in binding and metabolism of cortisol during puberty in the guinea pig

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Sexual dimorphism in brachionus plicatilis rotifera evolutionary and adaptive significance

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Sexual dimorphism in bull frogs rana catesbeiana

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Sexual dimorphism in callasobruchus chinensis bruchidae coleoptera

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Sexual dimorphism in catasetum orchids: forcible pollen emplacement and male flower competition

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Sexual dimorphism in cirsium arvense

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Sexual dimorphism in deutonymphs of mites of the family parasitidae acari mesostigmata

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Sexual dimorphism in egg size and implications regarding facultative manipulation of sex in mountain white crowned sparrows

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Sexual dimorphism in four species of rockfish genus sebastes scorpaenidae

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Sexual dimorphism in gammarus pulex the effect of current flow on pre copula pair formation/

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Sexual dimorphism in hip bone

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Sexual dimorphism in human vertebral body shape

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Sexual dimorphism in ichneumonidae a response to hurlbutt

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Sexual dimorphism in indian fresh water turtle kachuga tecta gray

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Sexual dimorphism in juvenile hormone synthesis by corpora allata and in juvenile hormone acid methyltransferase activity in corpora allata and accessory sex glands of some lepidoptera

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Sexual dimorphism in malpighian tubules of pteronarcys californica plecoptera

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Sexual dimorphism in metacarpal dimensions and body size of Mexican school children

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Sexual dimorphism in molar progression and eruption in the agile wallaby

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Sexual dimorphism in nothura maculosa aves tinamidae using pelvic morphometry

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Sexual dimorphism in pontohedyle milaschwetchii gastropoda opisthobranchia

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Sexual dimorphism in pteronotum of cave cricket kempiola shankari orthoptera phalangopsidae

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Sexual dimorphism in punjabi infants

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Sexual dimorphism in relation to winter foraging and territorial behavior of the three toed woodpecker picoides tridactylus and 3 dendrocopos spp

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Sexual dimorphism in size and vertebral number in the western atlantic eel moringua edwardsi anguilliformes moringuidae

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Sexual dimorphism in size molt and movements of cettis warbler cettia cetti

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Sexual dimorphism in size of tawny owls strix aluco a method for sexing in field studies

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Sexual dimorphism in snow petrels pagodroma nivea

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Sexual dimorphism in stenotarsus rotundus coleoptera endomychidae

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Sexual dimorphism in synaptic organization in the amygdala and its dependence on neo natal hormone environment

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Sexual dimorphism in tail pattern of oklahoma snakes

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Sexual dimorphism in the 1st instar of the cochineal insect dactylopius austrinus homoptera dactylopiidae

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Sexual dimorphism in the 2nd 4th finger formula

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Sexual dimorphism in the atka mackerel pleurogrammus monopterygius

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Sexual dimorphism in the basilar part of the occipital bone of the dog (Canis familiaris)

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Sexual dimorphism in the belemnite youngibelus from the lower jurassic of yorkshire uk

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Sexual dimorphism in the blue bonnet northiella haematogaster

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Sexual dimorphism in the cranial development of scandinavian moose alces alces alces

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Sexual dimorphism in the deep sea fish barathrodemus manatinus ophidiidae

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Sexual dimorphism in the development emergence and agenesis of the mandibular 3rd molar

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Sexual dimorphism in the development of brachial and femoral bones in monachopsis pontica pinnipedia phocidae

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Sexual dimorphism in the early hominid dentition

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Sexual dimorphism in the emergence of the deciduous teeth

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Sexual dimorphism in the human corpus callosum

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Sexual dimorphism in the human corpus callosum: an extension and replication study

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Sexual dimorphism in the immature stages of the termite reticulitermes flavipes isoptera rhinotermitidae

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Sexual dimorphism in the intensity of secular trend in body height among the population of wroclaw poland

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Sexual dimorphism in the japanese species of macromitrium musci orthotrichaceae

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Sexual dimorphism in the jawfish opistognathus melachasme

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Sexual dimorphism in the larvae and nymphs of ixodes persulcatus

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Sexual dimorphism in the larvae of hydrocyrius columbiae columbiae and sphaerodema grassei ghesquierei african belostomatidae heteroptera insecta 3

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Sexual dimorphism in the loaches noemacheilus triangularis and lepidocephalus thermalis

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Sexual dimorphism in the mandibles and canine teeth of the northern elephant seal

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Sexual dimorphism in the midshaft cross sectional areas of japanese femora and humeri and their effectiveness in the sex diagnosis of bones

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Sexual dimorphism in the nymph ixodes uriae ixodidae

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Sexual dimorphism in the pelvis of pitymys duodecimcostatus

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Sexual dimorphism in the postcranial skeleton of New World primates

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Sexual dimorphism in the posterior pituitary response to stress in the rat

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Sexual dimorphism in the pressor response to levo adrenaline in rats

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Sexual dimorphism in the response of the gamma aminobutyric acid ergic system to estrogen administration

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Sexual dimorphism in the silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix

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Sexual dimorphism in the strawberry fragaria chiloensis

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Sexual dimorphism in the visual system of flies the free flight behavior of male bibionidae diptera

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Sexual dimorphism in the white ibis

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Sexual dimorphism in ultrasonic vocalizations of mice (Mus musculus): gonadal hormone regulation

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Sexual dimorphism involving steroidal pheromones and their binding protein in the submaxillary salivary gland of the goettingen miniature pig

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Sexual dimorphism mating system and effect of phylogeny in debrazza's monkey cercopithecus neglectus

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Sexual dimorphism of a triggerfish sufflamen fraenatus and record of its juvenile from kominato chiba prefecture japan

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Sexual dimorphism of common bream abramis brama

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Sexual dimorphism of correlations in craniometry

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Sexual dimorphism of cretaceous gastropods of soviet central asia ussr

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Sexual dimorphism of electrophoretic spectra of serum proteins in phytophagous fish

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Sexual dimorphism of messenger RNA isolated from neonatal rat brain

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Sexual dimorphism of mouse complement c 5

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Sexual dimorphism of silurus glanis osteichthyes siluridae

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Sexual dimorphism of skeletal robusticity in several mammalian orders

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Sexual dimorphism of sodium dodecyl sulfate peptide patterns from the submaxillary glands of mice mus musculus

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Sexual dimorphism of testosterone 15 alpha hydroxylase messenger rna levels in mouse liver complementary dna cloning and regulation

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Sexual dimorphism of the chatham island warbler gerygone albofrontata

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Sexual dimorphism of the cheliped in the prawn macrobrachium nipponense and its significance in reproductive behavior

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Sexual dimorphism of the human humerus

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Sexual dimorphism of the integumentary glands and production of pheromones in the hemiptera pentatomoidea

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Sexual dimorphism of the landlocked three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus microcephalus from japan

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Sexual dimorphism of the rock sandpiper calidris ptilocnemis aves charadriidae

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Sexual dimorphism of the sound producing organ in the pygmy gourami trichopsis pumilus anabantidae belontiidae

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Sexual dimorphism of the upper jaw in gillichthys mirabilis

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Sexual dimorphism of the weight of the skull in African cercopithecidae (primates, catarrhini)

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Sexual dimorphism ontogeny and functional morphology of rutiderma hartmanni crustacea ostracoda

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Sexual dimorphism population dynamics and ecology of cyrtodactylus kotschyi reptilia sauria gekkonidae

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Sexual dimorphism sex ratio and parasitism in automeris leucane lepidoptera saturnidae

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Sexual dimorphism: the horns of african antelopes

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Sexual dimorphisms of axo spine synapses and postsynaptic density material in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the rat

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Sexual discrimination by golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)

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Sexual discrimination in the hermit crab pagurus geminus

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Sexual disorders in male patients requiring hemo dialysis

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Sexual display response of female white crowned sparrows to normal isolate and modified conspecific songs

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Sexual dominance submission gender and sex role identification

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Sexual dys function following surgical therapy for aorto iliac disease

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Sexual dys function of stroke patients

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Sexual education of young people

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Sexual encounters in coelotes terrestris wider araneae agelenidae study of the vibratory phenomena transmitted by the web during encounters of the partners

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Sexual endocrinology hormone relations and the physio pathology of pregnancy hormone investigations hypothalamic hypophyseal relations

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Sexual environment and molybdate 2 factors influencing the androgen receptor quantification in prostate bulbocavernosus levator ani and heart muscle of male wistar rats

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Sexual excitement and stretching and yawning induced by b ht 920 2 amino 6 allyl 5 6 7 8 tetrahydro 4h thiazolo 5 4 d azepine

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Sexual exclusivity vs. openness in gay male couples

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Sexual experience among men and women associations within 3 independent samples

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Sexual experience and attitudes of asian american students

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Sexual experience and plasma testosterone levels in male veterans after spinal cord injury

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Sexual experience, androgens and female choice of a mate in laboratory rats

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Sexual experimentation and pregnancy in young black adolescents

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Sexual fantasies of black and of white college students

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Sexual fantasy and pornography 2 cases of girls brought up with pornography

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Sexual forms and phylogenetic positions of moina reticulata and moina minuta cladocera moinidae

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Sexual forms of some central asian honeysuckle aphid species homoptera aphididae

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Sexual function and female radical cystectomy: a case series

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Sexual function and hormonal abnormalities in uremic men on chronic dialysis and after renal transplantation

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Sexual function failures after injuries of the posterior urethra

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Sexual function following treatment for carcinoma of cervix

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Sexual function in 20 younger insulin treated male diabetic out patients a 2 year follow up study

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Sexual function in asthmatic women

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Sexual function in cystic fibrosis. Relationship to overall health status and pulmonary disease severity in 30 married patients

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Sexual function in males with pituitary tumors

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Sexual functioning in stroke survivors

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Sexual functioning of renal transplant recipients

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Sexual functions after major resections of the sacrum with bilateral or unilateral sacrifice of sacral nerves

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Sexual functions in male post myocardial infarction patients during their rehabilitation

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Sexual functions semen characteristics and fertility of bulls carrying the 1 29 chromosome translocation

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Sexual habits of young men in relation to aids

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Sexual health care clinician in an acute spinal cord injury unit

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Sexual heat stimulation in ewes by means of intra vaginal introduction of chlorsuperlutin

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Sexual hormones and hypophyseal gonadal axis in postmenopausal women with cirrhosis of the liver

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Sexual hormones and their cyto reception in multiple control of liver functions

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Sexual hyperactivity and reduced longevity of dunce females of Drosophila melanogaster

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Sexual impotence: a complication of external sphincterotomy

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Sexual impotence a double blind study of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone nasal spray vs placebo

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Sexual impotence the overlooked complication of a 2nd renal transplant

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Sexual impotency counseling of 388 private patients by urologist from 1954 1982

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Sexual imprinting a sensitive period in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

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Sexual imprinting in male japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica the effects of castration at hatching

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Sexual imprinting of a barn owl tyto alba on humans

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Sexual imprinting variations in the persistence of mate preference due to difference in stimulus quality in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

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Sexual incidents in an extended care unit for aged men

Machelon, V., 1986:
Sexual incompatibilities and intraclonal conjugations in one species of the genus euplotes ciliata hypotrichida

Kiyomoto, R.K.; Bruehl, G.W., 1976:
Sexual incompatibility and virulence in typhula idahoensis

Frankel, C.; Ellingboe, A.H., 1977:
Sexual Incompatibility Factors and Somatic Recombination in SCHIZOPHYLLUM COMMUNE

Sakurai T., 1981:
Sexual induction by feeding in an asexual strain of the fresh water planarian dugesia japonica japonica

White, D.P.; Douglas, N.J.; Pickett, C.K.; Weil, J.V.; Zwillich, C.W., 1983:
Sexual influence on the control of breathing

Ryn K., 1980:
Sexual inhibition in japanese women having gynecological diseases

Imielinski K., 1981:
Sexual interaction dys functions

White C.B., 1982:
Sexual interest attitudes knowledge and sexual history in relation to sexual behavior in the institutionalized age

Verrell P.A., 1988:
Sexual interference in the alpine newt triturus alpestris amphibia urodela salamandridae

Bentivegna F.; Cirino P., 1984:
Sexual inversion in coris julis

Kirstein, L., 1978:
Sexual involvement with patients

Singh B.N.; Dwivedi Y.N.; Gupta J.P., 1981:
Sexual isolation among 3 species of the drosophila bipectinata species complex

Zouros E.; D'entremont C.J., 1980:
Sexual isolation among populations of drosophila mojavensis response to pressure from a related species

Ehrman, L.; Parsons, P.A., 1980:
Sexual isolation among widely distributed populations of Drosophila immigrans

Cobb M.; Burnet B.; Connolly K., 1988:
Sexual isolation and courtship behavior in drosophila simulans drosophila mauritiana and their interspecific hybrids

Kence A.; Bozcuk A.N.; Yazgan S., 1981:
Sexual isolation and genetic differentiation among house fly musca domestica populations in turkey

Beam, C.A.; Himes, M., 1977:
Sexual isolation and genetic diversification among some strains of crypthecodinium cohnii like dinoflagellates evidence of speciation

Carracedo, M.C.; Casares, P.; San-Miguel, E., 1987:
Sexual isolation between drosophila melanogaster females and drosophila simulans males ii. influence of female receptivity on hybridization

Constanti, M.; Pascual, M.; Ribo, G.; Prevosti, A., 1986:
Sexual isolation between populations of drosophila subobscura i. european strains

Pascual, M.; Constanti, M.; Ribo, G.; Prevosti, A., 1986:
Sexual isolation between populations of drosophila subobscura ii. american and european strains

Watabe H A.; Higuchi C., 1984:
Sexual isolation studies of drosophila kanekoi

Shrestha, K.; Rees, D.W.; Rix, K.J.; Hore, B.D.; Faragher, E.B., 1985:
Sexual jealousy in alcoholics

Nadelson, C.C.; Notman, M.T.; Gillon, J.W., 1980:
Sexual knowledge and attitudes of adolescents: relationship to contraceptive use

Beck A.; Nikorovicz F., 1980:
Sexual life after radical operation of cervical carcinoma

Nakosteen, P.C.; Hughes, K.W., 1978:
Sexual life cycle of 3 species of funariaceae in culture

Møller-Nielsen, C.; Lundhus, E.; Møller-Madsen, B.; Nørgaard, J.P.; Simonsen, O.H.; Hansen, S.L.; Birkler, N., 1985:
Sexual life following 'minimal' and 'total' transurethral prostatic resection

Raboch J.; Horejsi J., 1982:
Sexual life of women with the kuestner rokitansky syndrome

Hanson, R.W.; Franklin, M.R., 1976:
Sexual loss in relation to other functional losses for spinal cord injured males

Clark, B.R.; Price, E.O., 1981:
Sexual maturation and fecundity of wild and domestic Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Nomura, H., 1976:
Sexual maturation and gonado somatic index of the piava leporinus copelandii from the mogi guacu river sao paulo brazil osteichthyes anostomidae

Hafez, A.S.; Salem, S.I.; Cole, T.J.; Galal, O.M.; Massoud, A., 1981:
Sexual maturation and growth pattern in Egyptian boys

Murakoshi M.; Kawaguti S., 1986:
Sexual maturation and harvest regulations in the shell length of the boring clam tridacna crocea

Bazer, F.W.; Thatcher, W.W.; Martinat-Botte, F.; Terqui, M., 1988:
Sexual maturation and morphological development of the reproductive tract in large white and prolific Chinese Meishan pigs

Hill, E.F.; Shaffner, C.S., 1976:
Sexual maturation and productivity of Japanese quail fed graded concentrations of mercuric chloride

Krykhtin M.L., 1986:
Sexual maturation and reproduction rates in the kaluga sturgeon huso dauricus georgi from the amur liman

Wolanski N.; Rzepka J., 1983:
Sexual maturation and somatic development

Shilov, V.I.; Krasichkova, O.N., 1977:
Sexual maturation and the duration of repeated maturation of genital products in the female sterlet acipenser ruthenus of the volgograd reservoir ussr

Cossa D.; Bourget E.; Piuze J., 1979:
Sexual maturation as a source of variation in the relationship between cadmium concentration and body weight of mytilus edulis

Chappel S.C.; Ulloa Aguirre A.; Ramaley J.A., 1983:
Sexual maturation in female rats time related changes in the iso electric focusing pattern of anterior pituitary fsh

Macfarlane J.D.; Taylor J.M., 1981:
Sexual maturation in female townsends voles microtus townsendii townsendii

Lincoln R.F., 1981:
Sexual maturation in female tri ploid plaice pleuronectes platessa and plaice x flounder platichthys flesus hybrids

Pandey, S.C.; Pandey, S.D., 1988:
Sexual maturation in female wild mice combined effect of adults' urinary chemosignals and minimum time of exposure to stimulus substances for bringing the effects

Bushberg, D.M.; Holmes, W.G., 1985:
Sexual maturation in male Belding's ground squirrels: influence of body weight

Jean Faucher C.; Berger M.; D.T.rckheim M.; Veyssiere G.; Jean C., 1980:
Sexual maturation in male mice reared in the absence of females

Laubier-Bonichon, A.; Mangold, K., 1975:
Sexual maturation in male octopus vulgaris cephalopoda octopoda in relation to photo sexual reflex

Lincoln R.F., 1981:
Sexual maturation in tri ploid male plaice pleuronectes platessa and plaice x flounder platichthys flesus hybrids

Neyzi, O.; Alp, H.; Yalcindag, A.; Yakacikli, S.; Orphon, A., 1975:
Sexual maturation in Turkish boys

Neyzi, O.; Alp, H.; Orhon, A., 1975:
Sexual maturation in Turkish girls

Belmaker E., 1982:
Sexual maturation of jerusalem israel school girls and its association with socio economic factors and ethnic group

Dyachuk I.E.; Danilenko T.P., 1982:
Sexual maturation of the bream abramis brama cyprinidae in the 1st years of the existence of the kanev reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

Nazian, S.J.; Piacsek, B.E., 1978:
Sexual maturation of the cold exposed male rat alterations in secondary sexual organ sensitivity to testosterone

Beadles, M.L.; Miller, J.A.; Gingrich, A.R., 1977:
Sexual maturation of the horn fly its role in sterile male release programs

Nazian S.J.; Mahesh V.B., 1979:
Sexual maturation of the male rat influence of androgens on the pituitary response to single or multiple injections of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

Robaina G.G.; Voglar J.F., 1986:
Sexual maturation of the sepioteuthis sepioidea females cephalopoda loliginidae in venezuelan coast

Tokranov A.M., 1981:
Sexual maturation rate and fecundity in the staghorn sculpin gymnocanthus detrisus cottidae near the eastern coast of the kamchatka peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Lundqvist, H.; Fridberg, G., 1982:
Sexual maturation vs. immaturity different tactics with adaptive values in baltic salmon salmo salar male smolts

Heulin B., 1985:
Sexual maturity and age at first reproduction in a lowland population of lacerta vivipara

Feer F., 1982:
Sexual maturity and annual cycle of reproduction in neotragus batesi african forest bovid

Gangotri, M.S.; Vasantha, N.; Venkatachari, S.A.T., 1978:
Sexual maturity and breeding behavior in the fresh water crab barytelphusa guerini

Latits G.; Tury E., 1985:
Sexual maturity and breeding maturity in merino ewe hoggets

Taube, C.M., 1976:
Sexual maturity and fecundity in brown trout of the platte river michigan usa

Avery E.L., 1985:
Sexual maturity and fecundity of brown trout salmo trutta in central and northern wisconsin usa streams

Voigth M.A.; Balbontin F., 1981:
Sexual maturity and fecundity of the flounder hippoglossina macrops pisces bothidae

Woodard, A.E.; Snyder, R.L., 1976:
Sexual maturity and persistency of lay in the Chukar partridge given stimulatory light at different ages

el-Sayed, M.S.; Brackenbury, J.H., 1988:
Sexual maturity and physical exercise alter fibrinolytic activity in birds (chickens)

Faure A.S.; Morgenthal J.C.; Burger F.J.L., 1987:
Sexual maturity and reproductive ability of karakul ewes in two feeding regimes

Siou G.; Conan L., 1979:
Sexual maturity and sensitivity to the mutagenic action of benzene

Templeman W.; Bishop C.A., 1979:
Sexual maturity and spawning in haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus of st pierre bank canada

Templeman, W.; Hodder, V.M.; Wells, R., 1978:
Sexual maturity and spawning in haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus of the southern grand bank

Duran A.C.; Sans Coma V., 1986:
Sexual maturity in mus spretus lataste 1883

Gemmell R.T., 1987:
Sexual maturity in the captive male bandicoot isoodon macrourus

Gemmell R.T., 1986:
Sexual maturity in the female bandicoot isoodon macrourus in captivity

Campodonico, G.I.; Guzman, M.L.; Sanhueza, S.A., 1974:
Sexual maturity in the males of the king crab lithodes antarctica of the area of punta arenas porvenir straights of magellan chile

Godinho H.P.; Ribeiro D.M., 1985:
Sexual maturity of curimbatas prochilodus scrofa pisces teleostei raised in ponds

Dube P.; Grondin P., 1985:
Sexual maturity of the female lobster homarus americanus on the magdalen islands canada

Takahashi, S., 1981:
Sexual maturity of the isaza chaenogobius isaza 2. gross morphology and histology of the ovary

Takahashi, S., 1981:
Sexual maturity of the isaza chaenogobius isaza 3. effects of water temperature on vitellogenesis

Takahashi, S., 1982:
Sexual maturity of the isaza chaenogobius isaza 4. vitellogenesis and the subjective diel thermoperiod caused by vertical migration

Sibaja W.G., 1986:
Sexual maturity of the mussel mytella guyanensis lamarck 1819 bivalvia mytilidae in the mangrove swamp of jicaral pontarenas costa rica

Ivankov V.N.; Mitrofanov Y.A.; Omel'chenko V.T., 1987:
Sexual maturity of the pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha in first year of life

Lara R.T.; Matsuyama M.; Matsuura S., 1987:
Sexual maturity of the red sea bream pagrus major from the chikuzenkai northern kyushu japan in 1985

Anon, 1982 :
Sexual medicine a casualty officers guide

Mackay P.A.; Reeleder D.J.; Lamb R.J., 1983:
Sexual morph production by apterous and alate viviparous acyrthosiphon pisum homoptera aphididae

Mullins, J.T.; Ellis, E.A., 1974:
Sexual morphogenesis in achlya ambisexualis ultrastructural basis for the hormonal induction of antheridial hyphae

Chakrabarti, S., 1978:
Sexual morphs of chromaphis hersutustibis homoptera aphididae from india

Hunter, D.M.; Moorhouse, D.E., 1976:
Sexual mosaics and mermithid parasitism in austrosimulium bancrofti diptera simuliidae

Imielinski K., 1981:
Sexual norm relativity criteria

Van Warmelo K.T., 1981:
Sexual nuclear division in neocosmospora

Marshall W.L.; Barbaree H.E.; Christophe D., 1986:
Sexual offenders against female children sexual preferences for age of victims and type of behavior

Veyssière, G.; Corre, M.; Berger, M.; Jean-Faucher, C.; de Turckheim, M.; Jean, C., 1980:
Sexual organogenesis and circulating androgens in the rabbit fetus. Study after active immunization of mothers against testosterone

Walker P.; Antaki C., 1986:
Sexual orientation as a basis for categorization in recall

Sanders G.; Ross Field L., 1986:
Sexual orientation cognitive abilities and cerebral asymmetry a review and a hypothesis tested

Vega Matuszczyk, J.; Fernandez-Guasti, A.; Larsson, K., 1988:
Sexual orientation, proceptivity, and receptivity in the male rat as a function of neonatal hormonal manipulation

Davison, G.C.; Friedman, S., 1981:
Sexual orientation stereotypy in the distortion of clinical judgment

Moravec J., 1987:
Sexual parasitism in the european tree frog hyla arborea

Perrill, S.A.; Gerhardt, H.C.; Daniel, R., 1978:
Sexual Parasitism in the Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea)

Warner, R.R.; Robertson, D.R., 1978:
Sexual patterns in the labroid fishes of the western caribbean part 1 the wrasses labridae

Robertson, D.R.; Warner, R.R., 1978:
Sexual patterns in the labroid fishes of the western caribbean part 2 the parrotfishes scaridae

Zenchak J.J.; Anderson G.C., 1980:
Sexual performance levels of rams ovis aries as affected by social experiences during rearing

Hrdy I.; Marek J.; Krampl F., 1979:
Sexual pheromone activity of 8 dodecenyl acetate and 11 tetra decenyl acetate for males of several lepidopteran species in field trials

Saume Romero F., 1979:
Sexual pheromones an alternative method in controlling plant pests

Maier I.; Mueller D.G.; Gassmann G.; Boland W.; Jaenicke L., 1987 :
Sexual pheromones and related egg secretions in laminariales phaeophyta

Karlson, P.; Schneider, D., 1973:
Sexual pheromones of lepidoptera as model systems for chemical communication

Guillaumin J.J.; Berthelay S.; Savin V., 1983:
Sexual polarity of the armillaria mellea group

Jolly M.S.; Dandin S.B.; Ravindran S.; Kumar R., 1986:
Sexual polymorphism in the genus morus l

Finkle, A.L.; Taylor, S.P., 1981:
Sexual potency after radical prostatectomy

Zubenko, G.S.; George, A.W.; Soloff, P.H.; Schulz, P., 1987:
Sexual practices among patients with borderline personality disorder

Winkelstein, W.J. ; Lyman, D.M.; Padian, N.; Grant, R.; Samuel, M.; Wiley, J.A.; Anderson, R.E.; Lang, W.; Riggs, J.; Levy, J.A., 1987:
Sexual practices and risk of infection by the human immunodeficiency virus the san francisco california usa men's health study

Faggiano M.; Criscuolo T.; Perrone L.; Quarto C.; Sinisi A.A., 1983:
Sexual precocity in a boy due to hyper secretion of luteinizing hormone and prolactin by a pituitary adenoma

Herman-Giddens, M.E.; Sandler, A.D.; Friedman, N.E., 1988:
Sexual precocity in girls. An association with sexual abuse?

Murphy M.R., 1980:
Sexual preferences of male hamsters importance of pre weaning and adult experience vaginal secretion and olfactory or vomero nasal sensation

Moore, J.T.; Goldstein, Y., 1980:
Sexual problems among family medicine patients

Burnham, W.R.; Lennard-Jones, J.E.; Brooke, B.N., 1977:
Sexual problems among married ileostomists. Survey conducted by The Ileostomy Association of Great Britain and Ireland

Frenken J.; Van Tol P., 1987:
Sexual problems in gynecological practice

Becker, J.V.; Skinner, L.J.; Abel, G.G.; Axelrod, R.; Cichon, J., 1984:
Sexual problems of sexual assault survivors

Yoshino, S.; Uchida, S., 1981:
Sexual problems of women with rheumatoid arthritis

Scott I.G.; Alexander D.A., 1981:
Sexual problems referred to a scottish uk psychiatric service

Tsuboi, M.; Ohashi, K.; Takahara, M.; Hayashibe, M., 1978:
Sexual process in 8 spored ascus forming yeast schizosaccharomyces japonicus part 1 culture medium for the synchronous sexual process

Ohashi K.; Tsuboi M.; Hayashibe M., 1979:
Sexual process in 8 spored ascus forming yeast schizosaccharomyces japonicus part 2 dependency of the sexual process on the carbon source

Finkle, A.L., 1977:
Sexual psychodynamics of aging urologic perspectives

Lanfranco M.; Rolando A., 1981:
Sexual races and reproductive isolation in ophryotrocha labronica annelida polychaeta

Yuan G F.; Jong S C.; Davis E., 1985:
Sexual reactions of rhizopus stolonifer and rhizopus circinans

Cooper, R.L., 1977:
Sexual receptivity in aged female rats. Behavioral evidence for increased sensitivity to estrogen

Trabalon, M.; Campan, M., 1985:
Sexual receptivity in the female of calliphora vomitoria diptera calliphoridae during the first gonadotropic cycle ii. effects of topical application of methoprene on various developmental and behavioral parameters

Weatherhead P.J.; Robertson R.J., 1980:
Sexual recognition and anti cuckoldry behavior in savannah sparrows passerculus sandwichensis

King, C.E.; Snell, T.W., 1977:
Sexual recombination in rotifers

Dubiel A.; Barcikowski B.; Dziadek K.; Polanska E.; Romanowicz K.; Stanczyk J.F., 1985:
Sexual reflexes properties of semen and concentration of blood testosterone in young boars of chosen breeds

Thomas P.G.; Ikeda T., 1987:
Sexual regression shrinkage re maturation and growth of spent female euphausia superba in the laboratory

Schover, L.R.; Evans, R.; von Eschenbach, A.C., 1986:
Sexual rehabilitation and male radical cystectomy

Donahue, V.C.; Knapp, R.C., 1977:
Sexual rehabilitation of gynecologic cancer patients

Schultz W.C.M.W.; Wijma K.; Van D.W.el H.B.M.; Bouma J.; Janssens J., 1986:
Sexual rehabilitation of radical vulvectomy patients a pilot study

Clayton M.N., 1980:
Sexual reproduction a rare occurrence in the life history of the complanate form of scytosiphon scytosiphonaceae phaeophyta from southern australia

Chornesky E.A.; Peters E.C., 1987:
Sexual reproduction and colony growth in the scleractinian coral porites astreoides

Sako Y.; Ishida Y.; Kadota H.; Hata Y., 1984:
Sexual reproduction and cyst formation in the fresh water dinoflagellate peridinium cunningtonii

Sako Y.; Ishida Y.; Nishijima T.; Hata Y., 1987:
Sexual reproduction and cyst formation in the freshwater dinoflagellate peridinium penardii

Bell R.A.; Cain J.R., 1983:
Sexual reproduction and hybridization in chlamydomonas smithii and chlamydomonas reinhardtii chlorophyceae volvocales

Mueller D.G.; Clayton M.N.; Germann I., 1985:
Sexual reproduction and life history of perithalia caudata sporochnales phaeophyta

Pfiester L.A.; Timpano P.; Skvarla J.J.; Holt J.R., 1984:
Sexual reproduction and meiosis in peridinium inconspicuum dinophyceae

Harder L.D.; Thomson J.D.; Cruzan M.B.; Unnasch R.S., 1985:
Sexual reproduction and variation in floral morphology in an ephemeral vernal lily erythronium americanum

Febvre M.; Fredj Reygrobellet D.; Fredj G., 1981:
Sexual reproduction in a fissiparous asteroid sclerasterias richardi

Magne, F., 1977 :
Sexual reproduction in acrochaetium asparagopsidis rhodophyceae

Kojis, B.L., 1986:
Sexual reproduction in acropora isopora coelenterata scleractinia ii. latitudinal variation in acropora palifera from the great barrier reef australia and papua new guinea

Kojis, B.L., 1986:
Sexual reproduction in acropora isopora species coelenterata scleractinia i. acropora cuneata and acropora palifera on heron island reef great barrier reef australia

Schemske, D.W., 1978:
Sexual reproduction in an illinois usa population of sanguinaria canadensis

Lee Y P., 1983:
Sexual reproduction in audouinella alariae acrochaetiaceae rhodophyta from the north atlantic ocean

Mueller, D.G., 1977:
Sexual reproduction in british ectocarpus siliculosus phaeophyta

Prince J.S., 1988:
Sexual reproduction in codium fragile ssp tomentosoides chlorophyceae from the northeast coast of north america

Vidyavati; Mogili T., 1984:
Sexual reproduction in cosmarium laeve

Blackburn S.I.; Tyler P.A., 1981:
Sexual reproduction in desmids with special reference to micrasterias thomasiana var notata

Wawrik F., 1980:
Sexual reproduction in dinobryon suecicum var longispinum and observations in mallomonas reginae cryptomonas cylindracea and dictyosphaerium elegans

Barrett, S.C.H., 1980:
Sexual reproduction in eichhornia crassipes water hyacinth 1. fertility of clones from diverse regions

Barrett, S.C.H., 1980:
Sexual reproduction in eichhornia crassipes water hyacinth 2. seed production in natural populations

Nozaki H., 1983:
Sexual reproduction in eudorina elegans chlorophyta volvocales

Laval Peuto M., 1983:
Sexual reproduction in favella ehrenbergii ciliophora tintinnina taxonomical implications

Singh H.; Owens J.N., 1982:
Sexual reproduction in grand fir abies grandis

Hawkes, M.W., 1978:
Sexual reproduction in porphyra gardneri bangiales rhodophyta

Johnson E.; Williams S.L., 1982:
Sexual reproduction in seagrasses reports for 5 caribbean species with details for halodule wrightii and syringodium filiforme

Fadlallah Y.H.; Pearse J.S., 1982:
Sexual reproduction in solitary corals overlapping oogenic and brooding cycles and benthic planulae in balanophyllia elegans

Necchi O.Jr, 1987:
Sexual reproduction in thorea bory rhodophyta thoreaceae

Owens J.N.; Molder M., 1980:
Sexual reproduction in western red cedar thuja plicata

Dick M.W., 1987:
Sexual reproduction nuclear cycles and life histories with particular reference to lower eukaryotes

Dunn D.F., 1982:
Sexual reproduction of 2 inter tidal sea anemones coelenterata actiniaria in malaysia

Benayahu Y.; Loya Y., 1986:
Sexual reproduction of a soft coral synchronous and brief annual spawning of sarcophyton glaucum

Owens, J.N.; Molder, M., 1977:
Sexual reproduction of abies amabilis

Takashio, M.; De-Vroey, C., 1976:
Sexual reproduction of certain dermatophytes on a niger seed base medium guizotia abyssinica

Heyward A.; Yamazato K.; Yeemin T.; Minei M., 1988:
Sexual reproduction of corals in okinawa japan

Peters A.F.; Mueller D.G., 1985:
Sexual reproduction of dictyosiphon foeniculaceus phaeophyceae dictyosiphonales

Singh H.; Owens J.N., 1981:
Sexual reproduction of engelmann spruce picea engelmanni

Szmant Froelich A.; Reutter M.; Riggs L., 1985:
Sexual reproduction of favia fragum lunar patterns of gametogenesis embryogenesis and planulation in puerto rico

Owens J.N.; Molder M., 1979:
Sexual reproduction of larix occidentalis

Owens, J.N.; Simpson, S.J.; Molder, M., 1981:
Sexual reproduction of pinus contorta 1. pollen development the pollination mechanism and early ovule development

Owens, J.N.; Simpson, S.J.; Molder, M., 1982:
Sexual reproduction of pinus contorta 2. post dormancy ovule embryo and seed development

Yoshimatsu, S., 1981:
Sexual reproduction of protogonyaulax catenella in culture 1. hetero thallism

Yoshimatsu, S., 1984:
Sexual reproduction of protogonyaulax catenella in culture 2. determination of mating type

K.W.H., 1986:
Sexual reproduction of pythium aphanidermatum stimulation by phospholipids

Peters A.F.; Mueller D.G., 1986:
Sexual reproduction of stilophora rhizodes phaeophyceae chordariales in culture

Lee, Y.P.; Kurogi, M., 1978:
Sexual reproductive structures and post fertilization in rhodochorton subimmersum

Baker, M.C.; Bjerke, T.K.; Lampe, H.; Espmark, Y., 1986:
Sexual response of female great tits parus major to variation in size of males' song repertoires

Stout, J.F.; Gerard, G.; Hasso, S., 1976:
Sexual responsiveness mediated by the corpora allata and its relationship to phono taxis in the female cricket acheta domesticus

Lodovici O.; Salvatore C.A.; Bloise W.; Sarmiento O.; Gemperli R.; D.M.ndonca B.B.; Travi M.E., 1980:
Sexual reversion in male pseudohermaphroditism reifenstein syndrome a case

Greenberg R.; Gradwohl J., 1983:
Sexual roles in the dot winged antwren microrhopias quixensis a tropical forest passerine

Mosbacher G.C.; Seyer H., 1983:
Sexual seasonal and geographical differences in the scales of papilio machaon

Akoroda M.O., 1985:
Sexual seed production in white yam dioscorea rotundata

Elango F.; Lozano J.C., 1979:
Sexual seed transmission of xanthomonas manihotis

Clutton Brock T.H.; Iason G.R.; Guinness F.F., 1987:
Sexual segregation and density related changes in habitat use in male and female red deer cervus elaphus

Scarbrough D.L.; Krausman P.R., 1988:
Sexual segregation by desert mule deer

Smallwood J.A., 1987:
Sexual segregation by habitat in american kestrels wintering in southcentral florida usa vegetative structure and responses to differential prey availability

Leger D.W.; Mason W.A.; Fragaszy D.M., 1981:
Sexual segregation cliques and social power in squirrel monkey saimiri sciureus groups

Bowyer R.T., 1984:
Sexual segregation in southern mule deer odocoileus hemionus fuliginatus

Jaeger M.M.; Erickson W.A.; Jaeger M.E., 1979:
Sexual segregation of red billed queleas quelea quelea in the awash river basin of ethiopia

Williams, M.B., 1978:
Sexual selection, adaptation, and ornamental traits: the advantage of seeming fitter

Mitani J.C., 1985:
Sexual selection and adult male orangutan pongo pygmaeus long calls

Ryan M.J., 1983:
Sexual selection and communication in a neotropical frog physalaemus pustulosus

Kirkpatrick, M., 1986:
Sexual selection and cycling parasites a simulation study of hamilton's hypothesis

Knowlton N., 1980:
Sexual selection and dimorphism in 2 demes of symbiotic pair bonding snapping shrimp

Gloor, P.A., 1977:
Sexual selection and eye color

Payne R.B.; Groschupf K.D., 1984:
Sexual selection and interspecific competition a field experiment on territorial behavior of nonparental finches vidua spp

Larsson F.K., 1988:
Sexual selection and mate choice in insects an example from the soldier beetle cantharis pellucida coleoptera cantharidae

Sullivan B.K., 1985:
Sexual selection and mating system variation in anuran amphibians of the arizona sonoran desert usa

Woodward B.D., 1982:
Sexual selection and nonrandom mating patterns in desert anurans bufo woodhousei scaphiopus couchi scaphiopus multiplicatus and scaphiopus bombifrons

Thornhill, R., 1976:
Sexual selection and nuptial feeding behavior in bittacus apicalis insecta mecoptera

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