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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6410

Chapter 6410 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fowler, H.G., 1987:
Sexual selection and parasitism euphasiopteryx depleta diptera tachinidae and scapteriscus vicinus orthoptera gryllotalpidae

Alvarez G.; Fontdevila A., 1981:
Sexual selection and random mating in drosophila melanogaster

Blum M.S.; Blum N.A., 1979:
Sexual selection and reproductive competition in insects symposium washington dc usa 1976

Trivers, R.L., 1976:
Sexual selection and resource accruing abilities in anolis garmani

Gwynne D.T., 1984:
Sexual selection and sexual differences in mormon crickets orthoptera tettigoniidae anabrus simplex

Woolbright L.L., 1983:
Sexual selection and size dimorphism in anuran amphibia

Reynolds, J.D.; Colwell, M.A.; Cooke, F., 1986:
Sexual selection and spring arrival times of red necked phalaropes phalaropus lobatus and wilson's phalaropes phalaropus tricolor

Spassov N.B., 1979:
Sexual selection and the evolution of horn like structures of ceratopsian dinosaurs

Mason L.G., 1980 :
Sexual selection and the evolution of pair bonding in soldier beetles chauliognathus pennsylvanicus

O'donald, P.; Majerus, M.E.N., 1985:
Sexual selection and the evolution of preferential mating in ladybirds adalia bipunctata i. selection for high and low lines of female preference

Cohen J.A., 1984:
Sexual selection and the psycho physics of female choice

Howard R.D., 1983:
Sexual selection and variation in reproductive success in a long lived organism

Karban R., 1983:
Sexual selection body size and sex related mortality in the cicada magicicada cassini

Hoglund J.; Lundberg A., 1987:
Sexual selection in a monomorphic lek breeding bird correlates of male mating success in the great snipe gallinago media

Cook, D., 1987:
Sexual selection in dung beetles i. a multivariate study of the morphological variation in two species of onthophagus scarabaeidae onthophagini

Gibson R.M.; Bradbury J.W., 1985:
Sexual selection in lekking sage grouse centrocercus urophasianus phenotypic correlates of male mating success

Johnson, K., 1988:
Sexual selection in pinyon jays i. female choice and male male competition

Johnson, K., 1988:
Sexual selection in pinyon jays ii. male choice and female female competition

Sullivan B.K., 1983 :
Sexual selection in the great plains toad bufo cognatus

Hieber C.S.; Cohen J.A., 1983:
Sexual selection in the lovebug plecia nearctica the role of male choice

Forester D.C.; Czarnowsky R., 1985:
Sexual selection in the spring peeper hyla crucifer amphibia anura role of the advertisement call

Li, S.K.; Owings, D.H., 1978:
Sexual selection in the three spined stickleback part 1 normative observations

Li, S.K.; Owings, D.H., 1978:
Sexual selection in the three spined stickleback part 2 nest raiding during the courtship phase

Wilbur, H.M.; Rubenstein, D.I.; Fairchild, L., 1978:
Sexual selection in toads the roles of female choice and male body size

Sullivan, B.K., 1982:
Sexual selection in woodhouses toad bufo woodhousei 1. chorus organization

Sullivan, B.K., 1983:
Sexual selection in woodhouses toad bufo woodhousei 2. female choice

Loffredo C.A.; Borgia G., 1986:
Sexual selection mating systems and the evolution of avian acoustical displays

Ward P.I., 1988:
Sexual selection natural selection and body size in gammarus pulex amphipoda

Brown E.V., 1979:
Sexual self identification as reflected in drawings by children when asked to draw a person

Fitch H.S., 1981:
Sexual size differences in reptiles

Fitch, H.S., 1978:
Sexual size differences in the genus sceloporus

Fitch, H.S., 1976:
Sexual size differences in the mainland anoles

Bortolotti G.R., 1984:
Sexual size dimorphism and age related size variation in bald eagles haliaeetus leucocephalus

Burger A.E., 1980:
Sexual size dimorphism and aging characters in the lesser sheathbill chionis minor at marion island

Opdam P.; Thissen J.; Verschuren P.; Muskens G., 1980:
Sexual size dimorphism and feeding ecology in birds of prey with special reference to goshawk and sparrow hawk

Ebenman B., 1986:
Sexual size dimorphism in the great tit parus major in relation to the number of coexisting congeners

Wiig O.; Andersen T., 1986:
Sexual size dimorphism in the skull of norwegian lynx lynx lynx

Williams D.F.; Findley J.S., 1979:
Sexual size dimorphism in vespertilionid bats

Temeles E.J., 1985:
Sexual size dimorphism of bird eating hawks the effect of prey vulnerability

Phoenix C.H.; Chambers K.C., 1986:
Sexual solicitation by middle aged and old rhesus macaca mulatta females

Zeikus J.A.; Darden W.H.; Brooks D., 1980:
Sexual spheroid formation in volvox carteri f nagariensis induced by phenolic extracts

Macek, J.; Sopar-Koprivsek, J., 1986:
Sexual stage and period of ascospore release in blumeriella jaapii var arx in slovenian yugoslavian cherry leaves

L.B.lle N.; Dufour S.; Marquet G.; Kerdelhue B.; Fontaine Y A., 1988:
Sexual state and hypothalamo pituitary gonadotropic axis in the three eel species in the tahiti islands south pacific anguilla marmorata anguilla megastoma and anguilla obscura

Lions J C., 1982:
Sexual statistics in 2 oribatid forms related to quadroppia quadricarinata

Moya Borja G.E., 1981:
Sexual sterility of stomoxys calcitrans induced by females of dermatobia hominis treated with thiotepa

Zakharova N.F.; Trukhinova S.A., 1979:
Sexual sterilization of males of blood sucking mosquitoes by means of contact with a thio phosphamide treated surface

Zakharova N.F., 1985:
Sexual sterilization of the malaria carrier anopheles sacharovi

Mucsi I.; Morvay J.; Falkay G., 1985:
Sexual steroid hormone level in the peripheral blood of ewes during estrus

Querat B.; Hardy A.; Leloup Hatey J., 1983:
Sexual steroids and cortisol plasma binding in the european eel anguilla anguilla

Berger M.; Jean Faucher C.; D.T.rckheim M.; Veyssiere G.; Jean C., 1983:
Sexual stimulation does not affect plasma luteinizing hormone nortestosterone levels in new zealand male rabbits

Jaffe Y., 1981:
Sexual stimulation effects on pro social behavior

Lloyd, D.G., 1980:
Sexual strategies in plants 1. an hypothesis of serial adjustment of maternal investment during 1 reproductive session

Lloyd, D.G.; Webb, C.J.; Primack, R.B., 1980:
Sexual strategies in plants 2. data on the temporal regulation of maternal investment

Lloyd, D.G., 1980:
Sexual strategies in plants 3. a quantitative method for describing the gender of plants

Primack, R.B.; Lloyd, D.G., 1980:
Sexual strategies in plants 4. the distributions of gender in 2 monomorphic shrub populations

Sidorskii A.G.; Deev S.V.; Rodinov V.N.; Azizov O.A.; Komarova N.V.; Sandalkin V.M.; Yashina A.G., 1984:
Sexual structure of inflorescences in sagittaria sagittifolia alismataceae in populations of some rivers of the volga oka basin russian sfsr ussr

Furuichi T., 1987:
Sexual swelling receptivity and grouping of wild pygmy chimpanzee females at wamba zaire

Croog, S.H.; Levine, S.; Sudilovsky, A.; Baume, R.M.; Clive, J., 1988:
Sexual symptoms in hypertensive patients. A clinical trial of antihypertensive medications

Gadella T.W.J., 1987:
Sexual tetraploid and apomictic pentaploid populations of hieracium pilosella compositae

Shizukuda N.; Yamamoto K.; Nakajima T., 1983:
Sexual transfer of an incomplete chromosome complement from nicotiana tabacum to nicotiana rustica

Stanley Samuelson D.W.; Jurenka R.A.; Blomquist G.J.; Loher W., 1987:
Sexual transfer of prostaglandin precursor in the field cricket teleogryllus commodus

Horowitz, B.J.; Edelstein, S.W.; Lippman, L., 1987:
Sexual transmission of Candida

Rosen, L., 1987:
Sexual transmission of dengue viruses by Aedes albopictus

Inaba N.; Ohkawa R.; Matsuura A.; Kudoh J.; Takamizawa H., 1979:
Sexual transmission of hepatitis b surface antigen infection of husbands by hepatitis b surface antigen carrier state wives

Wickenden C.; Hanna N.; Taylor Robinson D.; Harris J.R.W.; Bellamy C.; Carroll P.; Malcolm A.D.B.; Coleman D.V., 1988:
Sexual transmission of human papillomaviruses in heterosexual and male homosexual couples studied by dna hybridization

Hayes, S.F.; Burgdorfer, W.; Aeschlimann, A., 1980:
Sexual transmission of spotted fever group rickettsiae by infected male ticks: detection of rickettsiae in immature spermatozoa of Ixodes ricinus

Woestemeyer A.; Otten L.A.B.M.; S.S.hell J., 1984:
Sexual transmission of t dna in abnormal tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar petit havanna regenerants transformed by octopine and nopaline strains of agrobacterium tumefaciens

Chunikhin S.P.; Stefutkina L.F.; Korolev M.B.; Reshetnikov I.A.; Khozinskaya G.A., 1983:
Sexual transmission of tick borne encephalitis virus in ixodids

Botezan E.; Bente Pavel A.; Halmaghi V.; Hosu O.; Pusz I.; Ganea N.; Moga L., 1980:
Sexual transmission of type b viral hepatitis

Du-Merle, P.P.; Mazet, R., 1985:
Sexual trapping of tortrix viridana l. lepidoptera tortricidae on a french mediterranean mountain ii. relation between the number of trapped moths and the population levels output of the traps

Du-Merle, P., 1985:
Sexual trapping of tortrix viridana lepidoptera tortricidae on a french mediterranean mountain i. flight period and dispersal of the insect

Frerot B.; Chambon J P.; Boniface B.; Descoins C., 1985:
Sexual trapping of various lepidoptera males by synthetic attractants

de Arsuaga, J.L.; Alonso, J., 1983:
Sexual variability and taxonomical variability in the innominate bone of Australopithecus

Bartos P.; Valkoun J., 1980:
Sexual variability of stem rust puccinia graminis

Caetano M.H., 1982:
Sexual variability of triturus boscai in the national park of peneda geres portugal

Devlin B.; Stephenson A.G., 1987:
Sexual variations among plants of a perfect flowered species

Adhami N., 1980:
Sexual vigor and mating competitiveness of chemo sterilized males of dacus cucurbitae diptera tephritidae

Marquard R.D.; Hanover J.W., 1984:
Sexual zonation in the crown of picea glauca and the flowering response to exogenous gibberellin a 4 7/

Hagstad A.; Janson P.O., 1984:
Sexuality among swedish women around 40 an epidemiological survey

Turpin, D.H.; Dobell, P.E.R.; Taylor, F.J.R., 1978:
Sexuality and cyst formation in pacific strains of the toxic dinoflagellate gonyaulax tamarensis

Birchmore D., 1986:
Sexuality and depressant chemicals psychotherapy with women

Lev-Ran, A., 1974:
Sexuality and educational levels of women with the late treated adreno genital syndrome

Raper, C.A., 1976:
Sexuality and life cycle of the edible wild agaricus bitorquis

Cole, T.M.; Glass, D.D., 1977:
Sexuality and physical disabilities

Reamy, K.; White, S.E.; Daniell, W.C.;, E.S., 1982:
Sexuality and pregnancy. A prospective study

Yang S S., 1980:
Sexuality and prenoid biosynthesis of heterothallic mucor hiemalis

Drach, G.W., 1976:
Sexuality and prostatitis: a hypothesis

Maibam S.S.; Dattagupta A.K., 1983:
Sexuality and reproduction in a fresh water rotifer asplanchna brightwelli

Yang S S.; Lin C K.; Liu C Y., 1986:
Sexuality and steroid distribution in mucorales

Glesner, R.R.; Tilman, D., 1978:
Sexuality and the components of environmental uncertainty clues from geographic parthenogenesis in terrestrial animals

Roden, R.G., 1985:
Sexuality and the holocaust survivor

McCartney, J.R.; Izeman, H.; Rogers, D.; Cohen, N., 1987:
Sexuality and the institutionalized elderly

Lamm, D.; Fischer, W.; Maspfuhl, B., 1986:
Sexuality and urinary incontinence

Rey Stocker I., 1983:
Sexuality contraception and pregnancy in the adolescent girl

Chase T.E.; Ullrich R.C., 1983:
Sexuality distribution and dispersal of heterobasidion annosum in pine plantations of vermont usa

D.N.mi S.U.; Marino L.; D.P.etro G.; Magnani G.; Rossi S.; Salvaneschi A.; Sciarra E.; Sensale R.M.; Barale F., 1985:
Sexuality during pregnancy attitudes and imaginations a clinical study

Tsuda M.; Nagakubo T.; Taga M.; Ueyama A., 1985:
Sexuality for the teleomorph formation and conidial variability in curvularia lunata

Persson G., 1980:
Sexuality in a 70 year old urban population

Brusle, J., 1969:
Sexuality in asterina gibbosa hermaphroditic asterid from the coasts of marseille

George, L.K.; Weiler, S.J., 1981:
Sexuality in middle and late life. The effects of age, cohort, and gender

Wasow, M.; Loeb, M.B., 1979:
Sexuality in nursing homes

Rudzinska, M.A.; Spielman, A.; Lewengrub, S.; Trager, W.; Piesman, J., 1983:
Sexuality in piroplasms as revealed by electron microscopy in Babesia microti

Kagwade, P.V., 1974:
Sexuality in polydactylus indicus

Georgakopoulos P.A.; Dodos D.; Mechleris D., 1984:
Sexuality in pregnancy and premature labor

Perkins, R.P., 1982:
Sexuality in pregnancy: what determines behavior?

Ogawa, H., 1977:
Sexuality in sargassum sagamianum var yezoense and development of its fertilized egg

Cocucci A.E.; Venturelli M., 1984:
Sexuality in species with oospheric vacuomes of inverse polarity struthanthus loranthaceae

Zambettakis, C., 1978:
Sexuality in the ustilaginales bibliographic review

Lecomte C.; Gendreau P., 1984:
Sexuality intimacy and the assistance relationship

Roxon, J.E.; Jong, S.C., 1977:
Sexuality of an edible mushroom pleurotus sajor caju

Lamrini A., 1986:
Sexuality of pagellus acarne teleostei sparidae from the southern atlantic coast of morocco 21 26 degrees north

Kenny, J.A., 1973:
Sexuality of pregnant and breast feeding women

Une K., 1986:
Sexuality of the japanese mosses

Kansky, J., 1986:
Sexuality of widows: a study of the sexual practices of widows during the first fourteen months of bereavement

Buroker N.E., 1983:
Sexuality with respect to shell length and group size in the japanese oyster crassostrea gigas

Sabelli B.; Scanabissi F.S., 1980:
Sexualization of germ cells in papillifera papillaris pulmonata stylommatophora

Brooks, B., 1985:
Sexually abused children and adolescent identity development

Kegeles, S.M.; Adler, N.E.; Irwin, C.E., 1988:
Sexually active adolescents and condoms: changes over one year in knowledge, attitudes and use

Tjiam, K.H.; van Heijst, B.Y.; Polak-Vogelzang, A.A.; Rothbarth, P.H.; van Joost, T.; Stolz, E.; Michel, M.F., 1987:
Sexually communicable micro-organisms in human semen samples to be used for artificial insemination by donor

Carlsson M.; Eriksson E.; Nilsson C.; Carlsson A., 1986:
Sexually differentiated actions of 3 3 hydroxyphenyl n n propylpiperidine enantiomers on prolactin secretion

Schreibman M.P.; Halpern Sebold L.; Margolis Nunno H., 1985:
Sexually dimorphic age related changes in the distribution of immunoreactive lhrh in the platyfish

Ross D.A.; Glick S.D.; Meibach R.C., 1982:
Sexually dimorphic cerebral asymmetries in 2 deoxy d glucose uptake during post natal development of the rat correlations with age and relative brain activity

Sever D.M., 1985:
Sexually dimorphic glands of eurycea nana eurycea neotenes and typhlomolge rathbuni amphibia plethodontidae

Hausen K.; Strausfeld N.J., 1980:
Sexually dimorphic inter neuron arrangements in the fly visual system

Khare, M.K.; Kumar, A., 1978:
Sexually dimorphic malpighian tubules of spathosternum praciniferum orthoptera acrididae

Oka Y.; Ohtani R.; Satou M.; Ueda K., 1984:
Sexually dimorphic muscles in the fore limb of the japanese toad bufo japonicus

Bouletreau M.; David J.R., 1981:
Sexually dimorphic response to host habitat toxicity in drosophila parasitic wasps

Faustini D.L.; Burkholder W.E.; Laub R.J., 1981 :
Sexually dimorphic setiferous sex patch in the male red flour beetle tribolium castaneum coleoptera tenebrionidae site of aggregation pheromone production

Bernstein N.P.; Maxson S.J., 1984:
Sexually distinct daily activity patterns of blue eyed shags phalacrocorax atriceps in antarctica

Dana, M.N.; Ascher, P.D., 1986:
Sexually localized expression of pseudo self compatibility in petunia hybrida 1. pollen inactivation

Dana, M.N.; Ascher, P.D., 1986:
Sexually localized expression of pseudo self compatibility in petunia hybrida 2. stylar inactivation

Thornhill, R., 1978:
Sexually selected predatory and mating behavior of the hangingfly bittacus stigmaterus mecoptera bittacidae

Job Spira N.; Bouvet E.; George Guiton A.; Janaud A.; Caspard H.; Spira A., 1987:
Sexually transmissible diseases in a free society the epidemiological aspects

Aurelian, L., 1976:
Sexually transmitted cancers? The case for genital herpes

Belsey, E.M.; Adler, M.W., 1981:
Sexually transmitted disease clinic attenders in england and wales uk 1978 1. patients vs. cases

Belsey, E.M.; Adler, M.M., 1981:
Sexually transmitted disease clinic attenders in england and wales uk 1978 2. patterns of diagnosis

Latif, A.S., 1981:
Sexually, transmitted disease in clinic patients in Salisbury, Zimbabwe

Conrad, G.L.; Kleris, G.S.; Rush, B.; Darrow, W.W., 1981:
Sexually transmitted diseases among prostitutes and other sexual offenders

Mabey, D.C.; Lloyd-Evans, N.E.; Conteh, S.; Forsey, T., 1984:
Sexually transmitted diseases among randomly selected attenders at an antenatal clinic in The Gambia

Forster, G.E.; Robinson, G.E.; Munday, P.E., 1984:
Sexually transmitted diseases: an epidemic in adolescent girls?

Mergui J.L., 1987:
Sexually transmitted diseases and cancer

Sherman, K.J.; Chow, W.H.; Daling, J.R.; Weiss, N.S., 1988:
Sexually transmitted diseases and the risk of tubal pregnancy

Valle, S.L., 1988:
Sexually transmitted diseases and the use of condoms in a cohort of homosexual men followed since 1983 in Finland

Sherman, K.J.; Daling, J.R.; Weiss, N.S., 1987:
Sexually transmitted diseases and tubal infertility

Hofmann B.; Kryger P.; Pedersen N.S.; Nielsen J.O.; Oehlenschlager J.; Koerner E.A.; Van Den Berg T.; Sprechler H.H.; Nielsen C.M., 1988:
Sexually transmitted diseases antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus and subsequent development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome visitors of homosexual sauna clubs in copenhagen denmark 1982 1983

Freedman, D.; Kaliszer, M.; Keane, C.; MacCarthy, J.; O'Leary, G., 1981:
Sexually transmitted diseases as seen by general practitioners in Ireland: use of a telephone survey

Masterton R.G.; Strike P.W., 1988 :
Sexually transmitted diseases in a british military force in peacetime europe 1970 1983

Adams H A., 1981:
Sexually transmitted diseases in a crew of a destroyer on a voyage to the far east

D.Monterrosa E., 1985:
Sexually transmitted diseases in a regional facility of the bogota colombia health service

Gatti J.C.; Olivares L.M.; Cardama J.E.; Pizzariello G.; Sagrado M.I., 1982:
Sexually transmitted diseases in childhood

Plorde, D.S., 1981:
Sexually transmitted diseases in Ethiopia. Social factors contributing to their spread and implications for developing countries

Bell, T.A.; Farrow, J.A.; Stamm, W.E.; Critchlow, C.W.; Holmes, K.K., 1985:
Sexually transmitted diseases in females in a juvenile detention center

Ross M.W., 1984:
Sexually transmitted diseases in homosexual men a study of 4 societies

Sogbetun, A.O.; Alausa, K.O.; Osoba, A.O., 1977:
Sexually transmitted diseases in Ibadan, Nigeria

Bello C.S.S.; Elegba O.Y.; Dada J.D., 1983:
Sexually transmitted diseases in northern nigeria 5 years experience in a university teaching hospital clinic

Pareek, S.S.; Chowdhury, M.N., 1981:
Sexually transmitted diseases in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A study of patients attending a teaching hospital clinic

White, S.; Loda, F.; Ingram, D.; Pearson, A., 1983:
Sexually transmitted diseases in sexually abused children

Omer, E.E.; Ali, M.H.; Taha, O.M.; Ahmed, M.A.; Abbaro, S.A., 1982:
Sexually transmitted diseases in Sudanese males

Menke, H.E., 1978:
Sexually transmitted diseases in Surinam. Observations and thoughts

Rajan, V.S., 1978:
Sexually transmitted diseases on a tropical island

Maw R.D.; Connolly J.H.; Mcferran K.; Mckirgan J.N.; Mcneill T.A.; Merrett J.D.; Russell J.D., 1985:
Sexually transmitted diseases t cell subsets and sexual practices in homosexual men attending an sexually transmitted disease clinic

Wallin, J., 1978:
Sexually transmitted diseases. The present situation in Sweden

Reid, R.; Greenberg, M.; Jenson, A.B.; Husain, M.; Willett, J.; Daoud, Y.; Temple, G.; Stanhope, C.R.; Sherman, A.I.; Phibbs, G.D., 1987:
Sexually transmitted papillomaviral infections. I. The anatomic distribution and pathologic grade of neoplastic lesions associated with different viral types

Jama, H.; Grillner, L.; Biberfeld, G.; Osman, S.; Isse, A.; Abdirahman, M.; Bygdeman, S., 1987:
Sexually transmitted viral infections in various population groups in Mogadishu, Somalia

Hanneberg P., 1984:
Seychelles refuge for a threatened nature

Olson E.C., 1979:
Seymouria grandis new species batrachosauria amphibia from the middle clear fork permian of oklahoma and texas usa

Berman D.S.; Reisz R.R.; Eberth D.A., 1987:
Seymouria sanjuanensis amphibia batrachosauria from the lower permian cutler formation of north central new mexico usa and the occurrence of sexual dimorphism in that genus questioned

Wioland M.; Najman A., 1979:
Sezary cell characterization by a biophysical parameter

Kvaloy S.; Lindmo T.; Davies C.; Wisloff F.; Godal T., 1983:
Sezary cells with an unusual phenotype their modulation with 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate in vitro and their relationship to t cell development

Laroche, L.; Papiernik, M.; Bach, J.F., 1983:
Sezary syndrome 1. specific skin directed migration of peripheral blood lymphocytes

Spinozzi F.; Cernetti C.; Gerli R.; Bertotto A.; Rambotti P., 1985:
Sezary syndrome a case with blood t lymphocytes of helper phenotype elevated immunoglobulin e levels and circulating immune complexes

Buechner S.A., 1981:
Sezary syndrome after successful treatment of hodgkins disease

Weinerman B.H.; L.L.C., 1981:
Sezary syndrome an unusual case

Ferme F.; Andrieu J.M.; Flandrin G.; Bernard J., 1981:
Sezary syndrome occurring 10 years after mono clonal gammopathy treated for 4 years by chlorambucil

Ralfkiaer E.; Wantzin G.L.; Larsen J.K.; Andersen V.; Geisler C.; Plesner T.; Thomsen K., 1985:
Sezary syndrome phenotypic and functional characterization of the neoplastic cells

Westfried M.; Rosenthal J.C.; Coppola A.; Rapp Y., 1982 :
Sezary syndrome presenting as a follicular dermatosis

Thivolet J.; Fulton R.; Souteyrand P.; Gaucherand M.; Claudy A., 1982:
Sezary syndrome relative increase in t helper lymphocytes demonstrated by mono clonal antibodies

Naeim F.; Capostagno V.J.; Johnson C.E.Jr; Lehrer R.; Gatti R.A., 1979:
Sezary syndrome tartrate resistant acid phosphatase in the neoplastic cells

Catterall M.D.; Addis B.J.; Smith J.L.; Coode P.E., 1983:
Sezary syndrome transformation to a high grade t cell lymphoma after treatment with cyclosporin a

Shah Reddy I.; Mayeda K.; Mirchandani I.; Koppitch F.C., 1982:
Sezary syndrome with 14 14 q12 q31 translocation

Narisawa Y.; Sakazaki Y.; Jono M.; Katsuki H., 1985:
Sezary syndrome with a giant tumor on the skin

Van Der Putte S.C.J.; Toonstra J.; Van Prooyen H.C.; D.W.ger R.A.; Van Unnik J.A.M., 1984:
Sezary syndrome with early immuno blastic transformation

Pichler W.J.; Peter H.H.; Anagnou J.; Kaup F J.; Drommer W., 1984:
Sezary syndrome with hyposplenism

Coppola A.; Eftekhari M., 1981:
Sezary syndrome with unusual undifferentiated cells

Katoh M.; Kizukuri K.; Jimbow K., 1981:
Sezarys syndrome a case report including ultrastructural and immuno histochemical characterization of the cellular infiltrates

Hamminga L.; Hartgrink Groeneveld C.A.; Van Vloten W.A., 1979:
Sezarys syndrome a clinical evaluation of 8 patients

Bosman, F.T.; Van-Vloten, W.A., 1976:
Sezarys syndrome a cyto genetic cyto photometric and auto radiographic study

Schloss, E.; Brown, J., 1978:
Sezarys syndrome and generalized plane xanthoma

Bargman, H.; Coupe, R.L., 1978:
Sezarys syndrome report of a case of showing peripheral neuropathy and bone marrow fibrosis

Omoto S.; Ogino H.; Inouye S., 1981:
Sf 1902 a 2 a 5 minor components of sf 1902 globomycin

Picard G.; Wolstenholme D.R., 1980:
Sf sterility in drosophila melanogaster a comparative study of mitochondrial dna molecules from flies of inducer and reactive strains

Gupta, A.D.; Samoszuk, M.K.; Papayannopoulou, T.; Stamatoyannopoulos, G., 1985:
Sfl 23.6 a monoclonal antibody reactive with late erythroid progenitors erythroblasts and erythrocytes

Radka S.F.; Machamer C.; Cresswell P.; Kostyu D.D.; Ward F.E.; Amos D.B., 1983:
Sfr dr 5 a mono clonal antibody with hla dr 5 specificity

Ogawa K.; Enomoto I.; Ito T.; Ban M.; Hashimoto H.; Sakai K., 1982:
Sg 75 induction of increased coronary outflow and prostaglandin e 1 from ischemic areas in dogs with experimental myo cardial infarction

Timmermans P.B.M.W.M.; Thoolen M.J.M.C.; Mathy M J.; Wilffert B.; D.J.nge A.; Van Zwieten P.A., 1983:
Sgd 101 75 2 2 methylindazol 4 imino imidazolidine hydro chloride is distinguished from other selective alpha 1 adrenoceptor agonists by the inhibition of its pressor responses by calcium entry blockade and vaso dilatation in pithed rats and cats

Weetman D.F.; Jahn U.; Ismail S.; Chadwick M.A.; Coates J.; Lawson K.; Turner N.; Thiele K., 1983:
Sgd 101 75 4 2 imidazoline amino 2 methyl indazole chloro hydrate a sympathomimetic that can be used to identify a new subtype of alpha adrenoceptor the alpha 1s adrenoceptor

Mathy M.J.; Thoolen M.J.M.C.; Timmermans P.B.M.W.M.; Van Zwieten P.A., 1984:
Sgd 101 752 methylindazol 4 imino imidazolidine hydro chloride cardio vascular effects in various animal preparations interactions with vascular postjunctional adrenoceptors alpha 1 and alpha 2 adrenoceptors

Whitley G.S.; Nussey S.S.; Johnstone A.P., 1987:
Sghtl 34 a thyrotropin responsive immortalized human thyroid cell line generated by transfection

Meier P.; Huber M.; Schmid M., 1987:
Sgpt determination in blood donors as screening to identify carriers of nanb

Giangrande A.; Mettling C.; Richards G., 1987:
Sgs 3 transcript levels are determined by multiple remote sequence elements

Nishimura, R.; Nishizono, M., 1988:
Sgt small group teaching of psychiatry and medical students' attitudes to psychiatry

Hummon, W.D., 1974:
Sh a similarity index based on shared species diversity used to access temporal and spatial relations among inter tidal marine gastrotricha

Caldwell, K.; Axen, R.; Mevkh, A.T., 1978:
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Shading a traditional method of microclimate manipulation

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Shadow response of abr and masking

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Shall i treat this patient myself?

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Shallow water propagation of the toadfish opsanus tau mating call

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Shallow water pycnogonida of the isthmus of panama and the coasts of middle america

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Shame and humiliation in the medical encounter

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Shannawoneen wood county galway ireland the woodland and saxicolous communities and the epiphytic flora

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Shape and pattern specification during micro tubule bundle assembly

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Shape and position of the haploid peak in flow cytometric sperm histograms for the assessment of andrological disease

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Shape and position of the latebra in the chicken egg

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Shape and size of japanese sardine sardinops melanosticta schools in the waters off the southeastern hokkaido japan on the basis of acoustic and aerial surveys

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Shape and size of the human diaphragm in vivo

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Shape and thermodynamic parameters of a calcium ion dependent atpase a solution x ray scattering and sedimentation equilibrium study

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Shape change and the percentage of sialic acid removed by neuraminidase from human platelets

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Shape change and uptake of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in human blood platelets action of neuro psychotropic drugs

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Shape change of blood platelets induced by myelin basic protein and other basic poly peptides

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Shape change of sickled erythrocytes induced by pulsed rf electrical fields

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Shape changes and chemokinesis of Walker 256 carcinosarcoma cells in response to colchicine, vinblastine, nocodazole and taxol

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Shape changes and deformability in human erythrocyte membranes

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Shape changes and polarization of cell migrating through tissue a high voltage electron microscope and computer graphics study of serial thick sections

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Shape changes and reduced calcium level in the surface membrane region of human platelets exposed to manganese in vitro

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Shape changes during human fetal craniofacial growth

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Shape changes in globorotalia truncatulinoides as a function of ontogeny and paleobiogeography in the southern ocean

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Shape changes in static volume pressure loops from childrens lungs related to growth

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Shape changes of glutathione treated erythrocytes during complement induced hemolysis

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Shape changing agents produce abnormally large platelets in a hereditary giant platelets syndrome

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Shape complementarity at the hemoglobin alpha 1 beta 1 subunit interface

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Shape conformation and stability of fibronectin fragments determined by electron microscopy circular dichroism and ultra centrifugation

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Shape constancy as a function of selected physical stimulus dimensions

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Shape control in the human red cell

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Shape factors for seepage into pits/

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Shape invariant modeling of human growth

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Shape irregularity in pedicularia californica

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Shape number and localization of retinal tears in myopic over diopters aphakic and traumatic cases of retinal detachment an experience report

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Shape of apricot fruits in the zailiiskii ala tau kazakh ssr ussr

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Shape of humic acid a natural polymer from viscosity studies

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Shape of micro tubules in solutions

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Shape of moss leaves a versatile method of description

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Shape of nascent and completed poles of bacillus subtilis

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Shape of phospho fructo kinase ec from escherichia coli in solution

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Shape of poly beta benzyl l aspartate aggregate

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Shape of the blood flow rate curve in the brachial artery as an indicator of vascular system aging process

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Shape of the ciliary doublet micro tubule in solution

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Shape of the conformational energy surface near the global minimum and low frequency vibrations in the native conformation of globular proteins/

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Shape of the first metatarsal head in hallux rigidus and hallux valgus

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Shape of the permanent dental arch

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Shape of Treponema pallidum

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Shape oriented storage and retrieval of geometric figures and chromosome images

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Shape recognition accuracy and response latency in a bilateral tactile task

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Shape recognition in infancy: visual integration of sequential information

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Shape regulation capacity during development recovery capacity of embryos developing notwithstanding dramatic deformations

Herkovits, J., 1977:
Shape regulation capacity during development: recovery of embryos developing notwithstanding asymmetry until the neurula stage

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Shape selective alkane hydroxylation by metalloporphyrin catalysts

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Shape selectivity in liquid and gas chromatography polymeric octadecylsilane and liquid crystalline stationary phases

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Shape size and surface topography of genital organs of leucochloridium sp digenea revealed by light and scanning electron microscopy

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Shape size and surface topography of genital organs of urogonimus macrostomus digenea revealed by light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

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Shape size and weight of the heart in european bison

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Shape transformation contractility and endocytosis exocytosis cycle in paramecium genically deprived of excitability

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Shape transformation induced by amphiphiles in erythrocytes

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Shape trends in heterostegina depressa protozoa foraminiferida

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Shape variation in spiroplectammina spectabilis

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Shapely poly saccharides the 8th colworth medal lecture

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Shapes domain organizations and flexibility of laminin and fibronectin 2 multi functional proteins of the extracellular matrix

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Shapes of aggregates from tilled layers of some dutch and australian soils

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Shapes of carcinogenic benz a anthracenes an x ray crystal structure analysis of 12 methyl benz a anthracene

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Shapes of regression on 9 rearing environments for relative weight gain and activity of 5 inbred strains of mice

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Shapes of velocity curves in multi unit enzyme kinetic systems

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Shaping and generalization procedures in the electro myogram bio feedback treatment

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Shaping avoidance behavior in restrained monkeys

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Shaping behavior in voice therapy

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Shaping blood pressure elevations an examination of acquisition

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Shaping by automated tracking of an arbitrary operant response

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Shaping of 2 year old apple trees for intensive orchards

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Shaping of the sperm nucleus in marsilea vestita a distinction between factors responsible for shape generation and shape determination

Wasilewski M., 1984:
Share of genetic variation in formation of some selected performance traits in pheasants

Stollarova V., 1984:
Share of the species hanseniaspora uvarum in natural populations of yeasts

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Shared allergenic and antigenic determinants in Alternaria and Stemphylium extracts

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Shared amino terminal sequences in mono clonal immuno globulin m kappa and immuno globulin g kappa proteins from a patient with a complex multiple para protein disorder

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Shared and item specific information in memory for event descriptions

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Shared and unshared parental investment parent offspring conflict and brood size

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Shared antigen between the myelin associated glycoprotein and a cell line from human t cell leukemia hsb 2

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Shared antigenic determinant expressed on various mammalian melanoma cells

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Shared antigenic determinants among alcohol dehydrogenase and other enzymes

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Shared antigenic determinants between 2 distinct classes of proteins in cells infected with herpes simplex virus

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Shared antigenic determinants between brain and t lymphocytes in dogs implications regarding the significance of anti myelin antibodies in de myelination

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Shared antigenic determinants between rabbit anti human brain and rabbit anti human thymocyte sera relationship to the lymphocyto toxic antibodies of systemic lupus erythematosus

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Shared antigens between human malignant melanoma cells and Mycobacterium bovis (BCG)

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Shared antigens in venom and the systematics of the elapinae

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Shared antigens in venom and the systematics of the viperidae

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Shared assumptions a citizen action group simulation

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Shared attention in pigeons

Meredith, G.M., 1988:
Shared components in students' ratings of instructors' effectiveness and need for improvement

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Shared determinants of native and denatured bovine serum albumin are recognized by both b cells and t cells

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Shared HLA antigens and reproductive performance among Hutterites

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Shared idiotype between phosphorylcholine specific antibody and acetylcholinesterase ec detectable by a monoclonal antibody

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Shared idiotypic determinants on bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants part 2 determination of frequency and characteristics of idiotypic thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in normal rats using direct visualization

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Shared idiotypic determinants on bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants part 3 physical fractionation of specific immuno competent thymus derived lymphocytes by affinity chromatography using ani idiotypic antibodies

Binz, H.; Wigzell, H., 1976:
Shared idiotypic determinants on bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants part 5 biochemical and serological characteristics of naturally occurring soluble antigen binding thymus derived lymphocyte derived molecules

Binz, H.; Wigzell, H., 1975:
Shared idiotypic determinants on bone marrow derived lymphocytes and thymus derived lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants part 1 demonstration of similar or identical idiotypes on immuno globulin g molecules and thymus derived cell receptors with specificity for the same allo antigens

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Shared interspecies antigenic reactivities among hamster and feline oncoviruses

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Shared knowledge in childrens friendships

Brenner J.; Mueller E., 1982:
Shared meaning in boy toddlers peer relations

Nkuo, T.K.; Deas, J.E., 1987:
Shared polypeptides from various strains of Plasmodium falciparum recognized by Cameroon sera

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Shared reflex pathways from Ib tendon organ afferents and Ia muscle spindle afferents in the cat

Goronzy, J.; Weyand, C.M.; Fathman, C.G., 1986:
Shared T cell recognition sites on human histocompatibility leukocyte antigen class II molecules of patients with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis

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Sharing behavior effect of denomination value and number

Howes C., 1985:
Sharing fantasy social pretend play in toddlers

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Sharing in preschool children: Facilitation, stimulus generalization, response generalization, and maintenance

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Sharing occupational health services four years' experience

Chandrashekar R.; Rao U.R.; Subrahmanyam D., 1985:
Sharing of antigens among filarial species revealed by antibody dependent cell mediated reactions

Rolando A., 1981:
Sharing of ecologic niches between titmice parus spp goldcrest regulus regulus and tree creepers certhia familiaris in mixed conifer forests

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Sharing of ia antigens between species 3. ia specificities shared between mice and human beings

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Sharing of ia antigens between species 4. interspecies cross reactivity of mono clonal antibodies directed against polymorphic mouse ia determinants

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Sharing of ia antigens between species part 1 detection of ia specificities shared by rats and mice

Shinohara, N.; Lunney, J.K.; Sachs, D.H., 1978:
Sharing of ia immune response associated antigens between species part 2 molecular localization of shared ia immune response associated determinants implies the existence of more than 1 i sublocus of the rat major histo compatibility complex

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Sheaths and meso tendons of the tendons of the extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis muscles and of the tendon of the extensor pollicis longus muscle

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Shedding is correlated with disc membrane axial position rather than disc age in xenopus laevis rod outer segments

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Shedding of dense cell fragments into the follicular lumen early in involution of the hyperplastic thyroid gland

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Shedding of the upper parts of grapevine vitis vinifera shoots

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Sheep manure for grass leys

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Sheep nose bot in the eye

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Sheep productiveness depending on different housing systems during the summer season

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Sheep pulmonary adenomatosis jaagsiekte in the usa

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Sheep rabbit and chicken anti sera against a human heavy chain variable region fragment reactivity with immuno globulins and lymphocytes

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Sheep red blood cell antigen specific hemolytic plaque forming assay for patients with immuno deficiency

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Sheep red cell binding to human lymphocytes treated with neuraminidase enhancement of thymus derived cell binding and identification of a sub population of bone marrow derived cells

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Sheep reproductive performance of straight bred and cross bred barbados blackbelly ewes

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Sheep scab: control and problems in South Africa

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Sheep serum complement sensitization of sheep erythrocyte rabbit antibody complexes for hemolysis by guinea pig complement plus edta or magnesium egta

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Sheep small lungworm infection in the garrigues interest in the study of the mollusk intermediary hosts

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Sheep tick in the eyelid

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Sheep tumors in northeast yorkshire part 2 prevalence on 7 moorland farms

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Sheep's fescue steppe of the southeastern altai ussr

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Sheet composting of municipal sewage sludge and its influence on soil water

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Sheet mulching as an aid to broad leaved tree establishment ii. comparison of various sizes of black polythene mulch and herbicide treated spot

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Sheet mulching as an aid to broadleaved tree establishment i. the effectiveness of various synthetic sheets compared

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Sheet preparations of the stratum granulosum from mammalian skin and oral epithelium

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Sheldons physical psychical typology revisited

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Shelf life of perishable dairy products

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Shelf life of sterile snapper chrysophrys auratus

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Shelf life of stored asparagus is strongly related to post harvest accumulated heat units

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Shelf life of thawed cod gadus morhua fillets kept in ice

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Shelf life of vacuum packed or nitrogen packed pastrami effects of packaging atmospheres temperature and duration of storage on physicochemical and sensory changes

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Shelf life study of oil water emulsions using various commercial hydrocolloids

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Shelf operation on congenital hip dislocation

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Shelf to basin temperate skeletal carbonate sediments three kings plateau new zealand

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Shelf zoo plankton of the ivory coast a tentative ecological synthesis

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Shell adaptation and ecological variability in the pelecypod species sphenia anatina from the korytnica basin middle miocene holy cross mountains central poland

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Shell and seed size relationships in peanuts arachis hypogaea

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Shell architecture and causes of death of micronesian reef snails

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Shell area in relation to linear dimensions in the oyster crassostrea gryphoides

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Shell attachment and associated musculature in the notaspidea and anaspidea gastropoda opisthobranchia

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Shell attachment in the pond snail lymnaea stagnalis

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Shell banding polymorphism of the land snail xeropicta vestalis along the coastal plain of israel

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Shell boring algae on the scottish continental shelf identification distribution bathymetric zonation

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Shell boring micro thalli in helminthocladia and scinaia nemaliales rhodophyta

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Shell cemented pelecypods

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Shell color and banding polymorphism in cepaea nemoralis gastropoda from the belgian coastal dune region

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Shell color and banding variation in 2 coastal colonies of monadenia fidelis gastropoda pulmonata

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Shell color in calliostoma zizyphinum l. from strangford lough northern ireland uk

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Shell color pattern in an upper devonian rhynchonellid brachiopod

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Shell color polymorphism in a mangrove snail littorina sp prosobranchia littorinidae

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Shell convexity in argopecten gibbus variation with depth in harrington sound bermuda

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Shell deformity among scallops argopecten irradians cultured in a re circulating sea water system

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Shell dehiscence in pistachio pistacia vera

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Shell deposition rates in birds selected for thick and thin egg shell production

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Shell design in bolivinita quadrilatera bolivinita pohana and bolivinita compressa foraminiferida

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Shell development in the larvae of cymatiidae prosobranchia tonnacea

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Shell dissolution and mortality in the freshwater snail viviparus ater

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Shell dissolution as a significant cause of mortality for corbicula fluminea bivalvia corbiculidae inhabiting acidic waters

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Shell dredging and its influence on gulf coast environments

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Shell dropping behavior of western gulls larus occidentalis

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Shell dropping decision making and optimal foraging in northwestern crows

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Shell ducks tadorna tadorna in flight feather molt on the lower scheldt river near antwerp belgium

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Shell egg quality in belo horizonte brazil retail markets

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Shell entry and shell selection of hydroid colonized shells by 3 species of hermit crabs from the northern gulf of mexico

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Shell entry behavior in the commensal ragworm nereis fucata

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Shell fighting and competition between 2 hermit crab species in panama

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Shell form and niche occupation in nucella lapillus gastropoda

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