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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6411

Chapter 6411 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410016

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410038

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410056

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410087

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410095

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410124

Tadmor J., 1988: Sheltering a protective measure following an accidental atmospheric release from a nuclear power plant

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410127

Rosenberg M.L., 1987: Shelters for battered women and their children an under recognized source of communicable disease transmission

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410139

Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410140

Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410141

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410166

Tanaka Y., 1984: Shift in prevalence of antibodies to hepatitis a and hepatitis b in aichi district japan

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410176

Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410177

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410180

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410191

Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410192

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410216

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410240

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410248

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410259

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Section 7, Chapter 6411, Accession 006410263

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