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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6412

Chapter 6412 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Godik, V. I.; Borisov, A. Y., 1980: Short lived delayed luminescence of photosynthesizing organisms 2. the ratio between delayed and prompt fluorescence as studied by the modulation method

Godik, V. I.; Borisov, A. Yu, 1979: Short lived delayed luminescence of photosynthetic organisms 1. nanosecond afterglows in purple bacteria at low redox potentials

Grencis, R. K.; Wakelin, D., 1982: Short lived dividing cells mediate adoptive transfer of immunity to trichinella spiralis in mice 1. availability of cells in primary and secondary infections in relation to cellular changes in the mesenteric lymph node

Wakelin, D.; Grencis, R. K.; Donachie, A. M., 1982: Short lived dividing cells mediate adoptive transfer of immunity to trichinella spiralis in mice 2. in vivo characteristics of the cells

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Van Der Wall E.E.; Van Lingen A.; Den Hollander W.; Visser F.C.; Heidendal G.A.K.; Roos J.P.; Wackers F.J.T., 1985: Short lived gold 195m for evaluation of left ventricular function by first pass radionuclide angiography

Piguet P F.; Vassalli P., 1980: Short lived lymphoid cells respond more rapidly to stimulation by phyto hem agglutinin or concanavalin a an explanation for the apparent inhibitory effect of vinblastine on the activation of lymphoid cells

Puckett, L.; Chambers, S.; Darnell, J. E., 1975: Short lived messenger rna in hela cells and its impact on the kinetics of accumulation of cytoplasmic poly adenylate

Ouellette, A. J.; Reed, S. L.; Malt, R. A., 1976: Short lived methylated messenger rna in mouse kidney

Sawicki D.L.; Sawicki S.G., 1980: Short lived minus strand polymerase for semliki forest virus

Platero Sanz M.; Fuchs A., 1980: Short lived protection of pea pisum sativum cultivar eminent plants against mycosphaerella pinodes by prior inoculation with pseudomonas phaseolicola

Aoshima H.; Taniguchi H., 1983: Short lived radicals produced in the course of the reactions of 13 l hydro per oxy linoleic acid with iron ii detected by spin trapping and continuous flow esr spectroscopy

Knapp W.H.; Helus F.; Tillmanns H.; Elfner R.; Ostertag H.; Kuebler W., 1980: Short lived radio nuclides for the assessment of rapid cardio vascular drug effects

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Muehlenstedt, D.; Bohnet, H. G.; Hanker, J. P.; Schneider, H. P. G., 1978: Short luteal phase and prolactin

Polonyi J.; Mraz P.; Kapeller K., 1981: Short method of processing animal tissues at 40 celsius for electron microscopy

Webber M.M.; Barnes F.S.; Seltzer L.A.; Bouldin T.R.; Prasad K.N., 1980: Short microwave pulses cause ultrastructural membrane damage in neuro blastoma cells

Elander G.; Lindberg T., 1984: Short mother infant separation during 1st week of life influences the duration of breast feeding

Aristov A.A., 1981: Short muscles of the hand in the murinae rodentia muridae

Oertel W., 1984: Short nascent dna pieces accumulating in saccharomyces cerevisiae after inhibition of dna chain elongation hybridize to specific chromosomal sites

Kaiser, E. W., 1977: Short notations on danish stone flies plecoptera

Mrozinska T., 1985: Short note about the occurrence of entransia fimbriata zygnematales conjugatophyceae in poland

Kulkarni, H. D.; Srimathi, R. A., 1987: Short note an albina type natural chlorophyll mutant in azadirachta indica a. juss

Williams, B. A.; Austin, R. B., 1977: Short note an instrument for measuring the transmission of shortwave radiation by crop canopies

Fineschi, S., 1988: Short note genetics of chestnut castanea sativa mill. ii. uniformity of isozyme phenotypes in grafted orchards

Hans A.S.; Lingumbwanga E.S., 1985: Short note increased growth rate of uapaca kirkiana by x rays and gamma rays

Cotterill P.; Jackson N., 1981: Short note index selection with restrictions in tree breeding

Medlin L.K., 1984: Short note on changes in the abundance and occurrence of 6 macroalgal species along the texas coast usa of the gulf of mexico

Cotterill P.P., 1987: Short note on estimating heritability according to practical applications

Gallo L.A., 1985: Short note possible criteria for early selection for drought resistance in pines

Hansen, E., 1977: Short notes of unusual observations from the godthab district west greenland

Garrett, M. K., 1976: Short notes on findings from other research work a rapid semi quantitative method for the estimation of readily available nitrogen in slurry

Mckenna, L. A.; Winslow, R. D., 1975: Short notes on findings from other research work integrated control of potato cyst nematode heterodera rostochiensis

Chaw Y.K.; Tee T.S., 1979: Short notes on the performance of 2 popular papaya strains from queensland australia

Chan, Y. K.; Tee, T. S.; Wahab, H. B., 1975: Short notes on the performance of some grape cultivars tested in mardig serdang malaysia

Tont, S. A., 1976: Short period climatic fluctuations effects on diatom biomass

Kimura S.; Sugimoto T., 1987: Short period fluctuations in oceanographic and fishing conditions in the coastal area of kumano nada sea

Serra V.; Mandarino R., 1979: Short period interspersion pattern in the genome of a teleostean fish

Bordas, A.; Merat, P., 1975: Short period measurement of feed intake in the laying hen for a genetic study of feed efficiency

Rottenburg T.; Scharfetter E.; Kandeler R., 1980: Short period oscillation of starch levels in lemna under light and darkness

Kuchenbecker D.; Bley T.; Schmidt A., 1981: Short periodic oscillations of culture fluorescence in yeast candida utilis cell populations

Hauser U.E.; Benson B., 1987: Short photoperiod depresses castration response in female lsh sslak hamsters

Logan J.L.; Benson B.; Lee S.M., 1985: Short photoperiod effects on kidney growth in male syrian hamsters

Champney T.H., 1988: Short photoperiod exposure alters the testosterone surge during pubertal development in male mongolian gerbils meriones unguiculatus

Mcelroy J.F.; Wade G.N., 1986: Short photoperiod stimulates brown adipose tissue growth and thermogenesis but not norepinephrine turnover in syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Dark J.; Zucker I.; Wade G.N., 1984: Short photoperiods counteract the effects of ovariectomy on energy balance of voles microtus pennsylvanicus

Matochik J.A.; Miernicki M.; Powers J.B.; Bergondy M.L., 1986: Short photoperiods increase ultrasonic vocalization rates among male syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Dark J.; Zucker I., 1983: Short photoperiods reduce winter energy requirements of the meadow vole microtus pennsylvanicus

Erkinjuntti T.; Sulkava R.; Wikstrom J.; Autio L., 1987: Short portable mental status questionnaire as a screening test for dementia and delirium among the elderly

Raymond L.A.; Sacks J.G.; Choromokos E.; Khodadad G., 1980: Short posterior ciliary artery insufficiency with hyper thermia uhthoffs symptom

Abate, G.; Zaca, F.; Cuccurullo, F., 1976: Short pq syndrome and normal qrs

Wills R.B.H.; Wimalasiri P.; Scott K.J., 1979: Short pre storage exposures to high carbon di oxide or low oxygen atmospheres for the storage of some vegetables

Spiers, P. S.; Wang, L., 1976: Short pregnancy interval low birth weight and the sudden infant death syndrome

Szymanski W., 1980: Short procedure for radio immunologic determination of placenta hormones

Olek, K.; Uhlhaas, S.; Wardenbach, P., 1978: Short programs for the determination of amino acids in physiological fluids

Cheng F.P.; Crang R.E., 1979: Short pulse cytochalasin b treatment of mouse fibroblasts

Iversen E.; Laurberg P., 1988: Short pulses of low dose trh do not affect thyroid hormone secretion from perfused dog thyroid lobes

Haynes D.H.; Kolber M.A.; Morris S.J., 1979: Short range and long range forces involved in cation induced aggregation of chromaffin granule membranes

Larsen A.; Farrell J.E.; Bundesen C., 1983: Short range and long range processes in visual apparent movement

Bello, J.; Bello, H. R., 1977: Short range and long range spectral perturbants dependence on solvent concentration and chromophore structure

Davis, P. A.; Reimer, A.; Sakiyama, S. K.; Slawson, P. R., 1986: Short range atmospheric dispersion over a heterogeneous surface i. lateral dispersion

Cohen B.; Williams T.C., 1980: Short range corrections for migrant bird tracks on search radar

Yersel M.; Goble R.; Morrill J., 1983: Short range dispersion experiments in an urban area

Haugen P., 1982: Short range elasticity after tetanic stimulation in single muscle fibers of the frog rana temporaria

Hufschmidt A.; Schwaller I., 1987: Short range elasticity and resting tension of relaxed human lower leg muscles

Palumbo A.; Mazzarella A., 1981: Short range forecasting of pollutant ground level concentration

Sagi D.; Julesz B., 1987: Short range limitation on detection of feature differences

Pierantoni, R.; Dassori, A.; Mariotti, C., 1976: Short range memory in tenebrio molitor larvae

Steinmann E., 1981: Short range orientation of solitary hymenoptera choice experiments with entrance masks

Kaczanowska J.; Morczewski J., 1981: Short range positioning of contractile vacuole system in a ciliate chilodonella steini

Colwell, A. E.; Shorey, H. H.; Gaston, L. K.; Van-Vorhis-Key, S. E., 1978: Short range pre copulatory behavior of males of pectinophora gossypiella lepidoptera gelechiidae

Wang C.; Mckeague J.A., 1986: Short range soil variability and classification of podzolic pedons along a transect in the laurentian highlands

Proske, U.; Rack, P. M. H., 1976: Short range stiffness of slow fibers and twitch fibers in reptilian muscle

Dickinson E., 1987: Short range structure in aggregates gels and sediments

Schmidt H.S.; Nofzinger E.A., 1988: Short rem latency in impotence without depression

Sarokin L.; Carlson M., 1986: Short repeated elements in the upstream regulatory region of the suc 2 gene of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lobitzer, H., 1975: Short report on the sphinctozoa from the auernig strata upper carboniferous of the carnic alps austria

Van-Damme, B.; Voet, H., 1976: Short report regarding the field observation of a probable mediterranean shag phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii in belgium november 1966

Hillerdal G., 1986: Short report value of the lateral view in diagnosing pleural plaques

Alberts, C.; Becker, A. E., 1978: Short reports infected intra lobar sequestrated lung as a cause of bacterial endo carditis

Kitamura, S., 1977: Short reports of japanese plants part 2

Kitamura, S., 1975: Short reports on japanese dicotyledons part 2

Ruscalleda J.; Rovira A.; Guardia E.; De Juan M., 1984: Short review of computed tomography in the study of some intraspinal diseases

Dekanoidze N.G., 1983: Short review of micromycetes of withered branches and shrubs of botanical gardens and green plantations of eastern georgian ssr ussr

Naumoff, P.; Young, L. W.; Mazer, J.; Amortegui, A. J., 1977: Short rib poly dactyly syndrome type 3

Belloni C.; Beluffi G., 1981: Short rib poly dactyly syndrome type verma naumoff

Bernstein R.; Isdale J.; Pinto M.; Du Toit Zaaijman J.; Jenkins T., 1985: Short rib polydactyly syndrome a single or heterogeneous entity a re evaluation prompted by 4 new cases

Akimoto N.; Satow Y.; Lee J Y.; Okamoto N., 1985: Short rib polydactyly syndrome majewski type report of a case with autopsy findings

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Lopez Barrio A.M.; Mauduit Astolfi J.I.; Pizarro Hernandez A., 1987: Short rib syndromes majewski and ellis van creveld types of polydactylia presentation of both variants

Ireland E.J.; Black J.P.; Scures C.C., 1987: Short roots taurodontia and multiple dens invaginatus

Khanduja S.D., 1987: Short rotation firewood forestry on sodic soils in northern india research imperatives

Giri G.; De R., 1981: Short season fodder legume effects on the grain yield and nitrogen economy of barley under dryland conditions

Posner G.H.; Chapdelaine M.J.; Lentz C.M., 1979: Short simple stereo controlled steroid synthesis racemic 11 oxo equilenin methyl ether and a new 9 11 seco 13 ethyl steroid

Jeremies, M., 1978: Short sketch of the story of dipterological investigation in the oberlausitz germany

Geyer, W. A., 1974: Short soaking in gibberellic acid promotes tree seed germination

Cacciari E.; Salardi S.; Lazzari R.; Cicognani A.; Collina A.; Pirazzoli P.; Tassoni P.; Biasco G.; Corazza G.R.; Cassio A., 1983: Short stature and celiac disease a relationship to consider even in patients with no gastro intestinal tract symptoms

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Brinch M.; Manthorpe T., 1987: Short stature as a possible etiological factor in anorexia nervosa

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Schwartz J.; Brumbaugh R.C.; Chiu M., 1987: Short stature growth hormone insulin like growth factors and serum proteins in the mountain ok people of papua new guinea

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Rimoin, D. L.; Horton, W. A., 1978: Short stature part 2

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Jarvinen, P.; Aromaa, U.; Asp, K., 1976: Short stay varicose vein surgery

Prilyuk, L. V., 1977: Short stem character in wheat

Sakakibara M.; Mori K., 1984: Short step syntheses of homo dolicholide and homo dolicho sterone

Shiozaki M.; Ishida N.; Maruyama H., 1986: Short step synthesis of a chiral 3 1 hydroxyethyl 4 cyanoazetidin 2 one derivative

Somei M.; Makita Y.; Yamada F., 1986: Short step synthesis of the ergot alkaloids racemic norchanoclavine i racemic chanoclavine i racemic isochanoclavine i and racemic agroclavine

Rybinski W., 1981: Short straw forms of spring barley hordeum vulgare obtained as a result of n methyl n nitroso urea induced mutations

Ouvry P.; Davy A.; Dubray Vautrin J.; Guenneguez H., 1981: Short strippings associated with sclero therapy

Elven R., 1984: Short survey of atriplex in norway

Aljancic Solaja I.; Rey M.; Dreiding A.S., 1987: Short syntheses of racemic grandisol and racemic lineatin via a common intermediate

Millar J.G.; Underhill E.W., 1986: Short synthesis of 1 3z 6z 9z tetraene hydrocarbons lepidopteran sex attractants

Sung W.L.; Yao F L.; Zahab D.M.; Narang S.A., 1986: Short synthetic oligodeoxyribonucleotide leader sequences enhance accumulation of human proinsulin synthesized in escherichia coli

Fulk, G. W.; Khokhar, A. R., 1976: Short tailed mole rat nesokia indica prey of the great horned owl bubo bubo

Forde B.G.; Kreis M.; Williamson M.S.; Fry R.P.; Pywell J.; Shewry P.R.; Bunce N.; Miflin B.J., 1985: Short tandem repeats shared by b and c hordein complementary dna species suggest a common evolutionary origin for 2 groups of cereal storage protein genes

Florentin Bael L.; Pereira Pineda V., 1987: Short term 5 month treatment of tuberculosis with the freerksen isoprodian rifampicin combination

Beems R.B.; Van Beek L., 1985: Short term 6 week oral toxicity study of selenium in syrian hamsters

Corring T.; Gueugneau A M.; Chayvialle J.A., 1986: Short term 8 day effects of a raw soybean diet on exocrine pancreatic secretion and plasma gastrointestinal hormone levels in the pig

Cowan F.B.M., 1981: Short term acclimation of malaclemys terrapin to salt water

Weis E., 1984: Short term acclimation of spinach spinacia oleracea to high temperatures effect on chlorophyll fluorescence at 293 and 77 kelvin in intact leaves

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Bounias M.; Morgan M.R.J., 1985: Short term adaptation of honeybee apis mellifera mellifera hemolymph disaccharidase following trehalose injection

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Gonshor, A.; Jones, G. M., 1976: Short term adaptive changes in the human vestibulo ocular reflex arc

Kennedy L.; Traub A.I.; Atkinson A.B.; Sheridan B., 1987: Short term administration of gonadotropin releasing hormone analog to a patient with a testosterone secreting ovarian tumor

Pomposelli J.J.; Moldawer L.L.; Palombo J.D.; Babayan V.K.; Bistrian B.R.; Blackburn G.L., 1986: Short term administration of parenteral glucose lipid mixtures improves protein kinetics in portacaval shunted rats

Martino E.; Mariotti S.; Aghini Lombardi F.; Lenziardi M.; Morabito S.; Baschieri L.; Pinchera A.; Braverman L.; Safran M., 1986: Short term administration of potassium perchlorate restores euthyroidism in amiodarone iodine induced hypothyroidism

Ramer J.C.; Tinker D.E.; Domoto M., 1986: Short term admission for behavior modification

Freeman R., 1980: Short term adverse effects of antibiotic prophylaxis for open heart surgery

Gauwerky, F., 1977: Short term afterloading curie therapy of gynecological carcinomas technique and problems

Demisch L., 1981: Short term alteration of mono amine oxidase activity after translocation of calcium in human blood platelets

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Andresen M.C., 1984: Short term and long term determinants of baro receptor function in aged normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Lowe Jinde L.; Niimi A.J., 1984: Short term and long term effects of cadmium on glycogen reserves and liver size in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Sandler S.; Anderson A., 1982: Short term and long term effects of di methyl sulfoxide on mouse pancreatic islet b cell function in vitro

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Rivest R.W.; Jaconi M.E.E.; Gruaz N.; Sizonenko P.C.; Aubert M.L., 1987: Short term and long term effects of melatonin on gnrh stimulated gonadotropin secretion in pituitaries of sexually maturing rats

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Bosch, D. A., 1977: Short term and long term effects of methylnitroso urea and ethyl nitroso urea on the developing nervous system of the rat part 1 long term effects the induction of multiple gliomas

Bosch, D. A., 1977: Short term and long term effects of methylnitroso urea and ethylnitroso urea on the developing nervous system of the rat part 2 short term effects concluding remarks on chemical neuro oncogenesis

Labar D.R.; Berman N.E.; Murphy E.H., 1981: Short term and long term effects of neo natal and adult visual cortex lesions on the retinal projection to the pulvinar in cats

Stein, J. M.; Wayner, M. J.; Kantak, K. M.; Cook, R. C., 1978: Short term and long term effects of p chloro amphetamine on ingestive behavior

Rideau N.; Stepinska M.; Dubois M.P., 1985: Short term and long term effects of pancreatic duct ligation in the chicken

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Martin R.M.; Heard W.R.; Wertheimer A.C., 1981: Short term rearing of pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha fry effect on survival and biomass of returning adults

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Levin, H. S.; Grossman, R. G.; Kelly, P. J., 1976: Short term recognition memory in relation to severity of head injury

Vedernikov N.M., 1986: Short term recommendation for the best spraying time for pine trees in nurseries to control leaf cast

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Burattini R.; Borgdorff P.; Westerhof N., 1987: Short term regulation of arterial pressure and the calculation of open loop gain in the intact anesthetized dog

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Probst I.; Jungermann K., 1983: Short term regulation of glycolysis by insulin and dexamethasone in cultured rat hepatocytes

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Imura M.; Takatani O., 1981: Short term regulation of mouse pyruvate dehydrogenase complex by insulin

Barash I.; Madar Z.; Gertler A., 1986: Short term regulation of prolactin receptors in the liver mammary gland and kidney of pregnant and lactating rats infused with ovine prolactin or human growth hormone

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Jans J.E.; Catania A.C., 1980: Short term remembering of discriminative stimuli in pigeons

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Parazzini F.; Acaia B.; Ricciardiello O.; Fedele L.; Liati P.; Candiani G.B., 1988: Short term reproductive prognosis when no cause can be found for recurrent miscarriage

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Hill S.L.; Morrison H.M.; Burnett D.; Stockley R.A., 1986: Short term response of patients with bronchiectasis to treatment with amoxycillin given in standard or high doses orally or by inhalation

Tamm J.; Buecheler E.; Volkwein U.; Mischke W., 1980: Short term response of testosterone di hydro testosterone 5 alpha androstane 3 beta 17 beta diol testosterone glucosiduronate and estradiol 17 beta as measured in the spermatic vein of human male subjects after infusion of gonadotropins

O'brien W.F.; Golden S.M.; Bibro M.C.; Charkobardi P.K.; Davis S.E.; Hemming V.G., 1985: Short term responses in neonatal lambs after infusion of group b streptococcal extract

Healey F.P., 1979: Short term responses of nutrient deficient algae to nutrient addition

Jaeger C.H.; Goeschl J.D.; Magnuson C.E.; Fares Y.; Strain B.R., 1988: Short term responses of phloem transport to mechanical perturbation

Sachser N., 1987: Short term responses of plasma norepinephrine epinephrine glucocorticoid and testosterone titers to social and non social stressors in male guinea pigs of different social status

Majer J.D., 1984: Short term responses of soil and litter invertebrates to a cool autumn burn in jarrah eucalyptus marginata forest in western australia

Oda M.; Nonaka M.; Hoshino K., 1986: Short term responses of top fresh weight to environmental changes in leaf bunching lettuce

Finlayson C.M., 1984: Short term responses of young typha domingensis and typha orientalis plants to high levels of potassium chloride

Liang Y.; Tu Q.; Liu G.; Zhang X., 1987: Short term result of lung cancer treated by photodynamic therapy pdt

Tang, W.; He, G.; Din, G.; Sun, Z., 1987: Short term result of non hodgkin's lymphoma treated by comp regimen

Curcio, C. G.; Vasile, C.; Gianciotta, A.; Casali, A.; Gionfra, T.; Rinaldi, M.; Guadagni, A.; Le-Pera, V.; Sega, E., 1976: Short term results of combined radio immuno therapy in inoperable lung cancer

Hurni R.; Odstrcilik E.; Goebel N.; Gruentzig A.; Krayenbuehl H.P.; Senning A., 1981: Short term results of per cutaneous trans luminal coronary angio plasty in single vessel disease comparison with medically or surgically treated patient populations regarded retrospectively as suitable for per cutaneous trans luminal coronary angio plasty

Baisogolov G.D.; Berdov B.A.; Konoplyannikov A.G.; Kudryavtseva G.T.; Goldobenko G.V.; Bizer V.A.; Byrikhin V.I.; Grigor'ev A.N.; Mel'nikova L.N.; Chikvaidze G.G., 1983: Short term results of radiation and combined therapy of cancer patients using metronidazole

Kazeev K.N.; Zinkevich I.V.; Karaseva G.I.; Kostareva L.N., 1987: Short term results of the parlodel treatment of patients with diffuse toxic goiter complicated by endocrine ophthalmopathy

Grant D.S.; Marshal M.L., 1985: Short term retention in rats the effect of goal arm confinement on delayed alternation performance

Williams, B. A., 1976: Short term retention of response outcome as a determinant of serial reversal learning

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Guay M., 1982: Short term retention of temporal auditory information

Guay M.; Bourgeois J., 1981: Short term retention of temporal information

Guay M.; Wilberg R.B., 1983: Short term retention of temporal information under a mental counting cognitive strategy

Guay M.; Wilberg R.B., 1983: Short term retention of temporal visual information

Haxby J.V.; Lundgren S.L.; Morley G.K., 1983: Short term retention of verbal visual shape and visuo spatial location information in normal and amnesic subjects

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