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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6413

Chapter 6413 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Delaney R.C.; Prevey M.L.; Mattson R.H., 1986: Short term retention with lateralized temporal lobe epilepsy

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Panini, S. R.; Rudney, H., 1980: Short term reversible modulation of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec activity in isolated epithelial cells from rat ileum regulation of phosphorylation dephosphorylation by bi carbonate

Daan, S.; Slopsema, S., 1978: Short term rhythms in foraging behavior of the common vole microtus arvalis

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Miyata Y.; Fukushima S.; Hirose M.; Masui T.; Ito N., 1985: Short term screening of promoters of bladder carcinogenesis in n butyl n 4 hydroxybutylnitrosamine initiated unilaterally ureter ligated rats

Popp, W.; Zwick, H.; Raushcer, H., 1988: Short term sensitizing antibodies in bakers' asthma

Bentz, J. E., 1978: Short term sensory reduction used as a therapeutic aid in enhancement of self concept

Spieler, R. E.; Meier, A. H., 1976: Short term serum prolactin concentrations in goldfish carassius auratus subjected to serial sampling and restraint

Bakker-Tervoort, M. A.; Lutjens, A.; Monasch, E., 1986: Short term single daily dose treatment of hyperthyroid graves' disease

Monti J.M.; Alterwain P.; Debellis J.; Altier H.; Pellejero T.; Monti D., 1987: Short term sleep laboratory evaluation of midazolam in chronic insomniacs preliminary results

Saletu B.; Kindshofer G.; Anderer P.; Grunberger J., 1987: Short term sleep laboratory studies with cinolazepam in situational insomnia induced by traffic noise

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Cheeseman J.M.; Bloebaum P.D.; Wickens L.K., 1985: Short term sodium 22 ion and potassium 42 ion uptake in intact mid vegetative spergularia marina plants

Alley M.M., 1981: Short term soil chemical and crop yield responses to limestone applications

Widin G.P.; Viemeister N.F., 1979: Short term spectral effects in pure tone forward masking

Wachs T.D., 1987: Short term stability of aggregated and nonaggregated measures of parental behavior

Hoffmann R.J., 1987: Short term stability of genetic structure in populations of the sea anemone metridium senile

Guiloff R.J.; Modarres Sadeghi H.; Stalberg E.; Rogers H., 1988: Short term stability of single motor unit recordings in motor neuron disease a macro emg study

Hoagland K.D., 1983: Short term standing crop and diversity of periphytic diatoms in a eutrophic reservoir

Szyper J.P., 1981: Short term starvation effects on nitrogen and phosphorus excretion by the chaetognath sagitta enflata

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Sobrino F.; Gonzalez J.; Gualberto A.; Ruiz G., 1986: Short term stimulation by adenosine of basal and insulin induced glycogen synthesis in rat adipose tissue

Pradines Figueres A.; Vannier C.; Ailhaud G., 1988: Short term stimulation by insulin of lipoprotein lipase secretion in adipose cells

Bahro M.; Pfeifer U., 1987: Short term stimulation by propranolol and verapamil of cardiac cellular autophagy

Gnoni G.V.; Geelen M.J.H.; Bijleveld C.; Quagliariello E.; Van Den Bergh S.G., 1985: Short term stimulation of lipogenesis by triiodothyronine in maintenance cultures of rat hepatocytes

Cocco T.; Petragallo V.A.; Gnoni G.V., 1985: Short term stimulation of lipogenesis by triiodothyronine in rat hepatocyte cultures

Gonzalez Cabello R.; Perl A.; Kalmar L.; Gergely P., 1987: Short term stimulation of lymphocyte proliferation by indomethacin in vitro and in vivo

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Moule S.K.; Bradford N.M.; Mcgivan J.D., 1987: Short term stimulation of sodium dependent amino acid transport by dibutyryl cyclic amp in hepatocytes characteristics and partial mechanism

Stoss J.; Refstie T., 1983: Short term storage and cryo preservation of milt from atlantic salmon salmo salar and sea trout salmo trutta

Fischer B.; Glanzer M., 1986: Short term storage and the processing of cohesion during reading

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Rodriguez Garay B.; Barrow J.R., 1986: Short term storage of cotton gossypium hirsutum pollen

Smith S.M.; Johnson D.S.; Chesworth J.; Mori J., 1985: Short term storage of cultivar discovery apples

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Charomaini M., 1986: Short term storage of pinus merkusii pollen grain

Hughes M.A.; Anderson G.B., 1982: Short term storage of rabbit embryos at 4 celsius

Dalela R.C.; Bansal S.K.; Gupta A.K.; Verma S.R., 1980: Short term stress on the oxygen consumption of a fresh water teleost saccobranchus fossilis following lethal and sublethal levels of chlordane metasystox and sevin

Freeman B.M.; Manning A.C.C.; Flack I.H., 1980: Short term stressor effects of food withdrawal on the immature fowl gallus domesticus

Freeman B.M.; Manning A.C.C., 1980: Short term stressor effects of propranolol

Freeman, B. M.; Manning, A. C. C., 1978: Short term stressor effects of reserpine

Oscarson P.; Ingemarsson B.; Af Ugglas M.; Larsson C M., 1987: Short term studies of nitrate uptake in pisum using nitrogen 13 nitrate

Deane-Drummond, C. E.; Glass, A. D. M., 1983: Short term studies of nitrate uptake into barley hordeum vulgare cultivar betzes plants using ion specific electrodes and chlorine 36 labeled chlorate ion 1. control of net uptake by nitrate ion efflux

Deane-Drummond, C. E.; Glass, A. D. M., 1983: Short term studies of nitrate uptake into barley hordeum vulgare cultivar betzes plants using ion specific electrodes and chlorine 36 labeled chlorate ion 2. regulation of nitrate ion efflux by ammonium ion

Rouse D.J.; Lack L., 1980: Short term studies of tauro cholate uptake by ileal brush border membrane vesicles anion effects

Catlin, P. B.; Priestley, C. A., 1976: Short term studies of the uptake of nitrogen by young apple trees after soil application of ammonium nitrate

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Padisak J., 1980: Short term studies on the phyto plankton of lake balaton hungary tihany in the summers of 1976 1977 and 1978

Jeffrey, H.; Buesnel, R. J.; O'neill, G. H., 1976: Short term studies on the response of grazing dairy cows to dietary supplementation

Wieneke J.; Lauchli A., 1979: Short term studies on the uptake and transport of chloride ion by soybean glycine max cultivars lee and jackson differing in salt tolerance

Goodship T.H.J.; Lloyd S.; Mckenzie P.W.; Earnshaw M.; Smeaton I.; Bartlett K.; Ward M.K.; Wilkinson R., 1987: Short term studies on the use of amino acids as an osmotic agent in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Gaunt, I. F.; Lloyd, A. G.; Grasso, P.; Gangolli, S. D.; Butterworth, K. R., 1977: Short term study in the rat on 2 caramels produced by variations of the ammonia process

Takano K.; Hizuka N.; Shizume K.; Asakawa K.; Kogawa M., 1983: Short term study of biosynthesized human growth hormone in man

Lara R.H.; Del Rosal P.L.; Ponce J.C., 1983: Short term study of quazepam 15 milligrams in the treatment of insomnia

Fallat, R. W.; Glueck, C. J.; Lutmer, R.; Mattson, F. H., 1976: Short term study of sucrose poly ester a nonabsorbable fat like material as a dietary agent for lowering plasma cholesterol

Chu I.; Villeneuve D.C.; Becking G.C.; Iverson F.; Ritter L., 1980: Short term study of the combined effects of mirex photo mirex and kepone with halogenated bi phenyls in rats

Michetti P.; Massa P.; De Conca V.; Oppezzi M.; Coccia G.; Dodero M., 1988: Short term sucralfate treatment of duodenal ulcer

Mundy A.R.; Berwick M.; Moncada S.; Vane J.R., 1980: Short term suppression of hyper acute renal allo graft rejection in pre sensitized dogs with prostacyclin

Calvo F.O.; Bahr J.M., 1982: Short term suppression of the hormone stimulable adenylate cyclase system in the granulosa cells of the domestic hen by luteinizing hormone

Verdouw, P. D.; Hagemeijer, F.; Van-Dorp, W. G.; Van-Der-Vorm, A.; Hugenholtz, P. G., 1975: Short term survival after acute myo cardial infarction predicted by hemodynamic parameters

Juraskova V., 1982: Short term survival of lympho sarcoma cells exposed to heavy doses of ionizing radiation

Sears, T. A.; Stagg, D., 1976: Short term synchronization of intercostal moto neuron activity

Simon G.; Franciosa J.A.; Gimenez H.J.; Cohn J.N., 1981: Short term systemic hemodynamic adaptation to beta adrenergic inhibition with atenolol in hypertensive patients

Cupceancu B., 1985: Short term tamoxifen treatment in benign breast diseases

Greeley S.; Gniecko K., 1986: Short term taste behavior and copper vitamin b 6 nutriture in long evans rats

Penney R.K.; Goldspink G., 1981: Short term temperature acclimation in myo fibrillar atpase of a stenotherm salmo gairdneri and a eurytherm carassius auratus

Christersson, L.; Sandstedt, R., 1978: Short term temperature variation in needles of pinus sylvestris

Popp J.W.; Ficken R.W.; Reinartz J.A., 1985: Short term temporal avoidance of interspecific acoustic interference among forest birds

Macmahon K., 1983: Short term temporal cycles in the frequency of suicide usa 1972 1978

Kern J.C.; Bell S.S., 1984: Short term temporal variation in population structure of 2 harpacticoid copepods zausodes arenicolus and paradactylopodia brevicornis

Eskilsson J.; Conradson T B., 1986: Short term terbutaline does not induce myocardial hypertrophy in man

Landner L.; Neilson A.H.; Sorensen L.; Tarnholm A.; Viktor T., 1985: Short term test for predicting the potential of xenobiotics to impair reproductive success in fish

Ennever, F. K.; Rosenkranz, H. S., 1986: Short term test results for national toxicology program noncarcinogens an alternate more predictive battery

Zachmann M.; Studer S.; Prader A., 1987: Short term testosterone treatment at bone age of 12 to 13 years does not reduce adult height in boys with constitutional delay of growth and adolescence

Cole, R. J.; Taylor, N.; Cole, J.; Arlett, C. F., 1981: Short term tests for trans placentally active carcinogens 1. micro nucleus formation in fetal and maternal mouse erythro blasts

Cole R.J.; Cole J.; Henderson L.; Taylor N.A.; Arlett C.F.; Regan T., 1983: Short term tests for trans placentally active carcinogens a comparison of sister chromatid exchange and the micro nucleus test in mouse fetal liver erythro blasts

Henderson L.; Cole R.J.; Whittaker J.; Regan T.; Cole H., 1983: Short term tests for trans placentally active carcinogens induction of sister chromatid exchanges in fetal brain lung and blood forming cells by procarbazine and cyclo phosphamide

Cole R.J.; Taylor N.; Cole J.; Henderson L.; Arlett C.F., 1982: Short term tests for trans placentally active carcinogens sensitivity of the trans placental micro nucleus test to di ethyl nitrosamine

Schramm T., 1982: Short term tests in assessment of cancer risks and primary prevention of occupational cancer

Turina M.P.; Colacci A.; Grilli S.; Mazzullo M.; Prodi G.; Lattanzi G., 1986: Short term tests of genotoxicity for 1 1 1 trichloroethane

Rohatiner A.Z.S.; Gregory W.M.; Bassan R.; Barnett M.J.; Waxman J.; Richards M.A.; Ganesan T.S.; Tucker J.; Malik S.T.A.; Et Al, 1988: Short term therapy for acute myelogenous leukemia

Wilson W.R.; Thompson R.L.; Wilkowske C.J.; Washington J.A.II.; Giulani E.R.; Geraci J.E., 1981: Short term therapy for streptococcal infective endo carditis combined intra muscular administration of penicillin and streptomycin

Del Rio A.; Ferreira J.I.; Ramos F.; Ruiz C.; Bueno J., 1980: Short term therapy of atrial fibrillation with an association of digitalis and amiodarone

Sullivan J.M.; Ratts T.E.; Palmer E.T.; Samaha J.K.; Mance C.J.; Muirhead E.E.; Schoeneberger A.A., 1979: Short term therapy of severe hypertension hemodynamic correlates of the anti hypertensive response in man

Patten B.G., 1980: Short term thermal resistance of hexagrammid eggs and planktonic larvae from puget sound washington usa

Patten, B. G., 1977: Short term thermal resistance of zoeae of 10 species of crabs from puget sound washington usa

Kellog R.L.; Jinks S.M., 1985: Short term thermal tolerance of 10 species of ichthyoplankton common to the hudson river usa

Lenzi, P.; Franzini, C.; Cianci, T.; Bettelli, O. , 1981: Short term thermo regulatory adjustments to ambient temperature changes in the rabbit 1. theoretical model

Lenzi, P.; Franzini, C.; Cianci, T.; Bettelli, O., 1981: Short term thermo regulatory adjustments to ambient temperature changes in the rabbit 2. experimental results

Lenzi P.; Libert J.P.; Franzini C.; Cianci T.; Guidalotti P.L., 1986: Short term thermoregulatory adjustments involving opposite regional temperature changes

Stefoni S.; Vangelista A.; Costa A.N.; Bonomini V., 1981: Short term thoracic duct drainage in drug resistant immunologically mediated glomerulo nephritis evaluation of lymph and blood lymphocyte characteristics during drainage

Shields A.F.; Larson S.M.; Grunbaum Z.; Graham M.M., 1984: Short term thymidine uptake in normal and neoplastic tissues studies for positron emission tomography

Gnassia Barreli M.; Hardstedt Romeo M., 1982: Short term time series study of copper and cadmium uptake by cricosphaera elongata

Mennel H.D., 1980: Short term tissue culture observations of experimental primary and transplanted nervous system tumors

Nilsson, K.; Killander, D.; Killander, J.; Mellstedt, H., 1976: Short term tissue culture of 2 nonsecretory human myelomas a morphological and functional study

Sanfilippo O.; Daidone M.G.; Di Fronzo G.; Silvestrini R., 1979: Short term tissue culture of human breast cancer presence of estrogen receptors and 17 beta estradiol stimulation of rna synthesis

Hall, C. S. G.; James, T. E.; Goodyer, C.; Branchaud, C.; Guyda, H.; Giroud, C. J. P., 1977: Short term tissue culture of human mid term and term placenta parameters of hormonogenesis

Schneider-Affeld, F.; Kubli, F., 1978: Short term tocolysis of prostaglandin induced uterine contractions comparison between fenoterol and diazoxide

Eisenberg R.M., 1982: Short term tolerance to morphine effects of diazepam pheno barbital and amphetamine

Eisenberg R.M., 1982: Short term tolerance to morphine effects of indomethacin

Lupton E.S.; Abbrecht M.M.; Brandon M.L., 1982: Short term topical cortico steroid therapy halcinonide ointment in the management of atopic dermatitis

Harleman J.H.; Seinen W., 1979: Short term toxicity and reproduction studies in rats with hexa chloro 1 3 butadiene

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Gaunt I.F.; Wright M.G.; Cottrell R., 1982: Short term toxicity of 2 phenyl propan 1 ol hydratropic alcohol in rats

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Stanton H.E., 1979: Short term treatment of enuresis

Alfonzo J.P., 1985: Short term treatment of essential arterial hypertension with a postganglionic blocking drug having rapid action bethanidine

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Cederholm J., 1985: Short term treatment of glucose intolerance in middle aged subjects by diet exercise and sulfonylurea

Lassus A.; Renkonen O V., 1979: Short term treatment of gonorrhea with intra muscular and oral forms of trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole

Comite F.; Cutler G.B.Jr; Rivier J.; Vale W.W.; Loriaux D.L.; Crowley W.F.Jr, 1981: Short term treatment of idiopathic precocious puberty with a long acting analog of lhrh

Helin I., 1981: Short term treatment of lower urinary tract infections in children with trimethoprim sulfadiazine

Cimmino M.A.; Cutolo M.; Samanta E.; Accardo S., 1982: Short term treatment of osteo arthritis a comparison of sodium meclofenamate and ibuprofen

Dolan, A. T.; Sheikh, A. A., 1977: Short term treatment of phobia through eidetic imagery

Svedberg L E.; Carling L.; Glise H.; Hallerback B.; Kagevi I.; Solhaug J.H.; Wahlby L., 1987: Short term treatment of prepyloric ulcer comparison of sucralfate and cimetidine

Pilheu, J. A., 1975: Short term treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Alfonzo J.P., 1985: Short term treatment of severe essential arterial hypertension refractory to other treatments with minoxidil experience in 14 patients

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Braun H.; Hintalan A.; Csomor S.Jr, 1984: Short term treatment of vaginal candidiasis with econazole nitrate gyno pevaryl

Wiest W.; Ruffmann R., 1987: Short term treatment of vaginal candidiasis with fenticonazole ovules a three dose schedule comparative trial

Short A.B., 1984: Short term treatment outcome using parents as co therapists for their own autistic children

Arca M.; Ciocca S.; Fazio S.; Montali A.; Sabatino C.; Angelico F., 1982 : Short term treatment with a lipid lowering agent deae dextran dexide excretion of bile acids neutral sterols and fecal fats

Parra G.; Rodriguez Iturbe B.; Colina Chourio J.; Garcia R., 1988: Short term treatment with captopril in hypertension due to acute glomerulonephritis

Chen S P.; Pan G Z., 1986: Short term treatment with colloidal bismuth subcitrate de nol and cimetidine in chinese patients with gastric ulcer

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Martinez H.T.; Serna C.T., 1982: Short term treatment with quazepam of insomnia in geriatric patients

Maclatchy, D. L.; Eales, J. G., 1988: Short term treatment with testosterone increases plasma 3 5 3' triiodo l thyronine and hepatic l thyroxine 5' monodeiodinase levels in arctic charr salvelinus alpinus

Demura R.; Nakamura S.; Komatsu H.; Suzuki T.; Jibiki K.; Odagiri E.; Demura H.; Shizume K., 1987: Short term treatments with prolactin hmg or testosterone fail to affect testicular inhibin content in rats

Hirsch R.M.; Peters N.E., 1988: Short term trends in sulfate deposition at selected bulk precipitation stations in new york usa

Wilkin T.J.; Gunn A.; Isles T.E.; Crooks J.; Beck J.S., 1979: Short term tri iodo thyronine in prevention of temporary hypo thyroidism after subtotal thyroidectomy for graves disease

Krecek L.; Vasku J.; Urbanek E.; Hanzelka P.; Dostal M.; Vasku J.; Guba P.; Sotakova E.; Sotolova O.; Et Al, 1982: Short term up to 8 days surviving calves implanted with poly methyl methacrylate diaphragm blood pumps of the total artificial heart brno i ii design in 1978

Vymazal J., 1984: Short term uptake of heavy metals by periphyton algae

O'brien M.C.; Wheeler P.A., 1987: Short term uptake of nutrients by enteromorpha prolifera chlorophyceae

Robinson D.; Millard P., 1987: Short term uptake rates and partitioning of nitrogen in a potato crop

Levings C.D., 1982: Short term use of a low tide refuge in a sandflat by juvenile chinook oncorhynchus tshawytscha fraser river estuary canada

Beaton J.H.; Gibson F.; Roland M., 1984: Short term use of a medicated douche preparation in the symptomatic treatment of minor vaginal irritation in some cases associated with infertility

Howles C.M.; Macnamee M.C.; Edwards R.G., 1987: Short term use of an lhrh agonist to treat poor responders entering an in vitro fertilization program

Van Joost T.; Heule F.; Stolz E.; Beukers R., 1986: Short term use of cyclosporin a in severe psoriasis

Nageotte M.P.; Freeman R.K.; Freeman A.G.; Dorchester W., 1983: Short term variability assessment from abdominal electro cardiogram during the ante partum period

Tweeddale P.M.; Merchant S.; Leslie M.; Alexander F.; Mchardy G.J.R., 1984: Short term variability in 1 second forced expiratory volume relation to pretest activity level of 1 second forced expiratory volume and smoking habits

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Oken B.S.; Chiappa K.H., 1988: Short term variability in eeg frequency analysis

Bryant D.M.; Westerterp K.R., 1983: Short term variability in energy turnover by breeding house martins delichon urbica a study using doubly labeled water

Conte M.H.; Otto R.G.; Miller P.E., 1979: Short term variability in surface catches of ichthyo plankton in the upper chesapeake bay maryland usa

Denman, K. L., 1977: Short term variability in vertical chlorophyll structure

Glooschenko, W. A.; Blanton, J. O., 1977: Short term variability of chlorophyll a concentrations in lake ontario

Ammala P.; Kariniemi V., 1983: Short term variability of fetal heart rate during insulin dependent diabetic pregnancies

Kariniemi V.; Ammala P., 1981: Short term variability of fetal heart rate during pregnancies with normal and insufficient placental function

Ammala P.; Kariniemi V., 1981: Short term variability of fetal heart rate in cholestasis of pregnancy

Taguchi, S., 1976: Short term variability of photosynthesis in natural marine phyto plankton populations

Cote, R.; Lacroix, G., 1978: Short term variability of physical chemical and biological characteristics in the saguenay a subarctic fjord in quebec canada

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Johnson C.A.; Post R.B.; Tsuetaki T.K., 1984: Short term variability of the resting focus of accommodation

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