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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6414

Chapter 6414 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Otremsky I., 1987: Sibling similarity in development of covariation among physical traits in early childhood

Galbraith R.C., 1982: Sibling spacing and intellectual development a closer look at the confluence models

Vainola R., 1986: Sibling species and phylogenetic relationships of mysis relicta crustacea mysidacea

Henry C.S., 1985: Sibling species call differences and speciation in green lacewings neuroptera chrysopidae chrysoperla

Marsh B.A., 1981: Sibling species complexes in sympatric populations of petrotilapia cichlidae lake malawi

Grassle, J. P.; Grassle, J. F., 1976: Sibling species in the marine pollution indicator capitella polychaeta

Christensen, B.; Jelnes, J., 1976: Sibling species in the oligochaete worm lumbricillus rivalis enchytraeidae revealed by enzyme polymorphisms and breeding experiments

Gallardo C.S., 1979: Sibling species of crepidula genus gastropoda calyptraeidae from the coast of chile a re description of crepidula dilatata and description of crepidula fecunda new species

Vader W., 1984: Sibling species of doridicola copepoda lichomolgidae from california usa sea anemones biology and host specificity

Newman L.J., 1983: Sibling species of the black fly prosimulium onychodactylum simuliidae diptera a salivary gland chromosome study

Zagorodnyuk, I. V.; Teslenko, S. V., 1986: Sibling species of the superspecies microtus arvalis in the ukrainian ssr ussr 1. distribution of microtus subarvalis

Teslenko, S. V., 1987: Sibling species within the superspecies microtus arvalis in the ukrainian ssr ussr 3. transferrin system in microtus arvalis sensu stricto

Baskett L.M., 1985: Sibling status effects adult expectations

Cicirelli, V. G., 1976: Sibling structure and intellectual ability

Dwoskin, J. Y., 1976: Sibling uro pathology

Maisels M.J., 1983: Sibling visiting in a neo natal intensive care unit

Munn P., 1986: Siblings and the development of prosocial behavior

Wishart J.G., 1986: Siblings as models in early infant learning

Breslau N., 1982: Siblings of disabled children birth order and age spacing effects

Prabucki K., 1987: Siblings of disabled children effects of chronic stress in the family

Suarez B., 1983: Siblings of patients with haemophilus meningitis have impaired anti capsular antibody responses to haemophilus vaccine

White L., 1987: Siblings of pediatric cancer patients a population at risk

Kaplan, F.; Fox, E., 1968: Siblings of the retardate an adolescent group experience

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413026

Henderson, R. W.; Hoevers, L. G.; Wilson, L. D., 1977: Sibon neilli new species reptilia serpentes colubridae from belize central america

Fuhrmann W., 1985: Sibs of probands with neural tube defects a study in west germany

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413029

Bird G.W.G., 1979: Sibship asymmetries of rhesus blood groups in the presence of maternal antibodies

Ho D.Y.F., 1979: Sibship variables as determinants of intellectual academic ability of hong kong pupils

Migeon C.J., 1983: Sibship with 17 keto steroid reductase deficiency and hypo thyroidism lack of linkage of hla and 17 keto steroid reductase loci

Lee P.C., 1987: Sibships cooperation and competition among immature vervet monkeys

Hoy, G., 1978: Sicalis flaveola koenigi new subspecies aves fringillidae of the saffron finch from the andes

Clauvel J P., 1987: Sicca complex and infection with human immunodeficiency virus

Fukumori J., 1985: Sicca features in collagen diseases and chronic thyroiditis

Ohya T., 1987: Sicca symptom in a patient with hemochromatosis minor salivary gland biopsy for differential diagnosis

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Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413039

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413040

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413041

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413042

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413043

Scaffidi V., 1982: Sicilian italy acarological remarks on the current endemic epidemic expansion of boutonneuse fever rhipicephalus sanguineus

Fauer, W., 1977: Siciliaria ernae new species of recent clausilian from italy

Koval'skaya Yu M., 1986: Sicista kazbegica new species rodentia dipodidae from the basin of the terek river upper reaches ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413047

Jelke G., 1986: Sick by progress expositional particularities in exogenous allergic alveolitis hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Eiser, J. R.; Van-Der-Plight, J., 1986: Sick or hooked smokers' perceptions of their addiction

Stein H.F., 1986: Sick people and trolls a contribution to the understanding of the dynamics of physician explanatory models

Wilhelmsson C., 1984: Sick role and attitude towards disease and working life 2 months after a myocardial infarction

Yamashita T., 1981: Sick room environment and patients response 2

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Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413054

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413055

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413056

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413057

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413058

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413059

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413060

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413061

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413062

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413063

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413064

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413065

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413066

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413067

Weatherall D.J., 1980: Sickle beta o thalassemia in eastern saudi arabia

Joishy, S. K.; Griner, P. F.; Rowley, P. T., 1976: Sickle beta thalassemia identical twins differing in severity implicate nongenetic factors influencing course

Huisman T.H.J., 1986: Sickle cell anemia among eti turks hematological clinical and genetic observations

Sinet, M.; Pocidalo, J. J., 1978: Sickle cell anemia and blood oxygen affinity

Nelson J.S., 1986: Sickle cell anemia and central nervous system infarction a neuropathological study

Williams I., 1980: Sickle cell anemia and hearing

Kerbauy J., 1984: Sickle cell anemia and pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413075

Orchik, D. J.; Dunn, J. W., 1977: Sickle cell anemia and sudden deafness

Brittenham, G.; Lozoff, B.; Harris, J. W.; Sharma, V. S.; Narasimhan, S., 1977: Sickle cell anemia and trait in a population of southern india

Huisman T.H.J., 1979: Sickle cell anemia and trait in southern india

Hudson, R. L.; Castro, O.; Spivak, J. L.; Sampson, C.; Downing, J. W., 1978: Sickle cell anemia and transposition of the great vessels

Brion, L.; Dupont, M.; Fondu, P.; Rutsaert, J., 1978: Sickle cell anemia and venous thrombosis

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413081

Lim M.L., 1986: Sickle cell anemia associated with alpha thalassemia in malaysian indians

Steinberg, M. H.; Dreiling, B. J.; Lovell, W. J., 1977: Sickle cell anemia erythro kinetics blood volumes and a study of possible determinants of severity

Honig G.R., 1979: Sickle cell anemia in 2 white american children essential laboratory criteria for diagnosis

Elamin A.M., 1980: Sickle cell anemia in adult zambian africans

Campbell, J. J.; Oski, F. A., 1977: Sickle cell anemia in an american white boy of greek ancestry

Eggert, W.; Bernardino, L.; De-Cruz, M.; Eggert, S.; Schmidt, G., 1987: Sickle cell anemia in angola 1. epidemiology and clinical aspects

Eggert, W.; Bernardino, L.; De-Cruz, M.; Eggert, S.; Schmidt, G., 1987: Sickle cell anemia in angola 2. behavior of laboratory parameters

Hegyi, T.; Delphin, E. S.; Bank, A.; Polin, R. A.; Blanc, W. A., 1977: Sickle cell anemia in the new born

Ozsoylu, S.; Altinoz, N., 1977: Sickle cell anemia in turkey evaluation of 97 cases with parents findings

Dean, J.; Schechter, A. N., 1978: Sickle cell anemia molecular and cellular bases of therapeutic approaches

Dean, J.; Schechter, A. N., 1978: Sickle cell anemia molecular and cellular bases of therapeutic approaches part 1

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413094

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413095

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413096

Al Swailem A.R., 1987: Sickle cell beta o thalassemia in saudi arabia

Kohne E., 1983: Sickle cell beta plus thalassemia a hematological and clinical study in liberia

Colonna P., 1984: Sickle cell beta thalassemia compared with sickle cell anemia in algeria

Shaeffer, J. R.; Moake, J. L., 1976: Sickle cell beta thalassemia variant with high hemo globin f and mild clinical course

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413101

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413102

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413103

Predescu, C.; Bratu, V.; Radulescu, E.; Ferche, G.; Dragulanescu, M., 1977: Sickle cell disease 2 cases in a romanian family

Vogel, M., 1977: Sickle cell disease a clinico pathologic case report

Satpathy B., 1981: Sickle cell disease and nitro blue tetrazolium reduction by neutrophils

Roy, S. Iii ; Murphy, W. M.; Pitcock, J. A.; Rimer, R. L., 1976: Sickle cell disease and post streptococcal acute glomerulo nephritis

Ajabor, L. N.; Ezimokhai, M., 1976: Sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait among subfertile women in benin city nigeria

Sonnet J., 1980: Sickle cell disease clinical report on 3 genetic variants

Kirkwood B., 1981: Sickle cell disease in a british uk urban community

Marsh G.W., 1987: Sickle cell disease in north london england uk

Serjeant G.R., 1986: Sickle cell disease in orissa state india

Perrine S., 1981: Sickle cell disease in saudi arabians in early childhood

Nagel R., 1980: Sickle cell disease in sicily italy

Knox Macaulay H.H.M., 1983: Sickle cell disease in sierra leone a clinical and hematological analysis in older children and adults

El Hazmi M.A.F., 1979: Sickle cell disease in the arabian peninsula

Huehns E.R., 1983: Sickle cell disease the proportion of liganded hemo globin needed to prevent crises

Janson R., 1982: Sickle cell diseases causing hematuria

Samuel A.P.W., 1982: Sickle cell gene and liver functions in a sudanese population

Joshi K.C., 1983: Sickle cell gene in the mina tribal population of kherwara tehsil of udaipur district in rajasthan india

Sebes J.I., 1986: Sickle cell gnathopathy radiologic assessment

Cooper R., 1988: Sickle cell heart disease two dimensional echo and doppler ultrasonographic findings in the hearts of adult patients with sickle cell anemia

Aflatouni, M. M.; Malek, M., 1978: Sickle cell hemo globin d disease 1st reported case in iran

Nagaratnam, N.; De-Silva, D. P. K. M.; Atapattu, A. M. P.; Sukumaran, P. K., 1975: Sickle cell hemo globin d disease in a sinhalese family

Scholander P.F., 1980: Sickle cell hemo globin fall in osmotic pressure upon deoxygenation

Edalji R., 1981: Sickle cell hemo globin fiber structure altered by alpha chain mutation

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413127

Mann J.R., 1981: Sickle cell hemo globinopathies in england uk

Yudina L.I., 1979: Sickle cell hemo globinosis african rheumatism and hetero zygous hemo globin c trait

Rosa J., 1983: Sickle cell hemo globulin fiber formation strongly inhibited by the stanleyville ii mutation

Arends T., 1985: Sickle cell hemoglobin d punjab disease 3rd case found in venezuela

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413132

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413133

Alarif L., 1987: Sickle cell leg ulcers are associated with hla b35 and cw4

Baysal E., 1986: Sickle cell membranes and oxidative damage

Martel W., 1986: Sickle cell nephropathy magnetic resonance imaging

Lufuma T., 1980: Sickle cell priapism therapeutic considerations in the light of 23 cases

Serjeant G.R., 1983: Sickle cell retinopathy in jamaican children a search for prognostic factors

Hayes R.J., 1982: Sickle cell retinopathy in young children in jamaica

Guillozet, N., 1976: Sickle cell ss genotype and paralyses in children

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413141

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413142

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413143

Dvilansky, A.; Zaizov, R.; Moses, S., 1976: Sickle cell thalassemia in an israeli family

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413145

Paterson G., 1979: Sickle cell trait and diabetic retinopathy

Uddin D.E., 1981: Sickle cell trait and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency effects on health and military performance in black navy enlistees

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413148

Junior W.P., 1987: Sickle cell trait and pulmonary tuberculosis

Rayman R.B., 1979: Sickle cell trait and the aviator

Ruehle C.J., 1987: Sickle cell trait as a risk factor for sudden death in physical training

Nishiura E.N., 1981: Sickle cell trait counseling evaluation of counselors and counselees

Eichner E.R., 1986: Sickle cell trait exercise and altitude

Nkrumah, F. K.; Perkins, I. V., 1976: Sickle cell trait hemo globin c trait and burkitts lymphoma

Rowley P.T., 1979: Sickle cell trait hereditary persistence of fetal hemo globin trait mis diagnosis as sickle cell anemia by new born screening

Sharp M., 1983: Sickle cell trait maternal age and pregnancy outcome in primi parous women

Andrew A.M.R., 1981: Sickle cell trait thalassemia and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in the bhil tribe of southern rajasthan india

Boyadjian S.E., 1981: Sickle cell traits in canada trimodal distribution of hemo globins as a result of interaction with alpha thalassemia gene

Matsumoto H., 1985: Sickle cells show low expansibility and high resistance to saponin

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413160

Evans E., 1985: Sickle erythrocyte adherence to vascular endothelium morphologic correlates and the requirement for divalent cations and collagen binding plasma proteins

Nagel R.L., 1981: Sickle gene its origin and diffusion from west africa

Votano, J. R.; Gorecki, M.; Rich, A., 1977: Sickle hemo globin aggregation a new class of inhibitors

Behe, M. J.; Englander, S. W., 1978: Sickle hemo globin gelation reaction order and critical nucleus size

Lee K.S., 1980: Sickle red cell calcium metabolism studies on calcium magnesium atpase and calcium binding properties of sickle red cell membranes

Van Deenen L.L.M., 1981: Sickled erythrocytes accelerate clotting in vitro an effect of abnormal membrane lipid asymmetry

Buchanan G.A., 1980: Sicklepod cassia obtusifolia and coffee senna cassia occidentalis geographic distribution germination and emergence

Eastin E.F., 1981: Sicklepod cassia obtusifolia germination as influenced by seed treatment and temperature

Wilkinson R.E., 1983: Sicklepod cassia obtusifolia management in soybeans glycine max

Wilkinson, R. E., 1970: Sicklepod fatty acid response to photoperiod

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413171

Jacobson E.R., 1982: Sickling hemo globin polymerization in iguana erythrocytes

Vieira M.L.C., 1985: Sickling in red blood cell concentrates from donors with hemoglobin a s stored in normal blood bank conditions

Baker E.A., 1986: Sickling in the sudan result of surveys in blue nile province sudan

Green, G. A.; Kalra, V. K., 1988: Sickling induced binding of immunoglobulin to sickle erythrocytes

Allan D., 1984: Sickling of sickle erythrocytes does not alter phospholipid asymmetry

Roth, E. F-Jr ; Friedman, M.; Ueda, Y.; Tellez, I.; Trager, W.; Nagel, R. L., 1978: Sickling rates of human hetero zygous hemo globin a and hemo globin s red cells infected in vitro with plasmodium falciparum malaria

Zarkowsky, H. S.; Hochmuth, R. M., 1975: Sickling times of individual erythrocytes at zero oxygen tension

Acheson E.D., 1979: Sickness absence after inguinal herniorrhaphy

Et Al, 1985: Sickness absence among white collar people in a diary enterprise 1981 83

Searle S.J., 1986: Sickness absence and duration of service in the uk post office 1982 1983

Antolini D., 1982: Sickness absence and industrial accidents among workers who smoke

Goldberg M., 1987: Sickness absence at the french national electric and gas company

Goh C.L., 1986: Sickness absence due to occupational dermatoses in a prefabrication construction factory

Jolly K., 1987: Sickness absence from work and influenza immunization

Furness J.A., 1987: Sickness absence patterns of 5000 nhs staff employed within north allerton and south west durham england uk health authorities

Ferguson D.A., 1981: Sickness absence respiratory impairment and smoking in industry

Bamgboye E.A., 1988: Sickness absenteeism in a nigerian polytechnic

Folker H., 1987: Sickness impact profile sip a method of assessing health

Genovese, R. F.; Browne, M. P., 1978: Sickness induced learning in chicks

Strelka F., 1985: Sickness rate of female medical workers in connection with their work classification

Reiffers Mettelock J., 1986: Sicorten a synthetic corticosteroid for topical treatment of common dermatoses

Paine, R. T.; Palmer, A. R., 1978: Sicyases sanguineus a unique trophic generalist from the chilean inter tidal zone

Boothe B.B.Jr, 1981: Sicyonia martini new species of rock shrimp decapoda penaeoidea from the american pacific

Thomas H., 1987: Sid a mendelian locus controlling thylakoid membrane disassembly in senescing leaves of festuca pratensis

Sivarajan V.V., 1983: Sida elongata new record and sida javensis new record malvaceae for india

Ugborogho, R. E., 1978: Sida in nigeria reproductive biology

Bhandari, M. M., 1977: Sida tiagii new species malvaceae from the indian desert

Singh L.K., 1980: Siddiqia seclipsi new species nematoda longidoroidea from india with a key to the species of siddiqia

Heyns J., 1983: Siddiqia species from sugar cane in natal south africa nematoda longidoridae

Kierkegaard A., 1985: Side and site of deep vein thrombosis in women using oral contraceptives

Hartveit E., 1984: Side and survival in breast cancer

Foster G.N., 1988: Side band application of systemic granular pesticides for the control of aphids and potato leafroll virus

Schnepf E., 1979: Side branch formation and orientation in the caulonema of the moss funaria hygrometrica experiments with inhibitors and with centrifugation

Schnepf E., 1979: Side branch formation and orientation in the caulonema of the moss funaria hygrometrica normal development and fine structure

Kaburagi T., 1986: Side branch occlusion and stenosis during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Levin D.C., 1986: Side branch occlusion complicating percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Nicolas P., 1981: Side by side dimerization of neurophysin sedimentation velocity viscometry and fluorescence polarization studies

Scali V., 1986: Side by side duplication of the epigyne in a wolf spider alopecosa albofasciata araneae lycosidae from northern italy

Raychaudhuri P., 1982: Side by side structures dna molecules and linking numbers

Ramabrahmam V., 1982: Side chain characteristic main chain conformations of amino acid residues

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413212

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413213

Kaptein R., 1984: Side chain cleavage of 27 carbon 3 oxo 4 ene sterols

Nordstrom L., 1979: Side chain cleavage of 4 cholesten 3 one 5 cholestan 3 alpha ol beta sito sterol and related steroids in endocrine tissues from rat and man

Bokkenheuser V.D., 1981: Side chain cleavage of cortisol by fecal flora

Alsema, G. J.; Degenhart, H. J.; Hoogerbrugge, J., 1980: Side chain cleavage of hydroxylated sterols by bovine adrenal cortex mitochondria observation of 25 hydroxylase activity during incubation at ph 7.80

Lieberman S., 1979: Side chain cleavage of some cholesterol esters

Tilley, B. E.; Watanuki, M.; Hall, P. F., 1977: Side chain cleavage p 450 from bovine adreno cortical mitochondria reconstitution of enzyme activity

Samulski E.T., 1983: Side chain conformation in poly gamma phenethyl l glutamate

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413221

Cattel L., 1983: Side chain degradation and microbial reduction of different steroids by aspergillus aureofulgens

Seelig J., 1985: Side chain dynamics of 2 aromatic amino acids in pancreatic phospholipase a 2 as studied by deuterium nmr

Torchia D.A., 1988: Side chain dynamics of crystalline l 3 3 deuterated methionine studied by deuterium nmr spectroscopy

Mccreery R.L., 1981: Side chain effects on phenothiazine cation radical reactions

Brennecke H.R., 1980: Side chain functionalization of cholesterol in the biosynthesis of solasodine in solanum laciniatum

Djerassi C., 1979: Side chain hydroxylated sterols of the red alga asparagopsis armata significant products or artifacts due to aut oxidation

Pedersen J.I., 1981: Side chain hydroxylation of 27 carbon steroids and vitamin d 3 by a cytochrome p 450 enzyme system isolated from human liver mitochondria

Holland, H. L.; Bergen, E. J.; Chenchaiah, P. C.; Khan, S. H.; Munoz, B.; Ninniss, R. W.; Richards, D., 1987: Side chain hydroxylation of aromatic compounds by fungi 1. products and stereochemistry

Aringer, L.; Eneroth, P.; Nordstrom, L., 1976: Side chain hydroxylation of cholesterol campesterol and beta sito sterol in rat liver mitochondria

Bjorkhem, I.; Danielsson, H.; Wikvall, K., 1976: Side chain hydroxylations in biosynthesis of cholic acid 25 hydroxylation and 26 hydroxylation of 5 beta cholestane 3 alpha 7 alpha 12 alpha triol by reconstituted systems from rat liver microsomes

Hiskey R.G., 1985: Side chain interactions between arginine and gamma carboxyglutamic acid studies on decarboxylation of gamma carboxyglutamic acid in the presence of guanidine

Anastasia, M.; Fiecchi, A.; Scala, A., 1978: Side chain inversion of steroidal olefins promoted by hydrogen chloride

Harnden, D.; Kumar, R.; Holick, M. F.; De-Luca, H. F., 1976: Side chain metabolism of 25 hydroxy 26 27 carbon 14 vitamin d 3 and 1 25 di hydroxy 26 27 carbon 14 vitamin d 3 in vivo

Jones G., 1987: Side chain metabolism of vitamin d3 in osteosarcoma cell line umr 106 characterization of products

Wollmer, A.; Fleischhauer, J.; Strassburger, W.; Thiele, H.; Brandenburg, D.; Dodson, G.; Mercola, D., 1977: Side chain mobility and the calculation of tyrosyl circular dichroism of proteins implications of a test with insulin and des b 1 phenyl alanine insulin

English A.R., 1984: Side chain modifications in lankacidin group antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413238

Mckim H.R., 1979: Side chain mono fluorinated analogs of amphetamine and p chloro amphetamine effects on release of dopamine and 5 hydroxy tryptamine from rat striatum

Fermandjian S., 1984: Side chain motions in peptides bound to elastase nmr relaxation investigation on carbon 13 specifically enriched tri fluoroacetyl tri peptide inhibitors/

Kumar, R.; Deluca, H. F., 1977: Side chain oxidation of 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 in the rat effect of removal of the intestine

Kumar, R.; Deluca, H. F., 1976: Side chain oxidation of 25 hydroxy 26 27 carbon 14 c vitamin d 3 and 1 25 di hydroxy 26 27 carbon 14 c vitamin d 3 in vivo by chickens

Rosenfeld R.S., 1982: Side chain oxidation of lipo protein bound tritium labeled cholesterol in the rat comparison of high density lipo protein and low density lipo protein and implications for bile acid synthesis

Nordstrom L., 1981: Side chain oxidation of mono oxygenated 27 carbon and 29 carbon steroids in rat liver mitochondria and 18000 x gravity supernatant

Tenenhouse H.S., 1987: Side chain oxidation of vitamin d 3 in mouse kidney mitochondria effect of the hyp mutation and 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 treatment

Northrup S.H., 1983: Side chain rotational isomerization in proteins a mechanism involving gating and transient packing defects

Ikekawa N., 1984: Side chain structural requirement for utilization of sterols by the silkworm for growth and development nonstereoselective utilization of the 24 stereoisomeric pairs of 24 alkylsterols

Stafford A.E., 1984: Side chain structural requirements for sterol induced regulation of phytophthora cactorum physiology

Pandit U.K., 1987: Side chain substitution of 6 methylellipticine approach to a new class or ellipticine derivatives

Nguyen T.M D., 1986: Side chain to side chain cyclization of an enkephalin analog results in loss of opioid receptor selectivity

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413251

Momany F.A., 1984: Side chain torsional energies conformer populations and other tests of an improved conformational energy program for peptides ecepp 83

Gelin, B. R.; Karplus, M., 1975: Side chain torsional potentials and motion of amino acids in proteins bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor

Karplus M., 1979: Side chain torsional potentials effects of di peptide protein and solvent environment

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413255

Matsumoto H., 1980: Side differences and side to side correlations in pattern expression of palmar dermatoglyphic nonmetric traits

Van Hooff J.A.R.A.M., 1981: Side directed communication and agonistic interactions in chimpanzees

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413258

Huang L Y.M., 1981: Side effect reduction by use of drugs that bind to separate but equivalent binding sites

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413260

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413261

Ronsky, R.; Fric, P.; Kotrlik, J.; Horacek, F.; Vondrackova, M., 1977: Side effects after endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreaticography

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413263

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413264

Jay M.S., 1987: Side effects and compliance with low and conventional dose oral contraceptives among adolescents

Vieweg G., 1981: Side effects and complications after irradiation therapy of malignant kidney tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413267

Kachanov N.M., 1987: Side effects and complications of epidural anesthesia caused by local anesthetics and narcotic analgesics

Morris L., 1986: Side effects and discontinuation of oral contraceptive use in southern brazil

Fuccello A.J., 1988: Side effects and immunogenicity of murine lymphocyte specific monoclonal antibodies in subhuman primates

Kuehn R.A., 1985: Side effects and late effects of therapy in lymphogranulomatosis in patients of the radiological clinic jena east germany

Sack H., 1979: Side effects and late results of the combined radio therapy and chemo therapy of the brain in children with acute lympho blastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413273

Thomson R., 1982: Side effects and placebo amplification

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413275

Boland F.J., 1983: Side effects and weight gain following a smoking cessation program

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413277

Sporan V.G., 1982: Side effects associated with the intra venous administration of anti arrhythmic agents

Gaevskaya L.V., 1982: Side effects complications and late results of cortico steroid treatment of serum hepatitis patients

Jacobsen F.K., 1982: Side effects due to ro 10 9359 tigason a retrospective study

Osterballe O., 1982: Side effects during immuno therapy with purified grass pollen extracts

Schopf, E., 1975: Side effects from topical cortico steroid therapy

Penev, L.; Lesev, M., 1987: Side effects in cervical myelography with amipac through lateral c 1 c 2 puncture

Wollensak J., 1988: Side effects in excimer corneal surgery corneal thermal gradients

Wollensak J., 1988: Side effects in excimer corneal surgery dna damage as a result of 193 nm excimer laser radiation

Cox T.J., 1979: Side effects in methadone patients a survey of self reported complaints

Uno T., 1985: Side effects induced after inoculation with influenza vaccine groups of primary school children between the ages of 6 and 13 years old as subjects of study

Ed Comm Chin J.Tuberc Respir Dis, 1981: Side effects induced by anti tuberculosis drugs

Ed Comm Chin J.Tuberc Respir Dis, 1986: Side effects induced by antituberculosis drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413290

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413291

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413292

Bachthaler G., 1985: Side effects of agrochemicals on plants

Horak J., 1982: Side effects of aluminum containing anti acids upon the metabolism of the phosphates and calcium

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413296

Magnani B., 1979: Side effects of anti hypertensive drugs incidence and methods of collection

Graevinghoff J., 1984: Side effects of anti lymphocyte globulin

Vekovius W.A., 1984: Side effects of anti motion sickness drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413300

Yurenev, P. N.; Sergeyuk, E. M.; Samoilova, L. N.; Kakurina, A. V., 1975: Side effects of antibiotic therapy

Matveikov, G. P.; Pshonik, S. S.; Polyakova, T. I.; Aronin-Ts, S., 1977: Side effects of antibiotics in rheumatic diseases

Carydakis C., 1985: Side effects of antiepileptic treatments a study of 197 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413304

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413305

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413306

Svec P., 1983: Side effects of beta adrenolytics

El Yaas Z.A., 1980: Side effects of certain insecticides on yield and fiber properties of treated cotton plants gossypium hirsutum cultivar coker 100 wilt in mosul iraq

Balcerska A., 1986: Side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in children with malignant solid tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413311

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Et Al, 1985: Significance in tuberculous ward of nihon university hospital japan from the experience during the past 10 years

Maeda K., 1982: Significance in ultrasonographic measurement of fetal limb bones

Wang J., 1986: Significance lactic acid level of gastric juice in advanced gastric cancer

Nepveu G., 1980: Significance level for the genotypic phenotypic and environmental correlation coefficients clonal test assumption

Erickson B.W., 1988: Significance levels for biological sequence comparison using non linear similarity functions

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Vasil'kov V.P., 1979: Significance nature and possible causes of rhythmicity in fish growth

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Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413934

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413935

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Kibarskis A.Kh, 1981: Significance of a differentially increased electro cardiogram in the diagnosis of paroxysmal tachy cardia

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Date Y., 1987: Significance of a halocline to nutrient cycles in shallow brackish lake nakanoumi japan

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Pickerill, R. K., 1976: Significance of a new fossil locality containing a salopina community in the waweig formation silurian uppermost ludlow pridoli of southwest new brunswick canada

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Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413953

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Rootwelt K., 1985: Significance of a positive exercise electrocardiogram in middle aged and old athletes as judged by echocardiographic radionuclide and follow up findings

Nashel D.J., 1984: Significance of a positive test for occult blood in stools of patients taking anti inflammatory drugs

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Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413962

Chandraratna, P. A. N.; Robinson, M. J.; Byrd, C.; Pitha, J. V., 1977: Significance of abnormal echoes in left ventricular outflow tract

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413964

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413965

Collins H., 1979: Significance of abnormal rabbit ileal histology in the pathogenesis of diarrhea

Sandberg A.A., 1984: Significance of abnormalities involving chromosomal segment 11q22 25 in acute leukemia

Ibayashi H., 1986: Significance of abnormally high endogenous erythroid colony forming unit numbers in aplastic anemia

Gasaway, J. M., 1978: Significance of abuse chemical contamination of returnable dairy containers hazard assessment

Gasaway, J. M., 1978: Significance of abuse chemical contamination of returnable dairy containers pesticide storage and detector evaluation

Gasaway, J. M., 1978: Significance of abuse chemical contamination of returnable dairy containers sensory and extraction studies

Boyer J.S., 1983: Significance of accelerated leaf senescence at low water potentials for water loss and grain yield in maize zea mays

Tobe T., 1980: Significance of acetoacetate to beta hydroxy butyrate ratio in arterial blood as an indicator of the severity of hemorrhagic shock

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413974

Lundquist, I., 1974: Significance of acid amylo glucosidase in sulfonyl urea induced insulin release

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413976

Thomas I.M., 1985: Significance of acquired nonrandom 7 14 translocations

De Kloet E.R., 1982: Significance of acth 4 10 in the control of hippocampal cortico sterone receptor capacity of hypophysectomized rats

Suzuki M., 1988: Significance of activation of reticuloendothelial function after hepatectomy in cirrhotic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413980

Saumon G., 1987: Significance of active ion transport in transalveolar water absorption a study on isolated rat lung

Congdon J.D., 1984: Significance of activity and movement in the yellow bellied slider turtle pseudemys scripta

Reuber M.D., 1980: Significance of acute and chronic renal disease in osborne mendel rats ingesting dieldrin or aldrin

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413984

Yanagibashi K., 1983: Significance of adenylate cyclase activity during corticoidogenic action of acth in bovine adrenal cortex

Kishimoto Y., 1985: Significance of adrenal medulla and brain catecholamine in perinatal period their developmental changes and responses to hypoxia in fetal rats

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413987

Tsvetkov D.E., 1985: Significance of adrenergic mechanisms in the cerebrovascular effect of thyroliberin

Bhatia M.L., 1986: Significance of advanced atrioventricular block in acute inferior myocardial infarction a study based on ventricular function and holter monitoring

Nobuyoshi M., 1985: Significance of adventitial inflammation of the coronary artery in patients with unstable angina results at autopsy

Rao K.S.R., 1987: Significance of air monitoring of ergot of bajra at two places in marathwada india

Section 7, Chapter 6414, Accession 006413992

Akpan E.B., 1984: Significance of algal borings and acmaea grazing traces on molluscan shells from ardyne west scotland uk postglacial sediments

Clyne J., 1984: Significance of algal excretory products for growth of epilimnetic bacteria

Fay P., 1980: Significance of algal extracellular products to bacteria lakes and in cultures

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Wistuba F., 1986: Significance of allergy in asthma from a behavioral medicine viewpoint

Sachdeva N.K., 1983: Significance of alpha 1 adrenergic innervation of the urinary bladder in human neurogenic vesical dys function

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