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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6417

Chapter 6417 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Opuszynski, K., 1979: Silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix in carp ponds 1. fishery production and food relations

Opuszynski, K., 1979: Silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix in carp ponds 2. rearing of fry

Opuszynski, K., 1979: Silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix in carp ponds 3. influence on ecosystem

Stevens S.E.Jr, 1987: Silver coated nylon fiber as an antibacterial agent

Stevenson F.J., 1988: Silver complexation by humic substances conditional stability constants and nature of reactive sites

Rice D.L., 1985: Silver complexation in river waters of central new york usa

Davies B.E., 1983: Silver concentrations in welsh uk soils and their dispersal from derelict mine sites

Norman P.M., 1980: Silver deposition in arteriolar basal laminae in the cerebral cortex of argyric rats

Day, W. A.; Hunt, J. S.; Mcgiven, A. R., 1976: Silver deposition in mouse glomeruli

Shepherd J.H., 1988: Silver deposition in the cervix after application of silver nitrate as a cauterizing agent

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416010

Griffith O.H., 1986: Silver enhanced colloidal gold as a cell surface marker for photoelectron microscopy

Nielsen M.H., 1986: Silver enhanced colloidal gold probes as markers for scanning electron microscopy

Chappell L.H., 1987: Silver enhancement of lectin gold and enzyme gold cytochemical labeling of eggs of the nematode onchocerca gibsoni

Tognetti A.R., 1987: Silver enhancement of protein a gold probes on resin embedded ultrathin sections an electron microscopic localization of mouse mammary tumor virus mmtv antigens

Kanoh M., 1987: Silver fiber formation of ascites hepatoma cells in serum free media

Ciancio, O.; Iovino, F.; Menguzzato, G.; Mirabella, A., 1985: Silver fir abies alba mill. in calabria italy limits and possibilities of expansion or reintroduction

Becker M., 1987: Silver fir decline in the vosges france essential role of water supply shortages

Ruta G., 1979: Silver fir picea abies in country parks of the lublin area poland

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416019

Rubtsov, N. B.; Grafodatskii, A. S.; Matveeva, V. G.; Nesterova, T. B.; Kul'bakina, N. A.; Zakiyan, S. M., 1988: Silver fox gene mapping i. assignment of eight silver fox genes and search for homologous regions on fox and human chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416021

Yates, T. L.; Schmidly, D. J.; Culbertson, K. L., 1976: Silver haired bat in mexico

Peyronel G., 1981: Silver i complexes of 4 6 di methyl pyrimidine 2 1h thione

Ochi J., 1982: Silver impregnation and fluorescence histochemistry of the subependymal cells in the preoptic recess of the bull frog rana catesbeiana

Krutsay, M., 1987: Silver impregnation in paraffin sections for demonstration in alzheimer's neurofibrillary tangles and of senile plaques

Rantanen N.W., 1984: Silver impregnation in situ an aid to radiographic interpretation

Tunturi, A. R., 1976: Silver impregnation method for neurons and myelinated axons of adult central nervous system

Fakan F., 1979: Silver impregnation method for the histochemical detection of urates

Puchtler, H.; Waldrop, F. S., 1978: Silver impregnation methods for reticulum fibers and reticulin a reinvestigation of their origins and specificity

Krutsay M., 1986: Silver impregnation of astrocytes in paraffin sections

Fernandez-Galiano, D., 1976: Silver impregnation of ciliated protozoa procedure yielding good results with the pyridinated silver carbonate method

Krutsay M., 1986: Silver impregnation of connective tissue

Grant, G., 1968: Silver impregnation of degenerating dendrites cells and axons central to axonal transection a nauta study on spinal motor neurons in kittens

Simon, H.; Le-Moal, M.; Galey, D.; Cardo, B., 1976: Silver impregnation of dopaminergic systems after radio frequency and 6 hydroxy dopamine lesions of the rat ventral tegmentum

Granholm A C., 1984: Silver impregnation of intrinsic sensory innervation of rat iris in toto

Krutsay M., 1987: Silver impregnation of neurofibrils in paraffin sections

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416037

Krutsay M., 1987: Silver impregnation of senile plaques in paraffin sections

Krutsay M., 1986: Silver impregnation of spirochetes treponemataceae in paraffin embedded sections

Krutsay M., 1985: Silver impregnation of the bone tissue

Krutsay M., 1986: Silver impregnation of the glia fibers in paraffin sections

Nagatani Y., 1983: Silver impregnation of the golgi complex in epididymal epithelial cells of mice

Krutsay M., 1986: Silver impregnation of the myelin sheaths

Castano Fernandez C., 1984: Silver impregnation technique for fecal smears

Dizeo-De-Strittmatter, C. G., 1976: Silver impregnation techniques in the study of plant material

Balaton A., 1987: Silver impregnation techniques using microwave irradiation

Bard, C. C.; Murphy, J. J.; Stone, D. L.; Terhaar, C. J., 1976: Silver in photo processing effluents

Ward, N. L.; Brooks, R. R.; Roberts, E., 1977: Silver in soils stream sediments waters and vegetation near a silver mine and treatment plant at maratoto new zealand

Peterson P.J., 1986: Silver in welsh uk soils physical and chemical distribution studies

Rungby J., 1987: Silver induced lipid peroxidation in mice interactions with selenium and nickel

Van Den Pol A.N., 1985: Silver intensified gold and peroxidase as dual ultrastructural immunolabels for presynaptic and postsynaptic neurotransmitters

Klein D.A., 1979: Silver iodide burn complex and silver phosphate effects on methanogenesis

Beyer, E. Jr, 1976: Silver ion a potent anti ethylene agent in cucumber and tomato

Mack D.O., 1980: Silver ion as modifier for high performance liquid chromatography of mena quinones

Nayak U.R., 1986: Silver ion assisted solvolysis of 8 11 dibromolongibornane generation of novel skeletally rearranged olefinic carbinols

Stefanov K., 1988: Silver ion high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry in the analysis of complex fatty acid mixtures application to marine invertebrates

Earhart D.R., 1979: Silver ion increases endogenous ethylene in sweet potato ipomoea batatas vine cuttings

Shkrob A.M., 1979: Silver ion induced hydrolysis of the retinal aldimine in bacterio rhod opsin

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416059

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416060

Abramson J., 1984: Silver ions trigger calcium release by acting at the apparent physiological release site in sarcoplasmic reticulum

Lee A.G., 1987: Silver ions trigger calcium release by interaction with the calcium magnesium atpase in reconstituted systems

Sharma, A. K., 1976: Silver jubilee commemoration medal lecture 1976 a new look at chromosome and its evolution

Lam, S.; Grushka, E., 1977: Silver loaded alumino silicate as a stationary phase for the liquid chromatographic separation of unsaturated compounds

Endo, S., 1976: Silver methenamine and phospho tungstic acid staining of the acrosome of mytilus edulis

Koski J.P., 1981: Silver methenamine borate cost reduction with technical improvement in silver nitrate gold chloride impregnations

Mathews D.C., 1987: Silver methenamine impregnation a useful adjunct to renal electron microscopy

Vazquez J.J., 1983: Silver methods applied to semi thin sections to identify peptide producing endocrine cells

Robins R.H., 1985: Silver modified mobile phase for normal phase liquid chromatographic determination of prostaglandins and their 5 6 trans isomers in prostaglandin bulk drugs and triacetin solutions

Scholfield C.R., 1979: Silver nitrate high performance liquid chromatography of fatty methyl esters

Robinson H.T., 1988: Silver nitrate increases embryo production in anther culture of brussels sprouts

Baker L.R., 1983: Silver nitrate induction of staminate flowering in hermaphroditic pickling cucumbers cucumis sativus

Rode J C., 1979: Silver nitrate induction of staminate flowers in gynoecious plants of muskmelon cucumis melo

Bahnson R.R., 1987: Silver nitrate irrigation for hematuria from sickle cell hemoglobinopathy

Kumar, A. P. M.; Wrenn, E. L-Jr ; Jayalakshmamma, B.; Conrad, L.; Quinn, P.; Cox, C., 1976: Silver nitrate irrigation to control bladder hemorrhage in children receiving cancer therapy

Watt Boolsen S., 1981: Silver nitrate pleurodesis in spontaneous pneumo thorax

Tempe J., 1983: Silver nitrate positive opines in crown gall tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416080

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416081

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416082

Albright J.A., 1983: Silver nylon a new anti microbial agent

Albright J.A., 1987: Silver nylon cloth in vitro and in vivo evaluation of antimicrobial activity

Vogt, C. R.; Baxter, J. S.; Ryan, T. R., 1978: Silver on low surface area silica gel and its performance in liquid chromatography

Gatley S.J., 1982: Silver oxide assisted synthesis of fluoro alkanes measurements with a fluoride electrode and with fluorine 18

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416087

Berger, W., 1973: Silver per manganate method to demonstrate axis cylinders and myelin sheaths on frozen sections

Coopman S., 1988: Silver polish another source of contact dermatitis reactions to thiourea

Nakagawa M., 1981: Silver reactive cells histochemical identification of silver reactive cells in the human pituitary gland

Nakagawa M., 1981: Silver reactive cells the relation of pancreatic islet cells to zinc

Tsyperovich, A. S.; Mishunin, I. F., 1977: Silver regeneration from light sensitive materials by proteolytic enzymes

Rakoff, H.; Emken, E. A., 1978: Silver resin chromatographic separation of methyl cis hydroxy fatty esters and trans mono hydroxy fatty esters and di hydroxy fatty esters

Stewart I.O., 1979: Silver resistant enterobacteriaceae from hospital patients

Mclay A.L.C., 1980: Silver retention total body silver and tissue silver concentrations in argyria associated with exposure to an anti smoking remedy containing silver acetate

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416096

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416097

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416098

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416099

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416100

Kostenko N.Yu, 1981: Silver scurf of potato and its harmfulness under moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr conditions

Arnaud P., 1982: Silver stain after iso electric focusing of unconcentrated cerebro spinal fluid visualization of total protein and direct immuno fixation of immuno globulin g

Ebata N., 1983: Silver stain for detecting 10 femtogram quantities of protein after poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Ohmiya K., 1986: Silver stain for detection of beta lactamase in polyacrylamide gels

Morrissey J.H., 1981: Silver stain for proteins in poly acrylamide gels a modified procedure with enhanced uniform sensitivity

Ohashi M., 1984: Silver stain for proteins on a cellulose acetate membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416107

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416108

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416109

Burkholder G.D., 1980: Silver stained core like structures in chinese hamster metaphase chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416111

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416112

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416113

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416114

Hsu T.C., 1979: Silver stained structures in mammalian meiotic prophase

Chaganti R.S.K., 1980: Silver stained synaptonemal complexes of human pachytene bivalents studied by light microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416117

Barandela T., 1986: Silver staining analysis on spermatozoa of nucella lapillus gastropoda prosobranchia

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416119

Heneen, W. K., 1978: Silver staining and nucleolar patterns in human hetero ploid and measles carrier cells

Bent F.C., 1980: Silver staining and the 17p satellite chromosome

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416122

Hubbell H.R., 1985: Silver staining as an indicator of active ribosomal genes

Ohsawa M., 1988: Silver staining for carboxymethylated metallothioneins in polyacrylamide gels

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416125

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416126

Oda T., 1985: Silver staining for selective detection of histones in polyacrylamide gels

Busch H., 1984: Silver staining immunofluorescence and immunoelectron microscopic localization of nucleolar phosphoproteins b 23 and c 23

Martin A.O., 1985: Silver staining in clinical cytogenetics

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416130

Arias J.L., 1987: Silver staining in pinealocyte nuclei observations and quantitative analysis during the rat estrous cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416132

Arnolds W.J.A., 1979: Silver staining methods for the demarcation of superficial cell boundaries in whole mounts of embryos

Merker B., 1983: Silver staining of cell bodies by means of physical development

Lichter M., 1983: Silver staining of cerebro spinal fluid immuno globulin g in iso electric focusing gels

Merril C.R., 1982: Silver staining of dna in poly acrylamide gels linearity and effect of fragment size

Middleton P.J., 1984: Silver staining of dna restriction fragments for the rapid identification of adenovirus isolates application during nosocomial outbreaks

Suburo A.M., 1984: Silver staining of dna synthesizing cells in the neural tube of chick embryos

Gallyas, F., 1970: Silver staining of fibrous neuroglia by means of physical development

Beck E.A., 1983: Silver staining of high molecular weight proteins on large pore poly acrylamide gels

Burkholder G.D., 1983: Silver staining of histone depleted metaphase chromosomes

Mccarty K.S.Sr, 1983: Silver staining of histones in triton acid urea gels

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416143

Herschler J., 1984: Silver staining of human aqueous humor proteins resolved by gel electrophoresis

Hallinan F.M., 1983: Silver staining of human parotid saliva protein poly acrylamide gel electrophoregrams

Marshall T., 1984: Silver staining of human salivary proteins following 2 dimensional electrophoresis using protein denaturing or non denaturing conditions

Westwood S.A., 1985: Silver staining of immunofixed group specific component on cellulose acetate membranes after isoelectric focusing in narrow ph interval gels

Ito M., 1987: Silver staining of lily microsporocytes during meiotic prophase

Lu B.C., 1985: Silver staining of meiotic chromosomes in the fungus coprinus cinereus

Gallyas, F., 1970: Silver staining of microglia and oligodendroglia by means of physical development

Chavko M., 1987: Silver staining of native and denatured eukaryotic dna in agarose gels

Desselberger U., 1983: Silver staining of nucleic acids applications in virus research and in diagnostic virology

Smetana K., 1979: Silver staining of nucleolar granules in tumor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416154

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416155

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416156

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416157

Hancock R., 1981: Silver staining of proteins in poly acrylamide gels

Berson G., 1983: Silver staining of proteins in poly acrylamide gels increased sensitivity by a blue toning

Smith R.V., 1985: Silver staining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels increased sensitivity through a combined coomassie blue silver stain procedure

De Vienne D., 1986: Silver staining of proteins standardized procedure for two dimensional gels bound to polyester sheets

Gallyas F., 1981: Silver staining of protoplasmic astrocytes by physical development

Burger P.C., 1985: Silver staining of senile plaques and neurofibrillary change in paraffin embedded tissues

Butts D.E., 1983: Silver staining of spermatozoa from living and preserved museum fishes a new taxonomic approach

Capanna E., 1982: Silver staining of the centromeric area of acrocentric and robertsonian metacentric mouse chromosomes

Azevedo C., 1987: Silver staining of the cortical reaction in oocytes of marthasterias glacialis echinodermata asteroidea

Denton A., 1987: Silver staining of the elements of spermatogenesis in oedionychina chrysomelidae alticinae

Varley, J. M.; Morgan, G. T., 1978: Silver staining of the lampbrush chromosomes of triturus cristatus carnifex

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416169

Marsala J., 1985: Silver staining of the neuronal nuclei

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416171

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416172

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416173

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416174

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416175

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416176

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416177

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416179

Oliver, N.; Francke, U.; Taylor, K. M., 1978: Silver staining studies on the short arm variant of human chromosome 17

Smyth D.R., 1980: Silver staining test of nucleolar suppression in the lilium hybrid lilium speciosum x lilium henryi cultivar black beauty

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416182

Laemmli U.K., 1984: Silver staining the chromosome scaffold

Sammons D.W., 1981: Silver stains for proteins in poly acrylamide gels a comparison of 6 methods

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416185

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416186

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416187

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416188

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416189

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416190

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416191

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416192

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416193

Dolan K.M., 1985: Silver toxicity to ferrous iron and pyrite oxidation and its alleviation by yeast extract in cultures of thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Brooks R.R., 1979: Silver uptake by seedlings of lolium perenne and trifolium repens

Berle K.L., 1980: Silver uptake distribution and effect on calcium phosphorus and sulfur uptake

Snee R.D., 1982: Silver valley idaho usa lead study further analysis of the relationship between blood lead and air lead

Thiem J., 1986: Silver zeolite as promoter in glycoside synthesis the synthesis of 2 deoxy beta d glycopyranosides

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416200

Tyrl R.J., 1984: Silverleaf nightshade solanum elaeagnifolium origin distribution and relation to man

Wike E.L., 1981: Silversteins nonparametric many one test for a 2 way design a monte carlo study

Wike E.L., 1981: Silversteins nonparametric many one test for a one way design a monte carlo study

Degos R., 1981: Silvery hair in children a symptom of leuko granulocytic and melanocytic diseases

Beniwal, B. S., 1987: Silvical characteristics of duabanga grandiflora roxb. ex dc. sonneratiaceae

Greenidge, K. N. H., 1977: Silvical characteristics of sugar maple acer saccharum in northern cape breton island

Krug E.C., 1987: Silvicultural application of alum sludge

Sutiyono, 1987: Silvicultural aspect of bamboo plantations in kaliurang yogyakarta indonesia

Mezhibovskii A.M., 1986: Silvicultural characteristics of old aspen forests with a spruce layer in the southern taiga subzone ussr

Garrido, M. A. D. O., 1975: Silvicultural characteristics of some native species over pure and mixed populations

Schonau A.P.G., 1984: Silvicultural considerations for high productivity of eucalyptus grandis

Gordienko M.I., 1979: Silvicultural evaluation of small leaved lime norway maple and common hornbeam

Ebert W., 1979: Silvicultural measures to reduce forest damage caused by roe deer

Leibundgut H., 1983: Silvicultural treatment of the main forest communities of switzerland

Kukej M., 1986: Silvicultural utility of selected polish proveniences of larch as exemplified by a comparative study area in the krynica forest experiment station

Otto H.J., 1985: Silviculture according to site conditions as a method of forest protection

Stiptzov V., 1986: Silviculture characteristics formation and methods for the management of mixed young beech hornbeam stands in the central balkan mountains bulgaria

Jaworski A., 1979: Silviculture characteristics of some selected stands with fir abies alba in the carpathian and sudeten mountains poland

Mlinsek, D., 1975: Silviculture in subalpine spruce forests illustrated by the spruce stands of pokljuka

Jezutek S., 1980: Silviculture value of indigenous and foreign tree species introduced on experimental plots in zawoja poland

Garrido A., 1987: Silybin dihemisuccinate protects rat erythrocytes against phenylhydrazine induced lipid peroxidation and hemolysis

Mericli A.H., 1983: Silybum marianum in turkey

Suemoto T., 1984: Silyl derivative of alginic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416225

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416226

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416227

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416228

Sekine, M.; Futatsugi, T.; Yamada, K.; Hata, T., 1982: Silyl phosphites 20. a facile synthesis of phosphoenol pyruvate and its analog utilizing in situ generated tri methyl silyl bromide

Sekine, M.; Futatsugi, T.; Hata, T.; Cramer, F., 1982: Silyl phosphites 21. a new method for the synthesis of l ascorbic acid 2 o phosphate by utilizing phosphoryl rearrangement

Ivanenko, T. I.; Fedotov, V. P.; Golubovskaya, L. E.; Rzheznikov, V. M.; Pivnitskii, K. K., 1981: Silyl steroids 4. hormonal activity and physicochemical properties of c tri methylsilyl estrogens

Beisler J.A., 1980: Silylation mediated oxidation of di hydro pyrimidine bases and nucleosides

Favari L., 1988: Silymarin improves metabolism and disposition of aspirin in cirrhotic rats

Gennari P., 1981: Silymarin in the protection against exogenous noxae

Caniato R., 1984: Silymarin localization in the fruit and seed of silybum marianum

Loffler E., 1985: Silymarin potent inhibitor of cyclic amp phosphodiesterase

Furmanski, P.; Dietz, M.; Hines, D. L.; Marcelletti, J., 1978: Sim and sim r mice are histo incompatible

Thomas W.W., 1985: Simaba orinocensis an earlier name for simaba multiflora simaroubaceae

Checa A., 1985: Simaspidoceras bauschi new species ammonitina physodoceratinae the evolutive meaning of submediterranean simaspidoceras

Johnson B.J., 1982: Simazine formulation treatments on control of winter weeds in bermuda grass cynodon dactylon turf

Cummins J.N., 1981: Simazine herbicide suitable for production of rooted stool shoots of mm 106 apple malus sp rootstocks

Anderson, L. W. J.; Pringle, J. C.; Raines, R. W.; Sisneros, D. A., 1978: Simazine residue levels in irrigation water after ditchbank application of weed control

Logan J.A., 1979: Simbug a pest management simulation language part 1 maintenance and reference manual

Minnikin D.E., 1987: Simca pattern recognition in the analysis of streptomycete fatty acids

Kolset K., 1986: Simca principal component analysis of fatty acid patterns in day 1 and day 8 cod gadus morhua and haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus eggs

Rowberry R.G., 1982: Simcoe a new early maturing chipping potato cultivar

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416247

Vikhnovich E.M., 1980: Simian adenovirus 7 proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416250

Burnett, J. P.; Harrington, J. A., 1968: Simian adenovirus sa 7 dna carcino chemical physical and biological studies hamster neopl tumor

Denisova, T. S.; Gibadulin, R. A.; Sitnikov, B. S.; Senkevich, T. G.; Medvedkina, O. A., 1980: Simian adenovirus sv 20 genome 1. dna mapping using restriction endo nucleases bam h i eco r i xba i sal i hin d iii

Dreizin R.S., 1979: Simian adenovirus type 38 sv 38 dna fragmentation using restricting endo nucleases

Pipas J.M., 1985: Simian agent 12 is a bk virus like papovavirus which replicates in monkey cells

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416255

Bhalla, V.; Bhatia, K., 1977: Simian crease polymorphism in tibetans

Detrick Hooks B., 1979: Simian foamy virus induced immuno suppression in rabbits

Schnitzer T.J., 1982: Simian foamy virus pseudotypes of vesicular stomatitis virus production and use in sero epidemiological investigations

Milhaud, C. L.; Klein, M. J., 1978: Simian hemorrhagic fever a review

Trousdale, M. D.; Trent, D. W.; Shelokov, A., 1975: Simian hemorrhagic fever virus a new togavirus

Letvin N.L., 1987: Simian immunodeficiency virus induces expression of class ii major histocompatibility complex structures on infected target cells in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416262

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416263

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416264

Gardner M.B., 1988: Simian retrovirus d serogroup 1 has a broad cellular tropism for lymphoid and nonlymphoid cells

Pedersen N.C., 1988: Simian retrovirus d serotype 1 srv 1 envelope glycoproteins gp70 and gp20 expression in yeast cells and identification of specific antibodies in sera from monkeys that recovered from srv 1 infection

Schmidt W.A.K., 1979: Simian rotavirus sa 11 in sero diagnosis of human rotavirus infections

Sattar S.A., 1979: Simian rotavirus sa 11 plaque formation in the presence of trypsin

Smith E.M., 1979: Simian rotavirus sa 11 replication in cell cultures

Thiel H J., 1985: Simian sarcoma virus encoded gag related protein in vitro cleavage by friend leukemia virus associated proteolytic activity

Antoniades H.N., 1983: Simian sarcoma virus onc gene v sis is derived from the gene or genes encoding a platelet derived growth factor

Arya S.K., 1980: Simian sarcoma virus related sequences in dna from human prostatic tissues

Hafenrichter R., 1984: Simian sarcoma virus transformation specific glycopeptide immunological relationship to human platelet derived growth factor

Antoniades H.N., 1984: Simian sarcoma virus transformed cells secrete a mitogen identical to platelet derived growth factor

Saxinger W.C., 1986: Simian t lymphotropic virus type i antibodies in feral populations of east african vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops

London W.T., 1982: Simian varicella virus delta herpesvirus infection of patas monkeys erythrocebus patas leading to pneumonia and encephalitis

Kit, S.; Kurimura, T.; De-Torres, R. A.; Dubbs, D. R., 1969: Simian virus 40 dna replication i effect of cyclo heximide anti viral on the replication of simian virus 40 dna in green monkey kidney cells and in heterokaryons of simian virus 40 transformed and susceptible cells 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl cytosine anti viral enz thymidine kinase enz dna polymerase enz deoxy cytidylate deaminase enz thymidylate kinase

Hatanka, M.; Dulbecco, R., 1967: Simian virus 40 specific enz thymidine kinase

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416279

Walsh J.H., 1984: Similar acid stimulatory potencies of synthetic human big and little gastrins in man

Kawai T., 1981: Similar action of acid treatment to long chilling for breaking silkworm bombyx mori diapause in respect to esterase a activities in eggs

Heldin C H., 1985: Similar action of platelet derived growth factor and epidermal growth factor in the prereplicative phase of human fibroblasts suggests a common intracellular pathway

Koene R.A.P., 1984: Similar activities of immuno globulin g 1 and immuno globulin g 2 allo antibodies in enhancement of mouse skin grafts and in opsonization

Mukherjee C., 1982: Similar activities of nerve growth factor and its homologue pro insulin in intra cellular hydrogen per oxide production and metabolism in adipocytes trans membrane signaling relative to insulin mimicking cellular effects

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416285

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416286

Lomax P., 1984: Similar anti convulsant but unique behavioral effects of opioid agonists in the seizure sensitive mongolian gerbil

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416288

Mekhedov, S. L.; Bass, I. A., 1986: Similar arrangement of the beta beta' subunit rna polymerase genes and adjacent ribosomal protein genes in enterobacteria and pseudomonas putida

King D.L., 1988: Similar as well as dissimilar contextual stimuli increase rated similarity

Kortmulder K., 1986: Similar behavior and color patterns in 3 not closely related barbus species is evolutionary convergence a likely explanation?

Cucuianu, M.; Opincaru, A.; Tapalaga, D., 1978: Similar behavior of lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase and pseudo cholin esterase in liver disease and hyper lipo proteinemia

Hole K., 1983: Similar behavioral effects of 5 hydroxy tryptamine and substance p injected intra thecally in mice

Poat J.A., 1979: Similar binding of tritiated r s 6 7 di hydroxy 2 amino tetralin and tritiated apo morphine to calf brain dopamine receptors

Fromageot P., 1980: Similar binding site for p 37 factor on yeast rna polymerase a and rna polymerase b

Ternai B., 1988: Similar binding sites for unsaturated fatty acids and alkyl 2 pyrone inhibitors of human sputum elastase

Patton J.S., 1984: Similar bioavailability and lymphatic transport of benzo a pyrene when administered to rats in different amounts of dietary fat

Myers C.E., 1986: Similar biochemical changes associated with multidrug resistance in human breast cancer cells and carcinogen induced resistance to xenobiotics in rats

Paquin, R.; Chapdelaine, P.; Dube, J. Y.; Tremblay, R. R., 1984: Similar biochemical properties of human seminal plasma and epididymal alpha 1 4 glucosidase ec

Kao, O. H. W.; Berns, D. S., 1977: Similar c phycocyanins from 2 strains of thermo tolerant cyanophyte mastigocladus laminosus

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416301

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416302

Molinaro, G. A.; Major, E. O.; Bernhardt, G.; Dray, S.; Di-Mayorca, G., 1977: Similar cell surface antigens on hamster cells transformed by different papovaviruses

Moccio D.M., 1984: Similar characteristics of folate analog transport in vitro in contrast to varying dihydrofolate reductase levels in epithelial cells at different stages of maturation in mouse small intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416305

David L., 1988: Similar chemotactic factor for monocytes predominates in different animal models of uveitis

Belkina B.M., 1982: Similar chromosomal abnormalities in several retino blastomas

Banerjee S.N., 1985: Similar clastogenic sensitivities of rat and mouse bone marrow cell exposed in vivo to leaf extract of lathyrus sativus

Sekso M., 1987: Similar concentrations of thyroidal iodothyronines and t 3 t 4 ratio in normal thyroids from two yugoslav districts with different iodine intake

Fishman, P. H.; Bradley, R. M.; Brown, M. S.; Faust, J. R.; Goldstein, J. L., 1978: Similar content of phospho lipids and gangliosides in normal and homo zygous familial hyper cholesterolemia fibroblasts

Czech M.P., 1986: Similar control mechanisms regulate the insulin and type i insulin like growth factor receptor kinases affinity purified insulin like growth factor i receptor kinase is activated by tyrosine phosphorylation of its beta subunit

Coriell L., 1980: Similar defects in dna repair and replication in the pigmented xerodermoid and the xeroderma pigmentosum variants

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416314

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416315

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416321

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416322

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416336

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416337

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416349

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416350

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416355

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416356

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416367

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416368

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416418

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416432

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416433

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416443

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416444

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416461

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416462

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416464

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416465

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416474

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416475

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416493

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416494

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416518

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416519

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416574

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416575

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416576

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416772

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416795

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416915

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416979

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416982

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416983

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Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416997

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416998

Section 7, Chapter 6417, Accession 006416999

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