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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6418

Chapter 6418 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Matson, J. L., 1977: Simple correction for treating an autistic boys encopresis/

Tso T.C.; Chaplin J.F.; Adams J.D.; Hoffmann D., 1982: Simple correlation and multiple regression among leaf and smoke characteristics of burley tobaccos nicotiana tabacum

Jones P.G.; Kirby A.J., 1984: Simple correlation between bond length and reactivity combined use of crystallographic and kinetic data to explore a reaction coordinate

Omura Y., 1981: Simple custom made disposable surface electrode system for noninvasive electro acupuncture or trans cutaneous nerve stimulation and its cephalic hypertension and hypotension syndromes as well as temporo mandibular joint problems tinnitus shoulder and lower back pain etc

Kadowaki K.; Ao T.; Kanzaki M., 1981: Simple cyst of the testis a case

Tosi, S. E.; Richardson, J. R-Jr, 1975: Simple cyst of the testis case report and review of the literature

Kratz, C.; Davignon, A.; Chartrand, C.; Stanley, P., 1977: Simple d transposition of the great arteries results of early balloon septotomy followed by 2 stage surgical correction

Wakusawa, R.; Shibata, S.; Okada, K., 1977: Simple deep hypo thermia for open heart surgery in infancy

Opinya G.N.; Pameijer C.H.; Gron P., 1987: Simple defluoridation procedures for kenyan borehole water

Olin D.A.; Riley A.L., 1986: Simple delayed discrimination of tastes in the rat

Brimer L.; Molgaard P., 1986: Simple densitometric method for estimation of cyanogenic glycosides and cyanohydrins under field conditions

Demilo, A. B.; Terry, P. H.; Rains, D. M., 1978: Simple derivatization procedure for gas liquid chromatographic analysis of diflubenzuron in pond water and for analysis of its tri fluoromethyl analog penfluron in boll weevils

Sachers M.; Emmerich P.; Mohr H.; Schmitz H., 1985: Simple detection of antibodies to different viruses using rheumatoid factor and enzyme labeled antigen

Takemori K., 1985: Simple determination of 24 hour urinary excretion of creatinine salt and potassium in free living population

Yamaguchi, Y.; Hayashi, C.; Kumahara, Y., 1976: Simple determination of 3 alpha hydroxy fraction and 3 beta hydroxy fraction of urinary 17 keto steroids

Sakata M.; Yoshida A.; Haga M., 1983: Simple determination of carboxy hemo globin by double wavelength spectrophotometry of absorbance difference and the comparison with gas chromatographic method

Tomokuni, K.; Ichiba, M., 1986: Simple determination of erythrocyte pyrimidine 5' nucleotidase activity in human blood by high performance liquid chromatography

Chikamoto T.; Hifumi J.; Adachi T., 1988: Simple determination of ethanol propionic acid and sorbic acid in bread cake and cheese

Yamaguchi, Y.; Hayashi, C., 1978: Simple determination of high urinary excretion of 5 hydroxy iaa with ferric chloride

Squella J.A.; Zuniga L.A.; Lemus I.; Nunez Vergara L.J., 1988: Simple determination of ranitidine in dosage forms by in phase selective ac polarography

Yamaguchi Y., 1981: Simple determination of steroid sulfatase activity in enzyme preparation

Luepke, U.; Seela, F., 1977: Simple determination of the position of substitution in the pyrrol ring of pyrrolo 2 3 d pyrimidines and 7 deaza nucleosides using carbon 13 nmr

Rubinstein, R.; Durham, A. C. H., 1977: Simple determination of virus molecular weights by sedimentation equilibrium/

Preuss A.; Attig R., 1986: Simple determination of volatile halogenated or aromatic hydrocarbons in soil and sludge by head space gas chromatography

Wilkins, J. R.; Mills, S. M., 1974: Simple device for automatically transferring broth cultures

Espinasse P.; Desuzinges C.; Cercassi J.C., 1984: Simple device for determining an index of echogenicity

Mccallum, N. K.; Cairns, E. R., 1977: Simple device for gas liquid chromatography separations of cannabinoids using a surface coated open tube column without stream splitting

Holland, J. W., 1978: Simple device for indicating atmospheric status of anaerobic chamber entry locks

Spedding, P. L.; Madden, A. J., 1977: Simple device for reduction of pollution from motor vehicles

Niewald M.; Uhlmann U.; Schnabel K.; Lehmann W.; Leetz H K., 1988: Simple device for the positioning and fixation of the head in radiotherapy of cerebral tumors in frontal and lateral position

Kellenyi, L.; Buzsaki, G., 1977: Simple device for the tape recording of complex behavioral situation on 1 track

Maharlamov, A. H.; Zayikin, O. O., 1976: Simple device for washing capillary microbiological laboratory dishes

Boucher F.; Leblanc R.M., 1981: Simple device to measure photo acoustic spectra from 77 300 kelvin

Ito, T.; Mimura, K., 1978: Simple devices for measurements of feeding and drinking behavior in chickens/

Mates A., 1983: Simple devices for measuring antibiotic zone inhibition

Kaliteevskii P.F., 1979: Simple devices for plane parallel organ sections

Wallman, J.; Ledoux, C.; Friedman, M. B., 1978: Simple devices for restricting the visual fields of birds

Langbein L., 1987: Simple devices for the preparation of specimens for scanning and transmission electron microscopy

Manner T.; Kanto J.; Salonen M., 1987: Simple devices in differentiating the effects of buprenorphine and fentanyl in healthy volunteers

Kovacs L.; Nemethova V.; Gucalova Y.; Lehotska V.; Cintala J.; Michajlovskij N.; Michalickova J.; Lichardus B., 1985: Simple diagnosis of diabetes insipidus and antidiuretic hormone excess

Nylund J E.; Kasimir A.; Arveby A.S.; Unestam T., 1982: Simple diagnosis of ecto mycorrhiza formation and demonstration of the architecture of the hartig net by means of a clearing technique

Bjorkhem I.; Sisfontes L.; Bostrom B.; Kase B.F.; Blomstrand R., 1986: Simple diagnosis of the zellweger syndrome by gas liquid chromatography of dimethylacetals

Goto, K.; Akematsu, T.; Shimazu, H.; Sugiyama, T., 1975: Simple differential giemsa staining of sister chromatids after treatment with photo sensitive dyes and exposure to light and the mechanism of staining

Silverman D.J.; Fiset P.; Wisseman C.L.Jr, 1979: Simple differential staining technique for enumerating rickettsiae in yolk sac tissue culture extracts or purified suspensions

Hwang, Y. B.; Lee, G. B.; Chang, H. N.; Lee, J. T., 1988: Simple digital control of cell mass in turbidostat

Baginski, E. S.; Marie, S. S.; Epstein, E.; Zak, B., 1977: Simple direct determination of serum 5 nucleotidase ec

Hashiguchi Y.; Kawaguchi M.; Nakanishi M.; Matsumori Y.; Kaneda Y.; Nakai C.; Mimura K.; Matsuoka A., 1982: Simple direct measurement of lipo protein x in serum

Valu, J. A., 1976: Simple disc plate method for the biochemical confirmation of pathogenic neisseria

Wideman, P. A.; Citronbaum, D. M.; Sutter, V. L., 1977: Simple disc technique for detection of nitrate reduction by anaerobic bacteria

Mehlhoff T.L.; Noble P.C.; Bennett J.B.; Tullos H.S., 1988: Simple dislocation of the elbow in the adult results after closed treatment

Benner, E. J., 1970: Simple disposable method for quantitative cultures of urine

Hansen, M. T.; Pato, M. L.; Molin, S.; Fiil, N. P.; Von-Meyenburg, K., 1975: Simple downshift and resulting lack of correlation between gdp di phosphate pool size and rna accumulation

Poincelot, R. P.; Day, P. R., 1972: Simple dye release assay for determining cellulolytic activity of fungi

Friend D.R.; Chang G.W., 1982: Simple dye release assay for determining endo pectinase activity

Fanizza Orphanos A.; Bendon R.W., 1987: Simple ectopia of the kidney in monozygotic twins

Kondo, I.; Nakahara, H.; Ishikawa, T.; Fujise, K.; Machida, K., 1976: Simple effective method for de lysogenizing staphylococcus aureus

Barkley, M. B.; Desjardins, P. R., 1977: Simple effective method for purifying the as 1 cyano phage

Weekes, C., 1978: Simple effective treatment of agoraphobia

Nicolaou, K. C., 1977: Simple efficient synthesis of prostacyclin

Nowotny, R., 1976: Simple electro cardiogram simulation by pulse shaping techniques

Kok-Jensen, A., 1975: Simple electro cardiographic features of importance for prognosis in severe chronic bronchial obstruction

Int-Comm-Stand-Hematol, 1978: Simple electrophoretic system for presumptive identification of abnormal hemo globins

Adriaenssens K.; Vermeiren G., 1980: Simple electrophoretic technique for creatine kinase mm isozyme in neo natal duchenne muscular disease screening using dried blood samples

Enzmann H.; Edler L.; Bannasch P., 1987: Simple elementary method for the quantification of focal liver lesions induced by carcinogens

Agren G.I., 1981: Simple elimination models theoretical estimates of the effect of variations in elimination rates

During C.; Duganzich D.M., 1979: Simple empirical intensity and buffering capacity measurements to predict potassium uptake by white clover trifolium repens

Harris O.D.; Dickey J.D.; Stephenson P.M., 1982: Simple endoscopic injection sclero therapy of esophageal varices

Bojan O.; Bologa M.; Niac G.; Palibroda N.; Vargha E.; Barzu O., 1980: Simple enzymatic procedure for preparation of nitrogen 15 labeled l glutamic acid

Janout V.; Englis M.; Sedlacek V.; Smekal M., 1980: Simple enzymatic screening test for viral hepatitis

Choo G.M.; Waterman P.G.; Mckey D.B.; Gartlan J.S., 1981: Simple enzyme assay for dry matter digestibility and its value in studying food selection by generalist herbivores

Shim B S.; Kim K U.; Jue D M., 1987: Simple enzyme immunoassay for haptoglobin

Sunahara N.; Kurooka S.; Kaibe K.; Ohkaru Y.; Nishimura S.; Nakano K.; Sohmura Y.; IIda M., 1988: Simple enzyme immunoassay methods for recombinant human tumor necrosis factor alpha and its antibodies using a bacterial cell wall carrier

Bardsley W.G., 1983: Simple enzyme kinetic mechanisms that can give all possible velocity profiles with chemically reasonable rate constant values

Suneja K., 1983: Simple epidemic models with positive latent period

Bates R.J.; Perrone T.L.; Althausen A., 1981: Simple epidermoid cysts of testis

Hronis T.S.; Steinberg M.L.; Defendi V.; Sun T T., 1984: Simple epithelial nature of some sv 40 transformed human epidermal keratinocytes

Corbin N.C.; Fraher P.; Mcchesney J.D., 1979: Simple epoxide analogs of trichothecanes

Kjaergaard L.; Joergensen B.B., 1979: Simple equipment for establishing continuous synchronous cultures of microorganisms

Stevens, S. E. Jr ; Fox, J. L., 1977: Simple equipment for the growth of photosynthetic bacteria

Pedotti, A., 1977: Simple equipment used in clinical practice for evaluation of loco motion

Zacchello G.; Bondio M.; Saia O.S.; Largaiolli G.; Vedaldi R.; Rubaltelli F.F., 1982: Simple estimate of creatinine clearance from plasma creatinine in neo nates

Patterson T.G.; Glenister R.; Larue T.A., 1982: Simple estimate of ureides in soybean glycine max tissue

Van-Ulden, A. P., 1978: Simple estimates for vertical diffusion from sources near the ground

Meyer-Brunot, H. G.; Schweizer, A.; Unterseh, B., 1980: Simple estimation of blood content in bone homogenates for the determination of the real amount of drugs in bone tissue

Breier A.; Gemeiner P.; Ziegelhoffer A., 1984: Simple estimation of carrier binding capacity using sorption kinetics curve fitting

Kida K.; Usutani S., 1988: Simple estimation of energy expenditure by heart rate

Wyatt, I. J.; White, P. F., 1977: Simple estimation of intrinsic increase rates for aphids and tetranychid mites

Taylor, J. W., 1977: Simple estimation of population attributable risk from case control studies

Tojo K.; Sun Y.; Ghannam M.; Chien Y.W., 1985: Simple evaluation method of intrinsic diffusivity for membrane moderated controlled release

Liddell F.D.K., 1984: Simple exact analysis of the standardized mortality ratio

Stokke T.; Burchardi H., 1982: Simple exact separation of inspired and expired gas during mechanical ventilation

Uozato H.; Ikuno T.; Isono N.; Kubo T.; Saishin M., 1985: Simple examination of spectacle lens fit

Wrede D.E.; Dawalibi H., 1980: Simple experimentally derived algorithm for computer calculated dose rates associated with cesium 137 gynecologic insertions

Reddingius R.J.; De Jong G.J.; Brinkman U.A.T.; Frei R.W., 1981: Simple extraction detector for the liquid chromatographic determination of secoverine in biological samples

Peeters T.L.; Depraetere Y.; Vantrappen G.R., 1981: Simple extraction method and radio immunoassay for somatostatin in human plasma

Kellogg, R. T., 1980: Simple feature frequency vs. feature validity models of formation of prototypes

Heijbel J.; Blom S.; Bergfors P.G., 1980: Simple febrile convulsions a prospective incidence study and an evaluation of investigations initially needed

Lau Cam C.A.; Pizzitola V., 1979: Simple field test for marihuana

Burrin J.M.; Worth R.; Law S.; Alberti K.G.M.M., 1981: Simple filter paper method for home monitoring of blood glucose lactate and 3 hydroxy butyrate

Germaine G.R.; Tellefson L.M., 1981: Simple filter paper procedure for estimation of glucose uptake via group translocation by whole cell suspensions of bacteria

Smith J.M.; Cohen R.J., 1984: Simple finite element model accounts for wide range of cardiac dys rhythmias/

Vogel, S.; Labarbera, M., 1978: Simple flow tanks for research and teaching

Brown, Z. W.; Amit, Z.; Weeks, J. R., 1976: Simple flow through swivel for infusions into unrestrained animals

Antuf'ev I.A., 1979: Simple flowing chamber for embryos

Vaessen H.A.M.G.; Van Ooik A.; Zuydendorp J., 1985: Simple fluorometric determination of selenium in food and biological materials a validation study

Bodem, G.; Chidsey, C. A., 1972: Simple fluorometric method for estimating practolol l 4 aminophenoxy 3 isopropylamino propan 2 ol in blood and urine

Leng L.; Szanyiova M.; Faix S.; Varady J.; Boda K., 1986: Simple fluorometric ultramicroassay for urea in tubular fluid of the kidney

Nishihata T., 1987: Simple formulation of sustained release tablets of sodium diclofenac and examination in humans

Nanda I.; Neitzel H.; Sperling K.; Studer R.; Epplen J.T., 1988: Simple ga t ca repeats characterize the x chromosomal heterochromatin of microtus agrestis european field vole rodentia cricetidae

Varma R.; Hoshino A.Y., 1979: Simple gas chromatographic measurement of valproic acid in psychiatric patients effect of levels of other simultaneously administered anti convulsants

Rao D.; Bories G., 1987: Simple gas chromatographic method for the determination of medicagenic acid in alfalfa medicago sativa

Feher, T.; Bodrogi, L.; Varadi, A., 1976: Simple gas chromatographic method with flame ionization detection for the determination of aldadiene in human urine

Hayler, A. M.; Flanagan, R. J., 1978: Simple gas liquid chromatographic method for the measurement of disopyramide in blood plasma or serum and in urine

Holt D.W.; Flanagan R.J.; Hayler A.M.; Loizou M., 1979: Simple gas liquid chromatographic method for the measurement of mexiletine and lignocaine in blood plasma or serum

Kattner G.; Fricke H.S.G., 1986: Simple gas liquid chromatographic method for the simultaneous determination of fatty acids and alcohols in wax esters of marine organisms

Casagrande, D. J.; Park, K., 1977: Simple gas liquid chromatographic technique for the analysis of muramic acid

Watson, J. R.; Lawrence, R. C.; Lovering, E. G., 1978: Simple gas liquid chromatography analysis of anti convulsant drugs in commercial dosage forms

Gupta, S.; Annamma, M. L.; Gupta, S., 1978: Simple gastric lavage cytology in carcinoma stomach its relevance to developing countries

Meyrat P.; Baumgartner A.; Kappeler M.; Halter F., 1984: Simple gastroscopy technique in the rat

Acheson S.A.; Dedopoulou D.; Quinn D.M., 1987: Simple general acid base catalysis and virtual transition states for acetylcholinesterase catalyzed hydrolysis of phenyl esters

Parker, J. P.; Michaels, T. E., 1986: Simple genetic control of hybrid plant development in interspecific crosses between phaseolus vulgaris l. and phaseolus acutifolius

Ezaki T.; Hashimoto Y.; Takeuchi N.; Yamamoto H.; Liu S L.; Miura H.; Matsui K.; Yabuuchi E., 1988: Simple genetic method to identify viridans group streptococci by colorimetric dot hybridization and fluorometric hybridization in microdilution wells

Juni, E., 1974: Simple genetic transformation assay for rapid diagnosis of moraxella osloensis

Leydhecker W., 1979: Simple glaucoma before the age of 30 years

Newton C.A.; Pereira R.S.; Farrant J., 1981: Simple hanging drop 20 microliter double antibody radio immunoassay of human immuno globulin m immuno globulin g immuno globulin a immuno globulin d and immuno globulin e

Jurenitsch J.; Bingler E.; Becker H.; Kubelka W., 1979: Simple high performance liquid chromatographic method for determination of total and single capsaicinoids in capsicum fruits

Land G.; Bye A., 1981: Simple high performance liquid chromatographic method for the analysis of 9 2 hydroxyethoxymethyl guanine acyclovir in human plasma and urine

Joseph M.H.; Kadam B.V.; Risby D., 1981: Simple high performance liquid chromatographic method for the concurrent determination of the amine metabolites vanillyl mandelic acid 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenyl glycol 5 hydroxy iaa di hydroxyphenyl acetic acid and homo vanillic acid in urine using electrochemical detection

Forrest G.; Mcinnes G.T.; Fairhead A.P.; Thompson G.G.; Brodie M.J., 1988: Simple high performance liquid chromatographic method for the measurement of amiloride in body fluids

Poochikian G.K.; Cradock J.C., 1979: Simple high performance liquid chromatographic method for the separation of 3 6 di acetyl morphine hydro chloride heroin and hydrolysis products

Duran R.; Aldegunde M.; Marco J., 1985: Simple high performance liquid chromatography electrochemical detection method for the simultaneous determination of biogenic amines and their main metabolites in small rat brain regions

Goehl, T. J.; Mathur, L. K.; Strum, J. D.; Jaffe, J. M.; Pitlick, W. H.; Shah, V. P.; Poust, R. I.; Colaizzi, J. L., 1978: Simple high pressure liquid chromatographic determination of tri sulfa pyrimidines in human serum

Pehr, F., 1975: Simple highly selective screening method for barbiturates in urine

Isachenkov V.A.; Badosov E.P.; Krivosheev O.G.; Nagornaya L.V.; Karpenko E.K.; Nikiforova G.P., 1981: Simple highly specific procedures for radio immunochemical determination of hypophyseal protein hormones

Wall, W. J.; Calne, R. Y.; Herbertson, B. M.; Baker, P. G.; Smith, D. P.; Underwood, J.; Kostakis, A.; Williams, R., 1977: Simple hypo thermic preservation for transporting human livers long distances for transplantation report of 12 cases

Martino, R.; Bettini, V., 1978: Simple hypothesis on the theoretical curves of plasma and total platelet activities in view of an easy technique of interpolation

Tsukamoto N.; Matsuyama T.; Matsukuma K.; Kamura T.; Saito T.; Matsumura M., 1985: Simple hysterectomy for stage ia carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Davy, M.; Bentzen, H.; Jahren, R., 1977: Simple hysterectomy in the presence of invasive cervical cancer

Engvild K.C., 1980: Simple identification of the neutral chlorinated auxin in pea pisum sativum by thin layer chromatography

Cianfriglia M.; Armellini D.; Massone A.; Mariani M., 1983: Simple immunization protocol for high frequency production of soluble antigen specific hybridomas

Irjala K.; Rajamaki A., 1979: Simple immuno fixation modification a practical way to identify mono clonal protein fractions

Exner T.; Koutts J., 1986: Simple immunochromometric assay for protein c activity

Bayer, A.; Pacolakova, J., 1987: Simple immunofluorescent method for identification of blood group in human tissues ii. detection of a and b tissue isoantigens in paraffin sections

Honjo I.; Kumazawa T.; Honda K., 1981: Simple impedance test for eustachian tube function

Gingold B.S., 1987: Simple in office sphincterotomy with partial fissurectomy for chronic anal fissure

Hafeez M.; Avsatthi B.L., 1986: Simple in vitro precipitation test for the detection of hepatic amphistomiasis due to gigantocotyle explanatum and its cross reaction with ruminal amphistome paramphistomum epiclitum

Olszanska B.; Lassota Z., 1980: Simple in vitro system for molecular studies of early avian development in the quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Sanad, W.; Haggag, A., 1978: Simple indium generators

Franklin M.L.; Clark W.A., 1981: Simple inexpensive and rapid way to produce bacillus subtilis spores for the guthrie bioassay

Bloomer, J. L., 1968: Simple inexpensive apparatus for metabolic studies in fungi

Croom W.J.Jr; Gaines R.; Froetschel M., 1982: Simple inexpensive device for feeding cattle and sheep at preset time intervals

Kennedy K.J.; Rooke E.A.; Wemyss K.B.; Droste R.L., 1985: Simple inexpensive level sensing device

Ryan, M. M.; Smith, K. O., 1974: Simple inexpensive method for controlled freezing of cell cultures

Ranhand, J. M., 1974: Simple inexpensive procedure for the disruption of bacteria

Hauser, W. J.; Legner, E. F., 1976: Simple inexpensive technique for tagging fish

Tahir M.K.; Mannervik B., 1986: Simple inhibition studies for distinction between homodimeric and heterodimeric isoenzymes of glutathione transferase

Rabinovitch H.H., 1979: Simple innocuous treatment of massive cyclo phosphamide hemorrhagic cystitis

Holdenrieder O., 1987: Simple inoculation techniques for armillaria by rhizomorphs

Barry A.L.; Amsterdam D.; Coyle M.R.; Gerlach E.H.; Thornsberry C.; Hawkinson R.W., 1979: Simple inoculum standardizing system for anti microbial disc susceptibility tests

Schmitz F.; Lenz F., 1985: Simple instrument for measurement of firmness of strawberry fruits

Grosberg, A. Yu, 1978: Simple interpolation formula for energy of van der waals interaction between 2 parallel cylinders

Nagy, G.; Mezey, I.; Molnar, E., 1977: Simple ion exchange batch technique for detection of immuno globulin m antibodies against rubella and flavivirus antigens

Runeckles, V. C.; Das, G., 1975: Simple ion exchange column fractionation of ribo nucleotides

Knopf, K. W., 1977: Simple isolation method and assay for phage t 4 dna ligase ec and characterization of the purified enzyme

Hamilton, P. B.; Carroll, F. I.; Rutledge, J. H.; Mason, J. E.; Harris, B. S-Hfenske, C. S.; Wall, M. E., 1969: Simple isolation of antimycin a 2 and some of its toxicological properties neuro toxic respiratory poison mouse streptomyces rti 246 inst uv spectroscopy inst ir spectroscopy inst nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy inst mass spectroscopy

Bekhor I.; Mirell C.J., 1979: Simple isolation of dna hydrophobically complexed with presumed gene regulatory proteins m 3

Chanoki Y.; Shimazaki M.; Mitsuhashi T.; Kuwahara H.; Masuda H.; Sakai T.; Kadoya Y.; Morikita I.; Umano T.; Shimazu A., 1985: Simple isolation technique for osteoclasts from medullary bones

Coates C.W.; Barold S.S.; Albright D.W.; Ong L.S.; Heinle R.A.; Wright T., 1979: Simple junction box for rapid acquisition of data during implantation of permanent pacemakers

Bajd T.; Kralj A., 1980: Simple kinematic gait measurements

Bille V.; Remacle J., 1986: Simple kinetic descriptions of alcohol dehydrogenase after immobilization on tresyl chloride activated agarose

Celardin F.; Castillo F.J.; Greppin H., 1982: Simple kinetic determination of trace amounts of ascorbic acid in plant extracts

Bartlett R.J.; Ross D.S.; Magdoff F.R., 1987: Simple kinetic fractionation of reactive aluminum in soil solutions

Eisenhut M., 1982: Simple labeling of omega phenyl fatty acids by iodine isotope exchange

Vargas R.I.; Myers A.L.; Mabry H.E.; Kobayashi R.M., 1985: Simple labor saving technique for removal of mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae eggs from adult cages

Sewell A.C., 1981: Simple laboratory determination of excess oligo sacchariduria

Glenn, E. M.; Bowman, B. J.; Rohloff, N. A., 1978: Simple laboratory procedures for the evaluation of topically active anti inflammatory drugs

Pierce B.A.; Oman E.M.; Chaput L.W.; Studstrod J.E., 1981: Simple laboratory systems as water reuse aquaculture hatchery units for aquaculture research program

Guechot, J.; Lepine, J. P.; Cohen, C.; Fiet, J.; Lemperiere, T.; Dreux, C., 1987: Simple laboratory test of neuroendocrine disturbance in depression 11 p.m. saliva cortisol

Demski J.W.; Bays D.C.; Khan M.A., 1986: Simple latex agglutination test for detecting flexuous rod shaped viruses in forage legumes

Street D.; Bodai B.I.; Owens L.J.; Moore D.B.; Walton C.B.; Holcroft J.W., 1988: Simple ligation vs stump inversion in appendectomy

Barber, J. M.; Boyle, D. M.; Hussain, Z.; Kelly, J. G.; Mcdevitt, D. G., 1977: Simple lignocaine regimen for transit to hospital after myo cardial infarction

Franklin R., 1982: Simple linear filtering of time series data on a programmable calculator

Johnson T.S.; Wood G.B., 1987: Simple linear model reliably predicts bark thickness of radiata pine in the australian capital territory

Godfrey K., 1985: Simple linear regression in medical research

Tomokuni K.; Hirai Y., 1986: Simple liquid chromatographic determination of urinary coproporphyrin in workers exposed to lead

Hanai J.; Kawai T.; Sato Y.; Takasugi N.; Nishi M.; Takeda T., 1987: Simple liquid chromatographic measurement of vanillylmandelic acid and homovanillic acid in urine on filter paper for mass screening of neuroblastoma in infants

Lauren D.R.; Mcnaughton D.E.; Agnew M.P., 1987: Simple liquid chromatographic method for determination of carotenoids in alfalfa products

Semenov, S. M.; Tikhonova, A. S., 1977: Simple liquid nutrient media for the control of antibiotic activity their anti bacterial spectrum and microbial sensitivity

Buchanan, L. M.; Harstad, J. B.; Phillips, J. C.; Lafferty, E.; Dahlgren, C. M.; Decker, H. M., 1972: Simple liquid scrubber for large volume air sampling

Clouse M.E.; Lee R.G.L., 1985: Simple liver perfusion model for nmr spectroscopic analysis

Hawke S.P.; Field Dodgson M.S., 1987: Simple low cost circular ponds

Waliszewski S.M.; Szymcznski G.A., 1982: Simple low cost method for determination of selected chlorinated pesticides in fat samples

Cohen, W. D., 1976: Simple magnetic holders for critical point drying of micro specimen suspensions

Fujii T.; Misumi S.; Onoda K.; Takeda F., 1986: Simple management of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea after pituitary surgery

Udeh F.N., 1985: Simple management of difficult vesicovaginal fistulae by the anterior transvesical approach

Udeh F.N., 1985: Simple management of difficult vesicovaginal fistulas by anterior transvesical approach

Poon A.; Wilson S., 1980: Simple manual method for harvesting granulocytes

Kobayashi, T., 1978: Simple mass rearing method for the cabbage bug eurydema rugosum using rapeseeds

Dennison A.R.; Watkins R.M.; Ward M.E.; Lee E.C.G., 1985: Simple mastectomy under local anesthesia

Doerr, H. W.; Lehmair, H.; Schmitz, H.; Kampa, D.; Luthardt, T., 1977: Simple mathematical deductions in the sero epidemiology of viral infections part 1 herpesvirus group herpesvirus hominis varicella zoster virus cytomegalovirus epstein barr virus

Doerr, H. W.; Schweiss, H. D.; Henninger, K.; Sochanik, H., 1977: Simple mathematical deductions in the sero epidemiology of viral infections part 2 paramyxoviruses measles virus mumps virus influenza b virus rubella virus enteroviruses poliovirus coxsackievirus b adenoviruses and mycoplasma pneumoniae

Diekmann O.; Nisbet R.M.; Gurney W.S.C.; Van Den Bosch F., 1986: Simple mathematical models for cannibalism a critique and a new approach

Devriese, P. P., 1977: Simple measures for acute peripheral facial paralysis

Courtney A.J.; Shou C.H., 1985: Simple measures of visual lobe size and search performance

Stamatelopoulos, S.; Tsakiris, A.; Moulopoulos, S., 1978: Simple mechanical chemical systemic pressure control device

Caldwell G.; Millar G.; Quinn E.; Vincent R.; Chamberlain D.A., 1985: Simple mechanical methods for cardioversion defense of the precordial thump and cough version

Taylor S.L.; Woychik N.A., 1982: Simple medium for assessing quantitative production of histamine by enterobacteriaceae

Shah M.S., 1986: Simple mendelian inheritance at a few electrophoretic loci in the guppy poecilia reticulata peters

Monet R.; Bastard Y., 1982: Simple mendelian inheritance of a shoot apex anomaly in peach prunus persica

Petes, T. D.; Botstein, D., 1977: Simple mendelian inheritance of the reiterated ribosomal dna of yeast

Johnson, E. A.; Mulloy, B., 1976: Simple meta chromatic assay methods for heparin and protamine

Yasunaga A.; Tsujimura M.; Shibata S.; Ono H.; Mori K.; Tsuchiya R.; Abe M., 1982: Simple metastasis of hepato cellular carcinoma to the skull a case

Stersky A.K.; Thacker C., 1980: Simple method for anaerobic inoculation of foods in cans retort pouches glass jars or semi rigid containers

Tono T.; Fujita S.; Kawasaki H., 1987: Simple method for analysis of chlorogenic acid in foods by deae toyopearl column

Omaye S.T.; Skala J.H.; Gretz M.D.; Schaus E.E.; Wade C.E., 1987: Simple method for bleeding the unanesthetized rat by tail venipuncture

Novak, B., 1976: Simple method for carbon determination in microbiological experiments

Traill K.N.; Boeck G.; Winter U.; Hilchenbach M.; Juergens G.; Wick G., 1986: Simple method for comparing large numbers of flow cytometry histograms exemplified by analysis of the cd 4 t 4 antigen and low density lipoprotein receptor on human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Goyal S.M.; Gerba C.P., 1980: Simple method for concentration of bacteria from large volumes of tap water

Li W H., 1981: Simple method for constructing phylogenetic trees from distance matrices

Schultz T.C., 1987: Simple method for demonstrating coronary arteries at postmortem examination

Lee T.; Hastilow C.; Smith K., 1988: Simple method for derivatization of monoglycerides and diglycerides

Malaitsev V.V.; Bogdanova I.M., 1979: Simple method for detection of fc receptor sites on cells

Hodge, W.; Clar-Ciak, J.; Tramont, E. C., 1978: Simple method for detection of penicillinase producing neisseria gonorrhoeae

Moustafa A.A.; Abdel Moety E.M.; Wise S.A., 1987: Simple method for determination of alpha and gamma tocopherol in some oils and in vitamin e capsules by hplc

Aspetov R.D.; Shaikhinova T.B.; Novokhatskii A.S.; Shuratov I.Kh, 1985: Simple method for determination of antiproliferative activity of human interferons

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