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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6419

Chapter 6419 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Puntis J.W.L.; Berg J.D.; Buckley B.M.; Booth I.W.; Mcneish A.S., 1988: Simplified oral pancreatic function test

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Hall, D. L.; Cleasby, G. W., 1976: Simplified perimetry

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Gualdi M.; Del Bo P.; Santamaria G.; Almaz G.; Maiozzi M.; Castello R.; Faggiani C.; Tremontini C.; Vergati J.M., 1987: Simplified personal technique of surgical reduction in cases of mild entropion of the inferior lid

Dowgiallo A., 1984: Simplified photometric methods of determination of ammonia and kjeldahl nitrogen in biological materials

Morens D.M.; Halstead S.B.; Repik P.M.; Putvatana R.; Raybourne N., 1985: Simplified plaque reduction neutralization assay for dengue viruses by semimicro methods in bhk 21 cells comparison of the bhk suspension test with standard plaque reduction neutralization

Brady M.S.; Katz S.E., 1987: Simplified plate diffusion system for microbial assays of antibiotics

Rahilly P.M.; Symonds P.F., 1984: Simplified pneumographic monitoring infants at risk from sudden infant death syndrome

Barkin, M.; Comisarow, R. H.; Taranger, L. A., 1977: Simplified poly cystic nephrectomy using trocar aspiration

Levy S.E.; Danna A.T.; Boykoff T.J.; Han P.Y., 1986: Simplified preoperative evaluation for various osteotomies

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Gallagher J.E.; Rhoades K.R., 1979: Simplified preparation of mycoplasmas an acholeplasma and a spiroplasma for scanning electron microscopy

Coulter A.; Harris R., 1983: Simplified preparation of rabbit fab fragments

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Naveh D.; Pflug I.J.; Kopelman I.J., 1983: Simplified procedure for estimating the effect of a change in heating rate on sterilization value

Holzle E.; Kligman A.M., 1983: Simplified procedure for evaluating anti perspirants a method for rapid screening with subsequent assessment of axillary anti perspirant activity

Heazlewood, R. L., 1978: Simplified procedure for gas chromatographic determination of theophylline in plasma

Takken A.; Williams K.C., 1981: Simplified procedure for long term catheterization of the anterior vena cava in adult pigs

Olsen, R. G.; Mccammon, J.; Yohn, D. S., 1970: Simplified procedure for preparation of specific antibodies to gamma globulins

Jinks D.C.; Guthrie R.; Naylor E.W., 1985: Simplified procedure for producing bacillus subtilis spores for the guthrie phenylketonuria and other microbiological screening tests

Pometto A.L.IIi; Crawford D.L., 1985: Simplified procedure for recovery of lignin acidolysis products for determining the lignin degrading abilities of microorganisms

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Lin K T.D., 1982: Simplified procedure for the analysis of 3 hydroxy proline and 4 hydroxy proline

Fawcett J.S.; Chrambach A., 1986: Simplified procedure for the preparation of immobilized ph gradient gels

Borriello S.P.; Honour P., 1981: Simplified procedure for the routine isolation of clostridium difficile from feces

Gmelig-Meyling, F.; Ballieux, R. E., 1977: Simplified procedure for the separation of human thymus derived and nonthymus derived cells

Jaronski S.T.; Axtell R.C., 1984: Simplified production system for the fungus lagenidium giganteum for operational mosquito control

Nigam B.P.; Ramanathan P.K.; Venkataraman L.V., 1981: Simplified production technology of blue green alga spirulina platensis for feed applications in india

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Matsunaga, R. S.; Simpson, W.; Toffel, P. H., 1977: Simplified protocol for treatment of malar fractures based on a 1220 case 8 year experience

Miyamoto Y.; Obara Y.; Nikkawa T.; Yamai S.; Kato T.; Yamada Y.; Ohashi M., 1980: Simplified purification and bio physicochemical characteristics of kanagawa phenomenon associated hemo lysin of vibrio parahaemolyticus

Wang B L.; Scopsi L.; Nielsen M.H.; Larsson L I., 1985: Simplified purification and testing of colloidal gold probes

Gimenez J.A.; Sugiyama H., 1987: Simplified purification method for clostridium botulinum type e toxin

Tregellas, W. M.; Bourland, D. L., 1977: Simplified quality assurance of floor model centrifuges

Nishimoto N.; Kato R.; Hayashi S., 1980: Simplified quantitative analysis of alkaloids in scopolia extract

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Johansson B., 1986: Simplified quantitative determination of plasma phenytoin on line pre column high performance liquid immunoaffinity chromatography with sample pre purification

Robison, L. R.; Seligsohn, R.; Lerner, S. A., 1978: Simplified radio enzymatic assay for chloramphenicol

Antunes, J. R.; Dale, S. L.; Melby, J. C., 1976: Simplified radio immunoassay for aldo sterone using anti sera to aldo sterone gamma lactone

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Alexander, G. J.; Machiz, S., 1977: Simplified radio immunoassay of urinary drugs of abuse adsorbed on ion exchange papers

Matossian R.M., 1981: Simplified radio immunoassay technique for hydatid disease and human trichinosis

Manildi, E. R., 1972: Simplified rapid electro immuno diffusion technique for measuring alpha 1 anti trypsin in serum

Holub, W. R.; Tortorella, C. F.; Ruhl, M. R., 1973: Simplified rapid measurement of iodine 131 tri iodo thyronine uptake with use of competitive charcoal adsorption

Reddy M.S.; Reinbold G.W.; Hammond E.G., 1982: Simplified rapid method to measure diameter bacterio phage plaques

Tuckwell H.C., 1981: Simplified reaction diffusion equations for potassium and calcium ion concentrations during spreading cortical depression

Stockigt J.R.; Hewett M.J., 1981: Simplified renin sampling with heparin as anti coagulant

Darville J.M., 1985: Simplified restriction endonuclease method for typing and subtyping adenoviruses

Kim Y.B.; Lee B.Y.; Park N.K.; Han P.J., 1980: Simplified rice storage for farmers

Graham J.D., 1980: Simplified sample handling procedure for monitoring industrial iso cyanates in air

Luna Enriquez G.; Betran Sanchez M.E.; Rabago Velazquez M.; Gomez Cruz P., 1987: Simplified scatchard plot assay for estrogen receptor in breast cancer

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Johnson, R. B.; Nakamura, R. M., 1978: Simplified scatchard plot assay for progesterone receptor in breast cancer comparison with single point and multi point assay

Hicks, M. J.; Ryan, K. J., 1976: Simplified scheme for identification of prompt lactose fermenting members of the enterobacteriaceae

Kloos, W. E.; Schleifer, K. H., 1975: Simplified scheme for routine identification of human staphylococcus spp

Marshall T.; Williams K.M., 1987: Simplified sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of unconcentrated urine with enhanced resolution and detection sensitivity

Mahamah D.S., 1988: Simplified sensitivity analysis applied to a nutrient biomass model

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Adati K., 1980: Simplified simulation of nystagmus and corneal shape change

Hirata M.; Fukuda K.; Shimada M.; Koech D.K., 1985: Simplified slide preparation in the circumoval precipitin test for field survey

Gasset, A. R.; Lobo, L., 1977: Simplified soft contact lens treatment in corneal diseases

Kricheff I.I.; Berenstein A., 1979: Simplified solid particle embolization with a new introducer

Yin C M.; Peng W K., 1981: Simplified soy pulp wheat germ diets for rearing the southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella

Hulcher, F. H.; Oleson, W. H., 1973: Simplified spectrophotometric assay for microsomal 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec by measurement of coenzyme a

Baerthlein W.C.; Muechler E.K.; Chaney K., 1988: Simplified sperm washing techniques and intrauterine insemination

Boner, A. L.; Vallone, G.; Bennati, D.; Falagiani, P.; Gaburro, D., 1986: Simplified spinhaler method for antigen specific bronchoprovocation in children with bronchial asthma i

Nagel, J. G.; Kunz, L. J., 1972: Simplified storage and retrieval of stock cultures

Taylor, G. S-Jr ; Keys, R. J., 1974: Simplified sugar fermentation plate technique for identification of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Ward M.G.; Martinell B.; Soper R.S., 1983: Simplified synthetic diet formulated for the migratory grasshopper melanoplus sanguinipes orthoptera acrididae

Abad Iglesias R.; Rey Portoles G.; Serrano Rodurguez C., 1981: Simplified system of obtaining irregular fields in high energy radio therapy

Belokrysenko S.S., 1981: Simplified technique for determining the incompatibility groups of r plasmids in enterobacteriaceae suitable for epidemiological investigations

Willscher M.K.; Novicki D.E., 1980: Simplified technique for microscopic vaso vasostomy

Mckeown P.P.; Dillard D.H.; Ivey T.D., 1986: Simplified technique for pericardial patch of the right ventricular outflow tract

Fox S.; Toonder F.G., 1981: Simplified technique for permanent atrio ventricular pacing via a single veni puncture

Franceschi D.; Farrell C., 1987: Simplified technique for placement of implantable vascular devices

Robinson D.; Landers M.B.IIi, 1983: Simplified technique for placement of watzkes sleeve in scleral buckling procedures

Arias, J.; Andres-Trelles, F.; Alsasua, A., 1977: Simplified technique for porto caval anastomosis in the rat as an experimental model

Shafiroff B.B.; Palmer A.K., 1981: Simplified technique for replantation of the thumb

Weiner M.; Newman M.G.; Horikoshi A.; Grinenko V., 1979: Simplified technique for sonication and processing of dental plaque samples

Wagner P.K.; Rumpelt H.J.; Rothmund M., 1986: Simplified technique for the cryopreservation of human parathyroid tissue for replantation

Zollinger R.W.II; Culpepper W.S.IIi; Ochsner J., 1986: Simplified technique for the surgical palliation of pulmonary atresia with right ventricular hypoplasia and intact septum

Persky, L.; Hampel, N., 1977: Simplified technique for uretero neo cystostomy a modification of politano leadbetter operation

Morel G.; Morin C., 1986: Simplified technique of stage femoral lengthening operation in children

Hattori T.; Toyota S.; Nakamura K.; Ohi M.; Tashiro T.; Terada N.; Sakuma H.; Nakagawa T.; Yamaguchi N.; Et Al, 1988: Simplified technique of transarterial placement of a long term retaining infusion catheter reverse application of guidewire as a guide for arterial cut down approach

Liu, S. M.; Sezaki, K.; Hashimoto, K.; Kobayasi, H.; Nakamura, M., 1978: Simplified techniques for determination of poly ploidy in ginbuna carassius auratus langsdorfi

Bodhe A.M.; Deshpande V.V.; Lakshmikantham B.C.; Vartak H.G., 1982: Simplified techniques for elution of proteins from poly acrylamide gel staining de staining and iso electric focusing

Rosenstein M.; Eberlein T.; Schwarz S.; Rosenberg S.A., 1983: Simplified techniques for the isolation of allo reactive cell lines and clones with specific cyto toxic or proliferative study

Jamra, L. M. F.; Guimaraes, E. C., 1976: Simplified techniques for toxoplasmosis studies

Chavan U.; Karandikar S.M.; Dahanukar S.A., 1984: Simplified tests for studying phagocytic and chemotactic function of human neutrophils in vitro and study of effects of drugs on phagocytosis

Lachica, R. V. F., 1976: Simplified thermo nuclease test for rapid identification of staphylococcus aureus recovered on agar media

Wad, N. T.; Hanifl, E. J., 1977: Simplified thin layer chromatographic method for the simultaneous determination of clonazepam diazepam and their metabolites in serum

Corno A.; Nijveld A.; Schuller J.L.; Lam J.; Marcelletti C.; Bulterijs A.H.K., 1982: Simplified thoracic approach to the ascending and descending aorta in complex coarctation

Van Den Besselaar A.M.H.P.; Van Halem Visser L.P.; Hoekstra Schuman M.; Van Der Marel Van Nieuwkoop W.; Loeliger E.A., 1980: Simplified thromboplastin calibration further experience of the dutch reference laboratory for anti coagulant control

Appel, W.; Scholz, H. G., 1977: Simplified titrimetric semi micro determination of lipase in serum

Grossman, S. H.; Mollo, E.; Ertingshausen, G., 1976: Simplified totally enzymatic method for determination of serum tri glycerides with a centrifugal analyzer

Quattrone A.J.; Ranney D.F., 1980: Simplified toxicologic monitoring of adriamycin its major metabolites and nogalamycin by reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatography 1 analytical techniques for isolated human plasma

Cendron J.; Melin Y.; Valayer J., 1981: Simplified treatment of ectopic ureterocele in 35 children

Meduri F.; Caccamo D.; Ambrogio S.; Barresi P.; Nucera F.; Arcudi A.R., 1984: Simplified treatment of reflux esophagitis and sliding hiatal hernia with the angelchik prosthesis

Monfort G.; Morisson G.; Lacombe; Guys J.M.; Coquet M.; Tranier P., 1985: Simplified treatment of ureteroceles

Shihabi, Z. K.; Bishop, C., 1971: Simplified turbidimetric assay for lipase activity

Whitney, J. B. Iii, 1978: Simplified typing of mouse hemo globin hbb phenotypes using cystamine

Vadgama P.; Sheldon W.; Guy J.M.; Covington A.K.; Laker M.F., 1984: Simplified urinary oxalate determination using an enzyme electrode

Morrison, J. K.; Teta, D. C., 1978: Simplified use of the semantic differential to measure psycho therapy outcome

Shakibi, J. G.; Aryanpur, I.; Paydar, M.; Yazdanyar, A.; Siassi, B., 1976: Simplified vector cardiographic method for assessment of pulmonary arterial pressure in children with chronic rheumatic mitral valve disease

Dow C.S.; France A.D., 1980: Simplified vegetative cell cycle of rhodomicrobium vannielli

Mcdowell W.H.; Cole J.J.; Driscoll C.T., 1987: Simplified version of the ampule persulfate method for determination of dissolved organic carbon

Vermette S.J.; Drake J.J., 1987: Simplified wet only and sequential fraction rain collector

Makarova R.A.; Levkovich N.M.; Suvorkina D.V.; Chaikovskaya S.M., 1980: Simplifying a procedure for the separate assay of antibiotic activity in drug combinations oletetrin and increasing its sensitivity when using media with varying ph

Ebbs S.R.; Saunders J.A.; Roberts J.V.; Baum M.; Bates T.; Morris J.E., 1988: Simplifying infusion chemotherapy preliminary communication

Das, K. C.; Manusselis, C.; Herbert, V., 1980: Simplifying lymphocyte culture and the deoxy uridine suppression test by using whole blood 0.1 milliliter instead of separated lymphocytes

Hillman B.; Abrams H.L.; Hessel S.J.; Herbert S.; Benazzi R.B.; Gerson D.E., 1979: Simplifying radiological examinations the urogram as a model

Davis T.M.; Mclean J.E., 1988: Simplifying ranking tasks in survey research a method and example

Wajda A.; Roos L.L., 1987: Simplifying record linkage software and strategy

Richman R.A.; Post E.M.; Notman D.D.; Hochberg Z.; Moses A.M., 1981: Simplifying the diagnosis of diabetes insipidus in children

Posner N.A.; Silverstone F.A.; Breuer J.; Heller M., 1982: Simplifying the intra venous glucose tolerance test

Dunstan E.J., 1985: Simplifying the management of urinary incontinence in elderly men

Fourcade, E., 1978: Simplorbitolina chauvei new species of orbitolinidae of the spanish albo aptian

Crawfrod D.; Gerneke D.A., 1983: Simsem a simulated scanning electron microscope

Nevarez Chavez J.D.; Bueno De Arjona G.; Mendoza Briseno M.A., 1986: Simsil a model to simulate the effect of given forest management policies on the growth dynamics of even aged strands of pinus douglasiana mtez

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Bewley R.J.F.; Stotzky G., 1983: Simulated acid rain sulfuric acid and microbial activity in soil

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Cunningham J.; Griffin G.; Avioli L.V., 1987: Simulated acidosis does not impair 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 production by cultured kidney cells

Rahman H.; Siddiqui H.H.; Kumar R., 1980: Simulated altitude and plasma renin activity in rats

Duo W.; Tan Z., 1987: Simulated analysis for 110 years of seasonal weather impacts on yangtze delta rice harvest yields

Niklas K.J., 1982: Simulated and empiric wind pollinated patterns of conifer ovulate cones

Hancock P.A., 1980: Simulated and experimental temperature responses in man during exercise in varying environments

Bremer H., 1981: Simulated bacterial growth

Hartsgrove G.; Kraszewski A.; Surowiec A., 1987: Simulated biological materials for electromagnetic radiation absorption studies

Ferrigno M.; Hickey D.D.; Liner M.H.; Lundgren C.E.G., 1987: Simulated breath hold diving to 20 meters cardiac performance in humans

Fabiato A., 1985: Simulated calcium current can both cause calcium loading in and trigger calcium release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum of a skinned canine cardiac purkinje cell

Miko T.; Adler P.; Endes P., 1980: Simulated cancer of the lower lip attributed to a caliber persistent artery

Sullivan M.J.J.; Guyatt G.H., 1986: Simulated cardiac arrests for monitoring quality of in hospital resuscitation

Lewis C.E., 1980: Simulated cattle injury to planted slash pine pinus elliottii combinations of defoliation browsing and trampling

Lewis C.E., 1980: Simulated cattle injury to planted slash pine pinus elliottii defoliation

Lewis C.E., 1980: Simulated cattle injury to planted slash pine pinus elliottii girdling

Data P.G.; Marroni A., 1986: Simulated chronic hyperbaric hypoxia rationale and technical aspect

Wilson C.A.; Mitchell J.F.B., 1987: Simulated climate and carbon dioxide induced climate change over western europe

Congleton, W. R. Jr ; Goodwill, R. E., 1980: Simulated comparisons of breeding plans for beef production 1. a dynamic model to evaluate the effect of mating plan on herd age structure and productivity

Congleton, W. R.; Goodwill, R. E., 1980: Simulated comparisons of breeding plans for beef production 2. hereford angus and charolais sires bred to hereford angus and hereford angus dams to produce feeder calves

Congleton, W. R. Jr ; Goodwill, R. E., 1980: Simulated comparisons of breeding plans for beef production 3. systems for producing feeder calves involving intensive culling and additional breeds of sire

Letey J.; Dinar A., 1986: Simulated crop water production functions for several crops when irrigated with saline waters

Paro, L. A. Jr ; Nakano, O., 1976: Simulated damage for chlosyne lacinia saundersii lepidoptera nymphalidae on sunflower

Martins J.F.D.S.; Ferreira E.; Pinheiro B.D.S., 1982: Simulated damage to upland rice by leaf caterpillar

Antunes L.A.F.; Cereda M.P.; Camargo R.D., 1986: Simulated decomposition of rice straw and isolation of cellulolytic microorganisms

Murphy B.D.; Johnson W.C.; Schlatter E.C., 1980: Simulated deposition rates for sulfur di oxide on a southeastern usa landscape

Biederbeck, V. O.; Campbell, C. A.; Nicholaichuk, W., 1977: Simulated dew formation and microbial growth in soil of a semi arid region of western canada

Ballinger B.R., 1979: Simulated discharge system of prescription and long term drug treatment in a psychiatric hospital

Romanowski R.R., 1980: Simulated drift studies with herbicides on field grown tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Boyce E.G.; Pugh C.B., 1988: Simulated effect of gentamicin assay errors on calculated pharmacokinetic values

Abassa K.P.; Conrad J.H.; Smerage G.H., 1987: Simulated effects of changing strategies on production performance of gobra zebu cattle

Gruver B.J.; Guynn D.C.Jr; Jacobson H.A., 1984: Simulated effects of harvest strategy on reproduction in white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus

Austin L.S.; Millward G.E., 1988: Simulated effects of tropospheric emissions on the global antimony cycle

Notter, D. R.; Sanders, J. O.; Dickerson, G. E.; Smith, G. M.; Cartwright, T. C. , 1979: Simulated efficiency of beef production for a midwestern cow calf feedlot management system 1. milk production

Notter, D. R.; Sanders, J. O.; Dickerson, G. E.; Smith, G. M.; Cartwright, T. C., 1979: Simulated efficiency of beef production for a midwestern usa cow calf feedlot management system 3. cross breeding systems

Bourdon, R. M.; Brinks, J. S., 1987: Simulated efficiency of range beef production i. growth and milk production

Bourdon, R. M.; Brinks, J. S., 1987: Simulated efficiency of range beef production ii. fertility traits

Bourdon, R. M.; Brinks, J. S., 1987: Simulated efficiency of range beef production iii. culling strategies and nontraditional management systems

Koral K.F.; Nolder C.; Ciliax G.; Rogers W.L.; Keyes J.W.Jr, 1984: Simulated emission computerized tomography of the left ventricle using rotating slant hole collimator and 2 camera positions

Van Essen F.W.; Hembree S.C., 1982: Simulated field studies with 4 formulations of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis against mosquitoes residual activity and effect of soil constituents

Janowsky, D. S.; Meacham, M. P.; Blaine, J. D.; Schoor, M.; Bozzetti, L. P., 1976: Simulated flying performance after marihuana intoxication

West D.C.; Mclaughlin S.B.; Shugart H.H., 1980: Simulated forest response to chronic air pollution stress

Blackburn H.D.; Cartwright T.C., 1987: Simulated genotype environment and interaction effects on performance characters of sheep

Schneiter A.; Jones J.M.; Hammond J.J., 1987: Simulated hail research in sunflower defoliation

Van Gemert M.J.C.; Bruyninckx C.M.A., 1987: Simulated hemodynamic comparison of arteriovenous fistulas

Turpin B.P.; Duckworth W.C.; Solomon S.S., 1979: Simulated hyper glycemic hyper osmolar syndrome impaired insulin and epinephrine effects upon lipolysis in the isolated rat fat cell

Oputa, C. O.; Mazelis, M., 1977: Simulated hypo gravity and proline incorporation into salt extractable macro molecules from cell walls

Bowling, C. C., 1978: Simulated insect damage to rice effects of leaf removal

Alverson D.R.; All J.N.; Kuhn C.W., 1980: Simulated intra field dispersal of maize chlorotic dwarf virus by graminella nigrifrons with a rubidium marker

Mahar R.K.; Kirby R.L.; Macleod D.A., 1985: Simulated leg length discrepancy its effect on mean center of pressure position and postural sway

Porterfield J.A.; Mostardi R.A.; King S.; Ariki P.; Moats E.; Noe D., 1987: Simulated lift testing using computerized isokinetics

Frislid K.; Berstad A.; Guldvog I., 1985: Simulated meal test a new method for estimation of parietal and non parietal secretion in response to food

Coatrieux J L., 1982: Simulated motor unit action potential shape

Baker J.C.; Scrivner C.L., 1985: Simulated movement of silicon in a typic hapludalf

Jones, B. E. V., 1975: Simulated near in fallout in goats and its effects

Bergstrom L.; Johnson H., 1988: Simulated nitrogen dynamics and nitrate leaching in a perennial grass ley

Lehr W.J.; Belen M.S.; Cekirge H.M., 1981: Simulated oil spills at 2 offshore fields in the arabian gulf

Lai F.K.Y.; Hersey J.A., 1987: Simulated ordered powder mixture

Maurice Williams R.S.; Marsh H., 1985: Simulated paraplegia an occasional problem for the neurosurgeon

Rethans J.J.E.; Van Boven C.P.A., 1987: Simulated patients in general practice a different look at the consultation

Glew, W. B., 1977: Simulated pituitary apoplexy report of an unusual case due to hemorrhage into hypothalamic astro cytoma

Euler D.; Morris M.M.J., 1984: Simulated population dynamics of white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus in an any deer hunting system

Sharp G.H.; Joyner R.W., 1980: Simulated propagation of cardiac action potentials

Mcnair D.M.; Frankenthaler L.M.; Czerlinsky T.; White T.W.; Sasson S.; Fisher S., 1982: Simulated public speaking as a model of clinical anxiety

Niklason, L. T.; Hickey, N. M.; Chakraborty, D. P.; Sabbagh, E. A.; Yester, M. V.; Fraser, R. G.; Barnes, G. T., 1986: Simulated pulmonary nodules detection with dual energy digital vs. conventional radiography

Sciarra, J. J.; Cutie, A., 1978: Simulated respiratory system for in vitro evaluation of 2 inhalation delivery systems using selected steroids

Petkau A.; Szekely J.G.; Perry K.A., 1984: Simulated responses to intermittent lognormally distributed doses at variable dose rates

Szekely J.G.; Perry K.A.; Petkau A., 1983: Simulated responses to log normally distributed continuous low radiation doses

Funes, F.; Aja, A.; Ramos, N., 1979: Simulated rotational grazing for pasture evaluation 1. comparison of 8 grass species with 3 nitrogen application systems under grazing conditions

Das Gupta A., 1985: Simulated salt water movement in the nakhon luang aquifer bangkok thailand

Shar, A. O.; Mulligan, H. F., 1977: Simulated seasonal marine mining impacts on plankton

Chaban R.; Cole P.; Naito K., 1988: Simulated septal deviations

Smiley R.W.; Taylor P.A.; Clarke R.G.; Greenhalgh F.C.; Trutmann P., 1986: Simulated soil and plant management effects on root rots of subterranean clover

Jansson P E., 1987: Simulated soil temperature and moisture at a clearcutting in central sweden

Mansell R.S.; Mckenna P.J.; Hall M.E., 1985: Simulated solute movement in wastewater ponded soil

Sinclair T.R., 1986: Simulated soybean glycine max production during the recovery phase of a nuclear winter

Zetterstrom H.; Jonsson L.O.; Kronander H., 1985: Simulated spontaneous breathing a new model for testing anesthetic circuits

Kappel F.; Procor J.T.A., 1986: Simulated spotted tentiform leafminer phyllonorycter blancardella injury and its influence on growth and fruiting of apple trees malus domestica

Blatt E.; Mau A.W H.; Sasse W.H.F.; Sawyer W.H., 1988: Simulated stern volmer plots for 1 1 ground state complexation

Forbes P.D.; Davies R.E.; Urbach F.; Berger D.; Cole C., 1982: Simulated stratospheric ozone depletion and increased uv radiation effects on photo carcinogenesis in hairless mice

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