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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6421

Chapter 6421 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Williams G.M.; Maeura Y.; Weisburger J.H., 1983: Simultaneous inhibition of liver carcinogenicity and enhancement of bladder carcinogenicity of n 2 fluorenyl acetamide by butylated hydroxy toluene

Hashim, O. H.; Cushley, W., 1988: Simultaneous inhibition of multiple steps in the processing of n linked oligosaccharides does not impair immunoglobulin secretion from rat hybridoma cells

Kavon D.L.; Zeevaart J.A.D., 1979: Simultaneous inhibition of translocation of photosynthate and of the floral stimulus by localized low temperature treatment in the short day plant pharbitis nil

Nakamura T.; Ui M., 1985: Simultaneous inhibitions of inositol phospholipid breakdown arachidonic acid release and histamine secretion in mast cells by islet activating protein pertussis toxin a possible involvement of the toxin specific substrate in the calcium mobilizing receptor mediated biosignaling system

Chiu, C. S.; Tomich, P. K.; Greenberg, G. R., 1976: Simultaneous initiation of synthesis of bacterio phage t 4 dna and of deoxy ribo nucleotides

Bragman K.S.; Heath T.D.; Papahadjopoulos D., 1983: Simultaneous interaction of mono clonal antibody targeted liposomes with 2 receptors on k 562 cells

Reiffel, J. A.; Antman, E. M.; Casella, A. J.; Drusin, R., 1977: Simultaneous intermittent intra atrial and intra ventricular conduction defects mimicking tri fascicular conduction delay

Choukroun J.; Friedman S.; Chene P., 1981: Simultaneous intra uterine and extrauterine pregnancies

Soeparto P.; Saharso D.; Ontoseno T.; Soediro D.P.; Latief A., 1979: Simultaneous intra venous fluid drip and intra gastric fluid drip in the treatment of dehydration in infantile gastro enteritis a modified rose system

Andersen E.S.; Glavind K., 1987: Simultaneous intrauterine and extrauterine pregnancies

Payne V.G., 1982: Simultaneous investigation of effects of distance of projection and object size on object reception by children in grade 1

De-Decker, W.; Scheffel, T., 1978: Simultaneous investigation of fixation disparity stereo threshold and horopter balance

Anniko M.; Wroblewski R., 1988: Simultaneous investigations of elemental changes in individual cells of the stria vascularis and in endolymph

Siekmann U.; Heilmann L.; Klosa W.; Quaas L.; Schillinger H., 1986: Simultaneous investigations of maternal cardiac output and fetal blood flow during hypervolemic hemodilution in preeclampsia preliminary observations

Glass, W.; Friedrich, A., 1986: Simultaneous investigations on granulocytophagocytosis by means of rice starch and on granulocytomigration a study in pre operative definition of the defense situation of the organism

Osterloh J.; Yu S., 1988: Simultaneous ion pair and partition liquid chromatography of acetaminophen theophylline and salicylate with application to 500 toxicologic specimens

Regnaud L.; Sirois G.; Colin P.; Chakrabarti S., 1987: Simultaneous ion pairing liquid chromatographic determination of the major metabolites of styrene and carbamazepine and of unchanged carbamazepine in urine

Brouhard, B. H.; Travis, L. B.; Cunningham, R. J. Iii ; Berger, M.; Carvajal, H. F., 1977: Simultaneous iothalamate creatinine and urea clearances in children with renal disease

Redman, J. F.; O'donnell, P. D., 1977: Simultaneous ipsilateral torsion of the appendices testis and epididymis

Barquet A.; Fernandez A.; Leon H., 1985: Simultaneous ipsilateral trochanteric and femoral shaft fracture

Balakhovskii I.S.; Lebedev Yu B., 1982: Simultaneous ir spectroscopic determination of blood plasma cholesterol and tri glycerides

Dorrill, M. J.; Sutton, J. G., 1983: Simultaneous iso electric focusing of erythrocyte acid phosphatase and phospho gluco mutase 1 locus on 0.15 millimeter poly acrylamide gels

Shrawder, E. J.; Martinez-Carrion, M., 1973: Simultaneous isolation and characterization of chicken supernatant and mitochondrial iso enzymes of aspartate trans aminase ec

Haritos A.A.; Caldarella J.; Horecker B.L., 1985: Simultaneous isolation and determination of prothymosin alpha parathymosin alpha thymosin beta 4 and thymosin beta 10

Kurdowska A.; Koj A.; Jaskowska M., 1982: Simultaneous isolation and partial characterization of anti thrombin iii and alpha 1 proteinase inhibitor from horse plasma

Enouf J.; Bredoux R.; Boizard B.; Wautier J L.; Chap H.; Thomas J.; De Metz M.; Levy Toledano S., 1984: Simultaneous isolation of 2 platelet membrane fractions biochemical immunological and functional characterization

Wolter F.P.; Schmitt J.M.; Bohnert H.J.; Tsugita A., 1984: Simultaneous isolation of 3 peripheral proteins a 32 kilodalton protein ferredoxin nadp reductase and coupling factor from spinach spinacia oleracea thylakoids and partial characterization of a 32 kilodalton protein

Durance T.D.; Nakai S., 1988: Simultaneous isolation of avidin and lysozyme from egg albumen

Riding G.A.; Willadsen P., 1981: Simultaneous isolation of bovine eosinophils and neutrophils on gradients of percoll

Colas B.; Maroux S., 1980: Simultaneous isolation of brush border and basolateral membrane from rabbit enterocytes presence of brush border hydrolases in the basolateral membrane of rabbit enterocytes

Utekhin V.I.; Veresh I., 1979: Simultaneous isolation of enterocytes with acidophilic granules and entero chromaffinocytes of the human intestinal mucosa with the aid of a tri colored gomori mixture

Meese E.; Blin N., 1987: Simultaneous isolation of high molecular weight rna and dna from limited amounts of tissues and cells

Dalaly, B. K.; Eitenmiller, R. R.; Vakil, J. R.; Shahani, K. M., 1970: Simultaneous isolation of human milk rnase and lysozyme

Simionescu, L.; Dimitrui, V.; Zamfir-Grogorescu, D.; Aman, E.; Terbancea, M., 1982: Simultaneous isolation of human pituitary hormones 1. human growth hormone

Schetters H.; Mcleod B., 1979: Simultaneous isolation of major vital proteins in 1 step

Zarlenga D.S.; Gamble H.R., 1987: Simultaneous isolation of preparative amounts of rna and dna from trichinella spiralis by cesium trifluoroacetate isopycnic centrifugation

Toews, A. D.; Horrocks, L. A.; King, J. S., 1976: Simultaneous isolation of purified microsomal and myelin fractions from rat spinal cord

Die, R.; Valladares, Y.; Alvarez, Y., 1977: Simultaneous isolation of ribosomes and informosomes by cesium chloride gradient centrifugation

Ray K.; Aggarwal P.; Chowdhuri A.N.R., 1983: Simultaneous isolation of salmonella stanley and salmonella oranienburg from an outbreak of food poisoning at maldives island

Nara P.L.; Robey W.G.; Arthur L.O.; Gonda M.A.; Asher D.M.; Yanagihara R.; Gibbs C.J.Jr; Gajdusek D.C.; Fischinger P.J., 1987: Simultaneous isolation of simian foamy virus and htlv iii lav from chimpanzee lymphocytes following htlv iii or lav inoculation

Sirinek, K. R.; Martin, E. W-Jr ; Thomford, N. R., 1976: Simultaneous isoproterenol affords cardiodynamic advantages during vasopressin administration

Singh M., 1984: Simultaneous joint scaling test for several correlation traits

Ridder, G. M.; Margerum, D. W., 1977: Simultaneous kinetic analysis of multi component mixtures

Kent, S. S.; Young, J. D., 1980: Simultaneous kinetic analysis of ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec activities

Hekman P.; Van Ginneken C.A.M., 1983: Simultaneous kinetic modeling of plasma levels and urinary excretion of salicyl uric acid and the influence of probenecid

Stephens H.; Bendayan M.; Gisiger V., 1985: Simultaneous labeling of basal lamina components and acetylcholinesterase at the neuromuscular junction

Toth P.; Szabo T., 1986: Simultaneous labeling of two different central nervous system pathways with horseradish peroxidase and cobalt in gnathonemus petersii and rana esculenta

Petsche, H.; Prohaska, O.; Rappelsberger, P.; Vollmer, R.; Pockberger, H., 1977: Simultaneous laminar intra cortical recordings in seizures

Raizada, V.; Benchimol, A.; Desser, K. B.; Graves, C.; Sheasby, C., 1978: Simultaneous left atrial echo cardiography and aortic blood velocity during right ventricular pacing in man

Weissman D.E.; Grossman S.A., 1986: Simultaneous leptomeningeal and intramedullary spinal metastases in small cell lung carcinoma

Dermietzel R.; Yancey B.; Janssen Timmen U.; Traub O.; Willecke K.; Revel J P., 1987: Simultaneous light and electron microscopic observation of immunolabeled liver 27 kd gap junction protein on ultra thin cryosections

Soldin S.J.; Hill J.G., 1980: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic analysis for 4 hydroxy 3 methoxy mandelic acid and 4 hydroxy 3 methoxyphenyl acetic acid in urine

Mackichan J.J., 1980: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic analysis for carbamazepine and carbamazepine 10 11 epoxide in plasma and saliva by use of double internal standardization

Kabra P.M.; Mar N.A.; Marton L.J., 1981: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic analysis of amitriptyline nortriptyline imipramine desipramine doxepin and nordoxepin

Kabra, P. M.; Koo, H. Y.; Marton, L. J., 1978: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of 12 common sedatives and hypnotics in serum

Eisenhofer G.; Goldstein D.S.; Stull R.; Keiser H.R.; Sunderland T.; Murphy D.L.; Kopin I.J., 1986: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of 3 4 dihydroxyphenylglycol catecholamines and dopa in plasma and their responses to inhibition of monoamine oxidase

Flood J.G.; Bowers G.N.; Mccomb R.B., 1980: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of 3 anti arrhythmic drugs disopyramide lidocaine and quinidine

Yang S.; Evenson M.A., 1983: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of anti depressant drugs in human plasma

Sawchuk R.J.; Cartier L.L., 1982: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of carbamazepine and its epoxide metabolite in plasma

Kushida K.; Chiba K.; Ishizaki T., 1983: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of chloramphenicol and anti epileptic drugs pheno barbital phenytoin carbamazepine and primidone in plasma

Proelss H.F.; Townsend T.B., 1986: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of five antiarrhythmic drugs and their major active metabolites in serum

Wilson T.D.; Forde M.D.; Crain A.V.R., 1985: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of glutaric acid phenylephrine and benzyl alcohol in a prototype nasal spray with application of dicarboxylic acids and tricarboxylic acids

Niklasson F., 1983: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of hypo xanthine xanthine urate and creatinine in cerebro spinal fluid with direct injection

Cheng M.H.; Huang W.Y.; Lipsey A.I., 1988: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of prednisone and prednisolone in plasma

Nose N.; Hoshino Y.; Kikuchi Y.; Horie M.; Saitoh K.; Kawachi T.; Nakazawa H., 1987: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of residual synthetic antibacterials in cultured fish

Nguyen, T. T.; Sporns, P.; Hadziyev, D., 1986: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of ribonucleoside 5' monophosphates and their isomers in potato tubers

Bushway R.J.; Johnson H.; Scott D.W., 1985: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of rotenone and pyrethrins in formulations

Wester, P.; Gottfries, J.; Johansson, K.; Klinteback, F.; Winblad, B., 1987: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of seventeen of the major monoamine neurotransmitters precursors and metabolites i. optimization of the mobile phase using factorial designs and a computer program to predict chromatograms

Wester, P.; Gottfries, J.; Winblad, B., 1987: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of seventeen of the major monoamine neurotransmitters precursors and metabolites ii. assessment of human brain and cerebrospinal fluid concentrations

Kitada Y.; Sasaki M.; Tanigawa K., 1982: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of thiabendazole o phenyl phenol and di phenyl residues in citrus fruits without prior cleanup

Akhtar S.; Bailey L.C., 1985: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of warfarin and sulfaquinoxaline in cornmeal based rodenticide

Gotelli G.R.; Wall J.H.; Kabra P.M.; Marton L.J., 1980: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of zinc proto porphyrin ix proto porphyrin ix and copro porphyrin in whole blood

Cham B.E.; Johns D.; Bochner F.; Imhoff D.M.; Rowland M., 1979: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic quantitation of salicylic acid salicyluric acid and gentisic acid in plasma

Cham B.E.; Bochner F.; Imhoff D.M.; Johns D.; Rowland M., 1980: Simultaneous liquid chromatographic quantitation of salicylic acid salicyluric acid and gentisic acid in urine

Wung W.E.; Howell S.B., 1980: Simultaneous liquid chromatography of 5 fluoro uracil uridine hypo xanthine xanthine uric acid allopurinol and oxipurinol in plasma

Liposits Z.; Gorcs T.; Torok A.; Domany S.; Setalo G., 1983: Simultaneous localization of 2 tissue antigens based on the silver intensified peroxidase antiperoxidase diaminobenzidine and the traditional peroxidase antiperoxidase diaminobenzidine method

Horisberger, M.; Vonlanthen, M., 1978: Simultaneous localization of an hepatic binding protein specific for galactose and of galactose containing receptors on rat hepatocytes

Hoefler H.; Putz B.; Ruhri C.; Wirnsberger G.; Klimpfinger M.; Smolle J., 1987: Simultaneous localization of calcitonin messenger rna and peptide in a medullary thyroid carcinoma

Ajika K., 1979: Simultaneous localization of luliberin and catecholamines in rat hypothalamus

Fujiwara, K.; Pollard, T. D., 1978: Simultaneous localization of myosin and tubulin in human tissue culture cells by double antibody staining

Shepard, N.; Mitchell, N., 1976: Simultaneous localization of proteo glycan by light and electron microscopy using toluidine blue o a study of epiphyseal cartilage

Sar M.; Stumpf W.E., 1979: Simultaneous localization of steroid and peptide hormones in rat pituitary by combined thaw mount auto radiography and immuno histochemistry localization of di hydro testosterone in gonadotropes thyrotropes and pituicytes

Sar M.; Stumpf W.E., 1980: Simultaneous localization of tritium labeled estradiol and neurophysin i or arginine vasopressin in hypothalamic neurons demonstrated by a combined technique of dry mount auto radiography and immuno histochemistry

Vertel B.M.; Dorfman A., 1979: Simultaneous localization of type ii collagen and core protein of chondroitin sulfate proteo glycan in individual chondrocytes

Small R.C.; Weston A.H., 1980: Simultaneous long term recording of the mechanical and intra cellular electrical activity of smooth muscles

Lynch C.J.; Deth R.C.; Steer M.L., 1983: Simultaneous loss and reappearance of alpha adrenergic responses and tritium labeled prazosin binding sites in rat liver after irreversible blockade by phenoxybenzamine

Tylenda C.A.; Enriquez E.; Kolenbrander P.E.; Delisle A.L., 1985: Simultaneous loss of bacteriophage receptor and coaggregation mediator activities in actinomyces viscosus mg 1

Redshaw P.A.; Mccann P.A.; Pentella M.A.; Pogell B.M., 1979: Simultaneous loss of multiple differentiated functions in aerial mycelium negative isolates of streptomycetes

Gomez G.A.; Panahon A.M.; Stutzman L.; Han T.; Ozer H.; Henderson E.S., 1984: Simultaneous low dose radiation and low dose chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced hodgkins disease

Bagolini B.; Porciatti V.; Falsini B.; Neroni M.; Moretti G., 1987: Simultaneous macular and paramacular ergs recorded by standard techniques

Le-Grimellec, C.; Roinel, N.; Morel, F., 1974: Simultaneous magnesium calcium phosphorus potassium chlorine analysis in rat tubular fluid part 4 during acute phosphate plasma loading

Le-Grimellec, C.; Roinel, N.; Morel, F., 1973: Simultaneous magnesium calcium phosphorus potassium sodium and chloride analysis in rat tubular fluid part 2 during acute magnesium plasma loading

Le-Grimellec, C.; Roinel, N.; Morel, F., 1973: Simultaneous magnesium calcium phosphorus potassium sodium and chlorine analysis in rat tubular fluid part 1 during perfusion of either inulin or ferro cyanide

Le-Grimellec, C.; Roinel, N.; Morel, F., 1974: Simultaneous magnesium calcium phosphorus potassium sodium and chlorine analysis in rat tubular fluid part 3 during acute calcium plasma loading

Wolfman N.T.; Moran R.; Moran P.R.; Karstaedt N., 1985: Simultaneous magnetic resonance imaging of both breasts using dedicated receiver coil

Griffith, R. B.; Hancock, R., 1985: Simultaneous mainstream sidestream smoke exposure systems 1. equipment and procedures

Griffith, R. B.; Standafer, S., 1985: Simultaneous mainstream sidestream smoke exposure systems 2. the rat exposure system

Genadry R.; Parmley T.; Woodruff J.D., 1979: Simultaneous malignant squamous metaplasia of the cervix and ovary

Pradal, G.; Lefranc, G., 1978: Simultaneous manifestation of many categories of endocrine cells in the fundic mucosa of the rabbit

Wright R.A.; Thompson D.; Syed I., 1981: Simultaneous markers for fluid and solid gastric emptying new variations on an old theme concise communication

Bacon S.P.; Viemeister N.F., 1985: Simultaneous masking by gated and continuous sinusoidal maskers

Nagano T., 1986: Simultaneous masking effect peculiar to peripheral vision

Ferretti A.; Flanagan V.P., 1979: Simultaneous mass spectrometric measurement of prostaglandins e 1 and prostaglandin e 2 with a deuterated internal standard

Narahara K.A.; Mena I.; Maublant J.C.; Brizendine M.; Criley J.M., 1984: Simultaneous maximal exercise radio nuclide angiography and thallium stress perfusion imaging

Tartarotti D.; Adami S.; Galvanini G.; Dorizzi R.; Piemonte G.; Lo Cascio V., 1984: Simultaneous measurement of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 24 25 dihydroxyvitamin d and 25 hydroxyvitamin d from a single 2 milliliter serum specimen preliminary clinical application

Clapshaw, P. A.; Mueller, H. W.; Wiethoelter, H.; Seifert, W., 1984: Simultaneous measurement of 2' 3' cyclic nucleotide 3' phospho di esterase ec and rnase activities in sera and spinal fluids of multiple sclerosis patients

Faber, J.; Kirkegaard, C.; Lumholtz, I. B.; Siersbaek-Nielsen, K.; Friis, T., 1982: Simultaneous measurement of 3 5 di iodo thyronine and 3 5 3' tri iodo thyronine turnover kinetics in eu thyroid hyper thyroid and hypo thyroid subjects

Markosyan R.A.; Pozin E.Ya; Popov E.G.; Gabbasov Z.A.; Radin A.Yu, 1982: Simultaneous measurement of 4 functional parameters of platelets

Darney K.J.Jr; Wing T Y.; Ewing L.L., 1983: Simultaneous measurement of 4 testicular delta 4 3 keto steroids by isocratic high performance liquid chromatography with on line uv absorbance detection

Shum A.; Sole M.J.; Van Loon G.R., 1982: Simultaneous measurement of 5 hydroxy tryptophan and l dopa by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection measurement of serotonin and catecholamine turnover in discrete brain regions

Khandelwal J.K.; Szilagyi P.I.A.; Barker L.A.; Green J.P., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of acetyl choline and choline in brain by pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Wang, R. T.; Myers, J., 1976: Simultaneous measurement of action spectra for photo reaction i and photo reaction ii of photosynthesis

Clifford D.P.; Rasp F.L.; Repine J.E., 1984: Simultaneous measurement of adherence and chemi luminescence by polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Akkerman J.W.N.; Holmsen H.; Loughnane M., 1979: Simultaneous measurement of aggregation secretion oxygen uptake proton production and intra cellular metabolites in the same platelet suspension

Marcus Wyner L.; Rains D.W., 1982: Simultaneous measurement of ammonium absorption and nitrogen fixation by glycine max cultivar amsoy 71 response to temperature ph and external nitrogen concentration

Rees W.D.W.; Go V.L.W.; Malagelada J R., 1979: Simultaneous measurement of antro duodenal motility gastric emptying and duodeno gastric reflux in man

Soutar, A. K.; Myant, N. B.; Thompson, G. R., 1977: Simultaneous measurement of apo lipo protein b turnover in very low density lipo proteins and low density lipo proteins in familial hyper cholesterolemia

Landgraf R., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of arginine vasopressin and oxytocin in plasma and neuro hypophyses by radio immunoassay

Websterk D.R.; Boston G.D.; Paton D.M., 1985: Simultaneous measurement of atp and its degradation products by reverse phase ion pair chromatography

Arai H.; Nakao K.; Saito Y.; Morii N.; Sugawara A.; Yamada T.; Itoh H.; Shiono S.; Mukoyama M.; Et Al, 1987: Simultaneous measurement of atrial natriuretic polypeptide anp messenger rna and anp in rat heart evidence for a preferentially increased synthesis and secretion of anp in left atrium of spontaneously hypertensive rats shr

Murthy, S. N. S.; Dinoso, V. P. Jr ; Clearfield, H. R.; Chey, W. Y., 1977: Simultaneous measurement of basal pancreatic gastric acid secretion plasma gastrin and secretin during smoking

Bertagna X.; Pique L.; Ochoa C.; Luton J.P.; Bricaire H.; Serin D.; Girard F.; Plouin P.F.; Corvol P.; Cesselin F.; Hamon M., 1982: Simultaneous measurement of beta endorphin lipotropins and methionine enkephalin in pheo chromo cytomas

Mies G.; Niebuhr I.; Hossmann K A., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of blood flow and glucose metabolism by auto radiographic techniques

Hefley T.J.; Krieger N.S.; Stern P.H., 1986: Simultaneous measurement of bone resorption and collagen synthesis in neonatal mouse calvaria

Coyle D.E.; Denson D.D., 1986: Simultaneous measurement of bupivacaine etidocaine lidocaine meperidine mepivacaine and methadone

Ozrina R.D.; Petrovich Yu A.; Senchenkov E.P.; Shvyrkov M.B., 1982: Simultaneous measurement of calcium 45 labeled and phosphorus 32 labeled radioactivity in tissues using liquid scintillator and gas discharge counter with filter

Peeters G.A.; Hlady V.; Bridge J.H.B.; Barry W.H., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of calcium transients and motion in cultured heart cells

Sanchez Raya A.J.; Gomez M.; Leal A., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of carbon di oxide and oxygen evolution in plant respirometry

Mcdevitt, D. G.; Nies, A. S., 1976: Simultaneous measurement of cardiac output and its distribution with microspheres in the rat

Uchida K.; Shibuya I.; Mochizuki M., 1986: Simultaneous measurement of cardiac output and pulmonary diffusing capacity for carbon dioxide by a rebreathing method

Sumiya H.; Matsuda H.; Seki H.; Ishida H.; Hisada K.; Mori H.; Shiba K.; Ikeda K.; Kojima K., 1986: Simultaneous measurement of cerebral blood flow and metabolism in rats by autoradiographic technique

Sage J.I.; Van Uitert R.L.; Duffy T.E., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of cerebral blood flow and uni directional movement of substances across the blood brain barrier theory method and application to leucine

Smith R.A.; Santi D.V., 1979: Simultaneous measurement of charging levels of multiple aminoacyl transfer rna

Strasser R.J.; Schwarz B.; Bucher J.B., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics at two different wavelengths as a rapid and an early detection method of air pollution damage on trees ozone effects of beech and poplar

Micevych P.E.; Go V.L.W.; Yaksh T.L., 1984: Simultaneous measurement of cholecystokinin like and vasoactive intestinal poly peptide like immuno reactivity from cat frontal cortex in vitro effect of morphine and 2 d alanine 5 d leucine enkephalin

Angeli, A.; Frajria, R.; Richiardi, L.; Agrimonti, F.; Gaidano, G., 1977: Simultaneous measurement of circulating cortisol cortico steroid binding globulin binding capacity and apparent free cortisol concentration in human peripheral plasma using gel exchange with sephadex g 25

Busatto P.A.; Jurkiewicz A., 1985: Simultaneous measurement of contractile effects in the circular and longitudinal smooth muscle of the rat vas deferens by drugs perfused externally or via the lumen

Hasegawa N., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of cystometry and electro myography of external urethral sphincter

Evenson, M. A.; Jones, P.; Darcey, B., 1970: Simultaneous measurement of di phenyl hydantoin and primidone in serum by gas liquid chromatography

Flint A.; Mccoy J.P.Jr; Esch T.R.; Beckwith A.L.; Morley G.W., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of dna content and detection of surface antigens of cervicovaginal cells by flow cytometry

Lyness W.H., 1982: Simultaneous measurement of dopamine and its metabolites 5 hydroxy tryptamine 5 hydroxy iaa and tryptophan in brain tissue using liquid chromatography and electrochemical detection

Zetterstrom T.; Herrera Marschitz M.; Ungerstedt U., 1986: Simultaneous measurement of dopamine release and rotational behavior in 6 hydroxydopamine denervated rats using intracerebral dialysis

Maguire K.P.; Norman T.R.; Burrows G.D.; Scoggins B.A., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of dothiepin and its major metabolites in plasma and whole blood by gas chromatography mass fragmentography

Wei J Q.; Zhou X T.; Wei J L., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of eight corticosteroids by liquid chromatography and application of the procedure to diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Qiao Z G.; Morkrid L.; Grimnes S., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of electrical admittance blood flow and temperature at the same skin site with a specially designed probe

Nelson K.; Heintz S.; Ulrich S.; Kirsten R., 1986: Simultaneous measurement of epinephrine induced platelet aggregation in 14 plasma samples

Thibodeau S.N.; Freeman L.; Jiang N S., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of estrogen and progesterone receptors in tumor cytosols with use of iodine 125 labeled estradiol and of tritium labeled r 5020

Pazout J.; Vancura V., 1981: Simultaneous measurement of ethylene and carbon di oxide production and of oxygen consumption in soil and pure microbial cultures

Antoine C.; Young B.K.; Silverman F., 1984: Simultaneous measurement of fetal tissue ph and trans cutaneous oxygen partial pressure during labor

Sutherland J.C.; Cimino G.D.; Desmond E.J., 1979: Simultaneous measurement of fluorescence and phosphorescence using synchronously gated photon counters

Ratz P.H.; Gleason M.M.; Flaim S.F., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of force and calcium uptake during acetylcholine induced endothelium dependent relaxation of rabbit thoracic aorta

Penttila I.; Huhtikangas A.; Herranen J.; Eskelinen S.; Moilanen O., 1984: Simultaneous measurement of free and esterified fatty acids by gas chromatography from normal and type iv hyper lipo proteinemic sera

Butler, J. D.; Middleton, D. R.; Colwill, D. M., 1976: Simultaneous measurement of gas pollutant concentrations at 2 locations

Read N.W.; Al Janabi M.N.; Holgate A.M.; Barber D.C.; Edwards C.A., 1986: Simultaneous measurement of gastric emptying small bowel residence and colonic filling of a solid meal by the use of the gamma camera

Sharma R.K., 1985: Simultaneous measurement of gastric small intestine motility and absorption of proline in rats exposed to heat

Urbanski H.F.; Pickle R.L.; Ramirez V.D., 1988: Simultaneous measurement of gonadotropin releasing hormone luteinizing hormone and fsh in the orchiectomized rat

Jung F.; Seegert A.; Roggenkamp H.G.; Mrowietz C.; Nuettgens H.P.; Kiesewetter H.; Zeller H.; Mueller G., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of hematocrit erythrocyte aggregation and disaggregation method quality control and reference range

Doi R.; Inoue K.; Kogire M.; Sumi S.; Takaori K.; Suzuki T.; Tobe T., 1988: Simultaneous measurement of hepatic arterial and portal venous flows by transit time ultrasonic volume flowmetry

Smith P.F.; Neill J.D., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of hormone release and secretagogue binding by individual pituitary cells

Furuhashi N.; Fukaya T.; Kono H.; Shinkawa O.; Takahashi T.; Suzuki M., 1983: Simultaneous measurement of human prolactin and growth hormone levels in maternal and fetal serum and amniotic fluid

Zhao W.; Yu Y.; Xu X.; Xie S., 1988: Simultaneous measurement of igg and albumin in human cerebrospinal fluid and serum by rocket immunoelectrophoresis rie

Crampton J.R.; Gibbons L.C.; Rees W.D.W., 1987: Simultaneous measurement of in vitro gastroduodenal prostaglandin e 2 synthesis and degradation in peptic ulcer disease

Koehler M.; Loesse B., 1979: Simultaneous measurement of indirect doppler ultrasonic technique and direct arterial systolic blood pressure of the human radial artery

Hanai K.; Kawai K.; Itoh Y.; Satake T.; Fujiyoshi F.; Abematsu N., 1985: Simultaneous measurement of intraosseous and cerebrospinal fluid pressures in lumbar region

Williams, G. J-Iii ; Kemp, P. R., 1978: Simultaneous measurement of leaf and root gas exchange of short grass prairie species

Painter P.C., 1980: Simultaneous measurement of lecithin sphingomyelin phosphatidyl glycerol phosphatidyl inositol phosphatidyl ethanolamine and phosphatidyl serine in amniotic fluid

Lahiri A.; Zanelli G.D.; O'hara M.J.; Bowles M.J.; Jones R.I.; Cave A.P.D.; Raftery E.B., 1986: Simultaneous measurement of left ventricular function and myocardial perfusion during a single exercise test dual isotope imaging with gold 195m and thallium 201

Schillo K.K.; Leshin L.S.; Kuehl D.; Jackson G.L., 1985: Simultaneous measurement of lhrh and luteinizing hormone during estradiol induced luteinizing hormone surges in the ovariectomized ewe

Levine J.E.; Pau K Y.F.; Ramirez V.D.; Jackson G.L., 1982: Simultaneous measurement of lhrh and luteinizing hormone release in unanesthetized ovariectomized sheep

Levine J.E.; Duffy M.T., 1988: Simultaneous measurement of lhrh lh and fsh release in intact and short term castrate rats

Furlow T.W.Jr; Martin R.M.; Harrison L.E., 1983: Simultaneous measurement of local glucose utilization and blood flow in the rat brain an auto radiographic method using 2 tracers labeled with carbon 14

Sato, N.; Kamada, T.; Abe, H.; Suematsu, T.; Kawano, S.; Hayashi, N.; Matsumura, T.; Hagihara, B., 1977: Simultaneous measurement of mitochondrial and microsomal cytochrome levels in human liver biopsy

Wych, R. D.; Rains, D. W., 1978: Simultaneous measurement of nitrogen fixation estimated by acetylene ethylene assay and nitrate absorption by soybeans

Walker D.A.; Sivak M.N.; Prinsley R.T.; Cheesbrough J.K., 1983: Simultaneous measurement of oscillations in oxygen evolution and chlorophyll a fluorescence in leaf pieces

Kaplan, A.; Gale, J.; Poljakoff-Mayber, A., 1976: Simultaneous measurement of oxygen carbon di oxide and water vapor exchange in intact plants

Hiyama, T.; Mcswain, B. D.; Ufert, W., 1976: Simultaneous measurement of oxygen concentration and absorbance changes

Delieu T.J.; Walker D.A., 1983: Simultaneous measurement of oxygen evolution and chlorophyll fluorescence from leaf pieces

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