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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6422

Chapter 6422 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yadav N.; Mcdevitt R.E.; Benard S.; Falco S.C., 1986: Single amino acid substitutions in the enzyme acetolactate synthase confer resistance to the herbicide sulfometuron methyl

Erdjument H.; Lane D.A.; Panico M.; Di Marzo V.; Morris H.R., 1988: Single amino acid substitutions in the reactive site of antithrombin leading to thrombosis congenital substitution of arginine 393 to cysteine in antithrombin northwick park and to histidine in antithrombin glasgow

Yu M H.; King J., 1984: Single amino acid substitutions influencing the folding pathway of the phage p 22 tail spike endorhamnosidase

Kolchanov N.A.; Shindyalov I.N., 1988: Single amino acid substitutions producing instability of globular proteins calculation of their frequencies in the entire mutational spectra of the alpha and beta subunits of human hemoglobin

Allison D.S.; Young E.T., 1988: Single amino acid substitutions within the signal sequence of yeast prepro alpha factor affect membrane translocation

Itoh M.; Shibuta H.; Homma M., 1987: Single amino substitution of sendai virus at the cleavage site of the fusion protein confers trypsin resistance

Inglis, A. S.; Mcmahon, D. T. W.; Roxburgh, C. M.; Takayanagi, H., 1976: Single analysis for cysteine cystine and tryptophan in proteins

Schapira, J. N.; Stemple, D. R.; Martin, R. P.; Rakowski, H.; Stinson, E. B.; Popp, R. L., 1978: Single and 2 dimensional echo cardiographic visualization of the effects of septal myectomy in idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis

Mueller J.P., 1984: Single and 2 stage selection on different indices in open nucleus breeding systems

Katiyar R.K.; Arunachalam V., 1981: Single and 3 way crosses for generating composite populations in rapeseed brassica campestris

Mihaly G.W.; Vajda F.J.; Miles J.L.; Louis W.J., 1979: Single and chronic dose pharmaco kinetic studies of sodium valproate in epileptic patients

Rodriguez A.; Vicente M.V.; Olay T., 1987: Single and combination antibiotic therapy for experimental endocarditis caused by methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

Miller, M. H.; Wexler, M. A.; Steigbigel, N. H., 1978: Single and combination antibiotic therapy of staphylococcus aureus experimental endo carditis emergence of gentamicin resistant mutants

Heitefuss, R.; Bodendoerfer, H.; Paeschke, R. R., 1977: Single and combination effects of nitrogen form nitrogen amount chloro choline chloride herbicides and fungicides on weeds plant diseases lodging and yield of wheat

Harr, J.; Klingler, J., 1976: Single and combined effect of pratylenchus penetrans and thielaviopsis basicola on the growth of cherry tree cuttings

Cotton B.R.; Smith G., 1981: Single and combined effects of atropine and metoclopramide on the lower esophageal sphincter pressure

Edelbauer J.; Maier R., 1988: Single and combined effects of low doses of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide on growth of pisum sativum

Raymundo A.D.; Hooker A.L., 1982: Single and combined effects of mono genic and poly genic resistance on certain components of northern corn leaf blight development

Nicholson R.L.; Bergeson G.B.; Degennaro F.P.; Viveiros D.M., 1985: Single and combined effects of the lesion nematode and colletotrichum graminicola on growth and anthracnose leaf blight of corn zea mays

Midtbo K.; Endresen K., 1987: Single and combined influence of verapamil and nitroglycerin on the pressor response to isometric work in patients with angina pectoris

Irle E.; Markowitsch H.J., 1982: Single and combined lesions of the cats thalamic mediodorsal nucleus and the mamillary bodies lead to severe deficits in the acquisition of an alternation task

Sorensen E.V.; Nielsen Kudsk F., 1986: Single and combined myocardial pharmacodynamics of xamoterol isoprenaline and g strophanthin in the isolated rabbit heart

Mulvihill Wilson J.; Gaffney F.A.; Neal W.W.; Graham R.M.; Pettinger W.A.; Blomqvist C.G., 1985: Single and combined therapy for systemic hypertension with propranolol hydralazine and hydrochlorothiazide hemodynamic and neuroendocrine mechanisms of action

Schaedlich F., 1987: Single and combining effects of sowing date nitrogen fertilizing and growth regulators on culm stability and yield formation in winter rye i. effect on plant development growth in height and stability

Schaedlich F., 1987: Single and combining effects of sowing date nitrogen fertilizing and growth regulators on culm stability and yield formation in winter rye ii. effect on yield components and grain yield

Gaffan E.A.; Harrison S.; Gaffan D., 1986: Single and concurrent discrimination learning by monkeys after lesions of inferotemporal cortex

Huffman J.E.; Alcaide A.; Fried B., 1988: Single and concurrent infections of the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus with echinostoma revolutum and echinostoma liei trematoda digenea

Verho M.; Rangoonwala B.; Dols W., 1985: Single and divided daily dose piretanide in the treatment of uncomplicated essential hypertension a double blind comparison with a combination of hydrochlorothiazide and amiloride

Muller F.O.; Hundt H.K.L.; Bromley P.A.; Torres J.; Vanderbeke O., 1979: Single and divided doses of penbutolol

Stein J.D.; Tilden P.E., 1987: Single and double application of fenvalerate and dimethoate for control of douglas fir seed and cone insects

Badra T.; Elgindi D.M., 1979: Single and double combinations of nematicides against rotylenchulus reniformis and tylenchulus semipenetrans infecting cowpea vigna sinensis cultivar azmerely and citrus citrus aurantiifolia

Scheuerlein R.; Eilfeld P.; Ruediger W., 1986: Single and double flash photoconversion of phytochrome in vivo and in vitro

Gillin M.T.; Kline R.W.; Wilson J.F.; Cox J.D., 1984: Single and double plane implants a comparison of the manchester system with the paris system

Siddiqi M.A.; Bothe E., 1987: Single and double strand break formation in dna irradiated in aqueous solution dependence on dose and hydroxy radical scavenger concentration

Slavin S.; Sulitzeanu D., 1979: Single and double stranded dna binding lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and normal controls

Beukema J.J.; Desprez M., 1986: Single and dual annual growing seasons in the tellinid bivalve macoma balthica

Pacifici R.; Susman N.; Carr P.L.; Birge S.J.; Avioli L.V., 1987: Single and dual energy tomographic analysis of spinal trabecular bone a comparative study in normal and osteoporotic women

Lahiri T.; Roy D.; Chowdhury S., 1988: Single and fractionated whole body hyperthermia in murine fibrosarcoma

Manninen O.; Ekblom A., 1984: Single and joint actions of noise and sinusoidal whole body vibration on temporary threshold shift values and low frequency upright posture sway in men

Royse D.J.; Spear M.C.; May B., 1983: Single and joint segregation of marker loci in the shiitake mushroom lentinus edodes

Janke B.H.; Morehouse L.G.; Solorzano R.F., 1988: Single and mixed infections of neonatal pigs with rotaviruses and enteroviruses clinical signs and microscopic lesions

Janke B.H.; Morehouse L.G.; Solorzano R.F., 1988: Single and mixed infections of neonatal pigs with rotaviruses and enteroviruses virological studies

Cupertino F.P.; Costa C.L.; Lin M.T.; Kitajima E.W., 1982: Single and mixed natural infections of snap bean phaseolus vulgaris by southern bean mosaic and bean mosaico em desenho viruses in central brazil

Peres A.; Mostacciuolo G., 1987: Single and multi channel currents recorded with patch electrodes in mouse eggs

Rautelin H.; Kosunen T.U., 1987: Single and multiple acid extract antigens in campylobacter serology

Haverty M.I.; Shea P.J.; Stipe L.E., 1986: Single and multiple applications of fenvalerate to protect western white pine pinus monticola cones from dioryctria abietivorella lepidoptera pyralidae

Pedersen, J. F.; Berning, J.; Haunso, S., 1978: Single and multiple beam echo cardiography in aortic valve endo carditis report of 3 cases

Graves D.A.; Woodworth J.R.; Hinsvark O.; Rotenberg K.S., 1988: Single and multiple dose bioavailability studies of a controlled release pseudoephedrine capsule formulation

Kapetanovic I.M.; Yonekawa W.D.; Kupferberg H.J.; Cos L.; Rollins D.E.; Tolman K.G., 1986: Single and multiple dose kinetics of a new antiepileptic drug org 6370 and its desmethyl metabolite org 6363

Ochs H.R.; Greenblatt D.J.; Luettkenhorst M.; Verburg Ochs B., 1984: Single and multiple dose kinetics of clobazam and clinical effects during multiple dosage

Vergin H.; Ferber H.; Zimmermann I.; Neurath G.B., 1981: Single and multiple dose kinetics of co tetroxazine and co trimoxazole in patients

Gugler, R.; Bodem, G., 1978: Single and multiple dose pharmaco kinetics of pindolol

Ullmann U.; Giebel W.; Dalhoff A.; Koeppe P., 1986: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of ciprofloxacin

Gerstner G.J.; Dalhoff A.; Weuta H., 1988: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of ciprofloxacin in gynecological tissues

Weidekamm E.; Portmann R.; Suter K.; Partos C.; Dell D.; Luecker P.W., 1987: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of fleroxacin a trifluorinated quinolone in humans

Malerczyk V.; Maass L.; Verho M.; Hajdu P.; Klesel N.; Rangoonwala R., 1987: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of intravenous cefpirome hr 810 a novel cephalosporin derivative

Zaghlol H.A.; Brown S.A., 1988: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of intravenously administered vancomycin in dogs

Brownsill R.D.; Hiley M.P.; Vose C.W.; Steiner J.A.; Stafford J.E.H.; Mcallister A.; Rose D.A.; Gerry N., 1987: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of nufenoxole in healthy human subjects

Guay D.R.P.; Awni W.M.; Peterson P.K.; Obaid S.; Stein D.; Breitenbucher R.; Matzke G.R., 1988: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of oral ciprofloxacin in elderly patients

Roser R.; Martinez L.; Pares S.; Sagarra R.; Esteve J., 1986: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of sultosilic acid in humans

Hallen B.; Magnusson A.; Bogentoft S.; Ekelund P., 1988: Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of terodiline in geriatric patients

Mirenda J.T.; Vinson S.B., 1982: Single and multiple queen colonies of imported fire ants solenopsis invicta in texas usa

Greve, E. L., 1973: Single and multiple stimulus static perimetry in glaucoma the 2 phases of perimetry

Pearson R.E.; Miller R.H.; Smith J.W.; Fulton L.A.; Rothschild M.F.; Balaine D.S.; Coffey E.M., 1981: Single and multiple trait sire selection 1st lactation milk yield and composition conformation feed intake efficiency and net income

Subandi, 1979: Single and multiple traits selection in a composite variety of corn zea mays

Prince, R. C.; Dutton, P. L., 1977: Single and multiple turnover reactions in the ubi quinone cytochrome b c 2 oxido reductase of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides the physical chemistry of the major electron donor to cytochrome c 2 and its coupled reactions

Varma K.J.; Powers T.E.; Powers J.D., 1987: Single and repeat dose pharmacokinetic studies of chloramphenicol in horses values and limitations of pharmacokinetic studies in predicting dosage regimens

Heal, D. J.; Green, A. R.; Boullin, D. J.; Grahame-Smith, D. G., 1976: Single and repeated administration of neuroleptic drugs to rats effects on striatal dopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase and loco motor activity produced by tranylcypromine and l tryptophan or l dopa

Mazurkiewicz Kwilecki I.M., 1980: Single and repeated air blast stress and brain histamine

Stevens L.A.; Bevan C.D.; Salmon J.; Krieger J.; Perianu M.; Lego A., 1983: Single and repeated dose kinetics of the hypnotic agent loprazolam in healthy volunteers

Hagen B.; Walseth F.; Walstad R.A.; Iversen T.; Nilsen O.G., 1987: Single and repeated dose pharmacokinetics of thiotepa in patients treated for ovarian carcinoma

Lason W.; Przewlocka B.; Przewlocki R., 1987: Single and repeated electroconvulsive shock differentially affects the prodynorphin and pro opiomelanocortin system in the rat

Kalpazanov I., 1981: Single and repeated relative values and their application in medical statistical analysis

Butenandt O.; Emmlinger M.; Doerr H., 1986: Single and repeated testing of growth hormone secretory capacity in hypopituitarism using growth hormone releasing factor

Pfluger N.; Turina M.; Goebel N.; Krayenbuehl C.; Krayenbuehl H.P.; Kugelmeier J.; Moccetti T.; Senning A.; Steinbrunn W.; Rothlin M., 1980: Single and sequential aorto coronary bypass comparison of patency rate

Soloway M.S.; Nissenkorn I.; Mccallum L.W.; Murphy W.M., 1982: Single and sequential combination intra vesical chemo therapy of murine bladder cancer

Pal G.P.; Jakob R.; Hahn U.; Bowien B.; Saenger W., 1985: Single and twinned crystals of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase from alcaligenes eutrophus

Rouge P.; Richardson M.; Ranfaing P.; Yarwood A.; Sousa Cavada B., 1987: Single and two chain legume lectins as phylogenetic markers of speciation

Nossal, R.; Glinka, C. J.; Chen, S. H., 1986: Single angle neutron scattering studies of concentrated protein solutions i. bovine serum albumin

Kolesnikov S.S.; Lyubarsky A.L.; Fesenko E.E., 1984: Single anion channels of frog rod plasma membrane

Soejima M., 1987: Single anion selective channel and its ion selectivity in the smooth muscle cell of the aorta

Soejima M.; Kokubun S., 1988: Single anion selective channel and its ion selectivity in the vascular smooth muscle cell

Hanrahan J.W.; Alles W.P.; Lewis S.A., 1985: Single anion selective channels in basolateral membrane of a mammalian tight epithelium

Karchmer A.W.; Moellering R.C.Jr; Maki D.G.; Swartz M.N., 1979: Single antibiotic therapy for streptococcal endo carditis

Graddon D.J.; Randles J.W., 1986: Single antibody dot immunoassay a simple technique for rapid detection of a plant virus

Saikku, P.; Paavonen, J., 1978: Single antigen immuno fluorescence test for chlamydial antibodies

Heaton J.P.W.; Salerno T.A., 1983: Single aortic clamping for proximal and distal anastomoses in coronary operations study of myo cardial temperatures in nonvented hearts

Salerno T.A., 1982: Single aortic cross clamping for distal and proximal anastomoses in coronary surgery an alternative to conventional techniques

Sadeghi H.; Morin D., 1982: Single aortotomy or multiple aorto coronary saphenous vein bypass grafts

Richart, R. M.; Neuwirth, R. S.; Bolduc, L. R., 1977: Single application fertility regulating device description of a new instrument

Rajczyova M., 1979: Single application of herbicides combined with a morpho regulator and dam 390

Wingerup L.; Ulmsten U., 1981: Single application of prostaglandin e 2 in a viscous gel for induction of labor at term in patients with favorable cervix

Andreadis T.G.; Dubois N.R.; Moore R.E.B.; Anderson J.F.; Lewis F.B., 1983: Single applications of high concentrations of bacillus thuringiensis for control of gypsy moth lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae populations and their impact on parasitism and disease

Frye M.; Dibenedetto R.; Lain D.; Morgan K., 1988: Single arterial puncture vs arterial cannula for arterial gas analysis after exercise change in arterial oxygen tension over time

Marchenko S.M.; Obukhov A.G.; Kr'shtal' O.A., 1987: Single atp activated channels of rat sensory neurons

Cody A.R.; Johnstone B.M., 1980: Single auditory neuron response during acute acoustic trauma

Studer D.; Moor H.; Gross H., 1981: Single bacterio rhod opsin molecules revealed on both surfaces of freeze dried and heavy metal decorated purple membranes

Mitra S.; Balganesh T.S.; Dastidar S.G.; Chakrabarty A.N., 1980: Single bacteriocin typing scheme for the vibrio group of organisms

Tromp G.; Prockop D.J., 1988: Single base mutation in the pro alpha 2i collagen gene that causes efficient splicing of rna from exon 27 to exon 29 and synthesis of a shortened but in frame pro alpha 2i chain

Stauffer, G. V.; Zurawski, G.; Yanofsky, C., 1978: Single base pair alterations in the escherichia coli trp operon leader region that relieve transcription termination at the trp attenuator

Mcgrew J.; Diehl B.; Fitzgerald Hayes M., 1986: Single base pair mutations in centromere element iii cause aberrant chromosome segregation in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Plutakhin G.A.; Kalachev V.A.; Verkhoturov V.N., 1984: Single beam differential spectrophotometer for photobiological studies

Savarino V.; Picciotto A.; Magnolia M.R.; Scalabrini P.; Mela G.S.; Celle G., 1987: Single bedtime dose of famotidine assessment of its antisecretory action by 24 hour intragastric ph monitoring

Brunner, J.; Hauser, H.; Semenza, G., 1978: Single bi layer lipid protein vesicles formed from phosphatidyl choline and small intestinal sucrase iso maltase

Brunner, J.; Skrabal, P.; Hauser, H., 1976: Single bi layer vesicles prepared without sonication physicochemical properties

Costas, C. D.; Quesada, E. C.; Rubio, H., 1985: Single blind clinical study with sublingual lorazepam vs. injectable diazepam as premedication in colonoscopies

Leguen M.A., 1985: Single blind clinical trial comparing use of fentiazac and paracetamol in postendodontic periodontitis

Barbier P.; Cremer M.; Deletenre M.; Devis G.; Heller F.; Ligny G.; Milo R.; Van Maercke Y.; Stphens M.; Et Al, 1984: Single blind comparative study of ranitidine and cimetidine in patients with gastric ulcer the belgian peptic ulcer study group

Schneider R.E., 1982: Single blind comparison of cinoxacin and nitrofurantoin in the treatment of urinary tract infection

Bingham J.S., 1984: Single blind comparison of ketoconazole 200 milligram oral tablets and clotrimazole 100 milligram vaginal tablets and 1 percent cream in treating acute vaginal candidosis

Hayes G., 1983: Single blind comparison of penbutolol and long acting propranolol in general practice

Porro V.; Fiorenzoni S.; Menga C.; De Cristofaro A.; Bertolino A., 1988: Single blind comparison of the efficacy of fluvoxamine versus placebo in patients with depressive syndrome

Caretti, J. P., 1986: Single blind study of an anti inflammatory agent v. paracetamol in acute infections of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract

Miyamori I.; Morise T.; Yasuhara S.; Takeda Y.; Koshida H.; Takeda R., 1985: Single blind study of epoprostenol and 6 ketoprostaglandin e 1 in man effects of platelet aggregation and plasma renin

Candela V.; Bagarone A., 1986: Single blind study on the therapeutic activity of fastum gel in traumatic athletic lesions

Landis W.J.; Navarro M.; Neuringer J.R.; Kurz K., 1984: Single bovine enamel particles examined by electron optics

Patchell R.A.; Cirrincione C.; Thaler H.T.; Galicich J.H.; Kim J H.; Posner J.B., 1986: Single brain metastases surgery plus radiation or radiation alone

Hastings R.H.; Powell F.L., 1986: Single breath carbon dioxide measurements of deadspace in ducks

Deno N.S.; Kamon E.; Ultman J.S., 1983: Single breath cardiac output enhanced sampling and analysis techniques

Takezawa J.; Miller F.J.; O'neil J.J., 1980: Single breath diffusing capacity and lung volumes in small laboratory mammals

Miller A.; Thornton J.C.; Warshaw R.; Anderson H.; Teirstein A.S.; Selikoff I.J., 1983: Single breath diffusing capacity in a representative sample on the population of michigan usa a large industrial state

Unger, E. C.; Cohen, M. S.; Gatenby, R. A.; Clair, M. R.; Brown, T. R.; Nelson, S. J.; Mcglone, J. S., 1988: Single breath holding scans of the abdomen using fisp and flash at 1.5 t

Lamberty J.M.; Wilson I.H., 1987: Single breath induction of anesthesia with isoflurane

Gronlund J.; Christensen P.; Hansen L.G., 1987: Single breath method for estimating pulmonary blood flow data reduction based on nonlinear curve fitting

Zin W.A.; Pengelly L.D.; Milic Emili J., 1982: Single breath method for measurement of respiratory mechanics in anesthetized animals

Viegi G.; Paoletti P.; Di Pede F.; Prediletto R.; Carrozzi L.; Pistelli G.; Giuntini C., 1988: Single breath nitrogen test in an epidemiologic survey in north italy reliability reference values and relationships with symptoms

Berend N.; Skoog C.; Thurlbeck W.M., 1981: Single breath nitrogen test in excised human lungs

Al Bazzaz F.J., 1979: Single breath nitrogen washout effects of alterations of lung volumes and elastic recoil

Crawford O.; Al Bazzaz F.J., 1982: Single breath nitrogen washout in pulmonary sarcoidosis

Mcclean P.A.; Phillipson E.A.; Martinez D.; Zamel N., 1988: Single breath of carbon dioxide as a clinical test of the peripheral chemoreflex

Frazier, A. R.; Rehder, K.; Sessler, A. D.; Rodarte, J. R.; Hyatt, R. E., 1976: Single breath oxygen tests for individual lungs in awake man

Miles D.S.; Gotshall R.W.; Motta M.R.; Duncan C.A., 1988: Single breath pulmonary diffusing capacity maneuver causes cardiac output to fall during and after cycling

Bergman, G., 1980: Single breeding vs. colonial breeding in the caspian tern hydroprogne caspia the common tern sterna hirundo and the arctic tern sterna paradisaea

Chiang Y H.; Wang Y C.; Liu M Y.; Chuang K S.; Lin S Z.; Su C F.; Sun M J., 1988: Single burr hole craniotomy with closed system suction drainage in treatment of chronic subdural hematomas

Sarthy, P. V.; Meselson, M., 1976: Single burst study of rec mediated and red mediated recombination in bacterio phage lambda

Partridge L.D.; Swandulla D., 1987: Single calcium activated cation channels in bursting neurons of helix

Smart T.G., 1987: Single calcium activated potassium channels recorded from cultured rat sympathetic neurons

Yoshino M.; Yabu H., 1985: Single calcium channel currents in mammalian visceral smooth muscle cells

Hagiwara S.; Ohmori H., 1983: Single calcium channel currents in rat clonal pituitary cells

Brown A.M.; Kunze D.L.; Lux H.D., 1986: Single calcium channels and their inactivation

Suarez Isla B.A.; Orozco C.; Heller P.F.; Froehlich J.P., 1986: Single calcium channels in native sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes from skeletal muscle

Shuba Ya M.; Savchenko A.N., 1985: Single calcium channels in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons

Maruyama Y.; Petersen O.H., 1984: Single calcium dependent cation channels in mouse pancreatic acinar cells

Wong B.S.; Lecar H., 1982: Single calcium dependent potassium channels in clonal anterior pituitary cells

Adamson R.H.; Huxley V.H.; Curry F.E., 1988: Single capillary permeability to proteins having similar size but different charge

Kerby R.; Niemczura W.; Zeikus J.G., 1983: Single carbon catabolism in acetogens analysis of carbon flow in acetobacterium woodii and butyribacterium methylotrophicum by fermentation and carbon 13 nmr measurement

Callewaert G.; Carmeliet E.; Vereecke J., 1984: Single cardiac purkinje cells general electro physiology and voltage clamp analysis of the pacemaker current

Wolfrum C.; Klieser E.; Lehmann E., 1984: Single case experiments in psychopharmacological trials

Dube J.Y.; Frenette G.; Tremblay Y.; Belanger A.; Tremblay R.R., 1984: Single case report of prostate adenocarcinoma in a dog castrated 3 months previously morphological biochemical and endocrine determinations

Ballenger, J. C., 1976: Single case study a case of camptocormia occurring in psycho therapy

Awad, G. A., 1976: Single case study father son incest a case report

Burton-Bradley, B. G., 1978: Single case study kung fu for cargo

Solomon, J. G., 1978: Single case study multiple sclerosis masquerading as lithium toxicity

Yesavage J.A.; Tinklenberg J.R., 1981: Single case study of clinical response to high dose ergot alkaloid treatment for dementia preliminary report

Byrne J.M.; Gates R.D., 1987: Single case study of left cerebral hemispherectomy development in the first five years of life

Speck, S. H.; Dye, D.; Margoliash, E., 1984: Single catalytic site model for the oxidation of ferro cytochrome c by mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase ec

Hoevels J., 1983: Single catheter technique for trans axillary aorto femoral angiography

Ariyoshi A.; Hiratsuka Y.; Yoshida T., 1982: Single catheter technique in evaluation of urinary bacteriology in patients with ileal conduit diversion

Daniel A., 1979: Single cd band in dicentric translocations with 1 suppressed centromere

Suzuki S.S.; Smith G.K., 1985: Single cell activity and synchronous bursting in the rat hippocampus during waking behavior and sleep

Hoffmann K P.; Bauer R.; Huber H.P.; Mayr M., 1984: Single cell activity in area 18 of the cats visual cortex during optokinetic nystagmus

Schwartz, E. L.; Ramos, A.; John, E. R., 1976: Single cell activity in chronic unit recording a quantitative study of the unit amplitude spectrum

Andrade R.; Aghajanian G.K., 1982: Single cell activity in the noradrenergic a 5 region responses to drugs and peripheral manipulations of blood pressure

Rosenkilde C.E.; Bauer R.H.; Fuster J.M., 1981: Single cell activity in ventral prefrontal cortex of behaving monkeys macaca mulatta

Brune H., 1982: Single cell algae spirulina maxima and scenedesmus acutus as a lone protein source for broiler

Conn, R. B.; Scott, C. D., 1978: Single cell analysis in the clinical laboratory

Ransom J.T.; Digiusto D.L.; Cambier J.C., 1986: Single cell analysis of calcium mobilization in anti immunoglobulin stimulated b lymphocytes

Willingham M.C.; Cornwell M.M.; Cardarelli C.O.; Gottesman M.M.; Pastan I., 1986: Single cell analysis of daunomycin uptake and efflux in multidrug resistant and sensitive kb cells effects of verapamil and other drugs

Ladoux A.; Miglierina R.; Krawice I.; Cragoe E.J.Jr; Abita J.P.; Frelin C., 1988: Single cell analysis of the intracellular ph and its regulation during the monocytic differentiation of u937 human leukemic cells

Rudolph N.S.; Ohlsson Wilhelm B.M.; Leary J.F.; Rowley P.T., 1985: Single cell analysis of the relationship among transferrin receptors proliferation and cell cycle phase in k 562 cells

Feldman S.; Papir Kricheli D.; Dafny N., 1983: Single cell and multi unit activity in freely moving rats after cortico sterone administration

Makowski F.; Joffe M.I.; Rittenberg M.B., 1986: Single cell cloning of epstein barr virus transformed cells in 20 microliter hanging drops

Zhang J.; Zhou J., 1983: Single cell cloning of tobacco crown gall tumor strain 702 and its plant regeneration

Essenberg M.; Cason E.T.Jr; Hamilton B.; Brinkerhoff L.A.; Gholson R.K.; Richardson P.E., 1979: Single cell colonies of xanthomonas malvacearum in susceptible and immune cotton leaves and the local resistant response to colonies in immune leaves

Ralfkiaer E.; Wantzin G.L.; Larsen J.K.; Christensen I.J.; Thomsen K., 1985: Single cell dna measurements in benign cutaneous lymphoid infiltrates and positive patch tests

Bjelkenkrantz K.; Lundgren J.; Olofsson J., 1983: Single cell dna measurements in hyperplastic dysplastic and carcinomatous laryngeal epithelia with special reference to the occurrence of hyper tetra ploid cell nuclei

Leenen P.J.M.; Melis M.L.; Van Ewijk W., 1987: Single cell immuno beta galactosidase staining of heterogeneous populations practical application on limited cell numbers

Okamura S.; Crane F.; Jamal N.; Messner H.A.; Mak T.W., 1980: Single cell immuno fluorescence assay for terminal transferase human leukemic and nonleukemic cells

London J.A.; Merickel M., 1979: Single cell isolation a way to examine network interactions

Aoki S., 1979: Single cell isolation from tea camellia sinensis leaves and their photosynthetic properties

Peetermans J.A.; Nishio I.; Ohnishi S.T.; Tanaka T., 1987: Single cell laser light scattering spectroscopy in a flow cell repeated sickling of sickle red blood cells

Kaneko, Y.; Terayama, Y.; Kawamoto, K.; Kasajima, K.; Ise, I., 1978: Single cell layer membrane covering the degenerated cochlear duct after perilymphatic perfusion of streptomycin

Winiger B.P.; Wuarin F.; Zahnd G.R.; Wollheim C.B.; Schlegel W., 1987: Single cell monitoring of cytosolic calcium reveals subtypes of rat lactotrophs with distinct responses to dopamine and trh

Gingrich K.J.; Byrne J.H., 1987: Single cell neuronal model for associative learning

Nagmani, R.; Becwar, M. R.; Wann, S. R., 1987: Single cell origin and development of somatic embryos in picea abies l. karst. norway spruce and picea glauca moench voss white spruce

Cleary M.L.; Galili N.; Trela M.; Levy R.; Sklar J., 1988: Single cell origin of bigenotypic and biphenotypic b cell proliferations in human follicular lymphomas

Nakahata T.; Tsuji K.; Ishiguro A.; Ando O.; Norose N.; Koike K.; Akabane T., 1985: Single cell origin of human mixed hemopoietic colonies expressing various combinations of cell lineages

Suda T.; Suda J.; Ogawa M., 1983: Single cell origin of mouse hemopoietic colonies expressing multiple lineages in variable combinations

Leary A.G.; Ogawa M.; Strauss L.C.; Civin C.I., 1984: Single cell origin of multilineage colonies in culture evidence that differentiation of multipotent progenitors and restriction of proliferative potential of monopotent progenitors are stochastic processes

Bessho M.; Jinnai I.; Hirashima K.; Tanaka K.; Tanooka H., 1984: Single cell origin of radiation induced thymic lymphoma in mice with cellular mosaicism

Graves D.E.; Krugh T.R., 1983: Single cell partition analysis a direct fluorescence technique for examining ligand macro molecule interactions

Akman, M., 1980: Single cell protein 2. use of bacteria for single cell protein and some disadvantages of single cell protein

Fossum, K.; Almlid, T., 1977: Single cell protein as a bacterial substrate

Ekenvall L.; Dolling B.; Gothe C J.; Ebbinghaus L.; Von Stedingk L V.; Wasserman J., 1983: Single cell protein as an occupational hazard

Lovland, J.; Harper, J. M.; Frey, A. L., 1976: Single cell protein for human food a review

Gnan S.O.; Abodreheba A.O., 1987: Single cell protein from methanol with enterobacter aerogenes

Rale V.B., 1984: Single cell protein from pineapple ananas sativus cannery effluents

Cardoso, M. B.; Nicoli, J. R., 1981: Single cell protein from the thermo tolerant fungus phanerochaete chrysosporium grown in vinasse 1. production and composition

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Takayama, Y.; Seki, A.; Yamaoki, K.; Imataka, K.; Fujii, J., 1986: Single master's two step test and arrhythmias

Bartholomew D.W.; Jabs E.W.; Levin L.S.; Ribovich R., 1987: Single maxillary central incisor and coloboma in hypomelanosis of ito

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Pasechink, V. I.; Flerov, M. N., 1978: Single mechanical sensitive ion channel as a model of elementary reception acts and macro molecular structural changes

Markowitz R.I.; Frederick W.; Rosenfield N.S.; Seashore J.H.; Duray P.H., 1987: Single mediastinal unilobar lung a rare form of subtotal pulmonary agenesis

Henry E.W., 1980: Single membrane bound bodies in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar little turkish ovary tissue at anthesis

Ghadially F.N.; Lalonde J.M.A., 1979: Single membrane bound pseudoinclusions in the nucleus

Gagliardi F.M.; Mercuri S., 1983: Single metastases in the brain late results in 325 cases

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Radwanska E.; Hammond J.; Smith P., 1981: Single mid luteal progesterone assay in the management of ovulatory infertility

Raymond M.; Fournier D.; Berge J.; Cuany A.; Bride J M.; Pasteur N., 1985: Single mosquito test to determine genotypes with an acetylcholinesterase insensitive to inhibition to propoxur insecticide

Angel, R.; Worobey, J. L., 1988: Single motherhood and children's health

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Honess R.W.; Purifoy D.J.M.; Young D.; Gopal R.; Cammack N.; O'hare P., 1984: Single mutations at many sites within the dna polymerase locus of herpes simplex viruses can confer hyper sensitivity to aphidicolin and resistance to phosphono acetic acid

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Liberman, M. C.; Dodds, L. W., 1984: Single neuron labeling and chronic cochlear pathology 3. stereocilia damage and alterations of threshold tuning curves

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Gledhill T.; Howard O.M.; Buck M.; Paul A.; Hunt R.H., 1983: Single nocturnal dose of an h 2 receptor antagonist for the treatment of duodenal ulcer

El Keltawi N.E.; Croteau R., 1986: Single node cuttings as a new method of mint propagation

Tanabe M.J., 1982: Single node stem propagation of alyxia olivaeformis f fusiformis

Fichtner H.; Froebe U.; Busse R.; Kohlhardt M., 1987: Single nonselective cation channels and calcium activated potassium channels in aortic endothelial cells

Leger D.W.; Owings D.H.; Gelfand D.L., 1980: Single note vocalizations of california usa ground squirrels graded signals and situation specificity of predator and socially evoked calls

Rank, G. H.; Bech-Hansen, N. T., 1973: Single nuclear gene inherited cross resistance and collateral sensitivity to 17 inhibitors of mitochondrial function in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lundgren B.; Helleberg A., 1982: Single oblique view mammography for periodic screening for breast cancer in women

Magrassi L.; Graziadei P.P.C., 1987: Single olfactory organ associated with prosencephalic malformation and cyclopia in a xenopus laevis tadpole

Abrams B.; Sklaver A.; Hoffman T.; Greenman R., 1979: Single or combination therapy of staphylococcal endo carditis in intra venous drug abusers

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Minkowski W.L.; Baker C.J.; Friedlander L., 1981: Single oral dose metronidazole therapy for trichomonas vaginitis in adolescents

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Grover K.K., 1981: Single pair mating in the tropical house mosquito culex pipiens fatigans in laboratory to assess release wild male ratio in a field population

Takada M.; Ng G.; Hattori T., 1986: Single pallidal neurons project both to the striatum and thalamus in the rat

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Steinberg L., 1987: Single parents stepparents and the susceptibility of adolescents to antisocial peer pressure

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Catravas J.D.; Gillis C.N., 1983: Single pass removal of carbon 14 labeled 5 hydroxy tryptamine and tritium labeled norepinephrine by rabbit lung in vivo kinetics and sites of removal

Yipintsoi, T., 1976: Single passage extraction and permeability estimation of sodium in normal dog lungs

Mcleod R.S.; Cohen Z.; Taylor D.W.; Cullen J.B., 1986: Single patient randomized clinical trial use in determining optimum treatment for patient with inflammation of kock continent ileostomy reservoir

Ferland, L.; Ehrlich, R. M., 1975: Single peak insulin in the treatment of insulin induced fat atrophy

Stoner, R. E.; Parker, C., 1974: Single ph extraction procedure for detecting drugs of abuse

Gershman, M., 1977: Single phage typing set for differentiating salmonellae

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Pettigrew R.I.; Witztum K.F.; Perkins G.C.; Johnson M.L.; Burks R.N.; Verba J.W.; Halpern S.E., 1984: Single photon emission computed tomograms of the liver normal vascular intra hepatic structures

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Kawamura M., 1988: Single photon emission computed tomography spect with n isopropyl p iodine 123 iodoamphetamine in epilepsy

Mizukawa N.; Toho H.; Uchibori M.; Hirakawa K.; Yamashita M.; Miyazaki T., 1985: Single photon emission computed tomography study of the patients with cerebrovascular disease using n isopropyl p iodine 123 labeled iodoamphetamine discussion on the discordance between x ray computed tomographic and single photon emission tomography findings

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Koenig B.; Donis J.; Mostbeck A.; Koehn H., 1987: Single photon emission tomography spect with iodine 123 amphetamine in cerebral ischemia

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Maeda, T.; Matsuda, H.; Yamada, M.; Matsudaira, M.; Hisada, K., 1980: Single photon radio nuclide computed tomography with tomogscanner ii 3. body phantom study with new collimator of 20 centimeter focal depth

Lillywhite, P. G., 1977: Single photon signals and transduction in an insect eye

Dubs A.; Laughlin S.B.; Srinivasan V., 1981: Single photon signals in fly musca domestica photo receptors and first order inter neurons at behavioral threshold

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Murphy, C. B. Jr ; Hrycyk, O.; Gleason, W. T.; Field, R.; Fan, E., 1977: Single physical chemical unit removal of nutrients from combined sewer overflows

Erbel, R.; Schweizer, P.; Krebs, W.; Pyhel, N.; Meryer, J.; Effert, S., 1981: Single plane and bi plane 2 dimensional echo cardiographic determination of left ventricular volume 2. patients with coronary artery disease

Bhatnagar, V. M.; Jain, S. C.; Singhal, S. S.; Kumar, P., 1977: Single plane cine angiographic study of normal left ventricular volumes in human subjects

Fotiadis, N. A., 1981: Single plant vs. clonal line performance in alfalfa medicago sativa

Teitelbaum D.H.; Fabri P.J.; Kudsk K.A.; Tutschka P., 1987: Single plus double lumen intra arterial venous access in bone marrow transplant recipients

Koup J.R.; Slattery J.T.; Gibaldi M., 1979: Single point clearance estimation

Koup J.R.; Gibaldi M.; Godolphin W., 1981: Single point estimation of phenytoin dosing a reappraisal

Koup J.R.; Gibaldi M., 1981: Single point estimation of phenytoin dosing requirement

Bassemir U.; Hansen K., 1980: Single pore sensilla of damselfly larvae representatives of phylogenetically old contact chemo receptors

Bhatnagar, J. P.; Feldman, M. I., 1977: Single port technique of mantle field treatment of hodgkins disease using very high energy x ray beams

Kettenmann H.; Okland R.K.; Lux H.D.; Schachner M., 1982: Single potassium channel currents in cultured mouse oligodendrocytes

Ohmori H.; Yoshida S.; Hagiwara S., 1981: Single potassium channel currents of anomalous rectification in cultured rat myo tubes

Freedman J.E.; Weight F.F., 1988: Single potassium channels activated by d 2 dopamine receptors in acutely dissociated neurons from rat corpus striatum

Richards N.W.; Dawson D.C., 1986: Single potassium channels blocked by lidocaine and quinidine in isolated turtle pseudemys scripta colon epithelial cells

Berger W.; Grygorcyk R.; Schwarz W., 1984: Single potassium channels in membrane evaginations of smooth muscle cells

Kolb H A.; Koehler K.; Martinoia E., 1987: Single potassium channels in membranes of isolated mesophyll barley vacuoles

Grygorczyk R.; Simon M., 1986: Single potassium channels in the apical membrane of amphibian peritoneum

Kazachenko V.N.; Geletyuk V.I., 1983: Single potential dependent potassium channel in the neurons of the mollusk lymnaea stagnalis

Azimov R.R.; Geletyuk V.I.; Berestovskii G.N., 1987: Single potential dependent potassium ion channel in the cells of the algal nitellopsis obtusa

Deuschl G.; Illert M.; Aschoff A.; Hollaender H., 1981: Single preganglionic sympathetic neurons of the cat branch intra spinally and project through different rami communicantes albi a retrograde double labeling study with fluorescent tracers

Pavlov A.S.; Datsenko V.S.; Vinogradov L.I.; Frank G.A.; Volchenko N.N., 1988: Single preoperative radiation and microwave treatment in breast cancer

Otero-Coto, E.; Caffarena-Raggio, J. M.; Malo, P.; Sainz, C.; Aparisi, R.; Gomez-Ullate, J. M., 1978: Single primitive ventricle with normally related great arteries and atresia of the left atrio ventricular valve

Egley C.C.; Seeds J.W.; Cefalo R.C., 1987: Single probe spectrophotometry in the assessment of fetal oxygenation

Rouzer C.A.; Matsumoto T.; Samuelsson B., 1986: Single protein from human leukocytes possesses 5 lipoxygenase and leukotriene a 4 synthase activities

Costa V.; Donzele J.L.; Ferreira A.S.; Gomes P.C.; Barbosa H.P.; Gaitan J.A., 1979: Single protein levels and protein sequence on performance of growing finishing swine

Lefemine A.A.; Dunbar J.; Delucia A.; Low H.B.C., 1988: Single pump techniques for assisted circulation in cardiogenic shock experimental evaluation and case report

Kimura K.; Tsuchiya Y.; Ohto M.; Ono T.; Matsutani S.; Kimura M.; Ebara M.; Saisho H.; Okuda K., 1981: Single puncture method for per cutaneous trans hepatic portography using a thin needle

Goodwin A.W.; Youl B.D.; Zimmerman N.P., 1981: Single quickly adapting mechano receptive afferents innervating monkey macaca nemestrina glabrous skin response to 2 vibrating probes

Haaheim, L. R., 1978: Single radial complement fixation a new immuno diffusion technique assay of the antibody response to the type specific antigens of influenza virus in post infection human sera

Yamane N.; Yuki M.; Nakamura Y., 1983: Single radial complement fixation test for assaying antibody to influenza virus type specific antigens

Sato S.; Motoda S.; Iwase I.; Jo K., 1983: Single radial complement fixation test using complement film assay of the antibody response to strain and type specific antigens of influenza virus

Ochiai H.; Shibata M.; Sato S.; Hayashi K.; Niwayama S., 1987: Single radial complement fixation test using np containing plates a simple and sensitive method for the detection of influenza infection

Schild, G. C.; Pereira, M. S.; Chakraverty, P., 1975: Single radial hemolysis a new method for the assay of antibody to influenza hem agglutinin applications for diagnosis and sero epidemiologic surveillance of influenza

Nascimento J.P.D.; Chaves J.R.S.; Pereira M.S., 1982: Single radial hemolysis a sensitive test for the detection of antibody to influenza b virus

Joss, A. W. L.; Mcpherson, J. K.; Williams, H., 1978: Single radial hemolysis a survey of antibody titers in the highland region of scotland to recent strains of influenza a

Forger J.M.IIi; Gilfillan R.F., 1979: Single radial hemolysis as a cost effective determinant of rubella antibody status

Fenwick M., 1986: Single radial hemolysis for demonstrating measles virus antibody

Duca M.; Duca E.; Ionescu L.; Abdalla H., 1979: Single radial hemolysis for the assay of antibodies to some hem agglutinating arboviruses

D'ambrosio E.; Battaglia M.F.; Midulla M., 1981: Single radial hemolysis for the determination of antibody to reoviruses brief report

George S.; Pavri K., 1986: Single radial hemolysis test for diagnosing flavivirus infections particularly japanese encephalitis

Fulton R.A.; Dininno V.L.; Frank R.I.; Fildes J.; Turner I.J., 1984: Single radial hemolysis test for quantitation of complement fixing antibodies to nonhemagglutinating viruses

Neumann P.W.; Weber J.M., 1983: Single radial hemolysis test for rubella immunity and recent infection

Harnett G.B.; Palmer C.A.; Mackay Scollay E.M., 1979: Single radial hemolysis test for the assay of rubella antibody in ante natal vaccinated and rubella virus infected patients

Serafim M.B.; De Castro A.F.P.; Leonardo M.B.; Monteiro A.R., 1981: Single radial immune hemolysis test for detection of escherichia coli thermolabile entero toxin

Fleenor W.A.; Stott G.H., 1981: Single radial immuno diffusion analysis for quantitation of colostral immuno globulin concentration

Meyer R.F.; Palmieri M.J., 1980: Single radial immuno diffusion method for screening staphylococcal isolates for entero toxin

Pizzolato, M. C. B.; Pizzolato, M. A.; Agostoni, A., 1972: Single radial immuno diffusion of undiluted serum proteins

Prakash, V. J.; Norrby, E.; Payne, L., 1977: Single radial immuno diffusion test for detecting antibodies against surface antigens of intra cellular and extracellular vaccinia virus

Melville Smith M.E., 1985: Single radial immunodiffusion as a method for the identification and quantitation of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids in adsorbed vaccines

Matsumoto T.; Matsumoto S., 1984: Single radial immunodiffusion in cellulose acetate membranes for quantitation of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus watermelon strain

Itakura K.; Matsudate T.; Sakurai T.; Hashimoto S.; Ito K.; Kanno H.; Hirata M.; Nakamura K., 1986: Single radial immunodiffusion of serum apolipoproteins c ii c iii and e pretreatment of samples with surfactant

Bond W.H.; Mould J., 1986: Single radium insertion for treatment of early carcinoma of the cervix rationale and results

Ertingshausen, G.; Byrd, D. L. F.; Tiffany, T. O.; Casey, S. J., 1973: Single reagent method for rapid determination of total bilirubin with the centrifichem analyzer

Colbert D.L.; Smith D.S.; Landon J.; Sidki A.M., 1984: Single reagent polarization fluoroimmunoassay for barbiturates in urine

Hansel M.C.; Rowell F.J.; Landon J.; Sidki A.M., 1986: Single reagent polarization fluoroimmunoassay for cotinine a nicotine metabolite in urine

Colbert D.L.; Smith D.S.; Landon J.; Sidki A.M., 1985: Single reagent polarization fluoroimmunoassay for the cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine in urine

Hodgkinson A.J.; Landon J.; Smith D.S.; Sidki A.M., 1986: Single reagent polarization fluoroimmunoassay for theophylline in serum

Eremin S.A.; Gallacher G.; Lotey H.; Smith D.S.; Landon J., 1987: Single reagent polarization fluoroimmunoassay of methamphetamine in urine

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