Single determination by the lhrh trh and insulin hypo glycemia test of the response to hypo glycemia by secretions of growth hormone prolactin cortisol and the function of the gonadal and thyroidal axes in normal subjects

Gayno, J.P.; Merceron, R.E.; Raymond, J.P.

Revue Francaise d'Endocrinologie Clinique Nutrition et Metabolisme 21(6): 487-493


Accession: 006421395

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Previously, the testing of patients likely to present a disease of the hypothalamus or the anterior hypophysis required several dynamic tests. A hypothalamo-anterior pituitary test was perfected which only lasts a total of 7 h. An i.v. injection of 200 .mu.g LHRH is administered, then 1 of 500 .mu.g TRH, then 0.1 U/kg ordinary insulin. This insulin-hypoglycemia test, coupled with LHRH and TRH explores the response to hypoglycemia, the dynamics of growth hormone, prolactin and cortisol and the gonadal and thyroidal axes functions. This test was applied to 4 male subjects, 4 women during the follicular phase and 5 during the luteal phase of the cycle to establish the norms.