Single membrane bound bodies in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar little turkish ovary tissue at anthesis

Henry, E.W.

Journal of Submicroscopic Cytology 12(4): 523-532


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-4782
Accession: 006421813

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The ovary of Nicotiana tabacum cv. Little Turkish at the time of anthesis, has not become fully differentiated. The active cellular metabolism is evidenced by enhanced ribosomal and rough endoplasmic reticular activity. Plasmodesmata are present across the cell walls of adjacent cells. Some mitochondria appear to be swollen, with distinct vacuolate areas, single membrane-bound microbodies are present with dense core areas, with or without an ordered crystalline core arrangement. The etioplasts have prominent starch bodies, in addition to a single membrane-bound cytoplasmic granular component. The cell wall areas have sites where vesiculation and blebbing out of the plasma membrane has occurred. These findings are discussed in terms of the presence or absence of structural integrity in ovarian organelles as anthesis obtains maturity.