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Sister chromatid exchange induced by metanil yellow and nitrite singly and in combination in vivo on mice

Giri, A.K.; Talukder, G.; Sharma, A.

Cancer Letters 31(3): 299-303


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-3835
PMID: 3741537
Accession: 006422885

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In vivo sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) induced by metanil yellow (a dye containing secondary amino group), sodium nitrate, and dye in combination with nitrite following treatment with acute doses were studied on mice. The incidence of SCEs was significantly high in both dye- and nitrite-treated series. However, a combination of half the concentrations of dye and nitrite, when used together, gave a frequency of SCE higher than that of either chemical, when given in full dose, indicating the stronger clastogenicity of the nitrosamine formed.

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