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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6425

Chapter 6425 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lockshon D.; Morris D.R., 1985: Sites of reaction of escherichia coli dna gyrase on pbr 322 in vivo as revealed by oxolinic acid induced plasmid linearization

Hemminki K.; Suni R., 1984: Sites of reaction of glutaraldehyde and acetaldehyde with nucleosides

Hemminki K., 1983: Sites of reaction of propane sultone with guanosine and dna

Kan N.C.; Baluda M.A.; Papas T.S., 1985: Sites of recombination between the transforming gene of avian myeloblastosis virus and its helper virus

Feld R.; Rubinstein L.V.; Weisenberger T.H.; Lung Cancer Study Group, 1984: Sites of recurrence in resected stage i non small cell lung cancer a guide for future studies

Donaldson A.I.; Ferris N.P., 1980: Sites of release of airborne foot and mouth disease virus from infected pigs

Fakan, S.; Turner, G. N.; Pagano, J. S.; Hancock, R., 1972: Sites of replication of chromosomal dna in a eukaryotic cell

Rehm W.S.; Carrasquer G.; Schwartz M., 1986: Sites of resistance changes with inhibition of acid secretion in frog stomach

Winther B.; Gwaltney J.M.Jr; Mygind N.; Turner R.B.; Hendley J.O., 1986: Sites of rhinovirus recovery after point inoculation of the upper airway

Magalhaes M.C.; Magalhaes M.M.; Coimbra A., 1983: Sites of rna synthesis and migration in the adrenal cortex cells of the young rat as shown by radioautography

Rymo L.; Lindahl T.; Adams A., 1979: Sites of sequence variability in epstein barr virus dna from different sources

Goyert, S. M.; Hugli, T. E.; Spiegelberg, H. L., 1977: Sites of spontaneous degradation of immuno globulin d

Moor, R. M., 1977: Sites of steroid production in ovine graafian follicles in culture

Biggs J.S.G.; Thomas F.J., 1981: Sites of steroid production in the poly cystic ovary

Saidapur, S. K.; Greenwald, G. S., 1978: Sites of steroid synthesis in the ovary of the cyclic hamster a histochemical study

Rosenzweig L.J.; Farquhar M.G., 1980: Sites of sulfate incorporation into mammotrophs and somatotrophs of the rat pituitary as determined by quantitative electron microscopic auto radiography

Martinez, A.; Arguelles, F.; Cervera, J.; Gomar, F. Jr, 1977: Sites of sulfation in the chondrocytes of the articular cartilage of the rabbit a study by quantitative radioautography of high resolution

Katzenberg D.R.; Birshtein B.K., 1988: Sites of switch recombination of igg2b and igg2a producing hybridomas

Das, N. K.; Micou-Eastwood, J.; Ramamurthy, G.; Alfert, M., 1970: Sites of synthesis and processing of ribosomal rna precursors within the nucleolus of urechis caupo eggs

Schmidt R.J.; Richardson C.B.; Gillham N.W.; Boynton J.E., 1983: Sites of synthesis of chloroplast ribosomal proteins in chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Giacobini Robecchi M.G.; Garrelli M.; Filogamo G., 1980: Sites of synthesis of the receptor for acetyl choline in de nervated muscles

Hachtel, W., 1978: Sites of synthesis of thylakoidal membrane proteins

Purchio A.F.; Jovanovich S.; Erikson R.L., 1980: Sites of synthesis of viral proteins in avian sarcoma virus infected chicken cells

Kubin K.; Davies R.O., 1988: Sites of termination and relay of pulmonary rapidly adapting receptors as studied by spike triggered averaging

Villani G.; Huebscher U.; Butour J L., 1988: Sites of termination of in vitro dna synthesis on cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii treated single stranded dna a comparison between escherichia coli dna polymerase i and eukaryotic dna polymerases alpha

Piette J.; Heatst J., 1985: Sites of termination of in vitro dna synthesis on psoralen phototreated single stranded templates

Moore P.D.; Bose K.K.; Rabkin S.D.; Strauss B.S., 1981: Sites of termination of in vitro dna synthesis on uv and n acetyl amino fluorene treated phi x 174 templates by prokaryotic and eukaryotic dna polymerases

Furukawa, T., 1978: Sites of termination on the saccular macula of auditory nerve fibers in the goldfish as determined by intra cellular injection of procion yellow

Wimber, D. E.; Wimber, D. R., 1977: Sites of the 5s ribosomal genes in drosophila part 1 the multiple clusters in the drosophila virilis group

Mitchell I.J.; Cross A.J.; Sambrook M.A.; Crossman A.R., 1985: Sites of the neurotoxic action of 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine in the macaque monkey include the ventral tegmental area and the locus coeruleus

Straszewska K.; Stupnicka E., 1979: Sites of the quaternary lacustrine and peaty deposits in poland

Barlet C.; Abdelkhalek M.B.; Doucet A., 1985: Sites of thyroid hormone action on sodium potassium atpase along the rabbit nephron

Munford R.S.; Andersen J.M.; Dietschy J.M., 1981: Sites of tissue binding and uptake in vivo of bacterial lipo poly saccharide high density lipo protein complexes

Culotta V.; Sollner Webb B., 1988: Sites of topoisomerase i action on xenopus laevis ribosomal chromatin transcriptionally active ribosomal dna has an approximately 200 bp repeating structure

Reeder, R. H.; Sollner-Webb, B.; Wahn, H. L., 1977: Sites of transcription initiation in vivo on xenopus laevis ribosomal dna

Bevan J.A., 1979: Sites of transition between functional systemic and cerebral arteries of rabbits occur at embryological junctional sites

Garthwaite G.; Garthwaite J., 1985: Sites of tritiated d aspartate accumulation in mouse cerebellar slices

Ireland M.P., 1982: Sites of water zinc and calcium uptake and distribution of these metals after cadmium administration in arion ater gastropoda pulmonata

De Perez G.; Isler H., 1982: Sites on aldo sterone induced hyperplasia along the nephron and collecting ducts

Schumacher R.I.; Menck C.F.; Meneghini R., 1983: Sites sensitive to s 1 nuclease and discontinuities in dna nascent strands of uv irradiated mouse cells

Cadman H.F.; Wallis M., 1981: Sites that bind human somatotropin growth hormone in the liver of the pregnant rabbit

Hansson B.G.; Purcell R.H., 1979: Sites that bind polymerized albumin on hepatitis b surface antigen particles detection by radio immunoassay

Brickman E.; Silhavy T.J.; Bassford P.J.Jr; Shuman H.A.; Beckwith J.R., 1979: Sites within gene lacz of escherichia coli for formation of active hybrid beta galactosidase molecules

Mcquaid Cook J.; Simpson K.J., 1986: Siting a fully integrated waste management facility in alberta canada

Draper D.W., 1984: Siting of coal fired power plants near environmentally sensitive areas in canada

Vesmanis I.E.; Vesmanis A., 1980: Siting of the edible dormouse glis glis mammalia rodentia muscardinidae from owl pellets of the mediterranean island of elba italy

Harrington C.A.; Deal R.L., 1982: Sitka alder alnus sinuata a candidate for mixed stands

Bloom, A. M., 1978: Sitka black tailed deer winter range in the kadashan bay area southeast alaska usa

Blyth, J. F.; Macleod, D. A., 1981: Sitka spruce picea sitchensis in northeastern scotland uk 1. relationships between site factors and growth

Blyth, J. F.; Macleod, D. A., 1981: Sitka spruce picea sitchensis in northeastern scotland uk 2. yield prediction by regression analysis

Lin H J.; Wang C.; Salen G.; Lam K C.; Chan T K., 1983: Sito sterol and cholesterol metabolism in a patient with coexisting phyto sterolemia and cholestanolemia

Doss R.P.; Luthi R.; Edelman D.L.; Hrutfiord B., 1982: Sito sterol and quercetin 3 galactoside obscure root weevil sciopithes obscurus feeding stimulants from rhododendron

Schlierf, G.; Oster, P.; Heuck, C. C.; Raetzer, H.; Schellenberg, B., 1978: Sito sterol in juvenile type ii hyper lipo proteinemia

Hagiwara H.; Shimonaka M.; Morisaki M.; Ikekawa N.; Inada Y., 1984: Sito sterol stimulative production of plasminogen activator in cultured endothelial cells from bovine carotid artery

Ulubelen, A., 1975: Sito steryl 3 beta d glucoside from smyrnium rotundifolium and euonymus latifolius

Van Harten A., 1979: Sitobion hillerislambersi new species a remarkable new aphid from angola homoptera aphidoidea

Hoebeke E.R.; Wheeler A.G.Jr, 1985: Sitona lineatus the pea leaf weevil first records in eastern north america coleoptera curculionidae

Kirkpatrick, R. L., 1978: Sitophilus oryzae survival and reproduction at 30 35 celsius

Iribarren A.M.; Pomilio A.B., 1987: Sitosterol 3 o alpha d xyluronofuranoside from bauhinia candicans

Kuwahara M.; Rector F.C.Jr; Berry C.A., 1988: Sits sensitive basolateral anion current in rabbit proximal convoluted tubules

Montrose M.; Randles J.; Kimmich G.A., 1987: Sits sensitive chloride conductance pathway in chick intestinal cells

Vielliard, J., 1978: Sitta ledanti from djebel babor

Glushchenko F.P., 1984: Sitta tephronota reproduction biology and territorial distribution

Cotes J.E.; Dabbs J.M.; Hall A.M.; Heywood C.; Laurence K.M., 1979: Sitting height fat free mass and body fat as reference variables for lung function in healthy british children comparison with stature

Herber S.M.; Milner R.D.G., 1987: Sitting heights in sheffield uk 1985 have standards changed?

Kalenda Z.; Greuter P.N., 1982: Sitting or prone? another argument for the latter

Fontanarosa P.B.; Goldman G.E.; Polsky S.S.; Schuckman H.A.; Poyle M., 1988: Sitting oral tracheal intubation

Occhipinti E.; Colombini D.; Frigo C.; Pedotti A.; Grieco A., 1985: Sitting posture analysis of lumbar stresses with upper limbs supported

Patterson R.P.; Fisher S.V., 1986: Sitting pressure time patterns in patients with quadriplegia

Fulford G.E.; Cairns T.P.; Sloan Y., 1982: Sitting problems of children with cerebral palsy

Chiavetta, M., 1976: Situation and notes on the biology of diurnal birds of prey falconiformes of the autonomous region of emilia romagna italy

Pacs I., 1986: Situation and outlook of rabbit breeding

Holdas S., 1986: Situation and outlook of rabbit breeding and fur bearer production

Zeng Z S.; Shen S M.; Qiao Q., 1983: Situation and regulation of the agro ecosystem of the black soil region in china

Jaeger L.; Wenz W., 1979: Situation and trends of hypo sensitization treatment

Lisitsyna T.Yu, 1988: Situation dependent changes of sound signals of females and the young of callorhinus ursinus pinnipedia otariidae

Doleys, D. M.; Wells, K. C., 1978: Situation generality of over corrective functional movement training

Prost, A., 1977: Situation in a focus of onchocerciasis in mali after 13 years of simulium control part 1 parasitological aspects

Thylefors, B.; Rolland, A., 1977: Situation in a focus of onchocerciasis in mali after 13 years of simulium control part 2 ocular aspects

Romero, C. H.; Marques, J. L.; Rowe, C. A.; Flores, R. M. S.; Brentano, L., 1986: Situation of aujeszky's disease in the state of santa catarina brazil in 1984

Havelka, P., 1977: Situation of ceratopogonid research on the iberian peninsula diptera ceratopogonidae

Sugita T.; Suzuki Y.; Kato M.; Ohara K., 1984: Situation of drinking in the aged from the survey of the toll nursing home

Morais J.A.C.D.; Ferrer A., 1983: Situation of endemic presence of leprosy after establishment of a program of sanitation in the state of paraiba brazil

Martinez Vilalta A.; Ferrer X.; Carboneres C., 1984: Situation of skuas stercorarius sp on the catalan coast northeast of the iberian peninsula

Lanfranco D.L., 1979: Situation of the entomologic fauna in puerto espora tierra del fuego chile soon after the contamination with petroleum oil from the motor ship metula entomo fauna of the surface soil

Martinez A.; Halffter G., 1986: Situation of the genus canthidium erichson coleoptera scarabaeidae scarabaeinae

Maranini N., 1985: Situation of the lesser gray shrike lanius minor in liguria italy historical and present data

Del Castillo Acedo Del Olmo E.; Erice Rodriguez F.J.; Perez De Vargas Ferroni I., 1986: Situation of the y chromosome in the metaphase plate

Guedes D.G.D.M., 1987: Situation of vaccination in children from 0 to 5 years of age and in pregnant women living in the catingueira section of campina grande paraiba brazil march 1987

Tiggemann, M.; Winefield, A. H., 1978: Situation similarity and the generalization of learned helplessness

Gross W.C.; Tiffany P.G.; Billingham R.E., 1987: Situation specific expertise and perceived control

Artamoshin A.S.; Frolova A.A.; Voronina E.I., 1985: Situation with respect to diphyllobothriasis in some northern areas of the european part of the russian sfsr ussr in connection with prospective redistribution of water resources

Pellegrini R.J.; Hicks R.A.; Meyers Winton S., 1979: Situational affective arousal and hetero sexual attraction some effects of success failure and physical attractiveness

Trower P., 1980: Situational analysis of the components and processes of behavior of socially skilled and unskilled patients

Kerr, N. L.; Gross, A. C., 1978: Situational and personality determinants of a victims identification with a tormentor

Cooley E.J., 1987: Situational and trait determinants of competitive state anxiety

Karniol, R.; Heiman, T., 1987: Situational antecedents of children's anger experiences and subsequent responses to adult versus peer provokers

Jeter, C. R.; Bush, J. P.; Porter, J. H., 1988: Situational anxiety and blood pressure lability in the physician's office

Levine H.G., 1985: Situational anxiety and everyday life experiences of mildly mentally retarded adults

Klass E.T., 1987: Situational approach to assessment of guilt development and validation of a self report measure

Pereladova O.B.; Oko R.A., 1981: Situational changes in the temporal characteristics of red deer alarm signals

Kolosova T.E.; Fomicheva E.E.; Obukhova G.P., 1980: Situational conditioned reflexes in intact and callosectomized dogs with changes in location of conditioned and unconditioned stimuli

St Lawrence J.S.; Hansen D.J.; Cutts T.F.; Tisdelle D.A.; Irish J.D., 1985: Situational context effects on perceptions of assertive and unassertive behavior

Lesser I.M.; Rubin R.T.; Finder E.; Forster B.; Poland R.E., 1983: Situational depression and the dexamethasone suppression test

Hirschfeld R.M.A., 1981: Situational depression validity of the concept

Zielinski, J. J., 1978: Situational determinants of assertive behavior in depressed alcoholics

Khoury R.M., 1980: Situational determinants of occupational intelligence

Beck N.C.; Lamberti J.; Gamache M.; Lake E.A.; Fraps C.L.; Mcreynolds W.T.; Reaven N.; Heisler G.H.; Dunn J., 1987: Situational factors and behavioral self predictions in the identification of clients at high risk to drop out of psychotherapy

Gryll, S. L.; Katahn, M., 1978: Situational factors contributing to the placebo effect

Gibbons, S.; Wylie, M. L.; Echterling, L.; French, J., 1986: Situational factors related to rural adolescent alcohol use

Rapoport J.L.; Donnelly M.; Zametkin A.; Carrougher J., 1986: Situational hyperactivity in a usa clinical setting

Abbeduto L., 1984: Situational influences on mentally retarded and nonretarded childrens production of directives

Meyer B.E.B.; Hokanson J.E., 1985: Situational influences on social behaviors of depression prone individuals

Hirschfeld R.M.A.; Klerman G.L.; Andreasen N.C.; Clayton P.J.; Keller M.B., 1985: Situational major depressive disorder

Woods S.W.; Charney D.S.; Mcpherson C.A.; Gradman A.H.; Heninger G.R., 1987: Situational panic attacks behavioral physiologic and biochemical characterization

Albus M.; Ackenheil M.; Engel R.R.; Mueller F., 1982: Situational reactivity of autonomic functions in schizophrenic patients

Ambrumova A.G.; Vrono E.M., 1985: Situational responses in children in suicidological practice

Lochman, J. E.; Lampron, L. B., 1986: Situational social problem solving skills and self esteem of aggressive and nonaggressive boys

Sigmon S.T.; Nelson R.O.; Brannon S.E., 1987: Situational specificity of motivational differences between depressed and nondepressed subjects

Heckerman C.L.; Schoen S.; Barlow D.H., 1981: Situational specificity of sex role motor behavior a preliminary investigation

Nellis M.J.; Emurian H.H.; Brady J.V.; Ray R.L., 1985: Situational suppression of cigarette smoking

Cheung F.M.; Lau B.W.K., 1982: Situational variations of help seeking behavior among chinese patients

De Tommasi S.M.; Carminati M.; Invernizzi P.; Troiani P.; Velitti F.; Tiraboschi R., 1980: Situs inversus and dextro cardia analysis of the associated congenital heart diseases

Kleinfeld, M.; Rozanski, J. J.; Brumlik, J. V., 1976: Situs inversus subaortic and subpulmonic stenosis ventricular septal defect and single coronary artery

Banerji R.K., 1982: Sivaganga formation india its sedimentology micro paleontology and sedimentation history

Geraads D., 1985: Sivatherium maurusium giraffidae mammalia from the pleistocene of djibouti

Sahni, A.; Khare, S. K., 1976: Siwalik insectivora

Fang, N.; Leidig, M.; Mabry, T. J.; Munekazu, I., 1985: Six 2' hydroxyflavonols from gutierrezia microcephala

Sariyar G.; Shamma M., 1986: Six alkaloids from papaver species

Dalen J.E.; Gore J.M.; Braunwald E.; Borer J.; Goldbreg R.J.; Passamani E.R.; Forman S.; Knatterud G.; Thrombolysis Myocardial Infarct Invest (Usa), 1988: Six and twelve month follow up of the phase i thrombolysis in myocardial infarction timi trial

Ohda C.; Uede K.; Kiri T.; Amano M.; Okazaki N.; Matsunaka M., 1985: Six cases of acquired bilateral nevus of ota like macules associated with pigmentary macules on frontal surface of ala nasi

Suematsu H.; Kuboki T.; Ishikawa H.; Ogata E.; Yamamoto M.; Shizume K.; Kuma K.; Tamai H., 1985: Six cases of anorexia nervosa associated with graves disease

Hiromasa S.; Ikeda T.; Ishikawa T.; Fujimura M.; Nishiya Y., 1987: Six cases of aortic valve disease with congenital bicuspid aortic valve

Kuraoka S.; Shimanuki T.; Hoshi E.; Nakamura C.; Kobayashi M.; Washio M., 1987: Six cases of congenital coronary artery fistula including one case of bilateral coronary arteries pulmonary artery aneurysms

Kajiwara M.; Ohno Y.; Uchima E.; Nagamori H.; Sato Y., 1985: Six cases of death from cold in okinawa japan

Itoh A.; Yoshida K.; Matsumoto S.; Inamoto H.; Kazaoka Y.; Oshima T.; Fujimoto T., 1987: Six cases of foreign body in oral and maxillofacial region

Fujita H.; Matsumoto Y.; Tani M.; Nakano K.; Sadamoto M.; Okamura H., 1986: Six cases of fracture of the medial orbital wall

Okumura K.; Nakamura J.; Kanahara K.; Yanagawa H., 1987: Six cases of giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath and synovial membrane

Lefrere J.J.; Courouce A M.; Girot R.; Bertrand Y.; Soulier J P., 1986: Six cases of hereditary spherocytosis revealed by human parvovirus infection

Nakahara I.; Moritake K.; Handa H.; Kobayashi S.; Nagayasu S.; Okuno T.; Nakano Y., 1986: Six cases of infantile intracranial hemorrhage due to vitamin k deficiency

Inoue Y.; Kodama T.; Nishiwaki Y.; Et Al, 1988: Six cases of lung adenocarcinoma simulating fetal lung adenocarcinoma of fetal lung type

Nakamoto T.; Honma M., 1987: Six cases of microsporum canis infection

Fraisse J.; Philip T.; Bertheas M F.; Lauras B., 1986: Six cases of partial duplication deficiency 21 syndrome 21dupq22delp23 due to maternal pericentric inversion inversion 21 p12 q22 a family study

Arita K I.; Morioka D.; Tsubokura T., 1986: Six cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in a cheap lodging house

Kinoshita N.; Yamasaki Y.; Kato M.; Nishii M.; Arima K.; Hayashi N.; Hori N.; Hoshina A.; Morishita F.; Komeda Y., 1985: Six cases of spontaneous peripelvic extravasation from renal pelvis

Kato M.; Yagi M.; Miyata M.; Morita M.; Shimizu H., 1987: Six cases of squamous cell carcinoma of the middle ear

Goodman A.H., 1986: Six channel time division multiplexed system for recording analogue data on the audio track of a videotape

Matsubayashi T.; Wakasugi T.; Shinozaki K.; Yamaguchi Shinozaki K.; Zaita N.; Hidaka T.; Meng B.Y.; Ohto C.; Tanaka M.; Et Al, 1987: Six chloroplast genes ndh a f homologous to human mitochondrial genes encoding components of the respiratory chain nadh dehydrogenase are actively expressed determination of the splice sites in ndh a and ndh b pre messenger rnas

Jones N.J.; Cox R.; Thacker J., 1988: Six complementation groups for ionizing radiation sensitivity in chinese hamster cells

Bukenya Z.R.; Hall J.B., 1987: Six cultivars of solanum macrocarpon solanaceae in ghana

Schioler V.; Thode J., 1988: Six direct radioimmunoassays of estradiol evaluated

Speck N.C.; Baltimore D., 1987: Six distinct nuclear factors interact with the 75 base pair repeat of the moloney murine leukemia virus enhancer

Brasseur T.; Angenot L., 1988: Six flavonol glycosides from leaves of strychnos variabilis

Cassel R.N., 1987: Six increasingly higher levels of wellness based on holistic principles and risk factor science

Lipkin D.P.; Scriven A.J.; Crake T.; Poole Wilson P.A., 1986: Six minute walking test for assessing exercise capacity in chronic heart failure

Lee S.; Scott M.H., 1986: Six models of heterotopic rat liver transplantation introducing a reverse circulation model

Kajiji S.M.; Davceva B.; Quaranta V., 1987: Six monoclonal antibodies to human pancreatic cancer antigens

Kohda S.; Nishikawa H.; Sano M.; Tsuchitani M.; Miura K.; Narama I.; Nakano S., 1988: Six month chronic intravenous toxicity study of cefodizime sodium in dogs

Wada N.; Inazu M.; Yajima R.; Sugisaki T.; Kobayashi M.M.T.; Sakaguchi T., 1988: Six month chronic subcutaneous toxicity study of cefodizime sodium in rats

Jensen O.E.; Soltys J.L., 1986: Six month clinical evaluation of prefabricated veneer restorations after partial enamel removal

Tarlo S.M.; Broder I.; Davies G.M.; Leznoff A.; Mintz S.; Corey P.N., 1988: Six month double blind controlled trial of high dose concentrated beclomethasone dipropionate in the treatment of severe chronic asthma

Mauriello S.M.; Bader J.D., 1988: Six month effects of sanguinarine dentifrice on plaque and gingivitis

Schulberg H.; Mcclelland M.; Gooding W., 1987: Six month outcomes for medical patients with major depressive disorders

Khuri S.F.; Folland E.D.; Sethi G.K.; Souchek J.; Oprian C.; Wong M.; Burchfiel C.; Henderson W.G.; Hammermeister K.E.; Veterans Adm Coop Study Valvular Heart Dis (Usa), 1988: Six month postoperative hemodynamics of the hancock heterograft and the bjork shiley prosthesis results of a veterans administration cooperative prospective randomized trial

Burnam M.A.; Hough R.L.; Escobar J.I.; Karno M.; Timbers D.M.; Telles C.A.; Locke B.Z., 1987: Six month prevalence of specific psychiatric disorders among mexican americans and non hispanic whites in los angeles california usa

Grossman E.; Reiter G.; Sturzenberger O.P.; De La Rosa M.; Dickinson T.D.; Ferretti G.A.; Ludlam G.E.; Meckel A.H., 1986: Six month study of the effects of a chlorhexidine mouthrinse on gingivitis in adults

Martyn C.N.; Reid W.; Young R.J.; Ewing D.J.; Clarke B.F., 1987: Six month treatment with sorbinil in asymptomatic diabetic neuropathy failure to improve abnormal nerve function

Villasante A.; Wang D.; Dobner P.; Dolph P.; Lewis S.A.; Cowan N.J., 1986: Six mouse alpha tubulin messenger rna species encode five distinct isotypes testis specific expression of two sister genes

Herbulot C., 1986: Six new pigiopsis lepidoptera geometridae

Yang C K.; Li F S., 1986: Six new species and a new genus of paurocephalinae psyllidae homoptera

Vidrine M.F., 1985: Six new species in the subgenus polyatax acari unionicolidae unionicola from north america with a re evaluation of related taxa

Mohanasundaram M., 1984: Six new species of aculus eriophyidae acarina from south india

Rowe F.W.E., 1985: Six new species of asterodiscides echinodermata asteroidae with a discussion of the origin and distribution of the asterodiscididae and other amphi pacific echinoderms

Fjellberg A., 1988: Six new species of collembola from north norway hypogastruridae odontellidae onychiuridae isotomidae

Lim L.H.S., 1987: Six new species of cornudiscoides kulkarni 1969 monogenea ancyrocephalidae from two mystus species bagridae of peninsular malaysia

Keppner E.J., 1988: Six new species of free living marine nematodes nematoda araeolaimida enoplida from two estuaries in northwest florida usa

Rechinger K.H., 1986: Six new species of gagea liliaceae from the flora iranica area

Wu B H.; Li Z F., 1986: Six new species of myxosporidia from freshwater fishes in zhejiang province china

Van Der Werff H., 1987: Six new species of neotropical lauraceae

Pang X F.; Huang B K., 1986: Six new species of scymnus and four new species of pseudoscymnus from fujian china

Singh, D.; Saini, M. S., 1987: Six new species of tenthredo linn. from northwestern india hymenoptera symphyta tenthredinidae

Singh D.; Saini M.S., 1987: Six new species of tenthredo linnaeus hymenoptera tenthredinidae from india

Bratcher T., 1988: Six new species of terebridae mollusca gastropoda from panama and the indo west pacific

Ping Z M.; Li Q X.; Xu Y L., 1983: Six new species of termites of the families kalotermitidae and rhinotermitidae from fujian province china order isoptera

Liltved W.R., 1986: Six new species of trivia from southern africa gastropoda triviidae

Otero Colina G., 1987: Six new species of water mites prostigmata parasitengona in the states of chiapas oaxaca and tabasco mexico

Aoki T.; Ohta S.; Suga T., 1988: Six novel secodammarane type triterpenes from male flowers of alnus japonica

Lelong M.; Wattre P.; Vaudour G.; Bras C.; Bouvier C.; Drain J.P., 1986: Six observations of toxocariasis visceral larva migrans syndrome

Swaroop V.S.; Winawer S.J.; Lightdale C.J.; Lipkin M., 1988: Six primary cancers in individuals report of four cases

Kimura K.; Underhill T.E.; Archila L.; Linse J.M.; Langland O.E., 1987: Six screen film combinations using the oralix pan dc

Byrnes T., 1986: Six species of lamellodiscus monogenea diplectanidae collected from australian bream acanthopagrus spp

Imajima M., 1985: Six species of lumbrineridae polychaeta lumbrineridae from japan

Mol A.W.M.; Van Aartsen B., 1987: Six species of sawflies new to the fauna of the netherlands hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Knight D.; Leggett L.M.W., 1985: Six spectral sensitivity classes in crab pargrapsus gaimardii visual interneurons

Johnson, C. D.; Thomson, H., 1986: Six synchronous colonic cancers in a pair of monozygotic twins

Gallo I.; Nistal F.; Artinano E., 1986: Six to ten year follow up of patients with the hancock cardiac bioprosthesis incidence of primary tissue valve failure

Rubio C.A.; Kato Y., 1988: Six types of intraepithelial vacuoles in the human gastric mucosa

Choo S.Y.; Antonelli P.; Nisperos B.; Nepom G.T.; Hansen J.A., 1986: Six variants of hla b 27 identified by isoelectric focusing

Sutherland W.J.; Anderson C.W., 1987: Six ways in which a foraging predator may encounter options with different variances

Rickels K.; Downing R.W.; Case G.W.; Csanalosi I.; Chung H.; Winokur A.; Gingrich R.L.Jr, 1985: Six week trial with diazepam some clinical observations

Mcleod D.R.; Hoehn Saric R.; Labib A.S.; Greenblatt D.J., 1988: Six weeks of diazepam treatment in normal women effects of psychomotor performance and psychophysiology

Carr, J., 1988: Six weeks to twenty one years old a longitudinal study of children with down's syndrome and their families

Boxer M.B.; Grammer L.C.; Harris K.E.; Roach D.E.; Patterson R., 1987: Six year clinical and immunologic follow up of workers exposed to trimellitic anhydride

Woratz G.; Mueller D.; Sinnecker H.; Grimm J.; Hajduk F.; Bog R., 1985: Six year effectivity results with protective inoculations against influenza of patients with cardiovascular diseases

Ascer E.; Veith F.J.; Gupta S.K.; Krasowski G.; Samson R.H.; Scher L.A.; White Flores S.A.; Sprayregen S., 1985: Six year experience with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene arterial grafts for limb salvage

Nakano, K.; Imamura, E.; Hashimoto, A.; Aosaki, M.; Endo, M.; Hayashi, H.; Koyanagi, H., 1987: Six year experience with the st. jude medical prosthesis early and late results of 540 valves in 462 patients

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