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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6427

Chapter 6427 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rietschel, R.L.; DeVillez, R.L., 1981:
Skin moisturization without occlusion

Dokov V.; Tsonchev D.; Kasabova R., 1979:
Skin morphology and wool quality of sheep fed urea and urea preparation supplemented ration

Bani, G.; Cecchi, R.; Bianchi, S., 1985:
Skin morphology in some amphibians with different ecological habits. A light and electron microscopic study

Zuchelkowski E.M.; Lantz R.C.; Hinton D.E., 1986:
Skin mucous cell response to acid stress in male and female brown bullhead catfish ictalurus nebulosus

Bueno C.; Navas P.; Aguirre J.A.; Aijon J.; Lopez Campos J.L., 1981:
Skin mucous glands of pleurodeles waltlii histochemical and ultrastructural study

Hjelmeland K.; Christie M.; Raa J., 1983:
Skin mucus protease from rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and its biological significance

Lamperi, S.; Carozzi, S., 1979:
Skin muscle biopsy in patients with various nephropathies

Gomez M.; Kombila Favry M.; Richard Lenoble D.R., 1983:
Skin mycoses in the gabon forestal zone survey of fungi isolated

Snir E.; Slutzky S.; Bogokowsky H., 1981:
Skin necrosis as a complication of anti coagulant therapy

Lim, K.B.; Tan, T., 1986:
Skin necrosis as a complication of improperly administered subcutaneous heparin

Spigos, D.G.; Thane, T.T.; Capek, V., 1977:
Skin necrosis following extravasation during peripheral phlebography

Allen, M.B., 1986:
Skin necrosis following Haemaccel

Berne C.; Fagius J., 1986:
Skin nerve sympathetic activity during insulin induced hypoglycemia

Klishevich B.A.; Kuntse K.D.; Shue D.; Tarasenko G.F., 1987:
Skin neurothecoma

Uilenberg, G.; Zwart, D., 1979:
Skin nodules in East Coast fever

Faergemann J.; Aly R.; Wilson D.R.; Maibach H.I., 1983:
Skin occlusion effect on pityrosporum orbiculare skin carbon di oxide partial pressure ph trans epidermal water loss and water content

Versmold, H.T.; Holzmann, M.; Linderkamp, O.; Riegel, K.P., 1978:
Skin oxygen permeability in premature infants

Tan O.T.; Gaylarde P.M.; Sarkany I., 1982:
Skin oxygen tension and blood flow changes in response to respiratory maneuvers

Seiler, W.O.; Stähelin, H.B., 1979:
Skin oxygen tension as a function of imposed skin pressure: implication for decubitus ulcer formation

Carson, S., 1984:
Skin painting studies in mice on 11 fd and c and d and c colors fd and c green no. 3 red no. 2 red no. 4 yellow no. 6 and external d and c no. 7 d and c orange no. 4 violet no. 2 red no. 17 red no. 34 and yellow no. 7

Carson, S., 1984:
Skin painting studies in mice with 14 fd and c and d and c colors blue no. 1 red no. 3 and yellow no. 5 d and c red no. 7 red no. 9 red no. 10 red no. 19 red no. 21 red no. 27 red no. 31 red no. 36 orange no. 5 orange no. 10 and orange no. 17

Meyer-Rochow, V.B., 1978:
Skin papillae as possible electro receptors in the deep sea eel cyema atrum cyemidae anguilloidei

Karstad, L.; Kaminjolo, J.S., 1978:
Skin papillomas in an impala (Aepyceros melampus) and a giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)

Blum J.A.; Feeney M.J.; Howe G.E.; Steel J.F., 1982:
Skin patch urethro plasty 5 year follow up

Black J.G.; Howes D., 1979:
Skin penetration of chemically related detergents

Giovannini L.; Bertelli A.A.E.; Scalori V.; Dell'osso L.; Alessandri M.G.; Mian M., 1988:
Skin penetration of coenzyme q 10 in the rat

Vetter, J.C.M.; Leegwater-Van-Der-Linden, M.E., 1977:
Skin penetration of infective hookworm larvae part 1 the path of migration of infective larvae of ancylostoma braziliense in canine skin

Vetter, J.C.M.; Leegwater-Van-Der-Linden, M.E., 1977:
Skin penetration of infective hookworm larvae part 2 the path of migration of infective larvae of ancylostoma braziliense in the metacarpal foot pads of dogs

Vetter, J.C.M.; Leegwater, V.D.L.nden, M.E., 1977:
Skin penetration of infective hookworm larvae part 3 comparative studies on the path of migration of the hookworms ancylostoma braziliense ancylostoma ceylanicum and ancylostoma caninum

Osamura H.; Jimbo Y.; Ishihara M., 1984:
Skin penetration of nicotinic acid methylnicotinate and butylnicotinate in the guinea pig comparison of in vivo and excised skin and the effects of dermatologic conditions

Katz, M.; Sokal, M.M., 1980:
Skin perfusion in pregnancy

Guhathakurta, B.; Datta, G.C.; Sasmal, D., 1978:
Skin permeability and entero toxic factors of vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from human diarrheal cases and river water

Touitou E., 1988:
Skin permeation enhancement by n decyl methyl sulfoxide effect of solvent systems and insights on mechanism of action

Koulu L.M.; Jansen C.T., 1984:
Skin photo toxicity variations during repeated bath psoralen uv a exposures to 8 methoxy psoralen and tri methyl psoralen

Razum N.; Balchum O.J.; Profio A.E.; Carstens F., 1987:
Skin photosensitivity duration and intensity following intravenous hematoporphyrin derivatives hpd and dhe

Baenziger, H., 1980:
Skin piercing blood sucking moths 3. feeding act and piercing mechanism of calyptra eustrigata lepidoptera noctuidae

Banziger, H., 1986:
Skin piercing blood sucking moths iv. biological studies on adults of 4 calyptra species and 2 subspecies lepidoptera noctuidae

Banziger H., 1979:
Skin piercing blood sucking moths part 2 studies on a further 3 adult calyptra sp lepidoptera noctuidae

Bhalla V.; Singh S., 1979:
Skin pigmentation and tanning some north indian populations

McGrae, J.D.; Zelickson, A.S., 1980:
Skin pigmentation secondary to minocycline therapy

Leguebe, A., 1976:
Skin pigmentation variability

Gaur N., 1985:
Skin pigmentation variability in indian population

Miura, T.; Torinuki, W., 1978:
Skin porphyrin and long wave uv irradiation

Francini F.; Zoppi M.; Maresca M.; Procacci P., 1979:
Skin potential and electro myogram changes induced by cutaneous electrical stimulation part 1 normal man in arousing and nonarousing environment

Procacci P.; Francini F.; Maresca M.; Zoppi M., 1979:
Skin potential and electro myogram changes induced by cutaneous electrical stimulation part 2 subjects with reflex sympathetic dystrophies

Janes, C.L.; Worland, J.; Stern, J.A., 1976:
Skin potential and vaso motor responsiveness of black and white children

Garwood, M.; Engel, B.T.; Kusterer, J.P., 1981:
Skin potential level: age and epidermal hydration effects

Capriotti, R.; Garwood, M.; Engel, B.T., 1981:
Skin potential level: age and recording site interactions

Isu, N.; Takahashi, N.; Koo, J., 1987:
Skin potential reflex corresponding to transient motion discomfort

Shibagaki, M.; Kiyono, S., 1985:
Skin potential responses of mentally retarded children during nocturnal sleep

Warner, C., 1988:
Skin preparation in the surgical patient

Lorenz, R.P.; Botti, J.J.; Appelbaum, P.C.; Bennett, N., 1988:
Skin preparation methods before cesarean section. A comparative study

Rosenquist M.D.; Cram A.E.; Kealey G.P., 1988:
Skin preservation at 4c a species comparison

Vanto T.; Viander M.; Koivikko A., 1980:
Skin prick test in the diagnosis of dog dander allergy a comparison of different extracts with clinical history provocation tests and radio allergo sorbent test

Nethercott, J.R., 1978:
Skin problems associated with multi functional acrylic monomers in uv curing inks

Itin, P.; Rufli, T., 1986:
Skin problems in joggers

Fischer T.; Rystedt I., 1983:
Skin protection against ionized cobalt and sodium lauryl sulfate with barrier creams

Rozhkovskaya G.P.; Tsyrkunov L.P.; Olifir A.I.; Tkachenko A.E.; Khokhol'kova G.A.; Porutskii G.V., 1981:
Skin protection during work with new lubricants and coolants

Scaramuzzino L.; Scrocca A.; Lavitola A.; Ballo A.; Trojaniello B.; D.F.anciscis S., 1980:
Skin protection techniques in the use of surgical drainage experimental study

Perkins, J.L.; Ridge, M.C.; Holcombe, A.B.; Wang, M.K.; Nonidez, W.E., 1986:
Skin protection, Viton, and solubility parameters

Meijer, J.; de Lange, J.J.; Ros, H.H., 1988:
Skin pulse wave monitoring during lumbar epidural and spinal anesthesia

Denning, D.W.; Peet, L.; Poole, J., 1987:
Skin rash after triple vaccine

Saunders M.I.; Dische S.; Kogelnik H.D.; Sealy R.; Lenox Smith I., 1980:
Skin rashes associated with administration of the 2 nitro imidazole misonidazole

Barnes, R.M.R.; Lewis, C.M.; Pegrum, G.D.; Prince, G.H., 1976:
Skin reaction and antibody responses in guinea pigs sensitized to human leukemia cells or their nuclei in combination with bcg

Krasnowska M.; Malolepszy J.; Liebhart E.; Kwasniewski A., 1987:
Skin reaction to pentagastrin in healthy individuals asthma and urticaria patients

Bullen, A.W.; Miller, J.P.; Cunliffe, W.J.; Losowsky, M.S., 1978:
Skin reactions caused by vitamin K in patients with liver disease

Winterfeld, G.; Magdon, E., 1983:
Skin reactions in the miniature pig following single or fractionated local irradiation with 250 kilovolt x rays or 6.2 mev neutron rays/

Galvan-Bermejo, C.; Gil-Gayarre, M., 1977:
Skin reactions in the treatment of carcinoma of the cervix with high energy radiation

Kislalioglu S.; Guler C., 1981:
Skin reactions of some commercially available shampoos and hair balsams

Andersen K.E., 1980:
Skin reactions produced by propylene glycol

Roberts, D.L.; Marks, R., 1981:
Skin reactions to carbamazepine

Lanzalone, C.M.; D'amato, C.; Cirelli, A., 1975:
Skin reactions to di nitrochloro benzene and phyto hem agglutinin during antigen positive and negative acute viral hepatitis type b serum in serum hepatitis type b antigen carriers

Scott, G.M.; Stewart, W.E.; Tyrrell, D.A.; Cantell, K.; Cartwright, T.; Edy, V.G., 1980:
Skin reactions to interferon inoculations are reduced but not abolished by purification

Faure M.; Goujon C.; Perrot H.; Hermier C.; Dorveaux O.; Deteix P., 1982:
Skin reactions to piroxicam 3 cases

Massalski, W.; Koźmińska-Kubarska, A.; Shukla, R.R., 1982:
Skin reactions to selected antigens in patients with leprosy

Janower, M.L.; Hannon, M.A., 1976:
Skin reactions with iocetamic acid

Krause, U.; Michaelsson, G.; Juhlin, L., 1978 :
Skin reactivity and phagocytic function of neutrophil leukocytes in crohns disease and ulcerative colitis

Paggiaro P.L.; Bacci E.; Amram D.L.; Rossi O.; Talini D., 1986:
Skin reactivity and specific immunoglobulin e levels in the evaluation of allergic sensitivity to common allergens for epidemiological purposes

Schwarzenbach H.R.; Nakagawa T.; Conroy M.C.; A.L., 1982:
Skin reactivity basophil de granulation and immuno globulin e levels in aging

Bjornberg A.; Lowhagen G B.; Tengberg J.E., 1979:
Skin reactivity in workers with and without itching from occupational exposure to glass fibers

Scheuber, P.H.; Golecki, J.R.; Kickhöfen, B.; Scheel, D.; Beck, G.; Hammer, D.K., 1985:
Skin reactivity of unsensitized monkeys upon challenge with staphylococcal enterotoxin B: a new approach for investigating the site of toxin action

Thong, Y.H.; Omar, A.; Kok, A.; Robinson, M.J., 1976:
Skin reactivity to household aero allergens in children with bronchial asthma

Kubín, M.; Svandová, E.; Stastná, J., 1987:
Skin reactivity to mycobacterial antigens in children living in an area of Mycobacterium xenopi endemicity

Biano A.; Inverardi L.; Ciboddo G.F., 1986:
Skin reactivity to ubiquitous antigens in a young population hospitalized for minor pathologies

Post, P.W.; Krauss, A.N.; Waldman, S.; Auld, P.A.M., 1976:
Skin reflectance of new born infants from 25 to 44 weeks gestational age

Khomullo, G.V.; Kokoreva, G.A., 1976:
Skin regeneration and metabolism level during thyrostimulin injection

Corcuff P.; J.; Leveque J.L.; Makki S.; Agache P., 1983:
Skin relief and aging

Janitzki A.; Goette A., 1986:
Skin resistance measurements indicating in activity of the sympathetic nervous system in spinal anesthesia

Gokhale, B.B.; Mehta, L.N.; Damle, P.S., 1977:
Skin resistance to electric current and its correlation with sweat gland histology in vitiligo

Rebhun, J.; Dubois, E., 1979:
Skin response to histamine in systemic lupus erythematosus

Ramsay C.A., 1979:
Skin responses to uv radiation in contact photo dermatitis due to fentichlor

Brehme, H.; Hitzeroth, H.W., 1980:
Skin ridge findings in bantu speaking negroid populations of south africa 2. tips of the toes and plantar surface of the feet

Brehme, H.; Iwamoto, M., 1978:
Skin ridge samples from the hand and soles of the feet of 226 orangutans pongo pygmaeus

Hayakawa, R.; Matsunaga, K., 1984:
Skin safety and clinical evaluation of 0.1 percent hydrocortisone 17 butyrate 21 propionate

Hayakawa R.; Matsunaga K.; Ohiwa K., 1982:
Skin safety and clinical evaluation of st 33

Hayakawa R.; Matsunaga K., 1985:
Skin safety evaluation of hkp 210

Hayakawa R.; Matsunaga K.; Suzuki M.; Hosokawa K., 1986:
Skin safety evaluation of improved simaron gel

Sugai T., 1987:
Skin safety evaluation of sst 101 a dermal absorption type preparation of isosorbide dinitrate

Matsunaga K.; Ohiwa K.; Ukei C.; Hayakawa R., 1984:
Skin safety of s 3440 betamethasone 17 21 dipropionate sol

Sugai T., 1985:
Skin safety of topical amcinonide preparations and their vehicles

Sizov I., 1980:
Skin sensitivity of a delayed type against an adenoviral antigen in cattle

Larrabee, W.F.; Talavera, R., 1979:
Skin sensitivity of adults on the Isthmus of Panama to Mycobacterium xenopi sensitin

Sanyal M.; Thammayya A., 1980:
Skin sensitivity to histoplasmin in calcutta india and its neighborhood

Siddiqui, W.H.; DeVries, C.R.; Hobbs, E.J., 1982:
Skin sensitization potential of allyl methacrylate in guinea pigs

Henck J.W.; Lockwood D.D.; Olson K.J., 1980:
Skin sensitization potential of tri sodium edta

Bahr G.M.; Stanford J.L.; Rook G.A.W.; Rees R.J.W.; Frayha G.J.; Abdelnoor A.M., 1986:
Skin sensitization to mycobacteria among school children prior to a study of bcg vaccination in north lebanon

Reif A.E.; Southwick P.L.; Judd K.P., 1980:
Skin sensitization with the new reagents 4 nitro 1 cyclohexyl 3 ethoxy 2 oxo 3 pyrroline and n 4 nitrocyclohexyl 3 ethoxy 2 oxo 3 pyrroline 3 yl l phenyl alanine

Dooms Goossens A.; Dooms M.; Van Lint L.; Degreef H., 1979:
Skin sensitizing properties of aryl alkanoic acids and their analogs

Barnham, M.; Kerby, J., 1981:
Skin sepsis in meat handlers: observations on the causes of injury with special reference to bone

Sokolov, V.E.; Danilkin, A.A., 1977:
Skin shield in males of the siberian roe capreolus capreolus pygargus

Berova N.; Negentsova Z., 1985:
Skin side effects of lithium salts

Stillman, R.M.; Marino, C.A.; Seligman, S.J., 1984:
Skin staples in potentially contaminated wounds

Bennett, L.; Kavner, D.; Lee, B.Y.; Trainor, F.S.; Lewis, J.M., 1984:
Skin stress and blood flow in sitting paraplegic patients

Francis, A.J.; Marks, R., 1977:
Skin stretching and epidermopoiesis

Schleich H H.; Kaestle W., 1979:
Skin structures as climbing adaptations in chamaeleo and cophotis reptilia sauria chamaeleonidae agamidae

Schleich H H.; Kaestle W., 1982:
Skin structures on toes and tails of some agamids reptilia sauria agamidae

Merritt T.A.; Liyamasawad S.; Boettrich C.; Brooks J.G., 1981:
Skin surface carbon di oxide measurement in sick preterm and term infants

Bruenstler I.; Enders A.; Versmold H.T., 1982:
Skin surface carbon di oxide partial pressure monitoring in new born infants in shock effect of hypotension and electrode temperature

Pessis S.; Grollier J.F.; Pasero R., 1984:
Skin surface changes after uv irradiation

Matsunaga K.; Hayakawa R., 1985:
Skin surface lipids and serum lipids in acne vulgaris a comparative study of young women with and without acne

Newson T.P.; Rolfe P., 1982:
Skin surface oxygen partial pressure and blood flow measurements over the ischial tuberosity

Newson T.P.; Pearcy M.J.; Rolfe P., 1981:
Skin surface oxygen partial pressure measurement and the effect of externally applied pressure

Gloor M.; Nolzen F.; Wirth H.; Stuhlert T., 1985:
Skin surface profile skin surface lipids and cell kinetic parameters in the epidermis studies in healthy test persons and patients with atopic neurodermatitis

Arima Y.; Matsunaga K.; Hayakawa R., 1985:
Skin surface temperature on the face with rosacea like dermatitis

Tegelberg, A.; Kopp, S., 1988:
Skin surface temperature over the masseter muscle in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis

Tegelberg, A.; Kopp, S., 1987:
Skin surface temperature over the temporomandibular and metacarpophalangeal joints in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis

Torii, M.; Yamasaki, M.; Sasaki, T., 1987:
Skin surface temperatures during submaximal cycling observed by color thermography

Kahana, M.; Grossman, E.; Feinstein, A.; Ronnen, M.; Cohen, M.; Millet, M.S., 1987:
Skin tags: a cutaneous marker for diabetes mellitus

Banik, R.; Lubach, D., 1987:
Skin tags: localization and frequencies according to sex and age

Balic J.; Kansky A.; Wolf A., 1986:
Skin telangiectasias heavy sweating and diffuse itching in aluminum potroom workers

Parry, M., 1982:
Skin temperature and motorcyclists' braking performance

Suter S.; Loughry Machado G., 1981:
Skin temperature bio feedback in children and adults

Barrett, H.R.; Streets, T.M.; Tucker, J.H.; Pettaway, G.T., 1987:
Skin temperature biofeedback for multiple sessions with monetary incentives

Kusumi T.; Ishii K.; Kusumi M.; Asaka H.; Okamoto M.; Zusho H., 1987:
Skin temperature change as a result of pcp s application

Buguet, A.G.; Livingstone, S.D.; Reed, L.D., 1979:
Skin temperature changes in paradoxical sleep in man in the cold

Challoner, A.V.J.; Woodrough, R.E., 1978:
Skin temperature changes induced by uv irradiation at 254 nanometers and 300 nanometers

Mathew R.J.; Claghorn J.L.; Largen J.W.; Dobbins K., 1979:
Skin temperature control for pre menstrual tension syndrome a pilot study

Clark, R.P.; Mullan, B.J.; Pugh, L.G.C.E., 1977:
Skin temperature during running a study using ir color thermography

Basnayake V.; Goonewardena S.A.S.; Senaratne V.; Thalagala T., 1979:
Skin temperature in a group of students of peradeniya sri lanka

Grinene E.; Lindishene D.; Marachinskene E.; Vaitkyavichyus V., 1987:
Skin temperature in children and adolescents age 6 14

Howell T.H., 1981:
Skin temperature of bed sore areas in the aged

Gono S.; Nakaya N.; Fukui T.; Miyasaka M.; Fujita T.; Thukakoshi H., 1988:
Skin temperature of the lower legs in the hemiplegic patients following cerebrovascular strokes before and after rehabilitation

Gathercole L.J.; Shah J.S.; Nave C., 1987:
Skin tendon differences in collagen d period are not geometric or stretch related artefacts

Prichard M.G.; Ryan G.; Walsh B.J.; Musk A.W., 1985:
Skin test and radioallergosorbent test responses to wheat and common allergens and respiratory disease in bakers

Ito K.; Miyamoto T.; Shibuya T.; Kamei K.; Mano K.; Taniai T.; Sasa M., 1986:
Skin test and radioallergosorbent test with extracts of larval and adult midges of tokunagayusurika akamusi diptera chironomidae in asthmatic patients of the metropolitan area of tokyo japan

Neidhart, J.A.; Christakis, N.; Metz, E.N.; Balcerzak, S.P.; Lobuglio, A.F., 1978:
Skin test conversion following transfer factor a double blind study of normal individuals

Anand, B.S.; Truelove, S.C.; Offord, R.E., 1977:
Skin test for celiac disease using a subfraction of gluten

Kemp A.S.; Mellis C.M.; Barnett D.; Sharota E.; Simpson J., 1985:
Skin test radioallergosorbent test and clinical reactions to peanut allergens in children

Agbayani B.F.; Tan D., 1981:
Skin test reactions in allergic patients and control subjects

Räsänen, L., 1980:
Skin test reactivity and in vitro responses to microbes and microbial antigens

Thayer, W.R.J. ; Fixa, B.; Komarkova, O.; Charland, C.; Field, C.E., 1978:
Skin test reactivity in inflammatory bowel disease in the usa and czechoslovakia

Drexhage, H.A.; Oort, J., 1977:
Skin test reactivity to haemophilus influenzae antigens as an outcome of the antigen structure and the balance between humoral and cell mediated immunity in rats

Lowe, J.G.; Beck, J.S.; Gibbs, J.H.; Brown, R.A.; Potts, R.C.; Grange, J.M.; Stanford, J.L., 1987:
Skin test responsiveness to four new tuberculins in patients with chronic obstructive airways disease receiving short term high doses of, or long term maintenance treatment with, prednisolone: clinical appearances and histometric studies

Geller, M.; Rosario, N.A., 1981:
Skin test sensitivity to Acacia pollen in Brazil

Lema E.; Stanford J., 1984:
Skin test sensitization by tubercle bacilli and by other mycobacteria in ethiopian school children

Tada I.; Otsuji Y.; Harada R.; Mimori T.; Fukumoto H., 1982:
Skin test study of bancroftian filariasis in kuroshima island okinawa japan a 13 year longitudinal study during a control campaign

Asai, K.; Fujita, Y.; Miki, S.; Iwase, T.; Mimura, Y., 1986:
Skin test via staphylococcal and streptococcal protein in behcet's disease a comparison of results from 1972 and 1985

Fedotov V.P.; Lesnitskii A.I.; Logunov V.P.; Manuilova L.A.; Zhelyaz E.V.; Kolodkin A.E., 1981:
Skin test with 2 4 di nitrochloro benzene as an index of primary cellular immune response in patients with some skin diseases and syphilis

Lysaya M.S., 1981:
Skin test with toxoplasmosis allergen and complement fixation test in children with differing somatic pathology

Tanaka Y.; Harino S.; Danjo S.; Hara J.; Yamanishi K.; Takahashi M., 1984:
Skin test with varicella zoster virus antigen for ophthalmic herpes zoster

McSharry, C.; Banham, S.W.; Lynch, P.P.; Boyd, G., 1983:
Skin testing and extrinsic allergic alveolitis

A.N.hdi, M.; Shahed Omer, M.; Ibrahim, E.; Al-Idrisi, H., 1987:
Skin testing in an allergy affected population of Saudi Arabia

Boonk, W.J.; van Ketel, W.G., 1981:
Skin testing in chronic urticaria

Freedman, P.M.; Ault, B.; Zeiss, C.R.; Treuhaft, M.W.; Roberts, R.C.; Emanuel, D.A.; Baldauf, M.C.; Marx, J.J., 1981:
Skin testing in farmers' lung disease

Tarlo, S.M.; Fradkin, A.; Tobin, R.S., 1988:
Skin testing with extracts of fungal species derived from the homes of allergy clinic patients in Toronto, Canada

Vekaric S.; Bosnar B.; Ahel V., 1985:
Skin tests analysis values of ige and rast in 17 children with a positive food allergy anamnesis

Cornaille, G.; Guerin, B.; Leynadier, F.; Menkes, C.J.; Dry, J., 1987:
Skin tests and chymopapain specific ige's after chemonucleolysis

Hutchings, A.N., 1975:
Skin tests and clinical features of asthma. A report to the research committee of the British Thoracic and Tuberculosis Association

Reinert M., 1981:
Skin tests before and after steroid and anti histamine therapy

Cornell H.J.; Burns E.; Hill D.J., 1982:
Skin tests for celiac disease employing fractions of a gliadin digest

Morell, F.; Curull, V.; Orriols, R.; D.G.acia, J., 1986:
Skin tests in bird breeder's disease

Wallenstein, G., 1977:
Skin tests in the diagnosis of allergic alveolitis

Radwan P.; Pokora J.; Daniluk J.; Skrzydlo Radomanska B.; Bienia A., 1984:
Skin tests with 2 4 dinitrochlorobenzene in patients with ulcerative colitis or lesniowski crohn disease

Munzarova M.; Zemanova D.; Kovarik J.; Rejthar A.; Pacovsky Z., 1985:
Skin tests with autologous cholesteryl hemisuccinate treated tumor cells in cancer patients

Breuer, U.; Strassburger, D.; Goerz, G.; Greither, A., 1976:
Skin tests with phyto hem agglutinin correlation with other parameters of cell mediated immunity

Pierce R.; Turner Warwick M., 1980:
Skin tests with tuberculin purified protein derivative candida albicans and trichophyton spp in cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis and asbestos related lung disease

Robertson, A., 1976:
Skin thickness in acne

Korkia I.P., 1980:
Skin transplantation and reactions of viscera and blood in the lizard genus lacerta

Goerttler K.; Loehrke H.; Hesse B.; Schweizer J., 1984:
Skin tumor formation in the european hamster cricetus cricetus after topical initiation with 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene and promotion with 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

Slaga, T.J.; Viaje, A.; Berry, D.L.; Bracken, W.; Buty, S.G.; Scribner, J.D., 1976:
Skin tumor initiating ability of benzo a pyrene 4 5 7 8 and 7 8 diol 9 10 epoxides and 7 8 diol

Slaga, T.J.; Bracken, W.M.; Dresner, S.; Levin, W.; Yagi, H.; Jerina, D.M.; Conney, A.H., 1978:
Skin tumor initiating activities of the 12 isomeric phenols of benzo a pyrene

Logani M.K.; Sambuco C.P.; Forbes P.D.; Davies R.E., 1984:
Skin tumor promoting activity of methylethyl ketone peroxide a potent lipid peroxidizing agent

Fuerstenberger G.; Berry D.L.; Sorg B.; Marks F., 1981:
Skin tumor promotion by phorbol esters is a 2 stage process

Marian, B.; Danner, M.W., 1987:
Skin tumor promotion is associated with increased type V collagen content in the dermis

Gamaleya, N.F.; Polishchuk, E.I., 1978:
Skin tumor treatment by a pulsed laser

Witschi, H.P.; Smith, L.H.; Frome, E.L.; Pequet-Goad, M.E.; Griest, W.H.; Ho, C.H.; Guerin, M.R., 1987:
Skin tumorigenic potential of crude and refined coal liquids and analogous petroleum products

Claudatus, J.C.; d'Ovidio, R.; Lospalluti, M.; Meneghini, C.L., 1986:
Skin tumors and reactive cellular infiltrate: further studies

Bencini P.L.; Sala F.; Crosti C.; Castelnuovo C.; Casati S.; Graziani G., 1987:
Skin tumors in dialysis patients

Zabezhinski M.A.; Pliss G.B.; Okulov V.B.; Petrov A.S., 1985:
Skin tumors induced by local and systemic action of n nitroso compounds in rats

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Skin tumors of xeroderma pigmentosum 1

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