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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6427

Chapter 6427 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Devillez R.L., 1981: Skin moisturization without occlusion

Kasabova R., 1979: Skin morphology and wool quality of sheep fed urea and urea preparation supplemented ration

Bianchi S., 1985: Skin morphology in some amphibians with different ecological habits a light and electron microscopic study

Hinton D.E., 1986: Skin mucous cell response to acid stress in male and female brown bullhead catfish ictalurus nebulosus

Lopez Campos J.L., 1981: Skin mucous glands of pleurodeles waltlii histochemical and ultrastructural study

Raa J., 1983: Skin mucus protease from rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and its biological significance

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426006

Richard Lenoble D.R., 1983: Skin mycoses in the gabon forestal zone survey of fungi isolated

Luger A., 1981: Skin necroses in cryo globulinemia

Bogokowsky H., 1981: Skin necrosis as a complication of anti coagulant therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426010

Mullins P.T., 1987: Skin necrosis complicating mallet finger splinting and vascularity of the distal interphalangeal joint overlying skin

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426012

Allen M.B., 1986: Skin necrosis following haemaccel

Takeshi, K.; Homma, J. Y.; Kato, I.; Saito, H., 1977: Skin necrotizing property of pseudomonas aeruginosa exo toxin

Duff B.C., 1987: Skin neoplasms of dogs in sydney australia

Fagius J., 1986: Skin nerve sympathetic activity during insulin induced hypoglycemia

Tarasenko G.F., 1987: Skin neurothecoma

Zwart D., 1979: Skin nodules in east coast fever

Maibach H.I., 1983: Skin occlusion effect on pityrosporum orbiculare skin carbon di oxide partial pressure ph trans epidermal water loss and water content

Donzelli G., 1984: Skin optics and phototherapy of jaundice

Cabanac M., 1984: Skin or hypothalamus cooling a behavioral choice by rats

Versmold, H. T.; Holzmann, M.; Linderkamp, O.; Riegel, K. P., 1978: Skin oxygen permeability in premature infants

Sarkany I., 1982: Skin oxygen tension and blood flow changes in response to respiratory maneuvers

Staehelin H.B., 1979: Skin oxygen tension as a function of imposed skin pressure implication for decubitus ulcer formation

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426025

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426026

Meyer-Rochow, V. B., 1978: Skin papillae as possible electro receptors in the deep sea eel cyema atrum cyemidae anguilloidei

Muratore O., 1988: Skin papillomas and other neoplasms induced by murine sarcoma viruses in mid gestation infected mice

Karstad, L.; Kaminjolo, J. S., 1978: Skin papillomas in an impala aepyceros melampus and a giraffe giraffa camelopardalis

Steel J.F., 1982: Skin patch urethro plasty 5 year follow up

Hruby E., 1983: Skin penetration by 2 4 di amino anisole in the rat

Howes D., 1979: Skin penetration of chemically related detergents

Mian M., 1988: Skin penetration of coenzyme q 10 in the rat

Vetter, J. C. M.; Leegwater-Van-Der-Linden, M. E., 1977: Skin penetration of infective hookworm larvae part 1 the path of migration of infective larvae of ancylostoma braziliense in canine skin

Vetter, J. C. M.; Leegwater-Van-Der-Linden, M. E., 1977: Skin penetration of infective hookworm larvae part 2 the path of migration of infective larvae of ancylostoma braziliense in the metacarpal foot pads of dogs

Vetter, J. C. M.; Leegwater, V. D. Linden, M. E., 1977: Skin penetration of infective hookworm larvae part 3 comparative studies on the path of migration of the hookworms ancylostoma braziliense ancylostoma ceylanicum and ancylostoma caninum

Avrach W.W., 1985: Skin penetration of minerals in psoriatics and guinea pigs bathing in hypertonic salt solutions

Ishihara M., 1984: Skin penetration of nicotinic acid methylnicotinate and butylnicotinate in the guinea pig comparison of in vivo and excised skin and the effects of dermatologic conditions

Mollay C., 1986: Skin peptides in xenopus laevis morphological requirements for precursor processing in developing and regenerating granular skin glands

Sokal M.M., 1980: Skin perfusion in pregnancy

Duncan H., 1985: Skin perfusion pressure in the prediction of healing in diabetic patients with ulcers or gangrene of the foot

Lonsmann Poulsen H., 1980: Skin perfusion pressure on the legs measured as the external pressure required for skin reddening after blanching a photo electric technique compared to isotope washout

Guhathakurta, B.; Datta, G. C.; Sasmal, D., 1978: Skin permeability and entero toxic factors of vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from human diarrheal cases and river water

Rutter N., 1987: Skin permeability in the newborn

Noda K., 1986: Skin permeability of various non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs in man

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426047

Nissim F., 1979: Skin petechiae and ecchymoses vasculitis due to anti coagulant therapy

Jansen C.T., 1984: Skin photo toxicity variations during repeated bath psoralen uv a exposures to 8 methoxy psoralen and tri methyl psoralen

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426050

Baenziger, H., 1980: Skin piercing blood sucking moths 3. feeding act and piercing mechanism of calyptra eustrigata lepidoptera noctuidae

Banziger, H., 1986: Skin piercing blood sucking moths iv. biological studies on adults of 4 calyptra species and 2 subspecies lepidoptera noctuidae

Banziger H., 1979: Skin piercing blood sucking moths part 2 studies on a further 3 adult calyptra sp lepidoptera noctuidae

Singh S., 1979: Skin pigmentation and tanning some north indian populations

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426055

Leguebe, A., 1976: Skin pigmentation variability

Gaur N., 1985: Skin pigmentation variability in indian population

Boehlen, P.; Grove, J.; Beya, M. F.; Koch-Weser, J.; Henry, M. H.; Grosshans, E., 1978: Skin poly amine levels in psoriasis the effect of dithranol therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426059

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426060

Procacci P., 1979: Skin potential and electro myogram changes induced by cutaneous electrical stimulation part 1 normal man in arousing and nonarousing environment

Zoppi M., 1979: Skin potential and electro myogram changes induced by cutaneous electrical stimulation part 2 subjects with reflex sympathetic dystrophies

Janes, C. L.; Worland, J.; Stern, J. A., 1976: Skin potential and vaso motor responsiveness of black and white children

Kusterer J.P., 1981: Skin potential level age and epidermal hydration effects

Engel B.T., 1981: Skin potential level age and recording site interactions

Koo J., 1987: Skin potential reflex corresponding to transient motion discomfort

Kiyono S., 1985: Skin potential responses of mentally retarded children during nocturnal sleep

Akcam A., 1987: Skin potentials sp recorded from the extremities and genital regions in normal and impotent subjects

Adair, E. R., 1977: Skin preoptic and core temperatures influence behavioral thermo regulation

Warner C., 1988: Skin preparation in the surgical patient

Bennett N., 1988: Skin preparation methods before cesarean section a comparative study

Kealey G.P., 1988: Skin preservation at 4c a species comparison

Koivikko A., 1980: Skin prick test in the diagnosis of dog dander allergy a comparison of different extracts with clinical history provocation tests and radio allergo sorbent test

Suoniemi I., 1980: Skin prick test reactivity to common allergens in finnish adolescents

Malling H J., 1984: Skin prick testing and the use of histamine references

Nethercott, J. R., 1978: Skin problems associated with multi functional acrylic monomers in uv curing inks

Rufli T., 1986: Skin problems in joggers

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426078

Jensen J.S., 1987: Skin protection against methyl methacrylate

Porutskii G.V., 1981: Skin protection during work with new lubricants and coolants

De Franciscis S., 1980: Skin protection techniques in the use of surgical drainage experimental study

Nonidez W.E., 1986: Skin protection viton and solubility parameters

Ros H.H., 1988: Skin pulse wave monitoring during lumbar epidural and spinal anesthesia

Farrell, D. F.; Sumi, S. M., 1977: Skin punch biopsy in the diagnosis of juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis a comparison with leukocyte peroxidase assay

Song C.W., 1983: Skin radioprotection by 5 thio d glucose

Poole J., 1987: Skin rash after triple vaccine

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426087

Lenox Smith I., 1980: Skin rashes associated with administration of the 2 nitro imidazole misonidazole

Barnes, R. M. R.; Lewis, C. M.; Pegrum, G. D.; Prince, G. H., 1976: Skin reaction and antibody responses in guinea pigs sensitized to human leukemia cells or their nuclei in combination with bcg

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426090

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426091

Bullen, A. W.; Miller, J. P.; Cunliffe, W. J.; Losowsky, M. S., 1978: Skin reactions caused by vitamin k in patients with liver disease

Winterfeld, G.; Magdon, E., 1983: Skin reactions in the miniature pig following single or fractionated local irradiation with 250 kilovolt x rays or 6.2 mev neutron rays/

Galvan-Bermejo, C.; Gil-Gayarre, M., 1977: Skin reactions in the treatment of carcinoma of the cervix with high energy radiation

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426095

Guler C., 1981: Skin reactions of some commercially available shampoos and hair balsams

Andersen K.E., 1980: Skin reactions produced by propylene glycol

Thormann J., 1981: Skin reactions to a urea containing cream

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426099

Lanzalone, C. M.; D'amato, C.; Cirelli, A., 1975: Skin reactions to di nitrochloro benzene and phyto hem agglutinin during antigen positive and negative acute viral hepatitis type b serum in serum hepatitis type b antigen carriers

Edy V.G., 1980: Skin reactions to interferon inoculations are reduced but not abolished by purification

Serup J., 1987: Skin reactions to irritants assessed by polysulfide rubber replica

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426103

Rudzki E., 1981: Skin reactions to primary irritants

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426105

Tsuruhara T., 1983: Skin reactions to vaccinia virus infection in the rabbits immunized with vaccinia soluble early antigen

Janower, M. L.; Hannon, M. A., 1976: Skin reactions with iocetamic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426108

Talini D., 1986: Skin reactivity and specific immunoglobulin e levels in the evaluation of allergic sensitivity to common allergens for epidemiological purposes

De Weck A.L., 1982: Skin reactivity basophil de granulation and immuno globulin e levels in aging

Tengberg J.E., 1979: Skin reactivity in workers with and without itching from occupational exposure to glass fibers

Hammer D.K., 1985: Skin reactivity of unsensitized monkeys upon challenge with staphylococcal enterotoxin b a new approach for investigating the site of toxin action

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426114

Serkies K., 1980: Skin reactivity to di nitrochloro benzene in cancer patients

Thong, Y. H.; Omar, A.; Kok, A.; Robinson, M. J., 1976: Skin reactivity to household aero allergens in children with bronchial asthma

Stastna J., 1987: Skin reactivity to mycobacterial antigens in children living in an area of mycobacterium xenopi endemicity

Marsh D.G., 1980: Skin reactivity to purified pollen allergens in highly ragweed sensitive individuals

Ciboddo G.F., 1986: Skin reactivity to ubiquitous antigens in a young population hospitalized for minor pathologies

Krauss, A. N.; Post, P. W.; Waldman, S.; Auld, P. A. M., 1976: Skin reflectance in the new born infant

King M.G., 1981: Skin reflectance iris pigmentation and information processing in children

Florence A.T., 1986: Skin reflectance measurements of patch test responses

Post, P. W.; Krauss, A. N.; Waldman, S.; Auld, P. A. M., 1976: Skin reflectance of new born infants from 25 to 44 weeks gestational age

Little, M. A.; Sprangel, C. J., 1980: Skin reflectance relationships with temperature and skin folds

Cartwright, R. A., 1975: Skin reflectance results from holy island northumberland

Khomullo, G. V.; Kokoreva, G. A., 1976: Skin regeneration and metabolism level during thyrostimulin injection

Agache P., 1983: Skin relief and aging

Tapaszto, I.; Kerenyi, G., 1977: Skin replacement with bioplast fibrin in ophthalmology

Van-Boxtel, A., 1977: Skin resistance during square wave electrical pulses of 1 to 10 milliamperes

Goette A., 1986: Skin resistance measurements indicating in activity of the sympathetic nervous system in spinal anesthesia

Gokhale, B. B.; Mehta, L. N.; Damle, P. S., 1977: Skin resistance to electric current and its correlation with sweat gland histology in vitiligo

Dubois E., 1979: Skin response to histamine in systemic lupus erythematosus

Wegelius O., 1982: Skin response to intra dermal dna and rna in systemic lupus erythematosus

Berry, R. J.; Mole, R. H.; Barnes, D. W. H., 1976: Skin response to x irradiation in the guinea pig

Heki S I., 1983: Skin responses to step up and step down heating in c 3h mice

Ramsay C.A., 1979: Skin responses to uv radiation in contact photo dermatitis due to fentichlor

Brehme, H.; Hitzeroth, H. W., 1980: Skin ridge findings in bantu speaking negroid populations of south africa 2. tips of the toes and plantar surface of the feet

Brehme, H.; Iwamoto, M., 1978: Skin ridge samples from the hand and soles of the feet of 226 orangutans pongo pygmaeus

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426139

Ohiwa K., 1982: Skin safety and clinical evaluation of st 33

Matsunaga K., 1985: Skin safety evaluation of hkp 210

Hosokawa K., 1986: Skin safety evaluation of improved simaron gel

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426143

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426144

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426145

Sizov I., 1980: Skin sensitivity of a delayed type against an adenoviral antigen in cattle

Talavera R., 1979: Skin sensitivity of adults on the isthmus of panama to mycobacterium xenopi sensitin

Bennett, R. H.; Carroll, E. J.; Jasper, D. E., 1977: Skin sensitivity reactions in calves inoculated with mycoplasma bovis antigens humoral and cell mediated responses

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426149

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426150

Randhawa V.S., 1982: Skin sensitization by misonidazole a demonstration of uniform mild hypoxia

Hobbs E.J., 1982: Skin sensitization potential of allyl methacrylate in guinea pigs

Olson K.J., 1980: Skin sensitization potential of tri sodium edta

Abdelnoor A.M., 1986: Skin sensitization to mycobacteria among school children prior to a study of bcg vaccination in north lebanon

Judd K.P., 1980: Skin sensitization with the new reagents 4 nitro 1 cyclohexyl 3 ethoxy 2 oxo 3 pyrroline and n 4 nitrocyclohexyl 3 ethoxy 2 oxo 3 pyrroline 3 yl l phenyl alanine

Degreef H., 1979: Skin sensitizing properties of aryl alkanoic acids and their analogs

Eberhard, P.; Mindt, W., 1977: Skin sensors for continuous oxygen monitoring of new borns

Scott S.A., 1986: Skin sensory innervation patterns in embryonic chick hindlimb following dorsal root ganglion reversals

Scott, S. A., 1988: Skin sensory innervation patterns in embryonic chick hindlimbs deprived of motoneurons

Kerby J., 1981: Skin sepsis in meat handlers observations on the causes of injury with special reference to bone

Sokolov, V. E.; Danilkin, A. A., 1977: Skin shield in males of the siberian roe capreolus capreolus pygargus

Negentsova Z., 1985: Skin side effects of lithium salts

Inokuchi K., 1982: Skin sliding closure technique is effective for management of infected prostheses in cases of arterial reconstruction with synthetic grafts

Attix F.H., 1987: Skin sparing effects of neutron beam filtering materials

Seligman S.J., 1984: Skin staples in potentially contaminated wounds

Laschi R., 1979: Skin storage in liquid nitrogen an ultrastructural investigation

Lewis J.M., 1984: Skin stress and blood flow in sitting paraplegic patients

Francis, A. J.; Marks, R., 1977: Skin stretching and epidermopoiesis

Blaylock, L. A.; Ruibal, R.; Platt-Aloia, K., 1976: Skin structure and wiping behavior of phyllomedusine frogs

Kaestle W., 1979: Skin structures as climbing adaptations in chamaeleo and cophotis reptilia sauria chamaeleonidae agamidae

Kaestle W., 1982: Skin structures on toes and tails of some agamids reptilia sauria agamidae

Goldsmith L.A., 1980: Skin sulfhydryl oxidase purification and some properties

Brooks J.G., 1981: Skin surface carbon di oxide measurement in sick preterm and term infants

Versmold H.T., 1982: Skin surface carbon di oxide partial pressure monitoring in new born infants in shock effect of hypotension and electrode temperature

Tooley W.H., 1979: Skin surface carbon di oxide tension in sick infants

Pasero R., 1984: Skin surface changes after uv irradiation

Rebello, T.; Hawk, J. L. M., 1978: Skin surface glycerol levels in acne vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426179

Hayakawa R., 1985: Skin surface lipids and serum lipids in acne vulgaris a comparative study of young women with and without acne

Lindholm J.S., 1982: Skin surface lipids of the cow

Sharaf, D. M.; Clark, S. J.; Downing, D. T., 1977: Skin surface lipids of the dog

Downing, D. T.; Sharaf, D. M., 1976: Skin surface lipids of the guinea pig

Colton S.W.Vi, 1980: Skin surface lipids of the horse equus caballus

Downing D.T., 1986: Skin surface lipids of the mink mustela vison

Stewart M.E., 1987: Skin surface lipids of the mole scalopus aquaticus

Stratigos J., 1987: Skin surface marking on the prickle cell layer

Rolfe P., 1982: Skin surface oxygen partial pressure and blood flow measurements over the ischial tuberosity

Rolfe P., 1981: Skin surface oxygen partial pressure measurement and the effect of externally applied pressure

Stuhlert T., 1985: Skin surface profile skin surface lipids and cell kinetic parameters in the epidermis studies in healthy test persons and patients with atopic neurodermatitis

Hayakawa R., 1985: Skin surface temperature on the face with rosacea like dermatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426193

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426194

Sasaki T., 1987: Skin surface temperatures during submaximal cycling observed by color thermography

Millet M.S., 1987: Skin tags a cutaneous marker for diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426197

Wolf A., 1986: Skin telangiectasias heavy sweating and diffuse itching in aluminum potroom workers

Parry M., 1982: Skin temperature and motorcyclists braking performance

Madsen J., 1980: Skin temperature and sub cutaneous adipose blood flow in man

Roberts A.H., 1980: Skin temperature bio feedback and migraine head aches a double blind study

Mcallister H.A., 1983: Skin temperature bio feedback evaluation of positive and negative monetary incentives

Patterson R., 1982: Skin temperature bio feedback for raynauds disease a double blind study

Loughry Machado G., 1981: Skin temperature bio feedback in children and adults

Pettaway G.T., 1987: Skin temperature biofeedback for multiple sessions with monetary incentives

Zusho H., 1987: Skin temperature change as a result of pcp s application

Reed L.D., 1979: Skin temperature changes in paradoxical sleep in man in the cold

Challoner, A. V. J.; Woodrough, R. E., 1978: Skin temperature changes induced by uv irradiation at 254 nanometers and 300 nanometers

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426209

Clark, R. P.; Mullan, B. J.; Pugh, L. G. C. E., 1977: Skin temperature during running a study using ir color thermography

Thalagala T., 1979: Skin temperature in a group of students of peradeniya sri lanka

Vaitkyavichyus V., 1987: Skin temperature in children and adolescents age 6 14

Howell T.H., 1981: Skin temperature of bed sore areas in the aged

Thukakoshi H., 1988: Skin temperature of the lower legs in the hemiplegic patients following cerebrovascular strokes before and after rehabilitation

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426215

Nave C., 1987: Skin tendon differences in collagen d period are not geometric or stretch related artefacts

Kurita N., 1979: Skin test active substance prepared from culture filtrate of fonsecaea pedrosoi

Storck H., 1980: Skin test and lymphocyte stimulation in delayed hyper sensitivity against staphylococcal antigens relation to bacterial cell fractions

Storck H., 1980: Skin test and lymphocyte stimulation in delayed hyper sensitivity against staphylococcus aureus antigens development of hyper sensitivity

Musk A.W., 1985: Skin test and radioallergosorbent test responses to wheat and common allergens and respiratory disease in bakers

Sasa M., 1986: Skin test and radioallergosorbent test with extracts of larval and adult midges of tokunagayusurika akamusi diptera chironomidae in asthmatic patients of the metropolitan area of tokyo japan

Sundaram K.R., 1987: Skin test and rast in children allergic to common allergens

Neidhart, J. A.; Christakis, N.; Metz, E. N.; Balcerzak, S. P.; Lobuglio, A. F., 1978: Skin test conversion following transfer factor a double blind study of normal individuals

Anand, B. S.; Truelove, S. C.; Offord, R. E., 1977: Skin test for celiac disease using a subfraction of gluten

Sen S., 1980: Skin test for gluten sensitive enteropathy using subfractions of gluten

Simpson J., 1985: Skin test radioallergosorbent test and clinical reactions to peanut allergens in children

Tan D., 1981: Skin test reactions in allergic patients and control subjects

Mellis C.M., 1984: Skin test reactivity and clinical allergen sensitivity in infancy

Rasanen L., 1980: Skin test reactivity and in vitro responses to microbes and microbial antigens

Michel F B., 1985: Skin test reactivity in infancy

Thayer, W. R. Jr ; Fixa, B.; Komarkova, O.; Charland, C.; Field, C. E., 1978: Skin test reactivity in inflammatory bowel disease in the usa and czechoslovakia

Davies B.H., 1985: Skin test reactivity to egg protein exposure by inhalation compared with ingestion

Drexhage, H. A.; Oort, J., 1977: Skin test reactivity to haemophilus influenzae antigens as an outcome of the antigen structure and the balance between humoral and cell mediated immunity in rats

Bousquet J., 1987: Skin test reactivity to histamine from infancy to old age

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426236

Rosario N.A., 1981: Skin test sensitivity to acacia pollen in brazil

Stanford J., 1984: Skin test sensitization by tubercle bacilli and by other mycobacteria in ethiopian school children

Fukumoto H., 1982: Skin test study of bancroftian filariasis in kuroshima island okinawa japan a 13 year longitudinal study during a control campaign

Nelson H.S., 1985: Skin test suppression by antihistamines and the development of subsensitivity

Asai, K.; Fujita, Y.; Miki, S.; Iwase, T.; Mimura, Y., 1986: Skin test via staphylococcal and streptococcal protein in behcet's disease a comparison of results from 1972 and 1985

Kolodkin A.E., 1981: Skin test with 2 4 di nitrochloro benzene as an index of primary cellular immune response in patients with some skin diseases and syphilis

Lysaya M.S., 1981: Skin test with toxoplasmosis allergen and complement fixation test in children with differing somatic pathology

Takahashi M., 1984: Skin test with varicella zoster virus antigen for ophthalmic herpes zoster

Hata S., 1980: Skin test with varicella zoster virus antigen on herpes zoster patients

Boyd G., 1983: Skin testing and extrinsic allergic alveolitis

Johnson, D. W.; Muscoplat, C. C.; Larsen, A. B.; Thoen, C. O., 1977: Skin testing fecal culture and lymphocyte immuno stimulation in cattle inoculated with mycobacterium paratuberculosis

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426248

Al Idrisi H., 1987: Skin testing in an allergy affected population of saudi arabia

Van Ketel W.G., 1981: Skin testing in chronic urticaria

Marx J.J.Jr, 1981: Skin testing in farmers lung disease

Parker C.W., 1981: Skin testing to detect penicillin allergy

Witek T.J.Jr , 1985: Skin testing with an aqueous extract of cotton bract

Tobin R.S., 1988: Skin testing with extracts of fungal species derived from the homes of allergy clinic patients in toronto canada

Kornetsky C., 1983: Skin testing with neuro transmitters in schizophrenic patients

Van Hecke E., 1982: Skin testing with simple equipment in photo dermatoses

Ahel V., 1985: Skin tests analysis values of ige and rast in 17 children with a positive food allergy anamnesis

Siraganian R.P., 1984: Skin tests and blood leukocyte histamine release of patients with allergies to laboratory animals

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426259

Hutchings, A. N., 1975: Skin tests and clinical features of asthma a report to the research committee of the british thoracic and tuberculosis association

Aalberse R.C., 1988: Skin tests and histamine release with p 1 depleted dermatophagoides pteronyssinus body extracts and purified p 1

Reinert M., 1981: Skin tests before and after steroid and anti histamine therapy

Hill D.J., 1982: Skin tests for celiac disease employing fractions of a gliadin digest

Tsai C.C., 1981: Skin tests in a primate model of allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis

Morell, F.; Curull, V.; Orriols, R.; De-Gracia, J., 1986: Skin tests in bird breeder's disease

Gasparini, M.; Bardare, M.; Bellani, F. F., 1976: Skin tests in childhood lymphoma and neuro blastoma

Wallenstein, G., 1977: Skin tests in the diagnosis of allergic alveolitis

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426268

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426269

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426270

Breuer, U.; Strassburger, D.; Goerz, G.; Greither, A., 1976: Skin tests with phyto hem agglutinin correlation with other parameters of cell mediated immunity

Char, D. H.; Hollinshead, A.; Herberman, R. B., 1977: Skin tests with soluble melanoma antigens in patients with choroidal tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426273

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426274

Robertson, A., 1976: Skin thickness in acne

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426276

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426277

Payne P.A., 1982: Skin thickness measurement by pulsed ultrasound its reproducibility validation and variability

Korkia I.P., 1980: Skin transplantation and reactions of viscera and blood in the lizard genus lacerta

Balch, C. M.; Marzoni, F. A., 1977: Skin transplantation during the pre reverdin era 1804 1869

Schweizer J., 1984: Skin tumor formation in the european hamster cricetus cricetus after topical initiation with 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene and promotion with 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

Slaga, T. J.; Viaje, A.; Berry, D. L.; Bracken, W.; Buty, S. G.; Scribner, J. D., 1976: Skin tumor initiating ability of benzo a pyrene 4 5 7 8 and 7 8 diol 9 10 epoxides and 7 8 diol

Slaga, T. J.; Viaje, A.; Bracken, W. M.; Berry, D. L.; Fischer, S. M.; Miller, D. R.; Leclerc, S. M., 1977: Skin tumor initiating ability of benzo a pyrene 7 8 diol 9 10 epoxide anti when applied topically in tetra hydro furan

Slaga, T. J.; Bracken, W. M.; Dresner, S.; Levin, W.; Yagi, H.; Jerina, D. M.; Conney, A. H., 1978: Skin tumor initiating activities of the 12 isomeric phenols of benzo a pyrene

Digiovanni J., 1987: Skin tumor initiating activities of the 9 and 10 fluoro derivatives of 7 or 12 methylbenz a anthracene and the 9 and 10 trifluoromethyl derivatives of 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene in sencar mice

Bickers D.R., 1986: Skin tumor initiating activity of therapeutic crude coal tar as compared to other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sencar mice

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426287

Davies R.E., 1984: Skin tumor promoting activity of methylethyl ketone peroxide a potent lipid peroxidizing agent

Marks F., 1981: Skin tumor promotion by phorbol esters is a 2 stage process

Danner M.W., 1987: Skin tumor promotion is associated with increased type v collagen content in the dermis

Gamaleya, N. F.; Polishchuk, E. I., 1978: Skin tumor treatment by a pulsed laser

Guerin M.R., 1987: Skin tumorigenic potential of crude and refined coal liquids and analogous petroleum products

Claudatus, J. C. Jr ; D'ovidio, R.; Lospalluti, M.; Meneghini, C. L., 1986: Skin tumors and reactive cellular infiltrate further studies

Graziani G., 1987: Skin tumors in dialysis patients

Petrov A.S., 1985: Skin tumors induced by local and systemic action of n nitroso compounds in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426296

Nakanishi T., 1982: Skin tumors of xeroderma pigmentosum 1

Gennari C., 1981: Skin type and dna repair preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426299

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426300

Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426301

Slee K.J., 1984: Skin ulcers caused by mycobacterium ulcerans in koalas near bairnsdale australia

Rudolph, R.; Stein, R. S.; Pattillo, R. A., 1976: Skin ulcers due to adriamycin

Biasutto S.N., 1988: Skin ulcers due to extravasation of chemotherapeutic drugs

Kruglyakov P.P., 1986: Skin ultrastructure in electroacupuncture

Pratzel H., 1987: Skin uptake of salicylic acid methylester by bathing

Faris I.B., 1986: Skin vascular resistance and skin perfusion pressure as predictors of healing of ischemic lesion of the lower limb influences of diabetes mellitus hypertension and age

Weirich, E. G.; Lutz, U. C., 1977: Skin vaso constriction effect of contact anti phlogistics

Staberg B., 1983: Skin vessel leakage plasma proteins after psoralen plus uv a therapy

Morozova T.G., 1979: Skin vessels in the process of formation and healing of experimental radiation ulcers micro angiographic study

Jensen H.S., 1984: Skin viability studies in vitro

Middleton, M. C.; Pratt, I., 1977: Skin water content as a quantitative index of the vascular and histologic changes produced in rat skin by di n butyl tin and tri n butyl tin

Grazhdankin A.V., 1981: Skin water loss in desert birds and reptiles

Silveira J.E.N., 1981: Skin water uptake and renal function in the toad bufo marinus ictericus

Hudson G., 1980: Skin window cellularity and macrophage changes in hodgkins and non hodgkins lymphomas

Gordon J., 1987: Skin window chambers a novel method for recovering the cells involved in delayed type hypersensitivity

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Section 7, Chapter 6427, Accession 006426318

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