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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6428

Chapter 6428 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Iosif C.S., 1985: Sling operation for urinary incontinence

Tsumura K.; Ward B.R., 1987: Sling used for boulder placement in instream enhancement projects

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Bruce M.; Jones C.; Manning D.P., 1986: Slip resistance on icy surfaces of shoes crampons and chains a new machine

Kohn A.J., 1986: Slip resistant silver feet shell form and mode of life in lower pleistocene argyropeza from fiji

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Rudy D.R., 1980: Slipping and sobriety the functions of drinking in alcoholics anonymous

Wright J.T., 1980: Slipping rib syndrome

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Warren H., 1986: Slips of the tongue in very young children

Bednarek, D. R.; Rudinger, G.; Rudin, S., 1988: Slit design considerations for rotating aperture scanning beam radiography

Cowden J.W., 1979: Slit lamp attachment for examination of donor corneas in mccarey kaufman medium

Cockburn D.M., 1982: Slit lamp estimate of anterior chamber depth as a predictor of the gonioscopic visibility of the angle structures

Douthwaite W.A.; Spence D., 1986: Slit lamp measurement of the anterior chamber depth

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Tuzovskii P.V., 1984: Slit shaped organs of water mites acarina hydrachinellae

Mclaurin R.L.; Olivi A., 1987: Slit ventricle syndrome review of 15 cases

Stefanos S.; Vanderhoven C.; Wietzerbin J.; Falcoff R.; Page Y., 1985: Slo 4 a new interferon inducer isolated from klebsiella pneumoniae and escherichia coli

Singer M.J.; Blackard J., 1982: Slope angle interrill soil loss relationships for slopes up to 50 percent

Kayani, A. K.; Krotki, K. J., 1977: Slope as a criterion for population stability

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Wallach H.; O'leary A., 1982: Slope of regard as a distance cue

Malo J L.; Cartier A.; Pineau L.; Gagnon G.; Martin R.R., 1985: Slope of the dose response curve to inhaled histamine and methacholine and pc 20 in subjects with symptoms of airway hyperexcitability and in normal subjects

Cockcroft D.W.; Berscheid B.A., 1983: Slope of the dose response curve usefulness in assessing bronchial responses to inhaled histamine

Healey F.P., 1980: Slope of the monod equation as an indicator of advantage in nutrient competition

Gherardi F.; Nocchi M.C.; Vannini M., 1988: Slope orientation in freshwater crabs a field study

Ciha A.J., 1984: Slope position and grain yield of soft white winter wheat triticum aestivum

Kesel, R. H., 1977: Slope runoff and denudation in the rupununi savanna guyana

Mandev A., 1980: Slope runoff in the malashevska mountains yugoslav bulgarian border

Laffan, M. D., 1979: Slope stability in the charleston punakaiki region south island new zealand 1. landslide potential

Laffan, M. D., 1979: Slope stability in the charleston punakaiki region south island new zealand 2. soil disturbance by windthrow and podocarp logging on steepland soils formed from miocene silty sandstone

Freire W.J., 1984: Slope stability of a soil treated with chemical additives

Freire W.J., 1985: Slope stability parameters according to fellenius method applied to a sandy clayey soil previously treated with chemical additives

Ganskopp D.; Vavra M., 1987: Slope use by cattle feral horses deer and bighorn sheep

Viollaz, P.; Chirife, J.; Iglesias, H. A., 1978: Slopes of moisture sorption isotherms of foods as a function of moisture content

Tyson J.J.; Diekmann O., 1986: Sloppy size control of the cell division cycle

Laughren C.M.; Maurer A.J., 1985: Sloppy toms made from mechanically deboned turkey meat

Lucariello J.; Nelson K., 1985: Slot filler categories as memory organizers for young children

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Haggar, R. J.; Squires, N. R. W., 1982: Slot seeding investigations 1. effect of level of nitrogen fertilizer and row spacing on establishment herbage growth and quality of perennial rye grass lolium perenne

Haggar, R. J.; Squires, N. R. W., 1982: Slot seeding investigations 2. time of sowing seed rate and row spacing of italian rye grass lolium multiflorum

Haggar, R. J.; Koch, D. W., 1983: Slot seeding investigations 3. the productivity of slot seeded red clover trifolium pratense cultivar hungaropoly compared with all grass swards receiving nitrogen

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Williams, E. D.; Hayes, M. J., 1987: Slot seeding investigations 6. a comparison of the spread and productivity of different white clover varieties into permanent pasture

Lyne E.D.; Katcherian D.A., 1988: Slotted acetabular augmentation in patients with neuromuscular disorders

Ferguson, E. F-Jr ; Houston, C. H., 1978: Sloughage of the anus and lower rectum following aortic graft replacement report of a case

Parrish, J. K.; Kroen, W. K., 1988: Sloughed mucus and drag reduction in school of atlantic silversides menidia menidia

Hawes M.C.; Pueppke S.G., 1986: Sloughed peripheral root cap cells yield from different species and callus formation from single cells

Howell, J. A.; Atkinson, B., 1976: Sloughing of microbial film in trickling filters

Schatz, H., 1978: Sloughing of skin following fluorescein extravasation

Betina, V.; Skarka, B., 1977: Slovak biochemical terminology part 1 enzymes enzymological terms and biochemical abbreviations

Peciar V., 1979: Slovakian czechoslovakia bryo floral studies 11

Hendrych, R., 1974: Slovakian range of lathyrus transsilvanicus

Kvien T.K.; Hoyeraal H.M.; Sandstad B., 1985: Slow acting antirheumatic drugs in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis evaluated in a randomized parallel 50 week clinical trial

Carnevali M.D.C.; Reger J.F., 1982: Slow acting flight muscles of saturniid moths

Brismar, T., 1977: Slow action of calcium ion on myelinated nerve fibers of xenopus laevis

Neumcke B.; Schwarz W.; Staempfli R., 1979: Slow actions of hyper polarization on sodium channels in the membrane of myelinated nerve

Russell D.F.; Hartline D.K., 1982: Slow active potentials and bursting motor patterns in pyloric network of the lobster panulirus interruptus

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Skokut T.A.; Filner P., 1980: Slow adaptive changes in urease levels of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi cells cultured on urea and other nitrogen sources

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Baumann, F., 1968: Slow and spike potentials recorded from retinula cells of the honey bee drone in response to light limulus inst intra cellular micro electrodes

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Yamada R H., 1988: Slow binding inhibition and slow tight binding inhibition of aspartate aminotransferase by hydrazinosuccinate

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