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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6429

Chapter 6429 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Newby, J. H. Jr, 1977: Small group dynamics and drug abuse in an army setting a case study

Suzuki J., 1984: Small group living therapy for abnormal eating behavior

Storm, R. H.; Willis, J. H., 1978: Small group training as an alternative to individual programs for profoundly retarded persons

Silva, F.; Voss, W. A., 1977: Small guide to the identification of game animals in rio grande do sul state

Miller, R. W.; Mulvihill, J. J., 1976: Small head size after atomic irradiation

Woodward M.P., 1983: Small heat shock proteins in drosophila melanogaster may confer thermal tolerance

Bonner J.J., 1986: Small heat shock proteins of drosophila melanogaster associate with the cytoskeleton

Et Al, 1982: Small hepato cellular carcinoma a clinico pathological study in 13 patients

Chenlong T., 1979: Small hepato cellular carcinoma clinical analysis of 30 cases

Ohta G., 1984: Small hepato cellular carcinoma containing many mallory bodies

Yu Y., 1987: Small hepatocellular carcinoma hcc and its remote outcome

Et Al, 1987: Small hepatocellular carcinoma intratumor ethanol treatment using new needle and guidance systems

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428012

Et Al, 1986: Small hepatocellular carcinomas in chronic liver disease detection with single photon emission computed tomography

Mead J.F., 1988: Small hydrocarbons formed by the peroxidation of squalene

Franssineti C., 1985: Small hyperechoic nodules of the renal parenchyma

Strain, L.; Dubois, E. L., 1978: Small inclusions in the cytoplasm of leukocytes in lupus erythematosus cell tests

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428017

Repine J.E., 1988: Small increases in ph decrease uptake of escherichia coli by human neutrophils in vitro

Cooke, W. J., 1976: Small inexpensive anesthetic apparatus for rats

Miyahara Y., 1987: Small infarction of the basal ganglia in childhood

Raggi, L. G., 1977: Small infective material coexistent with but distinct from avian infectious bronchitis virus

Musselman L.J., 1981: Small infestations of seymeria cassioides scrophulariaceae reduce growth of potted slash pine pinus elliottii

Calsen J., 1982: Small injections of fluorescent tracers by iontophoresis or chronic implantation of micro pipettes

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428024

Burnstock G., 1982: Small intensely fluorescent cells and sympathetic nerves in the adult rabbit portal vein and during peri natal development

Wamsley, J.; Black, A. C-Jr ; Redick, J. A.; West, J. R.; Williams, T. H., 1978: Small intensely fluorescent cells cyclic amp responses and catecholamines of the guinea pig superior cervical ganglion

Mentel, J.; Kapeller, K.; Dolezel, S.; Polonyi, J., 1976: Small intensely fluorescent cells in the autonomic ganglion of the cat

Kanerva L., 1979: Small intensely fluorescent cells of human sympathetic ganglia

Lockard, J. S., 1976: Small interval timer for observational studies

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Pulliainen, E., 1976: Small intestine and ceca lengths in the willow grouse lagopus lagopus in finnish lapland

Matsuo H., 1988: Small intestine as possible source of increased plasma cyclic gmp after administration of alpha human anp to dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428100

Toskes P.P., 1979: Small intestine bacterial overgrowth

Militaru M., 1984: Small intestine biopotentials in rats after hypokinesia

Fazio V.W., 1979: Small intestine cutaneous fistulas

Gel'fand S.I., 1985: Small intestine fibroma with pyloric gland heterotopia of the mucous membrane covering the tumor

Haskin P.H., 1987: Small intestine ischemia simulating primary colonic disease

Siebert J.R., 1980: Small intestine length in infants and children

Wojcik A., 1980: Small intestine loop incarceration in the foramen of the right triangular ligament of the liver as a cause of ileus

Darcy Vrillon B., 1984: Small intestine motility and ileal digestibility of a cassava diet in the pig

Haglund U., 1985: Small intestine mucosal lesions in feline septic shock a study on the pathogenesis

Yeh K Y., 1983: Small intestine of artificially reared rat pups effect of caloric intake and dietary composition on growth and di saccharidase activities

Yeh K Y., 1983: Small intestine of artificially reared rat pups weight gain and changes in alkaline phosphatase lactase and sucrase activities during development

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428112

Gierth M., 1984: Small intestine resorption in cancer patients fundamentals for enteric alimentary therapy in oncology

Bartelloni A., 1987: Small intestine tumors and emergency surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428115

Lunseth P.A., 1986: Small joint arthrodesis in the hand

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428117

Algaba F., 1986: Small kidney and hypertension selection of patients for surgery

Grunfeld B., 1988: Small kidney associated with primary vesicoureteral reflux in children a pathological overhaul

Solem, A., 1982: Small land snails from northern australia 2. species of westracystis mollusca pulmonata helicarionidae

Solem, A., 1984: Small land snails from northern australia 3. species of helicodiscidae and charopidae

Solem A., 1981: Small land snails from northern australia species of gyliotrachela mollusca pulmonata vertiginidae

Stein B.E., 1988: Small lateral suprasylvian cortex lesions produce visual neglect and decreased visual activity in the superior colliculus

Scott L.P., 1985: Small left atrium and change in contour of the ventricular septum in total anomalous pulmonary venous connection a morphometric analysis of 22 infant hearts

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428125

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428126

Wijffelman C.A., 1982: Small leguminosae as test plants for nodulation of rhizobium leguminosarum and other rhizobia and agrobacteria harboring a rhizobium leguminosarum sym plasmid

Leserman L.D., 1983: Small liposomes are better than large liposomes for specific drug delivery in vitro

James N.P., 1980: Small lithistid sponge bioherms early middle ordovician table head group western newfoundland canada

Inokuchi K., 1983: Small liver cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428131

Sullivan, A. K.; Vera, J. C.; Jerry, L. M.; Rowden, G.; Bain, B., 1978: Small lymphocyte thymus derived cell leukemia in the adult

Mason R., 1985: Small male body size in garter snake thamnophis sirtalis parietalis depends on testes

Deguchi, H., 1977: Small male branches of ptychomitrium grimmiaceae arising from the base of vaginula and in the perichaetial leaf circle

Kerman B.M., 1981: Small malignant melanoma of the choroid with extra ocular extension

Brooks R.T., 1988: Small mammal abundance in northern hardwood stands in west virginia usa

Hansson, L., 1978: Small mammal abundance in relation to environmental variables in 3 swedish forest phases

Dickinson M.N., 1985: Small mammal abundance in relation to microhabitat in a dry sub humid grassland in kenya

Urness P.J., 1984: Small mammal abundance on native and improved foothill ranges utah usa

Euler D.L., 1982: Small mammal and habitat response to shoreline cottage development in central ontario canada

Niles L.J., 1981: Small mammal associations in forested and old field habits a quantitative comparison

Evans E.M.N., 1983: Small mammal bone accumulations produced by mammalian carnivores

Nesvadbova J., 1979: Small mammal communities in farms and surrounding fields

Rakstad D.S., 1987: Small mammal communities in three aspen stand age classes

Krebs, C. J.; Wingate, I., 1976: Small mammal communities of the kluane region yukon territory canada

Andera M., 1987: Small mammal communities of the stream corridors in an agrocenosis

Abramby, Z., 1978: Small mammal community ecology changes in species diversity in response to manipulated productivity

Gettinger D.D., 1986: Small mammal community structure and composition in the cerrado province of central brazil

Birney E.C., 1979: Small mammal community structure in north american grasslands

Clark W.A., 1986: Small mammal community structure in northeastern nevada usa

French, N. R.; Grant, W. E.; Grodzinski, W.; Swift, D. M., 1976: Small mammal energetics in grassland ecosystems

Steblein P.F., 1985: Small mammal exploitation of a forest clearcut interface

Kowalski, M.; Lesinski, G., 1986: Small mammal fauna in janowo warsaw voivodship poland based on the analysis of barn owl tyto alba scop. pellets

Rongstad O.J., 1982: Small mammal heavy metal concentrations from mined and control sites

Molina R., 1988: Small mammal mycophagy in rangelands of central and southeastern oregon usa

Rhoades F., 1986: Small mammal mycophagy near woody debris accumulations in the stehekin river valley washington usa

Weller M.W., 1979: Small mammal populations and experimental burning of deweys pasture northwest iowa usa 1970 1974

Babb G.D., 1983: Small mammal populations and food selection in relation to timber harvest practices in the western cascade mountains washington usa

Mcgee J.M., 1982: Small mammal populations in an unburned and early fire successional sagebrush artemisia tridentata community

Barnett, J. L.; How, R. A.; Humphreys, W. F., 1977: Small mammal populations in pine and native forests in northeastern new south wales australia

Gottfried B.M., 1979: Small mammal populations in woodlot islands

Inouye R.S., 1987: Small mammal populations of an old field chronosequence successional patterns and associations with vegetation

Alho C.J.R., 1981: Small mammal populations of brazilian cerrado the dependence of abundance and diversity on habitat complexity

Bookhout T.A., 1986: Small mammal populations on ohio usa strip mined lands reclaimed with herbaceous vegetation under old and new reclamation laws

Fuller T.K. , 1981: Small mammal populations on the kenai peninsula alaska usa

Rivard D.H., 1980: Small mammal predation and prey handling behavior by the garter snake thamnophis elegans

Fox M.D., 1984: Small mammal recolonization of open forest following sand mining

Clark W.P., 1984: Small mammal recolonization of reclaimed coal surface mined land in wyoming usa

Medin D.E., 1986: Small mammal responses to diameter cut logging in an idaho usa douglas fir forest

Mckay G.M., 1981: Small mammal responses to pyric successional changes in eucalypt forest

Markham O.D., 1983: Small mammal soil burrowing as a radio nuclide transport vector at a radioactive waste disposal area in southeastern idaho usa

Rogovin K.A., 1980: Small mammal species composition distribution and number in the transaltai gobi desert mongolia

Sly, G. R., 1976: Small mammal succession on strip mined land in vigo county indiana usa

Watson R.T., 1985: Small mammal trapping analysis of disturbance and methods of trap protection

Adams L.W., 1984: Small mammal use of an interstate highway median strip

Mal'dzhyunaite S.A., 1979: Small mammalian fauna and their infections with coccidia in the zagare botanical and zoological preserve lithuanian ssr ussr

Forsyth G., 1980: Small mammals and habitat structure along altitudinal gradients in the southern cape mountains south africa

Korenberg E.I., 1979: Small mammals and problem of natural focus of tick borne encephalitis

Brooks J.E., 1987: Small mammals and stored food losses in farm households in bangladesh

G'orecki A., 1982: Small mammals and their habitats in the arid steppe of central eastern mongolia

Robinson R.M., 1980: Small mammals and white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus as possible reservoir hosts of brucella abortus in texas usa

Gerasimov S., 1980: Small mammals as food components of snakes in the maleshevo mountain southwestern bulgaria

Meylan A., 1982: Small mammals communities along divided highways faunas and examples of spatial distribution of microtus arvalis

Mal'dzhyunaite, S. A.; Mazheikite, R. B.; Gruodis, S. P., 1981: Small mammals found in cultivated pastures in central lithuanian ssr ussr 1. species composition of small mammals on nonirrigated cultivated pastures

Vesmanis I.E., 1985: Small mammals from algeria

Heissig K., 1982: Small mammals from an upper miocene vallesian karst filling in egypt

Joger U., 1982: Small mammals from the highland of adamaoua cameroon

Witte G.R., 1979: Small mammals from the island of juist ostfriesland west germany collection results from the summer of 1976

Martin, J. E., 1976: Small mammals from the miocene batesland formation of south dakota usa

Hodkova Z., 1979: Small mammals from the territory of czechoslovakia collected by the workers of the institute of parasitology czechoslovak academy of sciences prague in 1953 1976

Bendukidze O.G., 1984: Small mammals from the tshokrakian fauna of belomechetskaya northern caucasus russian sfsr ussr and their biostratigraphical significance

Felten, H.; Spitzenberger, F.; Storch, G., 1977: Small mammals from western asia minor part 3a

Barry S.J., 1984: Small mammals in a southeast queensland australia rain forest the effects of soil fertility and past logging disturbance

Nesvadbova J., 1979: Small mammals in farm buildings

Yahner R.H., 1983: Small mammals in farmstead shelterbelts habitat correlates of seasonal abundance and community structure

Rose R.K., 1981: Small mammals in openings in the dismal swamp of virginia usa

Tarasov M.P., 1979: Small mammals in the droppings of birds of prey in the steppes of ciscaucasia ussr

Mraz L., 1987: Small mammals in the food of owls in the territory of south bohemia czechoslovakia

Pelikan J., 1986: Small mammals in windbreaks and adjacent fields

Tomasova K., 1985: Small mammals insectivora rodentia in the rodnei mountains romania

Sofianidou T., 1985: Small mammals insectivora rodentia of macedonia greece

Popov, V. V., 1985: Small mammals mammalia insectivora rodentia lagomorpha from late pleistocene deposits in mecha dupca cave the western balkan mountains 2. description of species

Rickard W.H., 1982: Small mammals of a bitterbrush purshia tridentata cheat grass bromus tectorum community

Takeuchi M., 1983: Small mammals of an agricultural area in the tokachi district hokkaido japan

Martin G.H.G., 1986: Small mammals of arid savanna and montane sites in northern kenya

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428208

Dunlop, C. R.; Begg, R. J., 1981: Small mammals of little nourlangie rock northern territory australia 1. description of study site

Begg, R. J., 1981: Small mammals of little nourlangie rock northern territory australia 2. ecology of antechinus bilarni the sandstone antechinus marsupialia dasyuridae

Begg, R. J., 1981: Small mammals of little nourlangie rock northern territory australia 3. ecology of dasyurus hallucatus the northern quoll marsupialia dasyuridae

Begg, R. J., 1981: Small mammals of little nourlangie rock northern territory australia 4. ecology of zyzomys woodwardi the large rock rat zyzomys argurus the common rock rat rodentia muridae

Woodall S., 1985: Small mammals of melaleuca stands and adjacent environments in southwestern florida usa

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428214

Swanepoel, P., 1975: Small mammals of the addo elephant national park south africa

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Jackowska, B., 1977: Small mammals of the las piwnicki forest reserve

How R.A., 1987: Small mammals of the mitchell plateau region kimberley western australia

Seegert G.L., 1982: Small mammals of the ohio river floodplain in western kentucky and adjacent illinois usa

Blidarescu S., 1980: Small mammals of the premontane and montane regions of the southern carpathians romania

Jonkers D.A., 1983: Small mammals of the roggebotzand oostelijk fleovland the netherlands

Barbu P., 1981: Small mammals of the sandy zone situated on the right bank of the calmatui river south central romania

Johnson, W. J., 1978: Small mammals of the toft point scientific area door county wisconsin usa a preliminary survey

Andera M., 1982: Small mammals of the vihorlat mountains eastern slovakia czechoslovakia

Robbins, C. B., 1980: Small mammals of togo and benin 1. chiroptera

Happold M., 1986: Small mammals of zomba plateau malawi as assessed by their presence in pellets of the grass owl tyto capensis and by live trapping

Wilson M.L., 1985: Small mammals on massachusetts usa islands the use of probability functions in clarifying biogeographic relationships

Futagami K., 1986: Small mammals on mount numanohara the daisetsu mountains hokkaido japan

Bissell S.J., 1981: Small mammals on re vegetated agricultural land in eastern colorado usa

Rose, A. B., 1976: Small mammals trapped in dorrigo national park new south wales australia

Gilligan, M. R., 1976: Small marine animal collector for use by divers

Andrienko T.L., 1980: Small marsh willows salix lapponum salix myrtilloides and salix rosmarinifolia in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Gaudernack G., 1988: Small megakaryocytes an identification problem

Barr, C. C.; Sipperley, J. O.; Nicholson, D. H., 1978: Small melanomas of the choroid

Baker M.C., 1988: Small metacentric marker chromosomes particularly isochromosomes in cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428238

Sahu R., 1987: Small millets as the dietary substitutes for major cereals in three tribal districts of orissa india

Kriebel, M. E., 1978: Small mode miniature end plate potentials are increased and evoked in fatigued preparations and high magnesium ion saline

Kobayashi, M.; Kawase, S., 1976: Small molecular weight dna of the silkworm bombyx mori

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428242

Carrozza, F., 1977: Small mollusks from the mediterranean part 4

Kubo Y., 1980: Small multiple carcinoid tumors occurring in the ileum with a pseudocystic liver metastasis

Kuiper J.G.J., 1980: Small mussels sphaeriidae in fresh water in norway distribution ecology and relation to acidification of lakes

Beckert W., 1980: Small myomas of the stomach in autopsy cases

Hazlett, J. C. Jr, 1978: Small neurons in the parafascicular complex in the opossum a golgi study

Waser P.M., 1980: Small nocturnal carnivores ecological studies in the serengeti tanzania

Aine R., 1985: Small non cleaved follicular center cell lymphoma clinicopathologic comparison of burkitt and non burkitt variants in finnish material

Tuzuner, N.; Ince, U.; Yildiz, I.; Gocener, S.; Ulukutlu, L., 1987: Small non cleaved follicular center cell lymphoma in turkey burkitt's and non burkitt's types a retrospective clinicopathologic analysis of 53 cases in the pediatric age group

Warnke R.A., 1986: Small noncleaved cell lymphoma an immunophenotypic study of 18 cases and comparison with large cell lymphoma

Pavlova, Z.; Parker, J. W.; Taylor, C. R.; Levine, A. M.; Feinstein, D. I.; Lukes, R. J., 1987: Small noncleaved follicular center cell lymphoma burkitt's and non burkitt's variants in the usa ii. pathologic and immunologic features

Feinstein D.I., 1983: Small noncleaved follicular center cell lymphoma burkitts and non burkitts variants in the usa

Stromeyer F.W., 1983: Small nonpolypoid carcinomas of the large intestine

Fried G., 1980: Small noradrenergic storage vesicles isolated from rat vas deferens biochemical and morphological characterization

Dougherty W.G., 1987: Small nuclear inclusion protein encoded by a plant potyvirus genome is a protease

Chung S Y., 1982: Small nuclear ribo nucleo protein complexes of drosophila melanogaster

Pederson T., 1982: Small nuclear ribo nucleo proteins of drosophila identification of u 1 rna associated proteins and their behavior during heat shock

Sarkar S., 1986: Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein antigens are absent from 10s translation inhibitory ribonucleoprotein but present in cytoplasmic messenger ribonucleoprotein and polysomes

Blobel G., 1985: Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle assembly in vivo demonstration of a 6s rna free core precursor and posttranslational modification

Goldstein, L.; Wise, G. E.; Stephenson, C.; Ko, C., 1978: Small nuclear rna an association with condensed chromatin in amoebae

Eliceiri G.L., 1983: Small nuclear rna and translation

Jacob M., 1980: Small nuclear rna and virus associated rna in nuclear ribo nucleo protein fibrils from adenovirus infected hela cells

Krause M., 1982: Small nuclear rna from drosophila melanogaster kc h cells characterization and comparison with mammalian rna

Guthrie C., 1986: Small nuclear rna from saccharomyces cerevisiae unexpected diversity in abundance size and molecular complexity

Kuncio, G. S.; Goldstein, L., 1981: Small nuclear rna in cellular growth and differentiation 1. metabolic alterations seen in friend erythro leukemic cells

Goldstein, L.; Wise, G. E.; Ko, C., 1977: Small nuclear rna localization during mitosis an electron microscope study

Howard, E. F., 1978: Small nuclear rna molecules in nuclear ribo nucleo protein complexes from mouse erythro leukemia cells

Stern H., 1981: Small nuclear rna molecules that regulate nuclease accessibility in specific chromatin regions of meiotic cells

Ueda K., 1984: Small nuclear rna protein complex anchors on the actin filaments in bovine lymphocyte nuclear matrix

Yamada T., 1986: Small nuclear rna species and small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complexes purified from the feline placenta

Benecke B J., 1982: Small nuclear rna species are encoded in the nontranscribed region of ribosomal spacer dna

Kirschner M.W., 1983: Small nuclear rna transcription and ribo nucleo protein assembly in early xenopus development

Pederson T., 1982: Small nuclear rna u 2 is base paired to heterogeneous nuclear rna

Yamada T., 1987: Small nuclear rnp from mouse teratocarcinoma cells reacting with polyclonal anti sm and anti m 32 2 7g antibodies and biochemical characterization of the small nuclear rnps

De Robertis E.M., 1984: Small nuclear u ribonucleoproteins in xenopus laevis development uncoupled accumulation of the protein and rna components

Et Al, 1982: Small oat cell lung cancer and long term survival with regard to tumor node metastasis staging 11 cases

Eaton, J. L.; Pappas, L. G., 1978: Small ocellar inter neurons in the brain of the cabbage looper moth trichoplusia ni lepidoptera noctuidae

Baird B., 1984: Small oligomers of immuno globulin e cause large scale clustering of immuno globulin e receptors on the surface of rat basophilic leukemia cells

Olsen O., 1988: Small opacities among dental laboratory technicians in copenhagen denmark

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428282

Freund, H.; Berlatzky, Y., 1977: Small para duodenal hernias

Sivak S.A., 1979: Small parameter method in multi dimensional reaction diffusion problem model of cyclic amp signals in dictyostelium discoideum

Sievering H., 1987: Small particle dry deposition under high wind speed conditions eddy flux measurements at the boulder atmospheric observatory colorado usa

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428286

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428287

Wyborny L.E., 1985: Small peptides bound to polysomal rna inhibit gene expression in cell free systems replication of stimulated lymphocytes and dna repair in isolated chromatin

Amici D., 1982: Small peptides controlling transcription in vitro are bound to chromatin dna

Meloen R.H., 1985: Small peptides induce antibodies with a sequence and structural requirement for binding antigen comparable to antibodies raised against the native protein

Bartlett, K. H.; Trust, T. J.; Lior, H., 1977: Small pet aquarium frogs as a source of salmonella

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428292

White S.H., 1980: Small phospho lipid vesicles internal pressure surface tension and surface free energy

Carmichael, L. E.; Medic, B. L. S., 1978: Small plaque variant of canine herpesvirus with reduced pathogenicity for new born pups

Cawood J.I., 1985: Small plate osteosynthesis of mandibular fractures

Stillman S.L., 1979: Small plot evaluation of pasture grasses legumes and forages in coastal southeast queensland australia

Kline D.L., 1984: Small plot evaluation of potential residual acaricides against the lone star tick amblyomma americanum

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428298

Section 7, Chapter 6429, Accession 006428299

Cotterman S.G., 1980: Small plot field tests of methoprene for the control of asynchronous broods of culex nigripalpus in florida usa

Goold, G. J., 1978: Small plot studies of desmodium intortum cultivar greenleaf desmodium uncinatum cultivar silverleaf and lotononis bainesii cultivar miles in northland new zealand

Legg, B. J.; Day, W.; Brown, N. J.; Smith, G. J., 1978: Small plots and automatic rain shelters a field appraisal

Thompson E.L., 1982: Small pool habitat selection by red spotted newts notophthalmus viridescens viridescens in western maryland usa

Zarzycki, K., 1976: Small populations of relict and endemic plant species of the pieniny range poland west carpathians mountains their endangerment and conservation

Coulanges, P., 1977: Small pox and vaccine in madagascar and in the comoro islands part 1 history of small pox in madagascar the epidemics of the 19th century

Coulanges, P., 1977: Small pox and vaccine in madagascar and in the comoro islands part 3 small pox in madagascar beginnings of small pox control before the vaccination campaigns prophylaxis in the time of the kings

Coulanges, P., 1977: Small pox and vaccine in madagascar and in the comoro islands part 4 small pox in madagascar variolation and 1st attempts at vaccination in the 19th century

Coulanges, P., 1977: Small pox and vaccine in madagascar and in the comoro islands part 5 small pox in madagascar the pasteur institute of madagascar the vaccine institute

Coulanges, P.; Gilles, J. C.; Delorme, L.; Sarrotte, R.; Merouze, F., 1977: Small pox and vaccine in madagascar and in the comoro islands part 7 history of small pox in the comoro islands and the small pox vaccination campaign using lyophilized vaccine use of pressure injections

Coulanges, P.; Sureau, P.; Mayoux, A.; Chabaud, F., 1977: Small pox and vaccine in madagascar and the comoro islands part 6 technique for the preparation of lyophilized small pox vaccine using chick embryo fibroblast cultures 1963 1976

Coulanges, P., 1977: Small pox and vaccine in madagascar in the comoro islands part 2 small pox in 19th century madagascar popular beliefs and remedies

Zhdanov, V. M., 1977: Small pox eradication

Wehrle, P. F., 1978: Small pox eradication a global appraisal

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Vetter, N. J., 1977: Small pox eradication the bangladesh campaign

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Breman, J. G.; Alecaut, A. B.; Lane, J. M., 1977: Small pox in guinea west africa part 1 history and epidemiology

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