Smoke and sulfur dioxide fluctuations in the hours of peak pollution

Cabrera Facenda, A.; Barcelo Perez, C.; Anatolievich Esquivel, E.M.; Peral, J.M.R.

Revista Cubana de Higiene y Epidemiologia 26(2): 40-57


Accession: 006428585

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By means of a 50-day random sampling, from October 1981 to January 1982, in 30-minute consecutive samples, from 4.00 A.M. and 10.00 A.M., the environment-time behavior of smoke and sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere in Centro Habana was studied. A remarkable intermediate variability with prevalence of the ascending trend and a fine oscillatory structure is found. The absolute concentrations values for the two pollutants were lower than those referred to as harmful for short exposure periods.