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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6430

Chapter 6430 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kaul, P.L.; Prasad, M.C.; Pradhan, H.K., 1985:
Smooth muscle cells in caprine atherosclerosis immunofluorescence study

Chacon-Arellano, J.T.; Woolley, D.M., 1980:
Smooth muscle cells in the testicular capsule of the horse, pig and sheep

Zhuk N.N., 1985:
Smooth muscle cells of the blood vessels exposed to vibration

Schumacher, B.L.; Grant, D.; Eisenstein, R., 1985:
Smooth muscle cells produce an inhibitor of endothelial cell growth

Wagenvoort, C.A.; Wagenvoort, N., 1982:
Smooth muscle content of pulmonary arterial media in pulmonary venous hypertension compared with other forms of pulmonary hypertension

Piek T.; Buttenhuis A.; Simonthomas R.T.; Ufkes J.G.R.; Mantel P., 1983:
Smooth muscle contracting compounds in the venom of megascolia flavifrons hymenoptera scoliidae with notes on the stinging behavior

Piek T.; Buitenhuis A.; Veldsema Currie R.D.; Mantel P., 1983:
Smooth muscle contracting compounds in venoms of sphecid wasps hymenoptera sphecidae

Undem B.J.; Buckner C.K.; Harley P.; Graziano F.M., 1985:
Smooth muscle contraction and release of histamine and slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis in pulmonary tissues isolated from guinea pigs passively sensitized with immunoglobulin g 1 or immunoglobulin e antibodies

Inoue K.; Fujitani T., 1986:
Smooth muscle contraction augmenting factor produced by human mononuclear cell

Inoue, K.; Fujitani, T.; Middleton, E.J., 1983:
Smooth muscle contraction augmenting factor produced by human mononuclear cells 2. production by subsets of mononuclear cells and effect on the smooth muscle of trachea

Sakaki T.; Morimoto T.; Yokoyama K.; Kinugawa K.; Kyoi K.; Utsumi S., 1982:
Smooth muscle electro myogram in cerebral vaso spasm experimental and clinical study

Komori, S.; Matsuo, K.; Kanamaru, Y.; Ohashi, H., 1986:
Smooth muscle excitatory substances from Remak nerve of the chicken and a comparison of their pharmacological and chemical properties with substance P

Urbanek, R.W.; Johnson, W.C., 1978:
Smooth muscle hamartoma associated with Becker's nevus

Gilpin, S.A.; Gosling, J.A., 1983:
Smooth muscle in the wall of the developing human urinary bladder and urethra

Venugopalan, C.S.; O'Malley, N.A.; Marceau-Day, M.L.; Flory, W., 1987:
Smooth muscle inhibition by an extract of Sesbania drummondii

Lenard, H.G.; Goebel, H.H.; Weigel, W., 1977:
Smooth muscle involvement in congenital myotonic dystrophy

Bruce, L.A.; Behsudi, F.M.; Danhof, I.E., 1978:
Smooth muscle mechanical responses in vitro to bethanechol after progesterone in male rat

Grover, A.K.; Crankshaw, J.; Garfield, R.E.; Daniel, E.E., 1980:
Smooth muscle membrane vesicle orientation: a study on intactness and sidedness of rat myometrium plasma membrane vesicles

Babaev V.R.; Rukosuev V.S., 1983:
Smooth muscle myosin containing cells during rat myo cardial infarction healing/

Pearson R.B.; Misconi L.Y.; Kemp B.E., 1986:
Smooth muscle myosin kinase requires residues on the carboxyl terminal side of the phosphorylation site peptide inhibitors

Payne M.E.; Elzinga M.; Adelstein R.S., 1986:
Smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase amino acid sequence at the site phosphorylated by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase whether or not calmodulin is bound

Docherty J.R.; Constantine J.W.; Starke K., 1981:
Smooth muscle of rabbit aorta contains alpha 1 adrenoceptors but not alpha 2 adrenoceptors

Kondo S.; Morita F., 1981:
Smooth muscle of scallop patinopecten yessoensis adductor contains at least 2 kinds of myosin

Arjamaa O.; Talo A., 1983:
Smooth muscle of the quail coturnix coturnix japonica oviduct functions as a stretch receptor during ovum transport

Mosse, P.R.; Campbell, G.R.; Wang, Z.L.; Campbell, J.H., 1985:
Smooth muscle phenotypic expression in human carotid arteries. I. Comparison of cells from diffuse intimal thickenings adjacent to atheromatous plaques with those of the media

Schaub R.G.; Keith J.C.Jr; Simmons C.A.; Rawlings C.A., 1985:
Smooth muscle proliferation in chronically injured canine pulmonary arteries is reduced by a potent platelet aggregation inhibitor u 53059 4 5 bis p methoxyphenyl 2 trifluoromethylthiazole

Dankwa E.K.; Davies J.D., 1988 :
Smooth muscle pseudotumours a potentially confusing artifact of rectal biopsy

Dalley, B.K.; Bartone, F.F.; Gardner, P.J., 1976:
Smooth muscle regeneration in swine ureters a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Pestellini, V.; Ghelardoni, M.; Del-Soldato, P.; Volterra, G., 1978:
Smooth muscle relaxant properties of 2 naphthyloxy acetic acid amides

Pestellini, V.; Ghelardoni, M.; Bianchini, C.; Soldato, P.D.; Volterra, G., 1977:
Smooth muscle relaxant properties of 2 naphthyloxy acetic acid esters

Diamond, J.; Marshall, J.M., 1969:
Smooth muscle relaxants dissociation between resting membrane potential and resting tension in rat myometrium epinephrine norepinephrine isoproterenol nitro glycerin tetracaine papaverine relaxant

Mukai, T.; Yamaguchi, E.; Goto, J.; Takagi, K., 1981:
Smooth muscle relaxing drugs and guinea pig ileum

Crocker, D.W., 1969:
Smooth muscle tumors of the stomach

deLuise, V.P.; Draper, J.W.; Gray, G.F., 1976:
Smooth muscle tumors of the testicular adnexa

Senewiratne S.; Strong R.; Reasbeck P.G., 1987:
Smooth muscle tumors of the upper gastrointestinal tract

Tavassoli, F.A.; Norris, H.J., 1979:
Smooth muscle tumors of the vagina

Tavassoli, F.A.; Norris, H.J., 1979 :
Smooth muscle tumors of the vulva

Fletcher, W.A.; Sharpe, J.A., 1988:
Smooth pursuit dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease

Okabe Y.; Takiguchi T.; Nagayama I.; Miyazaki T.; Umeda R., 1986:
Smooth pursuit eye movement and predictability

Pivik, R.T., 1979:
Smooth pursuit eye movements and attention in psychiatric patients

Bartfai A.; Levander S.E.; Sedvall G., 1983:
Smooth pursuit eye movements clinical symptoms cerebro spinal fluid metabolites and skin conductance habituation in schizophrenic patients

Black, J.L.; Collins, D.W.; D.R.ach, J.N.; Zubrick, S.R., 1984:
Smooth pursuit eye movements in normal and dyslexic children

Mack, A.; Fendrich, R.; Pleune, J., 1979:
Smooth pursuit eye movements: is perceived motion necessary?

Lipton, R.B.; Frost, L.A.; Holzman, P.S., 1980:
Smooth pursuit eye movements, schizophrenia, and distraction

Tomer, R.; Mintz, M.; Levy, A.; Myslobodsky, M., 1981:
Smooth pursuit pattern in schizophrenic patients during cognitive task

Kimball, B.A., 1976:
Smoothing data with cubic splines

Thomas, A.W.; Snyder, W.M.; Bruce, R.R., 1977:
Smoothing interpolation and gradients from limited data

Rappaport, S.M., 1985:
Smoothing of exposure variability at the receptor: implications for health standards

Bruce E.N.; Jackson A.C., 1980:
Smoothing of maximum expiratory flow volume curves by digital filtering of flow as a function of volume

Wilson F.D.; George B.W., 1986:
Smoothleaf and hirsute cottons gossypium hirsutum response to insect pests and yield in arizona usa

Wynants C.; Van Binst G.; Loosli H.R., 1985:
Sms 201 995 a very potent analog of somatostatin assignment of the proton 500 megahertz nmr spectra and conformational analysis in aqueous solution

Bauer W.; Briner U.; Doepfner W.; Haller R.; Huguenin R.; Marbach P.; Petcher T.J.; Pless J., 1982:
Sms 201 995 a very potent and selective octa peptide analog of somatostatin with prolonged action

Wynants C.; Van Binst G.; Loosli H.R., 1985:
Sms 201 995 an octapeptide somatostatin analog assignment of the proton 500 megahertz nmr spectra and conformational analysis of sms 201 995 in dimethylsulfoxide

Stromberg E.L.; Stienstra W.C.; Kommedahl T.; Matyac C.A.; Windels C.E.; Geadelmann J.L., 1984:
Smut expression and resistance of corn zea mays to sphacelotheca reiliana in minnesota usa

Karatygin I.V., 1982:
Smut fungi of the genus anthracoidea from certain areas of the soviet arctic

Brecke B.J., 1981:
Smut grass sporobolus poiretii control in bahia grass paspalum notatum pastures

Meyer R.E.; Baur J.R., 1979:
Smut grass sporobolus poiretii control in pastures with herbicides

Mislevy P.; Currey W.L., 1980:
Smut grass sporobolus poiretii control in south florida usa

Freire, F.C.O., 1986:
Smut of para cress spilanthes oleracea l. a disease hitherto unrecorded in the brazilian amazonian region

Warfield W.C.; Villalon B.; Kresovich S., 1988:
Smut resistant sugarcane breeding line evaluations 1985 1986

Kakishima M., 1980:
Smut spores of the ustilaginales classified by surface structure

Koike H.; Fontenot D.; Damann K.; Schlub R., 1981:
Smut ustilago scitaminea of sugarcane saccharum in louisiana usa

Stoilov, M.; Khristov, N.; Popov, A., 1978:
Smut ustilago zeae resistance of maize mutant lines induced by gamma rays and fast neutrons

Groth, J.V.; Person, C.O., 1978:
Smutting patterns in barley and some plant growth effects caused by ustilago hordei

Loomis, C.R.; Walsh, J.P.; Bell, R.M., 1985:
Sn 1 2 diacylglycerol kinase ec of escherichia coli purification reconstitution and partial amino terminal and carboxyl terminal analysis

Lueking, D.R.; Goldfine, H., 1975:
Sn glycerol 3 phosphate acyl transferase ec activity in particulate preparations from anaerobic light grown cells of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides involvement of acyl thiol ester derivatives of acyl carrier protein in the synthesis of complex lipids

Ichihara, K., 1984:
Sn glycerol 3 phosphate acyltransferase ec in a particulate fraction from maturing safflower carthamus tinctorius seeds

Larson T.J.; Ludtke D.N.; Bell R.M., 1984:
Sn glycerol 3 phosphate auxotrophy of pls b strains of escherichia coli evidence that a 2nd mutation pls x is required

Cook, J.R.; Kozak, L.P., 1982:
Sn glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec gene expression during mouse adipocyte development in vivo

Kloeck G.; Kreuzberg K., 1987:
Sn glycerol 3 phosphate is a product of starch degradation in isolated chloroplasts from chlamydomonas reinhardii

Boehler, B.A.; Ernst-Fonberg, M.L., 1976:
Sn glycerol 3 phosphate trans acylase ec activity in euglena gracilis organelles

Dodd, D.K., 1986:
Snacking, aversive imagery, and weight reduction

Cline S.P.; Berg A.B.; Wight H.M., 1980:
Snag characteristics and dynamics in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii forests western oregon usa

Harlow R.F.; Guynn D.C.Jr, 1983:
Snag densities in managed stands of the south carolina usa coastal plain

Mccomb W.C.; Muller R.N., 1983:
Snag densities in old growth and 2nd growth appalachian forests

Dickson J.G.; Conner R.N.; Williamson J.H., 1983:
Snag retention increases bird use of a clear cut

Krieger K.A., 1985:
Snail distributions in lake erie usa canada the influence of anoxia in the southern central basin nearshore zone

Laing D.J., 1982:
Snail eating behavior of the tunnel web spider porrhothele antipodiana mygalomorphae dipluridae

Drewes R.C.; Roth B., 1981:
Snail eating frogs from the ethiopian highlands a new anuran specialization

Cabaret J.; Morand S.; Aubert C.; Yvore P., 1988:
Snail farming a survey of breeding management hygiene and parasitism of the garden snail helix aspersa mueller

Bertness M.D.; Yund P.O.; Brown A.F., 1983:
Snail grazing and the abundance of algal crusts on a sheltered new england usa rocky beach

Courtot A M.; Gomot L., 1982:
Snail helix aspersa albumin gland cyto differentiation during organogenesis

Phillipson J.; Abel R., 1983:
Snail numbers biomass and respiratory metabolism in a beech fagus sylvatica woodland wytham woods oxford england uk

Bec P.; Malecaze F.; Arne J.L.; Mathis A., 1985:
Snail track degeneration ultrastructural study

Smith, A.C., 1986:
Snailine: a possible diagnostic reagent from a common marine snail, the southern periwinkle, Littorina angulifera

Zeissler, H., 1975:
Snails and bivalves of the small forest burgholz near weimar ehringsdorf east germany

Muenzing, K., 1977:
Snails found at 2 castle ruins from the eastern black forest

Zeissler, H., 1976:
Snails from 3 valleys in the eisenach lower new red conglomerate

Zeissler, H., 1976:
Snails from a foothill of the teutoburger wald mountains

Zeissler H., 1980:
Snails from the maienluft castle ruin at wasungen with a reference to the muschelkalk area around meiningen thuringia east germany

Cadart J., 1975:
Snails helix pomatia and helix aspersa biology culture maintenance history gastronomy economics

Zeissler, H., 1975:
Snails in the hainich mountains south of the muehlhausen eisenach highway east germany

Zeissler H., 1986:
Snails in the lowland forest south of leipzig east germany near both sides of the highway koburger strasse

Zeissler H., 1979:
Snails in the small forest areas between breitenbich and dachrieden muehlhausen district east germany and in the southern part of the muehlhauser hardt forest

Zeissler H., 1983:
Snails in the so called forest of mangalia neptun and from steppe and woodland in the southern dobrogea romania

Zeissler H., 1985:
Snails in the valley grosser zschand elbsandsteingebirge east germany

Zeissler, H., 1975:
Snails in the valley of reiser near muehlhausen in thuringia

Strzelec M., 1986:
Snails of sinkhole ponds and sand excavation in the upper silesian poland industrial area

Zeissler H., 1983:
Snails of some jura on the western slope of muntele rosu district prahova romania

Zeissler, H., 1975:
Snails of the thueringer tal and the landscape protectorate hohe klinge near bad liebenstein east germany

Matzke, M., 1976:
Snails on overburden dumps of the lugau oelsnitz hard coal region

Zeissler, H., 1975:
Snails on the permian dolomite zone of the mountain deubacher hoene near thal in thuringia

Zeissler, H., 1975:
Snails on the slope near altengottern district muehlhausen in thuringia east germany

Blaylock, R.S.M., 1982:
Snake bites at triangle hospital zimbabwe jan. 1975 june 1981

Sawai, Y.; Lah, K.Y., 1978:
Snake bites in south korea

Sawai, Y.; Makino, M.; Kawamura, Y.; Fukuyama, T.; Chinzei, H., 1976 :
Snake bites on the amami islands of japan in 1973

Sawai, Y.; Kawamura, Y., 1977:
Snake bites on the amami islands of japan in 1974

Sawai, Y.; Kawamura, Y., 1977:
Snake bites on the amami islands of japan in 1975

Sawai Y.; Kawamura Y., 1980:
Snake bites on the amami islands of japan in 1976

Owings D.H.; Owings S.C., 1979:
Snake directed behavior by black tailed prairie dogs cynomys ludovicianus

Coss, R.G.; Owings, D.H., 1978:
Snake directed behavior by snake naive and experienced california ground squirrels in a simulated burrow

Dugand, A., 1975:
Snake fauna of the caribbean coast

Gillingham, J.C.; Carpenter, C.C., 1978:
Snake hibernation construction of and observations on a man made hibernaculum reptilia serpentes

Hennessy, D.F.; Owings, D.H., 1978:
Snake species discrimination and the role of olfactory cues in the snake directed behavior of the california ground squirrel

Gillingham J.C.; Clark D.L., 1981:
Snake tongue flicking transfer mechanics to jacobsons organ

Theakston, R.D.; Reid, H.A.; Larrick, J.W.; Kaplan, J.; Yost, J.A., 1981:
Snake venom antibodies in Ecuadorian Indians

Kini, R.M.; Gowda, T.V., 1982:
Snake venom enzymes 1. purification of atpase ec a toxic component of naja naja venom and its inhibition by potassium gymnemate

Mebs, D.; Pohlmann, S.; Von Tenspolde, W., 1988:
Snake venom hemorrhagins: neutralization by commercial antivenoms

Willemse, G.T.; Hattingh, J., 1978:
Snake venom instability

Warrell, D.A.; Ormerod, L.D., 1976:
Snake venom ophthalmia and blindness caused by the spitting cobra (Naja nigricollis) in Nigeria

Oka, J.; Ueda, K.; Hayaishi, O., 1978:
Snake venom phospho di esterase ec simple purification with blue sepharose and its application to poly adp ribose study

Hokama, Y.; Iwanaga, S.; Tatsuki, T.; Suzuki, T., 1976:
Snake venom proteinase inhibitors part 3 isolation of 5 poly peptide inhibitors from the venoms of hemachatus haemachatus ringhals cobra and naja nivea cape cobra and the complete amino acid sequences of 2 of them

Joubert F.J.; Viljoen C.C., 1979:
Snake venom the amino acid sequence of the subunits of 2 reduced and s carboxymethylated proteins c 8s 2 and c 9s 3 from dendroaspis angusticeps venom

Joubert, F.J., 1977:
Snake venom toxin the amino acid sequence of 3 toxins cm 2h cm 4b and cm 6 from naja haje annulifera egyptian cobra venom

Botes, D.P.; Strydom, D.J.; Anderson, C.G.; Christensen, P.A., 1971:
Snake venom toxins purification and properties of 3 toxins from naja nivea cape cobra venom and the amino acid sequence of toxin delta

Strydom, A.J.C.; Botes, D.P., 1971:
Snake venom toxins purification properties and complete amino acid sequence of 2 toxins from ringhals hemachatus haemachatus venom

Joubert, F.J., 1976:
Snake venom toxins the amino acid sequence of 3 toxins cm 2e cm 4a and cm 7 from naja haje annulifera egyptian cobra venom

Joubert, F.J., 1977:
Snake venom toxins the amino acid sequences of 2 toxins cm 2a and cm 3 from naja haje annulifera egyptian cobra venom

Strydom, D.J., 1972:
Snake venom toxins the amino acid sequences of 2 toxins from dendroaspis polylepis polylepis black mamba venom

Joubert, F.J., 1977:
Snake venom toxins the amino acid sequences of 3 toxins 9b 11 and 12a from hemachatus haemachatus venom

Joubert, F.J., 1976:
Snake venom toxins the amino acid sequences of 3 toxins cm 8 cm 11 and cm 13a from naja haje annulifera egyptian cobra venom

Botes, D.P., 1972:
Snake venom toxins the amino acid sequences of toxin b and toxin d from naja melanoleuca venom

Botes, D.P., 1971:
Snake venom toxins the amino acid sequences of toxins alpha and beta from naja nivea venom and the di sulfide bonds of toxin alpha

Joubert, F.J., 1975:
Snake venom toxins the purification and amino acid sequence of toxin cm 13b from naja haje annulifera egyptian cobra venom

Viljoen, C.C.; Botes, D.P., 1973:
Snake venom toxins. The purification and amino acid sequence of toxin F VII from Dendroaspis angusticeps venom

Joubert F.J.; Haylett T., 1981:
Snake venoms purification some properties and amino acid sequence of a phospho lipase a 2 from trimeresurus okinavensis hime habu venom

Joubert F.J.; Townshend G.S.; Botes D.P., 1983:
Snake venoms purification some properties of 2 phospho lipases a 2 cm i and cm ii and the amino acid sequence of cm ii from bitis nasicornis horned adder venom

Joubert F.J.; Taljaard N., 1980:
Snake venoms the amino acid sequences of 2 melanoleuca type toxins

Joubert F.J.; Taljaard N., 1980:
Snake venoms the amino acid sequences of 2 proteinase inhibitor homologues from dendroaspis angusticeps venom

Carme B.; Trape J.F.; Kumba L.L., 1986:
Snakebite in the congo estimation of the morbidity in brazzaville and in the rural areas of the pool and the mayombe

Hati A.K., 1984:
Snakebites in west bengal of india

Parker H.W., 1977:
Snakes a natural history

Kramer, E., 1977:
Snakes from nepal

Cunha, O.R.D.; Nascimento, F.P.D., 1976:
Snakes of amazonia brazil part 8 occurrence of rhinobothryum lentiginosum on the outskirts of belem para ophidia colubridae

Da-Cunha, O.R.; Do-Nascimento, F.P., 1975:
Snakes of amazonia part 7 the venomous snakes of the genus bothrops pit vipers of the lance head type and lachesis bushmaster of the region east of para brazil ophidia viperidae

Cunha, O.R.D.; Paiva-Do-Nascimento, F., 1976:
Snakes of amazonia part 9 the genus liophis in the eastern region of para state brazil ophidia colubridae

Rage J C.; Holman J.A., 1984:
Snakes of north american affinities in the french miocene parallel evolution or dispersal

Van Den Elzen P., 1980:
Snakes of southwest africa namibia in the herpetological department of the zoological research institute and museum alexander koenig in bonn west germany

I.Den Bosch H.A.J., 1985:
Snakes of sulawesi indonesia checklist key and additional biogeographical remarks

Cunha, O.R.; Do-Nascimento, F.P., 1983:
Snakes of the amazon region 20. atractus spp in the eastern amazon region and in maranhao brazil ophidia colubridae

Holman, J.A., 1976:
Snakes of the split rock formation middle miocene central wyoming

Nicholaides J.J.IIi; Chancy H.R.; Nelson L.A.; Shelton J.E., 1985:
Snap bean grade and yield response to nitrogen rate and time of application and phosphorus and potassium rate

Wilson H.P.; Hines T.E., 1987:
Snap bean phaseolus vulgaris and common lambsquarters chenopodium album response to acifluorfen

Peck N.H.; Macdonald G.E., 1984:
Snap bean phaseolus vulgaris var humilis cultivar bash blue lake 47 plant responses to nitrogen fertilization

Roman, B.; Bennett, E.L., 1978:
Snap harness for bio telemetry from rodents

Stefanis J.P.; Langhans R.W., 1982:
Snapdragon antirrhinum majus production with supplemental irradiation from high pressure sodium lamps

Crossland, J., 1976:
Snapper tagging in northeast new zealand 1974 analysis of methods return rates and movements

Jeng M S.; Chang K H., 1985:
Snapping shrimps crustacea decapoda alpheidae of taiwan

Staple, T.W.; Jung, D.; Mork, A., 1988:
Snapping tendon syndrome: hip tenography with fluoroscopic monitoring

Olafsson P.G.; Bryan A.M.; Bush B.; Stone W., 1983:
Snapping turtles a biological screen for poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Mcalpine D.F.; Godin G., 1986:
Snapping turtles chelydra serpentina new record and painted turtles chrysemys picta new record from new brunswick canada

Weiss D.J., 1985:
Snapshot analysis of variance comparing groups with unequal numbers of scores per subject

Clarke, C.M.H.; Henderson, R.J., 1978:
Snare marking chamois in new zealand

Schnitzler, L.; Verret, J.L.; Schubert, B.; Pouplard, A.; Simon, L., 1977:
Sneddon wilkinson syndrome subcorneal pustular dermatosis with acantholysis and immuno globulin a myeloma follow up study over a 13 year period

Levine, S.R.; Langer, S.L.; Albers, J.W.; Welch, K.M.A., 1988:
Sneddons's syndrome an antiphospholipid antibody syndrome?

Forrai, G.; Antal, J.; Balogh, A., 1985:
Sneezy twins

Von-Holst, D.; Kolb, H., 1976:
Sniffing frequency of tupaia belangeri a measure of central nervous activity arousal

Greve L., 1984:
Snipe flies rhagionidae in norway

Straka V., 1982:
Snipe flies robber flies stiletto flies diptera rhagionidae asilidae therevidae and dance flies of the genus hilara diptera empididae of the muranska planina czechoslovakia

Crawford R.J.M.; D.V.lliers G., 1985:
Snoek and their prey interrelationships in the benguela upwelling system southern africa

Kriz, J., 1976:
Snoopyia veronika new genus new species and isiola lyra new genus new species cardiolidae bivalvia from the silurian of bohemia czechoslovakia

Erkinjuntti, T.; Partinen, M.; Sulkava, R.; Palomaki, H.; Tilvis, R., 1987:
Snoring and dementia

Hoffstein, V.; Chaban, R.; Cole, P.; Rubinstein, I., 1988:
Snoring and upper airway properties

Norton, P.G.; Dunn, E.V., 1985:
Snoring as a risk factor for disease: an epidemiological survey

Yates, P., 1987:
Snoring as a risk factor for ischemic heart disease and stroke in men

Kakitsuba N.; Sadaoka T.; Motoyama S.; Takahashi H., 1988:
Snoring due to inspiratory vibration of the vocal folds

Butt, W.; Robertson, C.; Phelan, P., 1985:
Snoring in children: is it pathological?

Block, A.J.; Hellard, D.W.; Cicale, M.J., 1987:
Snoring, nocturnal hypoxemia, and the effect of oxygen inhalation

Mihajlova, B., 1978:
Snout beetles coleoptera curculionidae of macedonia yugoslavia

Szechtman H.; Ornstein K.; Teitelbaum P.; Golani I., 1982:
Snout contact fixation climbing and gnawing during apo morphine stereotype in rats from 2 substrains

I.Den Bosch H.A.J., 1983:
Snout temperatures of reptiles with special reference to the changes during feeding behavior in python molurus bivittatus serpentes boidae a study using ir radiation

Eurola S., 1980:
Snow algae in the kilpisjarvi region finnish lapland

Campbell C.A.; Nicholaichuk W.; Zentner R.P.; Beaton J.D., 1986:
Snow and fertilizer management for continuous zero till spring wheat triticum aestivum

Adams W.P.; English M.C.; Lasenby D.C., 1979:
Snow and ice in the phosphorus budget of a lake in south central ontario canada

Seip H.M.; Abrahamsen G.; Christophersen N.; Gjessing E.T.; Stuanes A.O., 1980:
Snow and melt water chemistry in mini catchments

West N.E.; Caldwell M.M., 1983:
Snow as a factor in salt desert shrub vegetation patterns in curlew valley utah usa

Eurola S.; Laine K.A.; Kyllonen H., 1980:
Snow conditions and some vegetation types in the kilpisjarvi region finnish lapland

Morton, M.L., 1978:
Snow conditions and the onset of breeding in the mountain white crowned sparrow

Zajac P.K.; Grodzinska K., 1982:
Snow contamination by heavy metals and sulfur in krakow agglomeration southern poland

Ettala M., 1986:
Snow cover and maximum leachate discharge of a sanitary landfill

Gupta, R.P.; Duggal, A.J.; Rao, S.N.; Sankar, G.; Singhal, B.B.S., 1982:
Snow cover area vs. snow melt runoff relation and its dependence on geo morphology a study from the beas catchment himalayas india

Chernykh Z.I.; Cheshev L.S., 1982:
Snow cover freezing and thawing of soil in spruce forests of the northern tien shan kirgiz ssr ussr

Guild D.W., 1986:
Snow damage in plantation forests in southern new zealand

Daubenmire R., 1984:
Snow drift vegetation in the shrub steppe of washington usa

Minnich R.A., 1984:
Snow drifting and timberline dynamics on mount san gorgonio california usa

Scott, W.S., 1980:
Snow dumping on electrical transmission rights of way environmental effects

Siggeirsson, E.I., 1976:
Snow fungus fusarium nivale

Minnich R.A., 1986:
Snow levels and amounts in the mountains of southern california usa

Granger R.J.; Gray D.M.; Dyck G.E., 1984:
Snow melt infiltration to frozen prairie soils

Seip H.M.; Andersen S.; Halsvik B., 1980:
Snow melt studied in a mini catchment with neutralized snow

Smith, J.D.; Reiter, W.W., 1976:
Snow mold control in bent grass turf with fungicides 1975

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Snow mold control in turf grasses with fungicides in saskatchewan 1971 1974

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Social behavior in the leaf nosed bat carollia perspicillata part 1 social organization

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Social behavior in the pseudoscorpion paratemnus elongatus pseudoscorpion atemnidae

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Social behavior of cows in pasture after being tied in a stall during winter

Honjo, S., 1977:
Social behavior of dictyna foliicola araneae dictynidae

Kasuya E., 1983:
Social behavior of early emerging males of a japanese paper wasp polistes chinensis antennalis hymenoptera vespidae

Whitthead H.; Carlson C., 1988:
Social behavior of feeding finback whales off newfoundland canada comparison with the sympatric humpback whale

Gaudioso Lacasa V.R., 1979:
Social behavior of golden hamster mesocricetus auratus

Finkelstein, N.W.; Dent, C.; Gallacher, K.; Ramey, C.T., 1978:
Social behavior of infants and toddlers in a day care environment

Breen P.A.; Carolsfeld W.; Yamanaka K.L., 1985:
Social behavior of juvenile red sea urchins strongylocentrotus franciscanus

Webster A.B.; Brooks R.J., 1981:
Social behavior of microtus pennsylvanicus in relation to seasonal changes in demography

Sokolov V.E.; Lyapunova K.L.; Surov A.V.; Kvashnin S.A., 1979:
Social behavior of norway rats rattus norvegicus in response to the sex and physiological state of an introduced individual

Ivanitskii V.V., 1982:
Social behavior of oenanthe isabellina during the period of formation of nesting population

Ovsyanikov N.G.; Rutovskaya M.V.; Menyushina I.E.; Neprintseva E.S., 1988:
Social behavior of polar foxes alopex lagopus repertoire of motor reactions

Whatson, T.S.; Smart, J.L., 1978:
Social behavior of rats following pre natal and early post natal under nutrition

Ito Y., 1986:
Social behavior of ropalidia fasciata hymenoptera vespidae females on satellite nests and on a nest with multiple combs

Done, B.S.; Heatwole, H., 1977:
Social behavior of some australian skinks

Sambraus H.H., 1981:
Social behavior of sows kept in groups

Sommeijer M.; D.B.uijn L.L.M., 1984:
Social behavior of stingless bees bee dances by workers of the royal court and the rhythmicity of brood cell provisioning and oviposition behavior

Balthazart, J.; Stevens, M., 1976:
Social behavior of testosterone propionate injected male ducklings in the presence of estrogen treated females

Siegfried, W.R., 1978:
Social behavior of the african comb duck sarkidiornis melanotus

Ito Y., 1987:
Social behavior of the australian paper wasp ropalidia revolutionalis de saussure hymenoptera vespidae

Miura S., 1981:
Social behavior of the axis deer axis axis during the dry season in guindy sanctuary madras india

Thaler E.; Ettel E.; Job S., 1981:
Social behavior of the bald ibis geronticus eremita observations at the alpen zoo innsbruck austria

Mock, D.W., 1975:
Social behavior of the boat billed heron

Vitale A.F.; Tenucci M.; Papini M.; Lovari S., 1986:
Social behavior of the calves of semi wild maremma cattle bos primigenius taurus

Welker, C.; Brinkmann, C.; Schaefer, C., 1981:
Social behavior of the capuchin monkey cebus apella cay in captivity 2. group consciousness

Welker, C.; Luehrmann, B., 1982:
Social behavior of the crab eating monkey macaca fascicularis 1. the rank as an attribute of the individual

Welker, C.; Luehrmann, B., 1982:
Social behavior of the crab eating monkey macaca fascicularis 2. the social structure

Welker, C.; Schaefer-Witt, C.; Hennek, R.; Schroer, P., 1986:
Social behavior of the crab eating monkey macaca fascicularis raffles 1821 iv. the postnatal development during the infant's second six months of life

Croft D.B., 1981:
Social behavior of the euro macropus robustus in the australian arid zone

Siegel, P.B., 1976:
Social behavior of the fowl

Ferron J., 1985:
Social behavior of the golden mantled ground squirrel spermophilus lateralis

Farr, J.A., 1976:
Social behavior of the golden silk spider nephila clavipes araneae araneidae

Lemnell, P.A., 1978:
Social behavior of the great snipe capella media at the arena display

Roell, A., 1978:
Social behavior of the jackdaw corvus monedula in relation to its niche

Tefft B.C.; Chapman J.A., 1987:
Social behavior of the new england cottontail sylvilagus transitionalis bangs with a review of social behavior in new world rabbits mammalia leporidae

Frankenberg E., 1982:
Social behavior of the parthenogenetic indo pacific gecko hemidactylus garnotii

Baugh T.M., 1981:
Social behavior of the salt creek death valley california usa pupfish cyprinodon salinus in aquaria

Smith A.T.; Smith H.J.; Wang X.; Yin X.; Liang J., 1986:
Social behavior of the steppe dwelling black lipped pika ochotona curzoniae

Branch L.C., 1983:
Social behavior of the tadpoles of phyllomedusa vaillanti

Severinghaus L.L., 1987:
Social behavior of the vinous throated parrotbill during the non breeding season

Yamagishi H.; Takano K.; Ohta H., 1984:
Social behavior of the white edged rockfish sebastes taczanowskii

Izawa K., 1980:
Social behavior of the wild black capped capuchin cebus apella

Gaston, A.J., 1978:
Social behavior of the yellow eyed babbler chrysomma sinensis

Levy Shiff R.; Hoffman M.A., 1985:
Social behavior of urban and kibbutz preschool children in israel

Hirth, D.H., 1977:
Social behavior of white tailed deer in relation to habitat

Farr J.A., 1980:
Social behavior patterns as determinants of reproductive success in the guppy poecilia reticulata pisces poeciliidae an experimental study of the effects of inter male competition female choice and sexual selection

Gaston, A.J., 1977:
Social behavior within groups of jungle babblers turdoides striatus

Allsopp, R., 1978:
Social biology of bushbuck tragelaphus scriptus in the nairobi national park kenya

Jeanne, R.L., 1975:
Social biology of stelopolybia areata in mexico hymenoptera vespidae

Litte M., 1981:
Social biology of the polistine wasp mischocyttarus labiatus survival in a colombian rain forest

Grusky, O.; Tierney, K.; Manderscheid, R.W.; Grusky, D.B., 1985:
Social bonding and community adjustment of chronically mentally ill adults

Gruenberg, E.M.; Turns, D.M.; Segal, S.P.; Solomon, M., 1972:
Social breakdown syndrome: environmental and host factors associated with chronicity

Sailler, H.; Schmidt, U., 1978:
Social calls of the common vampire bat desmodus rotundus during aggressive behavior at the feeding place in the laboratory

Baker C.M., 1984:
Social care behavior of captive slender mongooses herpestes sanguineus

Duelli, P., 1977:
Social carrying behavior in neotropical ants of the genus pseudomyrmex a behavioral pattern as a hint for taxonomy and phylogeny

Fincham F.; Hewstone M., 1982:
Social categorization and personal similarity as determinants of attribution bias a test of defensive attribution

Pool, I.; Sceats, J.E.; Hooper, A.; Huntsman, J.; Plummer, E.; Prior, I., 1987:
Social change, migration and pregnancy intervals

McEwan, J., 1978:
Social characteristics of diaphragm users in a family planning clinic

Dimitrov, V.D., 1977:
Social choice and self organization under fuzzy management

Hoskins C.N.; Halberg F.; Merrifield P.R.; Hillman D.C., 1979:
Social chronobiology circadian activation rhythms of married couples

McDermott, J.F.; Harrison, S.I.; Schrager, J.; Killins, E.W.; Dickerson, B., 1970:
Social class and child psychiatric practice: the clinician's evaluation of the outcome of therapy

Norman, R.D.; Martinez, R., 1978:
Social class and ethnicity effects on clinical judgments

Heller R.F.; Williams H.; Sittampalam Y., 1984:
Social class and ischemic heart disease use of the male female ratio to identify possible occupational hazards

Vutuc C.; Gredler B., 1980:
Social class and lung cancer

Vutuc C.; Herberg D.; Gredler B.; Kunze M., 1979:
Social class and lung cancer class distribution compared with the general population

Verghese, A.; Beig, A.; Abraham, A., 1976:
Social class and psychiatric disturbance: a community study

Gift, T.E.; Strauss, J.S.; Ritzler, B.A.; Kokes, R.F.; Harder, D.W., 1986:
Social class and psychiatric outcome

Mollica, R.F.; Milic, M., 1986:
Social class and psychiatric practice: a revision of the Hollingshead and Redlich model

Henggeler, S.W.; Tavormina, J.B., 1980:
Social class and race differences in family interaction: pathological, normative, or confounding methodological factors?

Ginsburg H.P.; Russell R.L., 1981:
Social class and racial influences on early mathematical thinking

Robinson, N.; Edouard, L.; Diehl, A.; Fuller, J.H., 1984:
Social class and risk factors for vascular disease in diabetes

Mitchell R.J.; Kosten M.; Ward P.J., 1985:
Social class and seasonality of birth in the midlands of tasmania australia during the 19th century

Filsinger E.E.; Anderson C.C., 1982:
Social class and self esteem in late adolescence dissonant context of self efficacy?

Eisemann, M., 1986:
Social class and social mobility in depressed patients

Pocock S.J.; Cook D.G.; Shaper A.G.; Phillips A.N.; Walker M., 1987:
Social class differences in ischemic heart disease in british men

Rantakallio, P., 1987:
Social class differences in mental retardation and subnormality

Gullo D.F., 1981:
Social class differences in preschool childrens comprehension of wh questions

Smith, P.K.; Dodsworth, C., 1978:
Social class differences in the fantasy play of preschool children

Scambler, G.; Hopkins, A., 1980:
Social class, epileptic activity, and disadvantage at work

Mitchell, D.F.; Pratto, D.J., 1977:
Social class familism interest in children and child bearing a preliminary test of a commitment model of fertility

Bridges K.R., 1982:
Social class gender and attitudes toward education for parenthood of high school and college students

Paneth, N.; Wallenstein, S.; Kiely, J.L.; Susser, M., 1982:
Social class indicators and mortality in low birth weight infants

Pamuk E.R., 1985:
Social class inequality in mortality 1921 1972 in england and wales uk

Richardson J.T.E., 1987:
Social class limitations on the efficacy of imagery mnemonic instructions

Fox A.J.; Goldbatt P.O.; Jones D.R., 1985:
Social class mortality differentials artifact selection or life circumstances?

Cortinovis, I.; Boracchi, P.; D.S.rilli, A.; Milani, S.; Bertulessi, C.; Zuliani, G.; Bevilacqua, G.; Corchia, C.; Davanzo, R.; Selvaggi, L., 1986:
Social class, prenatal care, maternal age and parity: a study of their interrelation in six Italian centres

Poole M.E., 1982:
Social class sex contrasts in patterns of cognitive style a cross cultural replication

Watson A., 1985:
Social class socially induced loss recruitment and breeding of red grouse lagopus lagopus scoticus

Syme, S.L.; Berkman, L.F., 1976:
Social class, susceptibility and sickness

Dennison, D., 1972:
Social class variables related to health instruction

Dodge K.A., 1980:
Social cognition and aggressive behavior of children

Mcguire K.D.; Weisz J.R., 1982:
Social cognition and behavior correlates of preadolescent chumship

Pellegrini, D.S., 1985:
Social cognition and competence in middle childhood

Sommers S., 1984:
Social cognition and interpersonal affect correlates of role taking skills in young adulthood

Ford M.E., 1982:
Social cognition and social competence in adolescence

Siegal M., 1984:
Social cognition and the development of rule guided behavior

Dix, T.; Ruble, D.N.; Grusec, J.E.; Nixon, S., 1986:
Social cognition in parents: inferential and affective reactions to children of three age levels

Dalhouse, A.D., 1976 :
Social cohesiveness hyper sexuality and irritability induced by chlorophenyl alanine in the rat

Schroder J.H., 1980:
Social cohesiveness of convict cichlid fish cichlasoma nigrofasciatum after irradiation of parental spermatogonia and oogonia with different doses of x rays

Bekoff, M., 1977:
Social communication in canids: evidence for the evolution of a stereotyped Mammalian display

Ganslosser U., 1979:
Social communications group life and play behavior of dorias tree kangaroo dendrolagus dorianus

Pyszczynski T.; Greenberg J.; Laprelle J., 1985:
Social comparison after success and failure biased search for information consistent with a self serving conclusion

Furnham, A.; Brewin, C.R., 1988:
Social comparison and depression

Jamieson J.L.; Kaszor N.D., 1986:
Social comparison and recovery from stress

Rofe Y.; Lewin I., 1988:
Social comparison or utility an experimental examination

Molleman, E.; Pruyn, J.; van Knippenberg, A., 1986:
Social comparison processes among cancer patients

Hung J.H.; Rosenthal T.L.; Kelley J.E., 1980:
Social comparison standards spur immediate assertion so you think you are submissive

France Kaatrude A C.; Smith W.P., 1985:
Social comparison task motivation and the development of self evaluative standards in children

Stermac L.E.; Quinsey V.L., 1986:
Social competence among rapists

Dodge K.A.; Pettit G.S.; Mcclaskey C.L.; Brown M.M., 1986:
Social competence in children

Galejs I.; Stockdale D.F., 1982:
Social competence school behaviors and cooperative competitive preferences assessments by parents teachers and school age children

Greve E.; Anthonsen S., 1987:
Social conditions after the first apoplectic attack a follow up study on 229 patients

Liestøl, K., 1982:
Social conditions and menarcheal age: the importance of early years of life

Kashti, Y.; Arieli, M., 1985:
Social conditions and pupils' responses in israeli residential schools

Goldstein V.; Ladefoged K.; Goldstein H.; Hegnhoj J.; Jarnum S., 1988:
Social conditions and quality of life for patients receiving prolonged parenteral nutrition at home a questionnaire study

Hendriksen C.; Gjorup T., 1981:
Social conditions prior to and 2 months after hospitalization in a medical department

Rodgers R.J.; Hendrie C.A., 1983:
Social conflict activates status dependent endogenous analgesic or hyper algesic mechanisms in male mice effects of naloxone on nociception and behavior

Yarnold P.R.; Grimm L.G.; Mueser K.T., 1986 :
Social conformity and the type a behavior pattern

Kaplan, G.A.; Salonen, J.T.; Cohen, R.D.; Brand, R.J.; Syme, S.L.; Puska, P., 1988:
Social connections and mortality from all causes and from cardiovascular disease: prospective evidence from eastern Finland

Zippel, C.; Thier, K.; Schicke, B., 1986:
Social consequences and problems after apoplexy

Arlien Soborg P.; Sorensen P.S.; Damgaard M., 1980:
Social consequences of cerebral apoplexy account of 129 patients with cerebral apoplexy admitted as emergencies to a department of neuro medicine in copenhagen denmark in the course of 1 year

Schneider, B.H.; Ledingham, J.E.; Byrne, B.M.; Oliver, J.; Poirier, C.A., 1985:
Social consequences of hyperactivity in a children's treatment center

Arnhoff, F.N., 1975:
Social consequences of policy toward mental illness indiscriminate shifts from hospital to community treatment may incur high social costs

Binder J.; Angst J., 1981:
Social consequences of psychic disturbances in the population field study on young adults

Leistner K.; Wessel G., 1980:
Social consequences of rheumatic diseases as reflected by international and national statistics

Dressler, W.W., 1988:
Social consistency and psychological distress

Higgins, E.T.; Wells, R.S., 1986:
Social construct availability and accessibility as a function of social life phase emphasizing the how vs. the can of social cognition

Danchin E., 1987:
Social context and breeding behavior in a kittiwake rissa tridactyla colony

Goetz, E.M.; Baer, D.M., 1973:
Social control of form diversity and the emergence of new forms in children's blockbuilding

Brown P.; Mackay I.R., 1985:
Social correlates of advanced alcoholism and effect of counseling a paired controlled analysis of 50 patients with a contrast group

Khlat M., 1988:
Social correlates of consanguineous marriages in beirut lebanon a population based study

Carbajal J.; Palacios A.M.; Magnin P.H., 1983:
Social cost of dermatologic patients chronic ulcerous lesions on lower extremities

Jørgensen, P., 1987:
Social course and outcome of delusional psychosis

Afton A.D.; Sayler R.D., 1982:
Social courtship and pair bonding of common goldeneyes bucephala clangula wintering in minnesota usa

Fischetti, M.; Peterson, J.L.; Curran, J.P.; Alkire, M.; Perrewe, P.; Arland, S., 1984:
Social cue discrimination vs. motor skill a missing distinction in social skills assessment

Famuyiwa, O.O.; Edozien, E.M.; Ukoli, C.O., 1985:
Social, cultural and economic factors in the management of diabetes mellitus in Nigeria

Diaz Del Castillo E.; Shor Pinsker V.; Karchmer K.S., 1981:
Social cultural and medical factors affecting peri natal mortality in mexico

Klopfer, P.H., 1977:
Social Darwinism lives! (Should it?)

Ebringer L.; Christie Brown J.R.W., 1980:
Social deprivation among short stay psychiatric patients

Ellis R.A.; Leitner D.W., 1980:
Social desirability as a variable affecting responses on the california psychological inventory

Will, E.E.; Verdin, J.A., 1978:
Social desirability response bias in childrens locus of control reports

Edwards L.K.; Clark C.L., 1987:
Social desirability values and dispersions for the items in two sd scales the mmpi sd scale and an experimental sd scale

Biddle, B.J.; Bank, B.J.; Marlin, M.M., 1980:
Social determinants of adolescent drinking; what they think, what they do and what I think and do

Ekblad, S., 1986:
Social determinants of aggression in a sample of Chinese primary school children

Silvany Neto A.M.; Carvalho F.M.; Lima M.E.C.; Tavares T.M., 1985:
Social determination of lead poisoning in children from santo amaro bahia brazil

Cullen S.M.; Cronk C.E.; Pueschel S.M.; Schnell R.R.; Reed R.B., 1981:
Social development and feeding milestones of young downs syndrome children

Cleveland J.; Snowdon C.T., 1984:
Social development during the 1st 20 weeks in the cotton top tamarin saguinus oedipus oedipus

Thierry B., 1985:
Social development in 3 species of macaque macaca mulatta macaca fascicularis macaca tonkeana a preliminary report on the 1st 10 weeks of life

Vandell D.L.; Owen M.T.; Wilson K.S.; Henderson V.K., 1988:
Social development in infant twins peer and mother child relationships

Handen C.E.; Rodman P.S., 1980:
Social development of bonnet macaques from 6 months to 3 years of age a longitudinal study

Hendy-Neely, H.; Rhine, R.J., 1977:
Social development of stump tailed macaques macaca arctoides momentary touching and other interactions with adult males during the infants 1st 60 days of life

Rhine, R.J.; Hendy-Neely, H., 1978:
Social development of stump tailed macaques macaca arctoides momentary touching play and other interactions with aunts and immatures during the infants 1st 60 days of life

Rhine, R.J.; Hendy-Neely, H., 1978:
Social development of stump tailed macaques macaca arctoides synchrony of changes in mother infant interactions and individual behaviors during the 1st 60 days of life

Mastilica M., 1985:
Social differences and health care

de Jong, A.; Giel, R.; Slooff, C.J.; Wiersma, D., 1985:
Social disability and outcome in schizophrenic patients

Isele, R.; Angst, J., 1985:
Social disability in schizophrenia the controlled prospective burgholzli study 1. case finding research design and characteristics of samples

Isele, R.; Merz, J.; Malzacher, M.; Angst, J., 1985:
Social disability in schizophrenia the controlled prospective burgholzli study 2. premorbid living situation and social adjustment comparison with a normal control sample

Craig, K.D., 1978:
Social disclosure coactive peer companions and social modeling determinants of pain communications

Santee W.R.; Bakken G.S., 1987:
Social displays in red winged blackbirds agelaius phoeniceus sensitivity to thermoregulatory costs

Miller, D.B., 1977:
Social displays of mallard ducks anas platyrhynchos effects of domestication

Heller, T., 1982:
Social disruption and residential relocation of mentally retarded children

Sherman, L.W.; Burgess, D.E., 1985:
Social distance and behavioral attributes of developmentally handicapped and normal children

Albrecht G.L.; Walker V.G.; Levy J.A., 1982:
Social distance from the stigmatized a test of 2 theories

Sherman L.W., 1984:
Social distance perceptions of elementary school children in age heterogeneous and homogeneous classroom settings

Pyrah D., 1984:
Social distribution and population estimates of coyotes canis latrans in north central montana usa

Bacon, P.M., 1979:
Social distribution of sexually transmitted diseases. A survey of female clinic registrations

Tilson R.L.; Hamilton W.J.IIi, 1984:
Social dominance and feeding patterns of spotted hyenas crocuta crocuta

Wilson M.E., 1981:
Social dominance and female reproductive behavior in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Braithwaite R.W., 1979:
Social dominance and habitat utilization in antechinus stuartii marsupialia

Ogasawara S.; Ootsu T., 1983:
Social dominance and inter individual distance in golden hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Terrill S.B., 1987:
Social dominance and migratory restlessness in the dark eyed junco junco hyemalis

Benoff F.H.; Rice D.H., 1980:
Social dominance and productivity in caged female japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Clarke, M.R.; Kaplan, J.R.; Bumsted, P.T.; Koritnik, D.R., 1986:
Social dominance and serum testosterone concentration in dyads of male Macaca fascicularis

Lockwood J.A.; Turney T.H., 1981:
Social dominance and stress induced hypertension strain differences in inbred mice

Lundberg U., 1986:
Social dominance orders in male laboratory rats

Hannon, R.; Butler, C.P.; Day, C.L.; Khan, S.A.; Quitoriano, L.A.; Butler, A.M.; Meredith, L.A., 1987:
Social drinking and cognitive functioning in college students: a replication and reversibility study

Konvsky M.; Wilsnack S.C., 1982:
Social drinking and self esteem in married couples

Reich L.M.; Tamarin R.H., 1984:
Social dynamics and multiple capture trap associations of meadow voles microtus pennsylvanicus

Constantz G.D., 1979:
Social dynamics and parental care in the tessellated darter etheostoma olmstedi pisces percidae

Sasvari, L., 1975:
Social dynamics in populations of the great tit parus major blue tit parus caeruleus and marsh tit parus palustris

Jannett F.J.Jr, 1980:
Social dynamics of the montane vole microtus montanus as a paradigm

Moreno, S.H., 1978:
Social dynamics of the range culture on panama

Baltes M.M.; Honn S.; Barton E.M.; Orzech M.; Lago D., 1983:
Social ecology of dependence and independence in elderly nursing home residents a replication and extension

Berkson, G.; Romer, D., 1980:
Social ecology of supervised communal facilities for mentally disabled adults 1. introduction

Romer, D.; Berkson, G., 1980:
Social ecology of supervised communal facilities for mentally disabled adults 3. predictors of social choice

Romer, D.; Berkson, G., 1980:
Social ecology of supervised communal facilities for mentally disables adults 2. predictors of affiliation

Brooks, C.H., 1980:
Social, economic, and biologic correlates of infant mortality in city neighborhoods

Conton L., 1985:
Social economic and ecological parameters of infant feeding in usino papua new guinea

Rose D.W.; Olson K., 1979:
Social economic and environmental impacts of a 25 megawatt wood fueled power plant

Arnaudov, D.; Ivanov, L.; Vasilevski, N., 1977:
Social economic reasons of the measures for preserving atmospheric air from pollution

Mcnamara, J.R.; Delamater, R.; Sennhauser, S.; Milano, M.J., 1988:
Social effect of the naturalistic display of assertiveness in a social conflict situation

Guillot, A., 1977:
Social effects on the behavior of and male and females mice in open field

Reinhardt V.; Houser W.D.; Eisele S.G.; Champoux M., 1987:
Social enrichment of the environment with infants for singly caged adult rhesus monkey

Pandey S.C.; Pandey S.D., 1986:
Social environment and male sexual maturation in wild mice

Glasgow, R.E.; Toobert, D.J., 1988:
Social environment and regimen adherence among type II diabetic patients

Wold B.; Aaro L.E., 1983:
Social environment attitudes and motivation for sports engagement a study among 70 volleyball players

Kling, A.; Dunne, K., 1976:
Social environmental factors affecting behavior and plasma testosterone in normal and amygdala lesioned macaca speciosa

Polsky R.H.; Mcguire M.T., 1981:
Social ethology of acute psychiatric patients influence of sex hospital environment and spatial proximity

Pope, D.J.; Cunningham, M., 1978:
Social evaluations of a woman with a problem pregnancy: effects of marital status, birth or abortion solution, and sex of respondents

Albonetti M.E.; D'udine B., 1986:
Social experience occurring during adult life its effects on socio sexual olfactory preferences in inbred mice mus musculus

Uhlemann T.; Zschiesche T.; Ziegeler G., 1986:
Social experiences of children and adolescents with cleft lip alveolus and palate aspects of a sociomedical study on orthodontically treated facial cleft patients

Cohen, J.L., 1980:
Social facilitation audience vs. evaluation apprehension effects

Corriveau, D.P.; Contildes, K.; Smith, N.F., 1978:
Social facilitation following response prevention in the rat

Cohen J.L., 1979:
Social facilitation increased evaluation apprehension through permanency of record

Gottlieb, B.W., 1982:
Social facilitation influences on the oral reading performance of academically handicapped children

Epple G.; Alveario M C., 1985:
Social facilitation of agonistic responses to strangers in pairs of saddleback tamarins saguinus fuscicollis

Tachibana, T., 1976:
Social facilitation of eating behavior in a novel situation by albino rats effects of behavior and presence of another rat

Matsuzawa Y.; Horikoshi T., 1981:
Social facilitation of feeding behavior in the chick

Hale, C., 1977:
Social facilitation of feeding in chickens control for response inhibition

Farr, J.A., 1976:
Social facilitation of male sexual behavior intra sexual competition and sexual selection in the guppy poecilia reticulata pisces poeciliidae

Lombardi C.M.; Curio E., 1985:
Social facilitation of mobbing in the zebra finch taeniopygia guttata

Campbell E.A.; Cope S.J.; Teasdale J.D., 1983:
Social factors and affective disorder an investigation of brown and harris model

Stanley, J.R.; Lambert, R.P.; Buckley, J.D.; Mackay, I.R., 1978:
Social factors and clinical disease: a checklist data base for correlative analysis

Gureje, O., 1986:
Social factors and depression in Nigerian women

Johnsen D.C.; Pappas L.R.; Cannon D.; Goodman S.J., 1980:
Social factors and diet diaries of caries free and high caries 2 7 year olds presenting for dental care in west virginia usa

Smith A.M.; Chinn S.; Rona R.J., 1980 :
Social factors and height gain of primary school children in england and scotland uk

Pearson M., 1982:
Social factors and leprosy in lamjung west central nepal implications for disease control

Aagaard J.; Husfeldt P.; Husfeldt V., 1983:
Social factors and life events as predictors for childrens health 1 year prospective study within a general practice

Aagaard J., 1982:
Social factors and life events as predictors for childrens health a 1 year prospective study after discharge from hospital

Warnakulasuriya K.A.A.S., 1988:
Social factors and oral hygiene habits among caries free children in low fluoride area in sri lanka

Baum, C.G.; Forehand, R., 1984:
Social factors associated with adolescent obesity

Zimmermann-Tansella, C.; Donini, S.; Ciommei, A.M.; Siciliani, O., 1988:
Social factors associated with the use of psychotropic drugs: alcohol abuse and minor psychiatric morbidity in the community

Devi Y.L.; Devi R.; Singh N.; Singh J., 1980:
Social factors contributing to sterility in manipur india

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