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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6431

Chapter 6431 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tognoni G., 1984: Social factors diet and breast cancer in a northern italian population

Pratt A.R., 1982: Social factors in conservation

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Symonds E.M., 1979: Social factors in patients for artificial insemination by donor

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Ibrahim M., 1985: Social factors influencing infant mortality

Osborn R.W., 1988: Social factors influencing perceived barriers to physical exercise among women

Wenlock R.W., 1979: Social factors nutrition and child mortality in a rural subsistence economy

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430010

Reidemeister J.C., 1980: Social fate return to work after coronary heart surgery and or aneurysmectomy

Howe W.J., 1985: Social feasibility as an alternative approach to water resource planning

Brown C.R., 1988: Social foraging in cliff swallows local enhancement risk sensitivity competition and the avoidance of predators

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430022

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430023

Leitch A., 1984: Social functions of the sub caudal scent gland secretion of the european badger meles meles carnivora mustelidae

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430041

Ewbank, R., 1976: Social hierarchy in suckling and fattening pigs a review

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430046

Baron A., 1984: Social housing of rats life span effects on reaction time exploration weight and longevity

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430063

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430064

Le-Moli, F., 1978: Social influence on the acquisition of behavioral patterns in the ant formica rufa

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430066

Connolly M.S., 1980: Social influences on biological rhythms

Meller R.E., 1983: Social influences on circulating levels of cortisol and prolactin in male talapoin monkeys miopithecus talapoin

Turnure J.E., 1987: Social influences on cognitive strategies and cognitive development the role of communication and instruction

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430072

Evans S.M., 1984: Social influences on foraging behavior of the red cheeked cordon bleu uraeginthus bengalus estrildidae

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430074

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430075

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430076

Galef B.G.Jr, 1987: Social influences on the identification of toxic foods by norway rats

Roberts, Sc, 1988: Social influences on vigilance in rabbits

Mccall R.B., 1983: Social influencing among 2 year olds role of affiliative and antagonistic behaviors

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430080

Dodge K.A., 1984: Social information processing in child psychiatric populations

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Thompson S.M., 1980: Social inhibition of maturation in females of the temperate wrasse pseudolabrus celidotus and a comparison with the blennioid tripterygion varium

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430084

Deni R., 1979: Social inhibition of operant behavior in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica the effect of fixed ratio and differential reinforcement of low rate schedules

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430089

Lee G.R., 1983: Social integration and fear of crime among older persons

Smith C., 1985: Social intelligence and decoding skills in nonverbal communication

Walker R.E., 1979: Social intelligence and vocational choice

Bedell J.R., 1982: Social intelligence evidence for independence of the construct

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430102

Pechmann T., 1982: Social interaction and the development of definite descriptions

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430145

Scarlett W.G., 1980: Social isolation from age mates among nursery school children

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430151

Hamilton, M. L., 1977: Social learning and the transition from babbling to initial words

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Murata K., 1986: Social life factors affecting the mortality of total japanese population

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430164

Szymanski K., 1988: Social loafing and self evaluation with an objective standard

Harkins S.G., 1987: Social loafing and social facilitation

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430167

Parker J.H., 1984: Social logics and moral logics

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430169

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430171

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430172

Kim Z S., 1985: Social maturity and intelligence

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430174

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430183

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430195

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430196

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430199

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430206

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430211

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430212

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430213

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430214

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430215

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430216

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430217

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430218

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430219

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430220

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430221

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430222

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430223

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430224

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430225

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430226

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430227

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430228

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430229

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430230

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430231

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430232

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430233

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430234

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430235

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430236

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430237

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430238

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430239

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430240

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430241

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430242

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430243

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430244

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430245

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430246

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430247

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430248

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430249

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430250

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430251

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430252

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430253

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430254

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430255

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430256

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430257

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430258

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430259

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430260

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430261

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430262

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430263

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430264

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430265

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430266

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430268

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430269

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430270

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430271

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430272

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430273

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430274

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430275

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430276

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430277

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430278

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430279

Section 7 , Chapter 6431, Accession 006430280

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430281

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430282

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430283

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430284

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430285

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430286

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430287

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430288

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430289

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430290

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430291

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430292

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430295

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430296

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Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430315

Section 7, Chapter 6431, Accession 006430316

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