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Social olfaction in male brown lemmings lemmus sibiricus equals lemmus trimucronatus and collared lemmings dicrostonyx groenlandicus 2. discrimination of mated and unmated females

Huck, U.W.; Banks, E.M.; Coopersmith, C.B.

Journal of Comparative Psychology 98(1): 60-65


ISSN/ISBN: 0735-7036
Accession: 006430207

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When tested in a Y-maze olfactometer, male brown and collared lemmings (L. sibiricus = trimucronatus and D. groenlandicus) preferred the odor of unmated receptive females to the odor of females with which they had just copulated. Similarly, sexually satiated males preferred the odor of an unmated receptive female to that of a strange female that had recently copulated with another male. Sexually experienced males without recent copulatory experience also demonstrated this preference, but sexually naive males did not. Sexually satiated collared lemmings preferred the odor of bedding from a novel estrous female to bedding from the female with which they had just copulated even when the bedding was collected before mating occurred. These results suggest that discrimination between prior mates and unmated females may be based on individual recognition as well as recognition of subclasses of females (i.e., mated vs. unmated, familiar vs. unfamiliar).

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