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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6436

Chapter 6436 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Prange T.; Sakarellos C.; Toma F.; Pascard C.; Fermandjian S., 1983:
Solid state and solvated state conformation of the free tetra peptide glycyl l prolyl d leucyl glycine by x ray and proton nmr spectroscopy

Jacob G.S.; Schaefer J.; Wilson G.E.Jr, 1985:
Solid state carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 nmr studies of alanine metabolism in aerococcus viridans gaffkya homari

Piotrowski E.G.; Valentine K.M.; Pfeffer P.E., 1984:
Solid state carbon 13 cross polarization magic angle spinning nmr spectroscopy studies of sewage sludge

Chanzy H.; Henrissat B.; Vincendon M.; Tanner S.F.; Belton P.S., 1987:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr and electron microscopy study on the reversible cellulose i cellulose iii i transformation in valonia

Winter W.T.; Taylor M.G.; Stevens E.S.; Morris E.R.; Rees D.A., 1986:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr and x ray diffraction of dermatan sulfate

Harbison G.S.; Smith S.O.; Pardoen J.A.; Courtin J.M.L.; Lugtenburg J.; Herzfeld J.; Mathies R.A.; Griffin R.G., 1985:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr detection of a perturbed 6 s trans chromophore in bacteriorhodopsin

Wittebort R.J.; Schmidt C.F.; Griffon R.G., 1981:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr of the lecithin gel to liquid crystalline phase transition

Heiman A.S.; Cooper W.T., 1987:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy of simultaneously metabolized acetate and phenol in a soil pseudomonas sp

Harbison G.S.; Smith S.O.; Pardoen J.A.; Mulder P.P.J.; Lugtenburg J.; Herzfeld J.; Mathies R.; Griffin R.G., 1984:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr studies of retinal in bacterio rhod opsin

Sarkar S.K.; Sullivan C.E.; Torchia D.A., 1983:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr study of collagen molecular dynamics in hard and soft tissues

Leary G.J.; Morgan K.R.; Newman R.H., 1987:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr study of pinus radiata wood

Chang C J.; Diaz L.E.; Woolfenden W.R.; Grant D.M., 1982:
Solid state carbon 13 nmr study of ribo nucleosides and rna

Immirzi, A.; Avena, P.; Ciajolo, M.R.; Becker, J.M.; Naider, F., 1978:
Solid state conformation of a terminally di blocked d methionyl l methionine

Van-Roey, P.; Salerno, J.M.; Duax, W.L.; Chu, C.K.; Ahn, M.K.; Schinazi, R.F., 1988:
Solid state conformation of anti human immunodeficiency virus type 1 agents crystal structures of three 3' azido 3' deoxythymidine analogues

Sederel W.L.; Bantjes A.; Feijen J.; Anderson J.M., 1980:
Solid state conformation of co polymers of beta benzyl l aspartate with l alanine l leucine l valine gamma benzyl l glutamate or epsilon carbobenzoxy l lysine

Högberg, T.; Rämsby, S.; de Paulis, T.; Stensland, B.; Csöregh, I.; Wägner, A., 1986:
Solid state conformations and antidopaminergic effects of remoxipride hydrochloride and a closely related salicylamide, FLA 797, in relation to dopamine receptor models

Kawai M.; Butsugan Y.; Fukuyama K.; Taga T., 1987:
Solid state conformations of alpha aminoisobutyryl l prolyl sequences crystal structure of boc aib l pro obzl

Schofield J.D.; Baianu I.C., 1982:
Solid state cross polarization magic angle spinning carbon 13 nmr and biochemical characterization of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar maris huntsman proteins

Pamment, N.; Robinson, C.W.; Hilton, J.; Moo-Young, M., 1978:
Solid state cultivation of chaetomium cellulolyticum on alkali pre treated sawdust

Considine P.J.; Hackett T.J.; Coughlan M.P., 1987:
Solid state cultivation of penicillium capsulatum on beet pulp

Oriol E.; Schettino B.; Viniegra Gonzales G.; Raimbault M., 1988:
Solid state culture of aspergillus niger on support

Gautney J.; Barnard A.R.; Penney D.B.; Kim Y.K., 1986:
Solid state decomposition kinetics of phenylphosphorodiamidate

Jere, G.V.; Surendra, L.; Kaushik, S.M.; Gupta, M.K., 1982:
Solid state decomposition studies on fluoro per oxo species of transition metals 11. kinetics of isothermal and photochemical decomposition of potassium penta fluoro peroxo tantalate mono hydrate

Lomanov M.F.; Shimchuk G.G.; Yakovlev R.M., 1979:
Solid state detectors of fission fragments for the roentgen equivalent man dose measurement of mixed proton and neutron radiation

Kintanar, A.; Alam, T.M.; Huang, W.C.; Schindele, D.C.; Wemmer, D.E.; Drobny, G., 1988:
Solid state deuterium nmr investigations of internal motion in 2' deoxythymidine

Sanghavi N.M.; Kotwaney H.N.; Shah V.J., 1981:
Solid state dispersion system of methaqualone and its effect on the dissolution rate

Ribakoff, S.; Pelton, C., 1977:
Solid state environmental controller for aquaculture systems

Gadia, M.K.; Mehra, M.C., 1977:
Solid state exchange colorimetry in the successive analysis of iron ii and iron iii in solution

Ramesh M.V.; Lonsane B.K., 1987:
Solid state fermentation for production of alpha amylase by bacillus megaterium 16m

Rodriguez J.A.; Echevarria J.; Rodriguez F.J.; Sierra N.; Daniel A.; Martinez O., 1985:
Solid state fermentation of dried citrus peel by aspergillus niger

Hang Y.D.; Lee C.Y.; Woodams E.E., 1986:
Solid state fermentation of grape pomace for ethanol production

Matteau P.P.; Bone D.H., 1980:
Solid state fermentation of maple wood by polyporus anceps

Mudgett R.E.; Paradis A.J., 1985:
Solid state fermentation of natural birch lignin by phanerochaete chrysosporium

Bone D.H.; Levonen Munoz E., 1984:
Solid state fermentation of oat straw by polyporus sp a 336 and the effect of added sugars

Nicolini L.; Von Hunolstein C.; Carilli A., 1987:
Solid state fermentation of orange peel and grape stalks by pleurotus ostreatus agrocybe aegerita and armillariella mellea

Thambirajah J.J., 1980:
Solid state fermentation of pig feces supplemented with carbohydrate sources

Macris B.J.; Kekos D.; Evangelidou X.; Galiotou Panayotou M.; Rodis P., 1987:
Solid state fermentation of straw with neurospora crassa from cmcase and beta glucosidase production

Cochet N.; Nonus M.; Lebeault J.M., 1988:
Solid state fermentation of sugar beet

Hsu, J.P.; Wang, H.H., 1986:
Solid state fermentation of swine manures

Moebus O.; Teuber M., 1986:
Solid state fermentations in a pneumatic fluidized bed reactor

Buxton P.C.; Lynch I.R.; Roe J.M., 1988:
Solid state forms of paroxetine hydrochloride

Vicens J.; Decoret C.; Royer J.; Etter M.C., 1985:
Solid state hydrolysis of 2 methyl 4h benzoxazin 4 one mode of propagation of the reaction process during the hydrolysis

Toniolo, C.; Palumbo, M., 1977:
Solid state ir absorption spectra and chain arrangement in some synthetic homo oligo peptides in the inter molecularly hydrogen bonded pleated sheet beta conformation

Craney C.L.; Krakauer H., 1982:
Solid state logarithmic amplifier for du spectrophotometer

Sasaki, S.; Miyamoto, M.; Nakamura, T.; Ematsu, I., 1978:
Solid state modifications of poly gamma ethyl l glutamate

Aubry A.; Protas J.; Boussard G.; Marraud M., 1980:
Solid state molecular interactions and conformations of pivaloyl d alanyl n isopropyl d prolinamide mono hydrate

Killian J.A.; Nicholson L.K.; Cross T.A., 1988:
Solid state nitrogen 15 nmr evidence that gramicidin a can adopt two different backbone conformations in dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine model membrane preparations

Nicholson L.K.; Moll F.; Mixon T.E.; Lograsso P.V.; Lay J.C.; Cross T.A., 1987:
Solid state nitrogen 15 nmr of oriented lipid bilayer bound gramicidin a

Wilson G.E.Jr; Jacob G.S.; Schaefer J., 1985:
Solid state nitrogen 15 nmr studies of the effects of penicillin on cell wall metabolism of aerococcus viridans gaffkya homari

Frey M.H.; Opella S.J.; Rockwell A.L.; Gierasch L.M., 1985:
Solid state nmr of cyclic pentapeptides

Diaz L.E.; Frydman L.; Olivieri A.C.; Frydman B., 1987:
Solid state nmr of drugs soluble aspirin

Ueda H.; Nagai T., 1981:
Solid state nmr spectroscopy and raman spectroscopy of the inclusion compound of tolbutamide with beta cyclo dextrin

Lewis B.A.; Das Gupta S.K.; Griffin R.G., 1984:
Solid state nmr studies of the molecular dynamics and phase behavior of mixed chain phosphatidyl cholines

Loucas, S.P.; Haddad, H.M., 1976:
Solid state ophthalmic dosage systems part 2 use of poly uronic acid in effecting prolonged delivery of pilocarpine in the eye

Strzelecka T.E.; Rill R.L., 1987:
Solid state phosphorus 31 nmr studies of dna liquid crystalline phases the isotropic to cholesteric transition

Aue W.P.; Roufosse A.H.; Glimcher M.J.; Griffin R.G., 1984:
Solid state phosphorus 31 nmr studies of synthetic solid phases of calcium phosphate potential models of bone mineral

Lin C T.; Perrier P.; Clay G.G.; Sutton P.A.; Byrn S.T., 1982:
Solid state photo oxidation of 21 cortisol tert butyl acetate to 21 cortisone tert butyl acetate

Aoyama H.; Miyazaki K I.; Sakamoto M.; Omote Y., 1987:
Solid state photoreaction of n n dialkylpyruvamides inclusion complexes with deoxycholic acid or cyclodextrin

Dorset D.L.; Rosenbusch J.P., 1981:
Solid state properties of anomeric 1 o n octyl d gluco pyranosides

Benzing Purdie L.M.; Ratcliffe C.I.; Ripmeester J.A., 1986:
Solid state proton and carbon 13 nmr studies of melanoidins synthesized from d xylose and glycine

Szepesi, Z.; Davies, D.H., 1977:
Solid state radiographic image converters: medical applications

Sudholter E.J.R.; Huis R.; Hays G.R.; Alma N.C.M., 1985:
Solid state silicon 29 and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy using cross polarization and magic angle spinning techniques to characterize 3 chloropropyl and 3 aminopropyl modified silica gels

Ahlneck, C.; Alderborn, G., 1988:
Solid state stability of acetylsalicylic acid in binary mixtures with microcrystalline and microfine cellulose

Bandoli G.; Grassi A.; Nicolini M.; Pappalardo G.C., 1985:
Solid state structure and conformation of the nootropic agent 4 hydroxy 2 oxo 1 pyrrolidineacetamide x ray and theoretical self consistant field molecular orbital studies

Pfeffer P.E.; Hicks K.B.; Earl W.L., 1983:
Solid state structures of keto di saccharides as probed by carbon 13 cross polarization magic angle spinning nmr spectroscopy

Childs R.F.; Shaw G.S.; Wasylishen R.E., 1987:
Solid state studies of some retinal iminium salts and related compounds evidence for a 6 s trans conformation

Parrish F.W.; Brown M.L., 1982:
Solid state transformations of alpha lactose mono hydrate in alcoholic media

Forni F.; Coppi G.; Iannuccelli V.; Vandelli M.A.; Bernabei M.T., 1988:
Solid state transitions and caf availability in surface solid dispersions of chloramphenicol stearate polymorphs

Qadeer M.A.; Iqbal J.; Aziz S.K.; Hussain M.; Hassan H., 1985:
Solid substrate fermentation for pectinases by aspergillus foetidus

Bajracharya R.; Mudgett R.E., 1979:
Solid substrate fermentation of alfalfa for enhanced protein recovery

Parveen N.; Kahlon S.S.; Sethi R.P.; Chopra A.K., 1983:
Solid substrate fermentation of wheat straw into animal feed

Rosenfeld J.M.; Mcleod R.A.; Foltz R.L., 1986:
Solid supported reagents in the determination of cannabinoids in plasma

Rodriguez E.; Gutierrez P.; Thomas J., 1985:
Solid systems containing a combination of antipyrine derivatives and hydroxyphenylaminoethanol

Perry, H.A., 1982:
Solid thyroid nodules

Watne, A.L., 1970 :
Solid tumor chemo therapy what have we to offer

Looney, W.B.; Ritenour, E.R.; Hopkins, H.A., 1981:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities 11. sequential combined modality cyclo phosphamide radiation therapy

Looney, W.B.; Hopkins, H.A.; Grover, W.H.; Macleod, M.S.; Ritenour, E.R.; Hobson, A.S., 1980:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities 13. comparison of response and recovery of host and solid tumor to cyclo phosphamide and radiation

Looney, W.B.; Ritenour, E.R.; Hopkins, H.A., 1982:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities 19. tumor cure rates and tumor control following sequential administration of radiation and cyclo phosphamide

Looney, W.B.; Hopkins, H.A.; Macleod, M.S.; Ritenour, R., 1979:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities 2. combined chemo therapy radio therapy variation of time interval between time of administration of 5 fluoro uracil and radiation and its effect on the control of tumor growth

Looney, W.B.; Longerbeam, M.B.; Hopkins, H.A.; Carter, W.H.J., 1983:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities 21. comparison of different radiation dose schedules alone or in combination with cyclo phosphamide

Looney, W.B.; Hopkins, H.A.; Carter, W.H.J., 1984:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities 22. the alternate utilization of radio therapy and chemo therapy

Looney, W.B.; Trefil, J.S.; Schaffner, J.C.; Kovacs, C.J.; Hopkins, H.A., 1975:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities part 1 radiation induced changes in growth rate characteristics of a solid tumor model

Looney, W.B.; Schaffner, J.G.; Trefil, J.S.; Kovacs, C.J.; Hopkins, H.A., 1976:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities part 4 the combined effects of radiation and 5 fluoro uracil

Looney, W.B.; Macleod, M.S.; Hopkins, H.A., 1978:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities part 7 single vs fractionated doses of 5 fluoro uracil on 2 solid tumors and their hosts

Looney W.B.; Hopkins H.A.; Macleod M.S., 1979:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities part 8 the scheduling of treatment for a chemo therapeutically resistant experimental solid tumor

Looney, W.B.; Hopkins, H.A., 1986:
Solid tumor models for the assessment of different treatment modalities xxv. comparison of the effect of one radiation fraction per day with multiple fractions per day given either continuously or intermittently on tumor response and normal tissue reaction

Giacchi, R.; Sebastiani, M.; Canestrari, F.; D.Q.irico, M.; Lungarotti, F., 1987:
Solid tumors and enzyme activity in human lymphocytes

O'sullivan D.D.; Raghuprasad P.; Ezdinli E.Z., 1979:
Solid tumors complicating hodgkins disease 2 patients with immuno globulin deficiency

Stegman, R.; Alexanian, R., 1979:
Solid tumors in multiple myeloma

Ybert G.; Chautard D.; Gandet O.; Lanson Y., 1987:
Solid tumors of renal parenchyma in adults does the absence of symptoms modify prognosis?

Castellvi J.; Rovira J., 1986:
Solid urban residues in the methane production by marine sediments

Rice, A.C., 1976:
Solid waste generation and byproduct recovery potential from winery residues

Kupchik, G.J., 1971:
Solid waste management: the metropolitan view

Merican Z.O.; Phillips M.J., 1985:
Solid waste production from rainbow trout salmo gairdneri cage culture

Taylor C.E.S.; Taylor R.J., 1986:
Solidago asteraceae of limited distribution in the central usa

Negrean, G., 1975:
Solidago graminifolia new record a new plant for romania

Manske, R.H.F.; Rodrigo, R.; Holland, H.L.; Hughes, D.H.; Maclean, D.B.; Saunders, J.K., 1978:
Solidaline a modified proto berberine alkaloid from corydalis solida

Moriyama N.; Dojiri S.; Watanabe G., 1982:
Solidification of filter sludge with poly ethylene

Rimkus, R.R.; Knight, E.W.; Sernel, G.E., 1980:
Solids handling systems for 6 different disposal options

Miletic S.; Racz Z., 1981:
Solids not fat content in raw and pasteurized milk

Annesini M.C.; Beccari M.; Mininni G., 1979:
Solids removal efficiency of primary settling tanks in municipal waste water treatment plants

Mote C.R.; Estes R.D., 1982:
Solids removal rates and energy requirements for dead poultry decomposition in heated septic tanks F.; Gargiulo G.M., 1982:
Solieria chordalis new record rhodophyta gigartinales in the mediterranean sea

Mshigeni K.E.; Papenfuss G.F., 1981:
Solieria jaasundii new species of red algae gigartinales solieriaceae from tanzania

Egginton P.A.; French H.M., 1985:
Solifluction and related processes eastern banks island northwest territories canada

Maury E.A., 1982:
Solifugids of colombia and venezuela solifugae ammotrechidae

Van Groenendael J.M.; Hochstenbach S.M.H.; Van Mansfeld M.J.M.; Roozen A.J.M., 1983:
Soligenous influences on wetlands and blanket bog in western connemara ireland

Ginsburg, N., 1982:
Solitaire illusion: replication and extension

Stock J.H., 1985:
Solitaricola bipes new genus new species a new poecilostomatoid copepod associated with solitary deep water corals

Corcoran, R.J.; Thrall, J.H.; Kyle, R.W.; Kaminski, R.J.; Johnson, M.C., 1976:
Solitary abnormalities in bone scans of patients with extraosseous malignancies

Billingham, R.P.; Bowman, H.E.; MacKeigan, J.M., 1980:
Solitary adenomas in juvenile patients

Wille W.; Gocht H., 1985:
Solitary and chain forming dinoflagellate cysts from the jurassic of southwestern germany

Sazima, I.; Sazima, M., 1977:
Solitary and group foraging 2 flower visiting patterns of the lesser spear nosed bat phyllostomus discolor

Kraj M.; Maj S.; Wronski D.; Letowska M., 1982:
Solitary and multiple plasma cytoma

Goff, L.J., 1976:
Solitary bodies s bodies in the parasitic red alga harveyella mirabilis choreocolaceae cryptonemiales

Pan J H.; E.A., 1987:
Solitary bone cyst a report of 24 cases

Cudia G.; Gordeeff A.; Panzoni E., 1987:
Solitary bone cyst with mandibular and humeral localization a case report

Stürz, H.; Hagena, F.W., 1980:
Solitary bone cysts with expansion throughout the complete humerus

Schurch, W.; Lamoureux, E.; Lefebvre, R.; Fauteux, J.P., 1980:
Solitary breast metastasis 1st manifestation of an occult carcinoid of the ileum

Kuhlman, J.E.; Fishman, E.K.; Kuhajda, F.P.; Meziane, M.M.; Khouri, N.F.; Zerhouni, E.A.; Siegelman, S.S., 1988:
Solitary bronchioloalveolar carcinoma: CT criteria

Bergqvist, D.; Mattsson, J., 1978:
Solitary calcaneal metastasis as the 1st sign of gastric cancer a case report

Permanetter, W.; Meister, P.; Heldwein, W., 1980:
Solitary carcinoma metastasis in Paget's disease. Distinction from sarcomatous changes

Weisberg, L.A., 1985:
Solitary cerebellar metastases. Clinical and computed tomographic correlations

Miyabe Y.; Takeda M.; Aoki K., 1985:
Solitary choroidal hemangioma with disturbance of the choroidal circulation

Amanuma A.; Yamada K., 1981:
Solitary cilia in germ cells of the chick embryonic ovary

Winther, A.; Grøn, I., 1988:
Solitary colonic mesenteric cyst

Trillo, A.; Guha, A., 1988:
Solitary condylomatous papilloma of the bronchus

Volkart R.; Rothenfluh T.; Kobelt W.; Dittrich A.; Ernst K., 1983:
Solitary confinement as a risk for psychiatric hospitalization

Pelargonio, S.; Siccardi, M.; Paone, F.M.; Salvaggio, E., 1977:
Solitary congenital cyst of the lung case report

Rivard, D.J.; Milner, W.A.; Garlick, W.B., 1978:
Solitary crossed renal ectopia and its associated congenital anomalies

Dutta, T.K.; Rao, M.S., 1975:
Solitary crossed renal ectopia in a patient with cervical carcinoma

Cicia, S.; Moltoni, G.; Barra, F., 1986:
Solitary diverticulum or blind branch of a bifid ureter? Presentation of a case with associated multicystic kidney

Finney, D.S.; Rees, T.D.; Wright, J.M.; Blanton, P.L., 1988:
Solitary eosinophilic granuloma (histiocytosis X) of the gingiva. A report of two cases

Peer, A.; Witz, E.; Yona, E.; Manor, H.; Reif, R., 1985:
Solitary eosinophilic granuloma of sternum: case report with review of the literature

Keating S.; Simon G.T.; Alexopoulou I.; Kay J.M., 1987:
Solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura an ultrastructural and immunohistochemical study

Briselli M.; Mark E.J.; Dickersin G.R., 1981:
Solitary fibrous tumors of the pleura 8 new cases and review of 360 cases in the literature

Potekaev N.S.; Ivanov O.L.; Sych L.I., 1979:
Solitary glomus tumor of the skin

McLelland, J.; Macfarlane, C.J., 1986:
Solitary granular endocrine cells and neuroepithelial bodies in the lungs of the ringed turtle dove (Streptopelia risoria)

Yoshimura M.; Tatezaki S.; Tanaka N.; Ishida I., 1982:
Solitary hem angioma of the rib

Austin, E.H.; Mitchell, G.E.; Oliphant, M.; Killenberg, P.; Oddson, T.; Thompson, W.M.; Chitwood, W.R.; Jones, R.S., 1981:
Solitary hepatic cyst and benign bile duct polyp: a heretofore unheralded association

Linderkamp, O.; Hoepner, F.; Klose, H.; Riegel, K.; Hecker, W.C., 1976:
Solitary hepatic hem angioma in a new born infant complicated by cardiac failure consumption coagulopathy micro angiopathic hemolytic anemia and obstructive jaundice case report and review of the literature

Buts, J.P.; Gosseye, S.; Claus, D.; de Montpellier, C.; Nyakabasa, M., 1981:
Solitary hyperplastic polyp of the stomach

Kashima, T.; Mizuguchi, K.; Toyama, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Kanehisa, T.; Kaida, N.; Nishimura, M., 1978:
Solitary interruption of the aortic arch

Lesoin F.; Delandsheer E.; Krivosic I.; Clarisse J.; Arnott G.; Jomin M.; Bouchez B., 1983:
Solitary intra medullary schwannomas

Wile, A.; Olinger, G.; Peter, J.B.; Dornfeld, L., 1976:
Solitary intra parenchymal pulmonary plasma cytoma associated with production of a myeloma protein report of a case

B.J.H.; E.A., 1985:
Solitary intraosseous neurofibroma a report of four cases

Orii Y.; Maguchi H.; Nakazawa I.; Minemoto H.; Saito I.K.Y.; Ashida T.; Yokota K.; Okamura K.; Namiki M., 1988:
Solitary juvenile polyp of the duodenum which has adenomatous component with severe dysplasia report of a case

Sauvage P.; Miclo S.; Olveux A.; Bientz J.; Vetter J.M.; Buck P., 1981:
Solitary kidney cyst in a new born child revealed by a gross hematuria and abdominal mass

Taïeb, A.; de Mascarel, A.; Surlève-Bazeille, J.E.; Gauthier, Y.; Legrain, V.; Maleville, J., 1986:
Solitary Langerhans cell histiocytoma

Gadaleanu V.; Galatar N.; Suceava I., 1981:
Solitary laryngeal plasmo cytoma

Takatera, H.; Maeda, O.; Oka, T.; Namiki, M.; Nakano, E.; Matsuda, M.; Arita, N.; Jamshidi, J.; Ushio, Y.; Sonoda, T., 1986:
Solitary late recurrence of renal cell carcinoma

Gomez M.L.; Pietropaolo N.; Cabrera H.N.; Costa J.A., 1983:
Solitary leio myomas of the face 2 cases

Makino S., 1985:
Solitary life of the foundress field observations of behavior of dolichovespula media media and dolichovespula saxonica nipponica in the pre emergence stage hymenoptera vespidae

Messier F., 1985:
Solitary living and extraterritorial movements of wolves canis lupus in relation to social status and prey abundance

Curtis, D.J.; Parks, S.E.; Olmsted, W.W.; Whaley, R.A., 1976:
Solitary lytic lesion of the skull radiological pathologic correlational from the armed forces institute of pathology

Martinez D.L.T.rre M.; Martinez S.; Puelles L., 1987:
Solitary magnocellular neurons in the avian optic tectum cytoarchitectonic histochemical and tritiated thymidine autoradiographic characterization

Das Gupta, T.K.; Brasfield, R.D., 1970:
Solitary malignant schwannoma

Vigneul, J.C.; Brocheriou, C.; Lesiak, J.; Chataing-Mangon, M.; Touroude, B., 1981:
Solitary maxillary cysts

Kanitakis, C.; Tsoitis, G., 1978:
Solitary modular calcinosis of the skin with clinical and histological particularities about 2 cases

Barbosa, J.; Hansen, L.S., 1984:
Solitary multilobular schwannoma of the oral cavity

Berry C.L., 1985:
Solitary necrotic nodule of the liver a probable pathogenesis

Shepherd, N.A.; Lee, G., 1983:
Solitary necrotic nodules of the liver simulating hepatic metastases

Ulbright, T.M.; Katzenstein, A.L., 1980:
Solitary necrotizing granulomas of the lung: differentiating features and etiology

Sumitswan S.; Srisukho S.; Martin N.; Trakultivakorn H.; Wongtra Ngan P., 1987:
Solitary non parasitic cyst of the liver a case report

Yokoyama T.; Miyoshi N.; Ichikawa T.; Okita M., 1984:
Solitary nonparasistic cyst of the liver in children 2 cases of rapid enlarging cyst caused by minor abdominal injury

Feller, A.M.; Reifferscheid, P.; Flach, A., 1981:
Solitary nonparasitic cysts of the liver in childhood

Machell, R.J.; Calne, R.Y., 1978:
Solitary non-parasitic hepatic cyst presenting with jaundice

Day, T.A.; Sibbald, J.R., 1988:
Solitary nucleus excitation of supraoptic vasopressin cells via adrenergic afferents

Pereyra Bonasso J.; Delgado H.; Bonavita L.; Cepellini R.; Garcia Guido L.; Schiaffarino O.; Sosa P.; Braga E., 1986:
Solitary or bilateral renal carcinoma experience with 8 cases

Rennie J.S.; Critchlow H.A., 1982:
Solitary oral amyloid 2 cases

de Swaan, B.; Tjiam, K.H.; Vuzevski, V.D.; Van Joost, T.; Stolz, E., 1985:
Solitary oral condylomata lata in a patient with secondary syphilis

Strempel, I., 1977:
Solitary orbito bulbar sarcoidosis

Lee H.A.; Grant B.D.; Gallina A.M., 1979:
Solitary osteo chondroma in a horse a case report

Norman R.A.; Andrews E.L., 1984:
Solitary osteo chondroma of the fibula case

Czorny A.; Berchet T.; Coudane H.; Auque J.; Montaut J., 1985:
Solitary osteochondroma of the spine report on 4 cases

D.R.cco, C.; Jannelli, A.; Fileni, A.; Moschini, M., 1982:
Solitary osteolytic lesions of the skull vault in children

Audisio, R.A.; L.M.nica, G., 1985:
Solitary pancreatic metastasis occurring 20 years after nephrectomy for carcinoma of the kidney

Sarti F.; Spandri P.; Conte G.; Locatelli C., 1981:
Solitary pelvic kidney with renal artery stenosis and other anomalies

Mittal V.K.; Cortez J.A.; Olson A.M., 1981:
Solitary perforated diverticulum of the ascending colon 2 cases

Ungaro, R.; Saab, S.; Almond, C.H.; Kumar, S., 1976:
Solitary peripheral pulmonary artery aneurysms. Pathogenesis and surgical treatment

Woodruff, R.K.; Whittle, J.M.; Malpas, J.S., 1979:
Solitary plasma cytoma 1. extramedullary soft tissue plasma cytoma

Woodruff, R.K.; Malpas, J.S.; White, F.E., 1979:
Solitary plasma cytoma 2. solitary plasma cytoma of bone

Mendenhall C.M.; Thar T.L.; Million R.R., 1980:
Solitary plasma cytoma of bone and soft tissue

Osanto S.; Valk P.V.D.; Meijer C.J.L.M.; Van Amstel W.J.; Willemze R., 1981:
Solitary plasma cytoma of the vagina

Bacci G.; Savini R.; Calderoni P.; Gnudi S.; Minutillo A.; Picci P., 1982:
Solitary plasma cytoma of the vertebral column 15 cases

Kvaloy S.; Abrahamsen A.F.; Landaas T.O.; Langholm R.; Marton P.F., 1983:
Solitary plasma cytomas of bone

Chak, L.Y.; Cox, R.S.; Bostwick, D.G.; Hoppe, R.T., 1987:
Solitary plasmacytoma of bone: treatment, progression, and survival

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Solubilization and affinity labeling of a dihydropyridine binding site from skeletal muscle effects of temperature and diltiazem on tritium labeled dihydropyridine binding to transverse tubules

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Solubilization and analysis of manno protein molecules from the cell wall of saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Solubilization and anionic regulation of cerebral sedative convulsant receptors labeled with sulfur 35 labeled tert butyl bi cyclo phosphorothionate

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Solubilization and assay of an hepatic receptor for the hapto globin hemo globin complex

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Solubilization and assay of tritium labeled imipramine binding sites from human platelets

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Solubilization and characteristics of the thyroid nadph dependent hydrogen peroxide generating system

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Solubilization and characterization of 2 rat brain membrane bound amino peptidases active on methionine enkephalin

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Solubilization and characterization of a cerebral glyco protein fucosyl transferase

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Solubilization and characterization of a tritiated hemicholinium 3 binding site in rat brain

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Solubilization and characterization of active angiotensin ii receptors from the bovine adrenal cortex

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Solubilization and characterization of active neurotensin receptors from mouse brain

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Solubilization and characterization of active opiate binding sites from mammalian brain

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Solubilization and characterization of an acyl coenzyme a o lyso phospho lipid acyl transferase from the microsomes of developing safflower carthamus tinctorius cultivar uc 1 seeds

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Solubilization and characterization of cardiac sarcolemmal taurine binding proteins

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Solubilization and characterization of cholecystokinin receptors from mouse pancreas

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Solubilization and characterization of Chondrosia reniformis sponge collagen

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Solubilization and characterization of fenugreek trigonella foenum graecum seed proteins

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Solubilization and characterization of high affinity tritium labeled serotonin binding sites from bovine cortical membranes

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Solubilization and characterization of histamine h 1 receptor from guinea pig brain

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Solubilization and characterization of lipid depleted rat brain monoamine oxidase by organic solvents

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Solubilization and characterization of mu, delta, and kappa opioid binding sites from guinea pig brain: physical separation of kappa receptors

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Solubilization and characterization of pellet associated human brain alpha l fucosidase ec activity

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Solubilization and characterization of putative alpha 2 adrenergic isoreceptors from the human platelet and the rat cerebral cortex

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Solubilization and characterization of the chicken oocyte vitellogenin receptor

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Solubilization and characterization of the initial enzymes of the dolichol pathway from yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Solubilization and characterization of the tritiated desipramine binding site of rat pheochromocytoma cells pc12 cells

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Solubilization and characterization of trh receptors from rat brain

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Solubilization and characterization of tritiated 5 hydroxytryptamine high affinity binding sites 5 hydroxytryptamine 1 and 5 hydroxytryptamine 3

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Solubilization and characterization of tritium labeled spiroperidol binding sites from sub cellular fractions of the calf striatum

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Solubilization and characterization of tritium labeled spiroperidol binding sites of calf caudate

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Solubilization and chromatographic separation of gonadotropin receptor from adenylate cyclase in ovarian preparations

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Solubilization and conversion of hepatic adenylate cyclase to a form requiring manganese atp as substrate

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Solubilization and degradation of extracellular matrix by various metastatic cell lines derived from a rat rhabdomyosarcoma

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Solubilization and degradation of subendothelial matrix glyco proteins and proteo glycans by metastatic tumor cells

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Solubilization and detergent effects on interactions of some drugs and insecticides with the tert butylbicyclophosphorothionate binding site within the gamma aminobutyric acid receptor ionophore complex

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Solubilization and developmental distribution of embryonic antigen of the chick red blood cell plasma membrane

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Solubilization and electrophoretic characterization of the great northern bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar great northern proteins

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Solubilization and fractional precipitation of a steroid alpha ketol oxidase

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Solubilization and functional reconstitution of the cyclic gmp dependent cation channel from bovine rod outer segments

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Solubilization and functional reconstitution of the proline transport system of Escherichia coli

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Solubilization and further chromatographic purification of highly purified membrane bound sodium potassium atpase

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Solubilization and hydrodynamic characterization of the dihydropyridine receptor from rat ventricular muscle

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Solubilization and hydrophobic immobilization assay of a cyclic amp binding protein from dictyostelium discoideum plasma membranes

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Solubilization and immuno precipitation of iodine 125 labeled antigens from plasmodium knowlesi schizont infected erythrocytes using nonionic anionic and zwitterionic detergents

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Solubilization and initial biochemical characterization of an immuno globulin e destroying enzyme on rat peritoneal mast cells

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Solubilization and interaction of alpha tocopherol in water aerosol ot isooctane systems

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Solubilization and isolation of the membrane bound dd carboxy peptidase ec of streptococcus faecalis atcc 9790 properties of the purified enzyme

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Solubilization and kinetic characterization of mitochondrial atpase from leishmania donovani promastigotes

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Solubilization and localization of tri olein in phosphatidyl choline bi layers a carbon 13 nmr study

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Solubilization and molecular weight determination of the sodium potassium atpase from rectal glands of squalus acanthias

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Solubilization and molecular weight estimation of prolactin receptors from Rana catesbeiana tadpole liver and tail fin

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Solubilization and other studies on adenylate cyclase of baker's yeast

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Solubilization and partial characterization of a phospho protein phosphatase ec from human myelin

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Solubilization and partial characterization of a tumor rejection antigen from a uv light induced murine tumor

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Solubilization and partial characterization of cell membrane Fc receptors

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Solubilization and partial characterization of fatty acyl coenzyme a sphingosine acyltransferase ceramide synthetase from rat liver and brain

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Solubilization and partial characterization of rat liver squalene epoxidase

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Solubilization and partial characterization of the colicin I receptor of Escherichia coli

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Solubilization and partial characterization of thyroid membrane thyroid stimulating hormone binding proteins

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Solubilization and partial characterization of udp n acetyl galactosamine globoside alpha n acetyl galactosaminyl transferase ec 2.4.1. from dog spleen microsomes

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Solubilization and partial properties of receptor substance for bacteriophage alpha 2 induced from Clostridium botulinum type A 190L

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Solubilization and partial purification from mitochondrial membrane of a protein with high affinity for binding citrate

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Solubilization and partial purification of 2 forms of cytochrome p 450 from trout salmo gairdneri liver microsomes

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Solubilization and partial purification of 3 phospho adenosine 5 phospho sulfate galacto cerebroside sulfo transferase from rat brain

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Solubilization and partial purification of 4 16 androstadien 3 one synthesizing enzyme from boar testis microsomes and requirements for the enzymatic activity

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Solubilization and partial purification of a microsomal 3 keto steroid reductase of cholesterol biosynthesis

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Solubilization and partial purification of amino acid specific components of the d lactate dehydrogenase coupled amino acid transport systems

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Solubilization and partial purification of an enzyme involved in rat liver microsomal fatty acid chain elongation beta hydroxyacyl coenzyme a dehydrase

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Solubilization and partial purification of atpase from a rose rosa damascena cell plasma membrane fraction

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Solubilization and partial purification of di hydroxy acetone phosphate acyl transferase ec from guinea pig liver/

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Solubilization and partial purification of heme oxygenase from rat liver

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Solubilization and partial purification of human tsh receptors

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Solubilization and partial purification of mouse histo compatibility antigens from a membranous lipo protein fraction

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Solubilization and partial purification of n n' di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide sensitive atpase from pea pisum sativum cotyledon mitochondria

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Solubilization and partial purification of particulate catechol o methyl transferase ec from rat liver

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Solubilization and partial purification of protein methylase iii from calf thymus nuclei

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Solubilization and partial purification of putative calcium channels labeled with tritium labeled nimodipine

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Solubilization and partial purification of the atpase from a corn zea mays root plasma membrane fraction

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Solubilization and partial purification of the calcium sodium antiporter from the plasma membrane of bovine heart

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Solubilization and partial purification of the gamma amino butyric acid receptor from mouse brain and a binding assay for the solubilized receptor

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Solubilization and partial purification of tyrosine hydroxylase from bovine adrenal medulla

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Solubilization and partial purification of yeast chitin synthetase. Confirmation of the zymogenic nature of the enzyme

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Solubilization and physical characterization of the adenylate cyclase ec from rat liver plasma membranes

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Solubilization and physicochemical characterization of rat brain acetyl cholin esterase development and maturation of its molecular forms

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Solubilization and preliminary characterization of mu and kappa opiate receptor subtypes from rat brain

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Solubilization and properties of a phosphatidyl ethanolamine dependent methyl transferase system for phosphatidyl choline synthesis from mouse liver microsomes

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Solubilization and properties of an atpase ec of reovirus

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Solubilization and properties of calcium dependent human platelet phospholipase a 2

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Solubilization and properties of mitochondrial peroxidase ec from mouse gastric mucosa

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Solubilization and properties of the enzyme cleaving 13 l hydro peroxy linolenic acid in tea thea sinensis leaves

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Solubilization and purification of 2' 3' cyclic nucleotide 3' phospho hydrolase ec from bovine cerebral white matter a review

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Solubilization and purification of a 3 alpha hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase ec in rat liver microsomes

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Solubilization and purification of a particulate hexo kinase ec from garlic allium sativum bulbs

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Solubilization and purification of artemia salina sodium potassium atpase ec and amino terminal amino acid sequence of its larger subunit

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Solubilization and purification of hepatic microsomal trans 2 enoyl coenzyme a reductase evidence for the existence of a 2nd long chain enoyl coenzyme a reductase

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Solubilization and Purification of NAD(P)H Dehydrogenase of Cucurbita Microsomes

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Solubilization and purification of opioid receptors

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Solubilization and purification of rat liver 5' nucleotidase ec by use of a zwitterionic detergent and a mono clonal antibody immuno adsorbent

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Solubilization and purification of rat liver microsomal 1 2 di acyl glycerol cdp choline choline phospho transferase ec and 1 2 di acyl glycerol cdp ethanolamine ethanolamine phospho transferase ec

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Solubilization and purification of rat liver microsomal trans 2 enoyl coenzyme a hydratase

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Solubilization and purification of sodium potassium atpase from the outer medulla of rabbit kidney

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Solubilization and purification of the neurospora crassa plasma membrane hydrogen atpase

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Solubilization and purification of the nickel stimulated arginine vasopressin binding site of rat brain membranes

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Solubilization and purification of trans farnesyl pyro phosphate squalene synthetase

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Solubilization and reassembly of the mitochondrial benzodiazepine receptor

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Solubilization and reconstitution of a chloride transporter from tracheal apical membrane

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Solubilization and reconstitution of a lysosomal proton pump

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Solubilization and reconstitution of a vanadate sensitive proton translocating atpase from the plasma membrane of beta vulgaris

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Solubilization and reconstitution of an anion sensitive proton translocating atpase from corn roots

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Solubilization and reconstitution of iodide counterflow activity from the thyroid plasma membranes into soybean phospholipid vesicles

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Solubilization and reconstitution of membranes containing the sodium calcium exchange carrier from rat brain

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Solubilization and reconstitution of renal brush border sodium proton exchanger

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Solubilization and reconstitution of the 5' atp dependent noradrenaline uptake system of bovine chromaffin granule membrane

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Solubilization and reconstitution of the atp dependent proton translocase of bovine chromaffin granule membrane

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Solubilization and reconstitution of the gastric proton potassium atpase

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Solubilization and reconstitution of the lactose transport system from Escherichia coli

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Solubilization and reconstitution of the rabbit skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum potassium channel into liposomes suitable for patch clamp studies

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Solubilization and reconstitution of the sarcolemmal sodium calcium exchange system of vascular smooth muscle

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Solubilization and reconstitution of the sodium calcium exchanger of cardiac sarcolemma properties of the reconstituted system and tentative identification of the proteins responsible for the exchange activity

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Solubilization and resolution of the membrane bound nitrite reductase from paracoccus halodenitrificans into nitrite and nitric oxide reductases

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Solubilization and resolution of thromboxane synthesizing system from microsomes of bovine blood platelets

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Solubilization and separation of calcium atpase from the calcium ryanodine receptor complex

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Solubilization and separation of divalent cation dependent atpase in native gradient poly acrylamide slab gel

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Solubilization and separation of ethacrynic acid ea highly sensitive and ea less sensitive magnesium atpases in the rat brain

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Solubilization and separation of the human erythrocyte d glucose transporter covalently and noncovalently photoaffinity labeled with tritiated cytochalasin b

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Solubilization and separation of udp d glucose beta 1 4 glucan and udp d glucose beta 1 3 glucan glucosyl transferases from coleoptiles of avena sativa m

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Solubilization and some characteristics of the follitropin receptor from calf testis

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Solubilization and some properties of gamma glutamyltransferase ec from human brain microvessels

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Solubilization and some properties of membrane bound aminopeptidases of hog small intestinal mucosa

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Solubilization and some properties of the magnesium ion activated atpase ec from trypanosoma cruzi

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Solubilization and speciation of iron during pyrite oxidation by thiobacillus ferrooxidans

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Solubilization and spectral characteristics of chlorophyll protein complexes isolated from the thermophilic blue green alga synechococcus lividus

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Solubilization and spectroscopic properties of alpha chymotrypsin in cyclo hexane

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Solubilization and stabilization of an investigational anti neoplastic drug nsc 278214 in an intra venous formulation using an emulsion vehicle

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Solubilization binding and degrading properties of human erythrocyte membrane insulin receptors

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Solubilization by 3 3 cholamidopropyldimethylammonio propanesulfonate detergent of barbiturate enhanced benzodiazepine gamma amino butyric acid receptor complex

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Solubilization by cosolvents 1. organic solutes in propylene glycol water mixtures

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Solubilization by cosolvents 2. phenytoin in binary and ternary solvents

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Solubilization by cosolvents 3. diazepam and benzocaine in binary solvents

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Solubilization by heparin of the phospho lipase a 1 ec from the plasma membranes of rat liver

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Solubilization by lyso lecithin and purification of the plasma membrane atpase ec of the yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe

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Solubilization by nitrilotriacetic acid nta of genetically active chromium vi and lead ii from insoluble metal compounds

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Solubilization characterization and partial purification of tritiated mepyramine binding protein possible histamine h 1 receptor from rat liver membrane

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Solubilization effect of nonidet p 40 triton x 100 and chaps in the detection of mhc like glycoproteins

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Solubilization effects of simulated acid rain on the organic matter of forest soil preliminary results

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Solubilization from rat pancreatic plasma membranes of a cholecystokinin agonist receptor complex interacting with guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins coexisting in the same macromolecular system

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Solubilization gel filtration and sedimentation behavior of prolactin receptors from human ovarian tissue

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Solubilization, isolation, and immunochemical characterization of the major outer membrane protein from Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

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Solubilization methods for membranous proteins succinic dehydrogenase

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Solubilization of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 receptor with magnesium ion from hen intestinal chromatin

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Solubilization of 20s acetyl cholin esterase ec from chick retina

Barat, A.; Escudero, E.; Gomez-Barriocanal, J.; Ramirez, G., 1980:
Solubilization of 20s acetyl cholin esterase ec from the chick central nervous system

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Solubilization of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec from rat and chicken liver microsomes

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Solubilization of 4 porcine zona pellucida antigens by lithium 3 5 di iodo salicylate

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Solubilization of a calcium dependent atpase from rat heart sarcolemma

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Solubilization of a digitonin stable glucan synthase from red beet beta vulgaris root

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Solubilization of a large molecular weight form of the rat LHRH receptor

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Solubilization of a membrane bound diol dehydratase with retention of epr g equals 2.02 signal by using 2 n cyclohexylaminoethanesulfonic acid buffer

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Solubilization of a phospho lipid stimulated atpase complex from membranes of escherichia coli

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Solubilization of a tritium labeled cimetidine binding site from rat brain a clonidine sensitive h 2 receptor subtype?

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Solubilization of active complement receptor type 1 (CR1) from human erythrocyte stroma with trypsin and its purification

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Solubilization of active hydrogen potassium atpase from gastric membrane

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Solubilization of adrenal medullary opioid receptors

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Solubilization of alkyl di hydroxy acetone phosphate synthase from ehrlich ascites cell microsomal membranes

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Solubilization of amo barbital by mechanical treatment in the presence of diluents

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Solubilization of an activity regulating complement c 3b function from raji cell membranes

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Solubilization of angiotensin i converting enzyme ec from rabbit lung using trypsin treatment

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Solubilization of aromatics in aqueous bile salts iii. thermodynamic model for solubilization of benzene in sodium cholate based on proton nmr chemical shifts

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Solubilization of atpase associated with herpes simplex virus

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Solubilization of atpase from membranes of escherichia coli effect of p amino benzamidine

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Solubilization of basic slag by microorganisms in fertilized lakes

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Solubilization of beta glucan synthases from the membranes of cultured rye grass lolium multiflorum endosperm cells

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Solubilization of bicalcium and tricalcium phosphates by bacillus cereus experiments in vitro

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Solubilization of bovine heart valve collagen

Mernoff S.T.; Cherwinski H.M.; Becker J.W.; A.L., 1983:
Solubilization of brain benzodiazepine receptors with a zwitterionic detergent optimal preservation of their function interaction with the alpha amino butyric acid receptors

Dreval, V.I., 1977:
Solubilization of brain proteins by detergents under hyperoxic conditions

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Solubilization of carbamazepine by different classes of nonionic surfactants and a bile salt

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Solubilization of cervical mucus with bromelain and mechanical means

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Solubilization of cheese whey protein by trypsin ec and a process to recover the active enzyme from the digest

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Solubilization of chlorhexidine di acetate and di chloride in aqueous deca oxy ethylene oleic ether systems

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Solubilization of chloroplast envelope membranes by detergents and its effects on activity of envelope marker enzymes

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Solubilization of cholesterol by sodium salts of bile and fatty acids

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Solubilization of chromatin by an endogenous enzymic calcium ion magnesium ion dependent factor activity of insoluble chromatin

Silha, M.; Kolíbová, A., 1980:
Solubilization of chromatin by means of DNase I

Strandberg G.W.; Lewis S.N., 1987:
Solubilization of coal by an extracellular product from streptomyces setonii 75vi2

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Solubilization of collagen in restructured beef with collagenases and alpha amylase

Gomez-Barriocanal, J.; Barat, A.; Escudero, E.; Rodriguez-Borrajo, C.; Ramirez, G., 1981:
Solubilization of collagen tailed acetyl cholin esterase ec from chick retina effect of different extraction procedures

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Solubilization of collagen tailed molecular forms of acetyl cholin esterase ec from several brain areas in different vertebrate species

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Solubilization of complement c 3 fragments deposited on cross linked dextran gel beads

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Solubilization of cytochrome c in ischemic liver tissue

Jones H.; Venables W.A., 1983:
Solubilization of d amino acid dehydrogenase of escherichia coli k 12 and 1st re binding to envelope preparations

Inano, H.; Hayashiyama, J.; Tamaoki, B.I., 1982:
Solubilization of delta 5 3 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase ec with delta 5 delta 4 isomerase ec and 17 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase ec from rat testicular microsomal fraction by several detergents

Akao, T.; Kusaka, T., 1976:
Solubilization of di glyceride acyl transferase ec from the membrane of mycobacterium smegmatis

Rosoff M.; Serajuddin A.T.M., 1980:
Solubilization of diazepam in bile salts and in sodium cholate lecithin water phases

Mueller B.W.; Brauns U., 1985:
Solubilization of drugs by modified beta cyclodextrins

Shimizu, K.; Hosaka, Y.; Shimizu, Y.K., 1972:
Solubilization of envelopes of sendai virus with alkali emasol treatment and reassembly of envelope particles with removal of the detergent

Rubin R.A.; Earp H.S., 1983:
Solubilization of epidermal growth factor receptor with triton x 100 alters stimulation of tyrosine residue phosphorylation by epidermal growth factor and di methyl sulfoxide

Brown, T.D.K.; Rickwood, D.; Macgillivray, A.J.; Klein, G., 1977:
Solubilization of epstein barr virus associated nuclear antigen from raji cells and chromatin by treatment with various molarities of sodium chloride

Bowyer J.R.; Odell B., 1985:
Solubilization of ferricytochrome c in methanol using a crown ether absorption circular dichroism and epr spectral properties

Seve, B.; Aumaitre, A.; Jaubert, P.; Tord, P., 1978:
Solubilization of fish protein tryptophan supplementation and nutritive value for the piglet

Dattatreyamurty, B.; Schneyer, A.; Reichert, L.E., 1986:
Solubilization of functional and stable follitropin receptors from light membranes of bovine calf testis

Nicholson, G.C.; D'Santos, C.S.; Evans, T.; Moseley, J.M.; Kemp, B.E.; Martin, T.J., 1988:
Solubilization of functional calcitonin receptors

Kubat J.; Novak B.; Kalinova S., 1987:
Solubilization of gafsa rock phosphate by soil microflora

Greenlee D.V.; Olsen R.W., 1979:
Solubilization of gamma amino butyric acid receptor protein from mammalian brain

Dale, G.L.; Villacorte, D.G.; Beutler, E., 1976:
Solubilization of gluco cerebrosidase from human placenta and demonstration of a phospho lipid requirement for its catalytic activity

Berezin V.E.; Zaides V.M.; Artamsnov A.F.; Isaeva E.S.; Zhdanov V.M., 1986:
Solubilization of glycoproteins of enveloped viruses by detergents

Tampitag S.; O'sullivan W.J., 1986:
Solubilization of glycosomal orotate phosphoribosyltransferase and orotidylate decarboxylase from crithidia luciliae

Smith A.D.; Hunt R.J., 1985:
Solubilization of gold by chromobacterium violaceum

Schwab B.W.; Davis C S.G.; Miller P.H.; Richardson R.J., 1985:
Solubilization of hen brain neurotoxic esterase in dmso

Bruening G.; Rommelspacher H., 1985:
Solubilization of high affinity tritiated tryptamine binding sites from rat brain

Gavish M.; Chang R.S.L.; Snyder S.H., 1979:
Solubilization of histamine h 1 gamma amino butyric acid and benzodiazepine receptors

Hamel F.G.; Queener S.F., 1982:
Solubilization of hormone responsive adenylate cyclase from human renal cortex

Elliott, C.; Ralston, G.B., 1984:
Solubilization of human erythrocyte band 4.1 protein in the nonionic detergent tween 20

Mariotti, S.; Pinchera, A.; Marcocci, C.; Vitti, P.; Urbano, C.; Chiovato, L.; Tosi, M.; Baschieri, L., 1979:
Solubilization of human thyroid microsomal antigen

Triscott, M.X.; van de Rijn, I., 1986:
Solubilization of hyaluronic acid synthetic activity from streptococci and its activation with phospholipids

Suzuki Y.; Oite T.; Shimizu F.; Yamamoto K.; Suzuki S.; Arakawa M., 1984:
Solubilization of immune complex deposits by native 7s immunoglobulin g molecules in lupus glomerulonephritis a possible antigen excess effect on rheumatoid factor immunoglobulin g complexes

Fujita T.; Takata Y.; Tamura N., 1981:
Solubilization of immune precipitates by isolated alternative pathway proteins

Miller, G.W., 1976:
Solubilization of immuno globulin a immune precipitates by complement

Moldow, C.F.; Mcgrath, M.; Peterson, C., 1977:
Solubilization of initial attachment site activity for avian tumor viruses with lithium di iodo salicylate

Walter, R.G.; Windeler, A.S., 1976:
Solubilization of interfering tin precipitate in bacterial growth media

Tomino Y.; Sakai H.; Takaya M.; Miura M.; Suga T.; Endoh M.; Nomoto Y., 1984:
Solubilization of intraglomerular deposits of immunoglobulin g immune complexes by human sera or gamma globulin in patients with lupus nephritis

Crang, A.J.; Rumsby, M.G., 1978:
Solubilization of isolated central nervous system myelin preparations by the anionic detergent sodium dodecyl sulfate

Pyne, J.W.; Stewart, D.L.; Fredrickson, J.; Wilson, B.W., 1987:
Solubilization of Leonardite by an Extracellular Fraction from Coriolus versicolor

Vainshtein V.A.; Krichman E.S., 1987:
Solubilization of levorin by water soluble polymers

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