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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6437

Chapter 6437 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Boer R.; Crause P.; Fahrenholz F., 1983: Solubilization of ligand stabilized vasopressin receptors from plasma membranes of bovine kidney and rat liver

Han Y.W.; Lillehoj E.; Timpa J.; Ciegler A., 1980: Solubilization of ligno cellulosic materials by gamma radiolysis

Graham J.M.; Northfield T.C., 1987: Solubilization of lipids from hamster bile canalicular and contiguous membranes and from human erythrocyte membranes by conjugated bile salts

Walsh M.T.; Atkinson D., 1983: Solubilization of low density lipo protein with sodium deoxy cholate and recombination of apo protein b with di myristoylphosphatidyl choline

Keinanen K.P.; Rajaniemi H.J., 1988: Solubilization of luteinizing hormone receptor from human corpora lutea in a stable form and identification of the hormone binding unit by ligand blotting

Prakash C.; Katial A.; Kang M.S.; Vijay I.K., 1984: Solubilization of mannosyl transferase activities for the biosynthesis of mammary glyco proteins elongation of tetra saccharide lipid to hepta saccharide lipid by a solubilized enzyme preparation

Cousminer, J. J.; Carman, G. M., 1981: Solubilization of membrane associated phosphatidyl serine synthase ec from clostridium perfringens

Futerman A.H.; Low M.G.; Michaelson D.M.; Silman I., 1985: Solubilization of membrane bound acetylcholinesterase by a phosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase c

Tsuji A.; Suzuki Y., 1988: Solubilization of membrane bound acid alpha glucosidase by proteolysis

Pilaski, M.; Voigt, K. D.; Walter, W., 1979: Solubilization of membrane bound adenylate cyclase ec of isolated rat adrenal cortex cells

Cho T.M.; Yamato C.; Cho J.S.; Loh H.H., 1981: Solubilization of membrane bound opiate receptor from rat brain

Gamble H.R.; Pappas P.W., 1980: Solubilization of membrane bound rnase and alkaline phosphatase from the isolated brush border of hymenolepis diminuta cestoda

Gonenne, A.; Ernst, R., 1978: Solubilization of membrane proteins by sulfo betaines novel zwitterionic surfactants

Carpenter G., 1979: Solubilization of membrane receptor for epidermal growth factor

Chien Y.W., 1984: Solubilization of metronidazole by water miscible multi co solvents and water soluble vitamins

Robinson, M. L.; Carman, G. M., 1982: Solubilization of microsomal associated phosphatidyl inositol synthase ec from germinating soybeans glycine max cultivar cutler 71

Carman, G. M.; Matas, J., 1981: Solubilization of microsomal associated phosphatidyl serine synthase ec and phosphatidyl inositol synthase ec from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Megias A.; Saborido A.; Municio A.M., 1986: Solubilization of microsomal membrane proteins from ceratitis capitata a comparative study of non hydrolytic methods

Radominska-Pyrek, A.; Pilarska, M.; Zimniak, P., 1978: Solubilization of microsomal phospho ethanolamine transferase ec by octyl glucoside

Chetverikova E.P.; Krymskaya R.A., 1983: Solubilization of mitochondrial creatine kinase by lactate and other metabolites

Fritz, R. R.; Abell, C. W., 1982: Solubilization of mono amine oxidase ec by octyl glucoside and triton x 100

Clement Cormier Y.C.; Meyerson L.R.; Mcisaac A., 1980: Solubilization of multiple binding sites for the dopamine receptor from calf striatal membranes

Lee M.H.; Lazo J.S.; Li C D.; Hadfield A.F.; Maniglia C.A.; Sartorelli A.C., 1982: Solubilization of murine melanoma xylosyl transferase and galactosyl transferase activities and their inactivation by di aldehyde nucleosides

Gavish M.; Sokolovky M., 1982: Solubilization of muscarinic acetyl choline receptor by zwitterionic detergent from rat brain cortex

Haga T., 1980: Solubilization of muscarinic acetyl choline receptors by l alpha lyso phosphatidyl choline

Gorissen H.; Aerts G.; Ilien B.; Laduron P., 1981: Solubilization of muscarinic acetyl choline receptors from mammalian brain an analytical approach

Aronstam, R. S.; Schuessler, D. C. Jr ; Eldefrawi, M. E., 1978: Solubilization of muscarinic acetyl choline receptors of bovine brain

Nguyen C.M.; Scamehorn J.F.; Christian S.D., 1988: Solubilization of n hexanol in mixed micelles

Graef, V.; Golf, S. W.; Rempeters, G., 1978: Solubilization of nadh 4 ene 3 oxo steroid 5 alpha reductase from rat liver microsomes/

Cardinal, J. R.; Chang, Y.; Ivanson, D. D., 1978: Solubilization of naphthalene by sodium cholate and pattern of self association of sodium cholate in 0.15 molar sodium chloride/

Tilley L.; Dwyer M.; Ralston G.B., 1986: Solubilization of native actin monomers from human erythrocyte membranes

Banerjee, S. P.; Cuatrecasas, P.; Snyder, S. H., 1976: Solubilization of nerve growth factor receptors of rabbit superior cervical ganglia

Day, W. A., 1977: Solubilization of neuro filaments from central nervous system myelinated nerve

Davis A.; Madras B.; Seeman P., 1981: Solubilization of neuroleptic dopamine receptors of human brain striatum

Crowe N.L.; Alli I.; Baker B.E., 1985: Solubilization of nitrogenous constituents of brewers spent grain

Torres A.R.; Kuehl L.; Peterson E.A., 1982: Solubilization of nonhistone chromosomal proteins by carboxymethyl dextran for chromatography

Yoneda Y.; Ogita K., 1987: Solubilization of novel binding sites for tritiated glutamate in rat adrenal

Courvalin J C.; Dumontier M.; Bornens M., 1982: Solubilization of nuclear structures by the poly anion heparin

Takagi T.; Kubo K.; Isemura T., 1980: Solubilization of oil soluble dyes by sodium dodecyl sulfate protein poly peptide complexes with reference to sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Sivakumar K.; Gupta O.P.; Mithal B.M., 1979: Solubilization of osthol

Bielawski J.; Pilc B., 1983: Solubilization of ox and pig erythrocyte membranes with triton x 100 and sodium dodecyl sulfate

Hamza Y.E.; Paruta A.N., 1985: Solubilization of paracetamol using nonionic surfactants and cosolubilizers

Otta, M. E.; Bertini, F., 1975: Solubilization of particle linked urate oxidase ec by different agents

Van Zyl J.M.; Van Der Walt B.J., 1984: Solubilization of peroxidase from porcine thyroids and characterization by photo affinity labeling

Kroker, R.; Hegner, D., 1973: Solubilization of phalloidine binding sites from rat liver hepatocytes and plasma membranes by trypsin

Azaz, E.; Donbrow, M., 1976: Solubilization of phenolic compounds in nonionic surface active agents part 1 binding pattern and parameters of phenol cresols and xylenols

Jackson M.L.; Schmidt C.F.; Lichtenberg D.; Litman B.J.; Albert A.D., 1982: Solubilization of phosphatidyl choline bi layers by octyl glucoside

Oku N.; Macdonald R.C., 1983: Solubilization of phospho lipids by chaotropic ion solutions

Martinez M.T.; Romero C.; Gavilan J.M., 1984: Solubilization of phosphorus by humic acids from lignite

Sardina M.G.; Boiardi J.L.; Ertola R.J., 1986: Solubilization of phosphorus from low grade minerals by microbial action

Allan, D.; Crumpton, M. J., 1971: Solubilization of pig lymphocyte plasma membrane and fractionation of some of the components

Winiger B.P.; Birabeau M.A.; Lang U.; Capponi A.M.; Sizonenko P.C.; Aubert M.L., 1983: Solubilization of pituitary gonadotropin releasing hormone binding sites by means of a zwitterionic detergent

Hinkle, P. M.; Lewis, D. G., 1978: Solubilization of pituitary receptors for thyrotropin releasing hormone

Hurkman W.J.; Tanaka C.K., 1986: Solubilization of plant membrane proteins for analysis by two dimensional gel electrophoresis

Etingova N.I., 1981: Solubilization of polyene antibiotics with bile acid salts in aqueous solutions

Marshall, J. J.; Sturgeon, C. M.; Whelan, W. J., 1977: Solubilization of porcine intestinal alpha glucosidases and evidence for the separate identities of iso maltase and limit dextrinase

Nakano M.; Hatanaka Y.; Tobita T., 1987: Solubilization of porcine zonae pellucidae by trypsin and pronase

Church W.R.; Ebner K.E., 1982: Solubilization of prolactin receptor by a zwitterionic detergent

Odajima Y.; Watanabe T., 1986: Solubilization of protein of steam heated defatted soybean meal by ultrasonication and some properties of the dissolved protein

Wiedenmann B.; Lawley K.; Grund C.; Branton D., 1985: Solubilization of proteins from bovine brain coated vesicles by protein perturbants and triton x 100

Vauhkonen M.; Kinnunen P.K.J.; Rauvala H., 1985: Solubilization of proteins in dimethyl sulfoxide by permethylation application of structural studies of apolipoprotein b

Lazo, J. S.; Quinn, D. E., 1980: Solubilization of pulmonary angiotensin converting enzyme ec with 1 o n octyl beta d gluco pyranoside

Koshiya K., 1985: Solubilization of quisqualate sensitive tritiated l glutamate binding sites from guinea pig brain membranes using a zwitterionic detergent

Imai J.; Hayashi M.; Awazu S.; Hanano M., 1983: Solubilization of racemic alpha tocopherol by bile salts polysorbate 80 and egg lecithin

Ambar I.; Kloog Y.; Sokolovsky M., 1988: Solubilization of rat brain phencyclidine receptors in an active binding form that is sensitive to n methyl d aspartate receptor ligands

Wouters W.; Van Dun J.; Leysen J.E.; Laduron P.M., 1985: Solubilization of rat brain serotonin s 2 receptors using 3 3 cholamidopropyldimethylammonio 1 propanesulfonate salt

Panagia, V.; Heyliger, C. E.; Choy, P. C.; Dhalla, N. S., 1981: Solubilization of rat heart sarcolemma 5' nucleotidase by phosphatidyl inositol specific phospho lipase c

Martini C.; Giannaccini G.; Lucacchini A., 1983: Solubilization of rat kidney benzodiazepine binding sites

Wikberg J.E.S.; Lefkowitz R.J.; Caron M.G., 1983: Solubilization of rat liver alpha 1 adrenergic receptors agonist specific alteration in receptor binding affinity

Sullivan N.J.; Lautens L.L.; Tashjian A.H.Jr, 1987: Solubilization of receptors for trh from gh 4c 1 rat pituitary cells demonstration of guanyl nucleotide sensitivity

Beyer P.; Weiss G.; Kleinig H., 1985: Solubilization of reconstitution of the membrane bound carotenogenic enzymes from daffodil narcissus pseudonarcissus chromoplasts

Barthakur, H. P., 1978: Solubilization of relatively insoluble phosphate by some fungi isolated from the rhizosphere of rice

Fonlupt P.; Rey C.; Comte N.; Dubois M.; Pacheco H., 1984: Solubilization of s adenosyl l homo cysteine binding sites from rat brain

Asarch K.B.; Shih J.C., 1987: Solubilization of serotonin 1a and serotonin 1 beta binding sites from bovine brain

Schotte A.; Malotheaux J.M.; Laduron P.M., 1984: Solubilization of serotonin s 2 receptors from human brain

Gatt, S.; Gottesdiner, T., 1976: Solubilization of sphingomyelinase ec by isotonic extraction of rat brain lysosomes

Wroblewski, H.; Burlot, R.; Johansson, K. E., 1978: Solubilization of spiroplasma citri cell membrane proteins with the anionic detergent sodium lauroyl sarcosinate sarkosyl

Kugimiya M.; Hirata T., 1987: Solubilization of starch by treatment of ann granules with alpha amylase an enzymatic method for determination of ruptured and damaged granules in ann samples part i

Tomida, H.; Yotsuyanagi, T.; Ikeda, K., 1978: Solubilization of steroid hormones by poly oxy ethylene lauryl ether

Henry J.M.; Roth G.S., 1986: Solubilization of striatal d 2 dopamine receptors evidence that apparent loss during aging is not due to membrane sequestration

Mahmood, A.; Ansari, S., 1981: Solubilization of sucrase ec and alkaline phosphatase ec from micro villus membrane of guinea pig intestine using papain and detergents

Sliwkowski M.B.; Swaisgood H.E.; Horton H.R., 1982: Solubilization of sulfhydryl oxidase a bovine skim milk membrane enzyme

Kharitonenkov I.G.; Zakomyrdin Yu A.; Grigor'ev V.B.; Sebyakin Yu L.; Volkova L.V., 1982: Solubilization of surface glyco proteins of myxoviruses by the nonionic detergent octyl glucoside

Roach P.D.; Noel S P., 1985: Solubilization of the 17 alpha ethynylestradiol stimulated low density lipoprotein receptor of male rat liver

Roy, C.; Rajerison, R.; Bockaert, J.; Jard, S., 1975: Solubilization of the 8 lysine vasopressin receptor and adenylate cyclase from pig kidney plasma membranes

Kay C.J.; Palmer J.M., 1985: Solubilization of the alternative oxidase of cuckoo pint arum maculatum mitochondria stimulation by high concentrations of ions and effects of specific inhibitors

Seagar M.J.; Marqueze B.; Couraud F., 1987: Solubilization of the apamin receptor associated with a calcium activated potassium channel from rat brain

Cremo C.R.; Herron G.S.; Schimerlik M.I., 1981: Solubilization of the atrial muscarinic acetyl choline receptor a new detergent system and rapid assays

Hammond J.R.; Martin I.L., 1986: Solubilization of the benzodiazepine gamma aminobutyric acid receptor complex comparison of the detergents octylglucopyranoside and 3 3 cholamidopropyldimethylammonio 1 propanesulfonate

Asano T.; Ogasawara N., 1980: Solubilization of the benzodiazepine receptor from rat brain

Bristow D.R.; Martin I.L., 1987: Solubilization of the benzodiazepine receptor from rat cerebellum by the detergent n octylpentaoxyethylene

Ruth P.; Flockerzi V.; Oeken H J.; Hofmann F., 1986: Solubilization of the bovine cardiac sarcolemmal binding sites for calcium channel blockers

Lee J.E.; Ciccarelli R.B.; Jennette K.W., 1982: Solubilization of the carcinogen nickel sub sulfide and its interaction with dna and protein

Scherman D.; Henry J P., 1983: Solubilization of the catecholamine carrier of chromaffin granule membranes in a form that binds substrates and inhibitors of uptake

Gschwendt, M., 1976: Solubilization of the chromatin bound estrogen receptor from chicken liver and fractionation on hydroxylapatite

Filip, C.; Fletcher, G.; Wulff, J. L.; Earhart, C. F., 1973: Solubilization of the cytoplasmic membrane of escherichia coli by the ionic detergent sodium lauryl sarcosinate

Schnaitman, C. A., 1971: Solubilization of the cytoplasmic membrane of escherichia coli by triton x 100

Sidhu A.; Fishman P.H., 1986: Solubilization of the d 1 dopamine receptor from rat striatum

Takenawa, T.; Saito, M.; Nagai, Y.; Egawa, K., 1977: Solubilization of the enzyme catalyzing cdp di glyceride independent incorporation of myo inositol into phosphatidyl inositol and its comparison to cdp di glyceride inositol transferase

Luka, J.; Siegert, W.; Klein, G., 1977: Solubilization of the epstein barr virus determined nuclear antigen and its characterization as a dna binding protein

Groleau, D.; Forsberg, C. W., 1983: Solubilization of the extracellular membranous carboxymethyl cellulase ec of bacteroides succinogenes by trypsin

Rollins T.E.; Siciliano S.; Springer M.S., 1988: Solubilization of the functional c5a receptor from human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Bristow D.R.; Martin I.L., 1987: Solubilization of the gamma aminobutyric acid benzodiazepine receptor from rat cerebellum optimal preservation of the modulatory responses by natural brain lipids

Pfeiffer F.; Betz H., 1981: Solubilization of the glycine receptor from rat spinal cord

Kubota, K.; Takizawa, K.; Yamamoto, T., 1978: Solubilization of the h 2 antigen from hybrid cells of mouse mammary ascites tumor and mouse l cells at high cell concentrations in detergent

Beesley R.C., 1981: Solubilization of the ileal receptor for intrinsic factor vitamin b 12 complex by digestion with papain

Okuda, K.; Fujii, T., 1977: Solubilization of the ileal receptor for intrinsic factor vitamin b 12 complex in the rat

Lough S.M.; Jacobs D.L.; Lyons D.M.; Watt G.D.; Mcdonald J.W., 1986: Solubilization of the iron molybdenum cofactor of azotobacter vinelandii nitrogenase in dimethylformamide and acetonitrile

Bonifacino, J. S.; Sanchez, S. H.; Paladini, A. C., 1978: Solubilization of the lactogenic receptors from rat liver microsomes

Ortwerth B.J.; Olesen P.R.; Sharma K.K., 1986: Solubilization of the lens water insoluble fraction by sonication

Couvineau A.; Amiranoff B.; Laburthe M., 1986: Solubilization of the liver vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor hydrodynamic characterization and evidence for an association with a functional gtp regulatory protein

Roehrkasten A.; Ferenz H J., 1986: Solubilization of the locust locusta migratoria vitellogenin receptor

Schneider W.J.; Basu S.K.; Mcphaul M.J.; Goldstein J.L.; Brown M.S., 1979: Solubilization of the low density lipo protein receptor

Rinken A.A.; Langel Yu L.; Yarv Ya L., 1987: Solubilization of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor and its quinuclidinylbenzilate complex using various detergents

Storch J.; Ferber E., 1988: Solubilization of the nadph oxidase from bone marrow derived macrophages by dialkylphospholipid and purification by hplc anion exchange chromatography

Borsotto M.; Norman R.I.; Fosset M.; Lazdunski M., 1984: Solubilization of the nitrendipine receptor from skeletal muscle transverse tubule membranes interactions with specific inhibitors of the voltage dependent calciumii channel

Yamaguchi T.; Saisu H.; Mitsui H.; Abe T., 1988: Solubilization of the omega conotoxin receptor associated with voltage sensitive calcium channels from bovine brain

Bidlack J.M.; Abood L.G., 1980: Solubilization of the opiate receptor

Davis W.C.; Ticku M.K., 1981: Solubilization of the picro toxinin binding receptor from mammalian brain

Kouvonen I., 1980: Solubilization of the pig ileal intrinsic factor receptor with papain treatment and studies on the solubilized receptor

Talvenheimo J.; Rudnick G., 1980: Solubilization of the platelet plasma membrane serotonin transporter in an active form

Sussman M.R.; Gardner G., 1980: Solubilization of the receptor for n 1 naphthyl phthalamic acid

Wasserman B.P.; Guilfoy M.P., 1984: Solubilization of the red beet cell wall betanin decolorizing enzyme

Helenius, A.; Fries, E.; Garoff, H.; Simons, K., 1976: Solubilization of the semliki forest virus membrane with sodium deoxy cholate

Gabig, T. G.; Kipnes, R. S.; Babior, B. M., 1978: Solubilization of the super oxide radical forming activity responsible for the respiratory burst in human neutrophils

Aloni Y.; Cohen R.; Benziman M.; Delmer D., 1983: Solubilization of the udp glucose 1 4 beta d glucan 4 beta d glucosyl transferase cellulose synthase from acetobacter xylinum a comparison of regulatory properties with those of the membrane bound form of the enzyme

Fitzgerald T.J.; Uhing R.J.; Exton J.H., 1986: Solubilization of the vasopressin receptor from rat liver plasma membranes evidence for a receptor gtp binding protein complex

Takaishi, M.; Shimizu, T.; Shishiba, Y., 1979: Solubilization of thyroxine 5' deiodinase activity from rat liver microsome fraction

Hamilton J.A.; Miller K.W.; Small D.M., 1983: Solubilization of tri olein and cholesteryl oleate in egg phosphatidyl choline vesicles

Mong S.; Wu H L.; Stadel J.M.; Clark M.A.; Crooke S.T., 1986: Solubilization of tritiated leukotriene d 4 receptor complex from guinea pig lung membranes

Saettone M.F.; Giannaccini B.; Delmonte G.; Campigli V.; Tota G.; La Marca F., 1988: Solubilization of tropicamide by poloxamers physicochemical data and activity data in rabbits and humans

Hori, S.; Ohotani, S., 1978: Solubilization of tryptophan 5 mono oxygenase from the pineal glands and existence of an activating substance in the tissue extract

Sasaki T.; Kainuma K., 1980: Solubilization of udp glucose specific starch synthetase in sweet potato ipomoea batatas starch granules by the urea pullulanase method

Nagata M.; Yotsuyanagi T.; Ikeda K., 1988: Solubilization of vitamin k 1 by bile salts and phosphatidylcholine bile salts mixed micelles

Siegfried, C. M., 1978: Solubilization of vitamin k epoxide reductase and vitamin k dependent carboxylase from rat liver microsomes

Saleh A.M.; Ebian A.R.; Etman M.A., 1986: Solubilization of water by hydrotropic salts

Navarrette R.; Serrano R., 1983: Solubilization of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae plasma membranes and mitochondria by different types of nondenaturing detergents

Polokoff, M. A.; Bell, R. M., 1980: Solubilization partial purification and characterization of rat liver microsomal di acyl glycerol acyl transferase ec

Feys M.; De Mot R.; Naesens W.; Tobback P., 1982: Solubilization partial purification and properties of lip oxygenase ec from apples

Bamforth, C. W.; Large, P. J., 1977: Solubilization partial purification and properties of n methyl glutamate dehydrogenase ec from pseudomonas aminovorans

Cotter, R.; Rothenberg, S. P., 1976: Solubilization partial purification and radioassay for the intrinsic factor receptor from the ileal mucosa

Doolittle G.M.; Chang T Y., 1982: Solubilization partial purification and reconstitution in phosphatidyl choline cholesterol liposomes of acyl coenzyme a cholesterol acyl transferase

Ortuno A.; Hernansaez A.; Noguera J.; Morales V.; Armero T., 1979: Solubilization power of phosphorus by aspergillus niger and pseudomonas fluorescens

Ulevitch, R. J.; Watanbe, Y.; Sano, M.; Lister, M. D.; Deens, R. A.; Dennis, E. A., 1988: Solubilization purification and characterization of a membrane bound phospholipase a 2 from the p388d 1 macrophage like cell line

Banerjee, R. K.; Racker, E., 1977: Solubilization purification and characterization of a nucleoside tri phosphatase ec from avian myeloblastosis virus

Supattapone S.; Worley P.F.; Baraban J.M.; Snyder S.H., 1988: Solubilization purification and characterization of an inositol trisphosphate receptor

Magor A.M.; Venables W.A., 1987: Solubilization purification and characterization of d alanine dehydrogenase from pseudomonas aeruginosa and effects of solubilization on its properties

Takaya J.; Omori K.; Taketani S.; Kobayashi Y.; Tashiro Y., 1987: Solubilization purification and characterization of proton potassium atpase from hog gastric microsomes

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Murphy, D. J.; Mukherjee, K. D.; Latzko, E.; Woodrow, I. E., 1984: Solubilization purification and kinetic properties of 3 membrane bound long chain acyl coenzyme a thioesterases ec from microsomes of photosynthetic tissue

Koizumi Y.; Zakarija M.; Mckenzie J.M., 1982: Solubilization purification and partial characterization of thyrotropin receptor from bovine and human thyroid glands

Ameyama M.; Shinagawa E.; Matsushita K.; Adachi O., 1985: Solubilization purification and properties of membrane bound glycerol dehydrogenase from gluconobacter industrius

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Mallett A.K.; King L.J.; Walker R., 1985: Solubilization purification and reconstitution of hepatic microsomal azoreductase activity

Cook N.J.; Kaupp U.B., 1988: Solubilization purification and reconstitution of the sodium calcium exchanger from bovine retinal rod outer segments

Ashendel C.L.; Staller J.M.; Boutwell R.K., 1983: Solubilization purification and reconstruction of a phorbol ester receptor from the particulate protein fraction of mouse brain

Rock C.O.; Cronan J.E.Jr, 1979: Solubilization purification and salt activation of acyl acyl carrier protein synthetase from escherichia coli

Lefebvre, Y. A.; Huber, R. E., 1970: Solubilization purification and some properties of trehalase ec from honey bee apis mellifera

Weber J.; Warden D.A.; Semenza G.; Diedrich D.F., 1985: Solubilization reconstitution and attempted affinity chromatography of the sugar transporter of the erythrocyte membrane

Osband M.; Mccaffrey R., 1979: Solubilization separation and partial characterization of histamine h 1 and h 2 receptors from calf thymocyte membranes

Spaltro, J.; Alhadeff, J. A., 1984: Solubilization stabilization and isoelectric focusing of human liver neuraminidase ec activity

Wang J X.; Mei L.; Yamamura H.I.; Roeske W.R., 1987: Solubilization with digitonin alters the kinetics of pirenzepine binding to muscarinic receptors from rat forebrain and heart

Capponi A.M.; Aubert M.L.; Clayton R.N., 1984: Solubilized active pituitary and ovarian gonadotropin releasing hormone receptors retain binding properties for cyclic amp derivatives

Gavish M.; Goodman R.R.; Snyder S.H., 1982: Solubilized adenosine receptors in the brain regulation by guanine nucleotides

Birabeau M.A.; Capponi A.M.; Vallotton M.B., 1984: Solubilized adrenal angiotensin ii receptors studies on the site of action of sodium and calcium ions and on the role of disulfide bridges

Urist M.R.; Mikulski A.; Leitze A., 1979: Solubilized and insolubilized bone morphogenetic protein

Cross J.W.; Briggs W.R., 1979: Solubilized auxin binding protein sub cellular localization and regulation by a soluble factor from homogenates of corn zea mays shoots

Gondo, S.; Koya, H., 1978: Solubilized collagen fibril as a supporting material for enzyme immobilization

Ludwig B.; Grabo M.; Gregor I.; Lustig A.; Regenass M.; Rosenbusch J.P., 1982: Solubilized cytochrome c oxidase from paracoccus denitrificans is a monomer

Baker J.J.; Tondreau S.P., 1987: Solubilized dental plaque is mitogenic for nylon wool purified human cord blood t lymphocytes

Mauck, J. C., 1977: Solubilized dna dependent rna polymerase activities in resting and growing fibroblast

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Wesemann W.; Hoffmann D., 1985: Solubilized ketanserin binding sites from pig platelet membranes

Levey, G. S.; Klein, I., 1972: Solubilized myo cardial adenylate cyclase restoration of histamine responsiveness by phosphatidyl serine

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Davis A.; Madras B.K.; Seeman P., 1982: Solubilized receptors for tritium labeled dopamine d 3 binding sites from canine brain

Ranki M.; Kaariainen L., 1979: Solubilized rna replication complex from semliki forest virus infected cells

Esmann M., 1986: Solubilized sodium potassium atpase from shark squalus acanthias rectal gland and ox kidney an inactivation study

Agnew W.S.; Raftery M.A., 1979: Solubilized tetrodo toxin binding component from the electroplax of electrophorus electricus stability as a function of mixed lipid detergent micelle composition

Kotulla P.; Schleusener H., 1981: Solubilized tsh receptor its usefulness for the radio ligand receptor assay for tsh and tsh displacing antibody

Bubenik, J.; Indrova, M.; Nemeckova, S.; Malkovsky, M.; Von-Broen, B.; Palek, V.; Anderlikova, J., 1978: Solubilized tumor associated antigens of methyl cholanthrene induced mouse sarcomas comparative studies by in vitro sensitization of lymph node cells macrophage electrophoretic mobility assay and transplantation tests

Rogers, M. J.; Law, L. W.; Appella, E.; Oroszlan, S.; Ting, C. C., 1977: Solubilized tumor specific transplantation antigen and the major viral structural proteins gp 70 and p 30 in the immune response to murine leukemias induced by friend and rauscher virus

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Blagoeva, P. M., 1977: Solubilizing effect of triton x 100 on melanosome tyrosinase in hamster pigmented melanoma

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Saarem, K.; Pedersen, J. I.; Tollersrud, S., 1978: Soluble 25 hydroxy vitamin d 3 1 hydroxylase from kidney mitochondria of rachitic pigs

Rutanen E M.; Pekonen F.; Makinen T., 1988: Soluble 34k binding protein inhibits the binding of insulin like growth factor i to its cell receptors in human secretory phase endometrium evidence for autocrine paracrine regulation of growth factor action

Fukui H.; Shichi H., 1982: Soluble 5' nucleotidase purification and reversible binding to photo receptor membranes

Wheelock M.J.; Buck C.A.; Bechtol K.B.; Damsky C.H., 1987: Soluble 80 kd fragment of cell cam 120 80 disrupts cell cell adhesion

Kleinschmidt J.A.; Franke W.W., 1982: Soluble acidic complexes containing histones h 3 and h 4 in nuclei of xenopus laevis oocytes

Reig, J. A.; Kornblihtt, A. R.; Flawia, M. M.; Torres, H. N., 1982: Soluble adenylate cyclase ec activity in neurospora crassa

Hewlett, E.; Wolff, J., 1976: Soluble adenylate cyclase from the culture medium of bordetella pertussis purification and characterization

Asbury, R. F.; Cook, G. H.; Wolff, J., 1978: Soluble adenylate cyclase from thyroid membranes

Ozbun, J. L.; Hawker, J. S.; Preiss, J., 1972: Soluble adp glucose alpha 1 4 glucan alpha 4 glucosyl transferases from spinach d leaves

Vandenburgh H.H.; Sheff M.F.; Zacks S.I., 1984: Soluble age related factors from skeletal muscle which influence muscle development

Peterson, J. B.; Larue, T. A., 1982: Soluble aldehyde dehydrogenase ec and metabolism of aldehydes by soybean bacteroids

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