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Soluble and nuclear oestrogen receptor status in human breast cancer in relation to prognosis

Leake, R.E.; Laing, L.; Mcardle, C.; Smith, D.C.

British Journal of Cancer 43(1): 67-71


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-0920
PMID: 7459240
Accession: 006436243

The relationship between estrogen receptor (RE) content of primary breast cancer and subsequent prognosis was examined with regard to nodal status. Within a particular nodal group, patients with tumors containing fully functional RE experienced a longer disease-free interval than those with RE- disease. An earlier observation that RE- primary disease gave rise to distant metastases as 1st site of recurrence more frequently than did RE+ disease was not sustained. Patients with RE+ primary disease had a much reduced chance of dying from cancer within a 3 yr period.

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