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Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in Carica papaya L. tissue culture derived from root explants

Chen, M.H.; Wang, P.J.; Maeda, E.

Plant Cell Reports 6(5): 348-351


ISSN/ISBN: 0721-7714
PMID: 24248842
DOI: 10.1007/bf00269557
Accession: 006437392

The regeneration potential of shoot tip, stem, leaf, cotyledon and root explants of two papaya cultivars (Carica papaya cv. 'Solo' and cv. 'Sunrise') were studed. Callus induction of these two cultivars of papaya showed that the shoot tips and stems are most suitable for forming callus, while leaves, cotyledons and roots are comparatively difficult to induce callus. Callus induction also varied with the varities. Somatic embryogenesis was obtained from 3-month-old root cultures. A medium containing half strength of MS inorganic salts, 160 mg/l adenine sulfate, 1.0 mg/1 NAA, 0.5 mg/1 kinetin and 1.0 mg/1 GA3 was optimal for embryogenesis. The callus maintained high regenerative capacity after two years of culture on this medium. Plants derived from somatic embryos were obtained under green-house conditions.

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