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Somatic hybridization by fusion of protoplasts 3. somatic hybrids of sexually incompatible combinations nicotiana tabacum + nicotiana repanda and nicotiana tabacum + salpiglossis sinuata

Nagao, T.

Japanese Journal of Crop Science 51(1): 35-42


Accession: 006437501

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Somatic hybrid plants were regenerated following the fusion of mesophyll protoplasts of N. tabacum cv. Bright Yellow-Aurea (2n = 48) with those isolated from N. repanda (2n = 48), and with suspension culture protoplasts of S. sinuata (2n = 44). The selection of the somatic hybrid calli was achieved on the basis of the simultaneous expression of white and green pigmentation, traits originally separated in the parental species. In N. tabacum + N. repanda 9 calli of somatic hybrids were selected; 3 calli were regenerated to aneuploid plants. However, only one of these hybrid plants indicated normal growth habit. This plant exhibited intermediate characteristics between parental species with respect to leaf morphology, floral structure and flower color; it contained nicotine in the leaves and showed resistance to tobacco mosaic virus. Most (42) of the selected somatic hybrid calli of N. tabacum + S. sinuata produced shoots but only 3 produced roots. These aneuploid somatic hybrid plants displayed a strong resemblance to one of the parents on the leaf traits especially leaf shape and leaf size and only one contained nicotine inherited from N. tabacum. These hybrid plants also showed several abnormalities in the greenhouse. They did not flower but formed many axillary buds; some died.

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