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Somatic hybridization of nicotiana tabacum and petunia hybrida recovery of plants with petunia hybrida nuclear genome and nicotiana tabacum chloroplast genome

Pental, D.; Hamill, J.D.; Pirrie, A.; Cocking, E.C.

Molecular and General Genetics 202(3): 342-347


Accession: 006437517

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Leaf mesophyll protoplasts of a nitrate reductase deficient streptomycin resistant mutant of Nicotiana tabacum were fused with cell suspension protoplasts of wild type Petunia hybrida. Somatic hybrid cell colonies were selected for streptomycin resistance and nitrate reductase proficiency. Six independent cell lines, capable of growth in selection medium, were analysed by electrophoresis of callus peroxidases and leucine aminopeptidases and also by hybridization with rDNA and a chloroplast encoded gene as molecular probes. The results show that all six lines represented nuclear somatic hybrids, possessing the chloroplast of N. tabacum, at an early stage of development. However, after 6-12 months in culture, genomic incompatibility was observed resulting in the loss of most of the tobacco nuclear genome in the majority of the cell lines. One of the latter cell lines regenerated plants which possessed the chloroplast of N. tabacum in a predominantly P. hybrida nuclear background.

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