Somatic hybrids of plants by fusion of protoplasts observations on the model system nicotiana glauca nicotiana langsdorffii hybrid parent

Chupeau, Y.; Missonier, C.; Hommel, M.C.; Goujaud, J.

Molecular and General Genetics 165(3): 239-246


Accession: 006437534

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Fusions of protoplasts from N. langsdorffii and N. glauca were induced using polyethylene glycol. Parasexual hybrid colonies were selected for their ability to grow without growth substances. Hybrid plants, regenerated after grafting, were all tumorous and exhibited morphological and chromosome number variations. Out of 48 colonies selected in vitro only 6 regenerated flowering plants. Two of these plants had 42 chromosomes and were morphologically identical to the sexual amphidiploid N. glauca .times. langsdorffii.