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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6439

Chapter 6439 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Seal A.; Yamada T.; Debas H.; Hollinshead J.; Osadchey B.; Aponte G.; Walsh J., 1982:
Somatostatin 14 and somatostatin 28 clearance and potency on gastric function in dogs

Pekary A.E.; Yamada T.; Sharp B.; Bhasin S.; Swerdloff R.S.; Hershman J.M., 1984:
Somatostatin 14 and somatostatin 28 in the male rat reproductive system

Heisler S.; Srikant C.B., 1985:
Somatostatin 14 and somatostatin 28 pretreatment down regulate somatostatin 14 receptors and have biphasic effects on forskolin stimulated cyclic amp synthesis and acth secretion in mouse anterior pituitary tumor cells

Patel Y.C.; Ravazzola M.; Amherdt M.; Orci L., 1987:
Somatostatin 14 like antigenic sites in fixed islet delta cells are unaltered by cysteamine a quantitative electron microscopic immunocytochemical evaluation

Arakawa Y.; Tachibana S., 1984:
Somatostatin 20 a novel amino terminally extended form of somatostatin isolated from porcine duodenum together with somatostatin 28 and somatostatin 25

Millar R.P.; Klaff L.J.; Barron J.L.; Levitt N.S.; Ling N., 1983:
Somatostatin 28 and somatostatin 14 suppression of arginine stimulated insulin stimulated and trh stimulated growth hormone and prolactin secretion in man

Vaysse N.; Chayvialle J.A.; Pradayrol L.; Esteve J.P.; Susini C.; Lapuelle J.; Descos F.; Ribet A., 1981:
Somatostatin 28 comparison with somatostatin 14 for plasma kinetics and low dose effects on the exocrine pancreas in dogs

Susini, C.; Esteve, J.P.; Vaysse, N.; Pradayrol, L.; Ribet, A., 1980:
Somatostatin 28: effects on exocrine pancreatic secretion in conscious dogs

Goodman R.H.; Jacobs J.W.; Dee P.C.; Habener J.F., 1982:
Somatostatin 28 encoded in a cloned complementary dna obtained from a rat medullary thyroid carcinoma

Millar R.P.; Klaff L.J.; Barron J.; Levitt N.S.; Ling N., 1982:
Somatostatin 28 inhibits lhrh stimulated gonadotropin secretion in man

Ito S.; Yamada Y.; Iwanaga T.; Kaneko H.; Shibata A., 1982:
Somatostatin 28 like immuno reactivity in normal and tumor tissue from duodenum and pancreas

Brown, M.; Vale, W., 1978:
Somatostatin 5 years of progress

Steiner, R.A.; Stewart, J.K.; Barber, J.; Koerker, D.; Goodner, C.J.; Brown, A.; Illner, P.; Gale, C.C., 1978:
Somatostatin: a physiological role in the regulation of growth hormone secretion in the adolescent male baboon

Hansen, A.P.; Lundbaek, K., 1976:
Somatostatin: a review of its effects especially in human beings

Arilla, E.; Prieto, J.C.; López-Martínez, J.M.; Goberna, R., 1981:
Somatostatin action on insulin secretion induced by chicken and porcine vasoactive intestinal peptide in the perfused rat pancreas

Catalan R.E.; Martinez A.M.; Aragones M.D., 1984:
Somatostatin action on intestinal enzyme systems effects on protein kinase and acetyl cholin esterase activities

Forrest J.N.Jr; Reichlin S.; Goodman D.B.P., 1980 :
Somatostatin an endogenous peptide in the toad bufo marinus urinary bladder inhibits vasopressin stimulated water flow

Fisher, D.A.; Brown, M.R., 1980:
Somatostatin analog: plasma catecholamine suppression mediated by the central nervous system

Schally A.V.; Redding T.W., 1987:
Somatostatin analogs as adjuncts to agonists of lhrh in the treatment of experimental prostate cancer

Schonbrunn A.; Rorstad O.P.; Westendorf J.M.; Martin J.B., 1983:
Somatostatin analogs correlation between receptor binding affinity and biological potency in growth hormone pituitary cells

Ipp, E.; Rivier, J.; Dobbs, R.E.; Brown, M.; Vale, W.; Unger, R.H., 1979:
Somatostatin analogs inhibit somatostatin release

Peterfreund, R.A.; Vale, W.W., 1984:
Somatostatin analogs inhibit somatostatin secretion from cultured hypothalamus cells

Brown, M.; Rivier, J.; Vale, W., 1977:
Somatostatin: analogs with selected biological activities

Chretien M.F.; Pouplard Barthelaix A.; Dubois M.P.; Simard C.; Rebel A., 1986:
Somatostatin and acth like immunoreactivity in small cell carcinoma of the lung

Tsukahara T.; Shioda S.; Nakai Y.; Kobayashi H., 1983:
Somatostatin and arginine vasotocin revealed by immuno histochemistry in the hypothalamo hypophyseal region of the hagfish eptatretus burgeri

Arneric S.P.; Reis D.J., 1986:
Somatostatin and cholecystokinin octapeptide differentially modulate the release of tritiated acetylcholine from caudate nucleus but not cerebral cortex role of dopamine receptor activation

Arneric S.P.; Meeley M.P.; Reis D.J., 1986:
Somatostatin and cholecystokinin octapeptide modulate release of striatal amino acids role of dopamine receptors

Fernandez Castaner M.; Webb S.; Levy I.; Rios M.; Casamitjana R.; Bergua M.; Figuerola D.; Rivera F., 1985:
Somatostatin and counterregulatory hormone responses to hypoglycemia in diabetics with and without autonomic neuropathy

Vecsei L.; Bollok I.; Penke B.; Telegdy G., 1986:
Somatostatin and d 8 tryptophan d 14 cysteine somatostatin delay extinction and reverse electroconvulsive shock induced amnesia in rats

Wahren, J., 1976:
Somatostatin and diabetes mellitus the role of glucagon in diabetic hyper glycemia and glucose intolerance

Tonoue T.; Hata H.; Ohnishi T.; Kido N.; Nakamura T., 1985:
Somatostatin and gamma aminobutyric acid correlate with cervical autonomic nerve activity

Koop, H.; Coelle, E.F.; McIntosh, C.; Degenhardt, T.; Becker, H.D.; Arnold, R.; Creutzfeldt, W., 1980:
Somatostatin and gastrin release from canine stomach

Schauder, P.; Mcintosh, C.; Arends, J.; Arnold, R.; Frerichs, H.; Creutzfeldt, W., 1977:
Somatostatin and insulin release from isolated rat pancreatic islets in response to d glucose l leucine alpha keto iso caproic acid or d glyceraldehyde evidence for a regulatory role of cyclic amp

Kanatsuka A.; Makino H.; Kasanuki J.; Osegawa M.; Kumagai A., 1983:
Somatostatin and insulin secretion from pancreatic islets studies on the effect of high potassium 9 amino acridine and valinomycin

Giugliano, D.; Torella, R.; Varricchio, M.; Sgambato, S., 1980:
Somatostatin and insulin secretion in man 1. the effect of phentolamine

Giugliano, D.; Torella, R.; Passariello, N.; Sgambato, S., 1979:
Somatostatin and insulin secretion in man 2. the effect of theophylline

Barber, D.L.; Gregor, M.; Soll, A.H., 1987:
Somatostatin and muscarinic inhibition of canine enteric endocrine cells: cellular mechanisms

Nakamura S.; Akiguchi I.; Kameyama M.; Nakamura N.; Kimura H., 1986:
Somatostatin and neuropeptide y immunoreactive cortical neurons in senile dementia of the alzheimer type

Smagin, V.G.; Vinogradov, V.A.; Ivanikov, I.O.; Bogdanov, A.N., 1982:
Somatostatin and neurotensin in duodenal ulcer

Petraglia F.; Facchinetti F.; D'ambrogio G.; Volpe A.; Genazzani A.R., 1986:
Somatostatin and oxytocin infusion inhibits the rise of plasma beta endorphin beta lipotropin and cortisol induced by insulin hypoglycemia

Savi, L.; Cardillo, C.; Bombardieri, G., 1985:
Somatostatin and peripheral blood flow in man

D'aniello C.; Guarnieri A.; Piccolomini A.; Khader A.; D.S.efano A.; Vuolo G., 1984:
Somatostatin and prevention of postoperative acute pancreatitis after papilloplasty

Weeke J.; Christensen S.E.; Hansen A.P.; Laurberg P.; Lundbaek K., 1980:
Somatostatin and the 24 hour levels of serum thyrotropin tri iodo thyronine thyroxine and reverse tri iodo thyronine in normals diabetics and patients treated for myx edema

Konturek, S.J., 1977:
Somatostatin and the digestive system

Konturek, S.J., 1976:
Somatostatin and the gastro intestinal secretions

Bloom, S.R., 1978:
Somatostatin and the gut

Vanderschueren-Lodeweyckx, M.; Henquin, J.C.; Lambert, A.; Proesmans, W.; Eggermont, E.; Eeckels, R., 1976:
Somatostatin and the secretion of growth hormone induced by exogenous cyclic amp in man

Tornqvist K.; Uddman R.; Sundler F.; Ehinger B., 1982:
Somatostatin and vasoactive intestinal poly peptide neurons in the retina of different species

Fries J.L.; Murphy W.A.; Sueiras Diaz J.; Coy D.H., 1982:
Somatostatin antagonist analog increases growth hormone insulin and glucagon release in the rat

Spencer G.S.G.; Hallett K.G., 1985:
Somatostatin antagonist analog stimulates growth in rats

Locatelli V.; Arimura A.; Torsello A.; Cella S.G.; Muller E.E., 1984:
Somatostatin antiserum antagonizes the impaired ability of human pancreatic growth hormone releasing factor to stimulate growth hormone release in old unanesthetized male rats

Danguir J.; Hilaire Kafi S., 1988:
Somatostatin antiserum blocks blocks carbachol induced increase of paradoxical sleep in the rat

Ziccarelli F.; Nocera B., 1984:
Somatostatin as a regulatory factor of digestive and metabolic processes recent advances

Diel, F.; Bethge, N.; Schneider, E.; Quabbe, H.J., 1981:
Somatostatin binding factor from chicken pancreas

Beal M.F.; Tran V.T.; Mazurek M.F.; Chattha G.; Martin J.B., 1986:
Somatostatin binding sites in human and monkey macaca fascicularis brain localization and characterization

Noe, B.D.; Fletcher, D.J.; Bauer, G.E.; Weir, G.C.; Patel, Y., 1978:
Somatostatin biosynthesis occurs in pancreatic islets

Chideckel, E.W.; Palmer, J.; Koerker, D.J.; Ensinck, J.; Davidson, M.B.; Goodner, C.J., 1975:
Somatostatin blockade of acute and chronic stimuli of the endocrine pancreas and the consequences of this blockade on glucose homeostasis

Mollard P.; Vacher P.; Dufy B.; Barker J.L., 1988:
Somatostatin blocks calcium action potential activity in prolactin secreting pituitary tumor cells through coordinate actions on potassium and calcium conductances

Luft, R.; Efendic, S.; Hokfelt, T., 1978:
Somatostatin both hormone and neuro transmitter

Weyrauch, K.D.; Blähser, S.; Perschbacher, J., 1987:
Somatostatin cells in the gastric mucosa of small ruminants. Immunohistochemical study

Kazumi, T.; Utsumi, M.; Yoshino, G.; Ishihara, K.; Hirose, Y.; Makimura, H.; Baba, S., 1980:
Somatostatin concentration responds to arginine in portal plasma: effects of fasting, streptozotocin diabetes, and insulin administration in diabetic rats

Ito, S.; Yamada, Y.; Hayashi, M.; Matsubara, Y., 1978:
Somatostatin containing cells in the rat and horse pancreatic islets

Bugnon, C.; Lenys, D.; Fellmann, D.; Bloch, B., 1977:
Somatostatin containing fibers and neurophysin containing fibers in the median eminence of the fox as seen with a double staining immuno enzymatic technique/

Zhu C.; M.W., 1986:
Somatostatin containing neurons and nerve fibers in the nucleus tractus solitarii an immunoelectron microscopic study

Charlton, B.G.; Leake, A.; Wright, C.; Fairbairn, A.F.; McKeith, I.G.; Candy, J.M.; Ferrier, I.N., 1988:
Somatostatin content and receptors in the cerebral cortex of depressed and control subjects

Kusumoto Y.; Grube D., 1987:
Somatostatin d cells in the rat pyloric antrum with special reference to the destination of their cytoplasmic processes

Reisine T., 1984:
Somatostatin de sensitization loss of the ability of somatostatin to inhibit cyclic amp accumulation and acth release

Szabo S.; Reichlin S., 1983:
Somatostatin depletion of the gut and pancreas induced by cysteamine is not prevented by vagotomy or dopamine agonists

Kleber G.; Sauerbruch T.; Fischer G.; Paumgartner G., 1988:
Somatostatin does not reduce esophageal variceal pressure in liver cirrhotics

Deftos, L.J.; Lorenzi, M.; Bohanon, N.; Tsalakian, E.; Schneider, V.; Gerich, J.E., 1976:
Somatostatin does not suppress plasma parathyroid hormone

Lerebours, E.; Weber, J.; Chayvialle, J.A.; Galmiche, J.P.; Colin, R.; Denis, P., 1987:
Somatostatin effect on rectal muscle in human healthy volunteers

Gabryelewicz A.; Prokopowicz J.; Hnidec O.; Wolosowicz N., 1980:
Somatostatin effect on the hemostatic system in man

Cherubini M.; Mattiussi A.; Baxa P.; Fabiani P.; D.F.rra F., 1986:
Somatostatin effect on the sphincter of oddi

Hou Z Y.; Lin C I.; Chiu T H.; Chiang B.N.; Cheng K K.; H.L.T., 1987:
Somatostatin effects in isolated human atrial fibers

Hirschowitz, B.I., 1987:
Somatostatin effects on gastric electrolytes and pepsin in dogs with various secretory stimuli

Bybee, D.E.; Brown, F.C.; Georges, L.P.; Castell, D.O.; McGuigan, J.E., 1979:
Somatostatin effects on lower esophageal sphincter function

Bulloch, A.G., 1987:
Somatostatin enhances neurite outgrowth and electrical coupling of regenerating neurons in Helisoma

Westlund K.N.; Chmielowiec S.; Childs G.V., 1983:
Somatostatin fibers and their relationship to specific cell types growth hormone and tsh in the rat anterior pituitary

Rossowski, W.J.; Ozden, A.; Ertan, A.; Maumus, M.; Arimura, A., 1988:
Somatostatin, gastrin, and cholinergic muscarinic binding sites in rat gastric, duodenal, and jejunal mucosa

Ruggere, M.D.; Patel, Y.C., 1984:
Somatostatin, glucagon, and insulin secretion from perfused pancreas of BB rats

Dalsgaard C J.; Hokfelt T.; Johansson O.; Elde R., 1981:
Somatostatin immuno reactive cell bodies in the dorsal horn and the parasympathetic intermediolateral nucleus of the rat spinal cord

Hacker G.; Pohlhammer K.; Breitfuss A.; Adam H., 1982:
Somatostatin immuno reactive cells and their positional distribution in the gastro intestinal tract of xenopus laevis demonstrated by a micro computer

Sano T.; Saito H.; Saito S.; Kagawa N.; Hizawa K., 1981:
Somatostatin immuno reactive cells in human retina and retino blastoma

Fasolo, A.; Gaudino, G.; Mazzi, V., 1981:
Somatostatin immuno reactive fibers and perikarya in the brain of the newt triturus cristatus carnifex 2. the extrahypothalamic pattern

Fasolo A.; Gaudino G., 1981:
Somatostatin immuno reactive neurons and fibers in the hypothalamus of the newt triturus cristatus carnifex

Millar, R.P., 1978:
Somatostatin immuno reactive peptides of higher molecular weight in ovine hypothalamic extracts

Wild A., 1979:
Somatostatin immuno reactivity demonstrated in the pancreas of very young chick embryos

Sagar, S.M.; Marshall, P.E.; Onesti, S.T.; Landis, D.M., 1986:
Somatostatin immunocytochemistry in the rabbit retina

Lam, S.K.; Harvey, S.; Hall, T.R.; Spencer, G.S., 1986:
Somatostatin immunoneutralization stimulates thyroid function in fowl

Nakamura, S.; Vincent, S.R., 1986:
Somatostatin immunoreactive and neuropeptide y immunoreactive neurons in the neocortex in senile dementia of alzheimer's type

Fehér, E.; Léránth, C.; Gallatz, K., 1986:
Somatostatin immunoreactive nerve elements in the rat small intestine: light and electron microscopic studies

Vincent, S.R.; McIntosh, C.H.; Reiner, P.B.; Brown, J.C., 1987:
Somatostatin immunoreactivity in the cat adrenal medulla. Localization and characterization

Ipp, E.; Sinai, Y.; Bar-Oz, B.; Nesher, R.; Cerasi, E., 1987:
Somatostatin impairs clearance of exogenous insulin in humans

Vantini I.; Piubello W.; Ederle A.; Formentini G.; Baroni C.; Sembenini C.; Pederzoli P.; Micciolo R.; Guiotto M.G.; Cavallini G.; Scuro L.A., 1987:
Somatostatin in acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding a controlled trial versus cimetidine

Sumioka M., 1986:
Somatostatin in gastric juice and study on its clinical significance

Keast, J.R.; Furness, J.B.; Costa, M., 1984:
Somatostatin in human enteric nerves. Distribution and characterization

Dinter L.; Mueller W., 1984:
Somatostatin in patients with active psoriatic arthritis

Szabo, S.; Reichlin, S., 1981:
Somatostatin in rat tissues is depleted by cysteamine administration

D'aniello C.; Piccolomini A.; Guarnieri A.; Breggia M.; D.C.smo L.; Carli A.F., 1984:
Somatostatin in surgery

Tonini G.; Rulli F.; Braga M.; Fontana G.; Lojacono L., 1985:
Somatostatin in surgical management of pancreatic trauma

Zhu C.; Liu Q.; L.J.; Zhu J.; Deng D., 1986:
Somatostatin in synaptic structures of substantia gelatinosa of the spinal cord

Zpshtein E.V., 1981:
Somatostatin in the blood of obese patients

Olivereau, M.; Ollevier, F.; Vandesande, F.; Olivereau, J., 1984:
Somatostatin in the brain and the pituitary of some teleosts. Immunocytochemical identification and the effect of starvation

Rolandi, E.; Franceschini, R.; Messina, V.; Cataldi, A.; Salvemini, M.; Barreca, T., 1987:
Somatostatin in the elderly: diurnal plasma profile and secretory response to meal stimulation

Day, S.M.; Gu, J.; Polak, J.M.; Bloom, S.R., 1985:
Somatostatin in the human heart and comparison with guinea pig and rat heart

Coraggio F.; Spina M.; Scarpato P.; Ferrentino R.; Lombardi S.; Bellini M.; Donisi M., 1984:
Somatostatin in the management of digestive bleeding secondary to rupture of esophageal varices

Iwasaki A.; Haramoto T.; Aizawa T.; Kato K.; Matsuo Y.; Honda T., 1986:
Somatostatin in the mucosa of the antrum and duodenum in patients with peptic ulcer and in the mucosa of the proximal duodenum of rats with cysteamine induced duodenal ulcer

Garai I.; Letoha V.; Julesz J.; Gaspar L.; Toth S.; Laszlo F., 1987:
Somatostatin in the therapy of acute pancreatitis

Bartoli, A.; Burattini, M.F.; Castagna, V.; Cristofani, R.; Bussani, F., 1986:
Somatostatin in the treatment of gastroduodenal hemorrhage clinical contribution

Socha, J.; Rasiński, A.; Barra, E.; Cichy, W.; Celińska-Cedro, D.; Rondio, H., 1988:
Somatostatin in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in children

Dupont, E.; Hansen, A.P.; Juul-Jensen, P.; Lundbaek, K.; Magnussen, I.; De-Fine-Olivarius, B., 1978:
Somatostatin in the treatment of patients with extrapyramidal disorders and patients with electro encephalographic abnormalities

Somerville K.W.; Henry D.A.; Davies J.G.; Hine K.R.; Hawkey C.J.; Langman M.J.S., 1985:
Somatostatin in treatment of hematemesis and melena

Balanzo J.; Gomez Iglesias J.A.; Cardona C.; Gonzalez Juan D.; Condomines J.; Cusso X., 1987:
Somatostatin in upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage results of a random controlled study

Bech, K., 1986:
Somatostatin increases the ratio between gastric mucosal blood flow and gastric acid and pepsin secretion in dogs

Wollheim, C.B.; Kikuchi, M.; Renold, A.E.; Sharp, G.W.G., 1977:
Somatostatin induced and epinephrine induced modifications of calcium 45 ion fluxes and insulin release in rat pancreatic islets maintained in tissue culture

Harfstrand A.; Kalia M.; Fuxe K.; Kaijser L.; Agnati L.F., 1984:
Somatostatin induced apnea interaction with hypoxia and hypercapnia in the rat

Burke R.E.; Fahn S., 1983:
Somatostatin induced barrel rotation in rats

Long M.W.; Micossi P.; Pontiroli A.E.; Dunbar J.C.; Foa P.P.; Henry R.L., 1979:
Somatostatin induced changes in hemostasis of rats

Aktories K.; Schultz G.; Jakobs K.H., 1983:
Somatostatin induced stimulation of a high affinity gtpase in membranes of s 49 lymphoma cyc minus and h 21 a variants

Hostein, J.; Janssens, J.; Vantrappen, G.; Peeters, T.L.; Vandeweerd, M.; Leman, G., 1984:
Somatostatin induces ectopic activity fronts of the migrating motor complex via a local intestinal mechanism

Theoharides, T.C.; Douglas, W.W., 1978:
Somatostatin induces histamine secretion from rat peritoneal mast cells

Wolfe, R.R.; Burke, J.F., 1982:
Somatostatin infusion inhibits glucose production in burn patients

Harvey, S.; Scanes, C.G., 1987:
Somatostatin inhibition of growth hormone secretion in an adult bird: the domestic fowl

Bounias M.; Dubois M.P., 1982:
Somatostatin inhibition of insulin hypo glycemic effects in the honey bee in vivo and cytochemical localization of a somatostatin like antigen in the mid gut and the malpighian tubuli of the bee apis mellifica mellifica

Scuro, L.A.; Lo-Cascio, V.; Adami, S.; Galvanini, G.; Bianchi, I.; Cominacini, L.; Corgnati, A., 1976:
Somatostatin inhibition of insulin secretion in insulin producing tumors

Oddsdottir, M.; Ballantyne, G.H.; Adrian, T.E.; Zdon, M.J.; Zucker, K.A.; Modlin, I.M., 1987:
Somatostatin inhibition of intrinsic factor secretion from isolated guinea pig gastric glands

Cohen, M.L.; Rosing, E.; Wiley, K.S.; Slater, I.H., 1978:
Somatostatin inhibits adrenergic and cholinergic neuro transmission in smooth muscle

Dorflinger L.J.; Schonbrunn A., 1983:
Somatostatin inhibits basal and vasoactive intestinal peptide stimulated hormone release by different mechanisms in growth hormone pituitary cells

Litvin Y.; Leiser M.; Fleischer N.; Erlichman J., 1986:
Somatostatin inhibits corticotropin releasing factor stimulated acth release adenylate cyclase and activation of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase isoenzymes in att 20 cells

Reisine T.; Wang H L.; Guild S., 1988:
Somatostatin inhibits cyclic amp dependent and cyclic amp independent calcium influx in the clonal pituitary tumor cell line att 20 through the same receptor population

Wiley J.; Owyang C., 1987:
Somatostatin inhibits cyclic amp mediated cholinergic transmission in the myenteric plexus

Mogard, M.H.; Maxwell, V.; Kovacs, T.; Van Deventer, G.; Elashoff, J.D.; Yamada, T.; Kauffman, G.L.; Walsh, J.H., 1985:
Somatostatin inhibits gastric acid secretion after gastric mucosal prostaglandin synthesis inhibition by indomethacin in man

Reyl Desmars F.; Zeytin F., 1985:
Somatostatin inhibits growth hormone releasing factor stimulated adenylate cyclase activity in gh 3 cells

Heisler S.; Reisine T.D.; Hook V.Y.H.; Axelrod J., 1982:
Somatostatin inhibits multi receptor stimulation of cyclic amp formation and acth secretion mouse pituitary tumor cells

Gooren L.J.G.; Harmsen Louman W.; Van Kessel H., 1984:
Somatostatin inhibits prolactin release from the lactotroph primed with estrogen and cyproterone acetate in man

Cooper, G.R.; Shin, S.H., 1981:
Somatostatin inhibits prolactin secretion in the estradiol primed male rat

Mascardo, R.N.; Sherline, P., 1982:
Somatostatin inhibits rapid centrosomal separation and cell proliferation induced by epidermal growth factor

Gavin, L.A.; Moeller, M., 1983:
Somatostatin inhibits rat hepatic l thyroxine 5' deiodinase effect is independent of the associated hypo insulinemia

Hirooka, Y.; Hollander, C.S.; Suzuki, S.; Ferdinand, P.; Juan, S.I., 1978:
Somatostatin inhibits release of thyrotropin releasing factor from organ cultures of rat hypothalamus

Maxwell, D.L.; Chahal, P.; Nolop, K.B.; Hughes, J.M., 1986:
Somatostatin inhibits the ventilatory response to hypoxia in humans

Ahren, B.; Ericsson, M.; Hedner, P.; Ingemansson, S.; Westgren, U., 1978:
Somatostatin inhibits thyroid hormone secretion induced by exogenous thyrotropin in man

Hertelendy, F.; Calabria, D.; Todd, H.; Raab, B., 1977:
Somatostatin inhibits urinary cyclic AMP excretion in diabetic rats

Dorflinger L.J.; Schonbrunn A., 1983:
Somatostatin inhibits vasoactive intestinal peptide stimulated cyclic amp accumulation in growth hormone pituitary cells

Skare, S.; Kriz, V.; Hanssen, K.F., 1986:
Somatostatin, insulin and glucagon after arginine stimulation in active and treated acromegaly

Seino, S.; Seino, Y.; Takemura, J.; Tsuda, K.; Kuzuya, H.; Ishikawa, K.; Shimazu, T.; Imura, H., 1981:
Somatostatin, insulin, and glucagon secretion from isolated perfused pancreas of obese rats

Reyl F.; Lewin M.J.M., 1981:
Somatostatin is a potent activator of phospho protein phosphatases in the digestive tract

Theodoropoulos, T.J., 1985:
Somatostatin is a regulator of thyrotropin secretion in the perinatal rat

Shapiro, B.; Pienta, K.; Heldsinger, A.; Vinik, A.I., 1981 :
Somatostatin is an agonist and noncompetitive antagonist of gastrin in oxyntic cell function

Costa M.; Furness J.B., 1984:
Somatostatin is present in a subpopulation of noradrenergic nerve fibers supplying the intestine

Maruyama, T.; Ishikawa, H., 1977:
Somatostatin its inhibiting effect on the release of hormones and immuno globulin g from clonal cells strains its calcium influx dependence

Gerich, J.E., 1977:
Somatostatin. Its possible role in carbohydrate homeostasis and the treatment of diabetes mellitus

Canivet B.; L.C.m A.; Freychet P., 1979:
Somatostatin lack of effect on cyclic amp release and amino acid transport in isolated rat hepatocytes

Guijarro, L.G.; Arilla, E., 1988:
Somatostatin levels and binding in duodenal mucosa of rabbits with ligation of the pancreatic duct

Buckerfield M.; Oliver J.; Chubb I.W.; Morgan I.G., 1981:
Somatostatin like immuno reactivity in amacrine cells of the chicken retina

Lundqvist M.; Wilander E., 1981:
Somatostatin like immuno reactivity in mid gut carcinoids

Bear M.F.; Ebner F.F., 1983:
Somatostatin like immuno reactivity in the fore brain of pseudemys scripta turtles

Stoemmer P., 1986:
Somatostatin like immunoreactive cells of the duodenal papilla and the peripapillary duodenum

Cramer H.; Schaudt D.; Rissler K.; Strubel D.; Warter J M.; Kuntzmann F., 1985:
Somatostatin like immunoreactivity and substance p like immunoreactivity in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with senile dementia of alzheimer type multi infarct syndrome and communicating hydrocephalus

Cramer H.; Weigel K.; Rissler K.; Milos A.; Wolf A.; Mundinger F., 1987:
Somatostatin like immunoreactivity in cerebroventricular fluid of patients with basal midline tumors

Laemle L.K.; Feldman S.C., 1985:
Somatostatin like immunoreactivity in subcortical and cortical visual centers of the rat

Grau E.G.; Nishioka R.S.; Young G.; Bern H.A., 1985:
Somatostatin like immunoreactivity in the pituitary and brain of 3 teleost fish species somatostatin as a potential regulator of prolactin cell function

Pitkanen A.; Jolkkonen J.; Riekkinen P.J., 1987:
Somatostatin like immunoreactivity sli in cisternal cerebrospinal fluid of rats kindled by pentylenetetrazole

Flati G.; Negro P.; Flati D.; Porowska B.; Tuscano D.; Hidalgo Pascual M.; Carboni M., 1986:
Somatostatin massive upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage in portal hypertension results of a controlled study

Hussain, M.N.; Sirek, A.; Cukerman, E.; Sirek, O.V., 1985:
Somatostatin mediates the effect of growth hormone surges on splanchnic biogenic amines

Uhl G.R.; Sasek C.A., 1986:
Somatostatin messenger rna regional variation in hybridization densities in individual neurons

Ruggere, M.D.; Patel, Y.C., 1985:
Somatostatin metabolism by the isolated rat lung

Sacks H.S.; Wright R.K.; Stentz F.B.; Terry L.C., 1984:
Somatostatin metabolism differences in clearance of amino terminal and central portions of molecule during perfusion of rat liver

Koelbel, C.B.; van Deventer, G.; Khawaja, S.; Mogard, M.; Walsh, J.H.; Mayer, E.A., 1988:
Somatostatin modulates cholinergic neurotransmission in canine antral muscle

Efendic, S.; Hokfelt, T.; Luft, R., 1976:
Somatostatin more than a 3rd pancreatic hormone

Kubo S., 1986:
Somatostatin neuron system of the amphibian brain

Honey, R.N.; Arimura, A.; Weir, G.C., 1981:
Somatostatin neutralization stimulates glucagon and insulin secretion from the avian pancreas

Bolaffi, J.L.; Reichlin, S.; Goodman, D.B.; Forrest, J.N., 1980:
Somatostatin: occurrence in urinary bladder epithelium and renal tubules of the toad, Bufo marinus

Hainer V.; Svarcova H.; Wernischova V.; Hrabk P.; Jalonska M., 1988:
Somatostatin plasma concentration during the oral glucose tolerance test in obese patients

Uccioli, L.; Ghirlanda, G.; Cotroneo, P.; Manto, A.; Solini, A.; Greco, A.V., 1986:
Somatostatin plasma levels and biological effects following subcutaneous administration of somatostatin in man

Raptis, S.; Rosenthal, J., 1977:
Somatostatin potential diagnostic and therapeutic value

Zingg H.H.; Patel Y.C., 1979:
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Some adenovirus DNA is associated with the DNA of permissive cells during productive or restricted growth

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Some advanced flight maneuvers of bats

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Some advances in the trapping of tsetse glossina spp and other flies

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Some advantages and problems of applying pollen derived plants to cross breeding of rice oryza sativa ssp japonica

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Some adverse effects of copper intra uterine devices

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Some african ceratocanthidae coleoptera scarabaeoidea

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Some african oecobius and zimiris araneae oecobiidae and gnaphosidae

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Some agents of wood rot of the genus inonotus

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Some agronomic consequences of the introduction of a fodder break into a crop succession in the damp tropical environment of the ivory coast

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Some air ion measurements made in the pyrenees france at altitudes of 200 meters and 2870 meters

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Some algae communities on ameliorated cutover peatlands

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Some algae from kashmir and ladakh west himalayas india

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Some algae from the vicinity of bruly ardennes department france namur province belgium

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Some algal species living in the mucilage of the colonial blue green alga microcystis aeruginosa

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Some already known species of the genus centrorhynchus acanthocephala from varied vertebrate hosts in india

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Some alterations in blood plasma induced by sex hormones in male albino rats

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Some alternative to urinary diversion in children

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Some amnesic patients can freely recall large amounts of information in new contexts

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Some anatomical variants and pitfalls in computed tomography of the trachea and mainstem bronchi ii. compression of anatomical variants?

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Some anomalies in the control of alveolar carbon di oxide tension in patients with a hyper ventilation syndrome

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Some anomalies in the salinity of dark chestnut soils in the kustanai oblast kazakh ssr ussr

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Some antagonists of dantrolene sodium on the isolated diaphragm muscle of the rat

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Some antecedents and personality correlates of health locus of control

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Some antecedents of altruism in children theoretical and empirical perspectives

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Some anthropological problems of the early postglacial and historic europoids

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Some anthropological problems of the mesolithic europoids 1

Toth T., 1985:
Some anthropological problems of the mesolithic europoids ii

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Some anthropological problems of the neolithic tisza basin hungary population

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Some anthropometric characteristics of the population of croatia yugoslavia aged 22 41 years

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Some anthropometric values of indian infants from nairobi kenya compared with infants from india uk and the harvard reference values

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Some anti fungal components of diseased blue ribbon iris bulbs

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Some anti microbial and oncostatic activity of some higher basidiomycete species

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Some anticonvulsant drugs alter monoamine mediated behavior in mice in ways similar to electroconvulsive shock implications for antidepressant therapy

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Some antigenic properties of cultured cell and bacteroid forms of fast growing and slow growing strains of lotus rhizobia

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Some antigenic properties of Haemophilus parasuis and a proposal for serological classification

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Some antigens of tumor cells cultured for a long time

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Some aphid parasitoids hymenoptera aphidiidae from nearctic america

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Some aphids new to denmark on elm and other plants homoptera aphidoidea

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Some apparatus for preference experiments with meio fauna

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Some applications of computerized gas chromatography mass spectrometry to the determination of biogenic and anthropogenic organic matter in the environment

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Some applications of human operator research to the assessment of disability in stroke

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Some applications of ligand exchange 1. recovery of phenolic compounds from water

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Some applications of measuring uv spectra in the gaseous phase for toxicologic analysis

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Some applications of nondispersive x ray fluorescence to forensic investigations

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Some applications of scanning electron microscopy for the study of biopsies in central nervous system pathology

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Some applications of the concept of body forces for the myo cardium

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Some applications of the family of discrete exponential distributions in biology and toxicology

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Some applications of thermo luminescent dosimetry in medicine

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Some approaches to determining the true number of alcoholic patients in a drug addict treatment center

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Some approaches to evaluating the breeding value of wheat cultivars and hybrids

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Some approaches to purification of liver tissue g 2 chalone

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Some approaches to rehabilitation of patients with bronchial asthma

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Some approaches to simulating heat stress under microwave irradiation

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Some approaches to studies of human genetics in the armenian ssr ussr

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Some approaches to the assessment of the efficacy of medical rehabilitation of outpatients with essential hypertension

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Some approaches to the ecological forecasting of the consequences of industrial pollution of land ecosystems by heavy metals

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Some approaches to the question of drosophila laterality

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Some approaches to the studies of the soil gaseous profile functioning

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Some approximations of the borel tanner or the generalized poisson distribution

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Some aquatic hyphomycetes from spain

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Some aquatic oligochaeta from tasmania australia

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Some arachnids of la gaume new or rare for the belgian fauna

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Some aradidae from the oriental and australian regions hemiptera heteroptera

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Some archaeo herpetological remains from the netherlands

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Some arctic and subarctic solitary bees collected at inuvik and tuktoyaktuk northwest territories canada hymenoptera apoidea

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Some areas of fluctuations of the seasonal water temperature in the tsushima warm current region in the japan sea

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Some arenaceous soils of the miocene pliocene pleistocene from south of the tejo river po 3. zinc

De-Sequeira, E.M., 1980:
Some arenaceous soils of the miocene pliocene pleistocene from south of the tejo river portugal 2. grouping samples by multi variate analysis

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Some arguments for a discussion on pedogenetic mechanisms in planosols and similar soils

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Some arthropod predators and parasites of adult scorpion flies mecoptera

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Some ascidia harvested under the pack in mcmurdo sound antarctica

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Some ascomycetes isolated from soil of nepal part 3

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Some asian microlestes belonging to the british museum of london england uk coleoptera carabidae

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Some asian species of austronomia a subgenus of nomia with descriptions of 3 new species from sri lanka hymenoptera halictidae

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Some aspect of incubation in the domesticated rock pigeon columba livia f domestica

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Some aspect of the benthic algal vegetation of south icelandic coastal area

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Some aspects about the german fishery on young eel for stocking purposes

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Some aspects concerning complaints in occupational medicine

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Some aspects concerning melanin formation in late larvae of the oleander hawk moth deilephila nerii lepidoptera sphingidae

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Some aspects concerning taste sensitivity to phenyl thio carbamide and dermatoglyphics in children from endemic goiter areas

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Some aspects concerning the causal relation in connection with the development of hydrogen sulfide in codfish

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Some aspects concerning the dynamic evaluation of oxygen consumption in exercise tests

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Some aspects concerning the kinetics of the congener methanol and propanol 1 in absence of ethanol

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Some aspects concerning the peculiarities of the pterygoid venous plexus in man related to age

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Some aspects derived from bet theory and their relation with food conservation

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Some aspects in cellular energetics ii. mode of operation and results

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Some aspects in the assessment of the scannographic image of the thyroid gland under normal and pathological conditions

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Some aspects in the biology and fisheries of bream abramis brama in lake lacha russian sfsr ussr

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Some aspects of 3 dimensional infiltration

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Some aspects of 5 fluoro uracil action on human ovarian cancer and melanoma cells

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Some aspects of a model ecosystem fate of carbon nitrogen and phosphorus in a model ecosystem

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Some aspects of a stochastic 2 locus selfing genetic model with selection and computer simulation

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Some aspects of a systematic classification of the ameria

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Some aspects of a treatment of the waste water from the beamhouse operation in tannery

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Some aspects of acclimation to low temperatures in the grain weevils sitophilus oryzae and sitophilus granarius

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Some aspects of acoustic perception of a focused amplitude modulated ultrasound

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Some aspects of active and passive immune therapy of surgical proteus infection

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Some aspects of activity regulation of galleria mellonella ptth cells

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Some aspects of adaptation and evolution in australian fan tailed flycatchers

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Some aspects of agricultural regression in a mountain region district of querigut ariege france

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Some aspects of agriculture in landscape parks of chelm province poland

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Some aspects of ammonium hydrate formation in the brain during dying and the recovery period after revival of the organism

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Some aspects of analysis of single fibers in environmental and biological samples

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Some aspects of androgynophore development in cleome rutidosperma

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Some aspects of anti viral immunity

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Some aspects of applied anatomy of the esophagus in egyptian water buffalo bubalus bubalis

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Some aspects of arterial hypertension of the aged in the framework of the so called admission syndrome

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Some aspects of atmospheric pollution in the marble industry

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Some aspects of atp synthesis from adenine and adenosine in human red blood cells

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Some aspects of barley yellow dwarf virus host range

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Some aspects of bi polar hetero thallism and other cultural characters of poria carnegiea

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Some aspects of biliary secretion in 4 species of primates papio mandrillus papio papio erythrocebus patas and macaca mulatta

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Some aspects of biology of a less known penaeid prawn parapenaeus longipes at mangalore india

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Some aspects of biology of lates calcarifer from chilka lake

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Some aspects of biology of puntius stigma

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Some aspects of biology of the pea crab pinnotheres placunae hornell and southwell

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Some aspects of biology of the shrimp plesiopenaeus edwardsianus in the southeast atlantic

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Some aspects of biosynthetic activity in hydro carbon assimilating micrococci

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Some aspects of blood borne tumor emboli associated with thrombosis

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Some aspects of blood flow changes in kidney and liver during artificial blood circulation in dogs

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Some aspects of blood local micro flow auto regulation in the cat cerebral cortex

Jan P., 1986:
Some aspects of body mass losses in animals during transport

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Some aspects of bone grafting for non-union of the carpal navicular. Analysis of 41 cases

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Some aspects of bovine economy in haryana india

Kuswadi A.N.; Sutrisno S., 1986:
Some aspects of brown planthopper rice plant relationships development of isotope techniques

Simpson, E., 1985:
Some aspects of calcium metabolism in a fatal case of ethylene glycol poisoning

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Some aspects of carbohydrate and protein metabolism in functionally different muscles of a leaf nosed bat hipposideros speoris

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Some aspects of carbohydrate metabolism in cultures of de differentiated tissues of the sugar beet

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Some aspects of carbohydrate metabolism in the lungs of the domestic fowl during ontogenesis

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Some aspects of carbohydrate phosphorus metabolism during dying and resuscitation after the body has sustained burns and fatal hemorrhage

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Some aspects of carbon relations in the barley helminthosporium teres complex part 1 the effects of infection upon carboxylation in vivo and in vitro

Rowe J.; Reid J., 1979:
Some aspects of carbon relations in the barley helminthosporium teres complex part 2 the effects of infection upon net accumulation of carbon in the tissues

Jones, P.J.; Roberts, J., 1976:
Some aspects of carboniferous bio stratigraphy in eastern australia a review

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Some aspects of carpel structure in caltha palustris ranunculaceae

Williams D.D.; Penak B.L., 1980:
Some aspects of case building in phryganea cinerea trichoptera phryganeidae

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Some aspects of catabolite repression of mitochondrial enzymes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Some aspects of cell mediated immunity in children with giardiasis

Stanciu, L.; Urcan, S.; Părău, N.; Radu, D.; Itu, I.; Georoceanu, A., 1983:
Some aspects of cellular and humoral immunity in bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis

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Some aspects of cervical cancer in young African women in Kenya

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Some aspects of changes in fertility of astacus leptodactylus cubanicus

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Some aspects of changes in gas metabolism and blood constituents of dairy cattle during late pregnancy

Saikova V.A.; Sverdlov A.G., 1983:
Some aspects of chemical protection of golden hamsters against ionizing radiation

Bonner, J.T., 1977:
Some aspects of chemo taxis using the cellular slime molds as an example

Romanov, N.S., 1977:
Some aspects of chondro cranial development of the sockeye in post embryogenesis

Hindmarch, I., 1978:
Some aspects of chronic cannabis use in the uk

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Some aspects of clearance of mitoguazone in cancer patients and experimental cancer models

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Some aspects of cognitive activities in the schizophrenic patient

Fedorowski, J., 1978:
Some aspects of coloniality in rugose corals

Mel'nikov, R.A.; Sneshko, L.I.; Aleksandrin, G.P.; Korkhov, V.V.; Evtyukhin, A.I.; Simonov, N.N., 1978:
Some aspects of combined therapy for rectal cancer

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Some aspects of comprehension of technical diagrams a intercultural study

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Some aspects of comprehensive diagnosis of early carcinoma of the stomach

Nakagawa Y.; Fujimoto N.; Ueda S.; Matsumoto K., 1981:
Some aspects of computed tomographic findings of the acute stage in hypertensive supratentorial intra cerebral hemorrhages related to their prognosis retrospective study

Cochrane T.; Malik M., 1986:
Some aspects of computer modeling in cardiac electrophysiology

Oniani, T.N.; Lortkipanidze, N.D., 1984:
Some aspects of conditioned reflex activity during sleep

Kloetzli F., 1981:
Some aspects of conservation in over cultivated areas of the swiss midlands

Brazzaventre S., 1980:
Some aspects of contact thermography peripheral athero sclerotic arteriopathies

Möller, A.; Ericson, K., 1977:
Some aspects of contralateral compression in carotid angiography

Silva J.M.; Holgate M.E.; Abbott D.L., 1980:
Some aspects of crop variation in golden delicious apple trees

De-Vries, A.P., 1972:
Some aspects of cross pollination in wheat triticum aestivum part 1 pollen concentration in the field as influenced by variety diurnal pattern weather conditions and level as compared to the height of the pollen donor

De-Vries, A.P., 1973:
Some aspects of cross pollination in wheat triticum aestivum part 2 anther extrusion and ear and plant flowering pattern and duration

De-Vries, A.Ph, 1974:
Some aspects of cross pollination in wheat triticum aestivum part 3 anther length and number of pollen grains per anther

De-Vries, A.P., 1974:
Some aspects of cross pollination in wheat triticum aestivum part 4 seed set on male sterile plants as influenced by distance from the pollen source pollinator male sterile ratio and width of the male sterile strip

Ognesyan A.S., 1983:
Some aspects of cultivation of erythrocytic stages of malaria parasites

Panin L.E.; Tret'yakova T.A., 1981:
Some aspects of cyclic amp effect on glycolysis and glycogenolysis in the albino rat liver and adrenals

Pagezy, H., 1976:
Some aspects of daily work of women oto and twa living in equatorial forest middle lac tumba zaire

Doss R.P., 1979:
Some aspects of daughter bulb growth and development and apical dominance in bulbous iris

White, F.H.; Gohari, K., 1984:
Some aspects of desmosomal morphology during differentiation of hamster cheek pouch epithelium

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Some aspects of developmental physiology of ber zizyphus mauritiana

Baruah, P.J.; Mohan, N.K., 1985:
Some aspects of developmental physiology of sapida baccaurea sapida roxb. muell arg. fruit

Hayles, L.B.; Saunders, J.R.; Mc-Lintock, J., 1972:
Some aspects of diagnosis of western equine encephalitis in chicks and mice by immuno fluorescence

Ly, J., 1977:
Some aspects of digestibility up to the cecum and feces in pigs fed on maize or high test molasses based diets

Akimov, I.A.; Barabanova, V.V., 1976:
Some aspects of digestion in the mites cosmoglyphus absoloni and coleochaeta molitor

Tan, W.Y., 1978:
Some aspects of distribution theories in quantitative genetics part 1 some general results

D.L.o V.; Franchi F.; Danero S.; Ricci M.G.; L.M.rca S.; Urbani T.M.; Pieroni M.L.; D'antona N.; Genazzani A.R., 1983:
Some aspects of dopaminergic function observed in subjects with prolactinomas

Sanchez Yelamo M.D.; Ayerbe L., 1984:
Some aspects of dormancy breaking in seeds of helleborus foetidus

Harcourt B., 1984:
Some aspects of early onset esotropia

Silva C.P.D.; Rocha Z.M.M.D.; Perez E.L., 1982:
Some aspects of ecological anatomy of leaves of prunus myrtifolia rosaceae

Padahi N.N.; Das S.N., 1984:
Some aspects of ecological behavior of helicotylenchus abunaamai

Guelin, A.M.; Mishustina, I.E.; Andreev, L.V.; Bobyk, M.A.; Lambina, V.A., 1978:
Some aspects of ecology and systematics of marine vibrios

Goryainova I.N.; Rodman L.S., 1984:
Some aspects of elaboration of the floristic classification of meadows as exemplified by the meadows of the volga akhtuba floodplain ussr

Korzun A.M.; Salyaev R.K.; Kuzevanov V.Ya, 1984:
Some aspects of electro physiological studies of the vacuolar membrane from higher plant cell

Dunson, W.A., 1970:
Some aspects of electrolyte and water balance in 3 estuarine reptiles the diamondback terrapin american and salt water crocodiles

Constantinescu E.; Dragos N., 1984:
Some aspects of electron microscopic structure of ruminal infusoria in sheep

Markert B.; Steinbeck R., 1988:
Some aspects of element distribution in betula alba a contribution to representative sampling of terrestrial plants for multi element analysis

Radeva, V.; Ichev, K.; Ovtscharoff, W.; Dolapchieva, S.; Roussev, G., 1986:
Some aspects of endocytosis of neuroepithelial cells in early newt's neurula

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Some aspects of endosperm development in cucurbitaceae

Robin Y.; Guillou Y., 1980:
Some aspects of energy metabolism in sponges

Cross, E.A.; Mostafa, A.E.S.; Bauman, T.R.; Lancaster, I.J., 1978:
Some aspects of energy transfer between the organ pipe mud dauber trypoxylon politum and its araneid spider prey

Goodfield-Toulmin, J., 1969:
Some aspects of english physiology 1780 1840

Smit H., 1980:
Some aspects of environmental phenotypic adaptations in fishes

Il'in V.B.; Stepanova M.D.; Garmash G.A., 1980:
Some aspects of environmental pollution heavy metals in a soil plant system

Mel'kumyants A.N.; Ponirovskii E.N., 1981:
Some aspects of epidemiology of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in tedzhen oasis turkmen ssr ussr

Sabel'nikov, A.G.; Avdeeva, A.V.; Il'yashenko, B.N., 1977:
Some aspects of escherichia coli competence induced by calcium cations

Dzieciuchowicz, L., 1980:
Some aspects of estrogen activity in women in menopause 2. dependence between excreted estrogens and cyto hormonal estrogenic effects after meisels and individual types of cells in the cyto hormonal patterns

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