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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6441

Chapter 6441 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Biswas H.M.; Boral M.C., 1983:
Some biochemical aspects in the toad bufo melanostictus after 48 hours of exposure to simulated high altitude

Kenis, J.D.; Edelman, M.O., 1976:
Some biochemical aspects of dormancy and its interruption in flower buds of the peach prunus persica cultivar dixie red part 1 changes in rnase and proteinase activity activity and composition of poly phenol oxidases and peroxidases and modifications in the concentration of rna soluble proteins and total nitrogen

Sadik, E.A.; Payak, M.M.; Mehta, S.L., 1984:
Some biochemical aspects of host pathogen interactions in pythium stalk rot of maize 1. role of toxin pectolytic and cellulolytic enzymes in pathogenesis

Digenis G.A.; Issidorides C.H., 1979:
Some biochemical aspects of n nitroso compounds

Gorozhanskaya E.G.; Bekir Zade G.M.; Mukhina E.S.; Skvabchenkova N.Yu, 1985:
Some biochemical aspects of parenteral feeding of cancer patients

Price N.R.; Dance S.J., 1983:
Some biochemical aspects of phosphine action and resistance in 3 species of stored product beetles

Ouazana R.; Herbage D.; Godet J., 1984:
Some biochemical aspects of the cuticle collagen of the nematode caenorhabditis elegans

Alekseev S.V.; Kadyskina E.N.; Svistunov N.T.; Alekseeva L.I.; Bukharin E.A.; Kalinina L.I., 1980 :
Some biochemical aspects of the mechanism of action of infrasonic oscillations on the body

Gnanarethinam, J.L., 1976:
Some biochemical aspects of the physiology of radishes raphanus sativus treated with simazine part 2 release of organic acids

Dostert P.; Benedetti M.S.; Sontag N., 1981:
Some biochemical aspects of the potential benefit of associating md 780515 3 4 3 cyano phenylmethoxyphenyl 5 methoxymethyl 2 oxazolidinone with tri cyclic anti depressants

Dhar, S.; Gautam, O.P., 1977:
Some biochemical aspects of theileria annulata infection in cattle

Giebel, J., 1978:
Some biochemical aspects of wheat resistance to powdery mildew erysiphe graminis var tritici

Voltornistyi V.M.; Bortnovskii P.F.; Skvaruk V.I.; Paklikovskii V.P., 1979:
Some biochemical blood indices and productivity of sows as a function of the methods of their management

Dzhumkow V.A.; Plyashkyevich I.S.; Nikanchyk L.I.; Zotava V.S.; Strykun A.A.; Kamlyunak P.P., 1981:
Some biochemical blood indices in cows of different productivity levels

Kaack B.; Brizzee K.R.; Walker L., 1979:
Some biochemical blood parameters in the developing squirrel monkey

Iozon D.; Baltan G.; Suciu I.; Miclea V.; Gligor D., 1984:
Some biochemical blood parameters of the goslings from the bihor romania population growing and fattening period

Levine, W.G.; Ord, M.G.; Stocken, L.A., 1977:
Some biochemical changes associated with nafenopin induced liver growth in the rat

Upadhyaya A.; Davis T.D.; Sankhla N., 1986:
Some biochemical changes associated with paclobutrazol induced adventitious root formation on bean phaseolus vulgaris hypocotyl cuttings

Ikediobi C.O.; Oti E., 1983:
Some biochemical changes associated with post harvest storage of white yam dioscorea rotundata tubers

Das R.C.; Das N.; Sinha Y.K.P., 1987:
Some biochemical changes associated with the sexual maturation in a teleost channa punctatus bloch

Naik, P.M.; Naik, S.R.; Sheth, U.K., 1978:
Some biochemical changes during endo toxin shock in rats

Philip G.H.; Chandrasekharam V.; Ramamurthi R., 1987:
Some biochemical changes in different tissues of mus booduga after oral bhc treatment

Kravchenko, L.S., 1977:
Some biochemical changes in dog kidney cells after intra venous administration of sodium deoxy cholate nephro toxic effect of amphotericin b

Sarvadeva A.; Srikar L.N., 1986:
Some biochemical changes in frog leg meat during frozen storage

Nigulyanu V.I., 1979:
Some biochemical changes in the adrenal glands and their role in mechanical trauma

Borisov I., 1985:
Some biochemical changes in the blood of sheep with an experimental corynebacterial infection

Zalepukhin V.V., 1985:
Some biochemical changes in the overripening and resorption of the eggs of the bighead aristichthys nobilis under conditions of hatchery reproduction

Nauriyal B.P.; Singh H.R., 1985:
Some biochemical changes in the reproductive cycle of a hill stream teleost puntius chilinoides

Joshi B.D., 1981:
Some biochemical changes in the serum and liver of a fresh water fish infected with trypanosomes

Gupta S.C.; Singh S.P., 1984:
Some biochemical changes in tok e 25 2 4 dichlorophenyl 4 nitrophenyl ether toxicity in calves

Baumler, W.; Salama, H.S., 1976:
Some biochemical changes induced by dimilin in the gypsy moth porthetria dispar

Klimov, A.N.; Krasil-Nikova, M.M.; Tereshin, I.M., 1968:
Some biochemical changes occurring during the transformation process of streptomycin anti infect resistance in streptococcus escherichia coli

Miyachi S.; Miyachi S., 1987:
Some biochemical changes related to starch breakdown induced by blue light illumination and by addition of ammonia to chlorella cells

Meter, I.D.; Sirota, N.S., 1976:
Some biochemical characteristics of a toxic substance isolated from organs of lethally irradiated animals in the course of the intestinal syndrome

Birkenhead K.; Willmer C.M., 1986:
Some biochemical characteristics of guard cell and mesophyll cell protoplasts from commelina communis

Kruglova, L.A.; Ovchinnikova, V.T., 1977:
Some biochemical characteristics of milk and rumen fluid in cows in different periods of lactation

Drabkina T.M.; Kubasov I.V.; Matyushkin D.P.; Romanovskii D.Yu; Yurkyanets E.A., 1988:
Some biochemical characteristics of muscular perfusate and its influence on transmitter release in neuromuscular synapse

Pashintseva L.P.; Demina E.A.; Pirogova N.A., 1981:
Some biochemical characteristics of serum in patients with liver lympho granulomatosis

Capek, A.; Fassatiová, O., 1977:
Some biochemical characteristics of species of the genus Beauveria

Rozhaja D.A.; Dermaku S.; Halili F.; Berisha A., 1980:
Some biochemical characteristics of the blood sera of the turtle testudo hermanni from the immediate surrounding of lead and zinc foundry in zvecan yugoslavia

Avilova S.D., 1984:
Some biochemical characteristics of the bottom waters of the northwestern indian ocean

Gobeev, V.N.; Khripach, L.V.; Berezov, T.T., 1978:
Some biochemical characteristics of the liver from high and low carcinomatous strains of mice and of primary spontaneous hepatomas

Siryk, L.A., 1976:
Some biochemical characteristics of the skeletal muscles in rats during their development under conditions of the action of skeleto muscular loads and in hypodynamia

Zhmakina, O.A.; Kretovich, V.L.; Sakharova, I.A., 1976:
Some biochemical characteristics of triticale grain

Lee D.K.; Ahn W.Y.; Sung J.H., 1984:
Some biochemical components of pine gall midge thecodiplosis japonensis larvae and of pinus needles following their attack

Achituv Y.; Blackstock J.; Barnes M.; Barnes H., 1980:
Some biochemical constituents of stage 1 and 2 nauplii of balanus balanoides and the effect of anoxia on stage 1

Naik, S.R.; Naik, P.M.; Chinwalla, T.S.; Valame, S.P.; Sheth, U.K., 1978:
Some biochemical effects of anti rheumatic drugs

Abdeen S.A.O.; Gadallah A.I.; Saleh W.S.; Hossein N.M.; E.L.teef M.F.A., 1986:
Some biochemical effects of diflubenzuron on the american bollworm heliothis armigera hbn

Komatsu H.; Asaba K.; Suzuki M., 1979:
Some biochemical effects of iso propyl myristate and squalane on rabbit skin

Matyushichev, V.B.; Taratukhin, V.R.; Yuzhakova, G.A., 1976:
Some biochemical effects of partial irradiation of the body during the combined action of radiation

Salem, M.A.; Phares, C.K., 1986:
Some biochemical effects of the growth hormone analogue produced by plerocercoids of the tapeworm Spirometra mansonoides on carbohydrate metabolism of adipose tissue from normal, diabetic, and hypophysectomized rats

Peters, R.F.; Richardson, M.C.; Small, M.; White, A.M., 1970:
Some biochemical effects of triamcinolone acetonide on rat liver and muscle

Cassagne C.; Darriet D.; Boiron F.; Larrouquere Regnier S.; Bourre J.M., 1980:
Some biochemical events related to the myelinogenesis in the peripheral nervous system

Guminski, T., 1978:
Some biochemical features of cerebro spinal fluid in hydrocephalic infants

Bagirova S.M., 1986:
Some biochemical features of fish in terterchaisk reservoir ussr

Shishido H.; Hazama S.; Nanba Y.; Yamazaki T.; Takahashi K.; Hamaguchi H.; Sakamaki H.; Saito K.; Enokihara H.; Furusawa S., 1980:
Some biochemical findings on the red cell membrane in patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemo globinuria

Digoeva M.D.; Berezov T.T., 1981:
Some biochemical immunologic and morphological changes in the blood system of people exposed to lead salts

Sherstyuk, V.V., 1978:
Some biochemical indices and caloricity of phytophilous fish eggs

Swarup, D.; Upadhyay, D.S.; Pachauri, S.P., 1986:
Some biochemical indices in naturally occurring fascioliasis in goats

Avakyan, M.A.; Nargizyan, G.A.; Agabalyan, E.A.; Aleksanyan, A.S., 1978:
Some biochemical indices in workers having contact with industrial dust containing molybdenum

Grigoryan D.Z.; Okoev G.G.; Kagramanyan R.G.; Arutyunyan Z.S., 1979:
Some biochemical indices of amniotic fluid for estimation of the maturity of the fetus

Kandyuk, R.P.; Petkevich, T.A.; Stepanyuk, I.A.; Gorbyleva, T.P.; Shcherbina, L.N., 1977:
Some biochemical indices of black sea mollusks

Tsitsishvili G.V.; Zardalishvili O.G.; Kikodze K.O.; Shatirishvili I.Sh; Andronikashvili T.G., 1987:
Some biochemical indices of carrot grown on clinoptilolite containing soil

Tsitsishvili G.V.; Zardalishvili O.Yu; Andronikashvili T.G.; Kikodze K.O.; Shatirishvili I.M., 1987:
Some biochemical indices of pepper grown in clinoptilolite containing soil

Lastowskaya T.R.; Mazhul' L.M.; Hul'ko V.V., 1981:
Some biochemical indices of rat skeletal muscles at different ages under physical loads

Danilenko A.M.; Kuznetsov O.E.; Veselovskii V.V., 1980:
Some biochemical indices of the blood in patients with convulsive states in the abstinence syndrome

Mustafina R.Kh; Mukhamed Rakhimov U.T.; Rakhimova K.D., 1986:
Some biochemical indices of the blood serum of rats with walker carcinosarcoma in monochemotherapy and polychemotherapy

Prisyazhnyuk V.E.; Yusupova I.U., 1979:
Some biochemical indices of the condition of the axis deer cervus nippon hortulorum population in the chernomorskii reserve ussr

Basmadzhyan, M.E.; Muradyan, A.R.; Papoyan, S.S. ; Karapetyan, T.D., 1978:
Some biochemical indices of viability of organs after conservation

Abadzhyan R.A.; Kazaryan L.V.; Nagapetyan Z.A.; Mesropyan M.B., 1981:
Some biochemical indices related to mildew resistance of the grapevine

Căpâlnă, S.; Baltă, N., 1978:
Some biochemical mechanisms of arterial hypertension

Birger, T.I.; Malyarevskaya, A.Y., 1977:
Some biochemical mechanisms of resistance of aquatic invertebrates to toxicants

Dzhaliashvili T.A., 1983:
Some biochemical mechanisms of vasopressin and oxytocin actions on the central nervous system

Potapova, G.I.; Khramtsova, S.N.; Dmitrieva, L.V.; Shapot, V.S., 1987 :
Some biochemical mechanisms underlying the impairment of T and B cell immunity in C3HA mice during hepatoma growth

Padgaonkar N.; Raghu C.N.; Nair K.G., 1981:
Some biochemical observation in rat heart after chronic isoprenaline administration

Schrijver, J.; Dias, T.; Hommes, F.A., 1979:
Some biochemical observations on biotin deficiency in the rat as a model for human pyruvate carboxylase ec deficiency

Pillai N.G.; Alexander K.M., 1981:
Some biochemical observations on the ventricular myo cardia of tunafish euthynnus affinis

Sowunmi O.E.; Fetuga B.L., 1982:
Some biochemical parameters as indicators of protein quality in stored cowpea vigna unguiculata

Kjeld M.; Olafsson I., 1987:
Some biochemical parameters in blood and urine of fin whales balaenoptera physalus

Rasmussen L.E., 1979:
Some biochemical parameters in the coelacanth latimeria chalumnae ventricular and notochordal fluids

Sollet Guilarte S.; Ulacia N.; Morera L.; Ramirez Perez R.; Guevara Andreu T.; Cabrera Guerra C., 1988:
Some biochemical parameters in workers exposed to mercury

Viegas A.M.; Vicente L.A.; Oliveira M.E.; Crespo E.G., 1984:
Some biochemical parameters of 2 lizards of the portuguese fauna lacerta lepida and lacerta schreiberi reptilia lacertidae

D.A.K.; Aiyar A.S.; Chipalkatti S., 1983:
Some biochemical parameters of aging in relation to dietary protein

Anisimov B.V.; Zagorskaya E.A.; Lyubarskaya I.I.; Popova I.A., 1981:
Some biochemical parameters of healthy humans in a sealed chamber with periodically ionized atmosphere

Toth E.T.; Ghiorghita G.I.; Gille E.V., 1983:
Some biochemical peculiarities in plants of digitalis lanata modified after successive treatments with gamma rays and ethyl methanesulfonate

Ghiorghita, G.I.; Toth, E.T.; Onisei, T.; Floria, F.; Gille, E.V., 1987:
Some biochemical peculiarities of the datura inoxia mill. plants of different proveniences from mutagen treated plants and tissue culture

Jelinski M., 1985:
Some biochemical properties of bacillus larvae

Podboronov, V.M.; Revina, T.A.; Grokhovskaya, I.M.; Zhuravleva, T.P.; Finnik, V.P., 1978:
Some biochemical properties of lysozymes from argasid ticks

Bukusoglu, C.; Nebioglu, S., 1985:
Some biochemical properties of ornithine transcarbamylase in a reye's syndrome patient liver

Kahn, V., 1977:
Some biochemical properties of poly phenol oxidase from 2 avocado varieties differing in their browning rates

Sun X.; Gon C.; Pan S.; Fan J.; H.Q., 1985:
Some biochemical properties of the purified acetylcholine receptor protein from the electric organ of narcine timlei

Muramatsu, T.; Nathenson, S.G.; Boyse, E.A.; Old, L.J., 1973:
Some biochemical properties of thymus leukemia antigens solubilized from cell membranes by papain digestion

Tazawa, T.; Ishikawa, K.; Sasaki, K., 1978:
Some biochemical properties of wheat chromatin

Shimma H.; Tsujigado A., 1981:
Some biochemical qualities of bred scorpaenoid fish sebastiscus marmoratus and activities of their larvae

Gauldie, R.W.; Purnell, D.; Robertson, D.A., 1977:
Some biochemical similarities and differences between 2 jack mackerel species trachurus declivis and trachurus novaezelandiae

Hurkat, P.C., 1977:
Some biochemical studies in rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus during a 100 day oral administration of dieldrin

Hussain A.K.; Badawi M.M.; A.T.mer Y.Y.; A.D.bbagh T.Q., 1983:
Some biochemical studies on diabetic patients

Pant, R.; Unni, B., 1978:
Some biochemical studies on philosamia ricini during 5th instar development and spinning period

Baines, R.C.; Klotz, L.J.; Dewolfe, T.A., 1977:
Some biocidal properties of 1 3 di chloro propene and its degradation product

Donatti O.S., 1986:
Some bioecological aspects of the prawn palaemonetes argentinus nobili 1901 in san roque lake cordoba argentina

Babaev R.I.; Kerimov Y.V.; Ragimov M.A., 1984:
Some bioecological features of schraderia dracocephaloides

Bulankova, E., 1985:
Some bioenergetic parameters and nitrogen contents of himacerus apterus f. and aptus mirmicoides o. costa heteroptera

Bosmans R.; R., 1987:
Some biogeographic considerations on the spiders of the pyrenees arachnida araneae

Bosmans R.; R., 1986:
Some biogeographical comments on the spiders of the pyrenees france spain arachnida araneae

Cowen D.M.; Double J.A.; Cowen P.N., 1980:
Some biologic characteristics of transplantable lines of mouse adeno carcinomas of the colon

Meirelles, U.M.F.; Simioni, L.R.; Magalhaes, A.F.; Reis, F.A.M., 1977:
Some biologic effects of 1 p methoxybenzyl 6 7 methylenedioxy iso quinoline

Garcia T.; Novikov J.; Finale E., 1984:
Some biologic fishery aspects of the tilapia oreochromis aureus in the coastal lagoons of tunas de zaza cuba

Hall D.W.R.; Funcke A.B.H.; Jaitly K.D., 1979:
Some biological activities of a series of 9a homo 9 11 epoxy prostanoic acid analog

Asano, S.; Kamei, M., 1977:
Some biological activities of cycloprate to the citrus red mite panonychus citri

Zhejiang-People's-Acad-Exp-Hyg ; Res-Group-Contracept-Drugs-(China), 1975:
Some biological activities of norethisterone enanthate

Krasikova N.S.; Sukhova G.V., 1979:
Some biological anatomical characteristics of cephalorhizum turcomanicum and its biotopes

Minoranskii, V.A., 1978:
Some biological and behavioral characteristics of opatrum sabulosum coleoptera tenebrionidae in north caucasus ussr

Holt J.A.; Spain A.V., 1986:
Some biological and chemical changes in a north queensland australia soil following replacement of rainforest with araucaria cunninghamii coniferae araucariaceae

Bader C., 1980:
Some biological and ecological data on water mites mainly some significant data on the life history

Doherty, N.S.; Robinson, B.V., 1976:
Some biological and pharmacological properties of inflammatory exudates

White, T.G.; Mirikitani, F.K., 1976:
Some biological and physical chemical properties of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

Kitching R.L., 1984:
Some biological and physical determinants of pit size in larvae of myrmeleon pictifrons neuroptera myrmeleontidae

Francis, R.D.; Bradford, H.B., 1976:
Some biological and physical properties of molluscum contagiosum virus propagated in cell culture

Chaplygina, N.M.; Bobkova, A.F.; Velikodvorskaya, G.A.; Petrovskii, G.V.; Grigor'ev, V.B.; Tikhonenko, T.I., 1975:
Some biological and physicochemical properties of pbv 1 virus isolated from penicillium brevicompactum

Spirova, M.; Simeonova, I., 1976:
Some biological and physiological characteristics of the male sterile flower of sunflowers

Kubota T.; IIzuka K.; Okutani T., 1982:
Some biological aspects of abralia andamanica from suruga bay japan cephalopoda enoploteuthidae

Templeman W., 1986 :
Some biological aspects of atlantic wolffish anarhichas lupus in the northwest atlantic

Saleh, Y.E.; Korobko, A.P., 1982:
Some biological aspects of bacterial diseases of melons and watermelons ii. erwinia carotovora f citrullis sizova

Saleh, Y.E.; Korobko, A.P., 1982:
Some biological aspects of bacterial diseases of melons and watermelons iii. erwinia toxica korobko

Obraztsov A.S., 1983:
Some biological aspects of breeding for earliness

Allouse S.B.; Azwar; Khalaf N.; A.J.fary A., 1986:
Some biological aspects of chondrostoma regius cyprinidae cypriniformes in diyala river baghdad iraq

Ellertsen B.; Solemdal P.; Stromme T.; Tilseth S.; Westgard T.; Moksness E.; Oiestad V., 1980:
Some biological aspects of cod larvae gadus morhua

A.Y.mour K.Y.; Allouse S.B.; A.J.fary A.R., 1988:
Some biological aspects of liza abu heckel mugilidae in al daoodi drain baghdad iraq

Yano K.; Tanaka S., 1984:
Some biological aspects of the deep sea squaloid shark centroscymnus from suruga bay japan

Doganlar M.; Schopf R., 1984:
Some biological aspects of the european oak bark beetle scolytus intricatus coleoptera scolytidae in the northern parts of germany

Burchett M.S.; Sayers P.J.; North A.W.; White M.G., 1983:
Some biological aspects of the nearshore fish populations of south georgia south atlantic

Rojo Vazquez F.A.; Simon Martin F., 1985:
Some biological aspects of trichobilharzia sp cercariae from the canedo river salamanca province spain

Salikhov, S.A.; Ismailov, Z.F.; Rakhimov, D.A.; Gudyushina, O.G., 1978:
Some biological characteristics and poly saccharide dynamics in alcea rosea

Urdaneta Morales S., 1983:
Some biological characteristics of a crithida sp from the yellow jacket wasp vespula squamosa hymenoptera vespidae

Vasilev, L.S.; Todorovski, B.V., 1974:
Some biological characteristics of autographa gamma pests on tobacco

Ballesteros F.; Gonzalez Lopez J.; D.L.R.bia T.; Martinez Toledo M.V.; Ramos Cormenzana A., 1986:
Some biological characteristics of azotobacter vinelandii filterable cells grown in dialyzed soil media

Maglakelidze, A.I., 1978:
Some biological characteristics of development of the fungus phytophthora infestans in the georgian ssr ussr

Dragas A.Z.; Zajc Staler J.; Janc M.; Hren Vencelj H.; Drinovec B.; Strnad S., 1979:
Some biological characteristics of escherichia coli strains isolated from acute diarrheal diseases of infants

Tadzhibaev, M., 1977:
Some biological characteristics of johnson grass in the northern tadzhik ssr ussr

Singh, S.B.; Leskowitz, S., 1978:
Some biological characteristics of lipid conjugates of protein antigen that selectively induce delayed type hyper sensitivity in mice

Maslova V.A.; Tarasenko M.T., 1979 :
Some biological characteristics of the apple tree on its own roots obtained from green cuttings

Vernik, R.S.; Markova, L.E.; Rakhimova, T., 1978:
Some biological characteristics of zygophyllum atriplicoides zygophyllaceae

Orchard V.A.; Ross D.J.; Ross C.W.; Rankin P.C.; Reynolds J.; Hewitt A.E., 1987:
Some biological chemical physical properties of two sports ground soils after treatment with an enzyme soil conditioner

Prokudina, E.N.; Semenova, N.P.; Yamnikova, S.S.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1987:
Some biological consequences of disintegration of tritium and carbon 14 incorporated in an influenza virus

Mateias M.C., 1984:
Some biological data on the species exorista xanthaspis diptera larvaevoridae

Cornet, J.P.; Diemer, J.M.; Gonzalez, J.P., 1986:
Some biological data on ticks from the central african republic 1. adult population dynamics of rhipicephalus muhsamae and rhipicephalus senegalensis

Cornet, J.P.; Diemer, J.M.; Gonzalez, J.P., 1987:
Some biological data on ticks from the central african republic 2. biology of haemaphysalis praleachti camicas et al 1983

Cornet, J.P., 1987:
Some biological data on ticks from the central african republic 3. ecology of arboviruses

Silva P.A.; Birkbeck J.; Russell D.G.; Wilson J., 1984:
Some biological developmental and social correlates of gross and fine motor performance in dunedin 7 year olds a report from the dunedin multidisciplinary health and development research unit new zealand

Chung B.K.; Choi S.Y., 1981:
Some biological differences in the susceptible and carbaryl resistant brown planthoppers nilaparvata lugens

Miglietta, A.; Chiarpotto, E.; Olivero, A.; Gadoni, E.; Gabriel, L., 1987:
Some biological effects of calvatic acid and its analog on isolated hepatocytes

Malmsten, C., 1976:
Some biological effects of prostaglandin endo per oxide analogs

Boranic M.; Bjegovic M.; Ferle Vidovic A.; Gabrilovac J.; Novak D.; Pavelic J.; Radacic M.; Skaric D.; Skaric V., 1984:
Some biological effects of tetrapeptide tyrosylhistidyllysyl lysine

Belkina O.A., 1983:
Some biological features and ceno population composition of campanula kryophila

Mikulich L.V.; Gavrenkov Y.I., 1986:
Some biological features and diet of the downstream migrant young chum oncorhynchus keta in southern primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Imamalieva A.R., 1985:
Some biological features and harmfulness of powdery mildew in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Mustafaev S.M., 1982:
Some biological features of 2 species of sainfoin from the subgenus hymenobrychis

Chernykh O.H., 1981:
Some biological features of peniophora gigantea

Kotlyar A.N.; Abramov A.A., 1982:
Some biological features of peruvian chub mackerel scomber japonicus peruanus scombridae

Kotelko, K.; Rozalski, A.; Deka, M.; Kaca, W.; Sidorczyk, Z.; Gromska, W.; Zych, K., 1983 :
Some biological features of Proteus bacilli. 1. Comparison of Proteus mirabilis strains provided from various sources

Kotelko, K.; Kaca, W.; Rozalski, A.; Deka, M., 1983:
Some biological features of proteus bacilli 2. hemolytic activities of proteus mirabilis and proteus vulgaris strains

Rozalski, A.; Wykrota, M., 1986:
Some biological features of proteus bacilli 3. comparison of hemolytic activity of proteus and serratia strains

Mamukashvili T.I., 1986:
Some biological features of the fungi cylindrocarpon cedri and cylindrocarpon obtusisporum

Popkova K.V.; Palilov N.A.; Kir'yanova E.V., 1980:
Some biological features of the pathogen of peronospora destructor mold in onions and the basis for the system of protective control measures against it

Sizova I.Yu; Kuznetsov N.N., 1980:
Some biological features of the predatory mite agistemus herbarius acarina stigmaeidae

Roshchin E.A., 1985:
Some biological features of the redbait emmelichthys nitidus emmelichthyidae from the oceanic elevations of the notal zone of the indian ocean

Krot V.F., 1979:
Some biological features of the response of norway spruce to nitrogen fertilizers

Kalashnikova S.A., 1984:
Some biological features of the scallop chlamys farreri nipponensis in the possiet bay of the sea of japan

Kol'tsov O.V.; Pakhomov E.A., 1986:
Some biological features of the shrimp pasiphaea sivado

Masiev A.M., 1985:
Some biological features of zelkova carpinifolia in apsheron azerbaijan ssr ussr

Porwit-Bóbr, Z.; Slowik, M., 1974:
Some biological functions of animal cell surface sialic acid residues

Daraseliya, N.A.; Kalatozova, G.B.; Lapanashvili, E.F., 1978:
Some biological indicators for evaluation of the efficiency of soil re cultivation techniques at bentonite clay workings

Black, R., 1974:
Some biological interactions affecting inter tidal populations of the kelp egregia laevigata

Sugimoto S.; Kaneda M.; Tanaka K.; Tao M., 1988:
Some biological notes on dacus scutellatus hendel diptera tephritidae

Grover, S.P.; Baloni, S.P., 1977:
Some biological notes on the hill stream fishes of tehri garhwal india

Poonia, F.S.; Misra, S.D., 1976:
Some biological observations of eri silk moth philosamia ricini lepidoptera saturniidae

Yamane, S.; Okazawa, T., 1977:
Some biological observations on a paper wasp polistes tepidus malayanus hymenoptera vespidae in new guinea

Ouda, N.A.; Alsaadi, M.S.; Dikran, B.B., 1988:
Some biological observations on autogeny in culex pipiens molestus forskal diptera culicidae in mosul area iraq

L.L.uarn H.; Bagliniere J.L., 1985:
Some biological parameters of the pike esox lucius in a salmonid dominated stream the scorff river france

Pokrovskii A.V.; Kuznetsova I.A.; Kourova T.P., 1982:
Some biological peculiarities of microtus juldaschi and microtus carruthersi experimental data

Botosaneanu, L.; Negrea, A., 1976:
Some biological peculiarities of the nera river banat mountains romania with special emphasis on a remarkable association of gastropods

Arsen'ev D.D., 1979:
Some biological problems of romanov sheep production

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Some biological properties of aedes cantans iridescent virus

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Some biological properties of bromus sterilis and its sensitivity to herbicides

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Some biological properties of escherichia coli sk cells

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Some biological properties of l forms of cholera vibrios and nonagglutinating vibrios

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Some biological properties of large plaque clone kb 230 of simian adenovirus type 7 strain c 8

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Some biological properties of lice after multi generation rearing in laboratory conditions

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Some biological properties of mouse spleen cells fractionated by the adherence of Sephadex G 25 and glass bead columns

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Some biological properties of preserved bovine fascia enriched with pulverized calf cartilage

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Some biological properties of seeds of plants from the alhagi genus

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Some biological properties of urinary and fecal escherichia coli isolated from cases of urinary infection

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Some biological properties of virus strains isolated from hemorrhagic fever patients with renal syndrome

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Some biological rhythms in a unipolar depression a preliminary case report

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Some biomechanical aspects of the structure of the equine tarsus

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Some biometric measurements of adult acrocephalus palustris

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Some biometric studies of certain closely related species of the genus arius pisces siluriformes ariidae

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Some biometrical ecological morphological and distributional aspects of chaetognatha

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Some biometrics parameters in octopus vulgaris

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Some bionomical aspects of horn fly populations in west texas usa

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Some biophysical and mechanical properties of bambusa vulgaris

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Some biophysical mechanisms of human adaptation in regions of the far northern ussr

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Some biophysical parameters of the skin of the electric fish torpedo marmorata

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Some biosocial characteristics of pensioners of lucknow city india

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Some birds and the norwegian rat rattus norvegicus vs. the insular bat pizonyx vivesi at the mar de cortes island mexico

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Some birds observed in december 1975 and january 1976 in lower casamance senegal

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Some birds observed in the monsoon in central nepal

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Some birds recorded from timor by salomon mueller in 1828 1829

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Some bits and pieces of the genus nocardia nocardia carnea nocardia vaccinii nocardia transvalensis nocardia orientalis and nocardia aerocolonigenes

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Some bitter peptides from rennet treated casein a method for the their purification utilizing chromatographic separation on silica gel

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Some bivalent metal ion complexes of peptidoglycan monomer

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Some bivalves from the lower jurassic kuruma group central japan

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Some blind weevils from the neotropics coleoptera

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Some blood characteristics of the diamondback terrapin malaclemys terrapin

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Some blood flukes spirochiidae coeuritrematinae from fresh water chelonians in india

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Some blood genetic markers in the Korkus of Central India

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Some blood indices in the roach rutilus rutilus in the mozhaisk reservoir russian sfsr ussr

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Some blood parameters of 1 year old rainbow trout salmo gairdneri reared under different conditions

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Some blood physiological values of oryx gazella captured alive with dog teams

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Some blood traits of east frisian cattle

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Some blood values of a fresh water teleost wallago attu in relation to body size

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Some blood values of wild polar bears

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Some blue green rhachodesmid millipedes of mexico related to strongylodesmus

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Some body reactivity indices in acute stenosing laryngitis in children

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Some botanical and geographic patterns of western and central parts of khangai mongolia

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Some botanical characteristics and diseases of catharanthus roseus during geographical analysis in rostov botanical garden russian sfsr ussr

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Some botanical observations in the area of the institute

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Some bothnian subspecies in the ranunculus auricomus complex origin and dispersal

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Some boundary conditions for a word superiority effect

Ceranka B.; Kozlowska M., 1984:
Some bounds on parameters of efficiency balanced block designs

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Some brachiopoda in the miocene of florinas sassari sardinia italy

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Some brackish species of vaucheria tribophyceae from british columbia canada and northern washington usa

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Some bradoriids crustacea from the botomian layer of the eastern transbaikal area russian sfsr ussr

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Some brain functions in patients with persisting lactorrhea amenorrhea

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Some brazilian megadrile oligochaeta annelida

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Some brazilian species of deois homoptera cercopidae

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Some breeding and production experiments with clarias gariepinus in the transvaal south africa

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Some bryophytes of nelson lakes national park new zealand

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Some bryozoan karyotypes and chromosome numbers

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Some bumble bees from korea with remarks on the japanese fauna hymenoptera apidae

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Some butterflies of simingshan in zhejiang province east china with descriptions of 4 new subspecies

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Some calcareous algae of the thanetian of esperaza aude france dasycladaceae corallinaceae

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Some calcium and lysosome antagonists inhibit tritium labeled spiperone binding to the porcine anterior pituitary

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Some calcixeroll soil profiles from albacete spain

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Some calculations on the amount of selfish DNA

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Some calorimetric indices of energy metabolism in rats with prolonged alloxan diabetes

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Some camallanidae nematodes parasites of fish in malaysia

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Some campaigns against breast cancer 4th wendell g scott memorial lecture march 10 1976

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Some canadian poplar aphid galls

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Some capabilities and limitations of multiple regression analysis: application to canine coronary blood flow

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Some captures of little or poorly known coleopterans

Grandcolas P., 1987:
Some captures of orthoptera in berry sologne and touraine france

Perrault, G.G., 1978:
Some captures of trechus in bulgaria coleoptera carabidae trechini

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Some carabidae buried at the foot of goldenrods solidago compositae

Lussier, D., 1978:
Some carabidae coleoptera in spider webs

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Some carabidae from a mud patch on a river bank

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Some carboniferous corals from hyogo prefecture southwest japan

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Some cardiac metabolic studies in experimental endotoxemia

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Some cardio vascular and autonomic effects of fenfluramine hydro chloride

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Some cardio vascular and respiratory effects of 4 non barbiturate anesthetic induction agents

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Some cardio vascular and respiratory reflexes elicited by stimulation of the afferent abdominal vagus of the rat

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Some cardio vascular effects of cyclo cytidine

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Some cardiological aspects of steinerts disease myotonic dystrophy

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Some cardiovascular and biochemical effects of intermittent positive pressure ventilation under halothane anesthesia in calves

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Some cardiovascular changes following experimental urinary cystorrhexis in calves

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Some cardiovascular effects of noise

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Some cardiovascular effects of the alkaloid fraction of the fruits of withania coagulans dunal

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Some carotenoids in chironomus annularius larvae diptera chironomidae

Manecke G.; Polakowski D., 1981:
Some carriers for the immobilization of enzymes based on derivatized poly vinyl alcohol and on co polymers of methacrylates with different spacer lengths

Guex J., 1981:
Some cases of dimorphism in ammonites of the lower lias

Ivashin, M.V., 1977:
Some cases of embryogenic pathology of the lesser rorqual balaenoptera acutorostrata cetacea balaenopteridae from the indian ocean sector of antarctica

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Some cases of hermaphroditism in the sea scallop placopecten magellanicus from the southern gulf of st. lawrence canada

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Some cases of intoxication probably caused by sepedonium spp infecting fruiting bodies of some species of boletus

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Some cases of onychomycosis from north India in different working environments

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Some cases of post operative infection due to serratia marcescens in an ophthalmology department

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Some cases of Type III glycogen storage disease

Williams B.M., 1982:
Some cases treated by acupuncture and their outcome

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Some caspian species of gobies of the genus benthophilus gobiidae

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Some catalytic and molecular properties of threonine deaminase ec from bacillus stearothermophilus

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Some catalytic properties of an exo 1 6 alpha glucosidase ec gluco dextranase from arthrobacter globiformis strain i 42

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Some catecholamine inhibitors do not cause accumulation of nuclear estrogen receptors in rat hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland

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Some cations in plasma and pancreas of rats after ingestion of nickel

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Some causal and functional correlates of creching in young white pelicans pelecanus erythrorhynchos

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Some causes for kidney allo transplant removal

Cunningham, C.A., 1979:
Some causes of blindness seen at Noor Eye Institute, Afghanistan

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Some causes of differences of protein expressibility from leaf pulps

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Some causes of high periodic differences in the incidence of placental retention in cows in the light of biochemical blood studies

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Some causes of noneffectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of diffuse purulent peritonitis

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Some causes of the abnormal sensation in the throat

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Some causes of the decrease in the amount of surfactant in the pneumopathies of newborns

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Some causes of the low output syndrome after open heart surgery

Prygunkova R.V., 1985:
Some causes of year to year changes in distribution of zooplankton in kandalaksha bay white sea ussr

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Some causes of yield variation in an intensive spring barley experiment at woburn england uk 1972 1978

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Some cave dwelling oligochaetes of ecuador

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Some cave spiders from guatemala and usa araneae

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Some cavernicolous and epigean cockroaches with six new species and a discussion of the nocticolidae dictyoptera blattaria

Gardini G., 1985:
Some cavernicolous pseudoscorpions of greece pseudoscorpionida neobisiidae

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Some cavernicolous spiders of the french and italian maritime alps araneae

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Some cell immunity indices in cancer and chronic diseases of the stomach

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Some cell immunity indices in patients with esophageal cancer

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Some cellular immune reactions in infants migration inhibitory factor sheep erythrocyte rosette formation and changes in nucleolar morphology

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Some cellular phenomena facilitating the increased effectiveness of radiation therapy of tumors

Sirna G., 1982:
Some cenomanian rudista of mount pellegrino palermo sicily

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Some central effects of angiotensin II. Interactions with dopaminergic transmission

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Some central effects of di ethyldithio carbamate administered intra ventricularly in rats

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Some central effects of elymoclavine

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Some central effects of indenolol in experimental animals

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Some central effects of tiflucarbine, a new potential antidepressant drug

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Some central effects of tribulus terrestris

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Some central mechanisms of thirst in the dog

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Some central nervous actions of centrophenoxine meclofenoxate in animals

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Some cephalometric features of a group of San

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Some cercospora species from ganeshkhind area india

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Some cercospora species from kolhapur india part 2

Patil, M.S., 1975:
Some cercospora species from kolhapur india part 3

Barus, V.; Rysavý, B.; Daniel, M., 1975:
Some cestodes and nematodes parasitizing gallinaceous and columbi-form birds in Nepal

L.Sueur F., 1980:
Some cettis warbler cettia cetti breeding observations

Prinsloo G.L., 1985:
Some chalcidoid parasitoids hymenoptera from the central namib desert south west africa

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Some chalcidoidea collected in the philippine islands bismarck islands and solomon islands part 2 eucharitidae with keys and checklists to indo australian genera insecta hymenoptera

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Some changes associated with the field drying of lucerne medicago sativa and timothy phleum pratense

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Some changes in alfalfa plastid pigments resulting from varying water supplies and mode of irrigation

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Some changes in algae related to the correlation between different nitrogen sources and the nutrients in the culture medium

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Some changes in biochemical composition with sex and size of the crab sesarma boulengeri

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Some changes in blood composition during tick paralysis caused by larvae of the tick argas persicus argasidae

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Some changes in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and state of the insular apparatus of the pancreas in female rabbits in prolonged feeding with food rich in carbohydrates and after ovariectomy

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Some changes in coagulative and thrombocytic factors of the blood in leukemia patients

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Some changes in frequency time characteristics of signals of chiroptera mothers and offspring during acoustic communication

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Some changes in grape vine metabolism caused by the effect of 2 4 d and riboflavin

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Some changes in immunoreactivity in adaptation to intermittent hypoxic hypoxia

Van Der A.H.A., 1982:
Some changes in international botanical nomenclature regulations

Rozycki M.; Duniec H., 1986:
Some changes in pig performance noted in the period of 1968 1985 in poland

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Some changes in soluble proteins in the leaves tillering node and roots of winter wheat on the process of hardening and at low temperature

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Some changes in the biochemical composition of the central nervous system of schizodactylus monstrosus d. orthoptera after application of pyrethrum

Petrova, M., 1976:
Some changes in the blood picture of students from vocational schools

Torkhovskaya, T.I.; Lobova, N.M.; Levitova, E.N., 1976:
Some changes in the composition of phospho lipids of blood serum lipo proteins in athero sclerosis patients

Davies, J.N.; Kempton, R.J., 1976:
Some changes in the composition of the fruit of the glasshouse cucumber (Cucumis sativus) during growth, maturation and senescence

Hsieh Y P.C.; Pearson A.M.; Morton I.D.; Magee W.T., 1980:
Some changes in the constituents upon heating a model meat flavor system

Kostov J.; Georgieva D., 1985:
Some changes in the egg telemetry with lambs infected with cysticercus ovis

Dorofeeva, E.D., 1976:
Some changes in the internal organs of workers exposed to methyl ester of methacrylic acid

Bogvelishvili M.V.; Kvernadze M.G., 1979:
Some changes in the megakaryocyte thrombocytic system in experimental toxic hepatitis

Frolov V.A.; Derxs H.; Riguer P., 1979:
Some changes in the myo cardium of guinea pigs with protein sensitization

Leraut P., 1979:
Some changes in the nomenclature of pyralidae and psychidae of france

Leraut, P., 1978:
Some changes in the nomenclature of the tortricoidea of france

Plachy V.; Polak J.; Prochazkova J.; Turkova M.; Horacek J.; Pozlerova E., 1980:
Some changes of both specific and nonspecific immunity in children with hemo blastosis or malignant lymphomas

Tumanishvili, T.G., 1978:
Some changes of chromatin structure in the liver and thyroid gland after partial hepatectomy and hydrocortisone treatment

Medvedev V.V., 1979:
Some changes of physical characteristics of chernozems with tillage

Raichev S.; Damyanova N., 1980:
Some changes of the fur of angora rabbits in the course of an year

Myers, R.M.; Henry, R.D., 1976:
Some changes that have occurred in the indigenous flora of 2 adjoining west central illinois counties usa hancock and mcdonough during the last 140 years

Canales D.S.arez M.C.; Miranda Colin S., 1984:
Some changes which occurred in maize zea mays during domestication

Erixon G., 1981:
Some characteristic biotopes in the valley of the river vindelalven north sweden

Balint Z.; Holczinger L.; Szikla K., 1986:
Some characteristic changes in lipid metabolism of tumor bearing animals

Maki, Y.; Kokubo, Y.; Nose, T.; Yoshii, Y., 1976:
Some characteristic findings of isotope cisternograms in children

Masumov A.S.; Bykovskaya T.A., 1977:
Some characteristic jurassic cytherellidae from tuarkyr

Koleva S.; Varadinova S., 1983:
Some characteristic of chromatin isolated from growing maize root cells

Megumi T.; Ito T.; Ito A., 1982:
Some characteristic of vacuum uv effects on sendai virus

Manigault, P., 1970:
Some characteristic properties concerning agrobacterium tumefaciens m 39 mutant

Schiele S.; Weinmann R.; Kreeb K.H., 1981:
Some characteristic properties of chloroplast fluorescence for indicating sulfur di oxide effects in mosses mnium hornum and tobacco nicotiana tabacum leaves

Georgieva V.; K"drev T.; Genchev S.; Rankov V.; Dimitrov G., 1980:
Some characteristic requirements of determinate tomatoes toward the macro element ratio in the nutrient substratum

Tkachuk B.V.; Turkevych M.M., 1981:
Some characteristic transformations of camphor

Ozo O.N.; Caygill J.C., 1985:
Some characteristics and a comparison of the activities of o dihydroxyphenol oxidase activity from five yam dioscorea spp species

Toru Delbauffe D.; Ohayon R.; Pavlovic Hournac M., 1983:
Some characteristics and hormonal control of thyroidal cyclic amp independent protein kinases

Haniuda T.; Yoshida Y.; Sanada T., 1985:
Some characteristics and inheritance of pseudoalbino seedlings derived from the cross of dwarf rootstocks m 9 and m 27

Brar J.S.; Chhibba I.M.; Brar S.P.S., 1988:
Some characteristics and nutrient status of soils of south western districts of punjab india

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Some characteristics in the biology of cricetulus longicaudatus rodentia cricetidae

Serafimovski A.; Hadzi Ristova L., 1982:
Some characteristics in the development of clostera anastomosis lepidoptera notodontidae under conditions of skopje macedonia yugoslavia and its vicinity

Kupchak, S.V., 1977:
Some characteristics in the development of collateral blood circulation after experimental gun shot wounds of the humeral area

Dolukhanov, A.G., 1977:
Some characteristics in the development of the oriental spruce and the boundaries of its range in the mountain forests of transcaucasia ussr

Bitar, K.G.; Cochran, M.; Warren, J.C., 1979:
Some characteristics of 17 beta estradiol dehydrogenase ec from bovine placenta

Isoda A.; Nakaseko K.; Gotoh K., 1984:
Some characteristics of 2 andigena solanum tuberosum ssp andigena strains in terms of dry matter production and canopy structure

Van Oirschot J.T.; Gielkens A.L.J., 1984:
Some characteristics of 4 attenuated vaccine virus strains and a virulent strain of aujeszkys disease virus

Stojanov, M.; Majkic-Singh, N.; Berkes, P., 1984:
Some characteristics of 5' nucleotidase ec in isolated hepatocytes and kupffer cells

Bulan, P.S.; Turkevych, B.M., 1978:
Some characteristics of 6 methyl uracil transformation

Ohkawa A.; Yamagiwa K.; Sakai N.; Futai N.; Dazai M.; Takahara Y., 1980:
Some characteristics of a double column gas liquid contactor with gas entrainment and its application to an aerator for activated sludge treatment

Avery, S.W.; Undeen, A.H., 1987:
Some characteristics of a new isolate of Helicosporidium and its effect upon mosquitoes

Mals, M.K.; Lynch, D.L., 1976:
Some characteristics of a nitrogen fixing bacterium

Kryzhanovskaya I.L., 1988:
Some characteristics of a psychopath like syndrome in children with oligophrenia epidemiological study

Hamilton P.V.; Russell B.J.; Ambrose H.W., 1982:
Some characteristics of a spring incursion of aplysia brasiliana into shallow water

Smith R.D.; Anderson R.E.; Benson E.S., 1987:
Some characteristics of academic departments of pathology in the usa implications for training of academic pathologists

Blankenship L.C., 1981:
Some characteristics of acid injury and recovery of salmonella bareilly in a model system

Suehara A.; Suzuki K.; Imamichi T., 1984:
Some characteristics of acid phosphatase in the ventral and dorsal prostate of the rat and changes of activity around puberty

Levdikova G.A.; Klimacheva L.V.; Ispolatovskaya M.V.; Bulatova T.I.; Anisimova L.I., 1982:
Some characteristics of activation of type e clostridium botulinum toxin

Pirtskhalava, A.V., 1978:
Some characteristics of acute poisoning with carbon mon oxide

Koritz, S.B.; Moustafa, A.M., 1976:
Some characteristics of adrenal steroidogenesis and their possible relationships to the action of acth

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Some characteristics of aerial and submerged spores of kitasatosporia setalba

Malysheva, G.I.; Zeveke, A.V., 1976:
Some characteristics of afferent flow under noxious cutaneous stimulations

Sapargel'dyev, G.; Tailakov, N., 1977:
Some characteristics of agricultural seed germination in mineralized water

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Some characteristics of alternaria alternata strains resistant to iprodione

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Some characteristics of an early protein (ICP 22) synthesized in cells infected with herpes simplex virus

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Some characteristics of an exceptionally dense population of the red squirrel sciurus vulgaris on the southern coast of finland

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Some characteristics of anti oxidative effects of chemical carcinogens

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Some characteristics of background electro encephalography as an index of functional asymmetry of the hemispheres

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Some characteristics of bacterial flora of oil industry waste waters in novi sad yugoslavia

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Some characteristics of children with severe disabilities

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Some characteristics of cholinergic effects on the portal vein of the guinea pig

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Some characteristics of colonial animals

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Some characteristics of cortical neuron response to electrical stimulation of the thalamic reticular nucleus with differing frequencies

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Some characteristics of culture filtrates of seiridium cardinale the agent of cypress canker

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Some characteristics of delayed type hyper sensitivity in dogs with an excessive protein content in the diet

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Some characteristics of delta 1 pyrroline 5 carboxylate dehydrogenase in rat cerebellum

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Some characteristics of dendro flora in the savanna of western africa

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Some characteristics of dog liver ultrastructure

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Some characteristics of ecology and geographic distribution of parasitic ciliates peritricha urceolariidae from fishes of far eastern seas of ussr

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Some characteristics of electromyographic patterns during locomotion implications for the locomotor control process

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Some characteristics of embryo myogenesis in cattle

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Some characteristics of english armillaria sp. in culture

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Some characteristics of extinct major groups of animals

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Some characteristics of fish reproduction in parts of the volga ussr before and after current regulation

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Some characteristics of functional state of the liver of donors in immunization by living escherichia vaccines and plasmapheresis

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Some characteristics of glycemia in women aged 16 to 29 years based on glucose tolerance tests

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Some characteristics of gonadotropin releasing hormone receptors in rat pituitary membranes differences an agonist and an antagonist

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Some characteristics of half sib selection on the basis of poly cross test in breeding of rye secale cereale

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Some characteristics of hemolymph yolk protein in pieris rapae l

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Some characteristics of heterotrophic bacteria in the middle adriatic

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Some characteristics of hexa ploid triticale triticosecale substitution lines involving the a genome b genome and d genome chromosomes of wheat triticum aestivum

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Some characteristics of hybrids derived from the sulfur butterflies colias eurytheme and colias philodice phenotypic effects of the x chromosome

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Some characteristics of immunogenesis in the progeny of animals with anemia during pregnancy

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Some characteristics of leaf permeability for air in different plant species

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Some characteristics of lower pliocene deposits in the vicinity of yevpatoriya

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Some characteristics of modern phytocenology

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Some characteristics of peripheral blood circulation in patients with disseminated sclerosis

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Some characteristics of peroxisomes in the slime mold, Dictyostelium discoideum

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Some characteristics of phosphorylation and dephosphorylation of proteins of isolated rat liver nuclei

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Some characteristics of photosynthetic activity of high productive wheat cultivars review

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Some characteristics of polymer building materials on the base of formaldehyde resins and their sanitary hygienic evaluation

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Some characteristics of precipitation and dry periods on long island new york usa

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Some characteristics of pressure and opposite wood structure in the trunk of pinus pinaster seen by scanning electron microscope

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Some characteristics of production up to weaning of suffolk sheep in a mexican valley

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Some characteristics of protein kinases in lemna paucicostata

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Some characteristics of purple membranes isolated from halophiles

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Some characteristics of pvr 1 mutants of escherichia coli strain k 12

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Some characteristics of rainfall in bangladesh

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Some characteristics of rat liver transketolase

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Some characteristics of reproduction of rana chensinensis from the primorski krai ussr

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Some characteristics of reticular effects on cerebellum evoked activity in constant magnetic field

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Some characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis patients with and without side effects due to gold treatment/

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Some characteristics of root system development in pines introduced into the turkmen ssr ussr academy of sciences botanical garden

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Some characteristics of sand drift caused by wind

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Some characteristics of seed germination and seedling growth of cedrela odorata meliaceae

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Some characteristics of seed germination in salsola rigida in relation to aridity

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Some characteristics of seedling nutrition in several tomato cultivars

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Some characteristics of segregation in hybrids of hordeum spontaneum m hordeum vulgare m

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Some characteristics of selection work with tri ploid tulips

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Some characteristics of selenium 75 labeled protein p a seleno protein found in rat liver and plasma and comparison of it with seleno glutathione peroxidase

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Some characteristics of serotonin binding by the cells of immunocompetent tissues and synaptosomes

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Some characteristics of sexual reproduction in littoral enchytraeids oligochaeta enchytraeidae of vostok bay in the sea of japan russian sfsr ussr

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Some characteristics of sodium potassium atpase from rat intestinal basal lateral membranes

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Some characteristics of solanum nodiflorum mottle virus a beetle transmitted isometric virus from australia

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Some characteristics of soluble proteins from pacinian corpuscles

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Some characteristics of soluble thyroid proteins in human fetus during morphogenesis of follicular structure

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Some characteristics of spatial orientation of the initial vectors in block of the anterior branch of the left limb of the bundle of his

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Some characteristics of spermatogenesis in silkworms

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Some characteristics of staphylococcus aureus penicillin sensitive and penicillin resistant groups isolated from healthy individuals nsukka nigeria

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Some characteristics of strength development for rowing

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Some characteristics of streptococcal infection and immune response in rheumatic patients aged over 45 years

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Some characteristics of suicide in japan

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Some characteristics of summer photosynthesis and respiration of the white sea fucoids

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Some characteristics of sympathetic preganglionic neurons in the rat

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Some characteristics of syn dactyly inheritance

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Some characteristics of terpenoid biosynthesis by leucoplasts of Citrofortunella mitis

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Some characteristics of the active and inactive variants of the actinomycin c producing organism actinomyces sp 26 115

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Some characteristics of the activity of the root system of 7 day cotton seedlings under the effect of soil infection by verticillium dahliae

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Some characteristics of the adaptation of chenopodiaceae to arid conditions

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Some characteristics of the alimentary status in workers engaged in oil and gas production during their adaptation to the extreme conditions of an arid zone

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Some characteristics of the antirestriction mechanism mediated by bacteriophage t5

Milyavskii V.M., 1982:
Some characteristics of the art work of schizophrenic patients in a state of defect

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Some characteristics of the association of the 116 kilodalton protein with host chromatin in tobacco nicotiana tabacum leaves infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Poshivalov, V.P., 1976:
Some characteristics of the behavior of mice after social isolation

Oltean M.; Boldor O., 1982:
Some characteristics of the bio productive capacity of the danube delta romania plankton/

Yaremko, G.A., 1976 :
Some characteristics of the biology of the cabbage fly delia brassicae and the improvement of measures to control it

Shirokova, E.N., 1978:
Some characteristics of the biology of the tierra del fuego sprat

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Some characteristics of the bioluminescence of the polychaete chaetopterus variopedatus recent results and interpretations

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Some characteristics of the bodys status during intravenous feeding with qualitatively different mixtures

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Some characteristics of the brown forest soils of scotland

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Some characteristics of the buffer vehicle in glutaraldehyde based fixatives

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Some characteristics of the c wave of electro retinograms recorded by a pair of electrodes on the cornea and sclera

Gonzalez, M.G., 1975:
Some characteristics of the caida disease of sugar beet in chile and its control

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Some characteristics of the calcium pump of the sarcoplasmic reticulum of rabbit skeletal muscles during hyper cholesterolemia

Romanov, N.S., 1976:
Some characteristics of the chondro cranium development of coho in post embryonic ontogenesis

Baiakhmedov F.A.; Trapeznikova T.V.; Kasymov S.T., 1980:
Some characteristics of the clinical picture of late sequelae of cranio cerebral injuries and problems of evaluating the victims working capacity

Yashvili, D.Yu, 1977:
Some characteristics of the clinical picture of scarlet fever in the georgian ssr

Gembitskii E.V.; Karnaukhov Y.N., 1984:
Some characteristics of the clinical picture of the disease and central hemodynamics in patients with the syndrome of pacemaker weakness

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Some characteristics of the clinical picture of vibration disease

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Some characteristics of the Coagulation Factor Xa purified from human serum

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Some characteristics of the correlation between the extent of glycemia and the incidence of coronary heart disease in men and women between 20 and 69 years of age an instantaneous epidemiological study

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Some characteristics of the dark germination property of tobacco nicotiana tabacum seeds

Hsu H.K.; Chen F.N.; Peng M.T., 1980:
Some characteristics of the darkly stained area of the medial preoptic area of the rats

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Some characteristics of the degradation of mitochondrial multi enzyme systems from rat liver after heat treatment

Ocherashvili I.V., 1980:
Some characteristics of the delayed negative wave and the slow negative potential generated in somato sensory cortex evoked by the stimulation of thalamic ventro postero lateral nuclei of the cat

De-Namur, C., 1978:
Some characteristics of the development of a ligneous population during a secondary succession

Rak D.; Radica V.; Mikelic M., 1986:
Some characteristics of the development of permanent dentition and somatic growth in handicapped children

Jovanovic M.; Sidor M., 1987:
Some characteristics of the development of phomopsis viticola epiphytes carrier of white rot on the variety italian riesling

Manojlovic B., 1984:
Some characteristics of the development of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae on different host plants

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Some characteristics of the di hydro folate synthetase ec from serratia indica

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Some characteristics of the distribution and nutrition of electrona carlsbergi myctophidae in the scotia sea antarctica

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Some characteristics of the ecological geographical confinement of alkaloid containing liliaceae plants of the buryat assr ussr flora

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Some characteristics of the ecology of leptodora kindtii in the lakes of the bolshezemelskaya tundra russian sfsr ussr

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Some characteristics of the ecology of the elbe beaver in the taube river east germany

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Some characteristics of the ecology of the red tailed libyan jird in the eastern apsheron azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Some characteristics of the energy metabolism of the healthy child

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Some characteristics of the energy supply in somatic nerve cords during propagation of rhythmic excitation

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Some characteristics of the epizootic process in small mammals caught in the vicinity of ufa in a natural foci of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome bashkir assr ussr

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Some characteristics of the evolution of cultivated wheat species

Shneiderov, V.S., 1975:
Some characteristics of the execution of uni dimensional tracing by school children

Fernandez Leborans G., 1982:
Some characteristics of the fibrillar systems in opisthonecta sp ciliophora peritrichida

Bronshtein, A.A., 1976:
Some characteristics of the fine structure of the olfactory organ in elasmobranchii

Seredenko M.M.; Serebrovskaya T.V., 1979:
Some characteristics of the function of external respiration during ontogenesis

Goncharenko, A.A., 1977:
Some characteristics of the genetic system of dwarfness in em 1 rye mutant

Watt, L.A., 1978:
Some characteristics of the germination of queensland blue grass on cracking black earths

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Some characteristics of the glycosylation of poly cyclic alcohols by carbohydrate 1 2 ortho ethers

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Some characteristics of the growth morphogenesis and embryogenesis of french honeysuckle hedysarum seeds in the belorussian ssr ussr

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Some characteristics of the growth of saurida undosquamis and saurida tumbil pisces synodontidae in the arabian sea

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Some characteristics of the heat induced susceptibility demonstrated in powdery mildew of barley

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Some characteristics of the hind limb muscles in the leaping night monkey aotus trivirgatus primates anthropoidea cebidae

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Some characteristics of the human erythrocyte as a function of donor and cell age

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Some characteristics of the hyper sensitive reaction of cultivar white burley tobacco nicotiana tabacum to tobacco necrosis virus

Shevchenko N.T., 1979 :
Some characteristics of the intensity of oxygen consumption in the wood mouse house mouse and field mouse

Mardanova, G.V., 1977:
Some characteristics of the interaction of 9 10 di methyl 1 2 benz anthracene with the hairy cells in the central nervous system

Urbanowicz Z., 1982:
Some characteristics of the internal structure of the suprascapular nerve in man

Galantsev V.P.; Korotetskova L.V.; Mikhailova G.M., 1980:
Some characteristics of the lactation period in the yellow lemming lagurus luteus reed vole microtus fortis and common red backed vole clethrionomys glareolus

Kalso S.; Nurmiaho Lassila E L.; Saxelin M L.; Sundman V., 1986:
Some characteristics of the lactic streptococcal phage ksy 1

Dewhurst D.G., 1984:
Some characteristics of the long latency component of the evoked muscle response induced by administration of catechol to the anesthetized rat a neurophysiological and neuropharmacological investigation

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Some characteristics of the magnesium atpase of isolated red beet beta vulgaris vacuoles

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Some characteristics of the maxillary apparatus in galliformes

Serebrenikova, T.P.; Lyzlova, E.M., 1977:
Some characteristics of the molecular evolution of glycogen phosphorylase and amino transferases in muscle tissue of vertebrates

Zinner K.; Vani Y.S., 1986:
Some characteristics of the mucus of the bioluminescent polychaete chaetopterus variopedatus

Lopez Almirall A.; Albert Puente D., 1985:
Some characteristics of the needles of pinus oocarpa in the topes de collantes experimental station cuba

Pirogov A.A.; Orlov A.A., 1980:
Some characteristics of the neuron activity in the frontal cortex of alert monkeys

Toye, B.O., 1975:
Some characteristics of the nigerian entomological literature

Vanecek, J.; Illnerova, H., 1980:
Some characteristics of the night n acetyl transferase ec in the rat pineal gland

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Some characteristics of the non protein moiety of vitellogenic substances in the starfish asterias rubens

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Some characteristics of the normal menstrual cycle of the bonnet monkey macaca radiata

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Some characteristics of the nucleic factor from ascitic fluid of tumors

Banina, N.N., 1977:
Some characteristics of the organization of apiosomes and their taxonomic position

Shpota, V.I.; Bochkareva, E.B., 1976:
Some characteristics of the organogenesis of winter cruciferae in connection with seeding times

Roche J., 1987:
Some characteristics of the ornithological gradient along the water courses in the saone basin eastern france

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Some characteristics of the orthoptera fauna of the mountain region of west bosnia yugoslavia

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Some characteristics of the outer material released by growing entero toxigenic escherichia coli

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Some characteristics of the participation of lymphocytes in non-immune inflammation

Blanco J., 1985:
Some characteristics of the phytoplankton of the lorbe cove estuary of ares and betanzos spain in spring

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Some characteristics of the population dynamics of wild boar sus scrofa scrofa in a hunter environment

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Some characteristics of the primary structure of adventitious roots of dicotyledonous plants

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Some characteristics of the pycnidial mucus of fungi from the genera ascochyta and phoma

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Some characteristics of the rabbit vermiform appendix as a secreting organ

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Some characteristics of the re growth of 12 tropical grasses

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Some characteristics of the reproductive biology of the mink mustela vison on sakhalin island ussr

Osychnyuk V.V., 1979:
Some characteristics of the reserve regimen in departments of the ukrainian steppe reservation ussr

Poulter N.H., 1982:
Some characteristics of the roots of the winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Mulyarskaya L.V., 1979:
Some characteristics of the rule of habitat change in regions with mountain relief using mites of the family trombiculidae as an example eastern transcaucasia ussr

Loginov, G.I., 1977:
Some characteristics of the space time organization of the systems of membrane hydrolysis and transport in the rat small intestine

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Some characteristics of the spatial conformation of cold antibodies

Perelygina L.M.; Tomilin N.V.; Podgornaya O.I., 1987:
Some characteristics of the specific alu repeat binding proteins from hela cells

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Some characteristics of the spinal center pacemaker in the lymph hearts of the frog

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Some characteristics of the state of apices of winter rye secale cereale during damping

Zaitseva, K.K.; Nezdatnyi, M.M., 1976:
Some characteristics of the stimulating action of anti lymphocytic serum on the early periods of hemopoietic restoration in the spleen of radiation chimeras

Shubnikov, D.A., 1978 :
Some characteristics of the structure and ecology of coastal estuary fishes of the indian ocean

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Some characteristics of the structure and synthesis of procollagens produced by skin fibroblast cultures isolated from patients with type i ehlers danlos syndrome

Namzalov, B.B., 1978:
Some characteristics of the structure of the cereal wormwood peashrub steppe in the western tuva assr

Chin C.; Lee M.; Weinstein M., 1981:
Some characteristics of the sucrose uptake system of excised tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar rutgers roots

Rudneva I.K., 1984:
Some characteristics of the syndrome of pathological fantasizing in children with slowly progressing schizophrenia

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Some characteristics of the system for iron transport and the regulation of its synthesis in pichia guilliermondii

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Some characteristics of the t system and b system of immunity in candidiasis patients

Az'muka, T.I., 1976:
Some characteristics of the temperature regime of zonal soils of the middle taiga of the ob basin ussr

Paliwal, Y.L., 1976:
Some characteristics of the thrip vector relationship of tomato spotted wilt virus in canada

Drazic S., 1980:
Some characteristics of the tobacco nicotiana tabacum flower with cytoplasmic male sterility

Efremov, V.I.; El-Zayat, M., 1977:
Some characteristics of the use of colchicine for studying proliferative activities of chick embryos

Kreslavskii, A.G., 1977:
Some characteristics of the variability and evolution of patterns on the elytra of leaf beetles

Larina V.N., 1980:
Some characteristics of the vascular capillary network in the dog cerebellar cortex

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Some characteristics of the vertical structure of a planktonic community in the equatorial pacific upwelling

Hegarty, T.W.; Ross, H.A., 1978:
Some characteristics of the water sensitive process in the inhibition of germination by water stress

Samosh, V.M., 1976:
Some characteristics of the winter hibernation of the common hamster cricetus cricetus under experimental conditions

Mikhailova, A.V., 1977:
Some characteristics of the work of barley leaf photosynthetic apparatus under the effect of soil inundation with water and vitamin pp

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Some characteristics of the xo mouse mus musculus 1. vitality growth and metabolism

Deckers, J.F.M.; Van-Der-Kroon, P.H.W.; Douglas, L.T., 1981:
Some characteristics of the xo mouse mus musculus 2. reproduction fertility and gametic segregation

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Some characteristics of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in an ethanol medium

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Some characteristics of thermal adaptation in the altai and afghan pika

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Some characteristics of thymus suppression of antibody production in vitro in Xenopus laevis, the South African clawed toad

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Some characteristics of translation of rna of barley stripe mosaic virus in a wheat germ cell free system

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Some characteristics of trypsin and heparin interaction

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Some characteristics of turbulent transfer over alpine surfaces during the snowmelt growing season niwot ridge front range colorado usa

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Some characteristics of urea accumulation in the renal cortex tissue of rats and dogs

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Some characteristics of variations in activated sludge biological structure

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Some characteristics of various fibrin monomer preparations made from dissolved fibrin clots

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Some characteristics of ventilation and coughing in the bluegill lepomis macrochirus

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Some characteristics of virulent mutants of salmonella typhimurium temperate phages

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Some characteristics of water flow through isolated rose stem segments rosa hybrida cultivar cara mia

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Some characteristics of wheat production in the regions of slavonia and baranja yugoslavia

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Some characteristics of whole corn whole soybean 70 30 and rice whole soybean 70 30 mixtures processed by simple extrusion cooking

Chetwynd, J., 1986:
Some characteristics of women smokers

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Some characteristics of work capacity in sports women at various phases of the menstrual cycle

Kosikov K.V., 1980:
Some characteristics of yeast species fermenting lactose

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Some characteristics of yersinia pseudotuberculosis determined by a 45 md plasmid connected with calcium dependence

Ikotun T., 1981:
Some characteristics that distinguish xanthomonas cassavae from xanthomonas manihotis

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Some characterization of the responses to substance P and other tachykinins in rabbit iris sphincter muscle

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Some characters in different pear progenies

Chang Y.S.; L.C.C., 1983:
Some characters of spikelets in relation to seed setting in sugarcane crossing

Goryshina T.K., 1980:
Some characters of structure and activity of a forest steppe oak forest as a photosynthetic system

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Some charophyta from the deccan intertrappean beds near nagpur central india

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Some chemical and analytical aspects of poly saccharide modifications 4. esr studies of nitroxide labeled chitin and chitosan derivatives/

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Some chemical and biochemical aspects of liver microsomal metabolism of tamoxifen

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Some chemical and biological properties of lipoteichoic acid of group a streptococcus

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Some chemical and functional characteristics of a fiber free coconut protein extract obtained by the enzymic chemical process

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Some chemical and functional properties of acetylated myofibrillar protein from sardine sardinops melanosticta

El-Gharbawi, M.I., 1977:
Some chemical and physical characteristics of naked pumpkin seed oil cucurbita pepo

Gurusiddaiah S.; Graham S.O., 1980:
Some chemical and physical characteristics of pantomycin an antibiotic isolated from streptomyces hygroscopicus

Berbert P.R.F., 1981:
Some chemical and physical characteristics of the fat from the seeds of the castanheiro do maranhao bombax aquaticum pachira aquatica

Roberts B.A., 1980:
Some chemical and physical properties of serpentine soils from western newfoundland canada

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Some chemical and physical properties of the mercuric chloride solubilized gel protein from different wheat varieties

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Some chemical and structural features of the conidial wall of Trichoderma viride

E.B.rbary A.A.; E.R.edy A.M., 1984:
Some chemical aspects of 1 thiapyran 4 one derivatives

E.Barbary A.A., 1984:
Some chemical aspects of 5 aryl 1 3 4 oxadiazoles

Popowa, L., 1978:
Some chemical aspects of hydrolytic decomposition of urea formaldehyde condensates with fertilizing effect

Kirstein M.; Fridrich R.; Seiler H., 1982:
Some chemical aspects of labeling human fibrinogen with technetium 99m

E.B.rbary A.A.; Hussain S.M.; E.M.rsy M.M.S., 1985 :
Some chemical aspects of tetrahydro 1 thiopyran 4 one derivatives

Guadarrama A., 1984:
Some chemical changes during ripening of semeruco fruits malpighia punicifolia

Josimovic L., 1983:
Some chemical changes in irradiated pepper and parsley

D.S.lva S.S.; Rangoda M., 1979:
Some chemical characteristics of fresh and salt dried tilapia mossambica

Hensten-Pettersen, A., 1976:
Some chemical characteristics of human minor salivary gland secretions

Kato M., 1981:
Some chemical characteristics of l glutamate receptors on the onchidium verruculatum neuron structure activity relationships and the effects of chemical modifications

Takahashi T.; Tamura Y.; Sawada T.; Muramatsu M., 1987:
Some chemical characters of cell wall associated proteins of erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae strains

Yamauchi K.; Takeshita H.; Deguchi T.; Haan C L.; Haga S.; Ohashi T., 1984:
Some chemical compositions of turtle eggs caretta caretta

Baker I.; Baker H.G., 1982:
Some chemical constituents of floral nectars of erythrina in relation to pollinators and systematics

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Some chemical elements in the body of the meadow pipit anthus pratensis

Weissmann B.; Chao H.; Chow P., 1981 :
Some chemical enzymic and physical properties of di saccharides from beef lung heparin

Gramatikova M., 1982:
Some chemical grain properties in translocation lines of winter barley

Grozeva M., 1983:
Some chemical indices of soils in pure and mixed oak ecosystems

Friligos N., 1981:
Some chemical observations in the saronikos gulf greece

Sorvari, T.E.; Arvilommi, H.S., 1973:
Some chemical physical and histochemical properties of 3 di amine fractions obtained by gel chromatography from the high iron di amine staining solution used for localizing sulfated muco saccharides

Tho, H.C.; Egashira, K., 1976:
Some chemical physical and mineralogical properties of acid sulfate soils from the mekong delta in vietnam

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Some chemical physical properties of tri cyclo hexyl tin hydroxide and its analytical determination

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Some chemical properties of human erythropoietin

Banerjee S.K.; Singh S.B.; Nath S.; Pal D.K., 1985:
Some chemical properties of soils under different old stands on upper forest hill of kalimpong darjeeling west bengal india

Abolins, L., 1977:
Some chemical properties of the purified chromo protein and the protein moiety of crenilabrus blue

Kosugi, T.; Nakamura, M.; Tsukayama, T.; Haraguchi, S.; Noda, Y., 1987:
Some chemical properties of tissue plasminogen activator purified from paranasal mucous membrane

Gopalakrishna C.V.S.S.V.; Hanumantharao A., 1980:
Some chemical quality parameters of natu tobacco

Jones, A.S.; Slater, M.J.; Walker, R.T., 1987:
Some chemical reactions of 5 vinyluracil and 2' deoxy 5 vinyluridine

Sapi J.; Szabo L.; Baitz Gacs E.; Kalaus G.; Szantay C.; Karsai Bihatsi E., 1985:
Some chemical transformation of 15 oxovincamone

Law, T.K.; Florence, A.T.; Whateley, T.L., 1986:
Some chemically modified poloxamer hydrogels controlled release of prostaglandin e 2 and testosterone

Lebreton, P., 1976:
Some chemo taxonomic results relative to fagaceae

Arai T.; Takahashi K.; Ishiguro K.; Mikami Y., 1980:
Some chemo therapeutic properties of 2 new anti tumor antibiotics saframycin a and saframycin c

Dobroruka, L.J., 1976:
Some chilopoda from iraq

Vojnits, A.M., 1981:
Some chinese eupithecia material collected by h. hone lepidoptera geometridae

Ansell W.F.H., 1986:
Some chiroptera from south central africa

Krienitz L., 1983:
Some chlorococcal algae from the territory of the central part of the river elbe east germany

Chandra S.; Pandeya K.B.; Singh R.P., 1980:
Some chromium iii complexes of cyclo hexanone semi carbazone and cyclo hexanone thio semi carbazone

Lata M.; Sharma A.K.; Lal S.S., 1985:
Some chromosomal information in haemonchus contortus

Kadotani, T.; Watanabe, Y.; Shigeto, N.; Shigeto, E.; Okumichi, K., 1977:
Some chromosomal observations on the effect of carboquone an anti cancer agent upon human somatic cells

Brighton, C.A.; Wickens, G.E., 1976:
Some chromosome counts in the genus combretum combretaceae

Argent G.C.G.; Brunton D., 1984:
Some chromosome numbers in ericaceae

Boumsell, L.; Bernard, A.; Lepage, V.; Degos, L.; Lemerle, J.; Dausset, J., 1978:
Some chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells bearing surface immuno globulins share determinants with thymus derived cells

Burleigh R.; Kerney M.P., 1982:
Some chronological implications of a fossil molluscan assemblage from a neolithic site at brook kent england uk

Cespedes A.E.; Castillo J., 1982:
Some chytridiomycetes and oomycetes isolated of 10 locations in 4 states of the mexican republic

Kumari V.S.; Nair N.B., 1985:
Some ciliates from the marine wood boring isopod sphaeroma

Eccles, J.C., 1982:
Some circuit operations in the mammalian brain

Samuel, I.O.; Clarke, R.S.; Dundee, J.W., 1977:
Some circulatory and respiratory effects of morphine in patients without pre-existing cardiac disease

van der Elst, A.M.; van der Werf, T., 1985:
Some circulatory aspects of the oxygen transport in patients with emphysema

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Some circulatory responses to exercise at different times of day

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Some citrus rootstocks at nursery stage

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Some clampless species of clitocybe

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Some clarifications of the method of quantitative analysis of soil algae

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Some clarifications on the meaning of a behavior analysis of child development

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Some clinical and anatomic characteristics of large and giant aneurysms of cerebral arteries

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Some clinical and anatomical variants of cardiac lesion in lymphosarcoma

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Some clinical and biochemical aspects of hydro chloric acid and pepsin secretion regulation by gastric glands

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Some clinical and clinico pathological findings in canine ehrlichiosis

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Some clinical and electro encephalographic aspects of benign juvenile myo clonic epilepsy

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Some clinical and epidemiologic aspects of hepatic steatosis

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