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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6442

Chapter 6442 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lutalo, S.K.; Mabonga, N., 1985:
Some clinical and epidemiological aspects of diabetes mellitus on an endemic disease register in Zimbabwe

Reynolds, H.A., 1969:
Some clinical and hematological features of virus enteritis of mink

Ado A.D.; Fedoseeva V.N.; Poroshina Y.A.; Chervinskaya T.A.; Shustova V.I., 1982:
Some clinical and immunologic indicators of neisserial bronchial asthma

King, D.J.; Turkson, S.N.; Liddle, J.; Kinney, C.D., 1980:
Some clinical and metabolic aspects of propranolol in chronic schizophrenia

Strukov, A.I.; Petrov, V.I.; Smetnev, A.S.; Fedorova, T.A.; Simakova, R.A.; Katyshkina, N.I., 1975:
Some clinical and morphological aspects of micro circulation in patients with chronic nonspecific pneumonia and chronic cor pulmonale

Martynov Y.S.; Zenkevich G.S.; Tochilovskii A.S., 1980:
Some clinical and patho morphological features of parkinsonism of different etiology

Avrutskii G.Ya; Tsygankov B.D.; Samokhin A.V.; Raiskii V.A.; Kogan R.D.; Bul'man I.A.; Malin D.I.; Bravo P.S., 1988:
Some clinical and pathogenic regularities in the development of febrile attacks of schizophrenia

Stazhadze L.L.; Vorob'ev V.E.; Repenkova L.G.; Kovachevich I.V.; Ivchenko V.F.; Kal'yanova V.N., 1988:
Some clinical and physiological aspects of tissue oxygen supply during antiorthostatic hypokinesia in man

Kris, A.O., 1988:
Some clinical applications of the distinction between divergent and convergent conflicts

Ogunyemi, A.O., 1984:
Some clinical aspects of a hemiplegic migraine patient

Wilmink, J.M., 1977:
Some clinical aspects of acute renal failure

Narasimham M.V.V.L.; Rao C.K.; Rao C.K., 1983:
Some clinical aspects of bancroftian filariasis in eastern godavari district andhra pradesh india

Martsinkyavichyus, A.M.; Barkauskas, E.M.; Triponis, V.Y., 1978:
Some clinical aspects of circulatory disorders in the vertebral arteries and their possible surgical treatment

Arzumanyan A.M., 1981:
Some clinical aspects of psychogenic hyper kinesis

Agranat V.Z.; Balyura A.V.; Nikogosyan G.A.; Smolina T.A.; Yass N.Ya, 1983:
Some clinical aspects of radio immunoassay of the carcino embryonic antigen level in breast cancer patients

Jensen, K.M.; Jørgensen, J.B.; Mogensen, P.; Bille-Brahe, N.E., 1986:
Some clinical aspects of uroflowmetry in elderly males. A population survey

Rathore S.S.; Bishnoi B.L.; Kohli I.S., 1987:
Some clinical biochemical and hematological studies on normal pregnant rathi cows and those suffering from antepartum prolapse of vagina

Wensing, T., 1980 :
Some clinical biochemical features of 'tying up' in horses

Dennerstein L.; Burrows G.D.; Hyman G.J.; Sharpe K., 1980:
Some clinical effects of estrogen progestogen therapy in surgically castrated women

Yeom, K.Y.; Kim, S.J.; Yoon, C.M., 1976:
Some clinical experiences of altima di hydroxy aluminum allantoinate in the treatment of peptic ulcer

Ahn, D.S., 1975:
Some clinical experiences of altima di hydroxy aluminum allantoinate in the treatment of peptic ulcer hypertrophic gastritis hemorrhagic erosive gastritis and cascade stomach

Park, K.N., 1976:
Some clinical experiences of compound aluminum sodium carbonate on peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis

Read, A.E., 1978:
Some clinical features of liver cell failure: an appraisal of their causes

Pratt-Johnson, J.A., 1976:
Some clinical implications of strabismic suppression scotoma

Zandonini G.F.; Agostoni G., 1984:
Some clinical impressions on the quantitative determination of alpha 1 fetoprotein in umbilical blood and bilirubin in the newborn

Jordan, S., 1978:
Some clinical interpretations of the Haptic Intelligence Scale for adult blind

Nemenova, N.M.; Turbina, N.S.; Novikova, T.S.; Fainshtein, F.E., 1976:
Some clinical morphological aspects and problems of pathogenesis of marchiafava micheli disease paroxysmal nocturnal hemo globinuria

Ul'yanov, V.I.; Fedorov, V.D.; Zarudin, V.V., 1978:
Some clinical morphological correlations in rectal cancer and their prognostic value

Babinyan-Yu, K., 1977:
Some clinical neurological criteria of occupational medical examinations of autonomic vascular paroxysms in persons with sequelae of closed cranio cerebral trauma

Yadav S.K.; Angelo S.J.; Misra S.S., 1979:
Some clinical observations on 3 cases of cerebro spinal fluid in bovine

Sekiya S.; Takahashi K.; Taniguchi H.; Wada K.; Saito S.; Suda K.; Manaka H.; Ogawa A.; Marubashi S.; E.A., 1986:
Some clinical problems in hospitalized patients with fever of unknown origin

Sundstrom P.; Wramsby H.; Liedholm P.; Kullander S.; Persson P H.; Lindqvist G.; Nilsson O., 1984:
Some clinical results of in vitro fertilization by the malmo group sweden

Virozub E.I., 1986:
Some clinical variants of ischemic cerebral infarctions with a tumor like course

Larke, J.R.; Hirji, N.K., 1979:
Some clinically observed phenomena in extended contact lens wear

Pomerantsev E.V.; Vakhlyaev V.D.; Matevosyan A.G.; Bogatyrev I.V.; Syrkin A.L., 1985:
Some clinico hemodynamic variants in acute myocardial infarction

Gudushauri O.N.; Chanishvili T.G.; Rigvava S.A.; Kacharava N.N.; Sakvarelidze M.V., 1982:
Some clinico immunologic indices under the action of staphylococcus toxins on the loco motor apparatus

Stoichev R.; Stoimenov I.; Obreshkov N.; Ivanov V., 1986:
Some clinico morphologic relations in schizophrenic patients established by computer tomography

Mansurov K.K.; Mirodzhov G.K.; Asfandiyarova N.S.; Pavlov V.L., 1987:
Some clinico morphological features of chronic active hepatitis of viral etiology

Tickle, C.; Trinkaus, J.P., 1977:
Some clues as to the formation of protrusions by Fundulus deep cells

Bhardwaj T.R.; Singh S.N.; Kulkarni S.K.; Paul D.; Singh H., 1986:
Some cns depressant steroidal tetrazoles

Burns D.A.; Mitchell J.S., 1982:
Some coastal marine dinoflagellates from around new zealand

Hindak F., 1988:
Some coccal green algae from carinthian lakes austria

Efimov, V.M., 1976:
Some coefficients of interspecies association

Beauvais L., 1982:
Some coelenterates of the lower mesozoic of western canada

Sarkar N.K., 1985:
Some coelozoic myxosporidians myxozoa myxosporea from a fresh water teleost fish of the river padma india

Hess R.D.; Mcdevitt T.M., 1984:
Some cognitive consequences of maternal intervention techniques a longitudinal study

Rippere, V., 1977:
Some cognitive dimensions of anti depressive behavior

Silfverberg H.; Bistrom O., 1983:
Some coleoptera collected in estonia ussr

Dajoz R., 1980:
Some coleoptera lathridiidae of cameroon

Paulian R., 1983:
Some coleoptera scarabaeoidea from the oriental region

Tallon I.; Bach C., 1986:
Some coleopterans of the sierra de cabra cordoba spain

Mitra, S.K., 1976:
Some collembola from arunachal pradesh india entomobryidae

Rusek J., 1981:
Some collembola from iraq

Gough, H.J., 1975:
Some collembola from the spanish pyrenees with a description of pseudachorudina patriciae new species

Hoshikawa T., 1981:
Some colony factors influencing the hunting activity of polistes chinensis antennalis hymenoptera vespidae

Lanham U.N., 1981:
Some colorado usa andrena of the subgenus scaphandrena of presumed hybrid origin with special reference to the tarsal claws hymenoptera apoidea

Lange, K.; Boehnke, M., 1983:
Some combinatorial problems of DNA restriction fragment length polymorphisms

Behringer A.; Boeker H., 1988:
Some comments concerning psychodynamics of delusion of descendens

Hamada, N.; Urakawa, T.; Imamura, Y.; Shingu, M., 1985:
Some comments concerning purification of bovine enterovirus

Schulmeister T., 1985:
Some comments on chaos in models of biochemical reactions

Hesketh, J.D.; Jones, J.W., 1976:
Some comments on computer simulators for plant growth 1975

Fatt I., 1986:
Some comments on methods used for measuring oxygen permeability of contact lens materials

Gallais, A., 1978:
Some comments on present models in quantitative genetics and on their place in plant breeding

Thierry, J., 1986:
Some comments on quantitative methods in the study of ammonite taphocenoses

Miyakawa J., 1981:
Some comments on salkind and wrights model for reflection impulsivity

La-Rivers, I.Iii, 1976:
Some comments on snake bite treatment in the usa an account of a human envenomation by an adult western diamondback rattlesnake crotalus atrox

Gleitman H., 1984:
Some comments on steins critique of gleitmans account of aschs social pressure studies

Mash E.J., 1984:
Some comments on target selection in behavior therapy

Burge H.A., 1986:
Some comments on the aerobiology of fungus spores

Palmgren P., 1980:
Some comments on the anatomy of spiders

Tardieu A., 1979:
Some comments on the article the structure of human plasma low density lipo protein b an x ray small angle scattering study by k muller p laggner o glatter and g kostner

Dupuy, B.; Mounier, J.; Blanquet, P., 1977:
Some comments on the biological properties of calcitonin: an eventual new therapeutic utilization

Jafar, S.A., 1975:
Some comments on the calcareous nanno plankton genus scyphosphaera and the neotypes of scyphosphaera spp from rotti indonesia

Katz, R.; Hofmann, W., 1984:
Some comments on the concepts of dose and dose equivalent

Csizér, Z.; Zsidai, J., 1975:
Some comments on the estimation of the potency of pertussis vaccines

Hanski, I., 1978:
Some comments on the measurement of niche metrics

Aleshkina, L.D., 1978:
Some comments on the morphology of the genus periplexis copepoda sphyriidae with a more precise diagnosis of the genus

Poonia, S.R.; Pal, R., 1978:
Some comments on the paper entitled effect of salinity sodium adsorption ratio calcium magnesium ratio in irrigation water and soil texture on the predictability of exchangeable sodium percentage by k v paliwal and a p gandhi

Amery, W.K.; Hoing, M.; Debroye, M.; Dom, F., 1987:
Some comments on the use of statistics in the evaluation of drug trials in migraine

Lyublina, E.I., 1976:
Some common aspects of physical chemical indices of toxic substances and their permissible concentrations in atmospheric air air of working areas and water

Nuller Y.L.; Ostroumova M.N.; Berezhnaya V.A., 1981:
Some common links in the pathogenesis of endogenous depression and chronic alcoholism

Adams, M.R., 1976:
Some common problems in the design and conduct of experiments in stuttering

Bahadur R.; Srivastava T.P.; Bansal V.P., 1980:
Some common roentgenographic observations in cervical spines

Bahadur R.; Srivastava T.P.; Bansal V.P., 1981:
Some common roentgenographic observations in cervical spondylosis

Chirculescu, A.R.M., 1976:
Some common steps in the action of nervous and endocrine chemical transmitters

Lee, H.P.; Seah, C.S.; Low, L.P., 1978:
Some common symptoms in relation to blood pressure levels, -a population experience

White, J.S., 1978:
Some comparative anatomical features of the basilar papilla in certain salamanders

Ferrández, A.; Mayayo, E.; Rodriguez, M.; Arnal, J.M.; Caro, J.; Puga, B.; Atares, M., 1986:
Some comparative aspects of a longitudinal growth study in normal Spanish children and other longitudinal studies

Matallanas J., 1979:
Some comparative data on ophidion barbatum and ophidion rochei pisces ophidiidae for the western mediterranean

Meunier F.J.; Pascal M., 1980:
Some comparative data on the cyclical growth of skeletal tissues in osteichthyans

D.Neiff A.P., 1983:
Some comparative observations of the meso fauna associated with pistia stratiotes araceae in permanent and temporary waterbodies chaco argentina

Kodman, F., 1983:
Some comparative personality traits of the mildly retarded

Kolganova O.I.; Mikhel'son M.Ya, 1981:
Some comparative pharmacological data on cholino reception of the heart in vertebrates

Weerasinghe B.; Naqvi S.H.Z., 1985:
Some comparative physiological studies on selected isolates of botryodiplodia theobromae causing storage rot of yams cassava and sweet potato in nigeria

Gaitan, S.; Tejero, C.; Ruiz-Amil, M., 1983:
Some comparative properties of pyruvate kinase ec hematopoietic cells and erythrocytes from rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Madarasz M.; Tombol T.; Hajdu F.; Somogyi G., 1981:
Some comparative quantitative data on the different relay and associative thalamic nuclei in the cat a quantitative electron microscopic study

Rokosu, A.A.; Akunnaezili, T.O.; Ikhile, P.A., 1982:
Some comparative studies of 2 alkaline phosphatases ec from aspergillus niger

Brawn J.G.; Real F., 1981:
Some comparison between the nanno plankton and the phyto plankton of net size in waters of the canary islands spain

Pierrot, M.; Haser, R.; Frey, M.; Bruschi, M.; Le-Gall, J.; Sieker, L.C.; Jensen, L.H., 1976:
Some comparisons between 2 crystallized anaerobic bacterial rubredoxins from desulfovibrio gigas and desulfovibrio vulgaris

Lorenzetti, O.J.; Wernet, T.; Mcdonald, T., 1977:
Some comparisons of benzoyl per oxide formulations

Cartwright A.; Smith C., 1979:
Some comparisons of data from medical records and from interviews with women who had recently had a live birth or still birth

Dudarev V.P., 1988:
Some compensatory reactions of the blood system in phenylhydrazine induced anemia under the lowland and middle mountain conditions

Eussen J.H.H., 1979:
Some competition experiments with alang alang imperata cylindrica in replacement series

Radigue, F., 1982:
Some complementary data on the macro lepidoptera of normandy of dr. marcel linne new species in the department of orne france

Kordos L., 1981:
Some complements to the knowledge of a middle eocene sirenian sirenavus hungaricus

Singh H.B.; Negi R.K., 1982:
Some complexes and insertion compounds of thallium i

Brown D.H.; Mckinlay G.C.; Smith W.E., 1979:
Some complexes of 2 3 di mercapto propanol with gold i and gold ii

Andryushchenko V.V.; Khokhryakov K.B., 1981:
Some components of cytochrome p 450 oxido reductase system in fish liver

Phelan J.P., 1987:
Some components of flocking behavior in the rock dove columba livia

Zygulska-Mach, H.; Mach, Z.; Barycz, M., 1978:
Some components of lipid metabolism in experimental traumatic cataract

Stevens R.J.; Stewart B.M., 1982:
Some components of particulate phosphorus in river water entering lough neagh northern ireland uk

Mullaney, P.D.; Brown, G.H., 1970:
Some components of reproductive performance of sheep in victoria

Villareal R.L.; Nelson R.R.; Mackenzie D.R.; Coffman W.R., 1981:
Some components of slow blasting resistance in rice oryza sativa

Royes V.I.J., 1987:
Some components of the air spora in jamaica west indies and their possible medical application

Pshenina S.S.; Babynina L.Ya; Dzhanyspaeva G.D., 1981:
Some components of the blood kinin system in rheumatoid arthritis

Stepen, R.A.; Konev, V.A.; Khrebtov, B.A., 1978:
Some components of volatile plant products of forest areas

Latyshev N.A.; Bezuglov V.V.; Kogtev L.S.; Nguyen Kim Kung; Sadovskaya V.L.; Rozynov B.V.; Bergel'son L.D., 1986:
Some compounds of the arachidonic acid cascade in the soft coral lobophytum carnatum

Okayama T.; Kondo K.; Nagata Y., 1979:
Some compounds promoting color formation in the high molecular fraction from porcine muscle sarcoplasm 1

Okayama T.; Kondo K.; Nagata Y., 1980:
Some compounds promoting color formation in the high molecular fraction from porcine muscle sarcoplasm 2

Tung Y K.; Koltermann C.E., 1985:
Some computational experiences using embedding technique for ground water management

Som P.M.; Shugar J.M.A.; Drazin D.; Biller H.F., 1981:
Some computed tomographic findings in occult thyroid disease

Valdecanas O.C.; Valera J.B.; Garcia A.C., 1981:
Some concepts about breast feeding among parturient mothers

Zvagintzev, D.G., 1978:
Some concepts of structure and functioning of the soil microorganism complex

Gips, C.H.; Hindfelt, B.; Holmin, T.; Kardel, T., 1973:
Some concepts on ammonia porta systemic shunts and encephalopathy

Kaplan D.M., 1984:
Some conceptual and technical aspects of actual neurosis

Polyanskii-Yu, I., 1977:
Some conclusions and questions on protozoological research in the ussr

Veress L.; Vegh J.; Turai I.; Tarnoczi T.; Ecsedi F., 1988:
Some conclusions concerning the large scale accelerated lambing of hungarian merino ewes

Dahlgren R.; Clifford H.T., 1981:
Some conclusions from a comparative study of the monocotyledons and related dicotyledonous orders

Mayanskii, D.N., 1978:
Some conclusions on the principle of intermediate activity of functional structures discussion of the article by g n kryzhanovskii some basic regularities of the realization of biological processes and their role in pathology

Violato C.; White W.B.; Travis L.D., 1984:
Some concurrent criterion related data on validity for the quick test based on 3 canadian samples

Nystedt L.; Murphy K.R., 1979:
Some conditions affecting the utility of subjectively weighted models in decision making

Grushina V.A.; Baranova I.P.; Egorov N.S., 1981:
Some conditions for nisin adsorption by streptococcus lactis cells

Pra Baldi A.; R.; Cornoldi C.; Cavedon A., 1985:
Some conditions for the occurrence of the bizarreness effect in free recall

Toropova E.G.; Egorov N.S.; Tkhaker V., 1983:
Some conditions for the production and isolation of violet pigment from the cultural fluid of nocardia fructiferi var ristomycini

Stepan, S.F.; Smith, J.F., 1977:
Some conditions for use of macro reticular resins in the quantitative analysis of organic pollutants in water

Schiemann, D.A.; Swanz, P.J., 1985:
Some conditions influencing the association of Yersinia enterocolitica with epithelial cells in vitro

Salgues M.; Dumont C.; Maris F., 1982:
Some conditions influencing the filtration of wine through a membrane

Basmadzhyan M.E.; Khzardzhyan A.M., 1979:
Some conditions of erythrocyte sensitization with the help of chromium chloride in the passive hem agglutination reaction

Kholodenko B.N., 1984:
Some conditions of independence of enzyme control strength ratios of selected metabolic subsystem

Kalenik, N.M.; Sukhareva-Nemakova, N.N.; Silaev, A.B., 1975:
Some conditions of the biosynthesis of lipids and paramylon by a culture of astasia longa

Colak O.; Beiderbeck R., 1980:
Some conditions of the virulence transfer between agrobacterium tumefaciens and agrobacterium rhizogenes in vitro

Gilbert, E.S., 1982:
Some confounding factors in the study of mortality and occupational exposures

Grimm H., 1987:
Some congenital and developmental anomalies of human remains from prehistoric medieval and early modern time in east german sites as indicators of genetic load

Lyer M.R.K.; Kunju M.M., 1982:
Some congenital anomalies in domestic animals

Matsumoto T.; Muramoto K.; Hirano H.; Takahashi T., 1981:
Some coniacian ammonites from hokkaido japan studies of the cretaceous ammonites from hokkaido 40

Srivastava G.K.; Nautiyal D.D.; Pant D.D., 1984:
Some coniferous shoots from bansa beds of the jabalpur formation india lower cretaceous

Gonzalez, A.; Munoz, M., 1987:
Some connections of the area octavolateralis of Pleurodeles waltlii. A study with horseradish peroxidase under in vitro conditions

Price, P.W.; Willson, M.F., 1976:
Some consequences for a parasitic herbivore the milkweed longhorn beetle tetraopes tetrophthalmus of a host plant shift from asclepias syriaca to asclepias verticillata

Zarenkov N.A., 1984:
Some consequences from the theory of natural selection by darwin

O'meilia M.E.; Knopf F.L.; Lewis J.C., 1982:
Some consequences of competition between prairie dogs cynomys ludovicianus and beef cattle

Mullin, M.M.; Brooks, E.R., 1976:
Some consequences of distributional heterogeneity of phyto plankton and zoo plankton

Tallowin J.R.B.; Williams J.H.H.; Large R.V., 1986:
Some consequences of imposing different continuous grazing pressures in the spring on sward morphology herbage quality and the performance of young beef cattle

Dale, A., 1977:
Some consequences of pollen storage in the raspberry rubus idaeus

Duhrkopf, R.E.; Young, S.S., 1979:
Some consequences of selection for fast and slow recovery from the larval alarm reaction in Aedes aegypti

Friligos N., 1982:
Some consequences of the decomposition of organic matter in elefsis bay greece an anoxic basin

Niku, B., 1976:
Some consequences of the drop reaction of acyrthosiphon pisum for the larvae of syrphus corollae

Leguizamon C.A.; Del Carmen Gonzalez J.; Mogg B.M., 1984:
Some consequences of the simulation of movements of biological systems

Finke, R.A., 1986:
Some consequences of visualization in pattern identification and detection

Duenas Gomez E.; Sanchez Texido C., 1987:
Some considerations about child mortality rates in cuba nothing is more important than a child

Agneray J., 1984:
Some considerations about diabetes physiopathology

Ghyka G.; Laky M.; Calugaru A.; Savi I.; Moraru I., 1985:
Some considerations about purification of human alpha leukocyte interferon for therapeutic use

Floris, G., 1977:
Some considerations and new data about the hallucal patterns

Baker, R., 1984:
Some considerations arising from the treatment of a patient with necrophilic fantasies in late adolescence and young adulthood

Garban, Z.; Maurer, A.; Miklos, J.; Repanovici, R.; Daranyi, G.A.; Precob, V.; Sayti, L.; Popeti, D., 1986:
Some considerations concerning the action of cisplatinum on dna i. investigations in vitro and in vivo

Manu P., 1980:
Some considerations concerning the pathology of sailors working on fishing ships

Ino T.; Seki H.; Ono H.; Deguchi T.; Yamada A., 1987 :
Some considerations for detecting the combination tone in the ear canal

Bennett B.A., 1988:
Some considerations for the management in south africa of galjoen coracinus capensis cuvier an important shore angling species off the south western cape

Simici P.; Paunescu V.; Popa F.; Pedoiu V.; Ciric G., 1985:
Some considerations in connection with the immediated and the late results of entero and of mesenterial folding

Lawler J.P., 1984:
Some considerations in modeling the fate and transport of toxicants in surface water systems

Matsuura S.; Makino S.; Satake B.; Kurosawa Y.; Shimizu R., 1985:
Some considerations in the progress of laryngeal carcinoma relationship of duration of hoarseness to tumor growth

Cleary, P.D., 1978:
Some considerations in using cirrhosis mortality rates as indicators of the prevalence of alcoholism

Hofling J.F.; Oliveira A.R., 1980:
Some considerations of anti sera against coffea species

Sarter, M., 1986:
Some considerations of different modes of action of nootropic drugs

Nakamura K., 1986:
Some considerations of macroscopic typing of the gastric carcinoma

Theoharides, T.C., 1974:
Some considerations of the mechanism underlying malaria infections and the relative resistance exhibited by sickle cell disease in humans

Carlomagno G.; Candussi G., 1987:
Some considerations on a case of fetal death during labor caused by shoulder dystocia

Hirano Y.; Mizuhara K.; Ohte K., 1985:
Some considerations on bed load transport in vegetated channels

Pajan Castro E.M.; Ferrer Vaillant A.; Nina Estrella R.E., 1987:
Some considerations on chronobiology

Sekine J.; Hanada M.; Okubo M.; Miura Y.; Asahida Y., 1986:
Some considerations on estimating a value of the rumen degradability of protein of the mixed ration for early weaned calves from the values of ingredients

Palmesano G.; Sergi M.; Froncillo C.; D.G.orgio G., 1986:
Some considerations on extensive gastric resection in the treatment of stomach cancer

Vasina, W.G., 1975:
Some considerations on falco peregrinus in our country

Lorie L.A.U., 1985:
Some considerations on fatigue bibliographic review

Jeuniaux C., 1983:
Some considerations on fishes in biochemical cycles from the point of view of their digestive abilities

Miura, K., 1977:
Some considerations on japanese names of molds

Fujitani, T., 1977:
Some considerations on lipids or fats as teaching materials in chemical education

Testa M.; Cecchini L.; D'angelo L.; Alicino M., 1984:
Some considerations on mortality from neoplastic diseases in the commune of tolfa hill center north of rome italy compared over a period of 11 years with that mortality of 3 others centers in that district

Sgambato F.; M.R.; D'arienzo L.; Battista C., 1986:
Some considerations on pellitory of the wall pollenosis

Matallanas, J., 1977:
Some considerations on raja polystigma rajiformes rajidae from the catalan bay

P.Daniel V., 1979:
Some considerations on simuliidae diptera nematocera

Merat, E.; Vogel, J., 1976:
Some considerations on spectroscopic analytical methods for determining the constituents of vanilla flavor uv spectrometric assay study of interferences simultaneous analyses assay of coumarin by spectro fluorometry in solution

Hyodo A.; Mizukami M.; Tazawa T.; Togashi O.; Eguchi T., 1984:
Some considerations on surgical approaches to the anterior communicating artery aneurysms from the radiological study of 122 cases

Busu I.; Mogos D.; Nemes R.; Vasile I.; Frujina V.; Munteanu M.; Zacharoula K., 1985:
Some considerations on surgical treatment of gastric cancer

Kobayashi, F., 1977:
Some considerations on the ancestor of the family verbeekinidae fusulinacea

Decu V., 1986:
Some considerations on the bat guano synusia

Shibayama H.; Ebashi H.; Nishijima Y.; Matsuzawa M., 1982 :
Some considerations on the battery of tests of physical fitness of children

Matsuyama M., 1980:
Some considerations on the dense population of a purple sulfur bacterium chromatium sp at the mid depth of lake kaiike japan

Goto, K., 1977:
Some considerations on the diagnosis of nutritive condition of forest trees by leaf analysis

Makiya, K., 1976:
Some considerations on the distribution pattern of the mosquito aedes albopictus and the practical usefulness of the log x plus 1 transformation for the field collection data

Gaglini, A.; Galletti, M.C., 1978:
Some considerations on the family omalogyridae

Izecksohn E., 1988:
Some considerations on the genus euparkerella with the descriptions of three new species amphibia anura leptodactylidae

Buffoni, F., 1975:
Some considerations on the mechanism of the reaction catalyzed by copper containing amino oxidases

Vietti R.C.; Chemello R., 1987:
Some considerations on the opisthobranch mollusks of sicily italy

Mirancea N.; Mirancea D., 1984:
Some considerations on the origin of hairy cells in hairy cell leukemia

Kim S.S.; Hyun J.S., 1979:
Some considerations on the population regulation of the green rice leafhopper nephotettix cincticeps

Shadduck, J.A., 1983 :
Some considerations on the safety evaluation of nonviral microbial pesticides

D.Azevedo Filho H.R.C., 1980:
Some considerations on the so called syndrome of inappropriate secretion of anti diuretic hormone 9 cases affecting neuro surgical patients

Marziano F.; Zoina A.; Noviello C., 1987:
Some considerations on the taxonomy and nomenclature of armillaria mellea

Frias L.D., 1986:
Some considerations on the taxonomy of rhagoletis nova diptera tephritidae

Lourenco W.R.; Maury E.A., 1979:
Some considerations on the taxonomy of the brazilian scorpion bothriurus araguayae new status bothruridae

Bisse J., 1982:
Some considerations on the typification of the genus calyptranthes

Nagahama T., 1984:
Some considerations on tinnitus without hearing loss

Pelayo-Ulacia, S.; Gonzalez-Rubiera-Guerrero, E., 1977:
Some considerations on trichophyton verrucosum lesions in calves and their treatment preliminary report

Altamar Rios J., 1980:
Some considerations regarding juvenile angio fibroma of the naso pharynx

Barroso M.D.F.; Vieira M.H.S.A., 1985:
Some considerations relative to the preservation of specimens in a herbarium

Rickert, W.S., 1988:
Some considerations when estimating exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) with particular reference to the home environment

Cmelik S.H.W.; Ley H., 1984:
Some constituents from the root bark of the african violet tree securidaca longepedunculata

Friend, D.W.; Kramer, J.K.G., 1978:
Some constituents of amniotic fluid from 30 day old pig embryos

Weniger, B.; Haag-Berrurier, M.; Rohmer, M.; Anton, R., 1978:
Some constituents of casearia ilicifolia

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Some constituents of clitocybe nebularis and of hydnum repandum

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Some constituents of egg yolk caught by the agglutinated factors in boar seminal plasma

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Some constituents of plasma and whole blood viscosity in patients suffering from angioneurosis vibratoria

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Some constituents of the fruits and root of melia azedarach

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Some contemporary aspects of natural focality and epidemiology of tick borne encephalitis

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Some contributions to adulteration detections in lemon juice

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Some contributions to the galician flora spain

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Some contributions to the knowledge of the beetle fauna of the lower part of the dalalven river sweden part 1

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Some contributions to the tertiary and quaternary stratigraphy of upper and lower austria

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Some controversial aspects of sarcoidosis

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Some controversial problems of the state land cadaster

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Some controversial questions concerning the treatment of chest angina

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Some controversial questions in understanding the genesis of soils

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Some copepods from south america 5. diaptomidae

Dussart B.H., 1984:
Some copepods of south american 4

Dussart B.H., 1984:
Some copepods of tropical fresh waters

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Some corallanid isopods associated with wood from papua new guinea including 3 new species isopoda corallanidae

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Some corrections and additions to the catalog of spanish aphids

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Some corrections and additions to the fish fauna of lahore pakistan

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Some corrections for the genera abbotia and kallymeniopsis

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Some corrections in Haemogregarine (Apicomplexa: Protozoa) nomenclature

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Some corrections of the rheographic coefficient in patients with glaucoma in drug decompression

Harris J.B.; Schaefer V.G., 1981:
Some correlated events in aging leaf tissues of tree tomato cyphomandra betacea and tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin 38

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Some correlates of intrahemispheric and interhemispheric speech organization after left focal brain injury

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Some correlates of prospectively defined premenstrual syndrome

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Some correlations between clinical characteristics and metabolism disturbances in anorexia nervosa

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Some correlations between seasonal development and bio morphological structures of steppe plants in the donets basin ukrainian ssr ussr

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Some correlations between specificity and sequence of the 1st complementarity determining segments of human kappa light chains

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Some correlations between the structure and properties of polyhalogenated dibenzodioxines

Matejcek M.; Blasowitsch R.; Schweingruber M.; Abt K., 1986:
Some correlations in geriatric patients between electroencephalograph parameters and clinical status as evaluated using the observer rated sandoz clinical assessment geriatric rating scale a retrospective study

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Some correlations of evapotranspiration on an irrigated pasture

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Some correlations of leaf indices of bryophyllum crassulaceae experience in using automatic systems for measuring objects and processing data in morphological investigations

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Some corticulous lichens of galies pakistan

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Some cossuridae and maldanidae polychaeta from washington usa and british columbia canada

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Some cranial criteria of the wild cat and house cat felis silvestris and felis catus

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Some cranial growth mechanisms in benthosuchids

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Some cranio facial relations of a japanese population vestibular orientation

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Some craspedomonadophycideae chrysophyceae from the limay river basin argentina

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Some creativity and style of learning and thinking correlates of guglielminos self directed learning readiness scale

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Some cretaceous mammals from the soviet central asia

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Some cricetodontine rodentia from the middle miocene of anatolia turkey

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Some crinoids from the kermadec islands

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Some criteria for evaluating physical soil properties

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Some criteria for evaluation of methods of quantitative estimation of animal numbers/

Epstein M.A.F., 1986:
Some criteria for laminar conditions during high frequency ventilation

Bazilevich N.I., 1983:
Some criteria of natural zonal geosystem structure and functioning estimation

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Some criteria of prediction of acute cardiac insufficiency after mitral commissurotomy

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Some critical aspects of selection of exotic bulls under indian conditions

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Some critical considerations of the theory of species packing

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Some critical considerations on the use of the nomifensine test in the hyper prolactinemic syndrome

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Some critical reflections on hennigs phyletic concepts

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Some critical remarks on the development of the newts triturus in the ponds of babia gora mountain western carpathians poland

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Some critical remarks on the problem of HLA association with disease

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Some critical remarks on veronica hederifolia in the netherlands

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Some critical species of russula in czechoslovakia

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Some criticisms of the use of nojirimycin as a specific inhibitor of auxin induced growth

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Some cryobiologic aspects of bull semen

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Some cryptophagus new or little known from italy coleoptera cryptophagidae

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Some cryptostigmatid mites acari oribatei from birbhum district west bengal india

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Some cultivated and wild plants promising for the introduction into the south of the ussr

E.K.dy I.A.; Moubasher M.H., 1982:
Some cultural conditions that control production of roridin e and satra toxin h by stachybotrys chartarum

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Some curculionidae of haute ariege a new dichotrachelus species and an orthochaetes new for france coleoptera

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Some current aspects of systematics

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Some current concepts of the dynamics of plant communities

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Some current perspectives on chemical carcinogenesis in humans and experimental animals: Presidential Address

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Some current problems and new dimensions of polymeric bio materials for blood contacting applications

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Some current problems in ecological plant population research

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Some current problems in genetics

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Some current problems in micro vascular research

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Some current problems in the theory of identification of biological objects with keys

Ivanov A.N., 1980:
Some current problems of hygiene in industrial animal husbandry

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Some current problems of work safety for women employed in hothouses where pesticides are used

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Some current problems on the interaction of blood circulation and respiration

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Some current questions in the study of pyelo nephritis in children

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Some cutaneous and extracutaneous associations of the disease of mljet mal de meleda

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Some cyanogenetic plants of the amazonian region south america

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Some cyanophyceae from gangetic delta of west bengal india i. hooghly district a taxonomic enumeration

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Some cyanophyceae from saharanpur district india a taxonomic enumeration

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Some cyclic oligopeptides with s 2n symmetry

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Some cyclopoid and harpacticoid copepods from colombia including descriptions of three new species

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Some cystoidea cited by j. almera and m. fuara in the ordovician of barcelona spain

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Some cyto fluorometric studies of the nuclear ploidy of mouse hepatocytes 1. a simple method for isolation of hepatocyte nuclei using in situ perfusion of the liver

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Some cyto photometric and morphological features of esophageal dysplasia and cancer in situ

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Some cytoanatomical characters of the cotton hybrid gossypium hirsutum x gossypium stocksii

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Some cytochemical and cytological features of the so called small intensely fluorescent cells of the superior cervical ganglion of the rat

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Some cytochemical characteristics of the malpighian tube cells in the blood sucking bug triatoma infestans

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Some cytochemical features of fetal blood in premature leukocytes discharge of amniotic fluid

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Some cytochemical parameters of leukocytes in patients with diseases of the brain

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Some cytochemical reactions in the cells of long term cultures derived from the blood of leukemic patients

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Some cytochemical reactions of granulocytes in chronic experimental poisoning with nitrogen oxide and their neutralization with ammonia

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Some cytochemical studies on the cell surface of amphidinium carterae dinophyceae

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Some cytogenetic physiological and biochemical effects induced by single and combined treatments with gamma rays and ethylmethanesulfonate in two row barley and wheat

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Some cytologic features of hepatocellular carcinoma as seen in fine needle aspirates

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Some cytologic features present in the epithelia of striated ducts in the parotid and submaxillary glands of man

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Some cytological and biochemical aspects of interspecific incompatibility in pines pinus sp

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Some cytological changes accompanying the regeneration of meristematic activity of the apex of decapitated roots of vicia faba

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Some cytological changes occurring in the damaged cellophane wrapped kidney

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Some cytological characteristics of callus and suspension cultures of iris iris sibirica

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Some cytological features of barley tetraploids

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Some cytological observations on interspecific hybrid of antheraea pernyi and antheraea roylei saturniidae

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Some cytological observations on the fat body of poecilocerus pictus orthoptera acrididae

Lukes P., 1984:
Some dacryoconarid tentaculites from the lower zlichovian of the barrandian area czechoslovakia

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Some dasycladales of the urgo aptian of the bulgarian prebalkan

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Some dasyscyphus species new to india

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Some data about thorold's deer cervus albirostris

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Some data and aspects of biological effect of internal and external irradiation comparative study

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Some data concerning a sensori motor vs. semiotic processing in a form recognition task

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Some data concerning examinations performed in a group of 135 patients with partial prostheses with mixed support

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Some data concerning germinative polymorphism in species of the languedoc garrigue france

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Some data concerning immune processes in concomitant tumor immunity experimental models comparative in vivo and in vitro investigations part 2 in vitro experiments

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Some data concerning immune processes in concomitant tumor immunity experimental modes comparative in vivo and in vitro investigations part 1 in vivo experiments

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Some data concerning the maintenance of control animals rats mice in chronic toxicity testing

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Some data from a karyological analysis of minks lutreola vison of different genotypes

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Some data from clinical and immunological studies in children with mumps serous meningitis

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Some data from research on nocturnal migration of birds in the foothills of kopet dag ussr

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Some data inconsistent with the optimal arousal theory of motivation

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Some data of quantitative electro encephalographs in the study of brain mechanisms of human behavior

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Some data on acanthophyllum glandulosum distribution in central kopet dag ussr

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Some data on acaricidal properties of dilor

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Some data on active psycho geriatric assistance in a group of urban population

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Some data on anatomy ecology and biology of the genus merendera liliaceae

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Some data on beta thalassemia in the hospital population of lisbon portugal

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Some data on bio luminescence in the southern ocean

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Some data on biology and parasitization of sphaerolecanium prunastri homoptera coccidae in greece

Argyriou, L.C., 1976:
Some data on biology ecology and distribution of aspidiotus nerii homoptera diaspididae in greece

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Some data on brania clavata biology polychaeta syllidae in the black sea

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Some data on bronchial permeability and pathogenesis of bronchial permeability disturbances in acute pneumonia patients

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Some data on callose in the endosperm cell walls of the iris

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Some data on cell inclusions and natural hosts of broadbean wilt virus

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Some data on changes in erythrocyte metabolism in children with anemia

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Some data on characteristics of neoformations in gray forest soils of the central russian plain ussr

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Some data on chilopoda myriapoda from the rostov oblast

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Some data on clinico epidemiologic investigations of the mental health of students

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Some data on comparative chlorine resistance of salmonella and escherichia coli

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Some data on conditions of prolonged culture storage of the genus micromonospora

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Some data on croakers sciaenidae from the gulf of aden

Pujade I.Villar J., 1984:
Some data on deformations of plants generated by cecidogenic cynipids hymenoptera cynipinae found in catalonia spain

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Some data on gymnocranius griseus from the northwestern section of the indian ocean

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Some data on gynogenesis in dianthus acicularis caryophyllaceae

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Some data on maize grain protein complex formation in the process of ripening under varying fertilizer application and irrigation treatments

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Some data on measures for controlling trialeurodes vaporariorum

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Some data on metamorphosis of larvae of the genus bothus pisces bothidae from the caribbean sea

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Some data on morphometry of talpa occidentalis cabrera 1907 mammalia insectivora

Demko, E.B.; Larchenkova, N.V.; Limontseva, D.I.; Novikova, M.A.; Ugnenko, V.K., 1976:
Some data on nutrition morbidity and level of physical development of pupils at the smolensk boarding school

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Some data on parasites and commensals of pelecypod mollusks of peter the great bay russian sfsr ussr

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Some data on plectorhinchus pictus from the family pomadasyidae

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Some data on presynaptic inhibition in carp olfactory bulb

Aldonov, V.K.; Druzhinin, A.D., 1978:
Some data on scavenger fish lethrinidae in the gulf of aden region

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Some data on seabird abundance in indonesian waters july aug. 1984

Wiktor A., 1982:
Some data on slugs of morocco and algeria with description of a new deroceras species

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Some data on snapper family lutjanidae from the gulf of aden region

Juretic, N., 1976:
Some data on sowbane mosaic virus isolated from chenopodium murale in yugoslavia

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Some data on substrate specificity inhibitors and kinetics of deamidase ag asparaginase glutaminase from pseudomonas fluorescens strain ag

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Some data on the activation of european eel eggs

Mihail N.; Giurgea R.; Coprean D.; Popescu H.; Polinicencu C., 1984:
Some data on the anti inflammatory action of a standardized propolis extract

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Some data on the aspects of erythrocyte production in patients with hypo ferric anemia

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Some data on the avi fauna of the island of roti lesser sunda islands indonesia

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Some data on the benthic flora of pantelleria harbor channel of sicily italy

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Some data on the biological substantiation of acclimatization of the autumn chum oncorhynchus keta in the caspian sea

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Some data on the biology of the genus carassius in the lower volga river delta russian sfsr ussr

Karimov-Kh, M., 1978:
Some data on the biology of thielaviopsis paradoxa

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Some data on the biomass of algae in floodplain soils of the central course of the amu darya river ussr

Sarrocco S., 1986:
Some data on the breeding biology of the great crested grebe podiceps cristatus in two lakes of lazio central italy

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Some data on the breeding birds of hompelvoet in connection with the enclosure of the brouwershavense gat 1968 1975

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Some data on the chemistry of 5 nitro 2 furaldehyde v. aniline derivatives

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Some data on the chorology of the buprestidae coleoptera of vorarlberg western austria

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Some data on the complex assessment of the functional state of the body in students of a poly technical school

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Some data on the composition of the lipid fraction of the actinomycete strain 25 779

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Some data on the developmental cycle of the trematode cephalogonimus new genus family cephalogonimidae

Abdel' Malek S.A., 1981:
Some data on the distribution and biology of commercial fish in lake quarun egypt

Blagoveshchenskii I.V.; Blagoveshchenskaya N.V., 1982:
Some data on the distribution of sphagnum mosses from the ulyanovsk predvolzhye ussr

Sviderskaya, N.E.; Sukova, E.P., 1978:
Some data on the dynamics of phase relationships of bio potentials of the cerebral cortex

Bhaud, M., 1972:
Some data on the ecological determination of reproduction in polychaete annelids

Szmidt, A., 1975:
Some data on the ecology and bionomics of itoplectis conquisitor hymenoptera ichneumonidae a north american parasite with reference to mass breeding and the possibility of its acclimatization in poland

Druzhinin A.D.; Petrova E.G., 1980 :
Some data on the ecology and growth of psettodes erumei family psettodidae order pleuronectiformes of the gulf of aden

Sagdieva, P.D., 1977:
Some data on the ecology of ixodes pomerantzevi parasitiformes ixodidae

Korotkov Y.M., 1979:
Some data on the ecology of the far eastern tree frog in primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Kolesov, M.A., 1977:
Some data on the effect of acute and chronic hypoxia on the structure of the neuronal elements of the brain

Ioseliani T.K.; Kobaidze I.A., 1982:
Some data on the effect of locus coeruleus stimulation on neuron evoked activity of in the visual cortex

Varona L.S., 1986:
Some data on the ethology of crocodylus rhombifer reptilia crocodylidae

Wadewitz, O., 1977:
Some data on the european woodcock scolopax rusticola

Gecaj A.; Koka F.; Plakolli M., 1987:
Some data on the expansion of streptomyces in the soil of veilka livada in the region of kosovo yugoslavia

Sazonov A.A.; Pugaeva V.P., 1985:
Some data on the fauna of coastal waters of wrangel island ussr

Provorova G.Yu; Shaikin A.V.; Shatunovskii M.I., 1985:
Some data on the feeding of perch perca fluviatilis fingerlings in mozhaisk reservoir russian sfsr ussr in various years

Odberg, F.O., 1984 :
Some data on the fertility of bank voles (Clethrionomys glareolus britannicus) in the laboratory supporting the hypothesis of induced ovulation

Amich Garcia F., 1979:
Some data on the flora of salamanca spain

Shamrov I.I., 1980:
Some data on the flower ecology of ceratophyllum

Gavata, B.V., 1975:
Some data on the formation of vertebral body anomalies in humans

Kuznetsova, S.M.; Kostyuchenko, V.G.; Cherkasskaya, E.A., 1976:
Some data on the genetics of physiological and pathological aging

Tamoikin M.Yu; Boltachev A.R., 1988:
Some data on the geographic distribution of myctophum nitidulum garman and its distribution in the atlantic ocean

Pasternak, A.F., 1976:
Some data on the growth and reproduction in tisbe furcata copepoda harpacticoida in the black sea

Zolotnitskii A.P., 1980:
Some data on the hypophyseal gonadotropic activity in the black sea turbot scophthalmus maeoticus in connection with storage length

Fernandez Leborans G.; Fernandez Galiano D., 1980:
Some data on the infraciliature and the myonemic fibrillar systems in spirostomum ambiguum

Bachelet G.; Cornet M., 1981:
Some data on the life history of abra alba mollusca bivalvia in the southern part of the bay of biscay france

Popov, V.V., 1977 :
Some data on the louse fauna siphunculata of small mammals in the tyumen oblast ussr

Kurbanov G.G., 1984:
Some data on the mass laboratory rearing of golden eyed flies chrysopa carnea and chrysopa septempunctata

Prokopenko-Yu, I., 1976:
Some data on the mechanisms of the protective effect of uv irradiation

Palacin C.; Masalles D., 1986:
Some data on the meiofauna of an underwater cave of the island of majorca spain

Rudnitskaya, E.I.; Moskalev-Yu, I., 1975:
Some data on the micro distribution and patho anatomy of curium 244

Zhul'kov, A.I.; Nikiforov, S.N., 1988:
Some data on the morphology and biology of the bitterling rhodeus sericeus from the river tym' sakhalin russian sfsr ussr

Mina, M.V., 1977:
Some data on the morphology and systematics of the lenok brachymystax from the onon and kerulen rivers mongolia

Gruodis S.P., 1983:
Some data on the morphology population and distribution of rana lessonae in the lithuanian ssr ussr

Babayan, R.S.; Airapetyan, R.B.; Saakyan, M.A., 1977:
Some data on the nature of albino mutation in barley

Babayan, R.S.; Airapetyan, R.B.; Saakyan, M.A., 1976:
Some data on the nature of the xantha mutation in barley

Rossova, E.Ya, 1977 :
Some data on the numbers and production of bacterio plankton in the southwestern barents sea

Konchina-Yu, V., 1978:
Some data on the nutrition of the peruvian jack mackerel trachurus symmetricus murphyi

Dijksen, A.J., 1976:
Some data on the occurrence of the twite carduelis flavirostris in middle and east europe

Sabova M.; Liskova M.; Valocka B.; Vargova V., 1988:
Some data on the pathotypes of heterodera avenae wollenweber 1924 in slovakia

Le-Cohu, R.; Soulard, R., 1975:
Some data on the physicochemistry of a eutrophic breton pond the jugon pond cotes du nord

Alpi, A.; Buiatti, M.; Baroncelli, S., 1968:
Some data on the poly genic control of 2 quantitative traits in a vegetatively propagated flower plant the carnation d dianthus caryophyllus d

Serobaba, I.I., 1977:
Some data on the population structure of the alaska pollack from the eastern part of the bering sea

Lenders A.; Pelzers E., 1985:
Some data on the presence of the common hamster cricetus cricetus on or near man made objects in the netherlands

Mamaeva N.V., 1982:
Some data on the quantitative distribution of infusoria in the northern part of the atlantic ocean

Perez Mellado V., 1982:
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Some data upon the life history of the ascaridoid ophidascaris trichuriformis parasite of snakes

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Some deep seaweeds of turkey iii. rhodophyta equals red algae

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Some deep water common shrimps new for the fauna of southeastern atlantic

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Some defense reactions of blood cells in priapulids

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Some demographic and diagnostic characteristics of a geriatric population in a state geriatric facility

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Some demographic characteristics of the florida rosemary ceratiola ericoides

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Some demographic indices of 2 phytoseiid mite species parasitiformes phytoseiidae

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Some demographic measures of rural migrants in Kenya based on survey data

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Some derivatives of 4h pyrano 4 3 d thiazole a novel ring system

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Some derivatives of gallosemide having diuretic properties in animals

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Some derivatives of the 3' 5' cyclo phosphates and 2' 5' cyclo phosphates of adenosine

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Some derived vehicle emission rates a study of ece economic commission for europe 15 test cycle related exhaust emissions

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Some dermanyssid mites acari mostly from australasian rodents

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Some dermatoglyphic features of yakuts with pierre marie syndrome yakutsk assr russian sfsr ussr

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Some designs for the two armed bandits with 1 probability known

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Some details on the ultrastructure and systematic position of the ciliate mesodinium rubrum and data on the structure of its chloroplastic symbionts

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Some determinants of the effects of valine 5 angiotensin ii amide renal acting on glomerular filtration rate and sodium excretion in dogs chloralose cent depress glucose renal acting mannitol renal acting inst electro magnetic flowmeter

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Some determinants of the reaction of mice to new objects

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Some development characteristics in the endoparasite insect psyllaephagus euphyllurae hymenoptera encyrtidae and feeding on its host euphyllura olivina homoptera psyllidae

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Some developmental abnormalities encountered during the study of normal oogenesis in flour beetle tribolium castaneum

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Some developmental and racial dimensions of cognitive complexity

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Some developmental characteristics of the carp cyprinus carpio with respect to egg incubation under hatchery conditions

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Some developmental characters of heifers of black and white breed in the first year of life

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Some developmental markers in yellow baboon papio cynocephalus infants in mikumi national park tanzania

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Some developmental trends in the frequency of female suicide

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Some developments in mathematical demography and their application to china

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Some developments in the phosphite tri ester method for synthesis of oligo nucleotides/

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Some devices in a model ecosystem for volatile compounds and its application to carbaryl and p p ddt

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Some dextral spirorbidae polychaeta from al wajh red sea saudi arabia

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Some di ploid species of the genus arum

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Some di terpenes from the sea pen stylatula sp

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Some diagnostic characters of the oothecae of 6 common cockroaches blattidae

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Some diagnostic methods in surgical diseases of the liver and bile ducts in childhood

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Some diagnostic problems of pre infarction states

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Some diagnostic tests in chronic pneumonia

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Some diatoms from brackish water habitats in southern iraq

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Some diatoms from the hot spring of ladakh india

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Some diet and gastronomic aspects of gastric emptying in experimental rats following the inoculation of trial meal

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Some dietary carotenoids and blood carotenoid levels in flamingos part 2 gamma carotene and alpha carotene consumed by the american flamingo

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Some differences between invasion structured and co evolution structured competitive communities a preliminary theoretical analysis

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Some differences between men and women who commit suicide

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Some differences between subspecies canis lupus lupus and canis lupus occidentalis

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Some differences between the left bank and right bank mid day gerbils meriones meridianus meridianus and meriones meridianus nogaiorum in the lower volga flow russian sfsr ussr

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Some differences between the long and short saphenous veins as regards the structure and vascularization of the wall and location of the valves

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Some differences in intra cellular distribution and properties of the chymotrypsin like esterase activity of human and rabbit neutrophils

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Some differences in ionic and pharmacological blocking actions on the currents through calcium channels in a molluscan neuron

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Some differences in the behavior of yellow and red tropical forest soils during moistening and drying

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Some differences in the microbiology of profundal and littoral lake sediments

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Some differences in the properties of carnitine palmitoyltransferase activities of the mitochondrial outer and inner membranes

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Some differences in the responses of stomata of the 2 leaf surfaces in cotton

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Some differences in the thermal denaturation of chromatin from shoots and roots of pea pisum sativum

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Some difficulties in recognition of sexual dimorphism in jurassic perisphinctids ammonoidea

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Some difficulties in the assessment of electric arc welding fume

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Some digeneans from african fresh water fishes including halipegus ctenopomi new species

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Some digeneans platyhelminthes parasitic in the loggerhead turtle caretta caretta in australia

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Some digenetic trematodes from egyptian fresh water fishes

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Some digenetic trematodes of birds from central africa and west africa

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Some digenetic trematodes of birds from taiwan

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Some digenetic trematodes of lizards from cameroon togo and zaire

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Some digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from fujian province china

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Some digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from the barrier reef and reef lagoon of belize

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Some digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from the mediterranean coast of israel and their zoo geography especially those from red sea immigrant fishes

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Some digenetic trematodes of vertebrates mainly from fujian province china

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Some digestive enzymes from mites of the genus tetranychus

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Some dilemmas in evaluating the criteria of prevalence of ulcus disease in our country

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Some dimensionless parameters of impeller power in coagulation flocculation processes

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Some dimensions of dysphorias and their assessment

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Some dimensions of the angular acceleration receptor systems of cephalopods

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Some dimeric benzyl iso quinoline alkaloids with an unusual oxygenation pattern

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Some dinoflagellate cysts from the nanggulan formation in central java indonesia

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Some dinurid trematodes subfamily dinurinae from marine fishes of economic importance in china

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Some dioscorea with bulbils found in ivory coast west africa

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Some diptera and tineidae lepidoptera associated with dog dung on the yorkshire pennines england with some comments on animal habitat classifications

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Some diptera thaumaleidae from europe

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Some direct measurements of atmospheric sulfur fluxes over a pine plantation

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Some discriminant functions for hyparrhenia studies in the gramineae part 41

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Some diseases in fallow deer in northeast bulgaria and their prevention

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Some diseases of forest tree seedlings in india caused by sclerotium rolfsii and rhizoctonia solani

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Some diseases on aerial parts of strawberries fragaria sp in the tucuman province

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Some disputable aspects of bone oncology

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Some distributional and ecological patterns of cuban reptiles

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Some disturbance mechanisms of conditioned reflex activity evoked by paradoxical sleep deprivation

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Some disturbances in carbohydrate and fat metabolism induced by fish tetrodo toxication in rats

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Some disturbances of cardio vascular system in experimental compression ischemia of the rabbit brain

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Some disturbances related to iodination and utilization of thyro globulin and 27s iodo protein in nontoxic multi nodular goiter

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Some dorcatoma of the western mediterranean coleoptera anobiidae

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Some dormancy characteristics of barley caryopses hordeum vulgare cultivar sonja

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Some dosimetric and radiobiological characteristics of the radiation field produced by the reaction 50 mev deuterons with a beryllium target

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Some doubts about palynological analysis

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Some dragonflies odonata anisoptera of bangladesh

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Some drug effects on calcium movements in aortic strips

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Some drugs improving the metabolism of immunocompetent blood cells in the combined treatment of newborns and infants with sepsis of varying etiology

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Some dryinids from malaysia hymenoptera

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Some dynamic aspects of extended pollution episodes

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Some dynamic characteristics of the local circulatory regulation system in the cat brain cortex

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Some dynamic considerations of whiplash injury

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Some dynamic properties of the characteristic types of soils from the environment of zagreb and osijek yugoslavia

Zore Armanda M.; Dadic V., 1984:
Some dynamic properties of the virsko more channel eastern adriatic coast yugoslavia

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Some dynamics of a breeding colony of laysan albatrosses

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Some dytiscidae from west pakistan baltistan gathered by giuseppe osella coleoptera dytiscidae

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Some earlier floristic contributions from the province of sodermanland sweden

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Some early and middle paleozoic cephalopods of mongolia

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Some early cretaceous coelenterates from the yonozu group oita prefecture in the shimanto terrain southwest japan

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Some early cretaceous plants from lhasa tibetan autonomous region china

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Some early eocene rodent remains from barbara banda kohat pakistan and the early history of the order rodentia

Johnstone, A.P.; Darling, D., 1985:
Some early events in the primary mitogenic stimulation of lymphocytes differ from later interleukin stimulation and other quiescence to growth activation systems

Mel'nikova L.M., 1979:
Some early ordovician ostracods of the southern ural mountains russian sfsr ussr

Solomina R.V., 1981:
Some early permian productida from verkhoyansk raion russian sfsr ussr

Drakeford, D.R.; Mukherjee, I.; Reid, D.M., 1985:
Some early responses of helianthus annuus to flooding i. the effects of flooding on the uptake and leakage of non electrolytes by roots

New T.R., 1981:
Some early stages of dictyochrysa neuroptera chrysopidae

New T.R., 1983:
Some early stages of osmylops neuroptera nymphidae

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Some early studies of human chromosomes 1879 1955

Matsaberidze, G.V.; Kvavadze, E.S., 1977:
Some earthworms lumbricidae as new intermediate hosts of cestodes

Pretzmann, G., 1977:
Some east african fresh water crabs

Golovatch S.I., 1981:
Some east asiatic millipedes diplopoda in the collection of the institute of zoology of the polish academy of sciences

Elias P., 1979:
Some eco physiological features in leaves of plants in an oak hornbeam forest

Elias P., 1981:
Some eco physiological leaf characteristics of components of spring synusium in temperature deciduous forests

Ristic, Z., 1985:
Some ecoanatomical and ecophysiological characteristics of chenopodium album l. leaf from different habitats

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Some ecologic aspects of the study of development cycles of the trematodes

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Some ecological and cenotic features of cryophytic meadow steppes of central transbaikalia ussr

Avdeev V.V., 1982:
Some ecological and geographical features of isopods of the genus glossobius parasites of fishes of the world oceans epi pelagic zone

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Some ecological and physiological characteristics of the sibling species of the common vole microtus arvalis and microtus subarvalis rodentia microtinae

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Some ecological and physiological features of male and female pistacia vera anacardiaceae plants in badghis ussr

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Some ecological and physiological features of the arctic fox alopex lagopus

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Some ecological and phyto geographical observations on the pteridophytic flora of meghalaya india

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Some ecological and phytogeographical aspects of cyperaceae species in the valley of mexico

Gonzalez, E.S.; Rzedowski, J., 1984:
Some ecological and phytogeographical aspects of cyperaceae species in the valley of mexico ii. phytogeographical analysis

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Some ecological aspects of cuban species of the genus anolis sauria iguanidae

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Some ecological aspects of ergasilus centrarchidarum crustacea copepoda on largemouth and spotted bass in lake fort smith arkansas usa

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Some ecological aspects of iron chlorosis appearance during dry years in the vineyard planted on calcareous soils of the middle loire valley france

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Some ecological aspects of lake qarun fayoum egypt 1. physicochemical environment

Abdel-Malek, S.A.; Ishak, M.M., 1980:
Some ecological aspects of lake qarun fayoum egypt 2. production of plankton and benthic organisms

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Some ecological aspects of mangrove forest of andaman island india

Shahjahhan, M., 1975:
Some ecological aspects of moth borers infestation of sugarcane plants and their control in bangladesh

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Some ecological aspects of parasitic relations of sthenoteuthis pteropus in the tropical atlantic ocean

Mukhtar A.S.; Santoso E., 1987:
Some ecological aspects of pinus merkusii strain kerinci in bukit tapan nature reserve kerinci jambi indonesia

Yeaton, R.I., 1978:
Some ecological aspects of reproduction in the genus pinus

Kaura Y.K.; Sharma V.K., 1981:
Some ecological aspects of salmonella infection in young buffalo calves

Sidiyasa, K., 1988:
Some ecological aspects of sawokecik manilkara kauki l. dubard at purwo barat southern banyuwangi east java indonesia

Lopez Forment C.W., 1979:
Some ecological aspects of the bat balantiopteryx plicata plicata chiroptera emballonuridae in mexico

Prieto A.A.S., 1980:
Some ecological aspects of the bivalve mollusk anadara notabilis roeding 1978 in two areas from the gulf of cariaco venezuela

Pinto L.; Wignarajah S., 1980:
Some ecological aspects of the edible oyster crassostrea cucullata occurring in association with mangroves in negombo lagoon sri lanka

Tadros, M.S., 1974:
Some ecological aspects of the european spider mite panonychus ulmi in egypt acarina tetranychidae

Hsieh F.K.; Hwang J.S., 1986:
Some ecological aspects of the green peach aphid transmitting papaya ringspot virus disease in taiwan

Sampedro Marin A.; Berovides Alvarez V.; Rodriguez Schettino L., 1982:
Some ecological aspects on 2 cuban species of the genus anolis sauria iguanidae

Osman, A.A., 1974:
Some ecological aspects on mites associated with eggplant in egypt with reference to control acarina

E.Refai S.A., 1982:
Some ecological aspects on the black cutworm agrotis ipsilon lepidoptera noctuidae

Gaigalas K.S., 1979:
Some ecological characteristics and the economic significance of the saberfish pelecus cultratus in the basin of the kurski zaliv russian sfsr lithuanian ssr ussr

Kulagin A.Yu, 1981:
Some ecological characteristics of 2 forms of french willow salix triandra

Gautier, J.P., 1985:
Some ecological characteristics of the allen's monkey allenopithecus nigroviridis

Chew, R.M., 1977:
Some ecological characteristics of the ants of a desert shrub community in southeastern arizona usa

Yastrebov, I.O., 1978:
Some ecological characteristics of the use of trichogramma against the cabbage moth barathra brassicae lepidoptera noctuidae

Krasnov V.P., 1980:
Some ecological characteristics of whortleberry vaccinium myrtillus growth in the central polesye of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Van Pagee J.A.; Groot S.; Klomp R.; Verhagen J.H.G., 1982:
Some ecological consequences of a projected deep reservoir in the kabalebo river in surinam

Mok W.Y.; Lacey L.A., 1980:
Some ecological considerations on vampire bats in the epidemiology of human rabies in the amazonian basin brazil

Marche Marchad J., 1981:
Some ecological data about cephaleuros virescens and some lichens of which it is the symbiotic alga

Halloy S., 1983:
Some ecological data on nototriche caesia the high andean malvaceae in the cumbres calchaquies tucuman argentina

Gumbatov M.F., 1980:
Some ecological data on the kurinsk carp grass carp hybrid during early ontogeny

Emmerson W.D.; Mclachlan A.; Watling H.R.; Watling R.J., 1983:
Some ecological effects of 2 sewage outfalls in algoa bay south africa

Haynes, R.C., 1973:
Some ecological effects of artificial circulation on a small eutrophic lake with particular emphasis on phyto plankton part 1 kezar lake experiment 1968

Haynes, R.C., 1975 :
Some ecological effects of artificial circulation on a small eutrophic lake with particular emphasis on phyto plankton part 2 kezar lake experiment 1969

Moldan A.; Chapman P.; Fourie H.O., 1979:
Some ecological effects of the venpet venoil collision

Prisyagina L.A.; Babenko L.V.; Smirnov O.V.; Nesaule V.M.; Skadin'sh E.A.; Shenigson B.S.; Bush M.A., 1979:
Some ecological epidemiological characteristics of tick borne encephalitis foci in the latvian ssr ussr

Hagras, A.E., 1986:
Some ecological factors affecting population growth of the rust red flour beetle tribolium castaneum herbest coleoptera tenebrionidae ii. space temperature and food quantity

Tuite C.H.; Hanson P.R.; Owen M., 1984:
Some ecological factors affecting winter wildfowl distribution on inland waters in england and wales uk and the influence of water based recreation

Shkundina F.B.; Minibaev R.G., 1985:
Some ecological features in ceratium hirundinella

Piskunov L.I.; Oshchepkova A.N.; Treiger S.I.; Lyubimova S.A.; Karagodina I.V., 1984:
Some ecological features of mid ural water bodies

Molotkovskii Y.I.; Kochkareva T.F.; Kinzikaeva G.K.; Zhogoleva E.P., 1986:
Some ecological features of salsola pulvinata botsch

Kriksunov E.A.; Boldyrev A.M.; Kuga T.I.; Shatunovskii M.I., 1984:
Some ecological features of very young roach rutilus rutilus and very young bream abramis brama cyprinidae in the coastal zone of mozhaisk reservoir russian sfsr ussr

Partaly, E.M., 1978:
Some ecological features of zoothamnium hentscheli peritricha infusoria a mass species of the micro overgrowth in the sea of azov

Ortiz, M., 1975:
Some ecological notes on leucothoe spinicarpa amphipoda gammaridea in cuban waters

Shimura S.; Egusa S., 1980:
Some ecological notes on the egg deposition of argulus coregoni crustacea branchiura

Vassileva Symnalieva L.I., 1986:
Some ecological observation on species of genus andricus hymenoptera cynipinae from bulgaria

Stalter R., 1982:
Some ecological observations of delaware usa forests

Stalter R., 1981:
Some ecological observations of taxodium distichum in delaware usa

Singh A.; Ramakrishna T.; Murthy M.S., 1980:
Some ecological observations on 2 agarophytes from india

Feldman Muhsam B.; Borut S., 1983:
Some ecological observations on 2 east mediterranean species of haemaphysalis ticks parasitizing domestic stock

Russo, A.R., 1978:
Some ecological observations on a permanent pond in southern england uk primary production and planktonic seasonal succession

Shiba, M., 1976:
Some ecological observations on acarina of the sea shore

Stalter R., 1979:
Some ecological observations on an ilex opaca forest sandy hook new jersey usa

Pande Y.D.; Ganguli R.N., 1985:
Some ecological observations on ear cutting caterpillars mythimna spp infesting paddy in tripura india

Duerrschmidt M., 1980:
Some ecological observations on environmental parameters planktonic seasonal succession and biomass in rio cruces valdivia province south chile

Boettger K., 1984:
Some ecological observations on nekton and benthon of guatemalan mountain streams central america with special reference to the temporary rio cuxja river

Pangtey Y.P.S.; Rawat G.S., 1987:
Some ecological observations on the fern flora of naini tal india

Radke S.G.; Borle M.N., 1983:
Some ecological observations on the incidence of citrus black fly aleurocanthus woglumi in vidarbha region india

Glowacinski Z., 1979:
Some ecological parameters of avian communities in the successional series of a cultivated pine forest

Joshi A.P., 1984:
Some ecological parameters of dendrocalamus strictus in garhwal himalayas india

Galantsev V.P.; Kuzin A.E.; Maminov M.K., 1979:
Some ecological physiological adaptations of diving birds

Petkov, G.; Baikov, B.D., 1985:
Some ecological problems of industrial stock breeding

Cannon, L.R., 1977:
Some ecological relationships of larval ascaridoids from south-eastern Queensland marine fishes

Watabe H A., 1986:
Some ecological studies of drosophilid flies in the vicinity of the mogami river tohoku district northern japan

Obiechina C.O.; Badger D.D., 1979:
Some economic and environmental issues involved in the reclamation of coal mined land in eastern oklahoma usa

Morsy M.A.; Nigm A.A.; Mostageer A.; Pirchner F., 1984:
Some economic characteristics of the egyptian baladi cattle

Fredeen F.J.H., 1985:
Some economic effects of outbreaks of black flies simulium luggeri in saskatchewan canada

Sveshnikova V.M., 1987:
Some ecophysiological aspects of observations on pistacia vera

Tacina A.; Pauca Comanescu M., 1985:
Some ecophysiological characteristics of primary producers in some beech forests in transylvania romania

Vazirani, T.G.; Advani, R., 1976:
Some ecto parasites of bats from rajasthan india diptera streblidae with description of a new species

Botelho, J.R.; Linardi, P.M., 1980:
Some ecto parasites of wild rodents of the county of caratinga minas gerais brazil 1. correlations between flea and host

Van-Der-Broek, E., 1978:
Some ecto parasites siphonaptera and anoplura from clethrionomys glareolus nageri in canton graubuenden switzerland

Linardi P.M.; Botelho J.R.; Neves D.P.; Cunha H.C., 1984:
Some ectoparasites of wild rodents of belo horizonte mato grosso brazil

Gibson, R.N., 1986:
Some ectoparasites on rodents in new zealand i. fleas insecta siphonaptera

Gibson, R.N.; Pilgrim, R.L.C., 1986:
Some ectoparasites on rodents in new zealand ii. sucking lice insecta anoplura

Anjum G.; Parveen S.; Hussain F., 1987:
Some edaphic algae from maize fields of peshawar pakistan

Wong, M.H., 1975:
Some edaphic factors influencing the distribution of the soil fungi

Jensen M.E., 1984:
Some edaphic relations of southeastern idaho usa wildlands

Steffen J.F., 1985:
Some effect of clearcutting on songbird populations in the northern usa hardwood forest

Danks, H.V., 1978:
Some effect of photoperiod temperature and food on emergence in 3 species of chironomidae diptera

Springhetti, A.; Pinamonti, S., 1977:
Some effect of queen bee extracts apis mellifera hymenoptera on kalotermes flavicollis isoptera

Bhushan R.; Reddy G.P., 1988:
Some effective solvent systems for the rapid resolution of dnp amino acids by thin layer chromatography

Munier, R.L.; Drapier, A.M., 1979:
Some effective solvents for rapid and reliable characterization of phenyl thio hydantoin amino acids 1. thin layer chromatography with about 5 nanomoles of solutes

Okumura Y.; Ohnishi M.; Okamoto R.; Ishikura T., 1982:
Some effectors on the biosynthesis of cis 4 hydroxy d proline in viridogrisein

Macdonald, I.; Keyser, A., 1977:
Some effects, in baboons, of chronic ingestion of glycerol with sucrose or glucose

Gille E.V.; Ghiorghita G.I., 1982:
Some effects induced in digitalis lanata by successive treatments with gamma rays and ethyl methanesulfonate

Perez Beato O.; Granado A., 1982:
Some effects influencing the phenotypic variance of milk production of hybrid holstein friesian x cuban zebu

Eisner A.; Enoch J.M., 1982:
Some effects of 1 weeks mon ocular exposure to long wavelength stimuli

Pemadasa, M.A.; Jeyaseelan, K., 1976:
Some effects of 3 herbicidal auxins on stomatal movements

Pemadasa, M.A.; Koralege, S., 1977:
Some effects of 3 herbicides on bidens chinensis and tridax procumbens

Smith T.J.R., 1981:
Some effects of 3 species of dung beetles coleoptera scarabaeidae in southwestern australia on the survival of the bush fly musca vetustissima diptera muscidae in dung pads

Leech R.M.; Walton C.A.; Baker N.R., 1985:
Some effects of 4 chloro 5 dimethylamino 2 phenyl 3 2h pyridazinone san 9785 on the development of chloroplast thylakoid membranes in hordeum vulgare cultivar sundance

Conboy Fischer J., 1981 :
Some effects of a benzodiazepine lexotan in a group of introverts and extroverts with anxiety states

El-Gayar, F., 1976:
Some effects of a cyclic and an acyclic juvenoid on aphidoletes aphidimyza diptera cecidomyiidae

Kim D.N.; Rogers D.H.; L.J.R.; Lee K.T.; Reiner J.M.; Thomas W.A., 1980:
Some effects of a grain based mash diet on cholesterol metabolism in swine

Young, J.S.; Frame, A.B., 1976:
Some effects of a power plant effluent on estuarine epi benthic organisms

Heath, A.C.G.; Pearce, D.M.; Tenquist, J.D.; Cole, D.J.W., 1977:
Some effects of a tick infestation haemaphysalis longicornis on sheep

Davies, W.J., 1977:
Some effects of abscisic acid and water stress on stomata of vicia faba

Milbrink, G.; Johansson, N., 1975:
Some effects of acidification on roe of roach rutilus rutilus and perch perca fluviatilis with special reference to the avaa lake system in eastern sweden

Thompson G.E.; Hartmann P.E.; Goode J.A.; Lindsay K.L., 1981:
Some effects of acute fasting and climatic stresses upon milk secretion in friesland sheep

Johnson I.; Uglow R.F., 1985:
Some effects of aerial exposure on the respiratory physiology and blood chemistry of carcinus maenas and liocarcinus puber

Williams B.L.; Cooper J.M.; Pyatt D.G., 1979:
Some effects of af forestation with lodgepole pine pinus contorta on rates on nitrogen mineralization in peat

Van Wyk D.B., 1987:
Some effects of afforestation on streamflow in the western cape province south africa

Leach J.E., 1979:
Some effects of air temperature and humidity on crop and leaf photosynthesis transpiration and resistance to gas transfer

Collins, W.E.; Mertens, H.W.; Higgins, E.A., 1987:
Some effects of alcohol and simulated altitude on complex performance scores and breathalyzer readings

Poulsom, R.; Boot-Handford, R.P.; Heath, H., 1982:
Some effects of aldose reductase ec inhibition upon the eyes of long term streptozotocin diabetic rats

Bolton, E.F.; Dirks, V.A.; Aylesworth, J.W., 1976:
Some effects of alfalfa fertilizer and lime on corn yield in rotations on clay soil during a range of seasonal moisture conditions

Ejezie, G.C.; Davey, K.G., 1976:
Some effects of allatectomy in the female tsetse, Glossina austeni

Greene D.W., 1983:
Some effects of aminoethoxyvinyl glycine on fruit set fruit characteristics and vegetative growth of apple malus domestica trees

Danielson T.J.; Coutts R.T.; Kinnaird D.L., 1986:
Some effects of amphetamines upon the metabolism of l phenylalanine and l dopa in vivo in the mouse

Mordue, A.J.; Luntz, A.J., 1977:
Some effects of amputation of the antennae on pigmentation growth and development in the locust schistocerca gregaria

Crook, C.K.; Burke, P.M.; Kittner, S., 1977 :
Some effects of an exteroceptive stimulus upon nutritive sucking of neo nates

Bertani A.; Menegus F.; Bollini R., 1981:
Some effects of anaerobiosis on protein metabolism in rice oryza sativa cultivar arborio roots

Cole J.S.; Zvenyika Z., 1982:
Some effects of anilazine sprays on losses from brown spot alternaria alternata disease of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar kutsaga 51 e in zimbabwe

Marshall E.J.P., 1988:
Some effects of annual applications of three growth retarding compounds on the composition and growth of a pasture sward

Russell, G.E., 1978:
Some effects of applied sodium chloride and potassium chloride on yellow rust in winter wheat

Jeohn G H.; Chung K., 1988:
Some effects of aromatic amino acids various metabolites metal ions on chorismate mutase prephenate dehydratase from escherichia coli k 12 jh318

Reynolds C.S.; Wiseman S.W.; Godfrey B.M.; Butterwick C., 1983:
Some effects of artificial mixing on the dynamics of phyto plankton populations in large limnetic enclosures

Caceres O.; Reynolds C.S., 1984:
Some effects of artificially enhanced anoxia on the growth of microcystis aeruginosa with special reference to the initiation of its annual growth cycle in lakes

Acuna M.L.; Bovee E.C., 1979:
Some effects of atp on swimming and photophobic response of euglena gracilis

Torgersen T.R.; Campbell R.W., 1982:
Some effects of avian predators on the western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis in north central washington usa

Salmeen I.; Durisin A.M., 1981:
Some effects of bacteria population on quantitation of ames salmonella typhimurium histidine reversion mutagenesis assays

Bailiss, K.W.; Partis, G.A.; Hodgson, C.J.; Stone, E.V., 1978:
Some effects of benomyl and carbendazim on aphis fabae and acyrthosiphon pisum on field bean vicia faba

Ferguson P.; Lee J.A., 1980:
Some effects of bi sulfite and sulfate on the growth of sphagnum spp in the field

Rasmussen P.; Bjorvatn K.; Espelid I., 1980:
Some effects of bone meal and sodium fluoride tablets on the composition of saliva

Rasmussen, P.; Wesenberg, G.R., 1981:
Some effects of bone meal supplemented diet on bone and teeth of growing rats

Adams P.; Hart B.M.A.; Winsor G.W., 1979:
Some effects of boron nitrogen and liming on the bloom production and quality of glasshouse carnations

Curlewis, J.D.; Stone, G.M., 1985:
Some effects of breeding season and castration on the prostate and epididymis of the brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula

Buckman, R.F.; Hufnagel, H.V.; Olivier, G.; Buckman, P.D.; Zuidema, G.D., 1977:
Some effects of Bunnell suture on otherwise uninjured tendons in subhuman primates

Hatzios K.K.; Penner D., 1980:
Some effects of buthidazole on corn zea mays cultivar pioneer 3780 photosynthesis respiration antho cyanin formation and leaf ultrastructure

Lepp, N.W.; Roberts, M.J., 1977 :
Some effects of cadmium on growth of bryophytes

Jin L.; Craig J.V., 1988:
Some effects of cage and floor rearing on commercial white leghorn pullets during growth and the first year of egg production

Poulos, T.L.; Price, P.A., 1972:
Some effects of calcium ions on the structure of bovine pancreatic dnase a

Pfeiffer, D.R.; Kuo, T.H.; Tchen, T.T., 1976:
Some effects of calcium magnesium and manganese ions on the ultrastructure light scattering properties and malic enzyme activity of adrenal cortex mitochondria

Wilman D.; Shrestha S.K., 1985:
Some effects of canopy height on perennial ryegrass lolium perenne and white clover trifolium repens in a field sward

Scott P.R.; Benedikz P.W.; Jones H.G.; Ford M.A., 1985:
Some effects of canopy structure and microclimate on infection of tall and short wheats by septoria nodorum

Dean, H.J.; Colquhoun, J.R.; Frisa, C.N., 1976:
Some effects of carbaryl on mites collembola and calosoma sp in an oak type forest

Sivak M.N.; Walker D.A., 1983:
Some effects of carbon di oxide concentration and decreased oxygen concentration on induction fluorescence in leaves

Canham, A.E.; Mccavish, W.J., 1981:
Some effects of carbon di oxide day length and nutrition on the growth of young forest tree plants 1. in the seedling stage

Price R.K.J.; Uglow R.F., 1979:
Some effects of certain metals on development and mortality within the molt cycle of crangon crangon

Price N.R.; Stubbs M.R., 1984:
Some effects of cga 72662 n cyclopropyl 1 3 5 triazine 2 4 6 triamine on larval development in the housefly musca domestica

Sivak M.N.; Prinsley R.T.; Walker D.A., 1983:
Some effects of changes in gas phase on the steady state chlorophyll a fluorescence exhibited by illuminated leaves

Hestand, R.S.; Carter, C.C.; Royals, H.E., 1977:
Some effects of chemical control of aquatic plants on organic matter accumulation in sediments

Jackson D.C., 1980:
Some effects of chloramine t induced radio iodination on the physicochemical properties of oligomeric proteins

Fowler, S.C.; Price, A.W., 1978:
Some effects of chlordiazepoxide and dextro amphetamine on response force during punished responding in rats

Vrbaski, S.R.; Ristić, M.S., 1986:
Some effects of chronic experimental protein malnutrition and ethanol intake on the ganglioside composition of rat brain during adulthood

Enterline P.E.; Marsh G.M.; Esmen N.A.; Henderson V.L.; Callahan C.M.; Paik M., 1987:
Some effects of cigarette smoking arsenic and sulfur dioxide on mortality among usa copper smelter workers

Hartill W.F.T.; Cheah L H., 1984:
Some effects of climate and plant growth on the development of light leaf spot in cauliflowers brassica oleracea var botrytis

Mori R.; Giusti B.P., 1980:
Some effects of clonidine in parenchymal renal diseases with hypertension

Spickett A.M.; Bezuidenhout J.D.; Jacobsz C.J., 1981:
Some effects of cobalt 60 irradiation on cowdria ruminantium in its tick host amblyomma hebraeum acarina ixodidae

Spealman, R.D.; Goldberg, S.R.; Kelleher, R.T.; Goldberg, D.M.; Charlton, J.P., 1977:
Some effects of cocaine and 2 cocaine analogs on schedule controlled behavior of squirrel monkeys

Hardham, A.R.; Gunning, B.E.S., 1980:
Some effects of colchicine on micro tubules and cell division in roots of azolla pinnata

Rodriguez-Barrueco, C.; Mackintosh, A.H.; Bond, G., 1970:
Some effects of combined nitrogen on the nodule symbioses of casuarina cunninghamiana d and ceanothus velutinus var laevigatus d

Weiss, P.W., 1977:
Some effects of competition between emex australis and emex spinosa

Jacques, R.D.; Rastatter, M.; Sullivan, J., 1985:
Some effects of congenital spasticity on fundamental frequency

Slay W.O.; Ferguson W.G.; Pomplin J.A., 1985:
Some effects of conventional and low oxygen atmosphere storage and processing methods on florunner peanut seed

Adams, P.; Graves, C.J.; Winsor, G.W., 1975:
Some effects of copper and boron deficiencies on the growth and flowering of chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar hurricane

Patel, P.M.; Wallace, A.; Mueller, R.T., 1976:
Some effects of copper cobalt cadmium zinc nickel and chromium on growth and mineral element concentration in chrysanthemum

Graves C.J.; Adams P.; Winsor G.W., 1979:
Some effects of copper deficiency on the flowering copper status and phenolase activity of different chrysanthemum morifolium cultivars

Baker, C.J., 1977:
Some effects of cover seed size and soil moisture status on establishment of seedlings by direct drilling A.A.; Hackney C.T.; Rajanna B., 1981:
Some effects of crude oil on a juncus roemerianus tidal marsh

Back, D.J.; Glover, T.D.; Shenton, J.C.; Boyd, G.P., 1977:
Some effects of cyproterone and cyproterone acetate on the reproductive physiology of the male rat

Sedgley M., 1985:
Some effects of daylength and flower manipulation on the floral cycle of 2 cultivars of avocado persea americana lauraceae a species showing protogynous dichogamy

Lionakis S.M.; Schwabe W.W., 1984:
Some effects of daylength temperature and exogenous growth regulator application on the growth of actinidia chinensis

Vaughan D.; Ord B.G., 1979:
Some effects of dazomet on o di phenol oxidase activity in homogenates of solanum tuberosum

Wittenberger, C.; Coprean, D., 1977:
Some effects of de nervation upon white and red muscles in carp

Monsen, R.B.; Engebretson, A.M.; Vemula, N.R., 1979:
Some effects of deafness on the generation of voice

Bosman M.T.M., 1985:
Some effects of decay and weathering on the anatomical structure of the stem of phragmites australis

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