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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6443

Chapter 6443 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bassett P.A., 1980:
Some effects of defoliation on the vegetation dynamics of 2 camargue france grasslands

Shamsi, S.R.A., 1976:
Some effects of density and fertilizer on the growth and competition of epilobium hirsutum and lythrum salicaria

Doherty P.J., 1982:
Some effects of density on the juveniles of 2 species of tropical territorial damselfish

Winn A.A.; Pitelka L.F., 1981:
Some effects of density on the reproductive patterns and patch dynamics of aster acuminatus

Dahlberg K., 1982:
Some effects of depo medroxy progesterone acetate observation in the nursing infant and in the long term user

Panaretto, B.A.; Leish, Z.; Donnelly, J.B., 1982:
Some effects of dexamethasone on nucleic acid metabolism in skin of Merino sheep

Mcmillan, D.E.; Healey, M.L., 1976:
Some effects of dextro amphetamine and pento barbital on performance under a long fixed interval schedule

Glowa J.R., 1986:
Some effects of dextro amphetamine caffeine nicotine and cocaine on schedule controlled responding of the mouse

Diwan J.J., 1982:
Some effects of di butylchloromethyl tin chloride and other reagents on mitochondrial potassium ion flux

Robertson E.N.; Fragen R.J.; Booij L.H.D.J.; Van Egmond J.; Crul J.F., 1983:
Some effects of di iso propyl phenol ici 35868 on the pharmacodynamics of atracurium and vecuronium in anesthetized man

Kadotani, T.; Hiyama, Y., 1976:
Some effects of diagnostic ultrasounds on human blood cells and chromosomes

Coley Smith J.R.; Parfitt D., 1986:
Some effects of diallyl disulfide on sclerotia of sclerotium cepivorum possible novel control method for white rot disease of onions

Hawthorn, W.R., 1978:
Some effects of different plantago spp on feeding preference and egg laying in the flea beetle dibolia borealis chrysomelidae

Benjamin L.R., 1982:
Some effects of differing times of seedling emergence population density and seed size on root size variation in carrot populations

Smucker, R.A.; Simon, S.L., 1986:
Some Effects of Diflubenzuron on Growth and Sporogenesis in Streptomyces spp

Crisp D.T.; Robson S., 1979:
Some effects of discharge upon the transport of animals and peat in a north pennine uk head stream

Gilbert O.L., 1984:
Some effects of disturbance on the lichen flora of oceanic hazel corylus avellana woodland

Andrews, R.E.; Parks, L.W.; Spence, K.D., 1980:
Some effects of douglas fir terpenes on certain microorganisms

Barkdoll, M.P.; Overton, D.E.; Betson, R.P., 1977:
Some effects of dustfall on urban storm water quality

Osborne P., 1982:
Some effects of dutch elm disease on nesting farmland birds

Osborne P., 1985:
Some effects of dutch elm disease on the birds of a dorset england uk dairy farm

Lang W.H.; Marcy M., 1982:
Some effects of early starvation on the survival and development of barnacle nauplii balanus improvisus

Atalla R.H.; Ellis J.D.; Schroeder L.R., 1984:
Some effects of elevated temperatures on the structure of cellulose and its transformation

Lidster P.D., 1981:
Some effects of emulsifiable coatings on weight loss stem dis coloration and surface damage disorders in sweet cherries prunus avium cultivar van

Gyllenberg, G.; Lundqvist, G., 1976:
Some effects of emulsifiers and oil on 2 copepod species

Smyly, W.J.P., 1976:
Some effects of enclosure on the zoo plankton in a small lake

Summerfield, R.J.; Huxley, P.A.; Dart, P.J.; Hughes, A.P., 1976:
Some effects of environmental stress on seed yield of cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar prima

Radford, H.M.; Avenell, J.A.; Panaretto, B.A., 1987:
Some effects of epidermal growth factor on reproductive function in Merino sheep

Bywater, R.J., 1970:
Some effects of escherichia coli entero toxin on net fluid glucose and electrolyte transfer in calf small intestine

Anuka J.A.; Thomas P.J.; Walker J., 1986:
Some effects of estrogens on tritiated mepyramine binding in rat brain

Ende, J.J., 1978:
Some effects of ethane 1 hydroxy 1 1 di phosphonate and cl 2 mdp di chloromethylene di phosphonate on the metabolism of isolated bone cells

Ende, J.J., 1978:
Some effects of ethane 1 hydroxy 1 1 di phosphonate and di chloro methylene di phosphonate on the activity of alkaline phosphatase and acid phosphatase in rat bone

Ende J.J.; Van Rooijen H.J.M., 1979:
Some effects of ethane 1 hydroxy 1 1 di phosphonate and di chloromethylene di phosphonate on enzyme activity and substrate utilization by mouse calvaria in tissue culture

Ende J.J.; Van Rooijen H.J.M., 1979:
Some effects of ethane 1 hydroxy 1 1 di phosphonate and di chloromethylene di phosphonate on the metabolism of mouse calvaria in tissue culture

Rowe D.K., 1984:
Some effects of eutrophication and the removal of aquatic plants by grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella on rainbow trout salmo gairdneri in lake parkinson new zealand

Swift, D.J., 1978:
Some effects of exposing rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to phenol solutions

Ulrich L.; Malik E.; Neumannova E.; Juck A.; Rippel A.; Kemka R.; Hurbankova M., 1987:
Some effects of exposure to chromium and nickel in the aerosol form

Obert, H.J., 1976:
Some effects of external factors upon the reproductive behavior of the grass frog rana temporaria temporaria ranidae anura

L.Roux A., 1984:
Some effects of eyestalk removal on the larvae and early juvenile stages of palaemonetes varians decapoda palaemonidae

Jackson H.J.; Molloy G.N., 1985:
Some effects of feedback alone and four types of self consequation on selected measures of problem solving

Andrews J.W., 1979:
Some effects of feeding rate on growth feed conversion and nutrient absorption of channel catfish

Kowalenko C.G.; Maas E.F., 1982:
Some effects of fertilizer and lime application to filbert corylus avellana orchards in the fraser valley of british columbia canada

Macnish G.C.; Nicholas D.A., 1987:
Some effects of field history on the relationship between grass production in subterranean clover pasture grain yield and take all gaeumannomyces graminis var triticii in a subsequent crop of wheat at bannister western australia

Daubenmire R., 1987:
Some effects of fire on perennial grasses in the steppe of eastern washington usa

Mookerjee, B.K.; Lee, T.P.; Lippes, H.A.; Middleton, E., 1986:
Some effects of flavonoids on lymphocyte proliferative responses

Hayes M.J.; Williams E.D., 1986:
Some effects of fluid sowing pre germination irrigation and soil covering on the establishment and growth of seedlings of white clover trifolium repens slot seeded into permanent pasture

Mycock D.J.; Frankland C.A.; Berjak P., 1985:
Some effects of fluoride on the establishment and growth of propagules of bruguiera gymnorrhiza and avicennia marina

Martin J.L.; Martoja M.; Truchet M.; Martoja R., 1985:
Some effects of fluorine containing components sodium fluoride calcium fluoride and phosphogypsum on a marine gastropod and bivalve

Wallace, A.; Romney, E.M.; Alexander, G.V., 1977:
Some effects of fly ash from coal burning on bush bean plants grown in solution culture

Pfeiffer E.W.; Reinking L.N.; Hamilton J.D., 1979:
Some effects of food and water deprivation on metabolism in black tailed prairie dogs cynomys ludovicianus

Brownlee M.J.; Shepherd B.G.; Bustard D.R., 1988:
Some effects of forest harvesting on water quality in the slim creek watershed in the central interior of british columbia canada

Sharkey, M.J.; Hodge, R.W.; Davis, I.F.; Bogdanovic, B., 1976:
Some effects of formaldehyde treatment of hay or silage and level of barley intake on the production of cross bred lambs fed in pens

Hawkins D.B.; Schum D.J., 1985:
Some effects of frequency modulated system coupling on hearing aid characteristics

Zeevaart, A.J., 1976:
Some effects of fumigating plants for short periods with nitrogen di oxide

Rossetini, S.M.O.; Levanon, Y., 1977:
Some effects of gamma irradiated autologous sera on their donors

Gatha, P.K.; Cowlishaw, B., 1975 :
Some effects of gamma rays on bacterio phage t 3 dna

Goldberg, R., 1978:
Some effects of gas super saturated sea water on spisula solidissima and argopecten irradians

Gerdes, D.L.; Burns, E.E.; Harrow, L.S., 1987:
Some effects of gelling agents and sweeteners on high and low sugar content carbohydrate gels

Innes P.; Blackwell R.D.; Quarrie S.A., 1984:
Some effects of genetic variation in drought induced abscisic acid accumulation on the yield and water use of spring wheat

Goldman, W.J.; Scriabine, A., 1971:
Some effects of germine 3 mono acetate on isolated rat and guinea pig ileum

Looney N.E., 1979:
Some effects of gibberellin a 4 plus gibberellin a 7 plus benzyl adenine on fruit weight shape quality calcium content and storage behavior of spartan apple

Sarooshi, R.A., 1977:
Some effects of girdling gibberellic acid sprays bunch thinning and trimming on the sultana

Anderson, W.A.; Gibson, M.A., 1981:
Some effects of glucagon on chick embryo development

Chatterjee S., 1979:
Some effects of grafting on the abscission of leaves of early and late shedding plants of corchorus olitorius

Syvertsen J.P.; Albrigo L.G., 1980:
Some effects of grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivar ruby tree canopy position on micro climate water relations fruit yield and juice quality

Edroma E.L., 1981:
Some effects of grazing on the productivity of grassland in rwenzori national park uganda

Bassett P.A., 1980:
Some effects of grazing on vegetation dynamics in the camargue france

Hyvarinen, H.; Helle, T.; Nieminen, M.; Vayrynen, P.; Vayrynen, R., 1976:
Some effects of handling rein deer during gatherings on the composition of their blood

Stanley C.A., 1983:
Some effects of handling techniques on returns of tagged australian salmon arripis trutta

Gingrich R.E., 1979:
Some effects of heparin on glossina palpalis palpalis diptera glossinidae fed in vivo

Darmency H., 1981:
Some effects of herbicide selection on alopecurus myosuroides

Bayer W.; Hippen H.; Steinhauf D.; Weniger J H., 1980:
Some effects of high ambient temperature and different levels of relative humidity on thermo regulation and performance traits of lactating cows

Savinov V.A.; Alekberova Z.S.; Barinskii I.F.; Bulanova T.D.; Kuznetsov V.P., 1981:
Some effects of high doses of exogenous interferon in systemic lupus erythematosus

Vaughan, D.; Baker, C.D.; Willoughby, L.G., 1974:
Some effects of humic acid on 2 different biological systems

Hunter J.H.; Hsiao A.I.; Mcintyre G.I., 1985:
Some effects of humidity on the growth and development of cirsium arvense

Mantai, K.E., 1970:
Some effects of hydrolytic enzymes on coupled and uncoupled electron flow in chloroplasts

Zeadan S.M.; Macleod R.D., 1984:
Some effects of iaa on lateral root development in attached and excised roots of pisum sativum

Graves, C.J.; Adams, P.; Winsor, G.W., 1977:
Some effects of iaa on the rates of initiation and development of flower buds of chrysanthemum morifolium

Shaffer D.; Stephenson J.D.; Thomas D.V., 1979:
Some effects of imipramine on micturition and their relevance to its anti enuretic activity

Simonsson, A., 1978:
Some effects of including barley processed by different mill types in the diet of growing pigs growth rate feed conversion efficiency digestibility and carcass quality

Masterson, C.L.; Sherwood, M.T., 1978:
Some effects of increased atmospheric carbon di oxide on white clover trifolium repens and pea pisum sativum

Capinera J.L., 1981:
Some effects of infestation by bean aphid aphis fabae on carbohydrate and protein levels in sugar beet plants and procedures for estimating economic injury levels

Perera P.A.C.R., 1982:
Some effects of insecticide deposit patterns on the parasitism of trialeurodes vaporariorum by encarsia formosa

Muster, D.; Karcher-Djuricic, V.; Ruch, J.V., 1975:
Some effects of insulin on in vitro tooth differentiation

Adesiyun A.A., 1983 :
Some effects of inter cropping of sorghum millet and maize on infestation by lepidopterous stalk borers particularly busseola fusca

Fisher N.M.; Browning G., 1979:
Some effects of irrigation and plant density on the water relations of high density coffee coffea arabica in kenya

Stevenson, F.K.; Elliott, E.V.; Stevenson, G.T., 1977:
Some effects of leukemic bone marrow derived lymphocytes of antibodies to defined regions of their surface immuno globulin

Moran G.; Rudolph R.L., 1980:
Some effects of lick contingent delays on the development of schedule induced poly dipsia

Huyton, P.M.; Brady, J., 1975:
Some effects of light and heat on the feeding and resting behavior of tsetse flies glossina morsitans morsitans

Shafiq Y., 1979:
Some effects of light and temperature on the germination of pinus brutia nothofagus obliqua and nothofagus procera seeds

Barahona Fernandes M.H., 1979:
Some effects of light intensity and photoperiod on the sea bass larvae dicentrarchus labrax reared at the oceanological center of brittany france

Sedgley, M.; Buttrose, M.S., 1978:
Some effects of light intensity day length and temperature on flowering and pollen tube growth in the watermelon citrullus lanatus

Buttrose, M.S.; Sedgley, M., 1978:
Some effects of light intensity day length and temperature on growth of fruiting and nonfruiting watermelon citrullus lanatus

Roth A.A.; Clausen C.D.; Yahiku P.Y.; Clausen V.E.; Cox W.W., 1982:
Some effects of light on coral growth

Adams, S.N.; Cooper, J.E.; Dickson, D.A.; Dickson, E.L.; Seaby, D.A., 1978:
Some effects of lime and fertilizer on a sitka spruce plantation

Adams S.N., 1984:
Some effects of lime nitrogen and soluble and insoluble phosphate on the yield and mineral composition of established grassland

Parry, E.H.O.; Warrell, D.A.; Perine, P.L.; Vukotich, D.; Bryceson, A.D.M., 1970:
Some effects of louse borne relapsing fever on the function of the heart

Sadler K.; Lynam S., 1986:
Some effects of low ph and calcium on the growth and tissue mineral content of yearling brown trout salmo trutta

Gunn, R.B.; Wieth, J.O.; Tosteson, D.C., 1975:
Some effects of low pH on chloride exchange in human red blood cells

Runn, P.; Johansson, N.; Milbrink, G., 1977:
Some effects of low ph on the hatchability of eggs of perch perca fluviatilis

Lesser Katz M., 1982:
Some effects of maternal drug addiction of the neo nate

Condon, W.J.; Gordon, R., 1977:
Some effects of mermithid parasitism on the larval black flies prosimulium mixtum fuscum and simulium venustum

Pyatt F.B.; Dodd N.M., 1986:
Some effects of metal ions on the freshwater organisms hydra oligactis and chlorohydra viridissima

Inman, C.B.E.; Lockwood, A.P.M., 1977:
Some effects of methyl mercury and lindane on sodium regulation in the amphipod gammarus duebeni during changes in the salinity of its medium

Dial, N.A., 1978:
Some effects of methyl mercury on development of the eye in medaka fish

Odlind, B.; Beermann, B.; Lindström, B.; Eriksson, O., 1987:
Some effects of metolazone on electrolyte transport

Dobson R.M., 1980:
Some effects of micro climate on the longevity and development of dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

Adams P.; Graves C.J.; Winsor G.W., 1980:
Some effects of micro nutrients and liming on the production and quality of glasshouse carnations grown in a peat sand substrate

Graves, C.J.; Adams, P.; Winsor, G.W.; Adatia, M.H., 1978:
Some effects of micro nutrients and liming on the yield quality and micro nutrient status of tomatoes grown in peat

Adams P.; Graves C.J.; Winsor G.W., 1986:
Some effects of micronutrients and liming on the yield quality and micronutrient status of lettuce grown in beds of peat

Milivojevic D.; Milosavljevic M.; Popovic R., 1980:
Some effects of mineral nutrient deficiencies on the chloroplasts in vitis vinifera leaves

Lionakis S.M.; Schwabe W.W., 1985:
Some effects of mineral nutrient deficiencies on the growth of actinidia chinensis cultivar brunoed

Doughty C.C., 1984:
Some effects of minor elements on cranberry vaccinium macrocarpon cultivar mcfarlin growth

Spratt E.C., 1979:
Some effects of mixture of oxygen carbon di oxide and nitrogen in the ratio 1 to 1 to 8 on the oviposition and development of sitophilus zeamais coleoptera curculionidae

O'beirne D.; Ballantyne A., 1987:
Some effects of modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum packaging in combination with antioxidants on quality and storage life of chilled potato strips

Pomeroy, D.E., 1976:
Some effects of mound building termites on soils in uganda

Hane, M.W., 1970:
Some effects of nalidixic acid on conjugation in escherichia coli k 12

Lam S W.; Shephard K.L., 1988:
Some effects of natural food levels and high protein supplement on the growth of carp

Barneix A.J.; Watson E.F.; Hewitt E.J.; James D.M., 1984:
Some effects of nitrate abundance and starvation on metabolism and accumulation of nitrogen in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar sonja

Stone J.A.; Buttery B.R., 1986:
Some effects of nitrate on soybean glycine max root development

Boxman A.W.; Roelofs J.G.M., 1988:
Some effects of nitrate versus ammonium nutrition on the nutrient fluxes in pinus sylvestris seedlings effects of mycorrhizal infection

Bailey A.V.; Piccolo B.; Sumrell G.; Burton G.W., 1980:
Some effects of nitrogen fertilizer on the chemical composition of pearl millet pennisetum americanum grain

Stillman, S.L.; Tapsall, W.R., 1976:
Some effects of nitrogen on seed production of setaria anceps cultivar nandi

Eischen F.A.; Rothenbuhler W.C.; Kulincevic J.M., 1984:
Some effects of nursing on nurse bees apis mellifera

Pirot, M.; Acker, L.E., 1978:
Some effects of nurturance modeling on affectionate behavior in young children

Purchas, R.W., 1978:
Some effects of nutrition and castration on meat production from male suffolk cross border leicester romney cross lambs

Purchas, R.W.; O'brien, L.E.; Pendleton, C.M., 1979:
Some effects of nutrition and castration on meat production from male suffolk cross border leicester romney cross lambs 2. meat quality

Jenkyn, J.F.; Griffiths, E., 1976:
Some effects of nutrition on rhynchosporium secalis

Evans, G.W.; Lyes, M.; Lockwood, A.P.M., 1977:
Some effects of oil dispersants on the feeding behavior of the brown shrimp crangon crangon

Corliss, J.; Lightner, D.; Zein-Eldin, Z.P., 1977:
Some effects of oral doses of oxytetracycline on growth survival and disease in penaeus aztecus

Haynes R.J.; Goh K.M., 1980:
Some effects of orchard soil management on sward composition levels of available nutrients in the soil and leaf nutrient content of mature golden delicious apple trees

Tomic R., 1983:
Some effects of orchiectomy estrogen treatment and radiation therapy in patients with prostatic carcinoma

Foulks, J.G.; Perry, F.A., 1977:
Some effects of organic anions on excitability and excitation contraction coupling in frog skeletal muscle

Davies L.J.; Hawkes H.A., 1981:
Some effects of organic pollution on the distribution and seasonal incidence of chironomidae in riffles in the river cole england uk

Den Hertog A.; Pielkenrood J.; Van Den Akker J., 1985:
Some effects of orthovanadate on smooth muscle cells of guinea pig tenia ceci

Sivak, M.N.; Lea, P.J.; Blackwell, R.D.; Murray, A.J.S.; Hall, N.P.; Kendall, A.C.; Turner, J.C.; Wallsgrove, R.M., 1988:
Some effects of oxygen on photosynthesis by photorespiratory mutants of barley hordeum vulgare l. i. response to changes in oxygen concentration

Wimpenny, J.W.T.; Samah, O.A., 1978:
Some effects of oxygen on the growth and physiology of selenomonas ruminantium

Samah O.A.; Wimpenny J.W.T., 1982:
Some effects of oxygen on the physiology of selenomonas ruminantium wpl 151 1 grown in continuous culture

O'neill R.V.; Gardner R.H.; Christensen S.W.; Van Winkle W.; Carney J.H.; Mankin J.B., 1981:
Some effects of parameter uncertainty in density independent and density dependent leslie models for fish populations

Hurlbrink, E.E.; Boyd, E.S., 1969:
Some effects of pento barbital and strychnine on transmission through the ventrobasal complex of the cat thalamus

Threlkeld S.F.H., 1986:
Some effects of permethrin on the behavior of drosophila melanogaster diptera drosophilidae

Tipping P.W.; Burbutis P.P., 1983:
Some effects of pesticide residues on trichogramma nubilale hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Mccarthy D.; Bleichmann S.; Thorne J., 1980:
Some effects of ph salt urea ethanediol and sodium dodecyl sulfate on tobacco necrosis virus

Lerch K.A.; Cook C.B., 1984:
Some effects of photoperiod on the motility rhythm of cultured zooxanthellae

Mcmullen L.H.; Safranyik L., 1985:
Some effects of pine oil on mountain pine beetle coleoptera scolytidae at different population levels

Onuaguluchi, G.; Mezue, W.C., 1987:
Some effects of piperazine citrate on skeletal muscle and central nervous system

Barbosa L.M.; Castro P.R.C., 1984:
Some effects of plant growth regulators on the morphology of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar iac 17

Kinsman, O.S.; Naidoo, J.; Noble, W.C., 1985:
Some effects of plasmids coding for antibiotic resistance on the virulence of Staphylococcus aureus

Maslow, D.E.; Weiss, L., 1976:
Some effects of positively charged surface groups on cell aggregation

Van Wilgen B.W., 1982:
Some effects of post fire age on the aboveground plant biomass of fynbos macchia vegetation in south africa

Angerilli N.P.D.; Gaunce A.P.; Logan D.M., 1986:
Some effects of post harvest fumigation controlled atmosphere storage and cold storage on san jose scale quadraspidiotus penniciosus homoptera diaspididae survival on two varieties of apples

Bouma D.; Dowling E.J.; Wahjoedi H., 1979:
Some effects of potassium and magnesium on the growth of subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum

Evans, P.S.; Uriu, K.; Pearson, J.R., 1977:
Some effects of potassium deficiency on water relations of french prune

Meyer W U.; Mittag W.; Engler U., 1986:
Some effects of praise and blame on perceived ability and affect

Bhatnagar, D.; Deb, A.R., 1977:
Some effects of pre germination exposure of wheat seeds to magnetic field part 1 germination and early growth

Bhatnagar, D.; Deb, A.R., 1978:
Some effects of pre germination exposure of wheat seeds to magnetic field part 2 effects on some physiological processes

Campbell R.W.; Torgersen T.R., 1982:
Some effects of predaceous ants on western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis pupae in north central washington usa

Tyrrell, R.N., 1976:
Some effects of pregnancy in 8 month old merino ewes

Ingle D.J., 1980:
Some effects of pretectum lesions on the frogs rana pipiens detection of stationary objects

Gage P.W.; Wachtel R.E., 1984:
Some effects of procaine at the toad bufo marinus end plate are not consistent with a simple channel blocking model

Turner G.A.; Weiss L., 1980:
Some effects of products from necrotic regions of tumors on the in vitro migration of cancer and peritoneal exudate cells

Maughan, D.W., 1973:
Some effects of prolonged polarization on membrane currents in bull frog atrial muscle

Kropiunigg U.; Ringel E., 1987:
Some effects of psychosomatic in patient treatment

Hendry G.S.; Janhurst S.; Horsnell G., 1982:
Some effects of pulp and paper waste water on microbiological water quality of a river

Powell, R.W., 1971:
Some effects of punishment shock intensity upon discriminative responding

Dunham, P.J., 1972:
Some effects of punishment upon unpunished responding

Ridgman, W.J.; Walters, D.E.; Wedgwood, R.B.; Mueller-Wilmes, U., 1985:
Some effects of rate of application of nitrogenous fertilizer to wheat grown continuously compared with wheat in a four course rotation

O'beirne D.; Egan S.; Healy N., 1987:
Some effects of reduced boiling time on the quality of fruit preserves

Stephens, C.E.; Pear, J.J.; Wray, L.D.; Jackson, G.C., 1975:
Some effects of reinforcement schedules in teaching picture names to retarded children

Lucas G.A., 1981:
Some effects of reinforcer availability on the pigeons responding in 24 hour sessions

Graf, F.; Schatzmann, H.J., 1984:
Some effects of removal of external calcium on pig striated muscle

Lattal, K.A.; Maxey, G.C., 1971:
Some effects of response independent reinforcers in multiple schedules

Priestley, C.A., 1976:
Some effects of ringing and de blossoming branches of young apple trees on leaf composition

Storey R.; Walker R.R., 1987:
Some effects of root anatomy on potassium sodium chloride loading of citrus roots and leaves

Macmillan K.L.; Allison A.J.; Struthers G.A., 1979:
Some effects of running bulls with suckling cows or heifers during the pre mating period

Siddiqui M.Q., 1980:
Some effects of rust infection and moisture stress on growth diffusive resistance and distribution pattern of labeled assimilates in sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar peredovic

Khurana J.P.; Maheshwari S.C., 1980:
Some effects of salicylic acid on growth and flowering in spirodela polyrrhiza strain sp 20

Brussaard L.; Hijdra R.D.W., 1986:
Some effects of scarab beetles in sandy soils of the netherlands

Greenslade P.J.M., 1985:
Some effects of season and geographical aspect on ants hymenoptera formicidae in the mount lofty ranges south australia

Jennings D.L., 1987:
Some effects of secondary dormancy and correlative inhibition on the development of lateral buds of raspberry canes rubus idaeus l

Kruk M.; Boczek J.; Davis R., 1983:
Some effects of selected mineral salts on tribolium confusum

Morgan, J.P.; Farkas, D.F., 1978:
Some effects of selected plasticizing agents on the reversible compression of freeze dried cooked beef cubes

Bell J.G.; Pirie B.J.S.; Adron J.W.; Cowey C.B., 1986:
Some effects of selenium deficiency on glutathione peroxidase activity and tissue pathology in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Bovee E.C.; O'brien T.L., 1982:
Some effects of selenium vanadium and zirconium on the swimming rate of tetrahymena pyriformis a bioassay study

Cram W.H., 1984:
Some effects of self pollinations cross pollinations and open pollinations in picea pungens

Thompson G.B.; H.J., 1981:
Some effects of sewage discharge upon phyto plankton in hong kong

Schneider M.J.; Connors T.J.; Genoway R.G.; Barraclough S.A., 1981:
Some effects of simultaneous thermal and exercise stress in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Saunders J.C.; Booth T.H.; Turner J.; Williams E.R., 1984:
Some effects of site particularly upper horizon soil on the growth of pinus radiata

Collins, W.E., 1988:
Some effects of sleep loss on vestibular responses

Pemadasa, M.A.; Jeyaseelan, K., 1976:
Some effects of sodium azide on stomatal closure in stachytarpheta indica

Flowers T.J.; Lachno D.R.; Flowers S.A.; Yeo A.R., 1985:
Some effects of sodium chloride on cells of rice oryza sativa cultivar amber

Lamikanra A.; Adebiyi A.A., 1981:
Some effects of soft soaps on cells of staphylococcus aureus

Mahmoud S.A.Z.; Ishac Y.Z.; Ramadan E.M.; Daft M.J., 1985:
Some effects of soil amendments and fertilizer treatments on mycorrhizal plants

Miller, J.L., 1981:
Some effects of speaking rate on phonetic perception

Miller J.L.; Baer T., 1983:
Some effects of speaking rate on the production of consonant b and semi vowel w

O'hare, G.P.; Williams, P., 1975:
Some effects of sulfur di oxide flow on lichens

King, E.G.; Miles, L.R.; Martin, D.F., 1976:
Some effects of super parasitism by lixophaga diatraeae of sugarcane borer larvae in the laboratory

Banks N.H., 1984:
Some effects of tal pro long coating on ripening bananas

Dale J.E., 1982:
Some effects of temperature and irradiance on growth of the 1st 4 leaves of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar heron

Sedgley M., 1985:
Some effects of temperature and light on floral initiation and development in acacia pycnantha

Santerre, M.T.; May, R.C., 1977:
Some effects of temperature and salinity on laboratory reared eggs and larvae of polydactylus sexfilis pisces polynemidae

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Some effects of temperature and salinity on the embryonic development and incubation time of the turbot scophthalmus maximus from the baltic sea

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Some effects of temperature and substrate content upon respiration and the carbon balance of field beans vicia faba

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Some effects of temperature humidity and larval diet on the cycle of the south african carnation worm epichoristodes acerbella lepidoptera tortricidae

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Some effects of temperature on the adults eggs and pupae of stomoxys calcitrans diptera muscidae

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Some effects of temperature on the growth of F pili

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Some effects of temperature on the viability of peach rust uredo spores

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Some effects of temperature salinity combinations on the early development of the sea urchin parechinus angulosus fertilization

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Some effects of tenotomy on adult striated muscles

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Some effects of testosterone on the rat ventral prostate

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Some effects of the acidification of atlantic salmon rivers in nova scotia canada

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Some effects of the anesthetic ms 222 on fresh water

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Some effects of the anti juvenile hormone fluoromevalonate in three lepidopterous species

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Some effects of the calcium antagonist nifedipine adalat in hypertensive and normotensive subjects

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Some effects of the calcium promotor bay k 8644 methyl 1 4 dihydro 2 6 dimethyl 3 nitro 4 2 trifluoromethylphenylpyridine 5 carboxylate on feline cerebral arteries

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Some effects of the carbon di oxide absorbency of humidity controlling solutions on the results of life history experiments with stored products insects

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Some effects of the cestode schistocephalus solidus on reproduction in the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus evolutionary aspects of a host parasite interaction

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Some effects of the conditioned suppression paradigm on operant discrimination performance

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Some effects of the discharge of chlorinated sewage from a short sea outfall on inter tidal macro organisms

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Some effects of the fineness of ground barley on the performance of growing pigs growth rate feed conversion efficiency digestibility and carcass quality

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Some effects of the formamidine pesticide chlordimeform on the behavior of mice

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Some effects of the herbicide el 107 on cellular growth and metabolism

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Some effects of the induction of gametogenesis in the populations of the homothallic alga chlamydomonas geitleri

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Some effects of the ionophore x 537a lasalocid on the isolated rat tail artery

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Some effects of the nitrification inhibitor 2 chloro 6 trichloromethyl pyridine on the use of fertilizer nitrogen and the growth of 2 wheat varieties

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Some effects of the nitrogen supply on growth and development of cirsium arvense

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Some effects of the phyto alexin kievitone on the vegetative growth of aphanomyces euteiches rhizoctonia solani and fusarium solani f sp phaseoli

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Some effects of the plantation of conifers on a freely drained lowland soil forest of dean england united kingdom

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Some effects of the variation of atmospheric particulates on disease in Great Britain

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Some effects of therapeutic levels of formalin and copper sulfate on blood parameters in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Some effects of thymocyte stimulating factor

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Some effects of thyroidectomy on growth heat production and the thermo regulatory ability of the immature fowl gallus domesticus

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Some effects of time temperature of treatment and fumigant concentration on the fungicidal properties of methyl bromide

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Some effects of token rewards on school achievement of children with Down's syndrome

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Some effects of topically applied levo adrenaline bi tartrate on the rabbit eye

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Some effects of training conditions on the control exerted by compounded stimuli

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Some effects of trampling on molophilus ater diptera tipulidae

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Some effects of transparent shields over small evaporimeters

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Some effects of treatment with ethynylestradiol with or without polyestradiol phosphate in patients with prostatic carcinoma

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Some effects of tri nitro cresolate and valinomycin on sodium and potassium transport across thin layer bi layer membranes a steady state analysis with simultaneous tracer and electrical measurements

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Some effects of tri phenyl tin chloride on achnanthes subsessilis

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Some effects of tube shape on the feeding of chironomus plumosus diptera chironomidae

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Some effects of turbulence on the activity of the sea urchin centrostephanus coronatus

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Some effects of umbel order and harvest date on carrot seed daucus carota variability and seeding performance

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Some effects of uninfected laboratory reared tsetse glossina morsitans morsitans diptera glossinidae on host rabbits

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Some effects of upward downward and level visual scanning and locomotion on distance estimation accuracy

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Some effects of varied magnesium nutrition on the growth and composition of olive plants olea europaea cultivar chondrolia chalkidikis

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Some effects of ventromedial hypothalamic lesions adrenalectomies and cortico sterone replacement therapy on energy expenditure in rats

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Some effects of vitamin E and selenium deprivation on tissue enzyme levels and indices of tissue peroxidation in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)

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Some effects of water flow rate and alevin density in vertical incubation trays on early development of chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha

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Some effects of water potential on growth turgor and respiration of phytophthora cryptogea and fusarium moniliforme

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Some effects of weather and moon light on light trap catches of the armyworm spodoptera exempta lepidoptera noctuidae at muguga kenya

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Some effects of weather conditions on the breeding of the spotted flycatcher muscicapa striata in britain uk

Gilbert F.F.; Bateman M.C., 1983:
Some effects of winter shelter conditions on white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus fawns

Fuller T.K.; Robinson W.L., 1982:
Some effects of winter shipping on movements of mammals across river ice

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Some effects of x rays on the ovarian symbionts and oogenesis in sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae

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Some effects of zinc edta and manganese edta on peach prunus persica cultivar nemaguard seedlings grown in a glasshouse

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Some effects of zinc on rice oryza sativa especially on aldolase and rnase activities compared to the action of other elements

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Some effects of zinc on the utilization of nitrogen sources by monascus purpureus

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Some effects on soil properties herbage composition and blood chemistry of sheep arising from the irrigation of pastures with wool scour effluent

Lawrence, T.L.J., 1977:
Some effects on the growth and composition of the carcass of the bacon pig of feeding micronized or ground maize or barley based diets to give 3 different digestible energy intakes

Sadler K.; Lynam S., 1987:
Some effects on the growth of brown trout from exposure to aluminum at different ph levels

Beilken S.L.; Bouton P.E.; Harris P.V., 1986:
Some effects on the mechanical properties of meat produced by cooking at temperatures between 50 and 60 celsius

Wolynetz, M.S., 1986 :
Some effects on treatment comparisons of excluding extreme analytical data

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Some effects produced by isoprenaline on neuromuscular transmission in mice

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Some efficiency measures for analysis of the productive potential of indonesian goats

Kaur P., 1985:
Some efficient estimators for the variance of a finite population

Ziviani J., 1984:
Some elaborations on hand writing speed in 7 14 year olds

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Some elaterid beetles from nepal collected by the hokkaido university scientific expeditions to nepal himalaya

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Some electric soil properties in the field of closely bound moisture

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Some electrical and mechanical effects of strontium on toad ventricular muscle: comparison to calcium

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Some electrical and pharmacological properties of gap junctions between adult ventricular myocytes

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Some electrical characteristics of the membrane of the frog embryo before the first division

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Some electrical circuit problems of the organ of corti 2. analysis without reactive elements

Dallos, P., 1984:
Some electrical circuit properties of the organ of corti 2. analysis including reactive elements

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Some electrical indices of the erythrocyte membranes of schizophrenics

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Some electrical properties of murine thymocytes and bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes

Weiss, L.; Glaves, D.; Subjeck, J.R., 1976:
Some electrical properties of the surfaces of murine bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes and thymocytes part 2 effects of neuraminidase and rnase

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Some electro cardiographic criteria of cardiac hyper function in athletes

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Some electro cardiographic parameters of the fat tailed sheep

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Some electro encephalographic peculiarities in patients with recurrent cerebro vascular strokes

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Some electro myographic characteristics of neuro muscular disorders in patients with botulism

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Some electro physiological aspects of relationships between de synchronizing and synchronizing cat brain structures during sleep and wakefulness

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Some electro physiological consequences of electrogenic sodium and potassium transport in cardiac muscle a theoretical study

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Some electro physiological indices of brain functions in younger school age children

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Some electro physiological indices of cortical processes in blind deaf mutes

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Some electro physiological parameters of cells of heart atria in human fetuses

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Some electro physiological properties of neurons of rat locus coeruleus

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Some electro physiological studies of the functional state of the skin in patients with senile pruritus

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Some electrochemical and photo electrochemical properties of 3 amino 7 dimethylamino 2 methyl phenazine neutral red in aqueous solution

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Some electron microscope findings of the claustrum of the cat

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Some electron microscopic aspects of hop viruses detected in romanian hop humulus lupulus plantation

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Some electron microscopic observations on the histogenesis of the secondary interstitial gland in the mouse ovary

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Some electron microscopy characteristics of lung immune response in rats stimulated by respiratory and parenteral ways with pneumococcal suspensions

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Some electron photo micrographs of allergenic pollen grains of plants of the canadian prairies

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Some electrophysiological indices of the dynamics of cortical processes involved in interpreting an ambiguous picture

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Some elementary acts and laws of biological development elements of structural biology

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Some elements for a fauna of the siphonaptera of burundi a study of the tora area

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Some elements of field management used in wheat cultivar rubin growing under conditions existing in dobrudja bulgaria

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Some elements of staphylococci defense against phagocytosis i. phagocytosis of staphylococci containing protein a and those not containing the protein

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Some embryological aspects of gynodioecious species of echium boraginaceae

Daniels, L., 1976:
Some emotional and psychological implications of guillain barre syndrome

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Some empoascan leafhoppers homoptera cicadellidae typhlocybinae from the kathmandu valley nepal

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Some emulsifying and suspending properties of a poly saccharide gum derived from mucuna flagellipes papilionaceae

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Some enchytraeidae oligochaeta from serra do mar sao paulo brazil

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Some endangered high altitude plants of garhwal himalayas india

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Some endemic pyrenean france species part 1 cyto taxonomy

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Some endo toxic properties of yersinia enterocolitica serotypes typed according to the methods of knapp and thal

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Some endocrine aspects of duodenostasis in the course of therapeutic exercise

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Some endocrine aspects of precocious sexual maturation in the amago salmon oncorhynchus rhodurus

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Some endocrine aspects of the thymus gland

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Some endocrine influences of hypothalamic hyperphagia

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Some endocrine specialization of the birds

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Some endocrinological and anti fertility properties of an androstane cyanohydrin derivative in the rat

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Some endogenous factors affecting rooting of mango cuttings

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Some endogonaceae from south western australia

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Some endozoic nematophagous fungi from maharashtra india

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Some energetic aspects of monovalent cation transport in ascites tumor cells

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Some energetic functions of mouse fibroblast cell sublines resistant to ethidium bromide

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Some energy saving methods for onion storage

Matsuoka T., 1986:
Some engineering aspects of drying high moisture rough rice

Bensam P., 1985:
Some engineering problems in the construction and maintenance of marine culture ponds at mandapam india

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Some enterobacteriaceae from the feces of small wild british mammals

Tavendale A.; Old D.C., 1986:
Some enteropathogenic strains of escherichia coli produce hemagglutinins associated with hep 2 epithelial cell adhesion

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Some entomobryidae including 6 new species and 1 new record of cave form collembola from korea

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Some enuretic derivatives in an adult analysis

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Some environmental and nutritional factors affecting growth and sporulation of aspergillus sydowi

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Some environmental and nutritional factors affecting growth and sporulation of ceratocystis paradoxa

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Some environmental and social impacts of the james bay hydro electric project canada

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Some environmental aspects of proposed hydro electric schemes on the zambezi river zimbabwe

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Some environmental effects of forest fires in interior alaska usa

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Some environmental factors affecting cryptostroma corticale

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Some environmental factors affecting culex quinquefasciatus populations in a coastal town gopalpur on sea orissa india

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Some environmental factors affecting the duration of the lactation period in a cross bred herd

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Some environmental factors and hypotheses for stuttering in families with several stutterers

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Some environmental factors influencing phytoplankton in the southern ocean around south georgia antarctica

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Some environmental influences on the main productive traits in a jersey herd

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Some enzymatic and metabolic disorders in silicosis patients

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Some enzymatic changes associated with pathological changes in rats with long term vitamin e deficiency

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Some enzymatic characteristics of eosinophil peroxidase from patients with eosinophilia and from healthy donors

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Some enzymatic properties of alkaline proteases of the rotifer brachionus plicatilis

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Some enzymatic properties of calcium dependent atpase from a calcareous red alga serraticardia maxima and its distribution in marine algae

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Some enzymatic properties of cathepsin a from carp white muscle

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Some enzymatic properties of nad dependent glutamate dehydrogenase of mussel hepatopancreas mytilus edulis requirement of adp

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Some enzyme activities in cultured chick embryo brain nerve cells treated by chick embryo brain extracts

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Some enzyme activities in human embryonic and fetal lungs

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Some enzyme changes associated with water stress in germinating paddy and barley seeds

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Some enzyme changes in chicory cichorium intybus during forcing

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Some enzyme histochemical reactions in the kidney and liver of rats poisoned with mercury

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Some enzymes and sialic acid during progestational contraceptive therapy

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Some enzymes in the process of differentiation of neurons of the spinal ganglion spinal cord and tectum opticum in the chick embryo a cyto photometric histochemical study

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Some Enzymes of Hydrogen Peroxide Metabolism in Leaves and Root Nodules of Medicago sativa

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Some enzymes of isolated rat liver and hepatoma 27 nuclear membranes and nuclei

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Some enzymes of the pentose phosphate pathway of carbohydrate metabolism in blood thrombocytes of cattle

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Some enzymes relevant to citric acid accumulation by aspergillus niger

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Some Enzymic Activities in the Germinating Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Seedling

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Some enzymic properties of nitrate reductase from porphyra yezoensis f narawaensis

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Some enzymological and immunological shifts after lengthy occupational exposure to alpha methyl styrene and di vinyl

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Some eocene diatoms from south atlantic cores part 1 new and rare species of arachnoidiscus

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Some eocene diatoms from south atlantic cores part 2 rutilaria

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Some eocene leaf fragments comparable to proteaceae

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Some epidemiologic and social characteristics of accidents in children and adolescents

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Some epidemiologic aspects of carcinoma of the vulva in Israel

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Some epidemiologic aspects of maternal breast feeding in the population that is entitled to mexican social security

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Some epidemiologic considerations on meningococcal disease in cuban children aged 1 4 years

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Some epidemiologic factors in the blennorrhagia

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Some epidemiological and clinical laboratory criteria in differential diagnosis of serum hepatitis and infectious hepatitis

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Some epidemiological aspects of bean anthracnosis phaseolus vulgaris and influence of the usage of benomyl on yield components

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Some epidemiological aspects of congenital heart disease in Denmark

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Some epidemiological aspects of post bloom fruit drop disease colletotrichum gloeosporioides in citrus

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Some epidemiological aspects of Salmonella gallinarum infection in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix Japonica)

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Some epidemiological aspects of strongyloidiasis in the municipality of serraria state of paraiba brazil

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Some epidemiological aspects of the investigation of salmonella drug resistance plasmids

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Some epidemiological aspects of Toxoplasma infections in a population of farmers in Japan

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Some epidemiological characteristics of scarlet fever in the georgian ssr 1925 1977

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Some epidemiological determinants of anthropometrically determined grades of malnutrition among harijan and tribal preschool children

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Some epidemiological factors related to smoking among secondary school children of Delhi urban area

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Some epidemiological features of foot and mouth disease outbreaks in cattle in bihar india

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Some epidemiological observations of mulberry dieback caused by diaporthe nomurai hara with the artificial infection

Madec F., 1987:
Some epidemiological observations on sow metritis in intensive breeding

Garaseferyan M.G., 1985:
Some epidemiological patterns of epidemic parotiditis

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Some epiphytic algae in the vicinity of the seto marine biological laboratory wakayama prefecture japan

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Some epiphytic chamaesiphonales from fresh and brackish water in southern finland

Etayo Salazar J., 1987:
Some epiphytic lichens from la montana in navarra spain

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Some epistatic 2 locus models of disease 1. relative risks and identity by descent distributions in affected sib pairs

Hodge, S.E.; Spence, M.A., 1981:
Some epistatic 2 locus models of disease 2. the confounding of linkage and association

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Some epizootic and ecological aspects of natural outbreak of parafasciolopsiasis

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Some epizootiological and pathological observations on marek's disease in japanese quails

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Some epizootiological studies on buffalo pox in egypt

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Some equilibrium and kinetic aspects of water sorption in poly ortho esters

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Some equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties of the allo steric interactions in enzymes part 3 dynamics of the amino acid residues and ligand binding process

Byrnes T., 1986:
Some ergasilids copepoda parasitic on four species of australian bream acanthopagrus spp

Denmark H.A., 1979:
Some eriophyid mites of shade trees and woody ornamentals acarina eriophyidae

Abou Awad B.A., 1981:
Some eriophyoid mites from egypt with descriptions of 2 new species acari eriophyoidea

Gazaryan, E.S., 1975:
Some errors in diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors

Narain, R.; Vallishayee, R.S., 1980:
Some errors in tuberculosis surveys

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Some errors of perceptual analysis in visual search can be detected and corrected

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Some erythrocytic enzymes at various stages of plasmodium berghei schizogeny

Dworakowska I., 1979:
Some erythroneurini from vietnam typhlocybinae cicadellidae

Kralicek, M., 1976:
Some especially interesting finds of lepidoptera from czechoslovakia primarily moravia and slovakia

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Some essential elements of two species of boletus grown in cordoba argentina

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Some essential nutrient elements in forest plants as related to species plant part season and location

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Some essential problems of segmental structure of dog liver

Chappell J.S., 1982:
Some essentials in the management of the surgical neo nate

Makepeace W., 1985:
Some establishment characteristics of mouse ear pilosella officinarum and king devil hawkweeds pilosella praealta

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Some ester derivatives of 2 methyl alanine as intermediates in peptide synthesis

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Some estimates of the potential reduction in the usa infant mortality rate by family planning

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Some ethical concerns regarding the individual psycho therapy of the married client

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Some ethical problems of hazardous substances in the working environment

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Some ethological respects of the adaptation of birds to the urban conditions of life

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Some evaluations of solutions of the system of differential equations describing the electron transfer process

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Some evaluations of the Widmark method

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Some evidence for concurrent involvement of the fore leg and hind leg muscles in murine muscular dystrophy

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Some evidence for 'speech' as an acoustic feature

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Some evidence for the curative properties of the vietnamese plant lycium chinensis

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Some evidence for the hemispheric asymmetry model of lateral eye movements

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Some evidence for the occurrence of rna in the lutoid fraction lysosomal compartment from hevea brasiliensis latex

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Some evidence for the reversibility of the choline phospho transferase catalyzed reaction in developing linseed cotyledons in vivo

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Some evidence of morphological characteristics in the water mite larvae acarina hydracarina 1. dorsal idiosoma and gnathosoma

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Some evidence on recent demographic changes in Papua New Guinea

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Some evidence on red cell function in circulatory insufficiency in patients with rheumatic heart disease

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Some evidence on the peridinian algae of upper paleogene deposits of the akhaltsikhe basin georgian ssr ussr

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Some evidence suggesting the existence of p 2 and b 3 sites in the active site of bovine pancreatic rnase a ec

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Some evidences for the hypothesis of active transport of streptomycin in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Some evolutionary and clinical physiological aspects of adaptation to high mountain conditions

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Some evolutionary aspects of 4 carbon pathway photosynthesis

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Some evolutionary aspects of problems of specific parasitic relationships

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Some evolutionary tendencies in bursera burseraceae

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Some exact solutions to a non-linear diffusion problem in population genetics and combustion

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Some examples of teratology observed in the laboulbeniales ascomycetes

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Some examples of the clinical importance of the basic and heparin induced phospho lipase a ec in human plasma

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Some examples of the role of real work situation in training at the work place

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Some examples on application of high speed liquid chromatography in phytochemistry

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Some examples to the problematic nature in the boletales

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Some exceptional cases of abdominal pregnancy

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Some experience acquired from the psychologic work with cleft children and their parents from 1970 1980

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Some experience in following auditory changes in groups of persons exposed to noise risk

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Some experience on the utilization of medicinal plants in china

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Some experience with depot neuroleptica in psychiatric out patient departments

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Some experience with enzymatic digestion of liver tissue by subtilisin carlsberg

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Some experience with long term administration of cinoxacin for the treatment of the patients with chronic urinary tract infections

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Some experiences concerning the effect of fetal respiratory movement

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Some experiences in administering a psychometric test with a light pen and micro computer

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Some experiences in exploitation of heavy hydromorphic soils in croatia yugoslavia

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Some experiences in work with light traps

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Some experiences of adrenalectomy by transthoracic transdiaphragmatic extraperitoneal approach

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Some experiences with epoxy resin grouting compounds

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Some experiences with the feeding of chopped roughage to high producing dairy cows effects on chewing time ruminal fermentation milk fat production and on blood glucose and insulin levels

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Some experiences with twice daily fractionation of the dose in radio therapeutic practice

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Some experiences with two dimensional gas chromatography mass spectrometry

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Some experimental and methodological experiences on the selective inhibition of blood microcirculation in tumor tissues as the central mechanism of cancer multistep therapy

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Some experimental approaches for studying subunit interactions in enzymes

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Some experimental data on the evaluation of artificial hemo dilution against the background of ganglionic block as a method of blood loss reduction

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Some experimental evidences for immune functions attributed to interstitial plasma cells of the submaxillary glands

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Some experimental information on the feeding of copepodite stage iv of calanus glacialis qualitative composition of food

Elmes G.W., 1983:
Some experimental observations on the parasitic myrmica hirsuta

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Some experimental results concerning age dependency of different components of variance in testing norway spruce picea abies l. karst. clones

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Some experimental results concerning the influence of different competitive situations on the correlation between single plant characters yield components in winter rape brassica napus

Huehn M.; Rakow G., 1979:
Some experimental results concerning the outcrossing rate of winter rape brassica napus oleifera depending on variety and distance

Huehn, M.; Zimmer, E.W., 1983:
Some experimental results on the phenotypic stability of double cross hybrids vs. 3 way cross hybrids of maize zea mays

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Some experimental studies of multi sensory teaching the effects of manual tracing on children's paired associate learning

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Some experimental tests of the functional significance of scent marking by gerbils meriones unguiculatus

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Some experiments on anti helminthic activity of clerodendrum indicum

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Some experiments on ascending of Corynebacterium renale in mice from urinary bladder into kidneys

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Some experiments on growth and reproduction of 3 species of fresh water cladocera in relation to changes of food

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Some experiments on growth reproductive development and productivity

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Some experiments on perceptual learning of mirror image acoustic patterns

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Some experiments on reinforcement principles within a psychiatric ward for delinquent soldiers

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Some experiments on temporary threshold shifts produced by short tones

Ogura Y., 1982:
Some experiments on the fog and fan method for greenhouse cooling

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Some experiments on the re mineralization of residues of aquaculture tanks

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Some experiments on the reproductive function of the female mule

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Some experiments on the role of the fetal pituitary in the maturation of the fetal adrenal and the induction of parturition of sheep

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Some experiments on the sound of silence in phonetic perception

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Some exploratory experiments on the permeability of papillae induced in barley coleoptiles by erysiphe graminis f sp hordei

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Some expression of heterosis in f 1 hybrid barley

Dragomirescu, L., 1987:
Some extensions of buser and baroni urbani's clustering method

Siddiqui S.; Ahmad S.S.; Haider S.I., 1987:
Some extensions of the von braun cyanogen bromide reaction on organic bases

Malik A.; Afza N.; Siddiqui S., 1982:
Some extensions of von braun cyanogen bromide reaction on organic bases 2

Siddiqui S.; Begum S.; Siddiqui B.S., 1982:
Some extensions of von braun cyanogen bromide reaction on organic bases 3

Chapman M.J.; Godfrey K.R., 1985:
Some extensions to the exhaustive modeling approach to structural identifiability

Yamagiwa J., 1979:
Some external characters of japanese monkeys macaca fuscata

Skinner, R.H., 1978:
Some external parasites of florida usa fishes

Palmer S., 1985:
Some extinct molluscs of the usa

Pajdak, E.; Bilinska, M., 1978:
Some extracellular and intra cellular enzymes of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains

Krolewski J.J.; Rush M.G., 1984:
Some extrachromosomal circular dna containing the alu family of dispersed repetitive sequences may be reverse transcripts

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Some extractives from amorphophallus campanulatus

Free, A.J.; Read, R.W.; Ritchie, E.; Taylor, W.C., 1976:
Some extractives of melicope octandra rutaceae

Burt, A.A.; Nagdee, K.A.; James, F.E., 1980:
Some extrapyramidal motor signs in cases of undifferentiated amentia

Hoffmann H., 1988:
Some factor related epidemic diseases of honey bee peculiarities in control of diseases of bee colonies

Dudziuk W., 1986:
Some factors affecting animal productivity in a polish merino breeding center

Stefanadis C.; Toutouzas P.; Kremastinos D.; Vassiliadis J., 1985:
Some factors affecting anomalous echo phenomena the effects of heart segment motion and endogenously generated contrast images

Jauhiainen, T., 1976:
Some factors affecting auditory word discrimination

Mccracken F.I., 1982:
Some factors affecting basidio spore germination of pleurotus sapidus

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Some factors affecting canker formation in american beech fagus grandifolia inoculated with nectria coccinea var faginata

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Some factors affecting chain elongation of palmityl coenzyme a in rat liver microsomes

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Some factors affecting chloroplast replication in the moss plagiomnium trichomanes

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Some factors affecting citric acid production by yeast strains in shake flasks

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Some factors affecting denitrification in soils irrigated with waste water

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Some factors affecting distribution and related morphology variations in balanus balanoides cirripedia thoracica

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Some factors affecting enzyme release from cerebral lysosomes: inhibitory effects of lead

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Some factors affecting fecundity in trichogramma hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

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Some factors affecting feeding behavior in young trite auricoma spiderlings araneae salticidae

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Some factors affecting fermentation capacity and net growth of rumen microorganisms

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Some factors affecting fibrinogen precipitation by ristocetin: ultrastructure of precipitates

Krul, J.M., 1977:
Some factors affecting floc formation by zoogloea ramigera strain i 16m

Dhamne K.P.; Mane U.H., 1979:
Some factors affecting fluid losses in the edible clam paphia laterisulca

Mullin W.J.; Wood D.F.; Howsam S.G., 1982:
Some factors affecting folacin content of spinach swiss chard broccoli and brussels sprouts

W.Y.L.; Mikkelson D.S., 1981:
Some factors affecting germination and emergence of water sown rice

Khare, L.J., 1978:
Some factors affecting germination of seeds of urgenia indica part 1 effect of light and water soil moisture on germination

Van-Schreven, D.A., 1970:
Some factors affecting growth and survival of rhizobium spp in soil peat cultures

Kim G.P.; Cha D.Y.; Chung H.S., 1981:
Some factors affecting growth of diehliomyces microsporus and chemical control of truffle diseases in cultivation of agaricus bisporus

Neilsen G.H.; Hogue E.J., 1986:
Some factors affecting leaf zinc concentration of apple seedlings malus domestica cultivar mcintosh grown in nutrient solution

Vanderplas J.M.; Vanderplas J.H., 1980:
Some factors affecting legibility of printed materials for older adults

Lin, Y.H.; Tsu, B.S., 1987:
Some factors affecting levels of trypsin inhibitor activity of sweet potato ipomoea batatas lam. roots

Gobbi N.; Piras C., 1986:
Some factors affecting mating and oviposition of chlosyne lacinia saundersii doubleday and hewtson 1849 lepidoptera nymphalidae

F.J.; L.I.C.; Chu E.H.Y., 1984:
Some factors affecting mutant recovery in v 79 ouabain system of mutagenesis study

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Some factors affecting mycelial growth and sporangium formation of phytophthora capsici on culture media

Shahein A.H.; Eissa A.M.; Etman A.A., 1981:
Some factors affecting oil spotting on fruits during storage of 2 orange cultivars citrus sinensis

Omori, M., 1978:
Some factors affecting on dry weight organic weight and concentrations of carbon and nitrogen in freshly prepared and in preserved zoo plankton

Rajendram, G.F., 1978:
Some factors affecting oviposition of trichogramma californicum hymenoptera trichogrammatidae in artificial media

Angra R.; Gill P.S.; Mandahar C.L., 1987:
Some factors affecting pathogenesis of maize leaves by helminthosporium carbonum

Hours R.A.; Voget C.E.; Ertola R.J., 1988:
Some factors affecting pectinase production from apple pomace in solid state cultures

Arnbjörnsson, E., 1983:
Some factors affecting perforation in acute appendicitis

Harada H.; Hirai Y.; Moriya K.; Fukuhara R., 1985:
Some factors affecting performance traits and pre test growth traits of japanese black bulls

Medina, G.; Illingworth, J., 1980:
Some factors affecting phosphate transport in a perfused rat heart preparation

Abutalybov M.G.; Dzhangirova S.G.; Abutalybov C.M., 1981:
Some factors affecting potassium absorption by pumpkin root system

Kamar G.A.R.; E.B.rady A.M.; Kicka M.A.M.; Riad S.A.; E.T.ntawy S.M.T.; Ibrahim F.A.A., 1987:
Some factors affecting production and composition of milk in giza white rabbits

Jobling M., 1982:
Some factors affecting rates of oxygen consumption of plaice pleuronectes platessa

Amano, H.; Chant, D.A., 1978:
Some factors affecting reproduction and sex ratios in 2 species of predaceous mites phytoseiulus persimilis and amblyseius andersoni acarina phytoseiidae

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Some factors affecting salmonella typhimurium infection and shedding in chickens raised on litter

Helmy Z.A.; Zahra M.K.; Musleh R.M., 1985:
Some factors affecting salmonellae growth in meat

Khare, L.J., 1978:
Some factors affecting seed germination of urginea indica effect of temperature and root exudate of maize zea mays on germination

Roberts D.M., 1986:
Some factors affecting substrate preferences by black fly pupae diptera simuliidae

Smith R.H.; Lecount A., 1979:
Some factors affecting survival of desert mule deer odocoileus hemionus crooki fawns

Hargreaves, A.J.; Fox, R.A., 1978:
Some factors affecting survival of fusarium avenaceum in soil

Papavizas, G.C., 1977:
Some factors affecting survival of sclerotia of macrophomina phaseolina in soil

Rydin H., 1984:
Some factors affecting temperature in sphagnum vegetation an experimental analysis

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Some factors affecting the 1st break grinding of canadian wheat triticum aestivum

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Some factors affecting the anthocyanin content in plantlets of begonia fimbristipula in vitro 1

Som P.; Oster Z.H.; Yamamoto K.; Meinken G.E.; Srivastava S.C.; Yonekura Y.; Ebner S.A.; Atkins H.L.; Brill A.B.; E.A., 1985:
Some factors affecting the cerebral and extracerebral accumulation of n isopropyl p iodo amphetamine

Mcquade P.S.; Juorio A.V., 1983:
Some factors affecting the concentrations of p hydroxyphenyl acetic acid and m hydroxyphenyl acetic acid in the mouse caudate nucleus

Kataria, H.R.; Grover, R.K., 1976:
Some factors affecting the control of rhizoctonia solani by systemic and nonsystemic fungicides

Herve S.; Heinonen P., 1982:
Some factors affecting the determination of chlorophyll a in algal samples

Gupta U.C., 1979:
Some factors affecting the determination of hot water soluble boron from podzol soils using azomethine h

Tatevossian A., 1985:
Some factors affecting the diffusion of carbon 14 lactate in human dental plaque

Watanabe N.C., 1980:
Some factors affecting the distribution and abundance of 2 melanian snails semisulcospira decipiens and semisulcospira reticulata in lake biwa japan

Scheermeyer E., 1985:
Some factors affecting the distribution of euploea core corinna lepidoptera danainae

Monteiro, C.J.D., 1976:
Some factors affecting the distribution of the deep sea benthic fauna with reference to its biomass and production

Dowling, P.M.; Robinson, G.G., 1976:
Some factors affecting the establishment and early production of over sown grasses

Hagan, M.W.; Chan, C.W., 1977:
Some factors affecting the establishment of 4 native grasses

Batten, G.D., 1978:
Some factors affecting the extraction of soil available phosphate

Russell, G.E.; Muszanskyj, S., 1976:
Some factors affecting the generation time of erysiphe graminis f sp hordei on leaves of 3 barley cultivars

Prew R.D.; Beane J.; Carter N.; Church B.M.; Dewar A.M.; Lacey J.; Penny A.; Plumb R.T.; Thorne G.N.; Todd A.D., 1986:
Some factors affecting the growth and yield of winter wheat grown as a third cereal with much or negligible take all

Ottery, J.; Gormley, I.P., 1978:
Some factors affecting the hemolytic activity of silicate minerals

Chróst, R.J.; Siuda, W., 1978:
Some factors affecting the heterotrophic activity of bacteria in lake

Schofield, C.B., 1982:
Some factors affecting the incubation period and duration of symptoms of urethritis in men

Coombs C.W.; Porter J.E., 1986:
Some factors affecting the infestation of wheat and maize by sitophilus oryzae and sitophilus zeamais coleoptera curculionidae

Singh, B.; Bhat, P.N., 1978:
Some factors affecting the lactation curve in hariana cattle

Popham, R.E.; Schmidt, W., 1976:
Some factors affecting the likelihood of moderate drinking by treated alcoholics

Popham, R.E.; Schmidt, W., 1978:
Some factors affecting the likelihood of moderate drinking in treated alcoholics

Strauss, E.W.; Jacob, J.S., 1981:
Some factors affecting the lipid secretory phase of fat absorption by intestine in vitro from golden hamster

Matsumoto T.; Ohira I., 1982:
Some factors affecting the mycelial growth of grifola frondosa in culture

Philipson, G.N., 1969:
Some factors affecting the net spinning of the caddis fly hydropsyche instabilis trichoptera hydropsychidae

Kohno M.; Ohnishi A., 1986:
Some factors affecting the oviposition behavior of cigarette beetle lasioderma serricorne coleoptera anobiidae

Lacey, L.A.; Mulla, M.S.; Dulmage, H.T., 1978:
Some factors affecting the pathogenicity of bacillus thuringiensis against black flies

Chandrasena J.P.N.R.; Sagar G.R., 1986:
Some factors affecting the performance of fluazifop butyl against elymus repens equals agropyron repens

Amend D.F.; Johnson K.A.; Croy T.R.; Mccarthy D.H., 1983:
Some factors affecting the potency of yersinia ruckeri bacterins

Sato, H., 1976:
Some factors affecting the power spectra of surface electro myograms in isometric contractions

Bell, P.B.; Stark-Vancs, V.I., 1983:
Some factors affecting the preservation of the cytoskeleton of cells in culture for scanning electron microscopy

Bloomfield, F.J.; Dunstan, D.R.; Foster, C.L.; Serafini-Cessi, F.; Marshall, R.D., 1977:
Some factors affecting the production by cultured baby hamster kidney cells of baby hamster kidney bhk glyco protein i which cross reacts immunologically with tamm horsfall glyco protein

Khan F.Z.; Milton J.M., 1979:
Some factors affecting the production of medicarpin and sativan by lucerne leaflets in response to verticillium albo atrum

Coronel L.M.; Velasquez A.O.; Castillo M.C., 1982:
Some factors affecting the production of rice wine using an isolate of aspergillus oryzae

Ong J.T.H.; Rutherford B.S., 1980:
Some factors affecting the rate of n nitroso di ethanolamine formation from 2 bromo 2 nitro propane 1 3 diol and ethanolamines

E.Saied H.M., 1979:
Some factors affecting the rate of protease catalyzed reactions

Ramsey M.P.; Newton J.M.; Shaw G.G.; Sammon D.C.; Lane E.S., 1987:
Some factors affecting the release of imipramine from gel precipitated aluminum hydroxide spheres

Oyedipe E.O.; Buvanendran V.; Eduvie L.O., 1982:
Some factors affecting the reproductive performance of white fulani bunaji cattle

Murphy C.T.; Jones M.B., 1987:
Some factors affecting the respiration of intertidal asterina gibbosa echinodermata asteroidea

Harwood, J.; Prime, J.H., 1978:
Some factors affecting the size of british gray seal populations

Flynn, A.; Johnson, D.B., 1978:
Some factors affecting the stability of gluco amylase immobilized on hornblende and other inorganic supports

Chan, K.Y.; Li, S.Y., 1977:
Some factors affecting the survival of aerobacter aerogenes in sea water

Miyamoto H.; Miyamoto Y.; Ishibashi T., 1986:
Some factors affecting the survival of mouse embryos frozen rapidly by liquid nitrogen vapor

Bushby, H.V.A.; Marshall, K.C., 1977:
Some factors affecting the survival of root nodule bacteria on desiccation

Le-Patourel, G.N.J.; Wright, D.J., 1976:
Some factors affecting the susceptibility of 2 nematode species to phorate

Briggs G.G.; Henderson I.F., 1987:
Some factors affecting the toxicity of poisons to the slug deroceras reticulatum mueller pulmonata limacidae

Shiomi K.; Shibata S.; Yamanaka H.; Kikuchi T., 1985:
Some factors affecting the toxification of muscle after thawing of frozen pufferfish fugu niphobles

Chiykowski L.N.; Sinha R.C., 1988:
Some factors affecting the transmission of eastern peach x mycoplasma like organism by the leafhopper paraphlepsius irroratus

Hay C.H., 1979:
Some factors affecting the upper limit of the southern bull kelp durvillaea antarctica on 2 new zealand shores

Marshall, B.J.; Coote, G.G.; Scott, W.J., 1974:
Some factors affecting the viability of dried bacteria during storage in vacuo

Arentz F., 1980:
Some factors affecting the viability of klinkii pine araucaria hunsteinii in storage

Maji S.K.; Sen Gupta P.K., 1986:
Some factors affecting toxin production by the rice leaf scald fungus rhynchosporium oryzae and its activity

Beniwal S.P.S.; Chaubey S.N.; Matheswaran C., 1983:
Some factors affecting transmission of urd bean leaf crinkle virus through seeds of urd bean vigna mungo

Taparia, A.L.; Sharma, V.V., 1980:
Some factors affecting voluntary food intake in buffaloes 1. effect of feeding long chopped and ground roughages

Taparia, A.L.; Sharma, V.V., 1980:
Some factors affecting voluntary food intake in buffaloes 2. effect of feeding mixed diets

Taparia, A.L.; Sharma, V.V., 1980:
Some factors affecting voluntary food intake in buffaloes 3. effect of concentrate feeding on intake of roughages fed to lactating buffaloes

Shemwell, G.A.; Stadelman, W.J., 1976:
Some factors affecting weepage of baked spinach souffles

Pakianathan, S.W., 1977:
Some factors affecting yield response to stimulation with 2 chloroethyl phosphonic acid

Takeda F., 1987:
Some factors associated with fruit maturity range in cultivars of the semi erect tetraploid thornless blackberry

Mckenzie J.S.; Mclean G.E., 1980:
Some factors associated with injury to alfalfa during the 1977 1978 winter at beaverlodge alberta canada

Avila M.M., 1981:
Some factors associated with the adoption of recommended corn production practices in southern philippines

Moseley G.; Jones J.R., 1979:
Some factors associated with the difference in nutritive value of artificially dried red clover and perennial rye grass for sheep

Mechanic, D.; Angel, R.J., 1987:
Some factors associated with the report and evaluation of back pain

Negrutiu, I.; Jacobs, M.; Cachita, D., 1978:
Some factors controlling in vitro morphogenesis of arabidopsis thaliana

Orpin, C.G.; Letcher, A.J., 1978:
Some factors controlling the attachment of the rumen holotrich protozoa isotricha intestinalis and isotricha prostoma to plant particles in vitro

Finlay B.J.; Berninger U G.; Stewart L.J.; Hindle R.M.; Davison W., 1987:
Some factors controlling the distribution of two pond dwelling ciliates with algal symbionts frontonia vernalis and euplotes daidaleos

Schwartz, F.W.; Gallup, D.N., 1978:
Some factors controlling the major ion chemistry of small lakes the prairie parkland of canada

Stancheva, J., 1987:
Some factors controlling the rhythm of imago production of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella l. lepidoptera tortricidae

Soboleva Dokuchaeva I.I.; Soldatova T.A., 1980:
Some factors determining barber trap effectiveness

Gilchrist, E.; Wilkinson, M., 1979:
Some factors determining prognosis in young people with severe head injuries

Pedachenko E.G., 1981:
Some factors determining the prognosis of severe head injuries

Paches A.I.; Lyubaev V.L.; Mardaleishvili K.M., 1981:
Some factors determining the tactics of oral cancer management

Wright P.; Creighton P.; Threlfall S.M., 1982:
Some factors determining when instructions will be read

Rajan S.; Ram S., 1983:
Some factors effecting root regeneration in mango cuttings in mist and hot bed

Gandhi, J.R., 1977:
Some factors governing feeding behavior of homopteran oxyrhachis tarandus

Kislalioglu, M.; Gibson, R.N., 1976 :
Some factors governing prey selection by the fifteen spined stickleback spinachia spinachia

Reddy M.N.; Rao A.S., 1983:
Some factors in the development of resistance of groundnut arachis hypogaea seedlings to damping off caused by rhizoctonia solani

Toth T., 1979:
Some factors in the morphological modification of human groups

Niki H.; Igarashi S., 1982:
Some factors in the production of active fish protein powder

Burtt, E.H-Jr, 1977:
Some factors in the timing of parent chick recognition in swallows

Alvarez Barrea V.; Pearson A.M.; Price J.F.; Gray J.I.; Aust S.D., 1982:
Some factors influencing afla toxin production in fermented sausages

Nishimoto, R.K.; Yip, C.P.; Sweet, R.D., 1978:
Some factors influencing atrazine activity on yellow nut sedge cyperus esculentus var esculentus

Fowler, H.G., 1977:
Some factors influencing colony spacing and survival in the grass cutting ant acromyrmex landolti fracticornis formicidae attini in paraguay

Reagan, T.E.; Rabb, R.L., 1977:
Some factors influencing development behavior and survival of hornworms on post harvest tobacco

Mansour, M.H., 1976:
Some factors influencing egg laying and site of oviposition by aphidoletes aphidimyza diptera cecidomyiidae

Makin, G.S., 1983 :
Some factors influencing hospital mortality in ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms

Miller H.J., 1983:
Some factors influencing immuno fluorescence microscopy as applied in diagnostic phyto bacteriology with regards to erwinia amylovora

Adeneye J.A.; Bamiduro T.A., 1980:
Some factors influencing inter calving periods of imported and home reared holstein cattle in western nigeria

Musch, D.C.; Higgins, I.T.; Landis, J.R., 1985:
Some factors influencing interobserver variation in classifying simple pneumoconiosis

Dixon K.A.; Cade W.H., 1986:
Some factors influencing male male aggression in the field cricket gryllus integer time of day age weight and sexual maturity

Chen, Y.H.; Reeve, E.B., 1977:
Some factors influencing metabolism and distribution of fibrinogen in man and rabbits

Hanlon, R.D.G., 1981:
Some factors influencing microbial growth on soil animal feces 1. bacterial and fungal growth on particulate oak leaf litter

Hanlon, R.D.G., 1981:
Some factors influencing microbial growth on soil animal feces 2. bacterial and fungal growth on soil animal feces

Franta B.; Steinkraus K.H.; Olek A.; Mattick L.R.; Farr D., 1986:
Some factors influencing permeability of cell walls membranes of the osmotolerant yeast saccharomyces rouxii grown in the presence and absence of 18 percent sodium chloride

Selim M.H.; E.D.wany A.I., 1985:
Some factors influencing production of beta galactosidase

Lettl A.; Langkramer O.; Lochman V., 1981:
Some factors influencing production of sulfate by oxidation of elemental sulfur and thio sulfate in upper horizons of spruce forest soils

Kahyo, H.; Doi, T., 1983:
Some factors influencing readings of the birth weight

Mira J.G.; Wescott W.B.; Starcke E.N.; Shannon I.L., 1981:
Some factors influencing salivary function when treating with radio therapy

Harris M.B., 1983:
Some factors influencing selection and naming of pets

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