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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6444

Chapter 6444 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hill, R.D.; Van-Leeuwen, V.; Wilkinson, R.A., 1977:
Some factors influencing the aut oxidation of milks rich in linoleic acid

O'Donovan, M.R., 1982:
Some factors influencing the behavior of BHK 21 Cl 13 cells in soft agar medium

Salez P., 1986:
Some factors influencing the behavior of maize soybean intercrops

Swanepoel C.M., 1980:
Some factors influencing the breeding season of praomys natalensis

Pach, J.; Cholewa, L.; Marek, Z.; Bogusz, M.; Groszek, B., 1978:
Some factors influencing the clinical picture and mortality in acute carbon mon oxide poisoning

Hertel, R.; Kunkel, H., 1977:
Some factors influencing the composition of honeydew of naturally and holidicly fed aphid larvae

Moore, J.W., 1978:
Some factors influencing the density and birth rate of 3 subarctic rotifer populations

Khalifa F.M., 1981:
Some factors influencing the development of sunflower helianthus annuus under dry farming systems in sudan

Deutscher, S., 1973 :
Some factors influencing the distribution of premature death from coronary heart disease in Nova Scotia

Moore J.W., 1979:
Some factors influencing the distribution seasonal abundance and feeding of subarctic chironomidae diptera

Moored, J.W., 1978:
Some factors influencing the diversity and species composition of benthic invertebrate communities in 20 arctic and subarctic lakes

Kustor V.; Novak T., 1980:
Some factors influencing the efficiency of trapping 2 underground beetle species

Marshall A.H.; Naylor R.E.L., 1984:
Some factors influencing the establishment of direct reseeded grass

Tierney T.J.; Taylor W.J.; Bean K.G., 1985:
Some factors influencing the growth of young beef cattle grazing improved pastures in southeast queensland australia

Magyar, T.; Géresi, M.; Solténszky, J.; Réthy, L.A.; Réthy, L., 1983:
Some factors influencing the immunological adjuvant effect of Bordetella bronchiseptica on the immune response to tetanus toxoid

Winlove, C.P.; Parker, K.H.; Ewins, A.R., 1988:
Some factors influencing the interactions of plasma lipoproteins with arterial elastin

L.X.Y.; Chiang Y L., 1982:
Some factors influencing the larval growth of bombyx mori reared on artificial diets

Partono, F.; Idris, K.N., 1977:
Some factors influencing the loss of microfilariae from stained thick blood films

Parkinson, D.; Lyles, G.A.; Browne, B.J.; Callingham, B.A., 1980:
Some factors influencing the metabolism of benzylamine by type a and type b mono amine oxidase ec in rat heart and liver

Robotham, P.W.J., 1978:
Some factors influencing the micro distribution of a population of spined loach cobitis taenia

Colin, G.; Cooney, J.D.; Wiles, D.M., 1976:
Some factors influencing the microbial degradation of poly ethylene

Lambert M.R.K., 1983:
Some factors influencing the moroccan distribution of the western mediterranean spur thighed tortoise testudo graeca graeca and those precluding its survival northwestern europe

O'neill D.J.; Cobb J.S., 1979:
Some factors influencing the outcome of shelter competition in lobsters homarus americanus

Rothschild, G.H.L.; Minks, A.K., 1977:
Some factors influencing the performance of pheromone traps for oriental fruit moth in australia

Nad, B.K.; Goswami, N.N.; Leelavathi, C.R., 1975:
Some factors influencing the phosphorus fixing capacity of indian soils

Hwang J S.; Liu T.M E., 1988:
Some factors influencing the pycnidiospore discharge and longevity of phoma asparagi

Jambhekar S.S.; Breen P.J., 1988:
Some factors influencing the release of drug from nondisintegrating slow release tablets

Davis, R.J.; Kastelanski, W.; Stephens, S.D.G., 1976:
Some factors influencing the results of speech tests of central auditory function

Marais J.F.K., 1985:
Some factors influencing the size of fishes caught in gillnets in eastern cape south africa estuaries

Gribova, Z.P., 1977:
Some factors influencing the stability of epr ii signal and manganese water splitting complex of chloroplasts

Nĕmec, J.; Zamrazil, V.; Pohunkovå, D.; Röhling, S.; Zeman, V., 1986:
Some factors influencing the survival of patients with less advanced stages of differentiated thyroid cancer

Tashiro, H.; Kuhr, R.J., 1978:
Some factors influencing the toxicity of soil applications of chlorpyrifos and diazinon to european chafer grubs

Lipton, W.V.; Goldin, A.S., 1976:
Some factors influencing the uptake of plutonium 239 by pea plants

More T., 1986:
Some factors influencing variations in serum cortisol binding globulin in animals

Donoghue L.R.; Main W.A., 1985:
Some factors influencing wildfire occurrence and measurement of fire prevention effectiveness

Kiphart M.J.; Sjogren D.D.; Cross H.A., 1984:
Some factors involved in complex picture recognition

Ross R.C.; Harris P.J., 1982:
Some factors involved in phase ii of mushroom compost preparation

Bordeu E.; Gil G., 1984:
Some factors limiting berry coloration in cultivar moscatel rosada grapevines vitis vinifera on overhead arbors in the pisco zone

Prew R.D.; Church B.M.; Dewar A.M.; Lacey J.; Magan N.; Penny A.; Plumb R.T.; Thorne G.N.; Todd A.D.; Williams T.D., 1985:
Some factors limiting the growth and yield of winter wheat and their variation in 2 seasons

Tanton T.W., 1979:
Some factors limiting yields of tea camellia sinensis

Boiko N.M.; Bondarenko V.A.; Belous A.M., 1982:
Some factors of avian erythrocyte fusion changes in the state of plasma membrane induced by di methyl sulfoxide and temperature

Ruvinskii A.O.; Perelygin A.A.; Lobkov Y.I.; Belyaev D.K., 1985:
Some factors of formation and maintenance of polymorphic systems in species with cyclic parthenogenesis exemplified by daphnia pulex

Michalicková, J.; Kapellerová, A.; Sulko, M., 1982:
Some factors of local immunity in respiratory diseases

Loban K.M.; Tokmalaev A.K.; Steshakova V.E.; Kochubei T.V.; Cham'yan G.A., 1983:
Some factors of nonspecific resistance in intestinal helminthiasis

Das, Y.T., 1976:
Some factors of resistance to chilo suppressalis in rice varieties

Ivanova Z.Ya, 1979:
Some factors of root formation in shoot cuttings of conifers

Pisev V., 1980:
Some factors of the working environment and the educative production process in the textile vocational school in sofia bulgaria

Vegh I.; Frossard C., 1980:
Some factors of variation of french strains of phytophthora cinnamomi as parasites of ornamental shrubs

Rouvier R.; Vrillon A.; Rousselot Pailley D.; Larrue P., 1982:
Some factors of variation of the weight at 2 months and pre force feeding and force feeding of landaise goose in station

Tyagi J.S.; Tyagi A.K.; Venkitasubramanian T.A., 1981:
Some factors regulating carbon 14 labeled acetate incorporation into afla toxins by spheroplasts and spheroplast lysates from aspergillus parasiticus

Nishizawa, T.; Akaoka, I.; Nishida, Y.; Kawaguchi, Y.; Hayashi, E., 1976:
Some factors related to obesity in the Japanese sumo wrestler

Ramirez V.G.S.; Posso L.L.D.R.; Lascano C., 1986:
Some factors related to the digestibility of the legume desmodium ovalifolium

Ballester, A.; Vieitez, A.M., 1987:
Some factors related with micropropagation of birch

Common I.F.B., 1980:
Some factors responsible for imbalances in the australian fauna of lepidoptera

Leroux J.M., 1979:
Some factors resulting in colonies demise among anomma nigricans formicidae dorylinae in lamto area ivory coast

Wesely, M.L.; Hicks, B.B., 1977:
Some factors that affect the deposition rates of sulfur di oxide and similar gases on vegetation

Durrant, P.M., 1977:
Some factors that affect the distribution of ancylus fluviatilis in the river systems of great britain

Yursinova M., 1987:
Some factors that affect the identification rate of schizophrenia patients

Sinoir, Y., 1968:
Some factors that condition feeding in larvae of the migratory locust locusta migratoria migratorioides orthoptera acrididae i external factors

Villacorta A., 1980:
Some factors that effect seasonal population of perileucoptera coffeella lepidoptera lyonetiidae in the north of parana state londrina brazil

Marais J.F.K., 1988:
Some factors that influence fish abundance in south african estuaries

Pisacreta, R., 1982:
Some factors that influence the acquisition of complex, stereotyped, response sequences in pigeons

Thalmann R.H.; Hershkowitz N., 1985:
Some factors that influence the decrement in the response to gamma aminobutyric acid during its continuous iontophoretic application to hippocampal neurons

Nishita H.; Haug R.M., 1981:
Some factors that influence the extractability of plutonium 239 iv from several clay minerals

Horvath R.; Prohaszka K., 1979:
Some factors that influence the nutrient content of grazing grasses

Romkes, S.C.; Lewis, M.J., 1971:
Some Factors Which Affect Amino Acid Uptake by Saccharomyces carlsbergensis

Zvereva E.L.; Zhemchuzhina A.A., 1988 :
Some factors which affect the fertility of musca domestica l

Birrell H.A., 1981:
Some factors which affect the live weight change and wool growth of adult corriedale wethers grazed at various stocking rates on perennial pasture in southern victoria australia

Buhse, H.E.J. ; Smith, H.E.; Sonkin, D.J.; Fleming, J.J., 1978:
Some factors which affect the maintenance and shape of the cyto pharyngeal pouch in carnivorous forms of tetrahymena vorax

Onim J.F.M., 1981:
Some factors which encourage outcrossing in pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Maruta, K.; Shida, H., 1968:
Some factors which influence prognosis after surgery for advanced neopl gastric cancer human

Sequeros E.; Alonso Bedate M.; Alvarado R., 1987:
Some factors which influence the caudal regeneration of allolobophora molleri rosa annelida oligochaeta

Rice, R.P.J. ; Putnam, A.R., 1977:
Some factors which influence the toxicity of ultra high frequency energy to weed seeds

Devai, I., 1977:
Some facts concerning the operation of a bio mechanical combined oxidation sewage treatment plant

Zayats, R.G., 1978:
Some facts explaining host specificity of helminths

Kiselev, A.K., 1976:
Some facts on the history of oncological research in the usa

Aickin, M., 1984 :
Some fallacies in the computation of paternity probabilities

Birtchnell, J., 1981:
Some familial and clinical characteristics of female suicidal psychiatric patients

Silva P.A.; Sears M.R.; Jones D.T.; Holdaway M.D.; Hewitt C.J.; Flannery E.M.; Williams S., 1987:
Some family social background developmental and behavioral characteristics of nine year old children with asthma

Jansen M.G.M., 1986:
Some faunistic notes about moths from the tidal zone of the wadden zee coast netherlands west germany

Kralicek, M., 1977:
Some faunistically significant findings of lepidoptera on the territory of slovakia czechoslovakia

Kemble E.D.; Thornton A.E.; Schultz L.A., 1987:
Some fear potentiating effects of fluprazine hydrochloride in mice

Mamardashvili A.F., 1986:
Some features distinguishing the structure of the formed elements of the blood of alcoholic patients from that of alcoholized animals

Kuz'mina Z.V.; Sharoukhova K.S.; Murav'eva N.I.; Goncharova M.G.; Molodyk A.A.; Vishnyakova V.V., 1979:
Some features in connection with ovarian cycle hormones in patients with mastopathy and breast cancer

Tsuchida H.; Umemoto T.; Tsugawa H.; Sakata M.; Mizuno S.; Tange M., 1988:
Some features in lipid and fatty acid compositions of the brown rices stored at low temperature for a long time

Bulychev V.V.; Davydovskii V.I.; Bulycheva I.V., 1984:
Some features of acute infectious endocarditis in hospitals of various types

Alekseeva, L.M.; Rudenko, T.V.; Shevlyakova, N.I.; Sivokhina, G.V., 1987:
Some features of adaptation reactions of the dog's body stress under conditions of hypercatecholaminemia

Pustovoitova T.N.; Borodina N.A., 1981:
Some features of adaptive responses of poly ploid plants to soil and atmospheric drought

Samoilov Y.I.; Tarkhova T.N., 1984:
Some features of adaptive strategy of festuca ovina poaceae in the lichen pine forest

Spiegel, H.E.; Wainio, W.W., 1969:
Some features of barbiturate interaction and inhibition of enz nadh cytochrome c oxido reductase in respiring systems beef heart mitochondria

Raposa, S.; Fox, M.S., 1987:
Some features of base pair mismatch and heterology repair in Escherichia coli

Ifantidis M.D., 1988:
Some features of beekeeping in ancient and modern greece

Polezhaev E.F.; Kotlyarskii A.M.; Epikhin V.A., 1980:
Some features of bin ocular fixation during discernment and recognition of objects

Berman, A.E.; Gornaeva, N.P.; Mazurov, V.I., 1978:
Some features of biospecific chromatography of poly adenylic acid containing rna on poly uridylic acid sepharose

Koryakin A.S., 1982:
Some features of bird behavior in broods of common eider somateria mollissima

Lawson G.H.K.; Leaver J.L.; Pettigrew G.W.; Rowland A.C., 1981:
Some features of campylobacter sputorum ssp mucosalis new subspecies revised name and their taxonomic significance

Naumov A.V.; Nefedov L.I.; Ostrovskii Y.M., 1982:
Some features of carbon 14 labeled leucine exchange in rat liver under acute oxy thiamin avitaminosis

Gamaleya N.B., 1981:
Some features of catecholamine metabolism in patients with paranoid and simple schizophrenia

Rom Bugoslavskaya E.S.; Kharag G.I., 1981:
Some features of catecholamine metabolism in thyro toxicosis

Desnitskii A.G., 1984:
Some features of cell divisions regulation in volvox spp

Kipriyanova N.V.; Kartashov V.M., 1985:
Some features of central lung cancer detected using overall fluorography

Misionzhnik E.Yu; Vertogradova O.P.; Krasnov V.N.; Salenko B.B., 1981:
Some features of changes in adrenergic and serotoninergic indices in depressive states

Malyukina G.A.; Marusov E.A.; Karpov A.K., 1983:
Some features of chemical signalization in white sea coastal cod gadus morhua marisalbi gadidae

Romashkevich A.I.; Bystritskaya T.L., 1982:
Some features of chernozem micro structure and genesis

Khodasevich E.V.; Arnautova A.I.; Gvardiyan V.N., 1980:
Some features of chlorophyll a and b regeneration in yellowing conifers

Androshchuk A.F., 1986:
Some features of chromosome spatial organization in the reduction division of vicia species

Abulov M.Kh; Reisner A.A.; Shabashova N.I.; Gogodze A.V.; Erdynieva L.S., 1984:
Some features of chronic ischemic pancreatitis

Gogolishvili Z.A., 1981:
Some features of citrus anthracnose development in the subtropics of the georgian ssr ussr

Kolygin B.A.; Chekharina E.A., 1981:
Some features of clinical manifestations of lympho granulomatosis in children and adults

Erasmus, J.A.; Brand, P.A.; Galbraith, M.M., 1987:
Some features of coagulase positive staphylococci from bovine milk. II. Comparison of conventional techniques and the API Staph system

Mason, J.C., 1976:
Some features of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch fry emerging from simulated redds and concurrent changes in photo behavior

Edelin C., 1981:
Some features of conifer vegetative architecture

Komissarova, N.V.; Gomazkov, O.A., 1976:
Some features of contact activation of the kallikrein and plasmin systems of rabbit blood

Samoilov M.O.; Semenov D.G.; Yarantsev N.G., 1982:
Some features of cortical pyramidal neuron responses to cessation of oxygen supply under the cyclic amp effect

Avetisyan V.E., 1980:
Some features of cruciferae brassicaceae distribution in relation to their evolution

Elenevskii A.G., 1984 :
Some features of cuban flora

Solntseva, T.I.; Belousova, A.K., 1977:
Some features of cyclic amp metabolism in mouse liver and hepatoma 22

Bogdanov V.A.; Smetanin B.N., 1986:
Some features of cyclic motor control

Ke, S.R., 1987:
Some features of diarrheal diseases in Heilongjiang Province, China

Levitskii E.L., 1982:
Some features of dna replication in adult and aged rat tissues

Hanausek-Walaszek, M.; Michalska, J.; Chorazy, M., 1976:
Some features of dna ribosomal rna hybrids in the rat

Archegova I.B., 1982:
Some features of eastern european tundra soils as revealed by lysimetric studies

Burov Y.V.; Kampov Polevoi A.B.; Kaminka L.N., 1983:
Some features of emotional behavior of animals with expressed alcoholic motivation

Kavtiashvili K.G., 1981:
Some features of energy metabolism in the liver of cancer bearing mice

Golovenko N.Ya; Kolomeichenko G.Yu; Ponomarenko V.V., 1979:
Some features of enzymatic dehydration of tetra hydro 1 4 benzdiazepin 2 one

Postnov-Yu, V.; Reznikova, M.B., 1978:
Some features of epinephrine lipolysis in the adipose tissue of rats with spontaneous and renal hypertension

Dovedova E.L., 1980:
Some features of exchange in sub cellular fractions of the motor cortex under restoration of visual impulsation

Roshchin A.M.; Chepurnov V.A., 1985:
Some features of feeding and development of two benthic harpacticoid species in benthic diatom cultures

Kersting, K., 1978:
Some features of feeding respiration and energy conversion of daphnia magna

Vykhodtseva N.I.; Adrianov O.S.; Konopatskaya I.I.; Solontsova L.V., 1985:
Some features of formation of local lesion foci produced by focused ultrasound in cerebral tissues

Mironov K.A., 1981:
Some features of fruit bearing in wild species of the family vacciniaceae in gorki oblast russian sfsr ussr

Kononenko A.A.; Derkach V.V., 1980:
Some features of general and cerebral hemodynamics in mathematicians programmers

Dzhgamadze N.O.; Gelbakhani G.P., 1984:
Some features of glomerular filtration and azotemia in patients with chronic cardiac insufficiency

Rabinovich P.D.; Gerasimovich A.I., 1985:
Some features of glycosaminoglycans secretion in patients with chronic peptic ulcer of the duodenum and in their relatives

Kupriyanova, E.S.; Aksenova, A.S., 1977:
Some features of gonotrophic harmony in the mosquito culex pipiens

Kolesnik Y.A.; Timofeeva A.A., 1980:
Some features of growth nutrition and production of fur seal callorhinus ursinus cubs of tyuleny island russian sfsr ussr

Babashev B.S.; Mustafaev A.M.; Khalilov D.Sh, 1981:
Some features of hematogenic osteo myelitis in children

Volynets A.P.; Tkhon Z.K., 1981:
Some features of herbicide action on the content and composition of kinin like substances in lupine plants

Loidl J., 1983:
Some features of hetero chromatin in wild allium species

Sivolap Y.M.; Tikhonov P.S., 1984:
Some features of hordein biosynthesis and accumulation in barley hordeum vulgare endosperm

Weisfeld G.E.; Berger J.M., 1983:
Some features of human adolescence viewed in evolutionary perspective

Mazuran R.; Silobrcic V.; Dekaris D., 1980:
Some features of human monocyte spreading in vitro

Glushko T.A.; Markova O.P., 1980:
Some features of human peripheral blood leukocyte proliferation in cultures with various cryoprotectors

Motina L.I.; Borisova V.N.; Nakhapetyan L.A., 1984:
Some features of immobilization of acidic proteinase from aspergillus awamori

Volegov A.I.; Ivanov A.A.; Murav'eva L.I.; Pirson F.V.; Shchitkov K.G., 1980:
Some features of immune response in the tumoral process

Obrosova-Serova, N.P.; Isachenko, V.I.; Cheshik, S.G.; Arslan, R.; Dordzh, A.; Altanguyag, S.; Khishigdorzh, A.; Kupul-Zh, 1977 :
Some features of influenza outbreak in ulan bator in 1974

Chikatunov V.I., 1979:
Some features of insect daily activity in the highlands of the tadzhik ssr ussr

Verin A.D.; Barskaya N.V.; Gusev N.B., 1984:
Some features of interaction between troponin t and troponin c from skeletal and cardiac muscles

Gorshkov, S.A., 1988:
Some features of intraspecies structure in pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha salmoniformes salmonidae 2. morphobiological variability and spatial isolation of spawning groups

Mozhaeva G.N.; Naumov A.P.; Nosyreva E.D., 1980:
Some features of kinetic and steady state characteristics of aconitine modified sodium channels

Konchin V.V., 1982:
Some features of larva gas exchange of fresh water fish species with varying ecology under isolation and grouping

Smirnov K.V.; Nesterenko V.S.; Medkova I.L.; Koroleva L.V., 1982:
Some features of lipid hydrolysis and absorption in restricted rats

Oleinikova E.N.; Shendereva T.S., 1980:
Some features of lympho granulomatosis morphology

Andreeva I.N.; Moskalenko L.N.; Knyazeva V.L., 1985:
Some features of lysogenic cultures of rhizobium japonicum

Stolyarov M.V.; Goderdzishvili G.Sh; Khachaturova E.A., 1981:
Some features of maize arthropoda community of the eastern georgian ssr ussr

Kuykendall, L.D.; Elkan, G.H., 1977:
Some features of mannitol metabolism in Rhizobium japonicum

Hattori H., 1984:
Some features of masking of tinnitus by sound

Plotnikov V.K.; Ryadchikov V.G.; Bukreeva G.I.; Lebedev A.V., 1983:
Some features of messenger rna population in opaque 2 maize maturing endosperm

Petrovets I.U.; Kogan E.S.; Miroshnichenko G.T., 1984:
Some features of metabolic processes in replacement lambs as they depend on weaning time and food intake level

Babaev D.; Azimova R.M.; Kurakova T.I.; Eremeeva O.E., 1984:
Some features of metabolism in fine fibered cotton in connection with its wilt resistance

Teslinova N.A.; Sultanova S.T.; Kayumov Kh; Khasanov O., 1981:
Some features of microbiological processes under alfalfa depending on hoeing depth and fertilizer application in layers

Oreshkin N.G., 1979:
Some features of mineral nutrition of pine growing on stony soils in the kazakh highland kazakh ssr ussr

Kheruvimov V.D., 1984:
Some features of moose winter feeding

Martynov, L.A.; Sokolov, A.K.; Yazykov, A.A.; Zubarev, T.N., 1974:
Some features of morphogenesis in Acetabularia mediterranea

Butova G.P.; Tabatskaya T.M., 1981:
Some features of morphogenesis in populus balsamifera callus cultures

Levchenkova, V.D.; Semenova, K.A.; Derevyagin, V.I., 1987:
Some features of morphological changes in the brain of newborns with intrauterine and birth injury of the central nervous system

Mizuma, N.; Kikuchi, T.; Ishida, M.R.; Matsubara, T., 1976:
Some features of mutator genes mutt muts and mutl in escherichia coli k 12

Voronova, L.D.; Evgenov, D.N.; Kuznetsova, T.G.; Shilova, S.A., 1978:
Some features of nest behavior of wheatears oenanthe isabellina following treatment of nests with an iodo phenphos pesticide

Kerimova A.Sh; Fatalieva S.M., 1985:
Some features of nitrogen metabolism in fodder plants in shirvan azerbaijan ssr ussr

Platonov O.M.; Lisitsa E.G., 1980:
Some features of nuclear genome transcription at early stages of liver regeneration nuclear dna like rna complementary to unique and repeating sequences of dna

Prima V.I.; Lisitsa E.G.; Platonov O.M., 1982:
Some features of nuclear genome transcription at early steps of liver regeneration expression of dna fractions with different repeating sequence frequencies

Sharkevich I.N.; Omel'chenko E.A., 1983:
Some features of nucleic acid and protein synthesis in the prostate of castrated rabbits after separate and successive testosterone and 5 alpha di hydro testosterone injections

Reznikova S.A.; Pogorel'skaya A.N.; Kireeva S.A.; Pyzhov V.Kh, 1982:
Some features of nucleic and protein metabolism in lily anthers

Avetisov, E.S.; Savitskaya, N.F., 1977:
Some features of ocular micro circulation in myopia

Garibova L.V.; Darakov O.B.; Chandra A., 1985:
Some features of ontogeny of fruiting bodies in species of the genus agaricus

Hadidy S.; Shammaa M.Z.; Kharma A., 1987:
Some features of pediatric urolithiasis in a group of syrian children

Gorbachev V.N.; Popova E.P., 1984:
Some features of pedogenesis on loess like loams in central siberia southern taiga ussr

Polupan N.I.; Nesterenko A.F., 1982:
Some features of pedogenesis under irrigation in the south ukrainian ssr ussr

Lobanov A.I., 1980:
Some features of phenological development of trees and shrubs in khamar daban range buryat assr russian sfsr ussr

Simakov Y.G., 1982:
Some features of philodina roseola reproduction and prospects for their utilization in bio testing

Kaufman B.Z., 1984:
Some features of photopreferendum and thermopreferendum behavior in planarians dugesia lugubris and dugesia tigrina

Snakin V.V., 1985:
Some features of physicochemical processes in swampy soils in the area of baikal amur railroad russian sfsr ussr

Kataev O.A.; Golutvin G.I., 1979:
Some features of pine and spruce plantings as an environment for reproduction of trunk infesting insects

Tarakanova G.A.; Gudskov N.L.; Vinnikova N.V., 1979:
Some features of primary metabolism and accumulation of diosgenin in dioscorea deltoidea cell cultures

Mel'nikova N.N., 1984:
Some features of protein composition of ribosomes separated from granular membranes of rat liver endoplasmic reticulum

Volkov V.S.; Tsikulin A.E., 1985:
Some features of psychosomatic correlations in patients with hypertension

Chizhevich, E.P.; Shukolyukov, S.A.; Tyurin, V.A.; Mitsner, B.I.; Sokolova, N.A., 1978:
Some features of rhod opsin regeneration process in the presence of exogenous 11 cis retinal in marine bony fishes

Hualiang H.; Wang S.; Shang F.; Chen A.; Wang Z., 1980:
Some features of rna synthesis in macrophages

Fleuriet A.; Vazeille M.C., 1981:
Some features of samples of the hereditary rhabdovirus sigma collected in natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

Sleptsova N.P., 1984:
Some features of segetal vegetation in the central yakutsk assr russian sfsr ussr

Williams, J.R., 1977:
Some features of sex linked hyper parasitism in aphelinidae hymenoptera

Abrukova V.V.; Manucharov A.S., 1985:
Some features of soil deformation in rheologic studies

Lobova E.V., 1981:
Some features of soil formation in arid zones of the world

Fridland E.V., 1982:
Some features of soil lipids as related to ecological conditions

Shershnev A.P.; Rudnev V.A.; Belobrzheskii V.A., 1985:
Some features of spawning migration of the pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha salmonidae from the northeastern coast of sakhalin russian sfsr ussr

Soin S.G.; Zyuganov V.V., 1979:
Some features of spermatozoid activity and egg fertilizability in intraspecific forms of the white sea three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus in water of varying salinity

Bilyavs'ka N.O., 1982:
Some features of statocyte ultrastructure in the root cap of pea shoots

Timonin A.K., 1984:
Some features of stem pubescence of amaranthus species in connection with their diagnosis

Borisovskaya G.M.; Khitun O.V., 1986:
Some features of structural adaptation of boreal plants to arctic conditions

Rybin, I.A.; Sergeeva, A.N.; Muromtseva, G.A., 1980:
Some features of subjective brightness scales

Shilova S.A.; Derviz N.V.; Shilov A.I.; Shchipanov N.A.; Marova I.M.; Pozhariskii D.V., 1983:
Some features of territorial distribution and behavior in meriones meridianus rodentia cricetidae under the conditions changed by anthropogenic effect

Chkhenkeli S.A., 1980:
Some features of the activity of human limbic epileptic foci

Daniels, M.J., 1971:
Some features of the bacterial membrane studied with the aid of a new fractionation technique

Herring P.J., 1979:
Some features of the bio luminescence of the radiolarian thalassicolla sp

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Some features of the biology of aedes communis diptera culicidae

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Some features of the biology of the edible fungus stropharia rugosoannulata far. ex murr. new for mushroom growing in the ussr

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Some features of the blood supply of the cerebral cortex in cat

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Some features of the clinical course of a penetrating duodenal ulcer with pyloric stenosis

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Some features of the clinical picture of a disease with involvement of the spinal cord

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Some features of the clinical use of hemo sorption in surgical patients

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Some features of the combined drug effect on the development of immediate type allergy

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Some features of the course of peritonitis in oncological patients

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Some features of the cultivated community of dunaliella spp and bacteria

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Some features of the culture of potato callus protoplasts

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Some features of the date plum diospyros lotus on apsheron azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Some features of the defensive activity of a cell in bronchial asthma

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Some features of the degeneration of nucellus cells

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Some features of the development of experimental allergic contact dermatitis

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Some features of the development of fruit bodies in galeropsis desertorum vel. et dvor. podaxales basidiomycetes

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Some features of the development of highly differentiated thyroid tumors

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Some features of the distribution and behavior of diplospinus multistriatus in the southeastern atlantic

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Some features of the distribution of the bivalve mollusks of the white sea

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Some features of the ecogenesis of the molluscan fauna of the solenovski horizon ussr

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Some features of the ecology of amphipods and pycnogonids from an island in the north adriatic

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Some features of the ecology of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus in cuba

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Some features of the ecology of fleas inhabiting the nests of the european suslik citellus citellus l. ii. the influence of mesostigmatid mites on fleas

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Some features of the ecology of fleas inhabiting the nests of the suslik (Citellus citellus (L.)). I: Population dynamics, sex ratio, feeding, reproduction

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Some features of the ecology of sprouts and juvenile plants of athyrium filix femina and dryopteris filix mas in the mixed coniferous broad leaved forests of moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Some features of the effect of an electric field on fish

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Some features of the effect of nitro glycerin on hemodynamics

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Some features of the etiological structure of viral hepatitis in children detected by radioimmunoassay

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Some features of the evolution of the stamen and perianth parts in angiosperms

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Some features of the favorable dynamics of obsessive fears that originate in childhood

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Some features of the flora of benthic algae of franz josef land russian sfsr ussr

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Some features of the flora of the high altitudes of the central caucasus ardon river basin ussr

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Some features of the formation of stomatal apparatus in a case of their polymorphism in dicotyledons

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Some features of the formation of the trace element composition of mollusks in aquaculture

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Some features of the functional activity of the cardio vascular function and adaptive anti hypoxic mechanisms in keyboard computer operators during the work shift

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Some features of the geochemistry of iron in soils of the southern taiga subzone ussr

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Some features of the growth of fish at variable temperatures

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Some features of the heat stability of concentrated milk part 4 the effect of the alpha s 2 caseins on the heat stability

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Some features of the higher nervous activity in the ground squirrel citellus fulvus during active season

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Some features of the hormonal regulation of glycemia in rats with varying alcoholic motivation

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Some features of the humus accumulation mechanism in a soddy podzolic loamy sandy soil as related to liming and fertilization

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Some features of the hygienic interpretation of toxicometric parameters comments on the article of e i lyublina and m i mikheev

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Some features of the infection of invasion passerine species with blood protozoa

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Some features of the inheritance of avenins, the alcohol soluble proteins of oat

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Some features of the initial manifestations of alzheimer's disease

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Some features of the initial stages of the morphogenesis of the reproductive system of paradiplozoon rutili monogenea diplozoidae

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Some features of the interaction of polyaldehydes with amines

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Some features of the intracellular metabolism and functional properties of lymphocytes in reactive and tumor conditions of the lymphoid system

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Some features of the lysine transport into the cells of corynebacterium glutamicum and its lysine producing mutants

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Some features of the mechanism of action of copper ii complexes with alpha amino acids

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Some features of the mineral soil composition of the transural forest steppe ussr

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Some features of the modern history of flora and vegetation of the southern part of the far east

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Some features of the moisture transfer simulation experiments in the soils and sediments of the aeration zone

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Some features of the nervous system in proseriata turbellaria

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Some features of the occurrence and development of rat tumors depending on age and nature of exposure to strontium 90

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Some features of the pathogenesis of inflammation and healing of wounds

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Some features of the periodic motor activity of the upper gastrointestinal tract in peptic ulcer and chronic pancreatitis

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Some features of the pharmacological action of piracetam

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Some features of the photochemical activity of chloroplasts in the upper leaves of wheat and its allocytoplasmic hybrids at the tillering and flowering stages

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Some features of the physiological effect of the retardant sodium 2 3 dichloroisobutyrate

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Some features of the radiational heat state of the desert plant canopy

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Some features of the reaction of intra cellular bacterio phage t 1 to uv irradiation

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Some features of the reactivity of peripheral arteries at various stages of tumor growth

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Some features of the reflex reaction to tension in spinal cord trauma

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Some features of the regulation of the free amino acids in adult calliphora erythrocephala

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Some features of the southern aral regional soil salinity as related to the decrease of the aral sea level

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Some features of the spatial distribution of the antarctic krill aggregations

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Some features of the stratigraphy of bogs of middle mountain khabar daban russian sfsr ussr

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Some features of the structure of elementary bodies in the l forms of bacteria

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Some features of the total and mobile phosphorus content in buryat soils russian sfsr ussr

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Some features of the ultrafine morphology of lobaria pulmonaria stictaceae

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Some features of the ultrastructural organization of glial cells of the ventromedial nucleus and lateral hypothalamus of the cat

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Some features of the vital morphology and bio electrical activity of a single bushy receptor

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Some features of the water salt regimen of soils on the transvolga high syrts ussr

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Some features of thermal adaptation in small laboratory animals

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Some features of thrombo elastogram indices of arterial and venous blood in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

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Some features of toxic effect of nonionic surfactant laurox 9 on daphnia magna

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Some features of transfusional therapeutics in shock and related states

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Some features of tumor cell ultrastructure

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Some features of vascular growth in vitro

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Some feeding characteristics of nycto epi pelagic and meso pelagic lanternfish pisces myctophidae juveniles

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Some feeding regularities in sagitta enflata

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Some fertilizer experiments with kenaf hibiscus cannabinus in ghana part 1 preliminary studies on the effects of different levels of nitrogen on the growth and fiber yield of kenaf

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Some fibrinolytic properties of the human artery and vein walls

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Some field and laboratory studies on colloid producing red algae in central california usa

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Some field measurements concerned with the behavior of resistance coefficients in a tidal channel

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Some field observations on nuytsia floribunda

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Some field techniques used in a study of tauranga harbor

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Some filamentous fungi associated with urediniospores of uromyces viciae fabae pers. schroet. and their effect on the urediniospores

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Some financial and natural resource management aspects of commercial cultivation of irrigated eucalyptus in gujarat india

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Some findings of the cytochemistry of the thyroid follicle epithelial cell in rats and mice

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Some findings on diencephalon inflammation in human and canine goiter

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Some findings on the physical status and body types in japanese viewed from the report of the survey on the physical status in japanese

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Some findings on the viability of skin grafts

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Some fine points of microsporum praecox

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Some fine structural observations on developing and mature sieve elements in the brown alga laminaria saccharina

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Some fine structural observations on the rhizome of dendroligotrichum dendroides bryophyta

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Some finnish ascomycetes

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Some fishery options for food supply increase in the caribbean atlantic

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Some fishes from the jordanian coast of the gulf of aqaba

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Some flavonoid components of carmichaelia papilionaceae a chemo taxonomic survey

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Some flavonoid compounds in date seeds

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Some flavoring constituents of cassava and of processed cassava products

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Some flavoring constituents of fermented fish sauces

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Some fleas siphonaptera of interest in the bolton museum england uk

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Some flies of the male karpaty czechoslovakia diptera brachycera

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Some flora features of the southern portion of the tisza river region yugoslavia

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Some floristic finds in the western part of the taimyr peninsula ussr

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Some flow cyto fluorometric studies of the nuclear ploidy of mouse hepatocytes 3. further observations on early changes in nuclear ploidy of mouse hepatocytes following various experimental procedures

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Some foliage nutrient levels in tree and brush species growing on pumice soils in central oregon usa

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Some foliicolous fungi part 3

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Some foliicolous lichens collected on reunion island africa indian ocean

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Some forest groupings from lebanon

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Some forgotten discomycete combinations

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Some formal consequences of a specific association between double stranded nucleic acid molecules properties of multi stranded structures

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Some formal criteria of goodness of ratios as indices of shape

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Some formation regularities in sphagnum moss turf

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Some forms goal directed behavior in induced changes of endogenous beta endorphin level in rats

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Some forms of adaptation to extreme effects in the blood system

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Some forms of bacillus mesentericus 4. their plasmid content

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Some forms of generalization in dogs

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Some fossil insects from the tedori group upper jurassic lower cretaceous japan

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Some fossil leaves from the siwalik group

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Some fossil lutrine limb bones from the quaternary of alghero sardinia italy

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Some fossil plants from early jurassic in western hubei south china with the relative problem between fossil plants and coal bearing

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Some fossil plants of thinnfeldia from the jiuligang formation in jingmen dangyang basin western hubei china

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Some fossil woods from the paleogene of northern kyushu japan 2

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Some fossil woods from the paleogene of northern kyushu japan 3

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Some fossil woods from the southwestern france

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Some fossil woods from the upper triassic nariwa and mine groups the inner zone of southwest japan

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Some freeze etched aspects of vaccinia virus in the process of development

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Some frequency rhythmical characteristics of cardiac activity during short term mental exertion

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Some frequent diseases of the teeth and alveolar extension of the jaw of dogs x ray diagnosis and statistical evaluation

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Some fresh water algae from ziarat baluchistan pakistan

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Some fresh water algae of french guiana

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Some fresh water algae of guinea

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Some fresh water and brackish water species of the diatom genus thalassiosira

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Some fresh water ascomycetes from japan

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Some fresh water chlorophyta from the bool lagoon system in southeastern south australia australia

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Some fresh water oligochaeta from bombay city india and environs

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Some fresh water oligochaeta from kashmir india

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Some fresh water oligochaeta of nagpur india

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Some fresh water ostracodes from north and central iran

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Some fresh water ostracods crustacea ostracoda from hoboken polder including potamocypris unicaudata new record and potamocypris smaragdina new record 2 new species for the belgian fauna

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Some freshwater ostracoda from esmeralda formation neogene of western nevada usa

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Some fructifications of calamitaceae arthrophytes from the sarre lorraine coalfield france organization sporae in situ

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Some fumigant properties of hexamethyl di stannane against stored products insects

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Some functional and structural properties of bufo paracnemis and pipa pipa hemo globins

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Some functional aspects of dynamic systems controlling mental activity in the human brain

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Some functional aspects of the ultrastructure of rat pinealocytes

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Some functional aspects of the wing chemo sensilla in phormia regina diptera calliphoridae

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Some functional changes in experimentally induced cardiac overload

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Some functional characteristics of kidneys in rodents naturally adapted to high water intake

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Some functional characteristics of mammalian enolase isoenzymes

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Some functional connections of the neurons which control walking in the cockroach periplaneta americana

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Some functional consequences of partial hepatectomy in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Some functional disturbances in female field crop growers

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Some functional features of contralateral and ipsilateral terminals of callosal neurons in the cerebral cortex

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Some functional features of supraoptic hypothalamic neurons in rats

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Some functional measurement procedures for determining the psycho physical law

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Some functional methods of diagnosing thyroid cancer

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Some functional peculiarities of the udder of buffalo cows crosses between the local bulgarian buffalo and the murra buffalo breed

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Some functional properties of pea pisum sativum cultivar victoria and soybean protein preparations

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Some functional properties of the ribo nucleo protein nucleoplasmic antigen

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Some functional psychosomatic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

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Some fundamental aspects of the bio mechanics of overground vs. treadmill loco motion

Bugnon F., 1980:
Some fundamental aspects of the foliar organogenesis of a palm washingtonia filifera

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Some fundamental aspects of the formation stability and failure of mole drainage channels

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Some fundamental problems of the study of higher nervous activity

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Some fundamental relationships between genetic and genotypic multiplicity in di ploid populations

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Some fundamental studies on the measurement of radioactivity of tritium or carbon 14 labeled substances

Bereau M., 1981:
Some fungal and bacterial diseases of tropical forage grasses in french guyana

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Some fungal infestations of dried fishes in cochin india markets

Gaertner A., 1979:
Some fungal parasites found in the diatom populations of the ros fjord area southern norway during march 1979

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Some fungal symbionts of ectotrophic mycorrhizae of pines in south africa

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Some fungi associated with collembola

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Some fungi in the forest soils of newfoundland

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Some fungi new for cuba

Thaung M.M., 1984:
Some fungi of cercospora complex from burma

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Some fungi of the belvedere area in the bolognese apennines italy

Lucas M.T.; Sequeira M.; Dias M.R.S.D., 1979:
Some fungi on sugar beet beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris var altissima in portugal

Papp L., 1979:
Some fungivorous species of sphaeroceridae and drosophilidae diptera from karelia ussr

S.E.Melo M.T.; Averbeck D.; Bensasson R.V.; Land E.J.; Salet C., 1979:
Some furocoumarins and analogs comparison of triplet properties in solution with photobiological activities in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gupta J.P.; Panigraphy K.K., 1983:
Some further additions to the list of indian fauna of drosophilidae

Cerva, L., 1978:
Some further characteristics of the growth of naegleria fowleri and naegleria gruberi in axenic culture

Kaul P.N.; Kesavan Nair A.K., 1984:
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Some historical biogeographic problems connected with the himalayas on the basis of the dendrophilous avifauna

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Some historical data bearing on the pine barrens tree frog hyla andersoni in south carolina usa

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Some historical data on follow up care development

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Some historical notes on the presence of the holotype of cychrus cylindricollis in the collections of the museum of natural history of genoa italy coleoptera carabidae cychrini

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Some homeostatic renal functions in the hypertensive and nephrotic syndromes of chronic functionally compensated glomerulonephritis

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Some hormone concentrations in milk of cows with different behavior

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Some hybrids from the genus chenopodium l

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Some hydnoid basidiomycetes from the amazon region brazil

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Some hydrolyzing enzymes especially arginine amidase in plerocercoids of spirometra erinacei cestoda diphyllobothriidae

Fukase T.; Matsuda Y.; Akihama S.; Itagaki H., 1986:
Some hydrolyzing enzymes especially leucine amidases in adult spirometra erinacei cestoda diphyllobothriidae

Briggs, L.H.; Cambie, R.C.; Dean, I.C.; Rutledge, P.S., 1976:
Some hydroxy amidines and amidoximes

Saxena, P.K., 1978:
Some hydroxy steroid dehydrogenases in the growing ovarian follicles of green frog rana esculenta

Fuertes Jesus G.; Martinez Valladares M.; Diaz Padron H.; Cabrerra Cruz N., 1986:
Some hygienic and epidemiological considerations in the nickel industry in cuba

Marei A.N., 1981:
Some hygienic aspects of atomic power engineering

Murokh V.I.; Skvarada U.I., 1981:
Some hygienic aspects of environmental protection in the vicinity of a phenol formaldehyde resin processing plant

Belyaev I.I.; Gracheva M.P.; Baranov E.M.; Bez'yazykova A.N., 1984:
Some hygienic aspects of the problem of utilization and neutralization of organic synthesis waste products

Belyaev I.I.; Minkh A.A., 1984:
Some hygienic aspects of the protection of the internal environment of the body

Vafakulov, B.Kh, 1977:
Some hygienic problems of the prophylaxis of intestinal infections in the kashka darya oblast of the uzbek ssr

Paderova, V.P., 1975:
Some hygienic problems related to the use of herbicides of the 2 4 d group

Candusso M.; Rebaudengo E., 1987:
Some hygrocybe species of primiero italy

Katumoto, K., 1976:
Some hyper parasitic fungi on the black mildews from japan

Morinaga, T.; Katayama, F.; Minoura, K., 1977:
Some hyphomycetes isolated from soil of nepal

Van Oorschot C.A.N.; D.H.og G.S., 1984:
Some hyphomycetes with thallic conidia

Busetta, B.; Courselle, C.; Precigoux, G.; Hospital, M., 1977:
Some hypotheses about interactions between estrogen and androgen and their possible receptors

Kozma C.; Zuckerman M., 1983:
Some hypotheses concerning rape and murder

Ostrom, J.H., 1976:
Some hypothetical anatomical stages in the evolution of avian flight

Engel H.; Hanff B., 1985:
Some hysteriaceae sensu stricto and lophiaceae findings in northwest upper franconia west germany

Pace R., 1983:
Some iberian and maghrebian species of the genus meotica

Renoux, A., 1976:
Some ideas about atmospheric pollution

Dziuban C.D.; Sciortino P.T., 1983 :
Some images of a primary screening device

Howell J.O.; Tippins H.H., 1981:
Some immature stages of 2 species of protodiaspis

Schnitzer J.; Kim S.U.; Schachner M., 1984:
Some immature tetanus toxin positive cells share antigenic properties with subclasses of glial cells an immunofluorescence study in the developing nervous system of the mouse using a new monoclonal antibody s 1

Søndergård, T.; Paulsen, P.K., 1984:
Some immediate hemodynamic consequences of closure of atrial septal defects of the secundum type

Tumol'skaya N.I.; Zbarskii A.I.; Kudryashova N.M., 1983:
Some immune indices in patients with echinococcosis and alveococcosis as they depend on the features of the clinical course of the disease

Cabaj, W., 1986:
Some immune reactions in conventional and germ free mice in the course of trichinella spiralis infection ii. cytochemical and histochemical studies

Cabaj, W., 1986:
Some immune reactions in conventional and germ free mice in the course of trichinella spiralis infection iii. attempts to transfer immunity

Tuboly, S.; Glávits, R.; Medveczky, I., 1988:
Some immune reactions induced in pigs by an attenuated Aujeszky's disease vaccine

Belokrinitskii D.V.; Karpovich L.G.; Barinskii I.F.; Bukovskaya S.N.; Smenova T.B.; Shelepin A.A.; Posevaya T.A.; Davydova A.A., 1987:
Some immune status indices in patients with recurrent herpes treated with herpes polyvaccine

Kalugina G.V.; Klushantseva M.S.; Anikeeva L.F.; Zherdeva S.A.; Krupatkin A.I., 1985:
Some immunity parameters in adult patients with chronic pyelonephritis

Macak, J., 1978:
Some immuno fluorescent methods for the examination of auto immune liver diseases

Gelenko A.M., 1979:
Some immuno morphological tests of cellular immunity in patients with lympho granulomatosis

Solleveld H.A.; Coolen J.; Hollander C.F.; Zurcher C., 1981:
Some immuno pathological aspects of aged praomys natalensis

Derks J.P.A.; Pearson P.L., 1983:
Some immunochemical aspects of huntingtons disease brain extracts

Koj, A.; Wasylewski, Z.; Dubin, A.; Gauldie, J., 1980:
Some immunochemical properties of bovine and rat rhodanese thio sulfate sulfur transferase ec

Rosei, M.A.; Citro, G.; D'Erme, M.; Finazzi-Agrò, A., 1984:
Some immunochemical properties of pig kidney DOPA decarboxylase

Chen R.W.; Whanger P.D., 1980:
Some immunochemical properties of rat liver and kidney metallo thioneins

Rogers M.J.; Law L.W., 1981:
Some immunogenic and biochemical properties of tumor associated transplantation antigens obtained in soluble form or solubilized from 2 methyl cholanthrene induced sarcomas meth a and ci 4

Zhangabylov A.K.; Zhaksylykova R.D., 1981:
Some immunologic characteristics of blood serum in patients with chronic hepatitis and their dynamics due to the effect of the diet including dairy products

Babusíková, O.; Hrivnáková, A.; Chorváth, B.; Duraj, J.; Horák, I.; Ujházy, P., 1982:
Some immunological and biochemical markers in chronic lymphatic leukemia patients

Andrews R.B.; Dunn C.B.R.; Jolly J.; Jones J.B.; Lange R.D., 1979:
Some immunological and hematological aspects of human cyclic neutropenia

Mikheeva, G.A.; Sereda, E.V.; Fokina, T.V., 1976:
Some immunological aspects of a number of hereditary and congenital diseases of the broncho pulmonary system

Agakhanyan A.G.; Khudaverdyan S.K.; Abovyan M.S.; Dolyan G.G.; Drampyan T.S., 1984:
Some immunological aspects of infertility in women with hyperandrogenemia

Eid A.M.; Issa H.; Deif A.I., 1980:
Some immunological aspects of staphylococcal hematogenous osteo myelitis

Durmishidze N.S., 1981:
Some immunological changes in cardiac insufficiency

Molotkov V.N.; Kogosova L.S.; Yukhno N.I.; Kurnaya L.F., 1982:
Some immunological criteria of differential diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis and protracted pneumonia

Gennarini, G.; Iannelli, D.; Gombos, G.; Di-Benedetta, C., 1977:
Some immunological determinants of concanavalin a positive glyco proteins of rat brain/

Chen, D.M.; D.S.bato, G.; Field, L.; Gallo, A.A.; Harshman, S., 1977:
Some immunological effects of penicillamine

Richter, J.; Král, V.; Duchková, H.; Kubíková, M., 1980:
Some immunological findings in malignant melanoma

Dvorakova M.; Zvolsky P.; Jandova A., 1985:
Some immunological findings in the parents of schizophrenic patients a preliminary report

Barkov V.A.; Tsyplenkov V.S., 1984:
Some immunological indicators and blood serum acid phosphatase activity in patients with purulent destructive complications of acute pneumonia during treatment

Tsintsadze K.A., 1980:
Some immunological indices during bronchial asthma of different etio pathogenetic forms in connection with specific therapy

Agaev A.A., 1982:
Some immunological indices in appendicular peritonitis in children

Latysheva S.V.; Sokolovskaya A.D.; Bikbulatov R.M., 1987:
Some immunological indices in patients with recurrent herpetic stomatitis

Ryskova O.; Nozicka Z.; Vejbora O.; Pekarek J., 1982:
Some immunological manifestations of experimental allergic encephalo myelitis

Rukavishnikova, G.E.; Alekseyeva, A.K., 1976:
Some immunological mechanisms of the influenza virus anti tumor effect

Gluhovschi G.; Schiller A.; Dragan I.; Arean P.; Nazem A.K.; Barbu N., 1987:
Some immunological modifications in patients with urinary infections

Dienstbier, Z.; Hermanská, Z.; Pĕnicka, P.; Zámecník, J., 1988:
Some immunological parameters in Hodgkin's disease

Zlatkov N.; Durmishev A.; Nikolov K.; Baleva M., 1987:
Some immunological parameters in patients with psoriasis before and after thalassotherapy

Palit, J.; Chattopadhyay, C.; Malaviya, A.N.; Uberoi, S.; Kumar, R., 1977:
Some immunological parameters in rheumatoid arthritis from India

Gibbens R.P.; Herbel C.H.; Morton H.L.; Lindemann W.C.; Ryder White J.A.; Richman D.B.; Huddleston E.W.; Conley W.H.; Davis C.A.; E.A., 1986:
Some impacts of 2 4 5 t on a mesquite prosopis glandulosa var glandulosa duneland ecosystem in southern new mexico usa a synthesis

Franklin, E.C., 1976:
Some impacts of clinical investigation on immunology

Roberts, P.B.; Bugden, R.D., 1975:
Some implications from the inactivation of esterase activity in carboxy peptidase a by bromide and other radicals

Sharnoff, J.G.; Deblasio, G., 1970:
Some implications in the successful heparin prophylaxis of sudden cardio pulmonary arrest by thrombosis and embolism

Donahoe, J.W., 1977:
Some implications of a relational principle of reinforcement

Gasson, P., 1987:
Some implications of anatomical variations in the wood of pedunculate oak quercus robur l. including comparisons with common beech fagus sylvatica l

D.Wind E., 1984:
Some implications of former massive traumatization on the actual analytic process

Wolpoff, M.H., 1978:
Some implications of relative bio mechanical neck length in hominid femora

bin Yaacob, H., 1981:
Some important aspects of the palatal pleomorphic adenoma

Singh J.; Wallwork J.A., 1980:
Some important characters of lower and higher oribatid mites under scanning electron microscope

Yang L.; Peng Y.; Xian Y.; Cheng T H.; Wang Z., 1984:
Some important insect eating birds from west yunnan china

Sundriyal R.C.; Joshi N.; Joshi A.P., 1987:
Some important medicinal plants of alpine pasture of garhwal himalaya india

Alay, F.; Montoya, R.; Amin, M.; Hermosilla, I., 1977:
Some important methods for the study of taxonomy genetics and development

Chung, C.S., 1976:
Some important normal values of blood chemistry determined from clinical laboratory data by various statistical methods

Singh R.C., 1985:
Some important practical consideration in the use of polyelectrolytes in the treatment of water and wastewater

Daniel, R.C., 1970:
Some important teat diseases of dairy cattle

Ely, B.; Weppelman, R.M.; Massey, H.C.J. ; Hartman, P.E., 1974:
Some improved methods in phage p 22 transduction

Key R.M.; Brewer R.L.; Stockwell J.H.; Guinasso N.L.Jr; Schink D.R., 1979:
Some improved techniques for measuring radon and radium in marine sediments and in sea water

Borwitzky H., 1986:
Some improvements in the determination of volatile nitrosamines by fused silica capillary gas chromatography in combination with a thermal energy analyzer

Kiryushchenko, T.V.; Karimov, S.K.; Krasnoborodkina, N.I., 1976:
Some improvements in the hem agglutination and indirect hem agglutination reactions with arboviruses

Yamamoto K.; Taira A., 1983:
Some improvements in the phase contrast microscope

Shaps I.A.; Letunova A.B.; Sharykina S.P.; Englinskaya L.V.; Kramer L.I., 1986:
Some improvements in the synthesis of vitamin b 2

Lai F.M.; Cervoni P.; Tanikella T.; Shepherd C.; Quirk G.; Herzlinger H.; Stubbs C.S.Jr, 1983:
Some in vitro and in vivo studies of a new angiotensin i converting enzyme inhibitor s 1 3 acetylthio 3 benzoyl 2 methylpropionyl l proline cl 242817 in comparison with captopril

Fouts, J.R., 1970:
Some in vitro assay conditions that affect detection and quantitation of pheno barbital induced increases in hepatic microsomal drug metabolizing enzyme activity

Smith G.R.; Oliphant J.C., 1982:
Some in vitro characteristics of the subspecies of mycoplasma mycoides

Ratnaparkhe P.; Tanwani S.K.; Dhanotiya R.S.; Pathak P.N., 1983:
Some in vitro methods of characterizing virus strains of newcastle ranikhet disease

Jenkins K.J.; Emmons D.B.; Lessard J.R., 1981:
Some in vitro observations on factors affecting rennet chymosin clotting of calf milk replacers

Vargas F.J., 1979:
Some in vitro observations on torulopsis glabrata

Hall H.; Kohler C.; Gawell L., 1985:
Some in vitro receptor binding properties of tritiated eticlopride a novel substituted benzamide selective for dopamine d 2 receptors in the rat brain

Shekhawat S.S.; Verma O.P.; Pathak V.N., 1984:
Some in vitro studies on tolyposporidium penicillariae

Kelly, W.R.; Bick, I.R., 1976:
Some in vivo and in vitro properties of various fractions of Pimelea trichostachya

Sakaguchi T.; Nakamura S., 1987:
Some in vivo electrophysiological properties of locus coeruleus neurons in fetal rats

Todorov, J., 1975:
Some inbreeding effects in the onion allium cepa

Chappell C.L.; Willetts S.L., 1980:
Some independent assessments of the sealosafe stablex method for toxic waste treatment

Dworakowska I.; Viraktamath C.A., 1979:
Some indian erythroneurini auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae typhlocybinae

Pant D.D.; Nautiyal D.D.; Tiwari S.P., 1985:
Some indian lower gondwana compressions of seeds

Hayat, M., 1976:
Some indian species of chartocerus hymenoptera chalcidoidea signiphoridae

Nelson, A.C.; Hayes, T.L.; Tobias, C.A.; Yang, T.C., 1981:
Some indications of structural damage in retina by heavy ion radiation

Tsyganov E.P.; Kolchin E.V.; Agureev A.N., 1982:
Some indicators of human body function during long term nutrition with a low caloric diet containing canned foods

Shverina, T.A.; Shub, L.V., 1978:
Some indicators of reactions of the sympathetico adrenal and hypophyseal adreno cortical systems in patients with myo cardial infarction during physical rehabilitation

Costa Alcaraz A.M., 1987:
Some indicators of the quality of the certificates of death in the community of valencia spain

Pirumyan M.S., 1979:
Some indices characterizing twinning in yerevan armenian ssr ussr

Kuz'menko E.S.; Laskavaya A.I.; Selichenko A.G.; Yurchenko M.Z., 1979:
Some indices of adrenal cortex functions and protein composition of blood during administration of different doses of estradurin

Yashchenko L.V.; Birkun A.A.Jr; Yarosh A.M.; Karpitskii V.V., 1979:
Some indices of alteration in experimental inflammatory processes in the lungs

Bakalyan P.A.; Antonyan O.A., 1984:
Some indices of antioxidation system in toxic effect of 3 4 dichloro 1 butene

Lebengarts Y.Z.; Orlova A.V., 1987:
Some indices of antiviral immunity in cattle as a function of genotype age and feeding

Bagdasaryan E.G.; Eloyan D.V.; Mnatsakanyan B.A.; Grigoryan G.V., 1986 :
Some indices of biochemical blood analysis of patients with chronic pancreatitis

Savyts'kyi, S.Yu, 1976:
Some indices of biogenic amine metabolism in rat brain synaptosomes as affected by thyroidectomy and substitutive therapy

Efremov A.L., 1981:
Some indices of biological activity of meadow mountain soils in northwest caucasus ussr

Il'icheva R.F.; Isaev M.R.; Makarova L.D.; Sergeeva N.A., 1980:
Some indices of biological activity of the blood serotonin histamine hydrocortisone and adrenaline in patients with occlusion of main arteries of lower extremities

Musaev, M.A.; Ibragimova, G.G., 1977:
Some indices of blood lipid metabolism during the infection of chicks with a large dose of eimeria tenella oocysts

Shumyts'ka, N.M., 1976:
Some indices of blood respiratory function and glycolytic processes in tissues of heterothermic and homoiothermic rodents with acute hypoxic hypoxia

Aleksanyan, A.S.; Avakyan, M.A.; Uloyan, S.M., 1978:
Some indices of blood serum enzymatic activity in workers at a poly vinyl acetate plant

Molotkov, O.V.; Kozlov, N.B., 1977:
Some indices of body resistance to over heating during acute radiation sickness

Slavnov, V.N.; Pavlyuk, P.M.; Shevchenko-Zh, B., 1976:
Some indices of carbohydrate metabolism and functional condition of the insular apparatus of the pancreas in thyro toxicosis

Derkach V.G., 1981:
Some indices of carbohydrate metabolism in patients with early forms of chronic cerebro vascular insufficiency

Pribylova N.N., 1981:
Some indices of carbohydrate metabolism in rat lungs during repeated and chronic hypoxia

Khramtsova A.D., 1980:
Some indices of cardio vascular function in students of vocational technical schools

Agaronova, D.A.; Avetikyan, M.B.; Baiburtyan, S.A., 1978:
Some indices of cell immunity in experimental hypo parathyroidism

Komissarenko V.G.; Shain A.A., 1981:
Some indices of cell immunity in primary cancer and nontumor lesions of the liver

Belozerov E.S.; Mukovozova L.A.; Sadykov K.B.; Zharova N.V.; Nuralinova G.I., 1980:
Some indices of cell mediated immunity in brucellosis patients vaccinated persons and those with a positive reaction to brucellin

Vasil'ev V.S.; Komar V.I.; Vasil'eva A.N.; Bogutskii M.I., 1985:
Some indices of cellular and humoral protection factors in trichinellosis

Zalevskaya A.G.; Blagosklonnaya Y.V., 1981:
Some indices of cellular immunity in obese patients the effect of a low caloric diet

Rodionov, S.V., 1977:
Some indices of cellular immunity in patients with osteogenic sarcoma

Bolyakina G.K., 1979:
Some indices of central hemodynamics of dogs in the early post resuscitation period and the outcome of resuscitation

Zhukava P.S.; Rahozhnikaw V.R.; Dubyanyetskaya M.M.; Voitsik N.P., 1982:
Some indices of chemical composition of carrots grown with linuron fertilizers

Egorova A.N.; Isaeva T.M.; Rabinovich P.D., 1981:
Some indices of energy metabolism in patients with peptic ulcers

Sutkovoi D.A.; Baraboi V.A., 1985:
Some indices of energy metabolism in rat subjected to immobilization stress and the effect of the adaptation to high altitude on these indices

Thauberger P.C.; Davis J.; Cleland J.F., 1980:
Some indices of existential confrontation from a sample of maximum security inmates

Voloshin R.N.; Smirnova O.B., 1983:
Some indices of glycoproteins of the blood serum in patients with psoriasis

Pozmogova, I.N.; Shul'govskaya, E.M., 1977:
Some indices of growth of a candida utilis chemostat culture at optimum and submaximum temperatures

Zhukova L.A.; Popova N.L.; Afonina S.I.; Ivanov E.A.; Gurulev I.I., 1980:
Some indices of hemodynamics and immune reactivity in some chronic alcoholics

Yanovskii, G.V.; Girina, N.I.; Slipchenko, S.G.; Kuklya-Yu, I., 1976:
Some indices of hemodynamics gas exchange and tolerance of physical exercises in patients with ischemic heart disease treated with obsidan

Makhmudov S.Ya, 1981:
Some indices of hemodynamics in dogs after pre anesthesia

Gevorkyan E.M.; Stepanyan A.V., 1987:
Some indices of hemostasis in patients with acute disturbances of cerebral circulation

Belovezhdov N.; Altynkova I., 1981:
Some indices of humoral and cellular immunity in patients with chronic glomerulo nephritis

Tikhonova, N.T.; Khrometskaya, T.M.; Livanova, L.V.; Polyakova, T.A.; Azarova, S.A., 1978:
Some indices of humoral anti measles immunity in children with measles previously immunized with a live measles vaccine

Golenkov, A.K.; Mokeeva, R.A.; Krokhina, M.A.; Demidova, N.V., 1977:
Some indices of humoral immunity in patients with primary malignant para proteinemia

Abramyan M.K., 1980:
Some indices of humoral immunity in periodic disease

Tikhonova, N.T.; Prokudina-Yu, A.; Khrometskaya, T.M.; Potemkina, E.E., 1975:
Some indices of humoral post vaccination measles immunity

Malov Y.S.; Anisimov A.V.; Misan A.S., 1980:
Some indices of immunity in patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers

Grigor'ev P.Ya; Mal'tsev V.I., 1980:
Some indices of immunity with use of prodigiozan in the treatment of acute pneumonias

Zhura I.I.; Okhrimovich L.M.; Sergeta L.N., 1981:
Some indices of immunologic reactivity and health status of spinning industry workers

Shal'nova, G.A.; Kuz'mina, T.D.; Mikhailovich, S.M., 1975:
Some indices of immunologic reactivity in dogs in the long term period after polonium affection

Kostrodymov N.N., 1981:
Some indices of immunological reactivity in children

Korol' O.I.; Nguen Ngok Tkhang, 1981:
Some indices of immunological reactivity in patients with suppurative diseases of the lungs

Furkalo N.K.; Lutai M.I.; Shlykova N.A., 1981:
Some indices of intra cardiac hemodynamics and myo cardial contractile function in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Aslanyan G.Ts, 1981:
Some indices of kidney functional state in albino rats during chronic intoxication by the insecticide bromophos

Fomina T.I., 1982:
Some indices of kinetics of cell proliferation of small intestine epithelium after exposure to carminomycin

Petrushenko V.V.; Ivanishina T.N.; Pindichenko T.A., 1980:
Some indices of leaf reaction to sulfur di oxide influence

Nizharadze G.I.; Gotua T.A.; Abashidze M.L., 1985:
Some indices of lipid metabolism in newborns and infants with staphylococcal sepsis

Sarkisova, G.M.; Sukiasyan, L.V.; Saakyan, L.A.; Chukhadzhyan, G.A., 1987:
Some indices of lipid metabolism in rats in prolonged administration of cerebrosides

Avakyan Z.A.; Kagramanyan R.G., 1986:
Some indices of lipid metabolism in the system mother fetus amniotic fluid placenta in healthy women and in women with rheumatic heart diseases

Makarenko, M.V.; Adamenko, M.P.; Troshykhin, V.O., 1975:
Some indices of main important functions of the body in restoration period after resuscitation

D'yakonov M.M.; Kudrin I.D., 1983:
Some indices of metabolism and energy exchange in inadequate nutrition

Mavrov I.I.; Karuna B.I., 1981:
Some indices of micro circulation in eczema patients

Goncharov, A.T.; Ametov, A.S., 1977:
Some indices of morphology and function of the thyroid gland in the action of chromium under experimental conditions

Enaleeva D.Sh; Kharin G.M.; Yakovlev M.Yu, 1979:
Some indices of myo cardial contractile capacity and metabolism in experimental toxico infectious shock

Frol'kis R.A., 1979:
Some indices of myo cardial energy processes in dosed restriction of coronary blood flow

Veselov B.V.; Yaglinskaya A.V.; Boguslavskaya M.I.; Shevel E.Ya; Elmanova L.I., 1981:
Some indices of natural humoral immunity in patients with acute pneumonia

Martynova V.A.; Tolkacheva T.V.; Golosova T.V., 1979:
Some indices of natural immunity in dys bacteriosis

Rybakova, A.M.; Orlova, A.V.; Lebengarts-Ya, Z., 1975:
Some indices of natural immunity in mice on a background of different fat and carbohydrate ratios in the diet

Ogorodnikova, L.G., 1977:
Some indices of natural immunity in rabbits after the action of increased pressure for 10 days

Akopyan L.P.; Pogosyan N.Kh; Bisharyan S.A., 1979:
Some indices of natural immunity in women with toxicosis of pregnancy

Chikovani, M.M., 1978:
Some indices of natural immunological body resistance in ischemic heart disease

Andryuk, G.I.; Georgievskii, V.I., 1977:
Some indices of nitrogen metabolism in the rumen of lactating cows

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