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Some growth regulator effects on fruit quality mesocarp composition and susceptibility to post harvest surface marking of sweet cherries prunus avium

Looney, N.E.; Lidster, P.D.

Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 105(1): 130-134


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-1062
Accession: 006443628

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GA3 sprays applied approximately 4 wk before harvest reduced postharvest surface marking of 'Van' and 'Lambert' sweet cherries (P. avium L.). Surface pitting was reduced more consistently than was visible bruising. GA3-treated fruits were larger and firmer when harvested at a prescribed color maturity. Mesocarp tissue of treated fruits was higher in alcohol insoluble solids, higher in dry weight and contained less N per unit of fresh or dry weight. Ethephon applied a few days before harvest reduced fruit removal force but did not consistently reduce the incidence of bruising or surface pitting. 'Lambert' fruits picked without stems developed more surface pitting than stemmed fruits. GA3 probably improves postharvest fruit condition by more than 1 mechanism. Increased fruit firmness may reduce the tendency to bruise but pitting apparently is suppressed by some other physiological effect of the GA3 treatment.

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