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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6445

Chapter 6445 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gabrilovich I.M., 1987: Some indices of nonspecific body reactivity in patients with salmonellosis

Mal'tseva, L. M.; Lyubchenko, P. N.; Yanovskaya, M. G.; Kats, A. L.; Boyarchuk, E. I., 1976: Some indices of occupational disease and invalidism among workers in the moscow oblast

Shcherba, M. M.; Troshikhin, G. V.; Volzhskaya, A. M.; Maslennikova, L. S.; Rozova, E. I., 1978: Some indices of oxygen metabolism and the resistance of rats to acute hypoxia during post transfusion polycythemia

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444003

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444004

Bold D., 1980: Some indices of photosynthesis for desert plants of the trans altai gobi

Kyvask V., 1979: Some indices of phyto plankton in lake mannikjarv estonian ssr ussr

Kolesova N.I., 1981: Some indices of protein metabolism in erythrocytes during radiation sickness and after treatment with cystamine

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444008

Goncharova V.A., 1981: Some indices of serotonin and brady kinin metabolism in nonspecific pulmonary diseases

Rumyantsev A.G., 1981: Some indices of specific cell immunity in acute leukemia in children

Zigova A., 1980: Some indices of specific immunity in miners and tunnelers

Samundzhan-Ye, M.; Kunytsya, M. T.; Butsan, H. M., 1976: Some indices of steroid homeostasis and reactivity of the adrenal cortex in patients with uterine cancer before and after radio therapy

Popov, V. G.; Khitrov, N. K.; Lazutin, V. K.; Svistukhin, A. I.; Zhelnov, V. V.; Zubkova, T. B., 1977: Some indices of the activity of parasympathetic structures and of electrolyte balance in myo cardial infarction clinical and physiological study

Voskanyan V.S., 1987: Some indices of the biochemical composition of the bile in patients with mechanical jaundice

Baranikov A.I., 1981: Some indices of the cardio vascular system in swine of the meat type

Mikhalkina N.I., 1982: Some indices of the electro cardiogram and metabolism during experimental coronary spasm in rats exposed to hypoxia and to hypoxia combined with hypercapnia

Mezhlumyan, L. M.; Khudaverdyan, D. N., 1977: Some indices of the functional state of the liver in experimental hypo parathyroidism

Abashidze R.I., 1986: Some indices of the hemodynamics of pulmonary circulation in hypertensive patients with a hyperkinetic type of circulation

Bashkatova L.P., 1983: Some indices of the immune system in diabetes mellitus

Golikov, A. P.; Bobkov, A. I.; Ivleva, V. I., 1976: Some indices of the kinin and sympatho adrenal system in patients with repeated myo cardial infarctions

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444021

Madrakhimov Yu A., 1982: Some indices of the lipidogram in virus hepatitis patients in the antimony subregion of the fergana valley ussr

Kashel' A.F., 1979: Some indices of the morpho functional status of the kidney under normal conditions and after a disturbance of lymph drainage

Chasovennaya, A. A., 1977: Some indices of the physiological condition of plants under the ecological conditions of a city

Tishchenko N.I., 1986: Some indices of the physiological state of perccottus glehni dyb under the effect of exometabolites of the carp and of conspecific fishes

Spesivtseva, V. G.; Golubyatnikova, G. A.; Semichastnova, A. G.; Staroseltseva, L. K.; Titova, G. P., 1977: Some indices of the state of the stomach in diabetes mellitus

Konovalova S.A., 1981: Some indices of the t system of immunity in experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis of guinea pigs

Novoselov, V. P.; Lakshin, A. M., 1976: Some indices of the thermal state of children riding in a non air conditioned railroad car in a hot dry climate

Fil'ko O.A., 1979: Some indices of the thermo regulation system during adaptation to cold under arctic conditions

Belaya G.A., 1985: Some indices of the water regimen in tall plants on sakhalin island russian sfsr ussr

Mascher, J. W., 1977: Some indigenous vascular plants new to the province of angermanland east central sweden

Ivashkevich A.A., 1987: Some individual characteristics of human adaptation to high altitude

Stock J.H., 1979: Some indo west pacific bopyridae isopoda epicaridea in the collections of the zoological museum amsterdam netherlands

Reddy, G. M.; Padma, A., 1976: Some induced dwarfing genes nonallelic to dee geo woo gen gene in rice cultivar tellakattera

Keighley J.H., 1988: Some industrial and climbing helmets subjected to a range of impact energies

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444036

Karim M.R., 1987: Some industrial waste effluents in asansol raniganj region india and their impact on the damodar river water quality

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444038

Kocan, A. A.; Snelling, J.; Greiner, E. C., 1977: Some infectious and parasitic diseases in oklahoma raptors

Baranov A.E., 1983: Some infectious diseases of dogs in experimental biological clinics animal houses

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444041

Lackner, J.; Graybiel, A., 1978: Some influence of touch and pressure cues on human spatial orientation

Potts, H. C.; Duangpatra, J.; Hairston, W. G.; Delouche, J. C., 1978: Some influences of hard seededness on soybean seed quality

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444044

Coolsaet, B. L. R. A.; Van-Mastrigt, R.; Van-Duyl, W. A.; Van-Rees-Vellinga, F., 1978: Some influences of the contractile element on the visco elastic properties of bladder wall strips

Lackner J.R., 1984: Some influences of tonic vibration reflexes on the position sense of the contralateral limb

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444047

Graybiel A., 1979: Some influences of vision on susceptibility to motion sickness

Boone, F. R.; Slager, S.; Miedema, R.; Eleveld, R., 1976: Some influences of zero tillage on the structure and stability of a fine textured river levee soil

Fahy T.J., 1988: Some influences on regional variation in frequency of prescription of electroconvulsive therapy

Leonard J.S., 1988: Some influences on the grammar of english speaking and italian speaking children with specific language impairment

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444052

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444053

Nozeran, R.; Espagnac, H., 1975: Some information given by the study of the anatomy of selaginella myosurus

Osako M., 1982: Some information on copulation of the oceanic squid onychoteuthis borealijaponica

Murata, M.; Ishii, M., 1977: Some information on the ecology of the oceanic squid ommastrephes bartrami and onychoteuthis borealijaponicus in the pacific ocean off northeastern japan

Ishii, M.; Murata, M., 1976: Some information on the fishery and the ecology of the squid doryteuthis bleekeri in the coastal waters of the shiribeshi district in hokkaido japan

Sahlin, S., 1976: Some information on the former occurrence of the bell frog bombina bombina and the tree frog hyla arborea in scania sweden

Shtil'mark, F. R., 1976: Some information on the red breasted goose in the taimyr russian sfsr ussr

Lunneborg, C. E., 1978: Some information processing correlates of measures of intelligence

Matos J.M.N.D., 1985: Some infrequent clinical cases in a surgical emergency unit team during a period of 3 years

Johnson, R. K.; Jondorf, W. R., 1974: Some inhibitory effects of levo emetine on growth of ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Bohl, M., 1977: Some initial aquaculture experiments in re circulating water systems

Orgill, M. M.; Sehmel, G. A.; Petersen, M. R., 1976: Some initial measurements of airborne ddt over pacific northwest forests

Delarea J., 1987: Some initial stages in the formation of epilithic crustose lichens in nature a sem study

Matsumoto, T.; Asai, A.; Hirano, H., 1987: Some inoceramids bivalvia from the cenomanian cretaceous of japan ii. three species from hokkaido well known abroad but hitherto undescribed in japan

Matsumoto, T.; Asai, A.; Hirano, H.; Noda, M., 1988: Some inoceramids bivalvia from the cenomanian cretaceous of japan iii. three species occurring commonly in the northwest pacific region

Korf R.P., 1982: Some inoperculate discomycetes and plectomycetes from west greenland

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444069

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444070

Carling D.E., 1984: Some insect associates of the pinewood nematode bursaphelenchus xylophilus in eastern virginia usa

Aldana M.R., 1985: Some insect pests in potatoes of mantaro valley peru during 1982 1983

Mulyana A.D., 1986: Some insect pests of dipterocarp seeds

Adisoemarto S., 1986: Some insects as potential pests on sweet potato

Batra, S. W. T., 1976: Some insects associated with hemp or marihuana cannabis sativa in northern india

Sandhu, G. S., 1977: Some insects recorded as pests of fodder crops at ludhiana punjab india

Baratashvili T.K., 1982: Some instances of wolf man interrelationship

Dokshina, G. A.; Silaeva, T. Yu ; Yartsev, E. I., 1976: Some insulin like effects of taurine

Shrago, M. I.; Timchenko, V. G.; Bredikhina, L. P.; Lubyanyi, V. G., 1978: Some integral indices of erythrocyte preservation after contact with extracellular cryoprotectors

Florea Ciocoiu V., 1981: Some inter ictal peculiarities of the orienting reaction in idiopathic epilepsy

O-Brien, J. R.; Heywood, J. B., 1967: Some interactions between human platelets and glass von willebrands disease compared with normal

Jones G.P., 1987: Some interactions between residents and recruits in two coral reef fishes

Section 7 , Chapter 6445, Accession 006444085

Wallace, A.; Romney, E. M.; Alexander, G. V.; Soufi, S. M.; Patel, P. M., 1977: Some interactions in plants among cadmium other heavy metals and chelating agents

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444087

Joseph-Bravo, P. I.; Findley, M.; Newberne, P. M., 1976: Some interactions of light riboflavine and afla toxin b 1 in vivo and in vitro

Driancourt M.A., 1983: Some interactions of season of foaling photoperiod and ovarian activity in the equine

Shields K.S., 1982: Some interactions of serratia marcescens nucleopolyhedrosis virus and blepharipa pratensis diptera tachinidae in lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae

Butler G.D.Jr, 1979: Some interactions of the pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella and cotton fruiting structures

Pianka E.R., 1985: Some intercontinental comparisons of desert lizards

Chrost, R. J., 1978: Some interdependencies and relationships between algae and bacteria in aquatic environments

Obata I., 1982: Some interesting acanthocerataceans from hokkaido japan studies of cretaceous ammonites from hokkaido 42

Mahajan A.D., 1984: Some interesting anabaena from paddy fields of kaira district gujarat india

Sasidharan K.R., 1987: Some interesting and new observations on two threatened plant species of kerala state india

Narendra, D. V.; Rao, V. G., 1975: Some interesting ascomycetes from india

Lundberg S., 1988: Some interesting beetle finds in pine wood imported to norrbotten sweden

Pritzl G., 1987: Some interesting beetles from a north zealand denmark fen with two new danish species associated with nests of moles coleoptera

Cassulo L.A., 1980: Some interesting captures of lepidoptera in the ligurian alps and apennines italy

Rognes K., 1982: Some interesting captures of muscidae diptera from norway

Kovalev, V., 1978: Some interesting finds of flies from the family empididae diptera in the estonian ssr ussr

Pesarini, C.; Pesarini, F., 1975: Some interesting finds of sawflies of the italian alps with records of 7 species new for italy hymenoptera

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444104

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444105

Sarma Y.S.R.K., 1980: Some interesting fresh water dinophyceae from north india

Manoharachary, C.; Rehana, A. R.; Rao, P. R., 1976: Some interesting fungi from india

Date, K. G., 1976: Some interesting gasteromycetes in maharashtra india

Sacconi S., 1987: Some interesting hyaloscyphaceae from northern italy

Vittal B.P.R., 1984: Some interesting hyphomycetes from eucalyptus litter

Nawawi A., 1985: Some interesting hyphomycetes from water

Keizer G.J., 1988: Some interesting inoperculate ascomycetes from the work week in peel netherlands in 1987

Ovstedal B.O., 1982: Some interesting lichen finds from norway 3

Tonsberg T., 1979: Some interesting lichen finds mainly from norway

Pisut, I., 1975: Some interesting lichens from the western part of the great caucasus ussr

Pierart, P., 1977: Some interesting macromycetes collected during 1973 1976

Mouchacca J., 1987: Some interesting micromycetes observed on living or dead leaves of carpinus betulus l

Belle J., 1983: Some interesting odonata anisoptera from the tarn france

Schwaab F., 1987: Some interesting odonata observed in lorraine france

Balogh P., 1985: Some interesting oribatuloidea from the hawaiian islands usa acari oribatei

Martinez, A. T.; Ramirez, C., 1978: Some interesting penicillium species

Govindaraj A., 1980: Some interesting phyto plankton from porto novo south india

Caljon, A., 1976: Some interesting phytoflagellates from brackish water pools in the vicinity of assenede east flanders belgium

Heynig H., 1979: Some interesting planktonic algae from waters in the halle district east germany

Samant S.S., 1987: Some interesting plant records for naini tal india

Verma D.M., 1981: Some interesting plant records from haryana state india

Pangtey Y.P.S., 1985: Some interesting plants records from kumaun himalaya india

Krumpal M., 1984: Some interesting pseudoscorpions from the ussr

Mitra R.B., 1983: Some interesting rearrangements of methyl 1 r cis 2 2 dimethyl 3 2 oxopropyl cyclo propanecarboxylate and related compounds

Proesmans R., 1983: Some interesting records of land mollusks in northern norway

Gallo, E., 1978: Some interesting records of lepidoptera in italy

Majsky A., 1985: Some interesting relationships in the hla system

Gur'ev N.V., 1984: Some interesting representatives of the family lauraceae from the middle sarmatian of the city of krymsk vicinity northern caucasus russian sfsr ussr

Tseung A., 1980: Some interesting results in therapeutic electro acupuncture practice

Martini E., 1988: Some interesting resupinate aphyllophorales from ticino switzerland

Cingovski, J., 1976: Some interesting sawflies new for the fauna of macedonia yugoslavia symphyta hymenoptera

Bhattacharyya S.C., 1986: Some interesting sesquiterpenoids from sphaeranthus indicus compositae

Cormaci, M.; Furnari, G.; Scammacca, B., 1976: Some interesting species from the algal flora of eastern sicily italy

Muroi T., 1979: Some interesting species of ascomycetes from imported spices

Szymanska, H., 1976: Some interesting species of bulbochaete from the district of suwalki poland

Farr, M. L., 1977: Some interesting species of epipolaeum and dimeriella pyrenomycetes dimeriaceae from south america

Sieminiak D., 1979: Some interesting species of oedogonium chlorophyta from upper silesia poland

Acosta Castellanos S., 1985: Some interesting species of the family acanthaceae in mexico

Romaszewska-Salata, J., 1977: Some interesting species of uredinales and ustilaginales collected on the malopolska plateau poland

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444147

Canzoneri, S., 1981: Some interesting tenebrionid beetles from southern italy 33. contribution to the study of tenebrionidae

Arkcoll D.B., 1981: Some interesting varieties of manioc manihot esculenta from amazonia brazil

Reisnerova H., 1986: Some interferences in radioimmunoassay of aflatoxin b 1

Pekin B., 1984: Some interferences in the alkaline copper method of reducing sugar analysis

Rodriguez R., 1980: Some intergeneric hybrids in the triticeae

Dowd P.A., 1988: Some intermediates in the wet air oxidation of phenanthrene adsorbed on powdered activated carbon

Parizek J., 1982: Some international activities in environmental health monitoring and surveillance

Velez R., 1986: Some international comparisons of mortality amenable to medical intervention

Morrison, A. S.; Lowe, C. R.; Macmahon, B.; Ravnihar, B.; Yuasa, S., 1976: Some international differences in treatment and survival in breast cancer

Glories Y., 1983: Some interpretations of color changes in young red wines during their conservation

Egashira, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Yamanaka, Y., 1984: Some interrelated properties of a and b form mono amine oxidase ec in monkey macaca fuscata brain mitochondria

Smith, D. B. D., 1976: Some interrelations between the contingent negative variation and the evoked potential

Mukhin E.I., 1981: Some interrelations between the neo cortex archi cortex and interstitial cortex bio potentials during formation of a conditioned reflex to time

Hirsh P.D., 1984: Some interrelationships between glucose levels thromboxane production and prostacyclin production in normal and diabetic mice

Chapman S.B., 1979: Some interrelationships between soil and root respiration in lowland calluna vulgaris heathland in southern england uk

El-Shaer, M. H.; El-Zahab, A. A. A.; El-Sorady, A. S.; Samra, A. M., 1977: Some interrelationships of yield and yield contributing variables in egyptian cotton

Galstyan Avnesyan S.Kh, 1981: Some interspecific interrelationships in the wheat genus

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444166

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444167

Karsholt, O., 1978: Some introduced butterflies in the collection of the zoological museum denmark lepidoptera tineidae pyralidae

Lichtenstein L.M., 1979: Some invariant properties of immuno globulin e mediated basophil activation and de sensitization

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444170

Goldstein B., 1987: Some investigations into the nature and cause of massive fibrosis mf in the lungs of south african gold coal and asbestos mine workers

Hornstra, G.; Haddeman, E.; Don, J. A., 1978: Some investigations into the role of prostacyclin in thrombo regulation

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444173

Duke, R. P.; Somerset, J. H.; Blacharski, P.; Murray, D. G., 1977: Some investigations of the accuracy of knee joint kinematics

Rossi, R.; Colombo, G., 1976: Some investigations on growth of silver eels of north adriatic lagoons italy

Tanaka, Y.; Matsushita, K.; Uritani, I., 1977: Some investigations on inactivation of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase ec in cut injured sweet potato root tissue

Szymas B., 1985: Some investigations on solitary bee rhophitoides canus apoidea halictidae nesting in alfalfa medicago sp seed plantations

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444178

Sato, H.; Hirota, S.; Chino, M., 1977: Some investigations on the color and color difference measurement of various hybrid tomato strains separated and crossed red with beta orange/

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444180

Eakins M.N., 1979: Some investigations using carbon 14 labeled compounds into the design of radio pharmaceuticals suitable for the evaluation of myo cardial metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444182

Stanton, G. B.; Cruce, W. L. R.; Goldberg, M. E.; Robinson, D. L., 1977: Some ipsilateral projections to areas pf and pg of the inferior parietal lobule in monkeys

Shen C L., 1982: Some ipsilateral retinal projections in the albino rat

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444185

Drake, J. W., 1971: Some irregularities in the nomenclature of bacterio phage t 4 dna polymerase amber mutants

Green, F. H. W., 1970: Some isopleth maps of potential evaporation based on the lysimeter observations in the british isles in 1965 1966 and 1967

Paperna I., 1980: Some isopod crustaceans corallanidae lironecinae and anilocridae of israel

Barnett D.W., 1982: Some issues and findings related to inter racial acceptance

Mckinlay, J. B., 1975: Some issues associated with migration health status and the use of health services

Ponton E., 1986: Some issues concerning aggression and violence in humans

Dohrenwend, B. S.; Dohrenwend, B. P., 1978: Some issues in research on stressful life events

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444193

Ortony A., 1980: Some issues in the measurement of childrens comprehension of metaphorical language

Gaito J., 1986: Some issues in the measurement statistics controversy

Sielken R.L.Jr, 1985: Some issues in the quantitative modeling portion of cancer risk assessment

Preves D.A., 1987: Some issues in utilizing probe tube microphone systems

Rafes P.M., 1980: Some issues of bio geocenology and the ways of its development

Sibley, M. Q.; Feola, J., 1976: Some issues of paranormal communications

Lynch, M.; Gardner, E. A., 1970: Some issues rasied in the training of paraprofessional personnel as clinic therapists

Bordoni A., 1980: Some italian mutillidae and myrmosidae hymenoptera

Morimoto K., 1981: Some japanese curculioninae coleoptera curculionidae

Sakai H., 1983: Some jurassic ammonites from muktinath nepal

Teslenko Yu V., 1982: Some jurassic and cretaceous algae of the crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Et Al, 1985: Some kallikrein kinin and blood coagulation parameters in patients with acute myocardial infarction with and without essential hypertension

Muramoto, N., 1977: Some karyo taxonomic considerations in the heteroptera hemiptera

Knoz-Ya ; Grinchuk, T. M.; Chubareva, L. A., 1975: Some karyological data on 2 species of wilhelmia gnats in czechoslovakia

Witten G.J., 1983: Some karyotypes of australian agamids reptilia lacertilia

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444210

Zurabashvili A., 1981: Some kinds of clasmatosis in schizophrenia

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444212

Vinogradov V.V., 1986: Some kinetic and spectral fluorescent properties of nadp dependent malate dehydrogenase from bovine adrenal cortex cytoplasm

Oxford G.S., 1981: Some kinetic and steady state properties of sodium channels after removal of inactivation

Dibenedetto, G.; Mura, U., 1978: Some kinetic aspects of the mechanism of hydrolysis of phosphoric acid esters by nonspecific acid phosphatase ec from schizosaccharomyces pombe

Tamm V.E., 1987: Some kinetic characteristics of alpha mannanase from rhodococcus erythropolis 19

Kalimanovska, V.; Majkic-Singh, N., 1985: Some kinetic characteristics of erythrocyte alanine aminotransferase ec phenotypes

Vives Rego J., 1987: Some kinetic characteristics of exoproteolytic activity on coastal seawater

Duval, G.; Swaisgood, H. E.; Horton, H. R., 1985: Some kinetic characteristics of immobilized protomers and native dimers of mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase ec an examination of the enzyme mechanism

Likhtenshtein G.I., 1979: Some kinetic characteristics of nitrogenase reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444223

Wyatt R.J., 1979: Some kinetic parameters of platelet mono amine oxidase in chronic schizophrenia

Zhagat R.A., 1979: Some kinetic parameters of the reaction of l asparagine hydrolysis with asparaginase from escherichia coli

Vasil'evykh, L. G.; Gorkin, V. Z.; Kagan, Z. S., 1977: Some kinetic patterns of membrane bound mono amine oxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444227

Shelepina E.P., 1980: Some kinetic properties of alkaline rnase from rat brain

Oishi, K.; Aida-Ko, 1976: Some kinetic properties of alpha d galactosidase from streptomyces 9917s 2

Petrosyan A.R., 1981: Some kinetic properties of arginase iso enzymes during silkworm moth bombyx mori ontogeny

Deuel, T. F.; Stadtman, E. R., 1970: Some kinetic properties of bacillus subtilis glutamine synthetase

Zakharova I.Ya, 1987: Some kinetic properties of beta galactosidase from escherichia coli

Alksnis E.G., 1985: Some kinetic properties of blood plasma lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase in subjects with hyper alpha lipoproteinemia

Makarov A.D., 1983: Some kinetic properties of chloroplast adenylate kinase

Racicot W.F., 1987: Some kinetic properties of dogfish chymotrypsin

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444236

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444237

Baikov V.A., 1981: Some kinetic properties of iso enzymes of brain arginase in chick embryogenesis

Dzhakudzhyan N.D., 1981: Some kinetic properties of iso enzymes of liver arginase in chicken embryogenesis

Van-Der-Heiden, C.; Desplanque, J.; Bakker, H. D., 1977: Some kinetic properties of liver ornithine carbamoyl transferase ec in a patient with ornithine carbamoyl transferase deficiency

Deasua, L. J.; Rozengurt, E.; Carminatti, H., 1970: Some kinetic properties of liver pyruvate kinase ec type l part 3 effect of monovalent cations on its allosteric behavior

Rozengurt, E.; De-Asua, L. J.; Carminatti, H., 1969: Some kinetic properties of liver pyruvate kinase type l part 2 effect of ph on its allosteric behavior

Paveto, C.; Passeron, S., 1977: Some kinetic properties of mucor rouxii phospho fructo kinase ec effect of cyclic amp

Shigekawa, M.; Dougherty, J. P., 1977: Some kinetic properties of phosphorylated atpase of sarcoplasmic reticulum formed in the absence of added alkali metal salts

Busto, F.; Del-Valle, P.; De-Arriaga, D.; Soler, J., 1985: Some kinetic properties of pyruvate kinase ec from phycomyces blakesleeanus

Bowman I.B.R., 1981: Some kinetic properties of pyruvate kinase from trypanosoma brucei influence of ph and fructose 1 6 di phosphate

Parr, S. R., 1983: Some kinetic properties of the beta d glucosidase ec cellobiase in a commercial cellulase ec product from penicillium funiculosum and its relevance in the hydrolysis of cellulose

Nimmo, G. A.; Coggins, J. R., 1981: Some kinetic properties of the tryptophan sensitive 3 deoxy d arabino heptulosonate 7 phosphate synthase ec from neurospora crassa

Tamozhnyaya V.A., 1981: Some kinetic properties of trans aminases from mussel mytilus galloprovincialis tissues

Ledingham W.M., 1981: Some kinetic studies on immobilized uricase

Tayal V., 1981: Some known and unknown echinostomes from birds

Section 7, Chapter 6445, Accession 006444252

Whitfield, J. B.; Hensley, W. J.; Bryden, D.; Gallagher, H., 1978: Some laboratory correlates of drinking habits

Lee, W. Y., 1977: Some laboratory cultured crustaceans for marine pollution studies

Gerold, J. L., 1978: Some laboratory experiments about flight activity and escape behavior after irritation by ddt of 2 selected strains of anopheles atroparvus

Revusova, V.; Zvara, V.; Gratzlova, J., 1971: Some laboratory findings in patients with uro lithiasis

Puschendorf K., 1988: Some laboratory investigations of anaerobic waste water treatment process control in two different types of filter fermenters

Midulla M., 1979: Some laboratory parameters inherent in streptococcal disease in children

El' Shinali I., 1979: Some laboratory studies of an epidemic outbreak caused by influenza virus a 1

Khare, K. B., 1976: Some lamprospora spp from india

Breure, A. S. H., 1977: Some land mollusks from the sierra nevada de santa marta colombia

Bleuten W., 1984: Some landscape ecosystem concepts based on spatial ground water movements

Mielke W., 1982: Some laophontidae copepoda harpacticoida of panama

Tilley, L. J., 1978: Some larvae of diamesinae and podonominae chironomidae from the brooks range alaska usa with provisional key diptera

Tilley L.J., 1979: Some larvae of orthocladiinae chironomidae diptera from brooks range alaska usa with provisional key diptera

Cannon, L. R. G., 1977: Some larval ascaridoids from southeastern queensland marine fishes

Focesi A.Jr, 1979: Some larval properties of pipa carvalhoi adult hemo globins

Fujiyama I., 1979: Some late cenozoic cicadas from japan

Salami M.B., 1983: Some late cretaceous and early tertiary pteridophytic spores from the southern nigeria sedimentary basin

Swain F.M., 1987: Some late cretaceous and paleogene freshwater ostracoda from central and eastern nevada usa

Horiuchi J., 1979: Some late early cretaceous plants from fukui prefecture in the inner zone of japan

Hirsch F., 1981: Some late eo triassic and meso triassic conodont multi elements notes on their taxonomy phylogeny and distribution

Rawson P.F., 1983: Some late jurassic mid cretaceous sections on the east midlands shelf england uk as demonstrated on a field meeting may 18 20 1979

Uyeno, T. T., 1978: Some late middle devonian polygnathus varcus zone conodonts from central mackenzie valley district of mackenzie

Mel'nikova L.M., 1980: Some late ordovician ostracods from akkerme peninsula lake balkhash kazakh ssr ussr

Pabian, R. K.; Strimple, H. L., 1980: Some late pennsylvanian virgilian crinoids from southeastern nebraska and southwestern iowa usa

Berdan J.M., 1984: Some late silurian pridolian ostracodes from the roberts mountains central nevada usa

Hayami, I.; Maeda, S.; Fuller, C. R., 1977: Some late triassic bivalvia and gastropoda from the domeyko range of north chile

Linsley, R. M., 1977: Some laws of gastropod shell form

Strohecker H.F., 1981: Some lectotype designations and 2 new synonymies in north american endomychidae coleoptera

Strohecker H.F., 1982: Some lectotype designations in the amphisternini and cacodaemon beliar new species coleoptera endomychidae

Tennenhouse D.J., 1987: Some legal decisions significant for ophthalmology

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