Some new and rare species in the komi assr russian sfsr ussr

Lavrenko, A.N.; Ulle, E.G.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 73(2): 272-279


Accession: 006444932

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Data is presented on 18 species from the northern Ural Mountains, which are new and rare for the Komi ASSR. Alopecurus glaucus, Carex adelostoma, and Impatiens uralensis are new records both for the republic and for the entire northeastern European part of the USSR. The geographic distribution and ecology of the Ural endemic species, Gagea samojedorum, are discussed. Northern boundaries of the distribution of Juncus stygius, Potentilla erecta, Circaea alpina, Primula pallasii and Stachys sylvatica in the Ural Mountains were determined.