Some new and rare species of chlaenius of the indian subregion in the natural history museum vienna austria carabidae coleoptera

Saha, S.K.

Koleopterologische Rundschau 57: 97-106


Accession: 006444933

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Two new species and 1 new subspecies of Chlaenius Bonelli are described from Ceylon, [C. (Chlaenius) reflexicollis ], India [C. (Chleniellus) puncticephalis ]and Nepal [C. (C.) mussardi barmatius ], respectively. C. (Chlaenius) pubipennis Chaudoir (Burma) and C. (Lissauchlaenius) tetragonderus Chaudoir (Ceylon) are recorded for the 1st time. The relationship and identity of C. (C.) pubipennis Chaudoir, C. (Pseudochlaeniellus) puncticollis Dejean, C. (Amblygenius) bengalensis Chaudoir, C. (Lissauchlaenius) variipes Chaudoir and the tetragonoderus group of species are discussed. Subgeneric status of all the species are ascertained. [Also redescribed is C. (Chlaeniellus) m. mussardi Saha and Sengupta].