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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6446

Chapter 6446 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ahmad J., 1984:
Some new digenetic trematodes lepocreadiidae from marine fishes off panaji coast india arabian sea

Wilson G.J., 1984:
Some new dinoflagellate species from the new zealand haumurian and piripauan stages santonian maastrichtian late cretaceous

Graddon, W.D., 1977:
Some new discomycetes on cyperaceae

Chester E.W., 1982:
Some new distributional records for lesquerella lescurii new record brassicaceae including the 1st report for kentucky usa

Romanchuk T.V., 1979:
Some new early devonian bryozoa of the upper amur region russian sfsr ussr

Tyler, C.W., 1978:
Some new end optic phenomena

Jan-Du-Chene, R.E.; Onyike, M.S.; Sowunmi, M.A., 1978:
Some new eocene pollen of the ogwashi asaba formation southeastern nigeria

Endrody-Younga, S., 1976:
Some new ethiopian species of the family cybocephalidae coleoptera clavicornia

Carter S., 1980:
Some new euphorbia species from east africa

Gruden' M.A.; Poletaev A.B., 1987:
Some new evidence on molecular heterogeneity of brain specific proteins s100

Mukhin E.I., 1980:
Some new experimental approaches to analysis of complex forms of behavior

Demir, R.; Erbengi, T., 1984:
Some new findings about Hofbauer cells in the chorionic villi of the human placenta

Hrncir E.; Hykes P., 1986:
Some new findings on phenoltetrachlorophthalein excretion in rats with experimental liver damage

Fric, P., 1976:
Some new findings pertaining to celiac sprue in adults

Radwanska U., 1984:
Some new fish otoliths from the korytnica clays middle miocene holy cross mountains central poland

Golovatch S.I., 1981:
Some new forms of millipedes diplopoda from the caucasus ussr

Cross E.A.; Moser J.C.; Rack G., 1981:
Some new forms of pyemotes acarina pyemotidae from forest insects with remarks on polymorphism

Von-Breuning, S., 1976:
Some new forms of the genus dorcadion from the iberian peninsula coleoptera cerambycidae

Baud, A., 1975:
Some new fossils of the st triphon formation anisian median rigid prealps switzerland

Starr M.K., 1980:
Some new fundamental considerations of variety seeking behavior

Kishore R.; Tripathi R.D.; Johri J.K.; Shukla D.S., 1985:
Some new fungal diseases of opium poppy papaver somniferum

Vyas, S.C.; Singh, D.; Sharma, N.D., 1976:
Some new fungi causing post harvest diseases of apple malus sylvestris

Matijevic, D.; Stankovic, R., 1978:
Some new fungicides for control of the wheat parasite ustilago tritici and the barley parasite ustilago nuda

Bohlmann, F.; Ehlers, D.; Zdero, C., 1978:
Some new furano eremophilanes from senecio spp

Voros A., 1983:
Some new genera of brachiopoda from the mediterranean jurassic

Scillato-Yane, G.J., 1977:
Some new glyptodontidae mammalia edentata from the deseadan lower oligocene of patagonia argentina

Cobben R.H.; Linnavuori R., 1983:
Some new hebridae from the ivory coast heteroptera gerromorpha

Sarma, P.S.; Vijayalakshmi, P., 1977:
Some new hosts of dendrophthoe falcata

Bhatti, J.S., 1976:
Some new indian thripidae thysanoptera

Lukas J., 1980 :
Some new information of braconids hymenoptera braconidae in the southern region of central part of the river vah valley czechoslovakia

Lukas J., 1981:
Some new information on braconid hymenoptera braconidae in the southern region of central part of the river vah valley czechoslovakia

Hunag C Y., 1982:
Some new information on the micro structures of melosira varians melosira jurgensii and melosira undulata

Hanelt, P.; Hammer, K., 1987:
Some new infraspecific combinations and new descriptions in cultivated races of brassica l. and papaver l

Sandhu M.S.; Arora R.; Singh G.; Dhaliwal C.S., 1987:
Some new insecticides for the control of cotton bollworms in punjab india

Varma, S.; Malik, P.D.; Lal, S.S., 1977:
Some new intermediate hosts of Ascarops strongylina

Barghini, G., 1978:
Some new interventions in basic approaches to epidemiology methodology of intervention

Arrigoni, P.V., 1977:
Some new italian santolinas

Yuwen L., 1984:
Some new late jurassic to early cretaceous nonmarine ostracods from sichuan basin of china

Narang, M.; Chandra, S., 1978:
Some new leaf spot diseases of ferns from india

Skogen, A., 1976:
Some new localities for alpine plants in relation to the mountain flora of nord fjord west norway

Olsvik H., 1983:
Some new localities for coenagrion armatum new record odonata coenagrionidae in eastern norway

Van Den Linden J., 1986:
Some new localities of rare species of the genus platycheirus in the netherlands diptera syrphidae

Sarkar S.; Subias L.S., 1982:
Some new macropylid oribates acarida from india

Krystufek, B., 1977:
Some new mammalian species in the fauna of slovenia

Guiot J.; Berger A.L.; Munaut A.V.; Till C., 1982:
Some new mathematical procedures in dendro climatology with examples from switzerland and morocco

Solov'eva V.V., 1980:
Some new mesozoic chaetetidae and their micro structure

Nakagaua D.C.; Nakaseko K.; Hukui T.; Mori K.; Sano S.; Sakamoto K., 1984:
Some new mesozoic materials from the shimanto belt study of the shimanto belt of eastern shikoku japan 5

Goodfried G.A., 1983:
Some new methods for morphometric analysis of gastropod shells

Toth, S., 1975:
Some new microscopic fungi part 3

Hiroyoshi, T., 1977:
Some new mutants and revised linkage maps of the house fly musca domestica

Bisse J., 1983:
Some new myrtaceae of the flora of cuba

Holttum, R.E., 1976:
Some new names in thelypteridaceae with comments on cytological reports relating to this family

Osman A.M.; Mahmoud A.M.; E.S.erief H.A.H.; E.N.ggar G.M., 1979:
Some new naphth 1 2 d oxazolethiols and acridine derivatives 2

Delong D.M., 1982:
Some new neotropical leafhoppers of the subfamilies iassinae and deltocephalinae homoptera cicadellidae

Sojak J., 1985:
Some new northern hybrids in potentilla

De-Gregorio, R.; Brunel, J.F., 1977:
Some new observations on the alimentary regime of zonocerus variegatus orthoptera pyrgomorphidae

Spinelli J.; Koury B.J., 1981:
Some new observations on the pathways of formation of di methylamine in fish muscle and liver

Subias L.S.; Sarkar S., 1983:
Some new oppiidae from india acridae oribatida

Fromard F., 1982:
Some new or insufficiently known stations of arctostaphylos alpina in the french and spanish pyrenees

Brignoli P.M., 1980:
Some new or interesting eastern mediterranean dysderidae and agelenidae araneae

Arendholz W R.; Sharma R., 1983:
Some new or interesting helotiales from the eastern himalayas india

Rao V.G.; Varghese K.I.M., 1981:
Some new or interesting hyphomycetes from india

Holubova Jechova V.; Sierra A.M., 1982:
Some new or interesting micro fungi from cuba

Golovatch S.I., 1984:
Some new or less known paradoxosomatidae diplopoda polydesmida from india

Stary J., 1981:
Some new or little known european species of dicranota diptera limoniidae

Fain A., 1980:
Some new or little known genera and species of listrophoridae astigmata

Linnavuori, R.E.; Delong, D.M., 1978:
Some new or little known neotropical deltocephalinae homoptera cicadellidae

De-Souza-Lopes, H., 1976:
Some new or little known neotropical sarcophagidae diptera

Chowdhery H.J.; Wadhwa B.M., 1984:
Some new or little known plants from himachal pradesh india

Chvala, M., 1975:
Some new or little known species of platypalpus diptera empididae in the naturhistorisches museum vienna austria

Svaton J., 1981 :
Some new or little known species of spiders from slovakia czechoslovakia

Koyama, T., 1977:
Some new or otherwise noteworthy species of the smilacaceae of indochina

Coiffait H., 1981:
Some new or poorly known staphylinidae

Moser V.M., 1979:
Some new or rare agaricales species from the pieniny and biesczciade poland

Wraber T., 1983:
Some new or rare species in the flora of the julian alps yugoslavia 5

Meusel, H.; Kaestner, A., 1977:
Some new or revised taxa of carlina section corymbosae

Bayoumi B.M., 1979:
Some new oribatid mites from hungary acari oribatida

Golosova L.; Karppinen E., 1984:
Some new oribatid species acarina oribatei from the baykal region ussr

Mahunka S.; Topercer E., 1983:
Some new oribatids from czechoslovakia acari

Mahunka S., 1983:
Some new oribatids from madagascar acari

Pont A.C., 1981:
Some new oriental shoot flies diptera muscidae genus atherigona of actual or suspected economic importance

Gentili, E., 1975:
Some new palearctic laccobius coleoptera hydrophilidae

Violovich N.A., 1981:
Some new palearctic species of hover flies diptera syrphidae 39

Szelenyi G., 1981:
Some new palearctic torymid and pteromalid species hymenoptera chalcidoidea

Hall, A., 1978:
Some new paleobotanical records for the british uk ipswichian interglacial

Boxshall G.A.; Lincoln R.J., 1983:
Some new parasitic copepods siphonostomatoida nicothoidae from deep sea asellote isopods

Oluwadiya, J.O., 1981:
Some new phenolic pyrazoles from 2' hydroxy chalcones

Prazdny K., 1985:
Some new phenomena of motion perception

Sugawara F.; Takahashi N.; Strobel G.; Yun C H.; Gray G.; F.Y.; Clardy J., 1988:
Some new phytotoxic ophiobolins produced by drechslera oryzae

Agarwal J.C.; Nath C.; Sharma M.; Gupta G.P.; Bhargava K.P.; Shanker K., 1983:
Some new piperazino derivatives as anti parkinson and anti convulsant agents

Descoings B M., 1986:
Some new plants for the department of ardeche france

Reddy M.M., 1985 :
Some new plants records from marathwada india

Alicata, P.; Motta, S., 1973:
Some new podoptera type mutants of drosophila melanogaster

Eckey, P., 1980:
Some new points of view in interpreting rheograms of the extremities 3. rheogram of the thigh

Navale G.K.B.; Misra B.K., 1979:
Some new pollen grains from neyveli lignite tamil nadu india

Jan-Du-Chene, R.E., 1977:
Some new pollen species of the upper maastrichtian tar sand abeokuta formation southern nigeria

Subramoniam, V.; Rao, V.G., 1975:
Some new post harvest diseases of fruits and vegetables from maharashtra india part 2

Blake D.B., 1986:
Some new post paleozoic sea stars asteroidea echinodermata and comments on taxon endurance

Studitskii, A.N., 1976:
Some new problems in evolutionary histology

Roback S.S., 1982:
Some new procladius chironomidae tanypodinae species from colombia

Marchoux G.; Edwige S.; Migliori A., 1979:
Some new properties of dioscorea mosaic virus isolated in guadeloupe

Wagner R., 1979:
Some new psychodidae species from afghanistan diptera psychodidae

Krieglsteiner, G.J., 1980:
Some new rare and critical macromycetes in west germany

Whatley R.C.; Titterton R., 1981:
Some new recent podocopid ostracoda from the solomon islands southwestern pacific

Balapure K.M., 1982:
Some new records and additional localities of plants from ladakh india

Peng, C.I., 1978:
Some new records for the flora of taiwan

Manuel R.L., 1979:
Some new records of anthozoa from british uk waters

Gupta, D., 1975:
Some new records of blue green algae from west bengal part 2

Noor, M.N.; Mukherjee, S., 1977:
Some new records of chromosome numbers in indian charophyta

Hynniewta, T.M., 1978:
Some new records of epiphytic orchids from nagaland india

Polgar L., 1984:
Some new records of parasites predators and hyperparasites of aphids and a leaf miner fly cerodonta incisa living in maize ecosystems in hungary

Pardeshi, V.N.; Pokle, D.S., 1975:
Some new records of plants from aurangabad district india

Tippins, H.H.; Beshear, R.J., 1978 :
Some new records of scale insects from grasses in georgia usa

Thind K.S.; Sharda R.M., 1983:
Some new records of the genus calvulina from the himalayas

Yildirimli S.; Ekim T., 1986:
Some new records of turkish euphorbia

Singh, G.; Gohil, R.N., 1976:
Some new records to the flora of ladakh india

Vrubel, F.; Skálová, M.; Novák, P.; Strmiska, M., 1979:
Some new results of investigation of tuberous sclerosis

Forster W., 1980:
Some new rhopalocera from nepal

Miljkovic, D.; Petrovic, J.; Hadzic, P., 1978:
Some new ring d seco steroids

Bhargava S.N.; Shukla D.N.; Pandey R.S.; Khati D.V.S., 1981:
Some new root rot and seedling blight diseases of pulses and oil crops caused by fusarium solani

Frey, G., 1976:
Some new rutelidae and sericinae from east africa coleoptera scarabaeidae

Lindqvist, E., 1977:
Some new sawflies hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Frieser, R., 1978:
Some new south american anthribids coleoptera anthribidae

Vana J., 1980:
Some new south and central american hepatics

Das S.K.; Raychaudhuri D.; Raychaudhuri D.N., 1981:
Some new species and hitherto unknown morphs of aphids homoptera aphididae from himachal pradesh northwest india

Korf R.P.; Zhuang W Y., 1985:
Some new species and new records of discomycetes in china

Zhuang W Y.; Korf R.P., 1987:
Some new species and new records of discomycetes in china ii

Gupta, S.K., 1977:
Some new species and records of amblyseius from eastern india acari phytoseiidae

Cakin F., 1983:
Some new species and records of trichoptera in turkey

Raimondo, F.M., 1975:
Some new species for the flora of sicily italy

Sorin M., 1979:
Some new species of aphididae from japan homoptera

Petter A.J., 1983:
Some new species of benthimermis benthimermithidae nematoda from the south indian ocean

Ono H., 1980:
Some new species of black flies diptera simuliidae from hokkaido japan

Delong D.M., 1984:
Some new species of bolivian amplicephalus homoptera cicadellidae deltocephalinae

Kuoh, C.L., 1976:
Some new species of chinese hishimonus and hishimonoides homoptera cicadellidae

Raitviir, A., 1977:
Some new species of dasyscyphus

Petter A.J., 1987:
Some new species of females of the genus benthimermis petter 1980 benthimermithidae nematoda from deep sea sediments of the norway sea

Raitviir A.; Sharma M.P., 1984:
Some new species of helotiales from the northwest himalayas india

Zang M., 1979:
Some new species of higher fungi from xizang tibet of china

Rossi W.; Rossi M.G.C., 1982:
Some new species of laboulbeniales ascomycetes which parasitize carabidae

Von-Breuning, S., 1976:
Some new species of lamiinae from the geneva natural history museum switzerland part 3 coleoptera cerambycidae

Naheed R.; Ahmed M., 1980:
Some new species of leafhopper genus empoasca typhlocybinae cicadellidae from pakistan

Patwardhan P.G.; Makhija U., 1981:
Some new species of lichens from the western ghats southwestern india

Lienhard C., 1988:
Some new species of mesopsocidae insecta psocoptera with a redescription of hexacyrtoma capensis enderlein

Delong D.M.; Wolda H.; Estribi M., 1983:
Some new species of panama xestocephalus homoptera xestocephalinae

Ramirez C.; Martinez A.T., 1980:
Some new species of penicillium recovered from the atmosphere in madrid spain and from other substrata

Muchmore W.B., 1982:
Some new species of pseudoscorpions from caves in mexico arachnida pseudoscorpionida

Bhattacharyya, S.K., 1976:
Some new species of sessiluncus acarina rhodacaridae from west bengal india

Sahlin C.I., 1979:
Some new species of taraxacum from bavaria west germany

Bin F.; Johnson N.F., 1982:
Some new species of telenomus hymenoptera scelionidae egg parasitoids of tropical pyralid pests lepidoptera pyralidae

Yang C K., 1980:
Some new species of the genera wesmaelus and kimminsia neuroptera hemerobiidae

Frieser R., 1979:
Some new species of the genus disphaerona coleoptera anthribidae

Memmi M., 1982:
Some new species of the genus lepas cirripedia crustacea

Sipahiler F., 1986:
Some new species of trichoptera from northeastern anatolia turkey

Steinmann H., 1985:
Some new spongovostox and marava taxa dermaptera labiidae

Spinner E., 1983:
Some new sporomorphs from the lower carboniferous of northwest england uk

Grootaert, P., 1985:
Some new synonyms in the genus platypalpus diptera empidoidea hybotidae based upon meigen's collection

Pedersen E.T., 1982:
Some new syrphidae diptera from the island of anholt denmark

Mahunka S., 1982:
Some new tarsonemids acari tarsonemina from madagascar

Ekim T., 1984:
Some new taxa and records for turkey

White, F., 1977:
Some new taxa in african myrtaceae

Saddi N., 1984:
Some new taxa in kielmeyera guttiferae

Rostanski, K., 1977:
Some new taxa in the genus oenothera subgenus oenothera part 3

L.Y R., 1980:
Some new taxa of araliaceae from xizang china

Kuijten P.J., 1984:
Some new taxa of asian hybosorinae and notes on further species coleoptera scarabaeidae

L.X.; Zhang M., 1983:
Some new taxa of bryophytes from chinling mountains china

Prasad, B.N.; Mehrotra, R.K.; Singh, Y., 1977:
Some new taxa of nostoc from north indian crop fields

Bai P Y., 1979:
Some new taxa of oleaceae from tibet china

Xing Jiang L., 1981:
Some new taxa of pottiaceae from xizang tibet

Guarrera, S.A.; Ferrario, M.E., 1978:
Some new taxa of the argentine phyco flora

Patwardhan P.; Kulkarni C., 1979:
Some new taxa of the family graphidaceae from western ghats southwestern india

Patwardhan, P.; Kulkarni, C., 1977:
Some new taxa of the family thelotremataceae from western ghats southwest india

Zahariadi C.A., 1983:
Some new taxa of the genus ornithogalum liliaceae recently found in the balkans and the near east

Pribyl, A.; Vanek, J., 1975:
Some new taxa of trilobites for the central bohemian silurian and devonian

Leporatti, M.L.; Posocco, E.; Pavesi, A., 1985:
Some new therapeutic uses of several medicinal plants in the province of Terni (Umbria, Central Italy)

Ahluwalia V.K.; Kaila N.; Bala S., 1986:
Some new thiazole derivatives from dihydrochalcones

Botosaneanu L., 1980:
Some new trichoptera from various mediterranean countries

Gibon F M., 1982:
Some new trichoptera from western africa

Gibbons L.M.; Khalil L.F., 1980:
Some new trichostrongylid nematodes from east african artiodactylids

Radovcic, J., 1975:
Some new upper cretaceous teleosts from yugoslavia with special reference to localities geology and paleo environment

Stancheva M., 1984:
Some new upper miocene ostracods taxa from north bulgaria

Zeches M.; Ravao T.; Richard B.; Massiot G.; L.M.n Olivier L.; Verpoorte L., 1987:
Some new vallesamine type alkaloids

Catherall, P.L.; Chamberlain, J.A., 1975:
Some new viruses of grasses and their relationship with phleum mottle virus

Berry S.K.; Gramshaw J.W., 1986:
Some new volatile compounds from the non enzymic browning reaction of glucose glutamic acid system

Ryland, J.S.; Gordon, D.P., 1977:
Some new zealand and british species of hippothoa bryozoa cheilostomata

Hamar J., 1979:
Some new zooflagellates from hungary

Pikelj F., 1984:
Some newer aspects of pneumonia

Shukla, J.S.; Rastogi, R., 1978:
Some newer possible biologically active agents 3. synthesis of 5 beta n alkyl n p toluene sulfonamido and 5 beta n'2 hetero cyclic sulfonamidoethyl tetrazoles and their anti inflammatory activity

Keil B., 1979:
Some newly characterized collagenases from prokaryotes and lower eukaryotes

Piscopo E.; Diurno M.V.; Cirino G.; Aliberti F., 1982:
Some newly synthesized hydrazide derivatives of fluoro benzoic acids and their anti microbic activity

Piscopo E.; Diurno M.V.; Cereti Mazza M.T.; Cirino G.; Romano Carratelli C.; Nuzzo I., 1982:
Some newly synthesized o hydroxy benzanilide derivatives and their anti microbial activity

Hirano S.; Yano H., 1986:
Some nitrated derivatives of n acylchitosan

Devaux, G.; Nuhrich, A.; Dargelos, R.; Capdepuy, M.M., 1977:
Some nitro furane aryl propenones and related compounds synthesis and anti bacterial activity

Conti M.E.; Rodriguez Janeiro A.M.; Marre C., 1983:
Some nitrogen compounds evolution in argiudol soils with corn culture

Fetisova, T.V., 1976:
Some nitrogen containing components of the heart coronary sinus blood and aorta in experimental myo cardial infarction

Bellamy C.L., 1985:
Some nomenclatorial changes in the subfamily agrilinae coleoptera buprestidae

Yurtsev B.A.; Petrovskii V.V., 1980:
Some nomenclatural changes in the flora of the chukot tundra russian sfsr ussr

Osvacilova V., 1983:
Some nomenclature and taxonomic notes on the genus thalictrum

Girard, C.; Lecordier, C., 1978:
Some nomocenoses of sericines coleoptera melolonthidae in the savanna of lamto lower ivory coast

Kalb K.; Vezda A., 1987:
Some non foliicolous species of the family ectolechiaceae lichenes from brazil

Szadziewski, R., 1975:
Some non gall making cecidomyiidae diptera from yugoslavia

Arbuthnott G.; Wright A.K., 1982:
Some nonfluorescent connections of the nigro neo striatal dopamine neurons

Afifi E.A.; H.A.; E.S.erbiny A.A.; E.S.yaad G.A., 1979:
Some nongenetic factors affecting body weights and measurements of fleisch merino lambs under egyptian conditions

Kuhn G.P., 1983:
Some nongenetic sources of variation in milk production of registered friesland cows

Ashcroft, M.T., 1978:
Some non-infective diseases endemic in the West Indies

Gindler, E.M., 1975:
Some nonparametric statistical tests for quick evaluation of clinical data

Jones, I.H.; Pansa, M., 1979:
Some nonverbal aspects of depression and schizophrenia occurring during the interview

Somlyay, I., 1986:
Some normal physiological values in blood samples of chicken embryos. Short communication

Jonas K.; Fiolka G., 1986:
Some normal values of mineral metabolism of foal

Stanescu S.; Iortoman P., 1981:
Some normal values of pulmonary ventilation in subjects between 20 and 30 years old

Russell, E.; Hamm, R.; LePage, J.R.; Schoenbaum, S.W.; Satin, R., 1978:
Some normal variations of knee arthrograms and their anatomical significance

Ginzburg, D.A.; Kolomeer, E.K., 1975:
Some normative characteristics of the electro encephalographic reaction to hyper ventilation based on data of frequency and correlation analysis

Knight R.G.; Ross R.A.; Collins J.I.; Parmenter S.A., 1985:
Some norms reliability and preliminary validity data for an stimulus response inventory of anger the subjective anger scale

Balech, E., 1976:
Some norwegian dinophysis spp dinoflagellata

Otani Y., 1982:
Some notes on 2 interesting cup fungi collected in japan

Ishihara, T., 1976:
Some notes on 2 leafhoppers injurious to the sugarcane homoptera

Ishihara T., 1982:
Some notes on a leafhopper of economic importance orosius orientalis hemiptera homoptera cicadellidae

Kadereit J.W., 1984:
Some notes on annual species of senecio asteraceae from northern africa and the canary islands spain

Holubova Jechova V., 1982:
Some notes on basifimbria aurea

Almeida A.J.; Harmelin Vivien M., 1983:
Some notes on blenniids observed and captured in the azores portugal in 1979 pisces blenniidae

Greuter, W., 1975:
Some notes on bornmuellera in greece and an interspecific hybrid in the alysseae cruciferae

Stanislawski W., 1986:
Some notes on breeding royal pythons python regius shaw 1802 and rearing the young ones

van Breugel, F.M.; Bos, H.J., 1969:
Some notes on differential chromosome activity in Drosophila

Oliphant, J.M., 1977:
Some notes on effect of herbicide use and cultivation practice on population and control of avena spp in winter wheat

Short R.; Horn J., 1984:
Some notes on factor analysis of behavioral data

Galewski, K., 1987:
Some notes on generic characters of third larval instar of central european species of coelambus thoms. hygrotus steph. and stictotarsus zimm. coleoptera dytiscidae

Triberti, P., 1979:
Some notes on gracillariidae of a. fioris collection lepidoptera

Greuter W., 1987:
Some notes on lesquereuxia scrophulariaceae

Booth V.R., 1985:
Some notes on lichtensteins hartebeest alcelaphus lichtensteini

Dingley, J.M., 1977:
Some notes on new zealand pyrenomycetes

Gruner, W., 1978:
Some notes on observations from the great pond near limbach southern east germany near karl marx stadt formerly chemnitz

Reimer N.J.; Beardsley J.W., 1986:
Some notes on parasitization of blepharomastix ebulealis guenee lepidoptera pyralidae on oahu forests hawaii usa

Schram, F.R., 1976:
Some notes on pennsylvanian crustaceans in the illinois usa basin

Zandonini G.; Giannone R., 1985:
Some notes on primitive carcinoma of the uterine tube

Zadara, M., 1977:
Some notes on rare representatives of mucorales

Umeda, N.; Quinn, A.M., 1980:
Some notes on reading: talkers, material and reading rate

Shoda, T.; Ueda, S.; Yamada, O., 1975:
Some notes on serum lactate dehydrogenase anomaly

Bigger, T.R.L., 1977:
Some notes on sicilian butterflies lepidoptera rhopalocera

Gordon J.C.D., 1983:
Some notes on small kelp forest fish collected from saccorhiza polyschides bulbs on the isle of cumbrae scotland uk

Maher, G.D., 1976:
Some notes on social interactions in polistes exclamans hymenoptera vespidae

Shilenkov V.G., 1982:
Some notes on south siberian ussr trechini coleoptera carabidae with descriptions of 3 new species

Townsend C.C., 1985:
Some notes on species of heteromorpha umbelliferae

Van Der Hammen L., 1986:
Some notes on taxonomic methodology

Galewski K., 1979:
Some notes on the 3rd stage larvae of agabus chalconotus and agabus melanocornis coleoptera dytiscidae

Blancheteau, M., 1975:
Some notes on the aggressive behavior of the ant messor barbara

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Some notes on the amphibians and reptiles in sakar mountains thrace greece bulgaria

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Some notes on the anatomy and histology of various organs of four species of phylum echiura

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Some notes on the anterior dorsal fin and venous drainage in callorhinchus holocephali

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Some notes on the background of the isolation determination of structure synthesis and early clinical trials of the luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone releasing hormone

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Some notes on the bio mechanics of the normal and dysplastic canine acetabulum

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Some notes on the biology and rediscovery of the tadpole shrimp triops cancriformis notostraca branchiopoda in hampshire britain uk

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Some notes on the biology of archon apollinus

Kohlmann B., 1979:
Some notes on the biology of euphoria inda coleoptera scarabaeidae

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Some notes on the biology of the snake blenny lumpenus lampretaeformis on the west coast of scotland uk

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Some notes on the breeding and distribution of stenoptilia nepetellae lepidoptera pterophoridae

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Some notes on the chinese sucker myxocyprinus

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Some notes on the daily activity of a sea star astropecten latespinosus

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Some notes on the damage of japanese pine sawyer in the coastal sandlot black pine forest 1

Gadella T.W.J., 1983:
Some notes on the determination of the mode of reproduction in higher plants

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Some notes on the diagnosis of inter nuclear abduction paralysis an electro oculographic study

Sjovold, T., 1975:
Some notes on the distribution and certain modifications of mahalanobis generalized distance

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Some notes on the distribution and ecology of birds in kenya east africa

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Some notes on the distribution of lithophane lapidea huebner 1803 1808 in the alps and a curious alpine specimen of autophila ligaminosa amianta schawerda 1919 lepidoptera noctuidae

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Some notes on the ecology and status of the orange rumped honeyguide indicator xanthonotus in the himalayas

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Some notes on the ecology of 3 milkweed bugs in india heteroptera lygaeidae

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Some notes on the ecology of aquatic oligochaetes in the delta region of the netherlands

A.S.adi H.A.; A.M.usawi A.H., 1988:
Some notes on the ecology of aquatic plants in the al hammar marsh iraq

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Some notes on the fulmar fulmarus glacialis in the netherlands

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Some notes on the genera muellerianella and florodelphax from greece homoptera delphacidae with a description of florodelphax mourikisi new species from ikaria island

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Some notes on the identification of the larvae of the genera agabus leach and ilybius er. coleoptera dytiscidae

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Some notes on the knowledge of the entomostracan crustaceans of some temporary waters of asiatic turkey

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Some notes on the larvae and juveniles of half beak hemirhamphus xanthopterus new record in iraqi waters

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Some notes on the life cycle of cyclocoelum oculeum trematoda cyclocoelidae

Rosie, J.H., 1976:
Some notes on the macro lepidoptera of caithness scotland

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Some notes on the morphology and occurrence of the brown pine bark beetle hylastes brunneus coleoptera scolytidae

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Some notes on the oldest paper on the avifauna of bratislava czechoslovakia

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Some notes on the outbreak of the sea star asterias amurensis versicolor in the ariake sea western kyushu japan

Tian F., 1987:
Some notes on the regression line quantile method

Onbe, T.; Mitsuda, T.; Murakami, Y., 1977:
Some notes on the resting eggs of the marine cladoceran podon polyphemoides

Kurita, M., 1984:
Some notes on the rhododendron plants from japan 14. winter buds of rhododendron dilatatum var decandrum

Kurita, M., 1984:
Some notes on the rhododendron plants from japan 8. distribution of stomata in the lower epidermis of the leaf

Kurita, M., 1986:
Some notes on the rhododendron plants from japan xxii. the leaf hairs in four species

Kurita, M., 1987:
Some notes on the rhododendron plants from japan xxiii. peltate hairs of rhododendron dauricum

Steindorsson, S., 1976:
Some notes on the shore vegetation of iceland

Teixeira D.M., 1987:
Some notes on the slender antbird

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Some notes on the specificity of the fluorescence histochemical demonstration of gamma amino butyric acid

Wolpoff, M.H., 1977:
Some notes on the vertesszollos occipital

Chaudhuri, M.; Koya, K.V.A.; Sriramulu, N., 1977:
Some notes on virus retention by sand

Oza, P.P.; Chaudhuri, M., 1977:
Some notes on virus sorption on coal

Davids, C., 1977:
Some notes on water mites from greek islands

Zimmermann L., 1982:
Some notes to the distribution pattern bionomy and the taxonomic position of lithophyllum tortuosum and some other organic reef builders in the mediterranean

Jungwirth, M., 1978:
Some notes to the farming and conservation of the danube salmon hucho hucho

Reichardt, E., 1986:
Some noteworthy diatom finds from bavaria ii. seldom observed taxa from the isar river near munich west germany

Jamaluddin; Soni K.K.; Dadwal V.S., 1987:
Some noteworthy diseases of eucalyptus in madhya pradesh india

Kers L.E., 1981:
Some noteworthy finds of hypogeous fungi in sweden

Kodama, T.; Narita, T., 1974:
Some noteworthy hepaticae from mount kinabalu borneo

Jacobsen P., 1987:
Some noteworthy lichen finds from schleswig holstein west germany

Pokle, D.S.; Pardeshi, V.N., 1978 :
Some noteworthy plants from aurangabad district india

Mrozinska-Webb, T., 1975:
Some noteworthy species of oedogonium and bulbochaete chlorophyta new to poland

Novikov Y.V., 1982:
Some notions of mechanism of long term variations of stock composition and abundance of pacific saury

Lundqvist A., 1983:
Some notions of oland sweden sea shore plants

Matuskovic, J., 1977:
Some notions with cutting and shaping of peach trees

Khalil M.A.; E.K.awass S.M.; Kassem M.G., 1980:
Some novel 3 5 di substituted oxadiazole 2 thiones as potential anti microbial agents

Brady, S.F.; Hirschmann, R.; Veber, D.F., 1977:
Some novel acid labile amine protecting groups

Lawrence, W.H.; Tisdelle, P.A.; Turner, J.E.; Dillingham, E.O.; Gollamudi, R.; Carter-Burks, G.; Lasslo, A., 1988:
Some novel inhibitors of platelet aggregation: acute toxicity in mice and its relationship to in vitro activity and toxicity

Zimmer H.; Amer A., 1987:
Some novel observations on the reaction of 1 hydrazinophthalazine with polycarbonyl compounds

Van Der Westhuzien J.; Ferreira D.; Roux D.G., 1980:
Some novel photochemical and related aryl couplings and migrations in flavonoid synthesis

Roushdi, I.M.; Omar, A.M.M.E.; Ragab, M.S.; Awad, M., 1976 :
Some novel potential alkylating agents derived from di ethyl stilbestrol

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Some novel properties of transcriptionally active sv 40 minichromosomes

Hirschman E.C., 1981:
Some novel propositions concerning problem solving

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Some novel reactions of n chlorodifluoromethanimine

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Some novel reactions of pyridinium 2 carboxylate betaines

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Some novel sulfanilyl derivatives

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Some novel transformations of an alloisolongifolene derived 4 substituted 3 6 dihydro 2h pyran

Tronchet J.M.M.; Pallie K.D.; Barbalat Rey F., 1985:
Some novel types of nitrosugars

Lopez Gonzalez G., 1985:
Some novelties concerning the spanish plants of linnaeus ii

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Some nuclear events in chlamydomonas globulosa and their genetic significance

Courtens J.L., 1982:
Some nucleo cytoplasmic exchanges during spermiogenesis of boar ram and stallion

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Some nucleophilic substitutions in the 2 4 dimethoxypyrido 3 2 d pyrimidines

Gamisans J.; Aboucaya A.; Antoine C.; Olivier L., 1985:
Some numerical and chorological data about the vascular flora of corsica france

Sorbjan Z.; Uliasz M., 1982:
Some numerical urban boundary layer studies

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Some nummulites from upper eocene deposits in the vicinity of the village kaldakhvara western georgian ssr ussr

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Some nutrition characteristics of six maize hybrids

Ravindran V.; Ravindran G., 1988:
Some nutritional and anti nutritional characteristics of para rubber hevea brasiliensis seeds

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Some nutritional and anti nutritional components in jering pithecellobium jeringa keredas pithecellobium microcarpum and petai parkia speciosa

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Some nutritional and physiological factors affecting the urinary excretion of acid soluble peptides in rats and women

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Some nutritional aspects of the philippine tasaday diet

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Some Nutritional Characteristics of a Naturally Occurring Alga (Microcystis sp.) in a Guatemalan Lake

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Some nutritional factors affecting alpha amylase production by calvatia gigantea

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Some nutritional factors influencing nitrogenase activities in some blue green algae upon the addition of fish meal extract

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Some nutritional factors regulating formation of sclerotia of sclerotium rolfsii

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Some nutritional factors that modify the protein quality in wheat grains 1. influence of the quantity of nitrogen fertilizers applied and wheat cultivar employed

Recalde-Manrique, L.; Lopez-Gorge, J., 1981:
Some nutritional factors that modify the protein quality in wheat grains 2. interaction between the quality of nitrogen fertilizers applied as top dressing and of foliar applications of elemental sulfur

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Some nutritional properties of unrefined sugar and its promotion of the survival of new-born rats

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Some nutritional requirements and the effects of four environmental factors on spore germination and growth of lasiodiplodia theobromae and pseudocercospora timorensis

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Some objective indices of the level of social and occupational decompensation and rehabilitation in chronic alcoholics

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Some observation in experimental hemorrhagic anemia in dogs

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Some observation of the use of photoacoustic spectroscopy for flame elemental analysis

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Some observation on maturation and gonadal development of bullhead cottus gobio in afon llafar of north wales uk

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Some observation on the distribution of acid phosphatase in the optic tectum of the spotted owlet athene brama woodpecker picoides nanus and jungle babbler turdoides striatus

Saoji, A.A., 1974:
Some observation on the pollen biology of nerium odorum

Llewellyn L.C., 1979:
Some observation on the spawning and development of the mitchellian fresh water hardyhead craterocephalus fluviatilis from inland waters in new south wales australia

Dauby P., 1982:
Some observations about the annual cycle of surface zoo plankton in calvi bay corsica france M.E.F.; Bodegas V.P.R.; Flores G.R., 1981:
Some observations about the parasite carolaccus grandis equals heterolaccus grandis in the region of soconuscos chiapas mexico

Richter U.; Thalmann A., 1983:
Some observations about yeasts found in cereals

Flick, W.A., 1977:
Some observations age growth food habits and vulnerability of large brook trout salvelinus fontinalis from 4 canadian lakes

Ihezue U.H., 1982:
Some observations and comments on the psycho social profile on 1st ever referrals to the psychiatric hospital enugu nigeria

Macdonald D.W., 1979:
Some observations and field experiments on the urine marking behavior of the red fox vulpes vulpes

Alpinar, K., 1986:
Some observations and finding on arum l. araceae species of west turkey

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Some observations and hypotheses about the psychoanalytic theory of adult development

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Some observations and remarks about the nosography of epilepsies in infancy childhood and adolescence a study of 287 personal cases

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Some observations concerning expulsive hemorrhage

Cowan, P., 1970:
Some observations concerning the increase of hospital provision in London between 1850 and 1960

Surjan P.; Hadju B.; Szonyi M., 1986:
Some observations concerning the occurrence of exudative dermatitis in piglets kept under industrial conditions

Bhaud M., 1982:
Some observations concerning the relationship between reproductive strategy and distribution area in polychaete annelids

Silman, S.; Gelfand, S.A.; Chun, T., 1978:
Some observations in a case of acoustic neuroma

Robbrecht, E., 1978 :
Some observations in preussiodora african rubiaceae gardenieae

Achituv, Y.; Barnes, H., 1978:
Some observations in tetraclita squamosa rufotincta

Martin, A.; Barber, F.R., 1978:
Some observations of acidity and sulfur in rain water from rural sites in central england and wales

Zivanovic, V., 1975:
Some observations of apple woolly aphid eriosoma lanigerum and control measures

Pihl, S., 1976:
Some observations of birds in southwest greenland 1973 1975

Yoshizaki, M., 1976:
Some observations of bryopsis maxima at kimigahama choshi peninsula japan

Tsuji K.; Ishikawa T., 1984:
Some observations of caravaning behavior in the musk shrew suncus murinus

Kanai Y.; Shimizu H., 1982:
Some observations of estrous cycle in swamp buffaloes bubalus bubalis

Auster P.J., 1985:
Some observations of fish orientation to current direction and effects on predator prey interactions

Balle, S.; Dubus, F.; Homes, J., 1977:
Some observations of internal flower structure of african loranthaceae

Kleinman A.; Mechanic D., 1979:
Some observations of mental illness and its treatment in china

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Some observations of neoplastic mortality in relation to aging in the italian population

Wang Z.; Marsh R.E.; Howard W.E., 1987:
Some observations of pocket gopher feeding behavior

Lowe Jinde L., 1979:
Some observations of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri infected with cryptobia salmositica

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Some observations of scarce birds in nepal

Diamond M., 1985:
Some observations of spawning by roach rutilus rutilus and bream abramis brama and their implications for management

Sandhu S.; Gopalakrishna A., 1984:
Some observations of the breeding biology of the indian fruit bat cynopterus sphinx in central india

Larue F.; Park M.K.; Caruana C., 1985:
Some observations of the conditions of sulfur dioxide formation in vinification

Fujisaki, T.; Ishii, H.; Kojima, S., 1977:
Some observations of the de toxication of methyl mercury intoxication

Dagar H.S.; Dagar J.C., 1986:
Some observations of the ethnology of the nicobarese with special reference to cocos nucifera linn

Cross E.A.; Bohart G.E., 1979:
Some observations of the habits and distribution of trochometridium acarina pyemotidae

Maul P.R.; Barber F.R.; Martin A., 1980:
Some observations of the meso scale transport of sulfur compounds in rural east midlands england uk

Marfenin N.N., 1981:
Some observations of the nutrition and the digestive process in hydrants of different colonial hydroids

Kobayashi T.; Kusakari J.; Kawamoto K., 1985:
Some observations of the origin of anoxia sensitive negative evoked potential in the guinea pig cochlea

Mizutani A., 1982:
Some observations of the relationship among nests of the myrmicine ant pristomyrmex pungens

Prieto, A.A.; Ryan, M.J., 1978:
Some observations of the social behavior of the arizona chuckwalla sauromalus obesus tumidus reptilia lacertilia iguanidae

Bessonnat G., 1981:
Some observations of xenos vesparum endo parasitic strepsiptera preying on polistes

Cox, N.; Young, J.O., 1974:
Some observations on 2 populations of dalyellia viridis turbellaria neorhabdocoela living in temporary habitats in england

Sitas, F., 1986:
Some observations on a cholera outbreak at the Umvoti Mission Reserve, Natal

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Some observations on a goat pox virus isolated from an outbreak in orissa india

Schulze Wiehenbrauck H., 1979:
Some observations on a heart rate test with tilapia and carp fry using solutes from densely stocked water

Galat Luong A., 1981:
Some observations on a new born pigmy hippopotamus choeropsis liberiensis in the tai forest ivory coast

Chaudhary B.R.; Agrawal S.B., 1980:
Some observations on a new cytotype of eudorina elegans

Wedrychowicz H.Z.; Maclean J.M.; Holmes P.H., 1985:
Some observations on a possible role of lung and fecal immunoglobulin a antibodies in immunity of rats to nippostrongylus brasiliensis

Wienker C.W., 1984:
Some observations on abnormal hemoglobins in the deep south

Ambadkar P.M.; Vyas D.M., 1981:
Some observations on activity of phospho mono esterases of rat preputial gland a sebaceous analog

Barry T.N.; D.M.nna M.E.; Webb P.R.; Parle J.N., 1980:
Some observations on aerobic deterioration in untreated silages and in silages made with formaldehyde containing additives

Deppe, H.J., 1972:
Some observations on an aerie of white tailed eagle and peregrine falcon

Bai S.; Zou S., 1984:
Some observations on an albino monkey macaca mulatta

Awan M.A.Q.; Johnston R.S., 1979:
Some observations on an outbreak of trypanosomiasis trypanosoma brucei in horses in the republic of zambia

Albrecht, H., 1977:
Some observations on anemone fishes in the caribbean

Punt, J., 1979:
Some observations on aneurysms of the proximal internal carotid artery

Yamanaka S.; Ozaki M.; Kato S., 1980:
Some observations on angular leaf spot of cucumber with a scanning electron microscope

Husainy, Z.H., 1978:
Some observations on anopheles varuna in bastar district madhya pradesh india diptera culicidae

Foury, C.; Aubert, S., 1977:
Some observations on antho cyanin contents of a white flowered mutant in globe artichoke cynara scolymus

Weiner, H., 1979:
Some observations on apathetic operant responding of chronic schizophrenics

Mikami H., 1985:
Some observations on apoglossum minimum delesseriaceae rhodophyta

Semeria, Y., 1978:
Some observations on auto ecology and syn ecology of main species of chrysopinae neuroptera planipennia living in southeastern france with special reference to the genera italochrysa and chrysopa

Kipling C., 1984:
Some observations on autumn spawning charr salvelinus alpinus in windermere uk 1939 1982

Kumano S., 1984:
Some observations on batrachospermum intortum and batrachospermum sinense rhodophyta nemalionales from szechwan in china

Sylvestre J P., 1985:
Some observations on behavior of two orinoco dolphins inia geoffrensis humboldtiana in captivity at duisburg zoo west germany

Prinsloo J.F.; Schoonbee H.J.; Nxiweni J.G., 1981:
Some observations on biological and other control measures of the african clawed frog xenopus laevis pipidae amphibia in fish ponds in transkei south africa

Wilson, D.P., 1978:
Some observations on bipinnariae and juveniles of the starfish genus luidia

Masatomi, H., 1975:
Some observations on birds at high altitude lake sides in gosainkund central nepal

Booyens J.H., 1982:
Some observations on black matriculant opinions on the medical capabilities of different types of medical practitioners

Crucitti P.; Tringali L., 1986:
Some observations on bombina variegata scabra in the pindo mountains and in thrace greece

Kalsi R.S.; Khera S., 1986:
Some observations on breeding and displacement behavior of the redwattled lapwing vanellus indicus indicus aves charadriidae

Engels M.; Lorch D.W., 1981:
Some observations on cell wall structure and taxonomy of phymatodocis nordstedtiana conjugatophyceae chlorophyta

Shastri U.V., 1988:
Some observations on cerebral babesiosis in crossbred calves in marathwada region maharashtra state india

Tripathy, D.N.; Hanson, L.E., 1976:
Some observations on chronic leptospiral carrier state in gerbils experimentally infected with Leptospira grippotyphosa

Komatsu, M.; Fujita, H., 1978 :
Some observations on ciliogenesis in the oviduct epithelium of the mouse

Julich W., 1985:
Some observations on clavulinopsis and ramariopsis

Rhode, W.S., 1978:
Some observations on cochlear mechanics

Opik, H., 1972:
Some observations on coleoptile cell ultrastructure in ungerminated grains of rice m oryza sativa m

MacRae, A.A.; Anderson, R.I.; Fazen, L.E., 1977:
Some observations on complement fixation in onchocerciasis in Guatemalans

Joshi K.L., 1985:
Some observations on courtship and mating behavior of eri silkmoth samia cynthia lepidoptera saturniidae

Meyer, W.; Görgen, S., 1986:
Some observations on dermis development in fetal porcine skin

Herrgesell, P.L.; Sibley, T.H.; Knight, A.W., 1976:
Some observations on dinoflagellate population density during a bloom in a california usa reservoir

Parihar D.R., 1981:
Some observations on distribution and pest status of termites attacking forestry plantations in the rajasthan desert india

Singh, S.B., 1978:
Some observations on diurnal vertical fluctuations in a pond having permanent bloom of microcystis flos aquae

Pillai S.K., 1983:
Some observations on dol bag net fishery at sassoon dock bombay india

Li, C.Y.; Nothdurft, H.C., 1987:
Some observations on dynamic properties of receptive field organization of complex cells in cat visual cortex

Meier, C., 1976:
Some observations on early myelination in the human spinal cord light microscope and electron microscope study

Stinner B.R.; Mccartney D.A.; Rubink W.L., 1984:
Some observations on ecology of the stalk borer papaipema nebris noctuidae in no tillage corn agro ecosystems

Banaja, A.A.; James, J.L.; Riley, J., 1976:
Some observations on egg production and auto re infection of reighardia sternae a pentastomid parasite of the herring gull

Shinmura, I., 1975:
Some observations on eucheuma amakusaensis

Yasuda Y.; Hidaka H.; Tanioka Y., 1983:
Some observations on experimental hypertension in mini pigs

Grover I.S.; Virk G.S., 1979:
Some observations on f 2 and backcross plants derived from hybrids between papaver somniferum and papaver setigerum

Lewis, C.A., 1975:
Some observations on factors affecting embryonic and larval growth of pollicipes polymerus cirripedia lepadomorpha in vitro

Tucker D.J., 1980:
Some observations on factors controlling apical dominance in the rogue tomato

Ebner, H.; Feldner, H.; Kraft, D., 1981:
Some observations on farmer's lung

Ichaporia, R.B.; Parulkar, V.G., 1987:
Some observations on fibrinolytic activity in males and females

Moore P.G.; Francis C.H., 1985:
Some observations on food and feeding of the supralittoral beach hopper orchestia gammarellus crustacea amphipoda

Baynes-Cope, D., 1976:
Some observations on foxing at the british museum research laboratory

Tadros W.; Laarman J.J., 1979:
Some observations on gametogonic development of sarcocystis cuniculi of the common european rabbit in a feline fibroblast cell line

Page F.C.; Willumsen N.B.S., 1980:
Some observations on gocevia placopus an amoeba with a flexible test and on gocevia like organisms from denmark with comments on the genera gocevia and hyalodiscus

Banerji, A.P.; Kothari, L.S.; Shah, P.N., 1977:
Some observations on gonadotropin inhibitor anti luteinizing hormone from human urine with discussion on its possible source of origin

Weaver, R.J., 1976:
Some observations on grape growing in south africa

Davies A.J., 1980:
Some observations on haemohormidium cotti from the marine fish cottus bubalis

Shimada M., 1979:
Some observations on hatchability of schistosoma haematobium ova discharged into urine

More T.; Rawat P.S.; Sahni K.L., 1981:
Some observations on high potassium and low potassium chokla sheep given water intermittently under semi arid conditions

Bhushan, S.; Pandey, R.C.; Singh, S.P.; Pandey, D.N.; Seth, P., 1978:
Some observations on human semen analysis

Arase S.; Katsuta M.; Itoi S., 1983:
Some observations on hyphal growth and host responses in leaf sheath of rice cultivars inoculated with pyricularia fungi

Matsunaga T.; Karube I.; Suzuki S., 1980:
Some observations on immobilized hydrogen producing bacteria behavior of hydrogen in gel membranes

Kowero G.S.; Temu A.B., 1985:
Some observations on implementing village forestry programs in tanzania

Bibby, B.G.; Huang, C.T., 1980:
Some observations on in vitro dental plaques

Rao G.R.; Kumar A., 1980:
Some observations on interspecific hybrids of solanum melongena

Macleod, R.D.; Francis, D., 1977:
Some observations on invertase activity in roots of vicia faba

Marini M.; Trentini M., 1982:
Some observations on italian drepanidae lepidoptera

Clarke, A., 1976:
Some observations on krill euphausia superba maintained live in the laboratory

Walter, E., 1976:
Some observations on lichens during the 15th international plant geographic excursion in greece

Calow, P., 1974:
Some observations on loco motory strategies and their metabolic effects in 2 species of fresh water gastropods ancylus fluviatilis and planorbis contortus

Teller E.; Godeau J M., 1987:
Some observations on magnesium absorption in cattle

Schmidt, G., 1983:
Some observations on marine phytoplankton kinetics 2. the effect of nitrate and ammonium concentrations on the growth and uptake rates of the natural population of ubatuba region sao paulo brazil 23 degrees south 045 degrees west

Uspenskii, I.V.; Repkina, L.V., 1978:
Some observations on mating and fertilization of ixodes persulcatus

Van-Den-Assem, J.; Maeta, Y., 1978:
Some observations on melittobia sp hymenoptera chalcidoidea eulophidae collected in japan

Gordon A.D., 1982:
Some observations on methods of estimating the proportions of morphologically similar pollen types in fossil samples

Sharma, B.N.; Singh, S.P.; Sahai, B.N., 1977:
Some observations on microfilariae of setaria digitata and setaria cervi

Slawson P.R., 1982:
Some observations on modeling the mechanical draft cooling tower plume at plant gaston

Hatsushika R.; Kihara T.; Shimizu M.; Oyama F., 1979:
Some observations on moving patterns of the vital scolex of diphyllobothrium latum cestoda diphyllobothriidae

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Some observations on strongwellsea castrans zygomycetes entomophthorales a parasite of root flies delia spp in the south of scotland uk

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Some observations on the behavior of tatera robusta in captivity

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Some observations on the creative process and its relation to mourning and various forms of understanding

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Some observations on the effects of solar eclipse on mites and fungal spores

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Some observations on the evolution of fall webworm hyphantria cunea in the surroundings of kopje yugoslavia

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Some observations on the evolution of the female genital ducts in typhlonectes compressicaudus a viviparous apodan amphibian during the reproductive cycle/

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Some observations on the fauna and flora of nine elms battersea before the development of london's new covent garden market england uk

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Some observations on the feeding activity of the corvidae

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Some observations on the feeding behavior of the indian pygmy pipistrelle pipistrellus mimus mimus mammalia chiroptera vespertilionidae in rajasthan desert india

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Some observations on the fine structure of lamprey liver as revealed by electron microscopy

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Some observations on the fine structure of the goblet cells in the nasal respiratory epithelium of the rat with special reference to the well developed agranular endoplasmic reticulum

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Some observations on the fine structure of the myo tendinous junction in myotomal muscles of the tadpole tail

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Some observations on the fish nurseries along the lake kinneret shores israel the interrelationship between species and the influence of environmental factors

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Some observations on the fishery and biology of nematopalaemon tenuipes at bombay india

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Some observations on the fishery and biology of the murrel channa striatus of ramgarh lake gorakhpur

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Some observations on the fishery and biology of the ribbonfish eupleurogrammus glossodon/

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Some observations on the flora of zaire mayumbe bas congo and kasai

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Some observations on the formation of the primary tunica albuginea in the ovary of the chick embryo

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Some observations on the fundic glands of the stomach of sus scrofa domestica with special reference to the fine structures of the chief and parietal cells

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Some observations on the gills of the oceanic sunfish mola mola

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Some observations on the growth of red calcareous algae of the genus fosliella rhodophycophyta corallinaceae

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Some observations on the health of an island population

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Some observations on the histo physiology of brachialis muscle of certain birds

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Some observations on the histology and histochemistry of the mantle edge in pila virens mollusca gastropoda

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Some observations on the host parasite relationship of macrobrachium ohione decapoda palaemonidae and probopyrus bithynis isopoda bopyridae

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Some observations on the host plant relationships of radopholus similis in natal

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Some observations on the immunological status in scleroderma (progressive systemic sclerosis)

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Some observations on the in vivo and in vitro effects of guanidino succinic acid laboratory animals

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Some observations on the in vivo effect of propranolol on platelet aggregation and release

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Some observations on the incorporation of novobiocin into Hektoen enteric agar for improved Salmonella isolation

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Some observations on the incubation behavior of the domestic duck

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Some observations on the indirect ELISA for antibodies to Mycoplasma iowae serovar I in sera from turkeys considered to be free from Mycoplasma infections

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Some observations on the indirect kinetic photometric determination of 8 quinolinol

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Some observations on the influence of salinity on growth and photosynthesis in porphyra umbilicalis

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Some observations on the interaction of dopamine beta hydroxylase ec and its natural inhibitors in the rat brain

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Some observations on the intra parietal nervous elements in the intestine general morphologic and topographic characteristics and argentophilic properties in the adult cat and human fetus

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Some observations on the japanese field vole microtus montebelli in captivity part 2 reproduction and growth of voles according to size of litter

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Some observations on the kinetics of the jaffe reaction for creatinine

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Some observations on the lateralization of complex waveforms

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Some observations on the lethal effects of neuro toxin

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Some observations on the liberation and viability of oo spores in sargassum wightii

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Some observations on the life history and behavior of digger wasp ammophila erythrocephala sphecidae hymenoptera

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Some observations on the life history of the amphipod crustacean hyale nilssoni in new hampshire usa

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Some observations on the life history of the fly megaselia scalaris phoridae with special reference to the eclosion pattern

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Some observations on the lipid concentration in the ems dollart estuary and the western wadden sea the netherlands

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Some observations on the littoral barnacle populations of north wales uk

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Some observations on the longevity of fomes annosus in conifer stumps

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Some observations on the losses due to weed infestation in the wheat triticum aestivum crop

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Some observations on the magnesium metabolism of the amphibian bufo marinus lens

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Some observations on the mammals consumed by the tawny owl strix aluco in hungary

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Some observations on the metabolic activity of the intra cerebellar nuclei

Kasugai M.; Takeda S.; Sakurai H., 1983:
Some observations on the microgyne form of ant myrmica ruginodis hymenoptera formicidae in sapporo japan

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Some observations on the microgyne form of myrmica rubra hymenoptera formicidae

Shin, Y.C., 1978:
Some observations on the morphological evidence for mechanism of the bile secretion

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Some observations on the morphological variation of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar deltapine 16

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Some observations on the morphology and the anatomy of filament type 0041

van der Merwe, N.J., 1985:
Some observations on the morphology of the bovine teat canal (Ductus papillaris mammae)

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Some observations on the morphology of the cysts in acetabularia mediterranea

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Some observations on the morphology of the newt liver at different stages of inanition

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Some observations on the mortality pattern of exotic cattle in india

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Some observations on the nature of host fungus relationship in market pathology

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Some observations on the nature of reactive groups involved in reversal of mycobacillin inhibition by sterols and lipids

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Some observations on the near uv circular dichroism of transfer rna from escherichia coli

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Some observations on the nest building behavior of the domestic duck

Pessacq Asenjo T.P., 1984:
Some observations on the nuclear apparatus of insect muscle cells

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Some observations on the occurrence and distribution of lymnaea natalensis krauss in its habitats in kenya

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Some observations on the occurrence and population dynamics of palaemon longirostris h. milne edwards 1837 and crangon crangon l. crustacea decapoda in the lower weser west germany

Martinez D.M.rguia A.; Seed R., 1987:
Some observations on the occurrence and vertical distribution of mites arachnida acari and other epifaunal associates of intertidal barnacles on two contrasted rocky shores in north wales uk

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Some observations on the occurrence of pearls in the blue mussel mytilus edulis

Smartt J., 1980:
Some observations on the origin and evolution of the winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Torre A., 1980:
Some observations on the ornithology of the lagoon of calich italy and some considerations on the possible results of land reclamation

Ross, D.J., 1968:
Some observations on the oxidation of glucose by enzymes in soil in the presence toluene

Yoshida, M., 1978:
Some observations on the patency in the outer segments of photo receptors of the nocturnal gecko

Newman, P.K.; Terenty, T.R.; Foster, J.B., 1981:
Some observations on the pathogenesis of syringomyelia

Fenn B.; Devaki M.N., 1981:
Some observations on the pattern of psychiatric disturbance following intense spiritual exercise

Radwan, M.S.; Al-Fakhry, A.K.; Al-Hasan, A.M., 1978:
Some observations on the performance of annual medics in northern iraq

Gibson, H.L., 1976:
Some observations on the persistence and changes in green teratologic forms of trilliums

Bose, K.C.; Ahmad, M.F.; Roy, A.S., 1977 :
Some observations on the pharyngeal thyroid gland of a teleost oxygaster bacaila

Viscuso, R.; De-Luca, V.; Vanella, A.; Cozzolino, A., 1975:
Some observations on the pleuropodia of eyprepocnemis plorans orthoptera acrididae part 1 morphological and biochemical data

Lucca A.; Dellantonio A.; Riggio L., 1986:
Some observations on the poggendorff and mueller lyer tactual illusions

Wong W.T.; Lee M.K.C., 1985:
Some observations on the population and natal patterns among purebred dogs in malaysia

Nyholmen O.; Hopkins C.C.E., 1988:
Some observations on the population biology of capelin mallotus villosus from balsfjord northern norway

Le-Boulenge, E.; Fuentes, E.R., 1978:
Some observations on the population dynamics of octodon degus rodentia hystricomorpha in central chile

Taitz, C.; Nathan, H., 1986:
Some observations on the posterior and lateral bridge of the atlas

Allen J.M.; Bridges J.B.; Crooks S.W.; Hamilton H.A., 1980:
Some observations on the potassium induced contracture in guinea pig ureteric smooth muscle

Patel B.H.; Balapatel I.A., 1982:
Some observations on the prawn fishery of the gulf of khambhat gujarat india

Al-Robaae, K.; Jawad, L.A.J., 1974:
Some observations on the pre natal and post natal development of hairs and milk teeth of tomb bat taphozous nudiventris

Udem, L.; Ranney, H.M.; Bunn, H.F.; Pisciotta, A., 1970:
Some observations on the properties of hemo globin m milwaukee 1

Olusi, S.O., 1979:
Some observations on the properties of precipitating antibody to Staphylococcus aureus in children with kwashiorkor

Landsmeer, J.M.F., 1975:
Some observations on the proximal inter phalangeal joint in man

Schulzer, M.; Mikelberg, F.S.; Drance, S.M., 1987:
Some observations on the relation between intraocular pressure reduction and the progression of glaucomatous visual loss

Giles K.L.; Shehata A.I., 1984:
Some observations on the relationship between cell division and cell determination in the epidermis of the developing leaf of corn zea mays

Hargreaves, P.M., 1975:
Some observations on the relative abundance of biological sound scatterers in the northeastern atlantic ocean with particular reference to apparent fish shoals

Nosikov A., 1986:
Some observations on the relative share of the deceased in hospitals according to classes of diseases

Marsh, N.; Gaffney, P., 1980:
Some observations on the release of extrinsic and intrinsic plasminogen activators during exercise in man

Muntyan, S.P., 1978:
Some observations on the reproduction and development of embryos of 5 species of fish living in experimental radioactive water bodies

Mirick S.; Quinn J.A., 1981:
Some observations on the reproductive biology of gaultheria procumbens ericaceae

Straw, J.A.; Talbot, D.C.; Taylor, G.A.; Harrap, K.R., 1977:
Some observations on the reversibility of methotrexate toxicity in normal proliferating tissues

Robert S.; Dancosse J.; Dallaire A., 1987:
Some observations on the role of environment and genetics in behavior of wild and domestic forms of sus scrofa european wild boars and domestic pigs

Atkinson, D., 1977:
Some observations on the root growth of young apple trees and their uptake of nutrients when grown in strips treated with herbicides in grassed orchards

Annapurna C.; Bhavanarayana P.V.; Seghal C., 1987:
Some observations on the salinity tolerance of nerita albicilla linnaeus gastropoda from the waltair coast india

Saxena, S.K.; Singh, S., 1976:
Some observations on the sand dunes and vegetation of bikaner district in western rajasthan india

Laudenbach U.; Kesselmeier J., 1982:
Some observations on the saponin accumulation in oat avena sativa seedlings and on the transformation of the avenacosides to the antibiotic 26 degluco avenacosides

Miyazaki N.; Jones L.L.; Beach R., 1984:
Some observations on the schools of dalli type and truei type dalls porpoises phocoenoides dalli in the northwestern pacific

Gupta P.R.; Thakur J.R.; Dogra G.S., 1984:
Some observations on the seasonal history and ecology of heliothis armigera with particular reference to foods plants in mid hills of himachal pradesh india

Astporsson O.S.; Stefansson U., 1984:
Some observations on the seasonal variations in temperature salinity and zooplankton in hvammsfjordur west iceland

Foury, C.; Martin, F.; Imperiali, M., 1978:
Some observations on the seed production of globe artichoke cynara scolymus

Bhatia, S.K.; Sahai, R.; Shanker, V., 1978:
Some observations on the sex chromatin in indian goats capra hircus of beetal breed

Mukai H.; Makioka T., 1980:
Some observations on the sex differentiation of an entoproct barentsia discreta

Shirley, M.W.; Millard, B.J., 1976:
Some observations on the sexual differentiation of Eimeria tenella using single sporozoite infections in chicken embryos

Chang T P., 1979:
Some observations on the sheath patterns in 2 oscillatoria species

Thompson, S., 1976:
Some observations on the shoot growth of pine seedlings

Baeumler, W., 1972:
Some observations on the significance of the shield of the partridge perdix perdix

Neumann, J., 1978:
Some observations on the simple exponential function as a lagrangian velocity correlation function in turbulent diffusion

Haimoff E.H., 1985:
Some observations on the singing behavior of the hoolock gibbon hylobates hoolock

Pentecost A., 1981:
Some observations on the size and shape of lichen asco spores in relation to ecology and taxonomy

Seshappa, G., 1978:
Some observations on the size distribution and the occurrence of growth rings in the scales of 3 species of cynoglossus at calicut india

Boaden, P.J.S.; O'connor, R.J.; Seed, R., 1976:
Some observations on the size of the sponges grantia compressa and sycon ciliatum in strangford lough county down ireland

Lloyd, D.C., 1969:
Some observations on the skin of oxychilus spp with particular reference to oxychilus helveticus mollusca pulmonata zonitidae

Kawai, M.; Yoshiba, K.; Ando, S.; Azuma, S., 1968:
Some observations on the solitary male among japanese monkeys a pilot report for a socio telemetrical study

Rao, M.B., 1975:
Some observations on the spawning behavior and larval development in the limpet cellana radiata gastropoda prosobranchia

Morgan D.C.; Warrington I.J.; Rook D.A., 1985:
Some observations on the spectral distribution characteristics of short wave radiation within pinus radiata canopies

Itoi S.; Takino K.; Arase S., 1983:
Some observations on the sporulation of pyricularia zizaniaecola

Lindsey A.S.; Sharma R.K., 1981:
Some observations on the stability of uric acid in alkaline solutions

Casper, S.J.; Scheffler, W.; Augsten, K.; Peschke, T., 1987:
Some observations on the stephanodiscus hantzschii group bacillariophyta in waters of east germany 1. stephanodiscus hantzschii and stephanodiscus tenuis in lakes wentow tollense haussee and bautzen reservoir

Castanet, J., 1975:
Some observations on the structural skeletal growth lines of amphibians urodeles and anurans

Rupavathi P.; Rao K.H.; Shyamasundari K., 1984:
Some observations on the structure and cytochemistry of the oocytes of barbatia obliquata arcidae of the waltair coast

Matsumoto E.; Hirosawa K., 1983:
Some observations on the structure of suncus murinus liver with special reference to the vitamin a storing cell

Robbins C.R.; Fernee K.M., 1983:
Some observations on the swelling of human epidermal membrane

Riley J.; Self J.T., 1981:
Some observations on the taxonomy and systematics of the pentastomid genus armillifer in southeast asian and australian snakes

Aloj Totaro E.; Papaccio G.; Crisci A.; Caporaso A.; Festa V., 1985:
Some observations on the teeth of torpedo marmorata

Carrillo, M.; Zanuy, S., 1977:
Some observations on the testicle in spicara chryselis

Swinscow T.D.V.; Krog H., 1986:
Some observations on the thallus in pannaria with description of a new species

Hamill L., 1983:
Some observations on the time of travel of waves in the river skerne england uk and the effect of aquatic vegetation

Asuzu I.U.; Undie A., 1986:
Some observations on the toxic effects of the seed extract of sphenostylis stenocarpa on intestinal muscle

Oloo G.W., 1984:
Some observations on the trail laying behavior of macrotermes michaelseni termitidae

Palimeris, G.; Chimonidou, E.; Droutsas, D., 1979:
Some observations on the treatment of ischemic optic neuropathy

Suseelan C.; Pillai P.P.; Pillai M.A.; Nair K.R., 1985:
Some observations on the trend of zooplankton and its probable influence on local pelagic fisheries at colachel india during 1973 1974

Khan M.A., 1979:
Some observations on the trophic evolution of monomictic floodplain lake

Young, B.A., 1976:
Some observations on the ultrastructure of the adeno hypophysis of the plains vizcacha lagostomus maximus

Roman Ceba M.; Marin Sanchez C.; Fernandez Gutierrez A., 1985:
Some observations on the use of 1 4 dihydroxyanthraquinone as a fluorometric reagent for traces of lithium

Ramaprabhu T.; Ghose S.R.; Das K.M.; Mohanti A.N., 1986:
Some observations on the use of ammonia as a fish toxicant

Williams B.K., 1983:
Some observations on the use of discriminant analysis in ecology

Sharby T.F., 1979:
Some observations on the use of feed additives in canadian animal production

Bernis, W.O.; Acosta, F.O.; Cardoso, G.; Sampaio, R.; Oliveira, H.P., 1975:
Some observations on the use of propiopromazine hydro chloride in dogs

Heaney, S.I., 1978:
Some observations on the use of the in vivo fluorescence technique to determine chlorophyll a in natural populations and cultures of fresh water phyto plankton

Falade S., 1983:
Some observations on the use of the rose bengal plate tube agglutination heat inactivation and rivanol tests in caprine brucellosis

Moreira A.L.; Fialho S.A.G.; Oliveira H.P.; D.S.lva R.U.P., 1979:
Some observations on the use of xylazine hydro chloride in dogs

Naqvi, H.H., 1974:
Some observations on the vegetation of peshawar and the khyber pass pakistan

Filipic B., 1985:
Some observations on the vertical migrations of the dinoflagellate prorocentrum micans in the lim fjord northern adriatic

Sexton R.; Struthers W.A.; Lewis L.N., 1983:
Some observations on the very rapid abscission of the petals of geranium robertianum

Caballero Lopez Lendinez J.L.; Guirao Perez M.; Bolanos Carmona J., 1982:
Some observations on the weight cellular density and area of the cellular section of the encephalon of the chick embryo after chronic aggression by hypoxia

Sieber, J., 1978:
Some observations on the white bali myna leucopsar rothschildi in its natural environment

Camarda I., 1981:
Some observations on trees and shrubs of sardinia italy

Pandey, V.S., 1979:
Some observations on Trichophyton verrucosum infection in cattle in Morocco

Mitra C.; Guha S.R., 1980:
Some observations on tryptamine tetrazolium reductase activity of rat brain

Mathew, B.; Baytop, T., 1976:
Some observations on turkish crocus

Picco, A.M.; Mangiarotti, A.M., 1978:
Some observations on tyrophagus putrescentiae infesting fungus strains of the mycological laboratory fungus culture collection university of pavia italy

Jones A.R., 1982:
Some observations on urinary excretion of glycine conjugates by laboratory animals

Walton, J.K.; Robinson, R.G., 1982:
Some observations on urinary retention and deep hip sepsis following total hip replacement

Favali, M.A.; Conti, G.G.; Bassi, M., 1977:
Some observations on virus induced local lesions by transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Lennerstrand, G., 1978:
Some observations on visual evoked responses to dich optic stimulation

Bandoni, R.J., 1977:
Some observations on winter fungi in british columbia canada

Herring, M.J., 1978:
Some observations on winter grown sunflowers helianthus annuus

Cherry, N.; Venables, H.; Waldron, H.A.; Wells, G.G., 1981:
Some observations on workers exposed to methylene chloride

Fountaine, J.E.; Joshipura, P.B.; Keliher, P.N., 1976:
Some observations regarding penta chloro phenol levels in haverford township pennsylvania usa

Binyon, J., 1978:
Some observations upon the chemical composition of the starfish asterias rubens with particular reference to strontium uptake

Pagett R.M., 1985:
Some observations upon the distribution of strontium in 4 species of ophiuroids ophiocomina nigra ophiura albida ophiothrix suensoni and ophioderma cinereum

Mizuma, M., 1975:
Some observations using meteorological balloons at the kyoto university reactor site japan

Zanuy, S.; Carrillo, M., 1977:
Some observed correlations in the hypophyseo gonadal axis of spicara chryselis

Barr, R.A.; Kapadnis, C.D., 1986:
Some observed differences in degree of concentration and their effects on shadowing

Musil, C.F.; Bornman, C.H.; Grunow, J.O., 1976:
Some observed interrelationships between the cover of aquatic vegetation and various physical properties of the water medium

Taufa, T.; Lourie, J.A.; Mea, V.; Sinha, A.K.; Cattani, J.; Anderson, W., 1986:
Some obstetrical aspects of the rapidly changing Wopkaimin society

Miller R.M., 1979:
Some occurrences of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in natural and disturbed ecosystems of the red desert

Ferro G., 1984 :
Some ochthebius species of the spanish fauna coleoptera hydraenidae the hydraenidae 13

D'hondt, M.J., 1977:
Some octocorallia coelenterata from australia

Galletti P.A.; Pavesi M., 1983:
Some odonata of greece

Utzeri C.; Falchetti E., 1980:
Some odonata records from italy

Ambros, Z., 1977:
Some of the applications of statistical methods in geo biocenology

Surprenant J.; Richard C.; Guibord M.O.; Gagnon C., 1980:
Some of the aspects in evaluating disease losses in alfalfa medicago sativa

Menzie A.R.; Edwards H.E., 1987:
Some of the biological properties of factor x fractionated heparin

Mikhail N.; Aboras N.; Gafar S.; Hassan I.; E.S.irbini H., 1980:
Some of the causative factors of excessive bleeding after prostatectomy

Stoyanov, A.; Nedelchev, D.; Sheitanova, D., 1980:
Some of the causes determining curliness of sheep wool 4. genotype and phenotype variability of characters which determine and are linked with curliness of wool of sheep of the northeast bulgarian fine fleece breed

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