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Some observations of estrous cycle in swamp buffaloes bubalus bubalis

Kanai, Y.; Shimizu, H.

Japanese Journal of Animal Reproduction 28(3): 154-158


Accession: 006445430

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The length of estrous cycle, duration of estrus and time of ovulation in swamp buffaloes were studied. Eight adult females in a lot were checked for estrus twice daily by a vasectomized buffalo bull for 3 mo. Duration of estrus was estimated by checking male-receptivity every 3 h and time of ovulation was determined by rectal palpation performed every 3 h after the end of estrus. All females came into estrus 3-5 times during the experimental period of 91 days. The length of estrous cycles was 19.1 .+-. 5.8 days with a range of 9-38 days. The duration of estrus was 17.3 .+-. 4.6 h (range: 9-24) and time of ovulation was 13.5 .+-. 3.7 h (range: 6-18) after the end of estrus. External signs of estrus examined were not evident enough to detect estrus, and homosexual behavior was seldom observed. Evidently, characteristics related to estrus and estrous cycle in swamp buffaloes are analogous to those in cattle except for the uncertainty of external signs of estrus.

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