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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6447

Chapter 6447 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Damirdagh, I. S.; Shepherd, R. J., 1970: Some of the chemical properties of the tobacco etch virus and its protein and nucleic acid components

Nevison G.B., 1983: Some of the effects of cutting bracken pteridium aquilinum at different times during the summer

Berg R.T., 1983: Some of the factors influencing ease of calving in range beef heifers

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446003

Claussen C., 1984: Some old records for syrphid fauna from schleswig holstein west germany diptera syrphidae

Swain, F. M., 1987: Some oligocene and miocene freshwater ostracoda from central and southern nevada and southwestern texas usa

Rombke J., 1987: Some oligochaeta from bolivia and peru

Merino J.F., 1987: Some oligochaeta from costa rica

Righi, G., 1975: Some oligochaeta from the brazilian amazonia

Righi G., 1980: Some oligochaeta from the families ocnerodrilidae and glossoscolecidae from brazil

Guerra R.A.T., 1985: Some oligochaeta of north and northwest brazil

Nemeth A., 1983: Some oligochaetes glossoscolecids of venezuelan amazonia

Ballesteros M., 1982: Some onchidoris mollusca opisthobranchia doridacea from iberian coast

Collett T.S., 1980: Some operating rules for the opto motor system of a hover fly syritta pipiens during voluntary flight

Gotzsche H.F., 1987: Some operculate discomycetes pezizales from iceland

Clark A.M., 1980: Some ophiuroidea from the seychelles islands and inhaca mozambique echinodermata

Baker A.N., 1979: Some ophiuroidea from the tasman sea south pacific and adjacent waters

Sejvlova J., 1982: Some opinions and attitudes of fosters on care given to old people and those who are ill for a long time

Kaul' R.M., 1985: Some optical orientation characters in formica rufa hymenoptera formicidae

Scott, J. F.; Zamecnik, P. C., 1969: Some optical properties of di adenosine 5 phosphates

Lindquist, A.; Ringdahl, B.; Svensson, U.; Dahlbom, R., 1976: Some optically active n 4 tert amino 1 methyl 2 butynyl substituted succinimides and 2 pyrrolidones and their absolute configurations

Hopkins, I. R.; James, J. W., 1977: Some optimum selection strategies and age structures with overlapping generations

Premik M., 1986: Some oral health indicators elementary school population in slovenia yugoslavia

Nowlan G.S., 1981: Some ordovician conodont faunules from the miramichi anticlinorium new brunswick canada

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446024

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446025

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446026

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446027

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446028

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446029

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446030

Balogh P., 1986: Some oribatid mites collected in the western pacific area

Hammer M., 1981: Some oribatid mites from java 1

Hammer M., 1981: Some oribatid mites from java indonesia 2

Puthz V., 1980: Some oriental octavius spp

Shafir E.B., 1986: Some origins of belief

Domrow R., 1985: Some ornithonyssine mites from australian mammals and birds acarina macronyssidae

Caron, A., 1978: Some orthoptera from quebec canada in my collection/

Mahajan, A. D., 1986: Some oscillatoria vaucher and phormidium kuetz. from banana fields of jalgaon district maharashtra india

Nalbant, T. T., 1974: Some osteological characters in butterfly fishes with special references to their phylogeny and evolution pisces perciformes chaetodontidae

Sokolov L.I., 1981: Some osteological characters of the siberian sturgeon acipenser baeri from the lena river russian sfsr ussr in connection with a study of its blunt snouted and sharp snouted forms

Nelson J.S., 1979: Some osteological differences between the blennioid fishes limnichthys polyactis and limnichthys rendahli with comments on other species of creediidae

Arratia G., 1984: Some osteological features of varasichthys ariasi pisces teleostei from the late jurassic of chile

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446043

Swain F.M., 1987: Some ostracoda from the salt lake group and humboldt formation neogene of northern utah and southeastern idaho usa

Ciampo G., 1983: Some ostracoda of upper miocene piedmont italy

Ruggieri G., 1983: Some ostracods illustrated on the stereo atlas of ostracod shells

Aran J M., 1984: Some otological differences between pigmented and albino type guinea pigs

Paunovic D., 1987: Some out of the ordinary poisonings in dogs

Landry, J. F., 1977: Some over wintering carabidae at st neree quebec canada

Humiczewska, M., 1982: Some oxidative enzymes in fasciola hepatica and dendrocoelum lacteum 5. male reproductive system

Humiczewska, M., 1984: Some oxidative enzymes in fasciola hepatica and dendrocoelum lacteum iv. female reproductive system

Williams K.J.O., 1985: Some pacific criconematina nemata

Lenz, A. C., 1977: Some pacific faunal province graptolites from the ordovician of northern yukon canada

Dworakowska I., 1980: Some palearctic erythroneurini auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae typhlocybinae

Absy, M. L.; Van-Der-Hammen, T., 1976: Some paleo ecological data from rondonia southern part of the amazon basin

Cuneo R., 1981: Some paleo floristic remains from the the lower permian of piedra shotel and nueva lubecka formation chubut province argentina

Malez, M., 1975: Some paleolithic problems on the east coast of the adriatic sea

Vozovik Yu I., 1984: Some paleooceanographic features of the chuckchi sea in the holocene based on diatom complexes

Meng F S., 1984: Some paleozoic relics from the late triassic in western hubei china

Watanabe, S., 1978: Some palmogloeacean algae chlorococcales from japanese soils

Van Der Burgh J., 1984: Some palms in the miocene of the lower rhenish plain west germany

Tarasevich V.F., 1982: Some palynological data on the genera whitleya atropanthe and scopolia solanaceae

Kudo I., 1979: Some panchaetothripine thysanoptera from southeast asia

Ingenito, A. J.; Procita, L., 1977: Some paradoxical aspects of the cardio vascular pharmacology of alpha methyl dopa

Ceccarini, C.; Eagle, H., 1976: Some paradoxical effects of inhibitors of protein synthesis on protein turnover in cultured human cells

Mielke W., 1984: Some paramesochridae copepoda from panama

Lowry L.D., 1983: Some parameters affecting bekesy audiometric

Gabay, S.; Achee, F. M.; Mentes, G., 1976: Some parameters affecting the activity of mono amine oxidase ec in purified bovine brain mitochondria

Shcherbyna O.M., 1982: Some parameters characterizing the behavior of anti depressants in gel chromatography

Khadzhieva, J.; Ivanova, S., 1977: Some parameters for early diagnosis of lead poisoning

Sokolova T.A., 1981: Some parameters for quantitative assessment of the degree of expression of eluvial and eluvial illuvial soil processes

Buckley, P. G., 1978: Some parameters involved in perceived similarities of situations

Matveeva S.A., 1981: Some parameters of adreno cortical function of white rats exposed to chronic treatment with sulfadimesine and sulfamonomethoxine combined with uv irradiation

Ratanabanangkoon K., 1982: Some parameters of affinity chromatography in the purification of antibody against naja naja siamensis toxin 3

Epishin A.V., 1980: Some parameters of b system immunity in endemic goiter

Nacheva, J., 1986: Some parameters of basic quantitative breeding characters in silkworm bombyx mori 2. correlations between the basic breeding characters

Farmer V.A., 1985: Some parameters of behavioral contrast and allocation of interim behavior in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446078

Rugenyus-Yu ; Lautsyavichyus, A., 1978: Some parameters of bio electric activity of the heart conducting system in healthy individuals

Canfora M.A., 1985: Some parameters of blood coagulation fibrinolysis and rheology determined in patients with retinal vascular occlusion

Markova, R.; Argirova, R.; Boeva, M., 1980: Some parameters of cell mediated immunity in colon cancer patients

Titus M.J., 1986: Some parameters of conditioned immunosuppression species difference and conditioned stimulus unconditioned stimulus

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446084

Raptis S., 1986: Some parameters of heme synthesis in dialyzed and non dialysed uremic patients

Korobova L.N., 1984: Some parameters of histamine metabolism under conditions of hyperbaric oxygenation

Yurina T.M., 1980: Some parameters of humoral immunity in patients with mycosis fungoides and secondary infections during immuno depressive therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446088

Murei I.A., 1984: Some parameters of integral pools of assimilates in the photosynthesizing tissues of plants

Doughty, R. W.; Gelsthorpe, K., 1976: Some parameters of lymphocyte antibody activity through pregnancy and further eluates of placental material

Rozentale B.R., 1986: Some parameters of lymphocytic activity in virus hepatitis a and b

Garcia-Bellido, A., 1972: Some parameters of mitotic recombination in drosophila melanogaster

Khoroshko N.D., 1984: Some parameters of natural immunity in the transfusion of leukocytic mass to hemoblastosis

Shovskaya T.N., 1985: Some parameters of neutrophil phagocytic activity in patients with periodic disease complicated or not complicated by amyloidosis

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446095

Leshcheva O.A., 1984: Some parameters of renal function in experimental alimentary deficiency

Khorkhordin, E. G., 1978: Some parameters of search behavior in females of a natural population of pleolophus basizonus hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Fletcher, L. E.; Smith, D. G., 1978: Some parameters of song important in conspecific recognition by gray catbirds

Redzyuk L.A., 1980: Some parameters of the activity of polynuclear cells in patients with slow and latent course of recurrent rheumo carditis treated with high protein diet and drugs

Khaet R.A., 1979: Some parameters of the bio electric activity of the heart conductive system in dogs

Higgins, D. A.; Stack, M. J., 1978: Some parameters of the erythrocyte antibody complement rosette system for recognition of bovine bone marrow derived cells

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446102

Sheiman I.B., 1982: Some parameters of the immune status of neo nates during the 1st 24 hours of life

Jablonski L., 1980: Some parameters of the interference system of coxsackievirus b 6

Nacheva, J., 1986: Some parameters of the mean quantitative breeding characters of silkworm bombyx mori i. phenotypic and genotypic characterization

Niezabitowski A., 1981: Some parameters of the production of type d retrovirus in human cells

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446107

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446108

Kazaryan A.G., 1980: Some parameters of thyroid gland follicles in inhabitants of 3 different areas of the armenian ssr ussr

Firsova, V. I.; Gavrilov, G. A.; Manoilov, S. E., 1976: Some parameters of uv fluorescence of rat blood serum with transplanted lympho sarcoma

Kolpak V.A., 1980: Some parameters of water exchange in surgical treatment of thyro toxicosis

Lowe, C. R.; Harvey, M. J.; Craven, D. B.; Dean, P. D. G., 1973: Some parameters relevant to affinity chromatography on immobilized nucleotides

Williams E.H.Jr, 1986: Some parasite isopods crustacea cymothoidae of marine fishes from thailand

Maccarthy S., 1985: Some parasite phycomycetes on fungi and algae from argentina

Mackenzie K., 1979: Some parasites and diseases of blue whiting micromesistius poutassou to the north and west of scotland and at the faroe islands uk

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446116

Raychaudhuri, D. N.; Dutta, S.; Agarwala, B. K.; Raychaudhuri, D.; Raha, S. K., 1978: Some parasites and predators of aphids from northeast india and bhutan

Raychaudhuri D., 1979: Some parasites and predators of aphids in northeast india and bhutan 2

Mento G., 1979: Some parasites found in the fish population of marine waters and a brackish lake

Bilqees, F. M.; Israr, N., 1975: Some parasites of cats in karachi pakistan

Raffa, K. F., 1977: Some parasites of lepidoptera larvae recently collected in delaware usa

Lockard, L. L.; Parsons, R. R., 1975: Some parasites of paddlefish polyodon spathula from the yellowstone river montana usa

Peirce M.A., 1984: Some parasites of reptiles from zambia and indian ocean islands with a description of haemogregarina zambiensis new species from dispholidus typus colubridae

Kigaye, M. K., 1977: Some parasites of the marabou stork leptoptilos crumeniferus

Kamara, J. A., 1975: Some parasites of wild animals in sierra leone

Chardez, D., 1968: Some parasitic and commensal protozoa from amphibia and fish in belgium

Morgan P.M., 1979: Some parasitic and infectious diseases in waterfowl in oklahoma usa

Eve J.H., 1979: Some parasitic and infectious diseases of bobwhite quail colinus virginianus from oklahoma usa

Butin, H.; Speer, E. O., 1978: Some parasitic ascomycetes on needles of the brazilian pine

Phillips, W. J., 1978: Some parasitic barnacles rhizocephala sacculinidae from portunid crabs in moreton bay queensland australia

Song, D.; Chen, G., 1976: Some parasitic copepods from marine fishes of china

Pavgi, M. S.; Singh, L., 1977: Some parasitic fungi from india living on aquatic plants

Mas Coma S., 1980: Some parasitic helminths from spanish bats

Bray R.S., 1984: Some parasitic protozoa from gambia

Idar M., 1981: Some parasitic wasps new to sweden hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Prudhoe, S.; Hussey, C. G., 1977: Some parasitic worms in fresh water fishes and fish predators from the transvaal south africa

Cottarelli, V.; Torrisi, M. R., 1977: Some parastenocaris from sardinian interstitial waters crustacea copepoda harpacticoida

Popescu E., 1986: Some particular aspects of the differential diagnosis of esophago gastro duodenal ulcers

Velican D., 1979: Some particular aspects of the micro architecture of human coronary arteries

Magne, F., 1976: Some particular cytological characteristics of bachelotia antillarum phaeophyceae ectocarpales

Cruceanu, A.; Babes, V. T.; Lenkei, R.; Cepanaru, S.; Kloos, G., 1975: Some particularities of hepatitis b antigen sub determinants

Tomas E., 1980: Some particularities of sendai virus multiplication in chorio allantoic membrane fragments

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446147

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446148

Vedeneev V.S., 1982: Some patho physiological and biochemical changes in dogs with different forms of lesions induced by inhalation of plutonium 239 and americium 241 nitrates

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446150

Koloskov Yu B., 1980: Some patho physiological aspects of the effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on the heart in its compensatory hypertrophy

Suris S.V., 1981: Some patho physiological aspects of the hypotensive effect of surgical treatment of vaso renal hypertension

Budris V.B., 1987: Some pathogenetic aspects of headaches and their reflex therapy in hypertensive patients

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446155

Sichko Zh V., 1985: Some pathogenetic mechanisms and etiotropic treatment of nervous forms of mumps

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446157

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446158

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446159

Price, D., 1977: Some pathological aspects of narcissus basal rot caused by fusarium oxysporum f sp narcissi

Singh B., 1985: Some pathological conditions involving tubular genitalia in female buffaloes bubalus bubalis

Bovenzi M., 1986: Some pathophysiological aspects of vibration induced white finger

Balitskii K.P., 1984: Some pathways for controlling the metastatic process

Kondrat'ev, M. N., 1977: Some pathways of neutralizing endogenic ammonia by bean plants under conditions of manganese and calcium deficiency

Rubtsov, P. M.; Kulaev, I. S., 1977: Some pathways of poly phosphate biosynthesis and degradation in the green alga acetabularia mediterranea

James S.P., 1980: Some pathways of xenobiotic metabolism in the adult and neo natal marmoset callithrix jacchus

Doshi B., 1981: Some patients with cerebral aneurysms are deficient in type iii collagen

Ehmer R., 1982: Some pattern recognition considerations for low temperature luminescence and room temperature fluorescence spectra

Visnevskaya L.Ya, 1980: Some patterns in the development of temporal epilepsy which began in childhood based on data of late follow up studies

Rozenberg G.S., 1986: Some patterns in the differentiation of cultivated grass cenopopulations during the succession of grass mixture

Regel, E. D.; Epshtein, S. M., 1975: Some patterns of biology in the newt onychodactylus fischeri

Vitvitskii V.N., 1982: Some patterns of changes of the chromatin proteins in the rabbit and human brain during ontogeny

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446174

Kolotilova A.I., 1983: Some patterns of hexose phosphate metabolism in extracts of human blood platelets

Mazhul' L.M., 1987: Some patterns of lipid peroxidation in blood of old rats with alloxan diabetes

Gurevich V.S., 1988: Some patterns of lipid peroxidation in the thrombocytes of patients with ischemic heart disease

Makrushin, A. V., 1976: Some patterns of reproduction in the cladocera

Pchel'nikov Yu V., 1983: Some patterns of rosette formation of human b lymphocytes with mouse erythrocytes

Rodionova E.I., 1979: Some patterns of spatial ethological structure of a population of long tailed siberian suslik citellus undulatus and attempts of its directional alteration

Shilov S.A., 1986: Some patterns of steppe eagle behavior and nesting

Volozh, O. I., 1976: Some patterns of the clinical course of myo cardial infarction in the presence of concomitant diseases

Mulyarskaya, L. V., 1978: Some patterns of the distribution of mites of the families trombiculidae and leeuwenhoekiidae acariformes over the territory of the azerbaijan ssr

Piette M., 1980: Some patterns of the in vivo plasmodium berghei entry into erythrocytes as revealed by scanning electron microscopy

Gordienko, V. P., 1977: Some patterns of the movement of soil moisture along capillaries

Hilger H.H., 1982: Some patterns of vascularization in rachis nodes of pinnate leaves

Piletskaya I.V., 1984: Some patterns of weight loss by starving varroa jacobsoni females under various combinations of temperature and humidity

Luna-De-Carvalho, E., 1978: Some paussid coleoptera from the ivory coast coleoptera carabidae paussinae 37th contribution to monographic study of paussidae

Krikken, J., 1978: Some peculiar cetoniine beetles from southwest africa

Alexiev, A. D.; Roth, B., 1978: Some peculiar changes in the pattern of respiration connected with rapid eye movement sleep a preliminary report

Khlebovich, V. V., 1968: Some peculiar features of the hydrochemical regime and the fauna of meso haline waters

Zonn S.V., 1987: Some peculiar genetic and geographical features of soil formation in vietnam

Niculescu, E. V., 1976: Some peculiar structures in the male genital armature in lepidoptera

Burkhardt, W.; Braitenberg, V., 1976: Some peculiar synaptic complexes in the 1st visual ganglion of the fly musca domestica

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446195

Kupriyanov V.V., 1983: Some peculiarities in cyto architectonics of the human mid brain tegmentum

Necas J., 1983: Some peculiarities in gametogenesis zygote formation maturation and germination induced by phosphorus limitation of the homothallic alga chlamydomonas geitleri

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446198

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446199

Kotova G.A., 1985: Some peculiarities in the clinical course of diffuse toxic goiter

Zaitseva V.I., 1985: Some peculiarities in the diagnosis and therapy of ischemic heart diseases with asynergies

Ruzic, A., 1976: Some peculiarities in the hibernation of the hamster cricetus cricetus and their importance for the control of that pest

Chokheli K.G., 1982: Some peculiarities in the process of inhibition of serotoninergic raphe neurons

Marinova Ts, 1985: Some peculiarities in the ultrastructure of epithelial cells of the bony fish thymus mugil auratus

Goroshnikova T.V., 1985: Some peculiarities of adenosine effects on adenine nucleotide metabolism in rat thymocyte

Kobakhidze M.D., 1987: Some peculiarities of basophils in children with bronchial asthma

Obaturov, G. M.; Alexandrov, I. D.; Kapchigashev, S. P.; Moiseenko, V. V.; Sevan'kaev, A. V.; Sokolov, V. A., 1987: Some peculiarities of biological action of neutrons on prokaryote and eukaryote cells i. neutron rbe

Obaturov, G. M.; Sevan'kaev, A. V.; Moiseenko, V. V., 1987: Some peculiarities of biological action of neutrons on prokaryote and eukaryote cells ii. aberration distribution among human lymphocytes

Il'yashchenko V.I., 1984: Some peculiarities of biology of ticks of the genus psoroptes acarina psoroptidae

Ostrovskii Yu M., 1983: Some peculiarities of carbohydrate metabolism in rat liver due to limited accessibility of thiamin

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446211

Kuznetsova L.A., 1987: Some peculiarities of digestion and peritrophic membrane formation in sand flies sergentomyia arpaklensis

Kryukov V.R., 1985: Some peculiarities of dna reassociation in extremely thermophilic hydrogenous bacteria

Deulin V.B., 1979: Some peculiarities of ecology and behavior in some species of the microtus arvalis group

Palei A.A., 1979: Some peculiarities of energy supply in patients with diabetes mellitus

Korochkin L.I., 1982: Some peculiarities of expression of esterases in the interspecific hybrids of the drosophila virilis group

Aleksidze A.T., 1984: Some peculiarities of eye ciliary body microcirculation in tumor bearing chinchilla rabbits

Domracheva N.I., 1982: Some peculiarities of fuco glyco proteins among the transbaikalian buryats ussr

Ostrovsky D.N., 1987: Some peculiarities of functioning of hydrogen atpase from the membranes of the anaerobic bacterium lactobacillus casei

Kozlov A.V., 1987: Some peculiarities of histone h5 limited trypsinolysis in solution and as a component of chromatin with varying levels of compactization

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446221

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446222

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446223

Varfolomeev S.D., 1987: Some peculiarities of kinetics of rhodobacter capsulatus hydrogenase action

Yankovskii O.Yu, 1987: Some peculiarities of luminol chemiluminescence induced by the catalytic action of myeloperoxidase

Nikolaevskii V.S., 1981: Some peculiarities of metabolism of radio carbon of 3 carbon pathway plants during the induction time under the influence of sulfur di oxide

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446227

Chichkovskaya G.V., 1983: Some peculiarities of nad binding by rat brain synaptic membranes

Platonov O.M., 1984: Some peculiarities of nuclear genome transcription at early stages of liver regeneration effects of a cytosol protein factor on the activity of various forms of nuclear dna dependent rna polymerase

Lebedeva L.M., 1981: Some peculiarities of nuclear genome transcription at early stages of liver regeneration possible role of mitochondrial translation in activation of nuclear rna biosynthesis

Platonov O.M., 1983: Some peculiarities of nuclear genome transcription at early steps of liver regeneration the complex nature of the activating effect of cytoplasmic regeneration factor on rna transcription in isolated rat liver nuclei

Banyushin B.F., 1986: Some peculiarities of nucleosomal structure of rye sprout chromatin

Tikhonenko A.S., 1980: Some peculiarities of phage fi 1 antigen structure as compared with some phages of t even group

Krasheninnikov I.A., 1986: Some peculiarities of primary structure of histone h 2b of the mold fungus neurospora crassa

Del'vig A.A., 1987: Some peculiarities of procollagen and other protein metabolism in human embryo fibroblasts with trisomy for chromosome 7

Berman A.E., 1985: Some peculiarities of protein synthesis in extracellular matrix during neoplastic growth

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446237

Naumov S.P., 1986: Some peculiarities of small mammal reproduction in the central taiga of the northern european ussr

Popov S.V., 1979: Some peculiarities of spatial ethological structure of clawed jird meriones unguiculatus colonies and attempts of influencing it with drugs

Popova V.S., 1982: Some peculiarities of specific binding of serotonin by blood leukocytes peritoneal cells and synaptosomes of mice

Gostimskii S.A., 1981: Some peculiarities of structure and protein composition of chloroplast membranes of pea mutant chlorophyll i

Petushkova E.V., 1984: Some peculiarities of substrate purine base binding in the active center of myosin calcium atpase

Ostrovskii D.N., 1983: Some peculiarities of subunit composition of proton translocating atpase from the anaerobic bacterium lactobacillus casei

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446244

Sokolova I.N., 1983: Some peculiarities of the adrenal external structure in new borns

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446246

Yakimova N.Ya, 1986: Some peculiarities of the clinical picture and diagnosis of nonspecific aortoarteritis with involvement of the aortic arch branches

Lezhnev E.I., 1982: Some peculiarities of the cultivation of the human lymphoid cells

Kiseleva T.M., 1984: Some peculiarities of the dynamics of the immunoglobulin m structure

Sacca, L.; Perez, G.; Rengo, F.; Critelli, G., 1976: Some peculiarities of the gluco regulatory response to glucose infusion in the rat

Yelnichnykh L.N., 1987: Some peculiarities of the pulmonary phagocytotic response dust retention kinetics and silicosis development during long term exposure of rats to high quartz dust levels

Mosolov V.V., 1987: Some peculiarities of the spatial structure of subtilisin protein inhibitors from cereal seeds

Kadhim, A. H. H., 1977: Some peculiarities of the spermatogenesis in the harvest mouse micromys minutus family muridae

Polin A.N., 1988: Some peculiarities of the trichothecium roseum protoplast isolates

Mikhailov A.M., 1985: Some peculiarities of the ultrathin structure of methylococcus capsulatus cells cultivated under different conditions

Tonkonogii I.M., 1979: Some peculiarities of the visuo motor system in visual agnosia

Voronova I.P., 1979: Some peculiarities of thermo regulation of water voles arvicola terrestris in relation to their coloration

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446259

Molodovskii A.V., 1979: Some peculiarities of vision in birds and their flock behavior

Gorny, M., 1976: Some pedo ecological problems concerning the effects of industrial emissions on forest sites

Mew, G.; Leamy, M. L., 1977: Some pedological trends from recent west coast soil surveys and their relevance to forest use

Zamponi M.O., 1982: Some pelagic larvae of anthozoa

Maisey J.G., 1983: Some pennsylvanian chondrichthyan spines from nebraska usa

Klay J., 1983: Some perceptions of the student athlete

Pisoni D.B., 1981: Some perceptual dependencies in speeded classification of vowel color and pitch

Takahashi, H.; Koike, Y., 1975: Some perceptual dimensions and acoustical correlates of pathologic voices

Gordon Salant S., 1985: Some perceptual properties of consonants in multitalker babble

Rempel W.E., 1983: Some performance characteristics of prolific breeds of pigs in china

Marsh D., 1988: Some performance tests of quest on measurements of vibrotactile thresholds

Thilander B., 1987: Some periodontal tissue reactions to orthodontic tooth movement in monkeys

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446273

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446274

Murata M., 1986: Some permian cyclolobaceae from the southern kitakami massif northeast japan

Nakata K., 1988: Some peroxisomal proliferators enhance membrane fluidity of liver peroxisomes

Petersen R.H., 1983: Some perplexing problems associated with the use of friess systema mycologicum as a sanctioning book

Kerr R., 1983: Some persistent problems in logic a brief response to van rossum

Iwata, O., 1978: Some personal attributes and spatial factors in the perception of crowding

Larrieu, J.; Mussen, P., 1986: Some personality and motivational correlates of children's prosocial behavior

Lozinskii V.S., 1980: Some personality characteristics and successful training of pilot cadets

Marcia J.E., 1980: Some personality characteristics associated with ananda marga meditators a pilot study

Silver, A. M., 1977: Some personality characteristics of groups of young drug misusers and delinquents

Smith E., 1984: Some personality characteristics of imprisoned heroin addicts

Merbaum, M., 1977: Some personality characteristics of soldiers exposed to extreme war stress a follow up study of post hospital adjustment

Mehryar, A. H.; Hekmat, H.; Khajavi, F., 1977: Some personality correlates of contemplated suicide

Treppa, J. A.; Dods, L. Y., 1978: Some personality correlates of the verbal intellectual practical mechanical therapist scale for male and female medical students

Kodman F., 1984: Some personality traits of superior university students

Moiseev P.A., 1981: Some perspectives for use of bio resources of the worlds oceans

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446290

Watson S.J., 1982: Some perspectives on mono amine opioid peptide interaction in rat central nervous system

Braun D.P., 1979: Some perspectives on the transfer of cell mediated immunity by immune rna

Stossel T.P., 1982: Some perspectives on the viscosity of actin filaments

Temirbaev N., 1979: Some pests of kochia prostrata prostrate summer cyprus

Clarkson, E. N. K.; Eldredge, N.; Henry, J. L., 1977: Some phacopina trilobita from the silurian of scotland

Perrin J.H., 1985: Some pharmaceutical applications of diode array spectrophotometers

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446297

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446298

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446299

Jackowska M., 1981: Some pharmacodynamic features of the optic isomers of 2 n theophyllinyl 71 acetylamino butanols and their chloro derivatives

Koshaik M.Y., 1979: Some pharmacodynamic properties of bovine splenic extracts

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446303

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446305

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446306

Denovski D., 1981: Some pharmacologic and toxicologic investigations of wild sunflower doronicum hungaricum

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446309

Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446310

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Section 7, Chapter 6447, Accession 006446982

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